Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

Just another note before the end of the year.

Mr. Cleanandtidy has a secret. A deep dark secret which he kept to himself... or rather, unadmittedly did not want his family to find. But I will say... this family is wise beyond their capabilities... intune to the happenings and workings of this little homestead...a read between the line sort of deal. Mr. Cleanandtidy can not have a secret that he keeps to himself, about himself. No he can't. We will find him, and his ways... like we did just yesterday.

WE are all sharp as tacs in this house, without question.

I reached into the bathrom middle drawer yesterday to get yet another band-aid. My hand lives in this drawer everyday to get, another band-aid. For some reason yesterday I prevailed upon myself to move what appeared to be my husbands deodorant stick out of the band-aid box. (You know the thousand box of band-aids for the plastering kind of people that we seem to be). I took a glimpse at his deodorant stick and said to "The Pipster", (who was in need of a band-aid at this time), "Mr. Cleanandtidy has an empty deodorant stick in here, he must not realize that we actually have a garbage can in this house". And that's when it hit me... hit me hard actually. I continued to dig, and I continued to find empty deodorant sticks. We counted eight. We also counted five large and empty toothpaste boxes, found one dead toothbrush, a wrapper for shaving equipment, an empty canister of shaving foam, too many to count razor head thingys, and 2 empty boxes of stomach remedies. Clearly this man needs help. Mr. Cleanandtidy will be going into rehab at the beginning of the year... he has disposal issues that need to be disposed of.

I'll be on the lookout now for any kind of relapse. I better spend some time at the pencil sharpener.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Somethings to do before the end of the year.

  1. I'll try and remember to tell "The King" that I love him... time is running out for this year afterall, he really should win some kind of award.
  2. Hug my girl at least 64 1/2 more times. She is very huggable... her and all of her stuffed cats.
  3. Tell my boy that he is the most amazing, kindest, smartest most musical boy on this side of the river. What river that is, I never specify... I can't make his head swell to too much.
  4. Be thankful, be thankful, be thankful. For too many things to begin to describe.
  5. Call my sister... it is important to call her before the end of the year. Only because I have called her the 364 days, I wouldn't want to end on a bad note.
  6. Clean out a drawer... it's tradition.. out with the old, and in with the new. I can hide more things that way.
  7. Hook up my new scanner.... and reconnect my old mouse... because the current mouse is not mouse worthy, and although the current printer is very printer worthy it is unscannable, and I will not enter the NEW YEAR without scanning abilities. I will have the potential to turn into Superman with his scanning ways if I am not careful....
  8. Tell my oldest evilest of dogs that she will live, at least 33 more times. She tends to have issues about being patient, and waiting, and being put in a cage to get out of my way so I can load the washing machine with masses of laundry, and not having to deal with one too many dogs getting in the way.
  9. Remind my oldest dog that she is still going to live.. because she will still be hissing about it even after I do it the first 33 times. Then tell the little sillier dog that she will live to, because she likes to be included in all conversations.
  10. Hug my family, call my parents, pet my dogs, remember friends that I haven't had a chance to connect with in a while, and rejoice in the fact that our lives are very very good... even without a new kitchen. And the clock ticks on...

Before the gushes...

I should have made myself clearer without being clear... a postly moment ago. Many posts ago I commented that "The King" only goes shopping once a year... The reason for the roses at this time of year is for the birthday that I share with the big guy himself, the reason for the season, Jesus Christ. AND, which I remind myself of this daily when I call out his name with a certain amount of force. I so love sharing a birthday with this guy....

Some helpful hints to acquiring bonus points

The regular chant that whirls through my mind and permeates onto my exisitance is the constant: "I am a good and kind wife". "Oh really", I counter myself with a challenge.

"The King" I will call him... (it's just easier that way)... brought me home a dozen red roses on Christmas Eve. As he always does, and has done for years, except when I worked on Christmas, then he had his friend deliver them to me on Christmas Day. Except this past week because he no longer sees his friend Adam anymore (time and distance factors)... so hence the Christmas Eve effect. Anyways... a good and kind wife as I am immediately arranges all the prettiness into more prettiness, but in a vase.. and then I promptly take them outside and put them on the back step. That is what a good and kind wife does. Now, I am able to stare at my beautiful red roses living in their pool of water, heads held high, buds are still firm but slightly opened. This is the way to enjoy a boquet of flowers... from the inside looking out. It's a good thing that Mr. Cleanandtidy brought home some window cleaner from work... now I can clear away the fingerprints and the dog fur smudges to get a clear glimpse of what is really out there.

ON other wifely goodness: I bought him a very nice Christmas card, as he does the same for me... we are the ones "to keep those trees growing for our benefits only" kind of people. I very nicely put it in my favourite hiding spot... where all the bills go until I have to enventually look at them... but when I went to fill in his card with something nice to say... all I saw was "Congratulations on your new son"..... so now I am confused... I remember buying a Christmas Card for him... I don't remember it looking like a Congrats card... but then again... I could have picked that up.. without noticing.. and then put the other one down... and because I do things in certain ways... like deliver cards to the checkout upside down and tucked into the envelope... that way the clerk doesn't need fumble with the card for scan-ability. So now I don not know what card I bought for "The King", that was my downfall. At this moment in time... The King is cardless. He seems to be functioning quite well despite this.

Speaking of scanability... I was at Costco yesterday picking up a prescription so that the raging staph infection that had gone into my lymph glands under my arm that had created a great amount of numbess and tingling in all of my right arm and hand, and was working up into my cheek would settle down... as I was waiting... I spied a scanner, copier, printer on for a reasonable price. I don't need a printer.. I have one. It makes me happy.. I can not mess with happiness.... it never works... but.... I am going to tempt the happiness gods and purchase this little hottie... I will let you know the happiness quotient in a number of weeks when I take the cartridges to be re-filled with ink....

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Let the games begin...

It becomes a sporting event opening and closing the refridgerator after Christmas dinner is over. I find it rather humourous that an immediate diet ensues due to the inabilitiy to reach for "something" at the back of the refridgerator. It becomes far too much work loading and reloading, so therefore it should not be required.

Yesterday Mr. Christmasdinnercookingman unloaded the meat from the turkey... life with the refridgerator should be smoother sailing from this point.

The young playstation 2 master has opened and played almost every part of his games. By bedtime he usually looks like mouseboy.

The girl-play-with-everything-all-at-once-then-leave-it-on-the-carpet has once again done a fine job of doing just that. She has a belief system in place where no new item should be picked up at any time. Things should remain in a safe full viewing spot for immediate playability. She has turned into colouring queen for the moment. Yesterday she was pollypocket girl / my scene girl.

Now that it is a whole 3 days past the big day I am having those clean-up pangs... I want to start packing away the christmas stuff... all 5 big rubbermaid boxes of it....yikes.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Feeling the jitters a coming:

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and visit, and leave a comment or ten. Enjoy the next couple of days with family and friends, and people that you only have to see once a year, if that is your thing.

Regular scheduled programming of dribdrab via the web will reconvene after every speck of wrapping paper is in the recycle container.I will of course be going through withdrawal. I am already starting to feel the pangs of nervousness collect at my fingertips.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

A couple more days to go...

I am looking forward to a couple of sleeps from now. I love the excitement and the adventure. I tingle with emotion... the day is drawing near. The day that I go to the mall and buy my 2005 calendar for 1/2 price. That's it. Every year I venture out after Christmas and buy the magically reduced in price calendars. My question is this... is the New Year less important after Christmas than before? Knock, knock... hello, I know. The gift giving season is over and all that fine stuff... but this is the NEW Year.. and all things NEW are never half price. What if I were to go and buy a car... would the 2005's be slashed to half price on the lots.... perhaps I will check that out. Won't Mr. Husbandman-fix-the-vehicle-always be impressed when I forgo the half price calendar this year, and look for a better deal at a 2005 car dealership. (I think the car might even come with a calendar... and they probably would through in an extra to keep that lipstick stained face still smiling).

What if...

I have been thinking...what if I make my list.... and then I forget the crucial item to even be put on the all important list.... and then I forget the crucial item, and it's too late. I am having Turkey Trauma... a phenomenom afflicting woman who have husbands that cook the turkey on Christmas Day, which the woman has no part of. Clearly this is an issue. I keep thinking of things that I need to get before the all important Turkey-ness begins. The turkey thoughts never even enter my mind... I am having no visions of Turkey-plums dancing in my head. I am of the mindset of the gift exchange program... food doesn't get factored into this, hence once again the problem. Never have I mentioned here before... but I am truely a bad gift-giver....not that I give a gift with a sour face... it's just figuring if something that I (we) have given is adequate. Especially to those that want for nothing, nor wish for things that can never be given back. I think I am going to write a note... on both of my hands... "HAVE YOU GOT YOUR TURKEY TODAY?"
The Pipster and The Comedian Posted by Hello

An anniversary to forget.

This day will be the one year anniversary that my sister dragged me (kicking and screaming and I believe drugged) to Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Is there not somewhere I should have been that evening one year ago, on a December 23rd evening... someplace a little saner than the bedlem I found myself surrounded by? It looked as though there was a earthquake, not of the natural sort, but the human sort. Things and crap were strewn around the store from here to the fishing department. Shelves tipped, people pushing little ones in shopping carts with crap loaded on top of them. Toy shelves broken and toys all over the floor. Of course there are the people that do the overhead pages right into the microphone.... that's right... blow into the microphone first, that's a pleasant sound. Similar to recieving an electric shock for simply taking a breath. I remember my sister and I in hysterical laughter walking around this store, and every couple of moments I would ask another question... "why are we here?"... "what is the reason for this?"......"how could I have said yes to this?"......... "I think there should be some financial compensation for this road trip"........"remind me of this next year, so I can run and hide......Today she asked if I wished to go to Walmart... and today... my memory was working a little too sharp to be fooled a second time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Oh my...

