Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sure to form...

The rain has come. It always does after a large dump of snow. Very rarely is there the case that the snow falls, and the skies clear, and then everyone rejoices in the beauty that white can bring. That would just be too beautiful. Now we have slush form everywhere. The initial melt is the worst, and then it simmers down to a dull roar, and slowly melts away. But then again.. we are in for several days of rain, so it could all be gone by tomorrow morning. Who knows.

I watched a movie in themiddle of the night last night. The Pip woke me up with her surefire "MAMA!!" squeal, which always wakes me from the grave, and keeps me awake. I am not sure why that is, but it is. Anyways... I watched a movie called "The.Queen". It was based on the week of turmoil that followed in the wake of Princess Diana's death. It was interesting, & nothing spellbinding... but of course, I managed to stay awake through the entire movie, even in the middle of the night. I do not mind though, as I turned up the heat.. and settled into the livingroom, where I watched it snow, and got to watch a movie. Portable DVD players are just the handiest of items!

You know when your Dr's office is just not convenient when you leave an hour early for the appointment, then the Docs running late, and then you have to try and collect a pee sample from a 10 year old girl that just can't make herself pee, and then the mother stands in the bathroom, and sings a peeing song, runs the water, and the two of you laugh crazily until the 10 year old decides she needs to pee after that commotion, and then pees into a container, including the mothers hand, and then we wash and wait for the Doc to return, and then finally we get a prescription for antibiotics, and then we leave, and four wheel our way through the parking lot again, stop for a bite to eat because the 10 year old PIPSTER PRINCESS is finally hungry, since it is 1:40 and all... then we drive home, and we get the girl geared up back into some comfy clothes, feed her some Tylenol, let the dog out, and in, and out, then in.. then go fetch the prescription at and then wait another 30 minutes for the prescription, arrive home to find two of the boys friends standing at the front door, soaked, like the boy from the rain, where I then drive them home, and return to give the girl her antibiotic that we set out to get at 11:00. The time now is 4 PM. Somehow the walkin clinic does seem a lot easier than this charade.

In other things sure to form... I managed to burn a ham & cheese stuffed chicken thing for the boy... and where was I... standing right next to the microwave... I am planning on making some hot chocolate for the girl... wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All in a snow days fun!

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Todays desktop...

Don't you wonder what they think about... is there that much to ponder in a dogs life to be caught in this amount of deep thought... or, she could be sleeping with her eyes open...
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How exciting..

An actual real live snow day. It happened here folks, in this very city.... they actually shut down the public education system, and declared it a snow day.

It was a good idea... from my perspective at least. I have had two cups of tea, some toast, dolled up the princess doll in her fine winter wear, and am listening to the fine rock and roll sounds of Mr. Guitarman himself, Superson.

That Superson of mine. He's a bit of a trouble wizard I'd say. Last night at 10:00 he announces that he has a science test to study for. This is after him and his friend coming over and playing on his X.B.O.X. that he bought with his own money. Then, having his neighbour friend come over where they jacked around on U.TUB.E for a while, until they eventually made it outside at 10:00, and he was running around with no coat on, and it's HAPPILY snowing a million flakes a second... and to add to it... that Superson of mine has had a cold since probably Nov/Dec, but it's more like a wicked cough.. which I have been holding off doing anything about since I keep hoping it is going away... as it seems to come and go, or more like move around from his head to his chest. So now... after that... he has lost his X.BO.X privileges. For a long time. He just got it last week. I feel ike I should pack it up and return it... for no other reason than the fact that it is going to collect dust from now until June.

But now.. Mr Boredom Superson has left his electric guitar for the livingroom, where the piano is.. and will now spend the next 30 minutes or so fiddling around with all his music that he knows. This is all good... I just wish he would practice the music that he supposed to practice.

It has stopped snowing now. It should start raining any minute.. as that is what it does around here. I have to get myself organized so I can take some snowy shots before it all turns to slush.

