Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wow! it's wednesday

Is that where the wow factor comes from... because of the matching letters?

I am not sure.

I guess all depending on the mood it could be wicked wednesday.... but no, not today.

I am currently going to sip on a fresh little cup of coffee... can coffee really not be fresh..? YES!!! I have come to know a certain mother and sister that just reheat coffee from the day before. Peculiar, and let's add a VERY to that.

In other things HIGHLY peculiar...

My husbands boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go running with him the other night. NOW... here is a way to figure out very quickly if you are someones ball and chain! ha ah aha ha... even when you are not attached. It was good for me. AND AND AND... I was probably more than overjoyed that I could at least do it... even if we walked a bit. What makes this HIGHLY peculiar is that this very time last year was pretty disasterous in the body department. Bizarre as that might sound, it is very true.

Life is ever so mysterious.

It's sunny out... and yet cool... I think I am going to make a run for the BACK yard... as in the BERMUDA TRIANGLE backyard... and get some deweeding happening... while it is still semi morning, and not too hot, or more noteworthy.. raining. The biggest issue is staying out of the sun... on top of these antibiotics needing to be on an empty stomach, and without dairy, and sitting upright.. it also makes you sun sensitive.

Alright... off to find some mystery in the backyard....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beauty on!

So today... this was given to me... how beautiful is that!

AND... because I am a mother on crack... I gave my boy this.

If we had our holiday savings fund... I think this might be it.

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Goodish morningish.


It is raining!

How do I chemicalize the lawn with rain?

This can't be so.

IN other things that can't be so:

  • The girl has taken charge of the morning television... I am not listening to any global news.
  • NOR.. am I listening to any say yes to the dress.
  • I think I might have misplaced my glasses... have you seen them..?
  • I think the time has come that I should get the wedding rings sized... otherwise I might not have any wedding rings left soon.
  • I am cold, after all ... it is summer and all.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So cool you'll drool

My friend sent me this...

Kahlil Gibran wrote about children " ... They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls..."

Very cool I am thinking.

So are the FOUR bears I just saw.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fix me!

That's what my lawn is yelling at me.

Or maybe what it's really saying is 'don't kill me!'.

I think the weeds are saying the that... the lawn is just sitting there, like it always does.. all smug and green and full of life, with a complete new generation of weeds taking over.

In other things that are being fixed:

The little bathroom is slowly taking shape. The husbandman has crawled into the great depths below and plumbed and eletricalled the new space, as well as crawled up into the attic space. Both of which are fairly nasty like places to be. NONE of which I will ever put myself into. It has been a fairly stepp amount of work compared to the actual space of the place.

I downed the dosage on the antibiotics as of yesterday. I was taking them as prescribed, but you know what... I can only do so much dizziness for so long. I am already a fairly dizzy person to start with, and this added to the mix was just a bit much.

I realized that the day before I was trying to look at my cell phone .. I needed my glasses to read the screen. The last statement is true. I didn't need them the day before that.. that I noticed. Best get a new phone.... clearly it has stopped working!


In things non fixable at the moment:

Both the chicklets are out of school. I have made a grave error in NOT enrolling the little PIPSTER in some form of summer activities... as this girl wishes to be busy at all times.... now I will have to hunt for her to do things... I probably should have thought about this last month... oh right.. I did.. I just didn't act on it.

I don't seem to have an RV that is associated with us going away. Perhaps I should re-think my going away plans and pack up and leave to somewhere...

Will have to put on my adventure thinking cap for this... I KNOW!!! I will call my SIL... she is extremely brilliant....

Whew... well that is fixed now isn't it...?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dizzy or just busy..

What's my excuse?

I am very much hoping that someone doesn't come and bang on the front door. In my current state of hair affairs it wouldn't be a pretty sight. Well, it would be a coture state of affairs with a lovely screaming line of asymmetry happening mind you.

I must add that Mr. JimmyDean is included in the sad state of affairs in the looks department.... we are both just disheveled... while the husbandman and the PrincessPip is off at their respective places doing working like things... I on the other hand must READ my book.. and JimmyDean, must play his game.

