Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the wednesday shuffle.

Today was a blur.

I did this, and I did that. I drove here, and I drove there.

Once I was here, then I went there, and then came back.

Once I was back, then I was gone, but returned again.

What a day of living!

So glad that I can do it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good morning world.

This morning is a much calmer morning. Waaay calmer!

This time yesterday morning I was cutting chopping baking collecting items from my cupbaords to make a potluck lunch.

You might wonder why I waited until morning to attempt this grand event, but you have to live here to know what really goes on here.

I will step back another day in time.....

It was dinner time, and the husbandman was doing some cooking. It was this wicked currie and rice recipe that he has found, and it is extremely delicious. It made the family a very happy family to eat this great dish. One thing that I find after a delectable meal is that he likes to clean up. (YES, what a complaint/comment....) The girl and I go for a walk around the block while he cleans up (YES, once again.. when he cleans up, I just let him...) When we get home the lights in the kitchen have been turned onto "the kitchen has been put to sleep" mode. The counters are all gleaming, and everything is in it's place. the only thing that isn't in it's place would be me messing it up again. I take a large sigh... this is not going to be pretty... but because I am a polite wife.. I just leave my cooking/gathering sessions until the morning. We must not upset the king and his kitchen.

Yesterday morning arrives. I sleep through the 6:00 alarm, and wake up at 6:30. Already I am feeling doomed. But I manage. I start cutting and chopping and throwing things in containers. I am a wild woman, sort of kind of! The whip cream container was an issue. ONLY because I knicked the springy thing that discharges the whip cream and that flew all over the kitchen... especially the lovely and shiny countertops. What a mess. I knew I should not have put myself in charge of that sort of thing. (the last time.... many years ago... I bought the carbonated cartridges, which do not go well with whipping cream... we ended up eating spark whip with our pumpkin pies....). Then the sister called, all things were going well, it was 08:15 and I was baking cheese biscuits. The phone rings and then I have to talk the almost hysterical sister through finding her way to Queens Park Hospital, but in the meantime thank her for making me feel so normal about doing stupid things in life ( SHE should have known where QPH was....). While on the phone with her, I was just about to cut in the butter with the dry cheese biscuit ingredients when I actually dump in my souring milk. HOLY freaking cupCAKES people, I am in a time crisis event here... I do not have time to redo my baking mishaps. I mix up the biscuits, and then throw the butter into the microwave to do a proper MELT... and stir it all into the batter. ( I did the same butter mishap a couple of weeks ago, and ended up with cheese buns everywhere because of it)..... I haul out my baking pans, and because of the flustering event I start dropping my biscuit batter onto the pan when I realize that i didn't put a fine coating of butter across them. I like to do this... it just makes ANY STICKING issues a NON ISSUE. I grab my spare little pats of butter and begin wiping the butter across the pans.. of course I am now moving the biscuit mounds and swiping the butter and the batter at the same time. Life can go down hill quite quickly in these instances. Everything makes it into the oven in good time, and all is well. Except of course if you actually look at the kitchen, which has now turned into a fine mess.

The countertops with the whipping cream have now turned a filmy obscure white, due to only one cleansing of the countertops. All of this will have to wait... in the meantime I have to get the PIP to school....which I manage with two minutes to spare on the clock...WHEN I RETURN HOME... that is!

All that aside... the lunch turned out great!

Later into the day.... it is the same routine as the night before... THE KING CLEANING THE KITCHEN.

How's that for a good ending!

Friday, April 25, 2008

the label lady.

I once upon a time gave some money to a charity, or two. That was it. I was very happy to help these people, as this association helps others, and they do good things for people that have hit the bottom of barrel in their own existance. It is a tragic state to be in, and while one can never say never, I don't think that I will ever get to this point in my life, I would hope. I also can not do much to help these poor lost souls, but I can give money, which is what I did.

Ever since that time, I have had mail from all kinds of charities. They are very generous in their gifts & offerings. Mind you, this does trouble me. The very fact that these charities mail me a letter (cost 52 cents), and then stuff the envelope full of cards and lately... millions of labels with my address on it. I am a label lady. I have enough labels to another three years of christmas cards... ( except Lujza.... she doesn't get christmas cards from me... they just ride around in the back of my car for months, and then get carefully placed on a counter for months.. and then they make it into my Stroke Group bag.. ((which is where i found it recently Lujza!!)), perhaps when I find her card again I should put a label on it... just because I can)... The wierd thing is... one day, some months ago I was actually looking at purchasing some labels... and little did I know that all I had to do was make one donation to a charity of my choice and I would get free labels for years. OH WAIT... they are not free... the charities that send me these labels are banking on my kindness, and that I should them a cheque back for my labels... hmmmmm. NOT! I don't work that way.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

next page.