So... is it so wrong to be shopping for an even better lense for the camera.. since I have had it for a month now? Is that just so wrong? Bear season will upon us before we know it.. and I would like to be ready for them when they wake up... Isn't that a pleasant thought... fresh out of a long winter nap, and there is someone waiting for you in your kitchen, with bright lights and big smiles... would one be so happy about that... I am not to sure. Oh well... I will keep hunting for a good deal.. and then take close ups of tree branches... how about that?


You would think she was the one that didn't have to go to school today!
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Friday, January 25, 2008

I regret to inform you...

but you are completely stupid.

That was going to be my next email to this HELPDESK person. OK, she was pretty freaking stupid.


It only took ELEVEN emails to finally get the HELPDESK girl to get it right. At one point I even questioned if the responses I was getting were from an actual human being, or a computer generated response system based on the words that were forwarded in the email.

As always, kind regards.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I wonder why they haven't answered?

I emailed a couple of my friends about my latest and greatest walking adventures. I should have promised them random prizes and coffee cards... here's why:


Just recently... I have taken to parking outside of my sisters house (in true stalker-like fashion), and have began walking a lovely uphill/downhill course of ass kicking pleasure!
Well, it isn't really... but I wanted to BUMP it up a notch from just "flat lander walking"... and incorporate some hills....


This is the course (just in case you do not wish to be traumatized on arrival!):

Up the TOP part of Wellington, (heart gets pumping) turn left on MASON which is a nice smooth gentle flowing hill, (heart is recuperating from sudden impact) then turn right on Oxford ( OMG... again with the heart pumping action), then turn LEFT on DAVID, and down the hill we go for a long long long long time, (heart is happy with a nice good pumping action, no stress, can breathe nicely.. and can even have a conversation..., we can wave at random people who honk, and chat, and probably finish up a last sip of water or two, or talk about our nails, or our bad hair colouring events, and how much work we have at home waiting for us... you know good down hill chit chat) and then a straight away until PIPELINE... (heart is your friend again). And then... at PIPELINE... we loop around the pole and do everything in reverse... a long long straight away.. (the long long straightaway has just turned into a long long long hill... don't look at it.. for freak sake DO NOT LOOK AT IT....JUST KEEP GOING...and then what was a wonderful challenging, breath taking experience now turns into an actual breathe taking (in the literal sense) heart crushing experience of trekking to the top of DAVID hill, and just when you think you have arrived at the top of the hill, that isn't quite the case... there is just a bit more to go.. before you reach the very top.. just to be met with a lousy bench that you can not lie on as if it is your death bed because it has the dividers in it so you can't lay down.. even though you would like to fall to the ground anyways. At this point there is usually a siren going past with some poor flailing fool... but alas, because you are too weak to wave your hand, you must sit there, until you heart has recouped enough oxygen down to your limbs so that you can get up and move again.. but this time when you move, it is exciting.. as we head back DOWN Oxford, feeling a little rubbery, and full of exhileration, that you actually are alive to talk about the DAVID hill, you have a new sense of worth and committment to return to this endeavour (although the comitment date is left rather obscure....) you turn LEFT onto Mason, which now is only a slight incline, (and your heart is just not going to start pumping again this time, so you really have to suck it up baby, along with your calves which I neglected to tell you about from the DAVID portion of the hill) but from the assault that you have just tackled this is just a sliver of the pain and torture that you have just endured.. the final descent is the short walk back down Wellington, where hopefully your vehicle is still intact & waiting for you... and then you quickly drive away... an oddly enough my name can be heard echoing through the forests as you make your way back down Wellington and onto the rest of your day... if you can.

And that is it.. doesn't that sound like fun... wouldn't you like to join me.. ??

I really think you would... really. really really really really.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

funniest christmas moment...

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At the ice rink..



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Sunday night supper club 2



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memory card wiped clean

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All I can say it thank goodness for digital... us techno junkies has it waaaayyyy too easy.
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Spring is far away...

