Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cougar madness.

Liking more stories about the cougar.

My two yellow sunglassed biking boyfriends down at Minnekhada told me that they were caught in a photo with the cougar.

I don't know their names.... in my head I think of them as hot and hotter. I talk to them only in the summer-ish months.... when I hang around the BEAR lands. Perhaps really I hang around just to trip up thesesyellow sunglassed boyfriend bikers. Luckily for me... the husbandman was in the drivers seat yesterday evening when my favourite fellows caught up to us.

I think the cougar watch is a bit safer out there this summer ... knowing that the threat of real cougars still exist in the wild.... but have not taken over the human species as well.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Please pick a way....

To laugh at me...
Straight out GUFFAW.... or a splooch, or a zoink, plonk and WAP.

The PIP and I went out to do some investigative reporting last evening. We had just come back from a walk, when we noticed a helicopter carrying a bucket, or something from a long lead.

Off we went down to Minnekhada... straight into BEARLESS country... looking for this helicopter. I flew past the WHITE gates of the park, when I said to the PIP... " If I am not mistaken... that tree looks like it had a BEAR standing behind it..." and I kept on rolling.

Of course a moment later I decided to look in my rearview mirror...

And EVERYBODY knows the rest of the story.

" OH PIP!!!!" I yelled.... "I can't believe I didn't let my brain read what I saw...??" I yellled again... turning around the car.

Now ... the PIP is blond... and she just couldn't figure out what I was carrying on about. She was still in helicopter searching mode...

So there you go people.... and I thought that cougar sighting was a challenging endeavour... but alas the BEARLY THERE sightings have been equally challenging.... my hopes have been raised just a bit... even if the view was a rear end coming from my rear view mirror!

OH... and we did see the end of a search and rescue mission as well... because we are super sleuthes....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Psychotic event casefile #14, 763 1/2


I am liking this whole BREATHING thing. It clearly works. I ensure you it does.

I was on the phone for 65 minutes earlier today.... to straighten out my T.V. bill. If I keep at it... these people will be paying me for accepting their services.

Went to return my OLD book to the library, yes, the one that I didn't read for last Wednesday. I didn't manage to get the new book, but did manage to get a soft cover copy of the old book, that I didn't read but had to have returned by today. Confusing. No.

Plans for life are fairly chaotic. The girl makes plans to go to the mall... as the mother and brother are going with the friend and the girl. Phone call back to me ... can I drive....? OK... for F%CK sake.... I said YES based on the fact that the mother was already going to the mall... Now I am dropping off, and picking up... when if it had been me they had asked first... I would have said forget it. Double F&CK.

Right... back to the breathing... stay present... stay focused... OK... much better.

The boy and his GF have left to wander the streets of Port Coquitlam. He has taken a guitar pick with him... so my guess is that he has headed straight over to Long &. McQuade for some grand piano action & guitar picking sounds.

I will check his bank account... to see if he stops and buys lunch... which is what I told him to do.

The Senior Centre people would like him to come back.... they asked him to volunteer the other day... which he isn't really into... but I made him go for you know... "just once".... and now they want him again... I suggested that they call and ask for him, since a mother doing the asking will not cut the mustard.

Who knows where he will wander... if you see him... honk & wave... for no other purpose other than scare him, and send him flailing homeward bound. Lucky thinking on my part.

I DID manage to SOMEHOW get Handi.dart booked. Lucky moi. That can tip someone over the edge.... it certainly can.

It's a good thing that I learned how to breathe last week at the Stroke Group.... because I could just be so dead right now. But I am not.. so I better go gather my pop can collection... and get myself some COLD hard cash! ah aha ha ahah

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bearly there

What's the deal?

Haven't seen a bear in weeks.
Going through withdrawal.

I did spy a family of eagles the other day passing through. Interesting. I was able to hear that familiar cry they make when the parents arrive with food. Of course keep in mind that these "eaglets" were practically the same size as their parents. They landed on the tree tops in the field next to us. That was cool... I never did see them fly off though....

In other things barely there....

Looks like I need a laundry lady come in and do a load or two. The floor is barely there. OK, that sounds tragic... the floor just before the washing machine is barely there.

I am running out of dish soap. it has been added to the deadly vinegar concotion that is busily killing off that evil white and green varigated creepy weed crap that is taking over my yard. My patience for NOT using chemicals is running thin.... and is pretty much BARELY there. I am hoping my regular vinegar purchases will begin to do its magic on this stuff.