What beautiful decorations you don't have.......

My Debbie friends and I have taken to a little "Scrapbooking " adventure at one of the Debbie's houses. Any one of the three houses would suffice for scrapbooking... but it's this one Debbie's houses that wins.. hands down... no husbands.. whoops, no children I mean.... (wait, I must pause for a moment, go get a cup of coffee, and rejoice in the fact that it is 0900... and we are nowhere.. we are not late, we are not dressed, we are not breakfasted, we are not pretty, and we are not going anywhere at this exact moment.. .pause for this moment of happiness.....)....

I'm back... reality my house wouldn't work for Scrapbooking, all 1365 feet of it... well it would... but we would have to fit (squish) around the kitchen table.. and then the Silenthusband would hide in the den... but we would have quick access to the refridgerator.. to get at the wine...but then... if one of the Debbies came over with her newly acquired Scrapbooking - Motorhome - Suitcase ... we wouldn't fit at my house (this suitcase qualifies for "better than packing for the best holiday ever")... and then, if the other Debbie, with her "Scrapbooking Store that lives in her basement" came over... she would be confused as to what to come over to my house with.. she wouldn't be able to she would just stay home and drink wine. That wouldn't work. So, in actuality... it's just better to go to the "Scrapbooking Store in the Basement Debbie's house"..... it's us, our pictures and wine. Be jealous Martha, be jealous.

So back on track then.... I had bought these wonderful little paintable tree ornaments, back in November. As I can recall, there are 30 days in November, which of course include 30 evenings. In all 30 of those evenings... I never managed to find time to paint my beautiful tree ornaments. Except for one night... one scrapbooking night... so I sacrificed the evening of scrapbooking... and brought my paints and ornaments.. and as we laughed and drank and nibbled.. and I painted 4 ornaments, that's 4 ornaments half painted... and that is the way it has remained. It's a good thing that Save-On-Foods had these cute ornaments this year.... because that is what my tree is decorated with.... I'm hoping that I will get the other ornaments painted for next year...but that might be asking too much...

Almost 15.... or 266, 567 kilometers

Our almost 15 year old White Toyota Forerunner SUV has been giving us grief this past week. I will not stand for it.
I will just say.... This is the one and only... much loved, always talked about, cared for (kind of, maybe, well almost) vehicle in the driveway. Our attentions are not diverted to a newer, cleaner, better colour, only slightly rusted wheel wells, quieter, and less gas sucking vehicle. NOOOOOO.... this vehicle gets all of our money, when it isn't being handed over to the dogs life extension fund. (I will not mention the 2003 Chevy Van that the husband uses for work everyday.... it's HIS to drive around from 0700 to 1900 everyday, with all of his millions of dollars of tools (do I have millions of dollars of craft supplies???) in tow).

This almost 15 year old SUV gets a ***whiff*** that we are planning on doing something... and it decides to act up. Without fail, like clockwork. Once again, it has managed to do it again. This weeks adventure takes us to the happy space of "the blowing up of rad hoses", or any hoses for that matter that have no business blowing up. This is where the story always has an interesting twist... the owner (well my name is on the registration.... but I will say the owner to be the person that wanted the vehicle more than I did) can fix it... he can fix it all... without even a wince or a manual in his hand, or a tow truck to be called. I don't know when this 15 year old SUV will figure this out.

On Friday afternoon... we were just about back from doing some shopping (the husbands one day contribution... inbetween his cooking, cleaning, working, and decorating)... when the biggest of booms happened. Luckily I had a "quick, can you drive me somewhere" spare card in my back pocket... (my friend from down the street)... (I rescued her from her 7 year old daughter a couple of weeks back.. and she tried to repay the favour.. so I said to her "Trust me... I will use you when I need you... just answer your phone when I call!!")... which of course happened on Friday. (Thanks Debbie for dragging out your sick child and busy child when I called... see I told you that I needed to save that free-ride/rescue from somehwere!!!) The almost 15 year old SUV was smoking and hissing and sizzling and antifreeze and water was everywhere. There was no fear in Mr. Fixit's eyes.... one car-ride in his NEW Chevy van, and a bikeride and a dig through his tool box, and he was able to replace the badness that had just happened underneath the hood. We were able to go out that evening... as planned...but now the 15 year old SUV was chugging along.. especially when we idled.

On Saturday afternoon... after a trip to TOYOTA'S parts department, the walk-in clinic, the pharmacy to pickup a prescription for a "suddenly sick Pipster-but a dose of antibiotics with lots of Tylenol to fix the aches so we can continue with our day", the Aquarium and The Stanley Park Christmas train, we stopped for gas. Hmmm... "look at the steaming engine again Sir" I said to Mr. Fixit... once again, he opened the hood of the truck, and another hose blown, or about to blow, or with a big rip in we drove home, with a full tank of gas and a steaming sizzling hissy-fit happening under the hood.

Sunday morning... Mr. Fixit opens the hood, and tapes the newest of breaking hoses.. and we all pray that he can drive me to work.. without blowing....once again, idling was the worst part.. as we watched the smoke/steam rise from underneath the lines on the hood.... and leaving all of us stranded... (well kind of stranded.. I would have just continued to walk to work... they would have been stranded.. because they would have needed to go and find a hose store).... he managed to make it home, where again the truck had it's hissy fit in the driveway. Later in the day Mr. Fixit went back to the autoparts store.. and said "Give me all your hoses"... anything that looks like a hose.. I will take it". Once again he fixed the bad hose.. and picked me up from work. The 15 year old SUV was unhissable. It doesn't know that there are hoses that are connected that are not quite the right size, but will work for interim.. it doesn't know that...

I am thinking... I want to be my friend... she's a Chicken Farmer's wife.. and she drives a 2004 Volvo. I'm doomed.

Odd and Ends

All sorts of ideas have been fluttering through the brain... but I haven't been creating any waves. Of course the Christmas Wishlist has gone unnoticed. There will be no new kitchens underneath my roof, let alone the Christmas Tree. I think for a good joke.. I am going to buy a Barbie Kitchen set... and wrap it up and give it to Mr. Husbandman. And on that note... my memory trap has sprung of the people at my group asked me today why I wanted a new kitchen, I didn't use the kitchen much and wasn't it the Husbandman that spent all of his time in it? He was right... which twigged my memory.. he did this to himself... he proposed to me in my kitchen (where I grew up)... so there he must remain... in the kitchen... doing things.

Speaking of kitchens... ***dreaming of kitchens*** Mr. Husbandman has decided that he will be gutting the entire surface down to the studs, except for the ceiling... he does not wish to deal with the ceiling. What time of year, or what year this will happen is still to be determined.... but we did actually have a conversation last evening in regards to this highly interesting subject. I think he spoke more than I did... something noteworthy in itself.

So I have decided that it's not a good thing to skip a letter in the alphabet while writing Christmas cards. I missed a page, somehow, rather magically... and whoops... when I got a Christmas card from such a person.. that's when the memory twigged... oooppps... a whole bunch of people were wiped from the Christmas list mailing. Oh well... there's always next year.

I have managed to paint all of the stars, and Mr. Decoratethehouseman has put them on the mantle. I bought the stars from the craft store, last year.

I put great thought into finding the kids teachers a little present.. nothing ornamental, or sentimental, or judgemental, or memorable.... but it had to be reasonable. Reasonable equals I went with Peppermint chocolate bark. It's very good... I kept a box because my friend (Pip's teacher) said she had a weakness for chocolate... she got Purdy's... nobody has to know.

The boy has made it through half of his comic book festival. We went the library last week, and he took out 30 thick comic books (Batman/Spiderman/Justice League of America.. for those enquiring minds), I didn't think he was serious taking out that many.. and then I saw these things called hooks coming from his hands.... which were wrapped around his lovely stack of "No Knowledge and Nonscence", but he seemed quite determined to have them all... so away we went. The girl took out three books, which were immediately lost when the entered "The Kingdom of Pipsville" aka her bedroom. They will surface eventually... I am lucky I can renew them over the internet..... otherwise time is ticking...and as always.... it's costing me money!

The littlest of dogs, who is the smaller of the two German Shepherds has begun to live a normal (ish) life again. She still is quarantined into living a catdog existance. Her roaming around the backyard to chase butterflies and squirrels and birds from the backyard has ceased, and at this time of year, crows, who have nicely dug up my backyard into more or less a mud pit. **That reminds me.. I will go and buy my husband a bag of grass seed for Christmas**. Ellpee wont be running freely around the backyard for some time.... it's one of those selfish maneuvers really... let's not let her run around all willy nilly so that she kills herself kind of things. We have grown attached to her complete silliness... so we would like to see her around longer than next week.

Yahoo! I am sitting here... it's 8:07 on a Tuesday.. one child is in pyjamas watching TV, and one is still sleeping... I'm fairly awful looking at the moment... and all of which I have no intentions of doing anything about until completely after 9:00. YA! Plus, I have a pot of coffee, all to myself. I should be fairly psychotic in about an hour anyways. AND, my phone will not ring with someone asking me to take children to school, or anywhere else.

I will go refresh the java.... because I can.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Check this list twice baby....

There is a look of concern that has spread over King Silent Husband Man. He has come to terms with the knowledge that he has to come up with a gift for his chatty-blogger wife. I will make a list for him... here... he will never find this list... he doesn't have a clue how to find me.
So, I'll make it simple... I want a kitchen. Complete with stripped wallpapered walls and woodstained wainscoating, a new floor and countertops, with cupboards doors included. Also, I would like to have the kitchen sink replumbed... and have it in the corner of the cupboard space, rather where it is situated.. I hate walking in this little house... and the first vision is the kitchen sink. While you are at it... please re-drywall the ugly wall, plus move the backdoor to the laundryroom section of this little house, that way the wall will then be straight. I would very much like a new light fixture... because I really the hate the present one. It's cheap. With the new cupboards come new kickboards and flooring.. I am looking forward to washing a floor, and seeing that washing the floor results in a floor that looks clean. Oh, and if you could install French patio doors, instead of the sliding glass doors, that would be nice... I'm tired of the sliding doors....although it may be difficult separating two evil beasts...oh, and with a new kitchen comes a new kitchen table and chairs. Yes, that is all I want for Christmas this year, and Mr. Kingkitchencreator has 6 days to create this magic.....I will keep my fingers crossed... I just can't be disappointed.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Life without my camera.