Yesterday I was busy finding clip art materials for my Stroke Recovery poster. Busily finding and searching and finding and searching... looking for little snippets that would make a poster interesting. This wasn't mind challenging work, but time consuming. I moved forward to the NEXT PAGE and then managed to loose everything that I had picked out. I will be starting this procedure over again today.


In the meantime I whipped my computer to the computer store and back. Nobody knew the difference.

Other than trying to figure out how to write to a plug in memory card to put music on.... things are moving along.

In other things:

Today will be the second day of fending off raindrops at the walking group. I heard on the weather that things might be warming up, that would be pleasant... DID YOU HEAR ME....that would be pleasant I say!

The girl has managed to complete her homework.. only a couple of days late. for whatever reason I think she thinks that she belongs to a different classroom or something. Her teacher is a bit on the iffy side with most things... but sometimes she manages to catch some of the huge cracks in her teaching practices.

I have the girl on a half an hour a day program. Each time slot she IS dedicating 30 minutes to cleaning up her room. I am not going to touch it. Yesterday she cleaned off her desk. Of which, all of the nondesk items made it to her bed, that she left.... only to move them to the floor. That is OK... ONE step forward for the 30 minute cleaning queen.

HEY.. when I was in RECREATION THERAPY school... I had a schedule of what to clean on a daily basis. I had to consult that list for four years in order to maintain a somewhat clean household.

The boy is currently in love with LIFE cereal. He even showered & got done quick enough to eat a whopping bowl of it this morning. As he did yesterday afternoon & the night before last. He must eat LIFE to have a good life, so he claims.

Well, must move to the NEXT PAGE.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great things!

I have been doing a quick scan around the Internet world & things are moving along for the blogging friends. I was especially happy when the young mother who underwent a double lung transplant has made it home. That news is incredible. Now they must wait a little further for their daughter to pack on some pounds so she can be discharged from hospital. A very warming story.

In other things... which I think would be a good start at list making:

  1. Oh.. before the list.. I am just going to say.... if you know someone that has had a stroke, or if you have had a stroke yourself, please make your way to a Stroke Recovery Group in your area. These groups do great things! I just got word yesterday that we will be receiving a laptop and computer software that will aid people with speech difficulties after their stroke. I am completely ecstatic over this... now my group can hold speech sessions every single week when someone arrives! With that... I need a volunteer to help me run this program... is there anybody out there that has FOUR hours to spare on a Monday?
  2. On that note... I put an ad on Craigs list for a volunteer. How about that!
  3. I took my computer back to the computer hospital... and I think I have all my USB ports sorted out. It is very exciting! Now I have FOUR plug-in-able ports to have fun with. The lovely HAMSTER son ruined my USB capabilities a while back...
  4. The bathroom needs to be cleaned... I just need a bathroom fairy to come along.
  5. I HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO.. make my Stroke Recovery posters for the local hospital/s. Now that I have my USB ports up and running I can plug in my picture maker printer.. and happily print away.
  6. I believe I should pay some bills... I stash them away into my 'cleaning up the counter' cupboard.. and then forget about them.. kind of sort of!
  7. I managed to fix up my front garden yesterday... all because my visiting friend GRACE wished to do some CANADIAN gardening. She is visiting from Korea, and in the city they just don't do things like this.
  8. Now I have to start the backyard... this could be real work.
  9. OH.. I found ANOTHER job to apply for.. with the City of PoCo... I will apply... but I am certain that I will hear nothing... but I do not fear.. I am used to that.
  10. I must go and clean the bathroom... really I should....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It is scarey when:

One decides to write a blog after a margarita & some red wine.

the boy of mine was hovering over my shoulder last night... and I just started typing...I could delete the red wine thoughts... but you know.. they were strangly amusing... to me.

In things that are real:

I went to work today.

Yae me.

That is so real.

I found another job that I am going to apply for.

It seems intriguing.

I am surely not going to get it.

I know it.

Why would I?

I have applied for many jobs over time,...

And nobody seems to call me.

Not sure of the reason why...