Walking group in a bit... not sure who will arrive... with the rain.. I am certain I will not get many folks, as rain keeps people scarce.. and "barely there". I will wait to see the outcome....

So I coloured my hair the other morning... it's a good thing I had an eency amount of left overs.... after all was said and done... and the snowwhite had taken effect, I noticed that I had missed a spot.. and hence the colour was barely there... so ... I just smoothed some colour creme over the offending greyness... and it's been there ever since. Perhaps when I go to wash my hair .. I may be left with a patch of hair that is barely there... this rainy weather is wicked on the locks... it just gets curlier and frizzier... and my patience for doing anything with the mop on top is ... barely there.

Well... as always... time is ticking.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In need of a perk!

I am on the last bit of the coffee grounds... this is dangerous stuff to be without coffee in the homeland. Not that I couldn't walk 20 minutes in one direction, and 20 in other other to cure the addiction... I do like it available to me at all times.. just because.

Mind you... I am also out of wine. BUT that my friends is nothing new... I am forever out of wine.. I think I will go back to having it bottled. It's just so exciting to open up a cupboard and go.. "oh my.. a bottle of wine... yes, that will be nice". Really, it's christmas every day... or easter... if chocolate is your gift of choice.

Things being perked at the moment:


OK.. OMG peoples... just how I was able to go out in public with quad-coloured hair is beyond me. (The people with the pretty streaks don't count... because they paid actual money for that amount of colour). Mine just comes by it naturally. I am not into this natural greying process. Maybe one day, but today isn't it. Now the husbandman... he is quite good at it... and I like him like that... but if the tables were turned, and he had this ancient wife looking wife with her evil sense of humour throwing darts at him on an hourly (why go for daily!) basis.. I would need to the blakc eyeliner to draw a black dot on my nose.

So.. it is being perked as I type. Hopefully the flavour will not take long to infuse, as I have to be at the walking group in 1 hour.

In other things perky:

The lady at the Sr. Centre wanted to know if the hamsterson would like to come and volunteer Wednesday mornings to pour coffee. The hamsterson is violently shy when he wants to be... I do have an evil plan up my sleeve.... I would really like him to crack out of shell and "do" something that is out of his comfort zone.. (Like pouring coffee...., and putting muffins on plates)... it will do him good to put himself out there. Tomorrow is his first day. OH.. and the evil-ee hatched plan... that whole retainer thing that I made him buy.... well.. I put it on my M.Card, (of course airmiles!), and I will just pay for it... because I had told him that HE had to pay for it.... because I had already invested enough money into his orthodontics. Money talks... to a 14 year old that doesn't have any money. He might just like pouring coffee after all.

THE GIRL is completely put out. She wanted to pour coffee, she wanted to go and help.. she ... she... she... she.... I told her next year that she can pour all the coffee that she wishes for, and bake up a storm... that they would keep a place for the "baker" girl.

ACTUALLY under the PERK section... I found this 1 week program that was offered for 13 - 17 year olds.... of course the boy being the NON joiner that he loves to be does not wish to do it... too bad the girl is one year too young to join... as she would love to do it... perhaps next year. Someone remind me!

HOPEFULLY someone finds my little pictures that have been accepted in the microstock world. I had 5 pictures accepted,and 2 rejected. The rejects are based on the amount of lens flare. Of course the whole point is to find a picture worth uploading.. and now that is a challenge... I can have 300 % of my pictures accepted... but the whole point is to sell them.. perhaps eventually that will happen.... I thought my 3.51 were big gains... but the BIL said to me that he had 250.00 dumped in his account!... on a picture that sat for over a year.

More perks that have come to mind....

The husbandman helped me wash my car the other day. It was by accident. He happened to be waiting for his BOYFRIEND to fly over our houses... and being a diligent, and good boyfriend.. he patiently waited... and as we waited I just happened to want to wash the car... (little did I know that he had a greater purpose)... but then along came our visiting neighbour.. (he is currenlty working in Toronto for 6 months...) while his family stays here. So they pull in... and I start telling the ever funny Mr. Ed that there has been a shift in the neighbourhood.. and this is how things are done now... (as he watches the husbandman wash the car....), but in reality... the shift was the husbandman waiting for the boyfriend to do the fly over... it just so happened that my PERK of the day was the coincidence of flying and car washing.