Yikes.. I just took a look out the front window.. where is my camera? More importantly, where is the film... my camera is just the vessel, waiting for the opportunity to reproduce stolen images. Holy smokes... a brilliant orangey red cloud is misting overhead, and I can see the powder blue backdrop behind it. If I was in a movie right now.. I should be scared... I believe some form of life form would be on the verge of settling onto this earth un-announced. As the sun peaks it's head over the mountaintops the clouds brilliance dissipates into just fluffy cloudiness once again. Wouldn't it be cool in the future to reproduce images from your brain..(not in a painting, or oils, or crayons, or water colours) ..... now how would that be for technology... an image reproduced from thought alone... is this being done somewhere already?

Cameraless once again... it was the kids school concert last night.. our good friends and neighbours were relying on me for some shots... NO FILM! Sad really... I could have taken a dozen or so pictures of their kindergarten boy playing with his Rudolf hat the whole while he was supposed to be singing. This child should not be in kindergarten... he qualifies because of his age, but not for his maturity. Hissy, hissy, hissy fits in kindergarten... actually he's had them all his life... well, except when he comes to my house.. and as I refer to myself as "The Evil Auntie".. he get's away with nothing. Poor child, he has perfected all of 4 year old wiseness, except on me. I missed any photo ops last evening for any of the kids... oh, well, I still have next year.

Oh, and if someone could stop by and actually decorate the tree.. that would be nice... it's sitting in our livingroom, with 5 huge rubbermaid containers surrounding it... so the sparkles and twinkles wont be hard to find. If I'm not home.. don't worry about the dogs... the bite wont sting for too long.. I have antibiotic ointment in the bathroom cupboard, and bandaids in the 2nd drawer. If you reach in the fridge and give the eldest evil one (the one that will attached to your arm) an apple.. that will do the trick......mind your hand, and tell her to take it nice... (and if she doesn't and you lose a finger, there's baggies in the second drawer next the fridge, but I have no ice, you can stop at the corner store.. I know Jay the store owner carries ice) she will be happy, but if you could let her out back.. she likes to eat her apples on the grass. Now the silly pup who will be locked in the cage will want an apple. She will very politely take it from your grasp and then run around the house and play with it, she doesn't care for apples too much, but she prefers to be given one to be equal with the older one. Thanks for taking the time to decorate the tree... the kids will be most appreciative. Once I get film in the camera.. I will send you picture.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Putting on a brave face...

I had to face a group of Senior's on Monday. Yes, two days ago, that Monday... and I started writing a post at my regular time of 7:00 in the morning when I should be doing things like making lunches, waking children and readying myself for the day. But none of that happens on a regular basis... I find myself plugged into the keyboard as this eases myself into the events of the day. Which now of course have to be done in complete ultimate speediness, since I spend one too many moments writing whatever I have come up with at this hour of the morning. Anyways.....
I started to write a little something.. and there it sat.... I never completed it, I never filed it, a thought caught in momentary abyss of blogness. That was until this morning... when I decided once again at seven oclock to finish it off. And that I did... then that was that. Filed and gone. Into the depths of blog purgatory.... luckily I remembered the last line of the story.... so, that is where I will begin... because the story was forever changed, because that story took me three days to write, this will take me 10 minutes.. because I have things to do.. and don't want to be here any longer than I have to.....I have candy to buy for the gingerbread houses for tomorrow !

So, back to the meeting with the Seniors from the Senior Advisory Board... about 25 faces in a room. When it is my group, I can talk to them... and speak in front of them... that's alright.. I do it all the time, not a big deal. But, when I have to PRESENT information... that's when I get caught up. And, it doesn't help that I drank 3 1/2 cups of coffee before the meeting....which of course I debated drinking while I made the pot of coffee. I am not certain if I would have done better with or without... so I went with "WITH".... it seemed a safe bet at the time.. the only trick was.. "Do not hold pages of paper in your hand and expect to read them"... that doesn't work... the words get too blurry on the page, and your speaking becomes fragmented, and the thoughts become more difficult to express... none of that happened to me... I put my piece of paper on the table, and told this group that I was reading from the table... because I had drank three and a half cups of coffee. They laughed, in fact they laughed at many of my details to my group that I shared with them.... of course one was the fact that I generally share a story of life from the past week with my actual stroke group... and because we were not meeting on this day.. I shared it with them... and I hope they didn't mind.... because I have to share with someone... because I was quite combustible if I didn't get my stories out. They were quite an attentive audience. My last detail to them was the end of a letter (from one of the Stroke Members) which I did not read out loud, but a fellow from the Advisory Board requested that he wanted the letter to put into the newletter.. then I had to come clean.. I had to tell him that he could have the letter... but they had to disregard the comments at the bottom...because I didn't read them to this group. Silence. Hmmm. Anyways... "Don't worry people, it's nothing bad... it's just about me..." I said. So I have this grey box on wheels.. and everyone knows me as the "Girl with the Grey Box"... my Stroke Group member asked the advisory board to create some space for me, that way I could keep a bunch of my supplies at the Centre, rather than wheeling them back and forth everyweek... so I came clean.... "You know", I started... " I have to let you in on a little secret...this grey box with wheels holds all of the grey matter for this group that really matters.... if I keep this stuff here at this centre.. I will have no grey matter to work with at home". And that's not safe... me with no grey matter. Not safe at all.

Later....... The lady that is the Senior's Services Coordinator for the Centre told me that the Advisory Board loved me. I even made her laugh, and other people laugh who where sorts that were unlaughable even. Good... I am in for another year. Yae!!

Unable to do what I would like to do.

I have been so mesmerized by this new template.. that I just sit and watch the snow fall and contemplate, for hours. Complete lie... I have been around... just not around the computer. There you have it.... I have not fallen short for words..... in fact.... I have a little story to tell....

Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Charlie Brown Life

My only reference to a Charlie Brown life is the wonderful christmas feature "A Charlie Brown Christmas". All the same, I live it. Well, except that children do not go and collect christmas trees in the deep dark night, we all do. We wandered through the parking lot turned christmas tree explosion with warbly christmas lights and people wandering around in rainsuits. It was a handsome sight... except the signs which hosted the prices. As always, this was the fine parking lot that housed the Noble Firs.. now that is no cheap adventure. We examined all shapes and sizes, and searched for the "ultimate in nice tree for limited space and a reasonable price", until we could look no more. It was a no go. We then headed to Save-on-Foods which houses the most beautiful of trees with an amazing technique. Wrap the tree up tight with twine, and wander around the pavement... to find the best wrapped tree. That is how we picked out our tree this year; we stood it up on it's trunk, examined the carefully wrapped with twine branches, and since it looked symmetrical all wrapped up... then surely it must look good unfolded. The sad part of the whole event was the fact that Mr. Husbandtwinehatingman wouldn't let me bring the whole whack of twine home. I like to construct little fences with bamboo stakes... (which magically repel big furry backyard dogs).. and then lace up the stakes with twine... this would have been perfect for such an undertaking.... but he left it for another twine loving individual. This man just doesn't realize that I have certain needs, now I am going to have to go buy a whole big roll of this... which will only make bigger repelling fences.

Friday, December 10, 2004

It's the least favourite thing to do!

Christmas Cards... I am so not good at them.... I write and write and write and write.. and then wonder... did this person move... do I even still talk to them....did they divorce and make it all ugly and stuff... and don't want to hear from this crazy little family... oh well, they receive Happy Holiday Greetings and Junk... from me anyways.
It's hard though.... what do you write about? I want to write exciting things like adventures and winfalls, and broken records and amazing stunt dog tricks, and new vehicles and kitchens, or prize investments that have shot through the roof, and owning three properties, and going back to school just for the fun of it, and volunteering to fill in the time. For a joke I should this crap... and I will see how soon I will be off other people's christmas card mailing lists:
Nothing here has changed, the kids are taller and now take up more space in our little home. They drain us of all our money, and still want more. We don't have a house keeper or a nanny. I want one. This will remain on the WISHLIST until the end of time. I didn't send pictures to you this year, you just don't qualify for the them. I never see any pictures of your kids falling out of my christmas cards... and yes, some people do keep track. MC and a HNY. HA!

Wouldn't that just be a prize addendum to a Christmas Card!!!..... As usual, I just write and write and write and write.. about what I don't know.. but I just fill the cards up with stuff that might interest people for a moment or two.

I haven't started the Family Letter yet.... now that is something special. Every year my Mom and Dad would receive an amazingly well written in perfect printing a letter from a friend from long past. Every year it would detail to the finest the most monumental about the most miniscule. GOD, it was horrible... we would kill ourselves laughing at the junk that was written about these people, and their three kids. When I figure out what my kids can achieve to the most mediocre.. I will let the world know.

And the last thing I can think about about these flipping Christmas Cards... is this: Merry XMas. What the hell is that??? Down the road a bit there is a fabulous display with lights that twinkle and blinkle and fru-fru's and Santa Claus fun. Beside it all.. there's a sign posted: XMas is Here. Where these people running short on lumber or paint? How about a brick short of load? I once upon heard the rational that the X stands for the Cross that Christ was on. That's all nice and all...but then what do we call Christians????? Xtians? That sounds like a bad trip from the Pharmacy Department. And worse... how am I able to swear instead of Christ !!!!!, I say "x". That doesn't cut it for me. I need to gnash my teeth together and hiss from the soles of my feet..... "CCCHHHrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssttttttttttt!!!!!!!, or: x
What about a Christening... will we call it an Xening? That would be a pleasant party invitation... please come to our sweet new cherished beautiful child's Xening. I wonder what kind of music they would play at such a gig?