It's just too wierd.

I believe it is always fate playing a tricky rule of life with me:

I am busy enough doing what I do....

AND... I have it good actually....

So you now...

I will see what the next round of people have to say about my application.


Maybe I should present the next application with a questionnaire...or five bucks... what about a coffee card?


If you go into the woods today

there is something you are sure to find...

Today is the day for the teddy's bear picnic!

Except I didn't find a picnic...


Holy smoking COWS people....


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sucker the mother 101

So... as I said to the boy as I was almost out the door to visit my friend that promised me a margarita earlier....

10 bucks is yours if you learn some music off of YOUTUBE.

the name of the song is FREEBIRD, by Lynrd Skynrd *SHIT... I spelled it wrong.. I needed his help to even spell it right... well, it is good that he is MR. BRILLIANT IN THE SPELLING DEPARTMENT.....

So anyways... back to youtube... he is back to learning songs from watching people play. I BEGGED him to learn the song before my return home... but when I arrived at the homestead the boy was no where to be found.... darn boy... playing the disappearing piano actman.... I gave him the ten bucks anyways,.... even when he admitted that he had figured out a LARGE portion of the song on his own... his response...:

"thanks & it was a pleasure doing business with you"... he said, while folding the money in four, and gave it a swift kiss and promptly stuffed it in his shorts pocket.

I felt like Seinfeld.... "Newman"... and hissed to myself and swished my arm.....

OH well... all is good, HE MUST LEARN THE SONG... otherwise the MOTHER has access to his bank account, and the ten bucks can be untransferred very quickly. ( She types with an evil laugh......) in the meantime... the piano teacher has asked him to learn the LINUS and LUCY song. one of which I love on the peanuts christmas special CD that I managed to lose somehow... DRAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ya... as i was busyily not saying!!!.... The boy just reread my title. OUCH... that is is not good! But I willl keep it anyways. Mr. Comedian son is currently keeping my eyesight to the no looking level.. as in he has my eyebulbs squished into the back department of my head so that I can not see the keyboard. Little does he know that I have the keyboard memorized. But we will tell him that.

At this moment he is leaning very heavily onto my back, and killing my neck. OUCH! I just wish he would fix my hair!I love having my hair fixed.

His comedy comes out best when we leave him to his own devices....he is quite funny, but then I am his mother.. and like him for whatever he does...even if he isn't funny ... i will still laugh at him.

ACTUALLY he is quite funny. Somedays I am funnier. I just let him think he is.

So in other news not news worthy:

MY hair is completely flat. OMG... hating it. I bought some weird conditioner stuff that calms the hair... well, it is NO fun... my hair doesn't need calming... it needs the personality it was given, but with less frizz.

I must go... the boy is trying to bite me. that is bad. The boy is bad... I will leave on that note...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


12 hours later I am walking past the computer and notice the time....

I should be sleepingbut I am not. I am not sure I figured that I would take a cruise aroundthe computer world and see what's out there....

This should put me to sleep quickly... or not!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A slice of Tuesday.

I have done almost 10 million things today. That is a good thing.

I only wish I had been a tiny bit more helpful than I could have been....

While driving to SAFEWAY & the bank I saw this man sitting in his car on the side of the road. It looked like an awkward spot to stop, but he had, and when I looked in my sideview mirror it seemed that he might have been vomiting into a box. Well you know... some people are just vomiters & you just don't want to stop that process. I went to the bank & retrieved the $1300.00 in cash that the husbandman needs for his boyfriends at work & bought some bread & cookies from Safeway and then made my way back down the same little road and then noticed that the man was still sitting at the side in his car, and now his flashers were on. I rolled up to the light, and just didn't have a good feeling about this guy, so I turned around to see him holding his head, and talking on the phone, so I drove just beyond his car, and was going to roll up behind him when along came an ambulance. I drove passed him, made some eye contact, gave him the thumbs up, and he mouthed a thanks, and I drove off. Hopefully he will feel better once the boys in blue and white cart him off to some institution that heals people.

Speaking of healing things... the sister got a new job today. She is thrilled. It will be a good job for her, she will be excellent at it. Now she is a palliative care nurse, which is different than a rehab nurse, which she presently works at & is equally good at.

And now... off to learn GRADE 7 math with the boy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday evening...

The light has made it until 8:20 PM. Well, the sun has long been set, but it is light out until this time. I very much like that. Give me the light I say!