But I can see buds on the cherry tree. Buds as in little extensions from the branches, not buds as in tiny blooms ready to go.. we are not quite there yet.

I loved the weather forecast for this morning, for the next coming days. It might be wet or white, one of the two. That made me laugh. Of course it doesn't take much to make me laugh, and somedays even less than that. Although having a slightly twisted bizarro state of mind half the time doesn't help either.

I went on my crazy walk yesterday... all by myself. I had lots of time to think about things... as I was all by myself. OK, this is not a safety feature people. Lots of steps equal lots of breathes which equals lots of blood swirling about very quickly, giving me lots of crazy thoughts. I decided that criminals do not like exercise, (as the big steep hill did not have any tagging on the side of the brick wall... oddly enough), Lujza's horn is certainly loud enough for her beast.. as I heard that loud and clear...(Hi lujza!)... and then of course I thought about her christmas card which is still rolling around in my car.. or actually it is neatly stacked with the other remaining christmas cards, I am still wondering what I am going to do with them. Then i was thinking about how pretty my sparkly blue gloves were with the white fru-fru faux fur around the edges were. Quite nice... especially with my decidedly ancient polar fleece. Among other things I was wondering if there would come a day that I would start "running" up this hill, as the sisters friend told me the other day. OK.. holy freaking cows people... I don't care what you do, as long as you do something... and if moving my body in any way, shape or form, it is still beneficial. Then I wondered to myself if cows really freak, is that a possibility even? I contemplated if the ski poles would help... but then I wondered if I would rely on them heavily to crank me up the hill, besides I don't have any poles anyways.. I would probably resort to lugging along two umbrellas. I think it was slightly easier going it alone as it helped me to concentrate on walking, rather than talking... so I was able to breathe better. I was happy that this time when I walked the hill that I didn't have this minute little lady walker creep up from behind, and was up and over the hill, had a shower and was drinking a cup of tea before I even made it to the top. Yes, she was there last week, and the sis and I lost sight of her as we crested the top of the hill. Whew for me.

I am cold now... I have returned from my Thursday walk, and have eaten rice and little pork chop for breakfast. I am a classy woman out here people.

I must go to costco now and return a pair of TOTALLY cute pink pants for the PIP, as they are far too low wasted for her. Not only does she have super long legs, but a super long waste. Tragic really... blond hair and long legs... what a genepool disaster...

thinkspring thinkspring thinkspring thinkspring

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moving on...

I keep pressing the enter button, which keeps publishing my blog. I wish for that not to happen.. as it is irritating.. and time consuming.

Other things that are time consuming are putting the girl to bed... over and over and over again... as she tells me great details of her days adventures... I don't mind hearing them... as she is perfectly sweet about it all... but you know.. when you are warm from a glass of many girl tales can you possibly listen to?

She is up again.. doing things... probalby putting her stuffed dog to bed for the 16th time...which I do not mind.. except for the fact that the stuff dog talks.. and expects an answer.

Do you really think it is a good thing for a parent to thank a child ( the PIP ) for coming to a birthday party.. and entertaining them (they were supposed to be bowling). I am scared....

hair cuts and other random items.

So I am talking to my friend LUJZA on MSN and she ditches me... mid conversation.

How's that .... now the world knows!

ha haah ahahah aha ahahahhah aha hah a

Friday, January 11, 2008


On the scale of whats really important, and what isn't, this is important to me for the moment...... that boy of mind is dealing with a very sore hand....after kicking and punching three boards to finally get his black belt.

I am very happy for him... it has been a long time coming for a boy that really doesn't like Tae Kwon Do at all... even the smallest of ways.

Pictures next week... after I download and pick through some.. by then he should actuallyhave his black belt.

It's real, even though the Tae Kwon Do might be fake.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The amazon girl that is busily growing somedays behind my back continues to make me laugh.

Last week....

My friend calls and invites the girl to go to a movie, and the brother... which sounds very easy. Here. Take money. Go to movie.