I would just like to note, that it has been raining... no storming.... no monsooning here all day.. I believe I have gotten some water between my ears.. and am completely unbalanced. I will stop.

Something happened one deep dark night...

As I slept in my comfortable warm bed with the pile of clothes now folded and gone from the foot of it, something happened..... From across the continents a fury of activity was working it's way through "our" night. When I arose this morning ....this is what I saw:Someone with an enormous amount of patience, passion, knowledge, skill, and kindness repainted this blog. This blog now sparkles and snows, and resembles something of someone that looks like they know what they are doing with such templates! I have no such patience to finnesse these fine details... you have to have magic in your fingertips and a wizardly brain. I think I might possess magic in other areas... but nothing that I can reproduce here!! So, for today as it PISSES out with rain in our neck of the woods, it snows on my blog... and that's a good thing.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Earth here I come;

  1. Today I saw someone sneaking across a crosswalk in downtown Vancouver. A most interesting sight. It all happened in the late morning.... and the person sneaked. I really wanted to open my window and say "HEY BUDDY!, I can see can sneak.. but you can't hide!". But it was downtown Vancouver.... and you just don't know what you're going to come across at certain intersections. Then, once in Vancouver I drove in circles around the block. Really. I had to drop something off... but the location that I needed to drop something off is at the main entrance to a building, with a bus zone in front of it. Now these bus drivers get a little testy when "some loser" decides that they can take up space in front of it for all of 15 seconds. So each time I pulled up to drop something off (someone was actually outside waiting for "the dropoff" to happen), I had to keep going, which meant going around the block again. (Big city with one way streets). I eventually did the hand off... they got their goods, and I got rid of the burden I had been carrying around in the back of the 14 year old SUV. See they really are good for something. Then, I decided to drop off the 4 red crates from the Vanilla Diet Coke that someone had brought over..... he manages a Chevron Station (gas) just leaving Vancouver on 1st Avenue. So, since I was doing drop-off errands I brought back the red things. Interesting thing is.... I drove an hour into the city to drop off the red crates, when in actuality he lives less than 5 minutes away. That's good sensibility if I have ever heard of it.

    Oh, and I broke the news to the husbandman-giftbuying genius that I live with. I am no longer looking for a digital camera at this time. He was rather heart-broken, he was looking forward to a year where he could actually say "I got my wife nothing for Christmas" and still be alive. I am not out of the market for one, I am waiting until the perfect one happens along. I have been doing my computer research based comparison shopping, as well as talking to people... so now, I am waiting once again. Mr. Giftbuyer is going to have to start inventing up some good gift giving things. I am not worried, he always does. ALWAYS. Without fail... and it goods stuff, stuff that you would want... stuff that you would buy for a friend, and then think to yourself... I should keep this for me. I am curious how he is going to construct a kitchen without my noticing....

    I am becoming more and more passionate about issues that affect me everyday; all of this influence is coming from my sister.. who insists on moving mountains with her magical way with words. By writing letters, she has managed to see changes by pursuing matters with a delicate yet firm manner, which have resulted in change. I haven't quite found my niche, but I believe that passion drives people, and if you believe in something strong enough that alone will light the fire to lead the way.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I have not run out of logic....

It's just been a little slow in coming. Logic that is. I have failed to find answers that have been through the test of logic, so at the moment I have remained thoughtless.

But some thoughts I will share.....
The girl has taken a sudden interest in reading... whew-who give the girl some batteries for her flashlight... and nighty-night missy.... that makes me happy. My little full of imagination pink kitty princess doll that couldn't read or spell to save her life..... likes to read. That's amazing.

The boy has been practicing up a christmas song on the piano: "Rockin 'round the Christmas Tree"... and he's taken to singing while playing. He'll be playing at a piano recital next week, and then playing at the school Christmas Play... well, he will play when people are leaving the gym.. he doesn't want to actually play in front of people... that's his actual answer.

Oh, and a totally different subject... I am really beginning to dislike the public school system.... greatly. For very minute matters, but for matters all the same. Does this make sense.... the teachers have a mandate from the Ministry of Education that they have to teach computers in our classrooms (from K to 5) at our school. Interesting point though, is that the district does not supply the school with actual computers to be taught with. None. So now, the Parent Advisory Council has been asked to fund the computer room for new (actually 2nd hand) computers..... at a cost of $10 000. The more we do as "fundraisers", the less the government hands over and it appears that the system is working.... so that's frustrating as hell... the more we do, the less they will have to. But then I am caught.... I can see the value in having a computer program in schools... I just don't think we should pay for the them. The same as "we" (P.A.C.) should not have paid for a third of the cost of the roll shutters on the windows so that the school district would not have to keep replacing all the smashed window that we had to deal with every week. Highly odd, highly odd indeed.

OH, and it's also nice to be told from one of your child's teachers that "THEY are the teacher, and THEY see what goes on", and YOUR child is not stressed writing a MATH exam, it's not that difficult. Even though that as a PARENT, I know that MY CHILD worries about doing WELL on a MATH EXAM, and this is the response that I get from "THE TEACHER". Well I say: FUCK YOU. But I can't say that in real life... only on this blog imaginary life....but that is really what I want to say. I am beginning to think about home-tutoring teachers... is there such a thing?

Well, that's it for me.... oh.. and to the lady that decided to pull out in front of me while I was going to turn left onto our street, and you decided to cross in front of me.... it's not a fucking four way stop.. please learn to read english, or notice the NON-4-WAY-STOP-SIGN, and when people get pissed and yell out the window... this isn't a four way stop.. don't smile and wave and say OH, SO SORRY. Yes, fuck you too.

I did have a nice day... the sister handed off her boys to me, on short notice as usual, so any plans I did have, had to be forgotten... and I got to see my friend Lujza in passing.... that was nice.

OH, and then Ellpee the recovering back-injured dog-if-she-jumps-she-may-die dog, jumped. Nice Ellpee, nice. We spend THOUSANDS of dollars to keep her alive, and then she jumps over a babygate, that is only serving to protect her. All of course at a time when I read a blog with a wonderful tribute to her dog that died... and crap, I had tears rolling down my face from her to Australia (HI G!!) So, I'm a little sensitive on the dog issue. But then again.. we had the other evil queen 11 years too long... and she's crazy and old... and getting deaf. And needs out every three minutes, and back in again every four. AND, she still insists on wanting to kill Ellpee, so there's the whole fear factor that we live in.

Enough said for today..... whew.... feeling better.. now where are my Vitamin B Complexes... I need to down about 2 bottles.

Careful, don't blink twice....

Big changes in store... big changes. Don't be shocked when I turn a lighter shade of pale. I am not even certain what I have set myself up for.... but I'm thinking bluish in colours... and I would like twinkling and blinkel-ling and billoughing/billowing stuff and fru-fru's and wizards and dazzling designs... and the list goes on and on... hopefully it will get into the right hands and the magic will unfold in front of me.!!! Can't wait... just can't wait....

Monday, December 06, 2004

Colourful candy with no where to go.

Today I had my group. I love this group... everyone that joins us has their own story of a long road back to tell, all of them are stroke survivors, and live with the sometimes devastating effects of their "injuries". But the very important point to observe is, this is where tales of determination, accomplishment, struggles and steep mountains are revealed, and the rewards are the people that tell them. My sole job is to coordinate such a group. Every week I come up with new ideas that will excite the senses, and perpetuate a spark in everyones core. All I do is facilitate, they do the rest. I have met amazing people with amazing stories at this group.

I had a little surprise in store.. today was the day that we were to make a gingerbread house. This would be a group effort to put together this house. Last week I hunted and hunted for the prefabbed kit with all the supplies inside. Then I hunted some more for the perfect colour coordinated candies to rest upon this lovely structure. Of course there is a purpose as to why I picked this activity... and the gingerbread house was just the avenue to achieve the goals. But the group didn't need to know that. In fact today, the group surprised me... every single person came and left... they met and drank coffee, ate muffins and lunch... and managed to escape before any activity even began. So there I was with one volunteer, one group member and myself.... and bucket load of candy and fixings for the house. All that work to find everything was for not... now I have it at home....where I already have a gingerbread house tucked away to do with the chicklets while they are off for Christmas break. Well, now I have two.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

15 pounds of flyers

Flyers are handy items.... for the regular things in life. Then there's the purpose of cleaning up dog vomit, or adding warmth to a deteriorating laundry room floor which has had the promise of overhaul for quite some time, but I will not snipe over minute and delicate matters. Most importantly, flyers remind Mr. Cleanandtidy-pluscooktheSundaydinner husbandman that the Christmas season is fast approaching, and with that thought firmly planted in his head he is also very aware that he must set foot in some sort of STORE, to which he must purchase his wife of one year too many a birthday present also. Flyers are an important part of his knowledge base at this crucial time of year. Quite simply to put ideas into his brain, and quickly act upon those ideas before the selections run dry. It is to my good fortune this year that I have been studying the websites that offer info about digital cameras. He's jumped on board with this one. In fact just this very afternoon the good and kind gentlemansomedays and good cook plus cleanup after everyone so don't complain husband offered up all of the flyers to which held information about the digital cameras around town. "Make my life easy and find the one that you like the best" he says to me. That is someone that you need to keep around.... especially if you want a Sunday dinner and a clean kitchen afterwords. Then he neatly stacked all of the flyers in the laundry room. ... I will begin my plot for next year......

Someone stop the clock....