Well... I am off to do things with the hair. Hopefully the colour will find it's way back to the top of my hair, rather than on the ends, it would be most helpful in the "de-clowning" department!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good evening peoples

What day is the first day of summer..?

We had a clap of thunder and huge rainstorms earlier today.

I just can't think of when the first day of summer arrives.

Our lawn looks weathered and dry like it normally looks at the end of August...

Hooray for rain.

Scared the crap out of the little Missy, so much that I wrapped a big towel around her on the couch, and left her there to settle down for a bit... of course that was after she stood out in the downpour and got completely drenched. ( I am talking about the DOG here..., not the blond thing.. although she would have done the same thing.. but I couldn't have called her the LITTLE missy... as she is almost as tall as me.. ... OMG)

I did go out and inspect my make shift garden way out yonder. My second row of peas are just beginning to peak up... I will add a new row next week!

The girlie-Q is back with her father. None of this make shift made up events such as fathers day for us... the big man installed peoples windows a couple doors over, and a couple doors down. I reminded the boy that it was fathers day... I think he has forgotten.

BUT... alas on this day 11 or 12 years ago we did find our second German Shepherd dog... Miss Ellpee... or more likely named Till, or Till Till, or Tilly, or Miss Milly, or Monkaay, or Miss, or Elp, or CryBaby, or MissStopThat. She's slightly deranged, and I have know idea why. It couldn't possibly be that she has been subject to this homestead for the last 11 or 12 years. Really she was named L.P. for "lost pup"... but has managed to acquire 10 zillion names since her 11 or 12 years of living here. The last 4 1/2 years she has had the homestead to herself, with the death of the first and foremost evilest of queens the first German Shepherd herself... Cicely. (Because I am a LINK LOSER... you might have to click on some links from MANY MANY MANY moons ago to catch a picture of the evilest of queens ... I could go and hunt for one.. but you know .. that would require something called work.

Writing of working... lucky me.. it's coming to a bit of an end for the summer. I am leaving my group for the summer, and will take on a new adventure at the hospital... but only temporarily... because you know.. I am not a real worker bee, but a tricked up long time stagnant worker bee...

OK.. and charged the battery for the camera... not sure why... slim pickings on the BEAR adventures.... surely to GAWD they haven't all been trapped, drugged and hauled away to higher grounds....and in the meantime am hunting for a COUGAR. Not trying to mimic one, that would not be kind.

BUT.. on that note have just started watching the DOG WHISPERER.... and that Cesar fella that says "shhhssshh" to dogs with his spanish accent is quite unbelievably beautiful.

Well... as any good husband should do on this made up tree-killing event of some sort... I am watching him make dinner. What a good fellow.

I must go read my book now... it has something to do with the LDS. Latter Day Saints... should be an interesting read.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Things that make me say...

  1. Oh Shit.
  2. Oh for F@CK sake
  3. Oh freaking fridgemagets
  4. oooops.

It's book club night on Wednesday. It's a thick one this time. I am on page "prologue"

I find out the party bus adventure that the boy went on last evening ended up with alcohol being passed around. AND not by the organized adult who was supervising this affair, and yet somehow it made it's way on the bus. (No wonder the DAD looked like he was about ready for a heart attack when I picked the boy up).

I really need to colour my hair before I go out this morning, I think I forgot that little fact.

The boys friend GF broke up with him on Face.book.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Over and almost out.

I went to the boys "ending ceremony" last night. Yes, it's a good thing the husbandman didn't break his plans to go to this "BIG" event.

The gym was sardined up like it was the last piece of scrapmetal around, just before entering a pressure cooker.

They had a couple of people speak, and a group of kids put a slide show together. The principal read a story. (OK.. this principal guy reminds me of my Gramerica son... but just a little more advanced in age). And that was it!

What about the sports teams?
What about the hobbie groups?
What about the kids in band & rockband?
What about the kids that made an effort in the school?
What about a certificate for "thanks for coming to middle school!"

When the Gramericason entered into middle school, all the teachers and leaders talked about was getting involved, getting involved & getting involved. Three years later of "getting involved" and no one is recognized for it? Now I must admit.. this is coming from a parent that has a child that was in NO WAYS involved in anything extra curricular... except to hold up the building, but that was it.

I guess this really was the ultimate in a "leaving" theme.