I had two movie passes for the chicklets that I promptly seemed to lose.. and now this week I have found BTW Mrs. Pickaspat....

Anyways... I say to the girl.. "you are going nowhere until you have had a shower, and washed the blondish brown locks of yours". Interestingly she obeyed immediately.

She went to put on her new purple skort with the matching purple sweater, which went along fine... until I asked where her tights were... she didn't seem to know.. so we hunted, and hunted.. but they never turned up. I told her to just put on a pair of socks, and throw her black shoes on. She refused the socks... and tried tucking her feet into her now too small shoes. "When did that happen...?" I asked her.

So it was with my shock and horror that she tip toed down the street in her too small shoes and the no tights situation. Actually it was comical... seeing this perfectly primped girl from the skort up.. and then no nylons and shoes that didn't fit.. of course watching her walk down to her friends house was the added dose of comedy. We could have nixed the whole outfit.. but that just wasn't going to be the case... only because we did her hairdo to match the outfit.

So now today...

It's working day for the Pip... as she has to help out with her credit union that she is involved with. WE have had better luck today... proper working attire.. (the purple outfit again...) and black shoes that now fit, and incredibly... a pair of tights that were practically too tight, but we managed to hike them enough so that they fitted along her long legs. The last of the issues was the skort and the zipper... it's a good thing that cord stretches... she was a little purple bombshell today!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I like this new speed...

The other day the internet world shut down on me again. I was most unhappy with my predicament, as it cuts me off on all the bits and pieces of reading that I like to do. (check out Charlie Russell... and what he does...)

The issue was this.... I could see that my connection was perfectly happy... I was completely connected to the big world out there... the problem was telus had me connected to someone elses port, which kept me from getting me to the big big world.

It only took 5 phone calls and about 4 hours of sitting on hold, and talking to people to get the whole thing sorted out. Not bad in the scale of an average lifetime... (since that is what I had to scale it to.. because of the COMPLETE waste of time it took for me to continue to call them back).

I thought my non-working internet might of had something to do with the off-beaten-track letter that I wrote in regards to where exactly my telephone/internet bill was..... because after all they are a telecommunications company. I quizzed them whether or not they knew my new email address yet... (since it was registered with them...)

And just when...

I thought it was busy enough committing to the two day a week walking group... (which somedays it's just me and the stalker sister...)...we have bumped it up to three days a week. The additional third day is a good one.... it's up a hill, down a hill, flat stretch, and then up a hill, then down a hill. A fairly efficient use of the resources around us... and... we did it just after the snow ended, and the rain started.

What a bunch of lucky asses!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Scary sit-U-A-SHON when the girl wishes to go to bed at 7:05, and then speaks of herself as feeling all "jumbly".

Interestingly enough I did not give her a cookie that she asked for, and further to that... I refused to give her a piece of the icecream cake that is left over from the "teenagers" birthday.

I wonder how princess jumbly will be this morning....

Monday, January 07, 2008

Sweet child of mine.

The teenaged rock son is now playing that very song... I wasn't really referring to him, although for the moment he is just that.

Just as any good parent should provide... we gave him money for his birthday.. although he isn't quite in possession of the funds.. I just told him that that is what I was doing.

The good and lovely sister gave him a calendar and a guitar stand... because she just loves him so much. (Pictures later....)

Kettle issues.

Our kettle does not shine any longer.

It is a nice stainless steel one, and we have had it for YEARS! Since it does not shine it gets packed away into the pots and pans drawer. Let us guess who packs it away since it is not worthy of a good spot within the kitchen.

One day he will just have to shine it up, so it can have a permanent resting place on top of the stove.

It must be hard to be that wierd.... I wouldn't know anything about it.

Happy Monday

I like January.

It's a good month.

It starts getting lighter out.

I like that.

I can take more pictures that way.

Not that I can not take pictures during most of the daylight hours.

But you know.. I just like the light.

It sings to me.