Today would be a day that I am thankful about my hair. I was able to get up, get washed, and dressed and look at my hair in the mirror and exclaim: "OH MY GOD ! I LOOK NORMAL" !!!Then go to work. Somehow I magically slept in. Big OOOPPSSS..... The sister comes and picks me up for work every weekend in her green people-mover-honda-car at 0630 rain, shine, frost or snow. I woke up at 6:29 1/2. My luck was with me today when the sister was fashionably late herself. Luckily I was able to brush the teeth, and somehow smooth my fingers through my hair in a matter of moments as well. Unfortunately the eyes looked a bit mousy.. as only instant eyes can look. Stunned and red. That's what I owned.... but then I put on my brightest of bright muted red lipstick and I was balanced once again. People didn't run in fright at all, all day long. This will never be duplicated again. There are no do-overs that will happen as fast as this once-over, ever. Someone must have stopped the clock.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Till Troubles

My sister dragged me over to "The Mall" earlier. She is a danger to people as much as I am. WE find this round champagne coloured table cover to purchase.. and she heads over and stands in line. And she waits and waits.. and I wonder off to find something more interesting to look at, rather than an empty till space to stare at. Then... up comes a saleswoman with a person in tow and an item to be purchased, which the sales lady starts ringing in. My sister puts a stop to that. Immediately she speaks up... "I take offense to this" she begins, "I have already picked my purchase, and have been waiting at this till... why do I have to wait?" Response from the sales lady: "So sorry I didn't see you standing there". OK, that was just too stupid... impossible to conceive that thought... yet she said it. I witnessed it all....a big Friday night for me.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


The whole reason why I am here is because CSI is a rerun.. come on people. Bad, very very bad.
I had a little look around the universe.. and found out some bloggers just had babies, some were in the process of double pink lining it, some were just nervous, and one or two were late. (Yikes!)
I qualify for none of the above, and quite frankly am glad not to be part of any one of these flocks.

My green clock tells me it is close to ten o'clock so I will try another show... this is the night that I have my marathon television madness take over my life... and now back to my regular scheduled programming......

A bucket of batteries upon that brow.

I have been out there... watching people. I am not Santa Claus in disguise, I am really a brow watcher. I look at the weight of peoples' brows and wonder what is their world doing to them. I look at the shape, colour, length, tints, arch, and abundance of the brows. I have found from the perpetually stunned to the not believing they are still on this planet another day types of brows. Interesting. I wonder if people with low brows are carrying a load of stress twice the weight of a bucket of 9 volt batteries. That's quite heavy. Very, very heavy.

As I stand in line-ups for the next couple of weeks I will be watching for those low brows, and wishing for a moment of peace and hi-browness in the New Year.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Kitchen table and chairs or......

I have once again begun investigating digital cameras. I've taken a serious approach this time. I am in the process of creating my own on-line comparison shopping network, without leaving my home or having to talk to any form of human salesperson. It's not that I don't like people... it's just that computers are way faster at finding facts... I would spend quadruple the amount of time probably locating a knowledgable salesperson. I am not sure why I am looking for a digital camera... I think it's just the instant gratification that has possessed me. Instant gratification really would be a new kitchen and chairs, hell, I'll keep it simple and just go with the new kitchen.

At present I am currently waiting for the sun to move a little lower in the sky. I have got 5 pictures left on this roll of film... and I would like to snap up some shots of something. I have been "consumed" by my coffee table book that I want to put together. One small thought on that, I just have to figure out how to make a book now. This book is just photographs "From My Backyard".. which isn't really my backyard, but of Port Coquitlam, the city that I live in. Kind of boring yes, but it's really about passion and perspective. Training our eyes and our minds to see beauty in the smallest of ways, and to learn from that.

In the meantime, I will spend time driving around Port Coquitlam pondering cameras and kitchen tables...

Monday, November 29, 2004

Freedom day... kind of.

Our littlest crazy dog Ellpee is officially allowed out of her cage today. Now she is in rehab. A German Shepherd in rehab.... what to do, what to do. I'll open her cage door, and let her wander around an enclosed area before I go to my group. I am still wondering what I am going to do at my group today... I still don't have anything planned. I hope I come up with something soon. Time is ticking.
My dog is sitting on the couch... please get off.... this is the oldest evilest of dogs... she just wants to look out the window.. she is the looky-lou of dogs. She should be outside, her old bones and all protecting the backyard from the crows who are ripping apart my yard on a daily basis. Really.
My girl is yelling for me to get her a bagel, my boy is not up, the lunches are not made, it's shaping up to be another bad hair day..... but I am drinking coffee and the house is warm. Life is crumbling around me here by the second.... and I'm am writing this... must go and maintain real life.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sole.... you say you would like some fish?

Sole anyone.
Would someone like some fish?
Oh, I see you have eaten some sole.
Disguise the fish, I know they will eat.
We don't need to order in, we have fish.
Isn't this sole just delicious?
Have touched your sole today?
Add some lemon to that sole, that will work.
How many pieces have you had today?
Sole quenches the munchies.
Doesn't it make you feel better to eat fish when it's raining?
Just one more bite, I know you will grow to like it.

These are all the fishy details that I hounded Mr. Cleanandtidy about this weekend. It's garbage day tomorrow, this is where this fish story is headed.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Fish anyone...

I will write something while I sit here cornered... as my floors dry. Not sure why I washed them today.. I have a weekends worth of traffic to endure before I can get back to tidying my house before I have some people over Tuesday afternoon. I will also make a mental note to redo the duck-tape... that's what I do when people come over... a fresh swatch of duck-tape across the broken spots on my kitchen floor, a classy manuever I know.. but one has to do what one has to do. Apparently the floor will remain like this until we totally redo the kitchen. Which is a story in unto itself.. and that's not the notation I wanted to make at this moment... this is a rather fishy tale.

I decided that I needed to cook fish yesterday. Not just a piece or two for the family. A whole bag. It contained 30 pieces of fish. That poses a small problem. I believe that I am the only person that eats fish. Well, at least just plain, not processed sole fillets, with no crispy coating I might have to add. Last night I tried to disguise it in some rice so the kids would eat it... they fell for it, thank-fully. Two pieces down, only 28 more to go. The tale continues. I had to do all of this quickly... as is the usual with me. I can never plan this type of adventure... it has to be done.. yesterday. So I am dipping and grinding up bread for crumbs, failing to add cornflakes to anything, then I am pan-frying, and then dipping in eggs with no crumbs, and baking .. and this goes on till I have had enough fish cooking and decide that we need to leave for Tae Kwon Do. I now have a stack of fish fillets sitting on a plate. They almost looked like a stack of pancakes except that these wouldn't taste good with syrup. I wrap them all up and stuff them in the fridge. When Mr. Cleanandtidy comes home... he looks at me and says he's just not in the mood for fish. "Well, either was I, I just couldn't cram it back into the freezer today... after I bought all the party food for Tuesday.... so I had to cook all the fish... " I said to him. I had a stack of fish for dinner, and a stack of fish for breakfast. I am just wondering what I am going to come up with for dinner....

Officially Frightened.

I can actually say it's less than a month to Christmas. That scares me. But what scares me more is the fact that I have a whole whack of Christmas cards to ink on & children's pictures to cut apart. I am a professional procrastinator on that one. So, to celebrate the fact that I have to write Christmas Cards, I did the obvious. I got right into it.... While the sun came out yesterday afternoon for an undetermined length of time, I went out into the back yard and cut the lawn and cleaned out the perenniel garden and raked the lawn and cleaned up dog gifts, oh and raked the front grass, and also trimmed my hydrangeas and washed down the back deck. But before that, a slight intermission by taking my friends boy to school & checking out the backdrop on the school's stage. Wait, before that I went to Costco to find Baby Shower trimmings, or things that I will serve at a little "do". And yet, before all of that happened I had to stop at Tim Horton's and retrieve a coffee, and then go put my check in the bank. But first of all, I had a meeting with another couple of parents from the school, about school crap. Of course at that point I was enlightened by a couple of points, so that was helpful. Prior to all of this I was in the driveway applying lipstick in my vehicle, which my boy has pointed out that: "Let's pause for the most important moment of the day". And that's how it begins. Of course today I am frightened... because all of the things I didn't get done yesterday.. are now of course waiting in the wings for me today.. with all the other things that are waiting for me today... I am officially frightened.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

How about this.... I'll try this out. These guys are long gone and in hiding or sleeping, or eating the salmon in the overflowing rivers.... I was just missing them so... I am reliving my experiences... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This is on the desktop at the present. Nice looking ... especially when they are looking right at you. Posted by Hello

The Slammer's

I live in a house full of slammers. I'm not a real full fledged slammer. I save the slamming for when the extreme hysteria takes over... and the 14 year old SUV drivers door takes the brunt of that hissy fit. That's usually because I have cracked my head getting out. Or, dropped something, or have had enough with stupid things happening to me that slamming the SUV door stops all of that. BUT...the family that lives with me are slammers. They slam everything. Cupboard doors, refridgerators, sliding doors, THE FRONT DOOR, the den door, the french door, the garage door, the dog kennel, bathrooms doors, and finally their bedroom doors. It all boils down to Mr. Cleanandtidy... he just slams doors. So I have noticed over time. He's very quiet in many ways, and then he pulls the slammer routine, just to break up the silence without speaking. He is not frenzied, or hurried or harassed ( I am a very nice wife, I am a very nice wife, I am a very nice wife), or upset or mad... he just slams. You know he left about 5 minutes ago, and the house is still shaking from him slamming the back door when he took the silly caged almost uncrippled Elpee outside for her moment of freedom, and he aftershocked me with another slam coming back in. Then he left for work, and the final good-bye was a good-byeslam. The computer desk now sits two inches further out from the wall. It's time for the smallish-slammers to arise... I'll see what they can accomplish before we make are way to school. SLAM!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

NO milk for tea

Today is a day for tea you see
Although there's no milk to put in it for thee
I wish I had milk, but that's not to be
We ran out yesterday around seven oclock
As I watched the last bit reach the cup with a plop
I guess I should have ventured out more
But that would have meant leaving the house to go to the store.
And just past seven I was a bit busy
Doing homework with the Pip who's patience for learning was nicer than a Grizzly
I could have rallied the husbandman to replenish our stock
Him and the boy were with the PS2 and their gazes were locked
The milk can wait, as it will not be the end of me...
As I stare down into the bottom of my black tea.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Can someone help me find...