Thanks for coming, now go.

I did manage to meet up with some of "the boys" influences, and we chatted. The rockband teacher loved him... because he was the first & only kid to play a perfectly gifted heavy as hell "hammond" organ for the rockshow. Mr Rockband teacher said he loved that... as he has been waiting for "someone" to come along, and really play it. He said there were students that had come along, and tried it out, but the big sound scared them, and they didn't really embrace playing it. He knew he had found the perfect someone when the boy with the big personality (his words not mine) sat down and made the thing sing.

Another teacher found me, and wished me luck with my boy. She didn't teach him, but had much to do with him. ( I didn't ask for what... because... why would I do that..?) It was very nice that she said to me that she was blown away by this boys personality, and his incredible honesty. ( I still didn't ask....but beginning to be terrified here....) It was nice to hear from her that although his grades didn't spell out a very bright child, he in fact was, and hopefully maturity will help him reach his potential. Although she said... his personality alone would probably just take him places. This is all his father's fault.

The crazy principal invited the boy over to his home with the $27,000 dollars worth of recording equipment, so the crazy principal said to me. The crazy boy accepted. The crazy principal & the crazy boy have spent a lot of time together in the music room. The crazy principal is also a "musician", and talks at the speed of light. Him and the boy are probably related in some way.... they have to be... they even moved their fingers the same way when I took a picture of them.

So there it is... my boy... getting older. I am thinking that the real thing that grew these past three years was his personality. In the fall his stage becomes three times the size. OMG.

OH.. and had a conversation with a friend down the street. The daughter has joined cheerleading. The daughter is a straight A student. Nice for her. The mother said that if the child does not maintain her straight A average then she was going to be ripped from the cheerleading team, because being a cheerleader will not get you a job. AND there are three practices a week.

OH... so straight A's get you a job? I see.
Three practices a week also is time consuming for a parent.

Houston, we have a problem.

Straight A's does not spell out to me that in fact equals effort, which ends in job prospects.

Straight A's is a package.
It tells me that a child is willing to fit whatever mould that are the requirements of the teacher.
Straight A's also says that you may be a good test taker, and not suffer from anxiety. Lucky for you.
Straight A's are very subjective.

I have seen straight A efforts, and straight A work ethics, and straight A exceeding expectations all met on a criteria sheet, and a C+ grade in return. I am no pansy when it comes to you get out of it what you put into it... but I have been witness to the "not so in the box" attitude.

So ya... go cheerleader go... hopefully you will not fall to your mother's expectations... and be ripped out from yet again something that you might enjoy in your little life, beyond getting A's to satisfy one's regrets.

OH, I think I just hatched a lime here....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Away you go girl....

Here's the missy checking tire pressure, and filling up for an adventure.. of some form. I am not invited...
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Handley life recap....

OH trust me... it's simple and quick. I am not into the high stakes living with DRAMA attached to it. ICK!

Friday night the boy had his rockband show with the school. It was quite the small time event. Some of these 13-14 year old kids have some true budding talent. They started the show with "Carry on My Wayward Son". It was quite good... and I am going to say.. I was most impressed with the keyboardist. Not only did he flit from organ to piano, and then jumped up to the bongos, he played it in the dark. Except when the bongo solo arrived, he had lights on him then.. because you know.. it's hard to hit two bongo drums correctly, rather than two separate keyboards, and find the right keys at the same time. Further into the show the boy played "Sweet Home Alabama" on the piano, and it sounded brilliant against his fellow bandplayers. He also played the electric guitar in a song called "chop Suey", but the singing was unfortunately unforgetable, so the music went on the way side. Interesting though.. he does play the song on the acoustic guitar, and it doesn't sound that bad. He was supposed to play "Enter Sandman", but two people could not be at the performance, so it had to be knixed at the last moment. Too bad.. it sounded good. It was lovely to see him in his element.

Saturday the FUSSY DOLL went off to her babysitting course. She is now a fully ticketed babysitter girl. I appreciated the fact that I dumped her into this course, all on her lonesome, and away she went to do her thing. I am trying to think about what I did Saturday night... but that thought is escaping me... I do remember the phone ringing at 10:00, and it was the MIL telling the husbandman that she had a mouse in her house. Oh dear.