Although still goal oriented.. I will come back to the front door business rather quickly... as I have life things to attend to, including laundry... I can't walk around my homeland looking like a well put alien for long.... it just isn't natural!~

Yesterday I felt small. SMALL in a strange way. SMALL in a way where the Mr. JimmyDean superson was hugely tall, moreso than I remember from the day before. Odd.

I saw a woman yesterday who will be FOREVER ingrained in my mind that her name SHOULD be Kathy, but it isn't ... her name is PAM.  AND I know it's PAM.. I just want to call her Kathy.

I have been EATING up a storm.. of ANTIBIOTICS that is... hopefully the dizziness that comes with taking them will go away... of course perhaps once the busy-ness of lifelike things give a little that might change things as well.....

I must go quickly now.. the sun is coming out... and for us SouthWesterly BC'ers... it's a strange sight....

See, I promised I would be back... just like the sun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

ONly a week


And I am still claiming that I will return.

I am not a liar.

I will return.

After I finish reading my bookclub book. Which I haven't started yet, and the bookclub is on Wednesday.

Tonights the night... that I will read. With my glasses. And maybe a light.

That will get the job done.

Over and out...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Fans!!

Real life stories coming your way in the next number of days, weeks and years to come. Stay tuned, I have not abandoned my quirky writing ways, thus delivering useless daily antics and random life changing events.

Must go wash the car first.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


  • the hair is five degrees darker
  • used the walking poles yesterday
  • met michael buble
  • bathroom is making it's way back again
  • jimmydean and the gf have "temporarily" parted ways
  • miss fussalot bought a little black dress
  • saw 3 bears, but not eating porridge
  • and maybe a turkey vulture, not sure
  • rain has flooded my pots

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How can you tell when...

You've been married a long time...?

In the past month I know for a fact that we have been married a long time:

I have a bought a new iron, just replaced a mix master with a hand mixer, require a new blender, just bought a new handichopper, replaced the ironing board, need to replace the nonstick frying pan, the towels that were once guest use only, have gone to rags, then dog use, and now that she is 4 1/2 months dead... the surplus of towels should probably go.

That's how long.... shower gifts from long long long ago!

Guess which one...

sat long enough to pose for the camera....
JimmyDeans brush with the Vice & the Principal.... everybody is smiling...
AND... it looks like somehow everyone is matching.

Except for POLE cat.... at least POLE cat sat long enough for me to snap a photo.

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that Jimmydean...

Oh what a character he is....

He managed to get himself an award for "subject excellence".

That JimmyDean....

It was nice to see him walk across a stage, see him shakes the prinicipals hand, and take some credit for being as the title says... "subject excellence".

He excels in many other ways... but not in ways that see him collecting awards, but rather a constant barrage of phone calls home, and a continuous series of lines to write for a certain teacher.

What I really wanted him to see was that there were lots of other studentse around him, being credited for their efforts, and despite the fact that his was "music", instead of academics, it was equally important.

He is sort of brilliant-like anyways.... I only say that because I see what he is like on a regular mother-like existance.

Now if we can only get him to apply his brilliance towards other things... and we might get a graduate out of the deal.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When thinking of ...

My boy and an AWARD - it does not hit the synonymous chord.

When I am thinking of my boy and an AWARD from SCHOOL, now that is simply and wholly completely unlikely...

Apparently I am wrong.

We got an invitation in the mail a week or so ago... cause for error I assumed.... why would they invite parents to an award ceremony where there is no award .. almost like SHE by Sheree where there was the fashion show with no fashions.

That gets me to thinking... might my Mr. JimmyDean be getting an award for the most amount of lines written in the course of ONE year....? Might he get an award for the number of "best excuses ever" as to why Mr. JimmyDean has been late...? Might he get the award for best in underachievement ...? Most chocolate rice milk drank for the year.. ? what about the cookie award... most cookies eaten during class.....? what about the ONLY student to go through a school year that did not master the locker combination... and therefore has the cleanest locker in the school....?

I have my bets... but I will wait to see....

AND... in an effort to clarify why WE would get an invitation to an award event I called the school and asked if every parent got one... the secretary lady informed me that only students who got awards also got an invitation... now my curiosity is peaked!