I had to go get the dictionary. Well, I leaned across the computer desk, and pulled the dictionary from the shelf. Apparently I am having word issues. I have been plain and simply confused by their and there. Really. Now I know that I can take a vitamin for this... in aid of getting my memory back... but of course I can't remember that either. The solid facts that used to live in my brain are slowly becoming distorted half truths....and I am second guessing their existence. Once upon a time.. facts were facts. I could remember numbers like yesterday... mind you I couldn't add the numbers, I could just remember them.. and now..... I am having problems just simply doing that. I think it's all the hair colouring that's doing it to me. I wonder if I just let my hair colour go whatever colour it's going to grow as... (can't. say. it...), I will start to get some of my memory back.... oh well.... who needs to know stupid numbers and the english language anyways.... now, where is that box of hair colouring???

M O V E !

The eleven year old evilest of queens Cicely is really a nice a dog on the whole. Exept when confronted with another animal. Big mistake. For example, the caged younger almost un-crippled dog; if they were to connect that would be a big mistake. It would be kind of and "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" sort of encounter. Owning Cicely is similar to owning a magic carpet... she's always underfoot anytime, anyplace, anyhow, snow, sleet, summer, fall, rain, couches, kitchens, beds, laundryrooms, backsteps, and propped up against the wall, or precariously positioned babygates. She even leans up against the shower curtain while you're in the shower. I have learned that the hard way by ripping back the curtain, and there she is, of course startled by the abruptness of the curtain being whipped back.. she barely has enough time to move. When each of the kids were babies, and I was giving them a bath in the bathtub, she would saunter in, and delicately put her two front paws in the bathwater. And proceed to stand their. She knew that I wasn't going to freak over her standing in the kids bathwater... but I did have to ask her why she insisted on doing that. She couldn't come up with an answer. I have grown used to her overtime... except.... she is not a dog that can deek. She's never been a deeker. She get's stepped on rather being deekable. She should have been a more deekable dog. It would have saved her many times over. There's no wonder why it is that her tail and paws are just so sensitive. I can't think of a magic number that exists to express the number of times I have stepped on her. She will go down in history as the undeekable dog. Now that she's old, and doesn't move too swiftly it's gonna hurt when I fall on her, because she has undeeked one too many times, and has finally tripped me. My undeekable magic carpet dog. Now there's a namesake.

One piece at a time

As I was brushing my teeth this morning a lost thought entered my head. Would it be possible to get food poisoning from a rogue bit of food caught for a number of days between your teeth? It could happen, the food getting caught bit.. but food poisoning... it would have to be a fairly large noticeable chunk.

Also, while we were driving to work this morning, we stopped to get coffee. One for the driver (my sister), myself, and the girl in the backseat. Everyweek it's the same, it's groundhog day every weekend. The girl in the backseat doesn't have a moment to get on her restraint system( most people have seatbelts in their backseat, but in the green people mover 4-door Hondacar it's a restraint system), when the sister is already barking orders for me to hand the girl in the backseat her coffee. Today I said.. "let's give her a minute to let the girl in the backseat time to put on her restraint system". The girl in the backseat piped up... "oh, thanks... no pressure today to get this system in place".

And then... when I was being dropped at my worksite.. as always, I've barely got the door open, and the two of them are then barking for me to open up the back door to get the girl in the back seat out of the back seat, and into the front seat. The green people mover has child safety doors, so the girl in the backseat can't get out. Once again, I had to talk the sister down from her frantic state.... I won't forget to let the girl out... I said. Another groundhog weekend event takes place.

I am beginning to wonder what I actually have written on my forhead when I meet up with my sister every weekend. I guess I keep forgetting to take the "DOLT" from my forehead, I guess that's the give away.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Ponder the thought...

I have been pausing a moment here... and listening to the sounds of our house. The dishwasher is on, lovely sound... an appliance that works when you push a button. I'm a lucky person. Then there's the sound of the tap running at a drizzle point... it's watering my plant... that seems to be doing quite nicely considering the neglect it affords from me. Down the hall I can faintly hear the Pipster playing Barbies. In the laundry room there is the odd clank from the caged Ellpee playing with her tennis ball in her tiny quarters. Now, from the den are the three boys. The one that I gave birth to, the one that is similar aged to me, and the neighbour boy. From the den comes complete chaos, laughter, music, sound-effects, stories, roars of more laughter, directions, a virtual parade of pandamonium. Oh, and now they are all fighting.

I can only imagine what would happen if I waltzed into the den and announced that I had a PlayStation 2 game that I wanted to play. I can just see the reaction now..... they'll all be on the floor rolling in laughter. I should try it... those fools won't know what hit them.

What would our world turn into if GIRLS were addicted to these videogames like the crazy boys were? Now that's a crisis in the making.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Hiding Christmas from the Pip

The Pip has an over abundant imagination when it comes to colour, paper, painting, ... pretty much anything to do with creating. She loves it so much that her enthusiasm gets in the way with any real production. That is the reason why I am hiding some Christmas ornaments that I am painting. I qualify for the kindest mother award... She spotted some stars the other day that I had in the non-crafting-under-construction-laundry-room the other day. " OH !!!! I LIKE THESE MOMMA.... WHEN ARE WE GOING TO PAINT THESE ???" she bellowed in her excited about crafting voice. The stars have been in hiding ever since that time.

I have only known this girl for 7 1/2 years... but in that time I have come to learn one thing about her... it's all in the set up. She could spend an eternity setting up her space to begin the crafting/creating session... and one slip of the hand sends the supplies to the first available wall in her sight. She's quite the fire breathing dragon when she wants to be... and sometimes its more effort to tame the dragon than simply hide the ornaments. You have to play safe when you play with fire, even when it's an occasional fireball.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Coming up for air...

By accident yesterday I began cleaning out my closet...and it was purely by accident. I happened to walk by it.. and something inside called to me. One thing lead to another... and I am still here today.. cleaning out my closet. My closet serves as a mini home inside a home, similar to a dollhouse really. It holds all the elements of my life. In actual fact... this dollhouse even has the makings of a laundry room, which is not something that you would find in a dollhouse. Lucky me.
At present my laundry room is under construction. Currently it houses a washer, dryer, a shelf and a caged German Shepherd. The laundry room has been under construction for close to 13 years. With special thanks given to Mr. Cleanandtidy - Procrastinatorbuilder Man. But this doesn't irk me in the slightest... except for this ever apparant arm tick, that swings in the direction of the back of his head when he isn't looking... I'm in counselling for that... but besides that I am totally normal.
Back to the closet clean-out... I found some new clothes today, without even leaving the home, or spending any money. The new pieces of clothing have found more prominent spots in the closet now. I even managed to frame some pictures that I found... with the frame that I found in my closet. It also seems that I have been running a recycle centre in my closet. Apparantly I have a love affair with plastic bags. But they have to be separate, they can't be all crammed together and such. I also like plastic bags with zippers.. I have plenty of those. When it came down to the crunch of removing all the plastic bags from my closet.. the ones with the zippers got to stay. Also ranking up their with my love of plastic bags are buttons in little plastic packages... they are now safely located in a box all to themselves. Speaking of boxes.... I had many of those... and I am glad to say that I have passed this trait onto the girl, Miss Pipster. I even hid some boxes at the back of my closet again... just to surprise myself in another 5 years... or longer. I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This is a quickie...

First... it is so amazing how much better a piano player ( I wont see pianist, I'm not a contender) you become after only one Smirnoff Ice... there is such greatnes pouring from the fingertips, masked by the warm glow and flow of the Ice traveling through the veins. I am so good. Really. I am so good with the headphones on, and nobody can hear me, and the volume is turned down low. That's how good I am. Drifting onto the keyboard with much emotion this evening is "Mona Lisa"... it really does sound good in my head...not exactly at the same time I am playing it... but I can feel how the music is supposed to sound.. even if what I am actually hearing doesn't match.. but I don't really have to admit to that!!
Second... it has to be a quickie.. Da Vinci's Inquest is on now... most favourite show in the whole world at present... Canadian content, Canadian Actors, Canadian Location.. actually filmed in Vancouver BC, and they even name the actual places their... isn't that amazing! But.... the Amazing Race has started... but Da Vinci wins out. Off, off and away....... "and the last of the ice says good-night!".

Held hostage again...

I lead a fairly simple, clean, kind-of-cook, cart children around, and other junk in-between all that, work, clean, kind-of-cook, cart children around, and other junk in-between all that.... it's the same phenomenom happening all over the Americas. Anyways... in amongst the details of life, my sister somehow manages to cart me around as her "passenger-just-for-fun" person. It's a simple suck in procedure, which she has ultimately perfected over time... "Let's go for a walk"... she says... and I'm in. *** POOF *** A magic spell washes over me and just like that... I am sitting in her Montanavan. Entering this zone is like walking a plank into the abyss... I never know where her and the van are going to take me. Quite often the word of the hour is... Is this going to be a long hostage taking, or short lived... can I stop and buy some postcards for the family...??