Sunday was full of adventures... of course the day started off with a bang. It really did. Not sure what the "big bang" was... but it was definitely just that.. " a big bang". After that out came the hoses, and then the laundry machines, and then the dishwasher, and the kitchen sink. But not to be burdened with house work.. the PIP and I left to go for the Strides for Strokes at Peace Arch park. It was exciting... and I was nervous about missing the turn off so I would have to go through the border... because going through the border has turned into such a PITA, and not because of the documentation, it's the piss-ass comments they fire out, and one mistaken eyebrow ruffle could mean that your car gets ripped apart to be searched... and then you are left with the mess, and the price tag of having it put back together.

Alas.. we made the turn-off. Whew.
OH.. and how exciting for me... I chatted to Mark Madryga. Now the thing is.. I like this guy. He has a genuine good natured character about him, and is always will to take the joke, and take it in style. He strikes me as the underdog, but always comes out ahead. Of course he is also the weatherman.. and I watch him every morning.. with usually the day starting out... "good morning mark". I do not say hello to my husband.. after all .. we have been sleeping together in the same bad all night... so it's always "good morning mark". It was the Fuss that lead me to him.. the poor guy was just trying to eat his hotdog.. and I said to him... " Hurry up and shovel that hotdog.. I am only the next person in line to talk to a good weather guy". He should have taken off running at that point.... because the PIP and I went on to tell him stories from the Handley Homeland. We both claimed we were a regular average family.. but of course we inquired as to whether Kristi Gordon was going to change her name, .. .only because our stuffed dog prance loves yelling out ... "Kristi Gordon.. Oh I love her!!!... but where's Mark?" to the TV when the weather comes on.. yes, people, we tried to sell him on the fact that we were normal.... as he choked and gagged his hotdog down.

WE drove home from Peace Arch Park, and then headed out to Pitt Meadows, where the Golden Ears Bridge was having a grand opening street festival of sorts. There was thousands of people making their way onto the bridge on foot. It was incredible to walk up this massive structure, down the centre lane, and know that this event will never happen again... it was totally cool. Luckily for us... we missed the backlog of line-ups of people that had happened earlier into the day.. and all we did was walk up and down the bridge... totally cool.

Then we went to the Mall. It wasn't a good mall... I feel sorry for the little merchants in this mall... I am not even sure how these people can make a living .. there was barely anyone in the place. AND.. there wasn't an ARDENE'S. That is the most favourite of all the places to be.. at the "coquitlam centre" .. where we normally hang out.

And then Monday came along, and we HAD to get to the mall so the boy could buy a purple shirt, and then I could assist in retrieving a blind, snarling, terrified dog out of the middle of an intersection, with crazy people screaming at me... but you know what.. holy smokes people.. all I could focus on was this totally terrified blind dog hopping around the middle of a fairly busy intersection. Of course I had a little carload of the boys friends with me... and they all wondered what was up... and the boy told them.. this is regular life with us. It was all very strange.. and like I say and think.. it happened so fast, I could almost in fact not remember that it actually happened.. although it did take some time to get this little dog off the road... and the cars were slowly backing up all over the place. OH well...I think I was instrumental in asking the owner to stop screeching and freaking at his dog.. that as bizarre. He was telling it to go home... except it was blind... and the noise and the confusion.. yes, you can see where this is going... and it wouldn't let anyone near it.. as it was terrified, so it was snarling and seething. But there is me.. "come on buddy.. good dog.. come over here... and then a guy with a bike was gently nudging it off the road...after it realized.. I think .. that we were helping it...

OK... must go help myself.. and take me for a walk!

What's worse

coffee or wine?

Because that is what is going to end up on my friends computer screen when she reads my comment I left her. It all depends on the time of day she's reading...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What is this film that ahas crossed out skies.

Not sure what it is... took the day off to investigate!

OK.. not really... going to Strides for Strokes.... it is down at Peace Arch Park... certainly I will find blue skies there.

Must wake the PIP she is accompanying me.

OH.. and I must get across that NEW bridge today!... perhaps I will go on foot... and I can get some photos before traffic hits the pavement... FORVER!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the PIP and I

Doing our thing. What ever that is. Drinking, showcasing, blowing. You know.. that kind of stuff.
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It's always good to pay attention

Somebody wasn't paying attention in flying class last week...
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the Fledge

Now that the lovely little eaglets are almost ready to fledge I have opened up the zap live screen to see an empty nest at times. I quickly check the seek points to see if someone has captured the final moments in the nest... but so far, the now not so little eaglets are still perched around the eight feet worth of nest high up in the tree top.