The cherry tree blossoms are getting to the best possible picture taking poses... so PEOPLE... get your cameras ready. I should have taken my camera to the Wilson Centre today... but I forgot. Gee, that's odd.

The Terry Fox monument is surrounded in blooms, so it looks quite attractive at the moment.

I printed TONS of papers for my Stroke Group earlier today... just to be official and organized. I know ONE person was happy by it... and the rest was probably a waste of ink & paper. However; I did print off a bunch of pictures that I took of the group doing "taiko-fit", now they were happy with those pictures!

I know little lady Lujza would readily admit... but I feel like I want a glass of wine. But you know.. it's Monday.. and I am not sure about red wine on a Monday... or is that just wierd. ... OH and LUJZA... your comment doesn't count! ah aha hahaha haha ha ahha

well... with the dwindling light, and the clear sky we are going to take "the till" out for a walk around the block. I just came in from a walk, but it was more than a walk... so now it's just the block walk.. not much...but you know... it's so TOGETHERNESS. I might even talk to the husbandman while we do the loop... who knows..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So... that is the weekend.

I had this weekend off as a VACATION.

It was refreshing and quite nice.

We even spent time together as a family.

That is something that happens very rarely. (Despite living in the same home & things).

WE headed down to La Conner to see the tulips. It was the tulip festival... except the tulips hadn't hatched yet. So rats for that... I won't tell you how long we sat in the border line-up.. even though I said "let's go early!".... and we kind of did, but that didn't really work. The SOUPED UP FATIGUED border guy asked me why on earth would we sit in a line up to go look at tulips.... I said... "Shhhhhh......" The day turned out to be a great one... and I was even able to take pictures while moving... because the KING doesn't slow for homes to sit still and take portraits of. He is not so KINGLY in that regard. We did end up driving to different locations and toodling around... and that was all good. It's weird doing things as a family...

The PIP and I went off to see Mama Mia... it was very very good. I am glad that she suggested we go. I had thought of buying tickets a while back... but never really thought farther than that... and then **POOF** she suggested it... and I thought it was a great idea! We left this morning, went for lunch, wandered around (sadness about the photo op gone forever!!!!!), saw the show, drove around VANCOUVER, and then returned to the WhiteSpot for some dessert, and then drove around Vancouver some more. I have to say... that PIP in her pink dress looked absolutely dazzling... almost like a cotton candy sales girl, but that she didn't smell, but just looked sweet. I coiffed her hair just so... and she just looked so lady like. I tell ya... I noticed the eyes dart in her direction, and one woman I spied just kept staring at her. YES people... she is my princess doll in real life. WHATEVER. She is glamorous and elegant... and why not take the time to look like that... I surely wish I would have looked as beautiful as she did today, when I was that age. SURELY. REALLY. TRULY.

OH.. and things that are funny....
A couple of weeks ago I probably nattered about taking a picture of the cutest AIRDALE dog in the world. I have seen him once since then... and as we were driving home today... I spotted an airdale... so I pulled the car over and asked the lady if she shops at SAFEWAY. AHA! The dogs name is INDIE. I am such a sleuth!

Back to real life starting... NOW!

PIP in her PINK

So I had the best picture in the world on the ready... and the PIP wouldn't do it today. We went to see the show Mama Mia this afternoon... and while we were waiting we took a walk to the Vancouver Art Gallery. There were three guys posing as army types... sitting on the steps... I wanted so badly for the PIP to march past them, and I could photograph away... she was adament that she would stand against the grey wall ... and that was it.
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Last glimpses...

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Deception Pass

Not believable

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Too cute to miss...

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Quick to click...

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How lucky am I ????

I was able to capture some images from the passenger seat....
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pretty handsome

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Blazing photos..

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Concrete & Steel

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Green things in the USA

That was a really big tree at the top. I guess these are grass daisies... these things grow in Canada...I only know that because the day we got married.. they were all over the place on the grounds (which just happens to be 17 years ago today). I am not sure what the bottom trees are.. but I don't see them around where we live... but they could be other places... and I am just not looking...
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Spot the theme....

Now you might think that it could be boats as the theme... but it is not... it is taking pictures from the car window, as we NEVER stop on our driving adventures... EVER!!!! Mind you... the first photo The King was rather concerned for all the bad fishing habits he witnessed... like fishing in close proximetry... I think the bottom photo was a whale watching boat heading to somewhere...
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