Speaking of hostage takings... the caged kind of uncrippled sweetest silliest youngest foolish German Sheperd Ellpee... got out of her cage earlier today while I was still at my hostage taking event. It is apparent that she had her own event while home alone.... I am wondering if she was having her own "leaving" party... if she was going to go.. she was going to go down with a party. The dog food bucket was smeared across the laundry room, she had helped herself to The Pip's yesterdays crusts from her lunch, and she was standing up, looking out the livingroom window when I got home. This is a dog that needs to be on complete bedrest. This event was not on her course of treatment... she might have just treated herself to a permanent visit to the vet. I can only wait to see if her disk bulges out of place once again...... and I am still shaking my head as to how she got out of her cage. Bad little hostage dog.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hello soccer field:

I was talking on the phone yesterday to Miss Pipster. She was just getting dressed for soccer, or at least I think she was. We were having a conversation about her impending game. "Just make sure you run Pip... just run" I say to her. "OK", she ways in her little-while-on-the-phone voice.."there's just one thing"... she continues... "I am not really sure how the infield and the outfield works. Sometimes I'm running around the infield, but other times I have to stay put in the outfield...... besides, I don't really get what all the running is about in soccer. Why do we have to get the ball across the field so fast?" she says.
Life is so confusing... did I really sign her up for soccer or baseball.... because it confuses Miss Pip when she looks at the soccer picture.. and it reads "football" club. From the looks of things.. I am not sure what sport she is playing while she is out there.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

If I'm not here next week, this is the reason why:

I wish I was a quarter obsessed with cleanliness in the home, the same as I am at work. People look at me funny... but I can take it.... I just keep them guessing as to my real personality. Anyways, back to cleaning.... (at work)I used to start the day off with finding a cloth, adding some disenfectant sanitizer cleaner agent to the warmed cloth... and off I go.. and clean... around my space, the phones, the computer.. places where my hands may drift while I am work.. door knobs, the desk, light switches...scarey yes, but the list goes on... anyways... just recently we have acquired "Caviwipes"... don't ask me the solution, the strength, the M.S.D.S., the real purpose of these moist super cleaning disposable clothes... but I have a few found love. Kind of. I love them for the way they clean. Dirt, grime, filth, bugs, the unknown, if wiped out in one fell swoop. I just love them. I don't however; love the way they taste. Now, I try to avoid tasting cleaning solutions on the whole.. but it seems every Saturday and Sunday without fail by the end of the day I now have a "Caviwipe-kinda-taste" happening inside my mouth. These things can kill TB in 5 minutes... so I'm wondering if I even need to brush before Wednesday.. what do you think? I just noticed that the person demonstrating the cleaning with these "wipes" are wearing gloves. I am becoming a bit fearful upon learning this. At this point I wonder...where are those Material Safety Data Sheets?
Reason number two I might not be here next week: I think I tried to poison myself. Once again, while at work today...with my very own hands, with my very own cup, I was making a cup of "BLACK Earl Grey Tea" .. as the package boldly told me so... I found some milk that hadn't expired and a packet of sugar.. and mixed the whole lovely brew... it smelled delicious... too bad it didn't taste delicious.. so my first thought was.. oh no, now I have defunct taste buds because of the Sat/Sun Caviwipe Taste Issue... but upon further attempts to drink my wonderful cup of tea... it clearly had some form of soapish chemical residue inside my cup. I don't know how that happened. Anyways, I am certainly clean from the inside out.. as well as TB free. Lucky me. Remind my husband of that next week... when I am dead and gone! Oh... and if someone could tell WCB... maybe he might get a settlement or something... then he can take the kids on a holiday... rather than paying for the "back/spine issues" with our youngest sweetest and most patient of silly dogs Elpee.

Rid the thoughts.....

I had a flashback yesterday... it goes back to the night when we were going out to a work gathering. We went to pick-up my friend at her home... I go to the door... decked out in the one floral skirt that I own, with a matching burgundy blouse. I knock on her door... I wait, her husband answers, she rounds the corner... we look at one another.... "nice skirt", we both say... as we stand staring at one another wearing the same clothes. I owned my skirt... her's was borrowed from her sister. She was forced into making a STAT change of clothes... since we were closer to her closet. We are going to another work gathering come December... I will need to start planning my wardrobe selection now.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Magic password please

Life is good... when you know the password. But if the tricky array of letters and or numbers somehow slip your mind... that's it. You're as good as dead. It doesn't matter how many times you reconfigure the letters... the computer is not happy. And who has the hissy fit... I don't see smoke coming from the computer screen... but I can feel it billowing from my head. Better yet... the computer puts you into lock down.... and locked out. Even if you try to go back for another round after the 3 strikes your locked out... it reminds you that you have had 3 strikes.... and don't come back until your hissy fit and memory have returned.....tomorrow. So, as much as I like computers, I really do hate them. I try to keep the magic password consistant, straight across the board... not changing, ever. That only works if the number of letters is consistant with the number of letters required for a password... but if the computer calls for more letters than the password... I take matters into my own hands. I just start adding numbers to the end of my forever-the-same password. That's alright... until you need to remember the password.. and don't have a clue how many extra numbers was required for this password... and by the way.. to make matters even more interesting.... and it's case sensitive as well? ... and I won't even start about the vague hints that are given out.... they never match my real answer.... I'm surprised I'm even here typing right now....without the right answer I could be blocked out at any minu....

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Twinings Tea

Todays hot beverage is being swallowed up by me via The Twinings Tea Company, and Earl Grey is the chosen one. It's a flavourful cup, full of aroma, it wakes you up and gently lifts you into your day. This Earl Grey has the amazing ability to let you read people's blogs and not get all excited and/or crazed about other peoples words. Earl Grey tea doesn't give you the boldness of thought that a cup of coffee energizes your engine with. All in all, this cup of tea is a worthwhile sip while reading people's blogs, in short.. it keeps you safe with your friends. They don't think of you as frightful, or odd, or daring of comment. It's a safe bet while reading.

Besides, I am out of light cream... and you can't add milk to your coffee... that's just yuk. So it's tea until then.....

Remembrance Day

Thank you to all of those that gave their lives for the freedom that we have today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Coffee at the Zoo

I am wondering... and wondering. My newly caged younger of the two German Shepherds Miss Ellpee seems to coping well. She now lives in a cage... her only excitement is the jingle of the leash that gets hooked up to her, the door opens and she is lead down the ramp and onto the grass which is about 15 feet away. She is then turned around and walked back up the ramp and let back into her cage, and back on to her fluffy pillow.

Would you or would you not get depressed at this new life??? I am sure she is wondering what the hell she did to deserve this. But on that thought, she is/was quite a loner of a dog. She enjoyed just sleeping in her basket in the laundry room, where she is still located but minus the basket. I was forever inviting her to go and sit with Mr. Cleanandtidy in the den... and like some sparkle of an idea she would scamper in their to sit with him. She doesn't have that option right now.

I am kind of obsessive compulsive (to some degree about some things!)... and now I have added this to my list... how many times have I walked in the laundry room to talk to her, pet her, etc. Now I know that I will put a little piece of paper somewhere... "How much interaction has the dog had.. now that she get's to live in a cage?".... wouldn't want her depressed now!!!

A dog with a back injury.. that requires rehab.... an interesting turn in her life.....and ours. ((I should comment on the fact for the cage... this dog, although I claim her to be a catdog... she is also part Kangaroo... she loves to jump, and jump high. Which is why she needs to be in a cage.. any sign of any member leaving the house she leaves her quarantined area in a leap! Back injuries and jumping are a death threat to her right now... can't have that...))

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mr & Mrs

Meet my friends, Mr. & Mrs. Pickaspat. They are similar to the likes of people such as Mr. & Mrs. Hesays-Shesays, and The Bickerson's. It is seemingly apparent they are happily married and genuinely like one another I will assume. My interest in this real life couple lies in the fact that they "pick a spat" about the littlest of things. Yes, microscopic things.

I believe that I am missing the boat on this one. I am not certain why Mr. Cleanandtidy and I do not have these kinds of conversations, let alone thoughts about the stuff that The Pickaspats fuss over. Mind you, Mr. Cleanandtidy doesn't share his thoughts, ever, that might be part of it. The last thought I believe that came over him which he publicly stated was, "I do". I believe he may have been back-peddling since then, that started 13 1/2 years ago. Or, the next viable option could simply be... he's frightened of me and my thoughts.. and it's best not challenge them, let alone become a part of them. I believe that Mr. Cleanandtidy may have a plastic perimeter that is un-penetratable.

Meanwhile, The Pickaspat's will continue to amuse me by their presence and their lifes daily communications with one another.

OH man.... !

The other day as we were driving home... guess what we saw so close to us... just guess.... my favourite thing to talk about, write about, take pictures of.... I will say no more !!!!
Out in the the field... was the most beautiful of fattest, of blackest, black bear. This guy was so big (fat) it seemed like he could hardly walk. We watched him... and then we watched the 2 crazy chow dogs that lay on the side of the road faking dead animalness some days.. chase this guy. Exept this guy didn't chase well. He turned to run.. and then I think he realized that he was about 8 1/2 times bigger than the 2 crazy dogs... there was one chow that also realized this.. and wandered away... but there was the other chow that didn't know about the whole size issue going on.. and proceeded to chase the unchaseable bear. So the dog kept running until he hit the bear. Yikes... life in action... I said to the other guy that was also watching the goings on. "Should we be watching this life in action?" I asked the guy. He wasn't so sure either. The brown chow continued with his chow-attack.. and the bear stood his ground. It was really like going after a brick wall. That bear was going no where. Once the brown chow realized that his attempts to remove the bear from the field were in vain, the "chow-down" was called off. At that point the bear turned and walked into the bushes of his own doing.

And.... guess who was wandering down our street last night.... the big bear himself. Our neighbours saw him.. not us... of course the fog drifted in, just long enough to obscure my view.