Friday, January 04, 2008

the comittment

A calendar is a committment.

A three hundred and sixty five day committment. What happens if you decide that you are not up to the committment... how do you back out of a calendar? I like everything that I own to be on one calendar; there can be no comminication tranference, NOTHING!

I have had to settle for a larger than usual yearly calendar... I hope I haven't bought the wrong one... and will feel the wrath of it for the next year. I had to buy something different... out of my comfort zone... something that would work for me on all levels... as you know.. there are new rules to the calendar committment that came along with a new year.

I have no walls to hang a calendar on... yet. They are far to new to begin marking up. I do not have counter space where I wish for a calendar to sit, as I do not want my new counter tops taken up with "crap & all it's collectibles", I have a spot in mind... but I have not secured the location as yet, and I am not certain that I really would like my committment to remain in this iffy location. SO... for the next year I have taken on the utmost of challenges... to HAUL around a slightly larger version of an organzier. It is scary people... very scary. I must remember that this is my bible, and it must be with me at all times. Hopefully.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Timing is everything.

I should probably go and fetch the chicklets for the daily adventures. It is all work today. People will not be happy, I will have complaints.... but I am thinking if I throw food into the mix...there should be smiles on peoples faces eventually.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

psycho man...

I no sooner than type in the words "I need a heating pad"... and the ghostly dish man walks to the fridge and fills a glass with ice and water.... and begins drinking. HOly freaking fridge magnets people... this does not make sense.

Is he not aware to the cold ghosts that haunt our home? My home isn't half as cold as the now living very far away from here lady mailman scrapbooker Debbie... now she had a cold house... except it was lovely in the summertime in the deep heat.... she had a lovely cool basement...

psycho man is now shining up his rocks..... he likes to shine his rocks, and then settle for the night. I think it brings him peace.

the girl would like me to watch some "show" with her... I am refusing. It has something to do with screaming children and nannies. Now that is a waste of time. I wish she wouldn't watch it. There's nothing like showing the world that you are a complete idiot as a parent.

BUT... I did spend some time watching man vs wild a bit earlier while I folded clothes... now there is something of substance... I will surely know what to do if I ever get trapped in the everglades. Baking turtles, eating ant larvae, building huts & a fire in the marshland, and swimming underneath the river as stealthly and quickly as possible to decrease teh encounter of bumping into an alligator. It's a good thing I got my passpost today... because now I can make all of this a reality!

I will find my book now... the book club is creeping up next week...

the ghosts among us

for a 1365 square foot rancher... this house sure has it's fill of being cold.

It is cold right now!

I probably could turn he heat up... but then again.. I could also add a layer of sweater to me as well.

I have many ghosts haunting me at the moment.

The ghost of last year... reminding me of all the things that I should be acomplishing this week. And this week is already turning into Thursday.. and I am quickly running out of time.

I am glad the dish ghost is in the kitchen right now rattling plates and glasses. HE isa very good dish ghost.

I have the late night ghost that comes to me at 2:10 in the morning and asks me why the rain is slanting sideways onto the houses windows. That would be the boy.. the boy that never sleeps at night. I told him Iam taking away all of his electronics, and turning off the breakder to his room, and adding a lock.. just to keep him in bed, in the dark.... and hopefully sleeping. I will have to remember to take away his rechargeable flashlight as well.

There is also the stuffed ghost... stuffed ghosts everywhere... just filtering about the home randomly... on occasion they even follow the PIP around, and even better straight into her room.

The laundry room ghost only cast shadows across the space when I enter the room. That is all.

I know... I am going to find the heating pad and crank it up..... that should make me warm... if only a little!


We now have our tickets to travel. Yae for us!

I just wish we had someplace to travel to..... what I do have in my possession now are our passports! WHICH... in my mind is a ticket to travel somewhere... where that destination is.. is still unknown.

Much the same as these guys: we can soar through the skies... except that we do not like to dine on rotting fish, rabbits and mice for dinner...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008