I am not sure how I am going to manage to waste away 15 minute chunks of time staring at a computer screen in the coming weeks, once the triplets make their way in the world.. oh wait.. I believe I can already do that... but you know... this is nature.... and I do love the watching.... although it was pretty intense a couple of weeks back when the youngest had his foot/leg caught in twine almost around a tree... yes, I couldn't have made it back for that regular viewing had there been that horrible demise in the nest... but fortunately the greater of good was on this little guys side, and he survived the harrowing event.. had he been a slight bit younger, it would have been over for him.. I think he sat for a whole day snaggled up next to the tree, and the parents never went to him with food.

Anyways.... back to the fledge... it will be lovely to see them leave the nest.. and I will always wonder .. when I stare up into the great blue skies.. and wonder if these are one of the boys or girls I watched grow. Cool, no?

In the meantime... I have the little family doing their owning fledgling activities. The boy with his GF, the husbandman learning his way around the computer world, and downloading & uploading his own pictures, with my very minimal assistance.. and then I have the girly girl flashdriving her slideshow for the teacher, checking and filling the jeeps tires with air, running the lights for the "MacBeth" play she was in... and then of course her grand stage appearance witht he show stopping ONE line: " In all my years I must confess, I have never seen such dire distress".

Me on the other hand... I just water my plants and watch them grow. AND I AM OK WITH THAT... not complaining, not whining.. just stating... oh but wait.. I must include my fantastical state of laundry detail that I run... and the incredible ability to amass airmiles, with the least amount of money involved in earning them. I haven't told the family yet.., but I will tell the world.. because it's on the edge of your seat, up to minute life reporting that gets you through the day... I have enough toilet paper and cereal to get the WHOLE crescent through the next toilet paper makers strike & Rice Krispy CRISIS. One would believe that I am starting early for the Alzheimers Club with the hoarding of articiles... but alas I will blame it on airmiles... for the moment.

On the bear front... I haven't seen any lately.. and of course... this is what makes front page news.. one was shot DEAD, and a mother and her two cubs were relocated. Not that I know what level of relocation this actually was... hopefully it was in a optimal location, but not heavenly...

AND finally.. the boy has his big rock band appearance tomorrow night. It's a Friday night, not sure how the husbandman is going to SURVIVE this one... but I did remind him in an evily wifely motherly manner that THIS is what having children is about... WATCHING them, and their accomplishments. Date night will have to start later... G.A.W.D. I didn't have to really evily tell him... I think he knows this fact... I was just serving up an obvious reminder.

so ya.... got to get to the obligations now.... AND I am going to buy myself a new rake.. not sure what happened to the other TWO rakes, but they are gone... the wire like ones, I already have FOUR rakes.. but not the metal ones.. that get to the bottom of your lawn... with the advancement of NO WEED KILLER allowed in the city ... I am going to have to get rid of the lawn weeds at a quicker rate than I have been.... hopefully the 5.88 will be all that it takes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To rake or not to rake.

That really is the question for the moment.

I was going to rake earlier... the problem with that is I needed to take care of my headache first.

So at 0730 I take 2 Tylenol for Arthitis which are 650 mg of Tylenol each. I was hoping that would take care of all the pain that keeps me moving, as well as the pain that was running through my head. Joke was on me.

At 10:00 I take 2 ES Tylenol for the headache now. All the while still hoping that it would go away so I could begin the raking process... before the wind picks up... because the wind generally picks up ... even if you might not notice it. the deal with the raking process is the fact that under the trees it is extremely dry. AND.. I wanted to have a shower after this grand event... because one is not left as clean as one starts in this event.

Dry. Dirt. Wind.

It's a lowsy combination.

The sister called at 10:20.

That was the end of the raking story.

OH.. and tonight.. the Miss Fussy is in her schoolplay... (as are the rest of the kids in her class...), and they are actually performing MacBeth... it should be an exciting 30 minutes.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fly away crow.

OK.. so I do wish for this crow to have it's tail feathers plucked, and it's crowing box ripped out of it's throat.. but really, I am not wishing it complete harm. Perhaps I will go save it from itself, in respect to yesterdays bug disaster, perhaps I might go two for two.
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Monday, June 08, 2009

Don't bother to call me.