Life altered

The silliest youngest of dogs has made it home. She has a different life than she had a week ago, first of all she made it out alive. Nice for her. The money hungry vet boys used some very expensive ( I knew that before hand) and very powerful drugs on her to reverse the paralysis. They seemed to have worked. She is now on bedrest for the next 3 weeks. A dog on bedrest... interesting. But, when you have a fine little catdog dog (as noted in the picture below), bedrest is what she does best. She is now living in a catdog cage with a big fluffy catdog pillow (thanks mom). We had a dog kennel that we use to put her in when we go away (thinks back to July and the "hell-holiday".... shudders.....)..... anyways... I just couldn't put her in that crate for the next 3 weeks... I feel like I'd be putting her in a box... which I kind of am with the cage... but at least she has an open view around her. The only thing she is allowed to do is go to the bathroom, and rest. So every couple of hours the evilest of beasts goes crazy because we put the leash on the youngest bedresting catdog... and the evil one sits at the windows and hmmm... yells and wails that she is not going. So, in the meantime it's a rest and see kind of issue... little Miss Ellpee will lay on pillows, rest, do the 2 outside jobs, and rest some more. In the meantime our bank account will lay in shock from the hit that it took from the bill... it will take much longer than 3 weeks for that to recover. And now finally... back to regular light hearted programming.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The two silliest and youngest girls of the family. Posted by Hello

Remaining cautiously optimistic

It is a waiting game now. Our silliest furry of evil beasts for the moment is making progress. She was able to walk today, although her reflexes (on her right foot) are still a bit slow. Time will only tell if she is able to overcome her injury. She has similar to, or the same as ankylosing spondilitis. I am remaining optimistic that her life will be extended... although I am not certain for how long. While I was at work today the rest of our little family went to visit her. Mr Build-a-ramp-for-the-dog Husband said she was quite distraught that they left her there. I will be picking her up tomorrow... not sure how I am going to get her out of the 14 year old SUV yet...not sure what magic fairy will pay the vet bill either... but that's tomorrow cup of tea.. I will wait to swallow that flaming brew.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Something isn't quite right....

On a more serious note... not that these come from me at all on this magical mystery tour that I lead. Trust your instincts. Really.
Our little (in German Shepherd standards) Miss Ellpee has been taken to the vet, and her outcome is not certain. I watched her carefully for two days, and took her to the vet on both days. They claimed there was nothing wrong, or at least nothing they could see that was wrong. I knew that was not so. This morning I had the absolute displeasure in watching my sweet little catdog, fall and flutter and flail across the kitchen and out into the driveway. She could no longer walk. She had turned into a madcow overnight. That being said, it is not funny... but that is how you cope somedays.... humour... even when it's real bad. Yes, reminiscing back on this day there is more bad humour to be shared. While I was at the vet my sister called. I told her not to come.. but then again I thought... she is really the professional at dog visits.. and putting dogs down... she's had to do it twice.. so I told her to come on down.
Now we sit and wait.... Our little Ellpee has never stayed in an expensive hotel ever, nor have we, ever. Tomorrow will bring news of what happens next.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Get this.....

We have crybaby one and crybaby two. The evilest of beasts have both turned into crybabies. The younger sillier dog has injured herself, so she cries when she moves. The evilest of beasts knows that she is injured and wants at her so bad (I'm not exactly what she wants near her for.. which is the scarey part) she continually cries.

Please meet the evilest of crybabies you see,
It's a good thing we only have two dogs not three.
Crybaby one takes her turn and crys,
then crybaby two gives it her best try.

A sore paw for the crybaby two,
Crybaby one must simply cry to outdo
Crybaby two is safely snuggled into her resting spot.
Where crybaby one can only watch her like a hawk.

A day in cryville isn't that bad,
nor is it really all that sad...
It's just crybabies crybabies all the day through
With crybaby one and crybaby two

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Please pass this on....

This message is for the Rain Gods who preside over Southwest British Columbia. Could you please email a "temporary permit for subsiding of rain". That would be great. I will send it back to you immediately... and we can all carry on. I have bulbs to plant you know.... tulips infact... something that makes the world look just a bit brighter, as well as inspire hope to the passer byers, in case you were wondering. Is there a time extension on that form.... because I need to clean up my back yard... with all the bustle of halloween it has gone orange, from the falling cedar chunks/needles/leaves. It's a freaking mess! Yes, that's right.. now I am asking for two things.... time and suspension of rain from the skies.... if you could make it a priority for today .. that would work with my schedule.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Get me out of here!!!!

Today was an interesting day. I took our group for lunch and a visit to the casino. That is always fun... except of course when the transportation goes a little haywire. This morning there were 3 Handidart buses to take 10 people to the casino. None of the buses could accomodate all ten of us. One bus heads off with one of my fellows. Another takes 6, and then there were 3. So, I say to the lady... can we stop the bus that has only one of my guys... is this bus not taking us to the same spot? The driver makes a mad dash to catch up with the one man band bus burning rubber around the streets of Port Coquitlam, and the third bus trailing close to our bumper. We retrieve our one fellow... and he's glad to be back. The day turns out good for everyone... one of the lady pops in 2 bucks, and nets one thousand dollars. That lady would not be me. I am a magnet for losing nickels, and yet people around me will win big... believe me... I watched it all unfold in front of me today. The way home prooved to be interesting. Normally our group takes one bus there, and one bus back. Today I got stuck on the wrong bus. I said good-bye to 6 people from our group... and waited for the rest of our party to join us.. and for the next bus to pick us up. When the bus-driver turned left... is when I turned all psychotic.... WHERE DOES THIS BUS GO?.....and why did you just turn left??? The driver looks to me puzzled... she says "I have a bunch of stops and pickup to make, do you need to be somewhere?". OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG. See, why can't I have a feel for a winning jackpot from the casino? Because I had already predicted this event before it even happened.
....earlier in the day.... I had talked with my friend and I said I would pick the kids up after school, and her girl would come over and play with my girl.. and the skies would not crumble and worlds would not collide because this was all going to happen. THEN... out of the blue, later that morning, I called her up.. and said... I had a feeling about getting home today.. and if I am not able.. could she pick the kids up. After a million stops, and pickups and walking people to doorsteps, and backtracking.... we finally made it to our destination. It's a good thing that I arranged for a playdate today. Now if only I could find the winning lottery ticket... I don't think that I have that amount of ESP, I used it all up guessing that I was going on a bus tour. Oh Fridgemagnet.

When is it over?

Halloween is good long and gone. The little lady Pipsters candy is still laying on the kitchen table. It wont be there much longer... she chews fast. The sooner it's gone the better... let the festival continue. The boy on the other hand who has no brain... puts his bag in his room... and like everything in his room.... it just sits... and he walks around it all. Last night before we went out, I found his halloween bag from last year.... and dumped out the remains of his candy. Crazy kid. Speaking of remains... now that the torrential downpours have started... Halloween has been extended until the rains subside... which will be into the third week of January... we will just put up our Christmas decorations overtop of the Halloween junk. It should be an interesting look this winter.

Spaz cat.

Here it is the morning after the night before. Everyone is still intact. 2 dogs, 2 kids, 1 husband gone to work, 1 house and 10 pumpkins. Whew. Oh, and another honourable mention would be the ultimate in downpour.... so glad I am looking at it this morning. The prize of the night goes to the black jeweled cat. She lost an earring (actually a dollar store plastic bracelet, that came with a case load of similar jewelry from her friend) that I had attached to her cat costumed ear. And worse, her bag broke. Halloween was over as far as she was concerned. It's a good thing I had a strong hold on that special bag of treats at the magical moment of impact... how does that saying go again... right "shit hit the fan".... except in a chocolately sort of way. I think she even made her make believe velvety black fur fly. Really. Luckily a spectator from a doorway witnessed the brief event... while her favourite aunt and myself quickly agreed that an intervention was required....STAT. A plastic bag was produced, and the bag of treats remained all in one place. The favourite aunt (that likes to shop and buy her niece girly things) of two boys helped to conclude the episode by calming this felines fur by reminding her that she is the mother of two boys... and they don't wear bracelets...
Fireworks went according to schedule...

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Big hooks and little tales....

Yes, that's right... a big hook it was, and here's the tale.....It's not ghoulish, nor scary, although it could quite easily turned into such a thing. The Pipster-who wanted most desperately to be the most beautiful princess of the universe ever. Certainly that wish could be granted. All I had to do was to come up with the ultimate in fine costume design. (Since she doesn't fall into the princess of the universe category by default... although she thinks that of herself all the same)... well, there's only 31 days in October... and time was not of the essence... I had lots of time to design the ultimate Princess dress. Well, that was until it became the eve of a school party... and also the night of all my favourite shows. This is the one night where I will sit and watch TV for three hours... and do chores during the commercials. Now I have to say, I do love my kids.. a lot... I am there for them in every way... except on Thursday nights...because I am with my television shows. At the beginning of the month when I was busy computing the number of days in the month of October.. I failed to factor in the Thursday night viewing obsession. Shameful yes, but truthful, (pat's herself on the back). I began to feel a bit trembly in the knees... as I approached the Pipsters Princess Kingdom ... and offer up the "NEXT BEST THING" to being a princess of the universe..(after I had mucked about with a lavender witch hat turned princess hat with yellow hair).. Yes, my great idea was ....... "why don't you be this lovely and beautiful warm black cat... that you wore last year?" The Pipster immediately took to the idea... in fact thought it was a priceless idea.... in fact she was enthralled with being a cat.. again. The best part.... I had bought her a pink feather boa... and I had broken the news to her that we would not be able to add the feather boa to her Princess of the Universe Dress/Costume... it didn't fit the ensemble. But now... this year, she will be the fanciest jeweled and pink boa'd black cat on the streets of Port Coquitlam. Yes.... I'm big time off the hook big time on this little tale.

Friday, October 29, 2004


2 litres of water on a cold rainy night...I'm freaking frozen. Now that I have drank a bunch of excessively cold tap water I am off to the races with emailing the people that I have in my address book. Of course now that my brain is starting to seize I am sending out important messages like this last one:
Hey there;
What's going on in big ol Langley.. tell me your tales.. make me laugh...let me feast my eyes on the highlights of what's going on. Here I'll tell you all my tales...
Glad to keep you in the loop. Take it easy... write back !!! D.

I will disconnect the keyboard now... for everyone's safety.