When the boy is home.

He is on the phone.. with the GF.

He doesn't know how to work call waiting.

Trust me, he has been WELL versed in the workings of this highly skilled gadget.
but instead listens to the incessant beeping from within the phone.

That is usually me.... calling twenty times over.

Just because.

It really is an annoying noise.

He now realizes that it's better to speak with a potentially annoying mother, rather than to listen to those very annoying beeps.

Life saving skills 101

There was this strange looking semi large bug that was trapped in the window. I ignored it for a bit hoping that it would magically leave. Ha... magic was rather biggish thinking. True to form, as all bugs do... it continued to bang the window to continue it's life in the great outdoors.

I found my slice of paper, and a glass and went to retrieve this hugely wierd bug, with a really long tail thingy. I trapped him... and just as I pulled my piece of paper off the window, it got stuck on the sill, and out flew the bug... right up into one of the potlights.

I didn't know he was actually looking for instant death. How stupid am I?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Water for Elephants

This books takes you back to a time where we only see now in pictures. It delivers the raw details of one's mans experiences with circus life during the depression.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Here.... because I can't capture anything else!

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When the going gets hot....

The hot goes pressure washing!

I love my pressure washer.....and it really is mine... even though the husbandman used it to clean his jeep yesterday. I am not certain he had full clearance to use it... but I let him.. because I am sorta nice.


I was at the sisters house this morning. I brought my camera with me. Not sure why...

Because when the mother and her two very little cubs stealthed past us... I wasn't able to get a picture.

Now that my friends.. is a tragedy in motion.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Fried or boiled... either way... around these parts it is hot!


Being productive.... more laundry happening.
Along with grocery gathering, sorting out appointments.. and our very favourite....

paying bills!

I felt like a character in noahs ark today... well sort of...

Two by Two people were blocking my path at every spot I wished to pick from. I decided that I would turn the other direction... to reverse the Noahs Ark Curse, and have people walking away from me, rather than towards me, and stopping. It worked. Sometimes the universe does have altered paths.

I must go and drench my flowers now....AND Mr. Mark Madriga told me on this mornings news that we are not going to break a record... although I think maybe we should ... we just aren't.

I think I did break a record while driving today... as to how many seconds you can watch someone run down the road with his shirt off, and hope for the best that a car doesn't cut out in front of you while doing so. I might have won myself a gold medal on that one!

Monday, June 01, 2009

No mountains moved here

So, I'm back.

Laundry has been laundered.

I had no idea I had done that much laundry.

I don't remember doing it.

As always... it needed to be folded.

Which I did.

Yae me.

Deanna the robot strikes again!

I did go bear hunting last evening and saw two deer.

I am really cougar stalking.... which is why I am wondering why there are far fewer deer this year.
Making sandwiches was easy today... just chopped a piece off the big sandwich. I love that. It was on sale... a dollar off. And I got airmiles with it.

Yae me again.
I checked for my fake job again this weekend... no go... I have emailed the manager yet again for my new fake job. She will rock boats and sink ships, I am sure of it.
Sometimes I am just sure of things. Like when I put a five dollar bill into a one cent machine and tell my mom that it will become fifty in one minute. Which it did. Then.... because I was still certain of things I hit the button to spin again. OH, that was nice... the next spin was worth $168.00, on seven lines time five on a one cent machine. Not much in the scale of the world, and how much people can really amass in their pockets... but kinda fun... just going on a hunch.
This only works when you feel it, and that feeling can't just happen, you have to know it in your soul. Seriously.
Like the dryer... as it buzzes... somehow I know there is a gift waiting for me as well... without even opening the door!
I asked the boy to make sure he comes home today. Now that's a real task. I spend more time on the phone with him bargaining extended time out. CHRIST almighty.... just settle down Mr. Black Lab. Yesterday a crazy person chased him in the forest. Luckily for him he has taken to running lately... since he always seems to be running late for the homestead and the SHIT he might catch because of it.. he has built up some endurance in keeping his distance from the freaks that inhabit the forgotten trails of our city. I think we need to trade in his skate shoes for running shoes... because it might be the only thing that will be able to save him this summer....
Must check on the growing Eaglets.... my next fascination in life, because they have a camera attached to them.. unlike our wildlife here... that just meander aimlessly damn it.
OH... and loving our extremely BLUE skies... OMG.. I am loving them!!!!