Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer photos...

More of Shushwap...

I love this photo... you know the saying "it takes a village....". The girl is in the centre of the photo, as they took her out tubing.. and I just love the amount of people it took to get the boat secure, and unload the equipment, and the people.... I have saved this photo with her on her own... just a huge smile.
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Same story, different day.

I applied for a new job today.

Really and seriously.

We saw six bears tonight.

Really and seriously.

Work was lovely and boring until a family member came in and started yelling and swearing at us.

Really and seriously.

He person left after he threw a chair against the wall.

Really and seriously.

It all happened with two seconds.

Really and seriously.

The last three things dont really qualify for same story different day... but it at least qualifies for a really and seriously.

I will stop now.

Really and seriously.

Tag... I'm it?

This person tagged me with one of these thingys..... she may not wait around for my answers.

What side of the heart do you draw first?
Right. I'm left-handed. More often than not one side is bigger than the other, but I might have stopped obscessing over weird things like that.. and save it for the big weirding things.

Can you dive without plugging your nose? Why dive?

What color is your phone?Pink, or kind of pink... more like a dusty rose. I might or might not get a new one... it depends how attached I am to this one, and besides it will show up in the new ultra modern kitchen that is coming my way.

Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? If I said anything but the husbandman that would be rude, but then if he continues to spend many hours in the boiling attic I am going to have to dream up somebody else...... I wonder if Antonio Banderous would do it for me....

Where are you right now? In the livingroom.

How do you feel about carrots? I like them firm, a good firm carrot always get my attention.

How many chairs at the dining room table? Currently none. We only have a kitchen, and there is none there at the moment either.

Who is the best Spice Girl? Who cares... now if this question was all about the Pussycat Dolls.. then I would have an answer...

Do you know what time it is? I always know what time it is, it's the date that I take issue with.

What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? I would probably start talking to the walls immediately.

What's your favorite kind of gum? Chocolate mint.

T or F: All is fair in love and war? I don't do love.

Do you use words that you don't know the meaning to? No, I have them spoken at me... and then I must quickly scan my deteriorating memorybank to identify if I have every heard the word and then carry on as if I know what someone is saying... it gets a bit crazy inside my head very often.

Do you like to sleep? Refusing to answer COMPLETELY stupid questions!

Do you know which US states don't use Daylight Savings? Human being here... that kind of stuff is available on line at a computer near you.

Do you know the song Sugar We're Goin' Down? Yes, absolutely....... NOT.

Do you want a bright yellow '06 mustang? No, I quickly moved onto 07 before 06 had finished... why step back in time now. God.

What's something you've always wanted? Brains & Cash. And I am not talking Johnny.

Do you wear a lot of black? Always... everything about me is black, black, black. HA! Actually its black on the bottom, colour on top if you are insisting on being nosey.

Describe your hair. I don't really want to really, I could be up all night, .. I will keep the description short. Well... it's grey, enormously grey, yes.. shocking to me as well.... but you wouldn't know it, except only on the days when it is four or five different colours.. but then looking around, that's kind of the rage. It's curly and straight, and thick but maybe not as thick as when I was young... because now I am aging rapidly I don't have as much. I must not mess with it... otherwise it goes haywire, in a very bad way. It doesn't like being curly, and yet wont lay flat. It likes mousse, but not too much then it sticks out. Forget about going to bed with it wet... it wakes up slicker than slick and straighter than straight with an ugly mood to boot. It wishes to be tossled but too much makes it look all wig and witchy like, and too little gives the appearance of the " I don't give a shit look"... (which unfortunately I walk around with a little too often)I look icky without bangs, but they can not be too short as then they are poker straight. It likes conditioner but not too much, and dont' even dare try a hot oil treatment or some of that glazing stuff to stop the frizz; because then I am in for deep trouble... as it just sits on my head and will not move, sway or stagger. It likes a barrette in it, as it keeps the out of control crazy pieces in some form of order, but then just enough craziness to keep it flowing. It has it's own very scarey personality and I DO walk on eggshells to keep it happy. I say a prayer to the hair gods every night.....

Are you an adult? I have been for a little while now.

Who is/are your best friends? I have different good friends for different reasons. You have to spread yourself around, and not cut ties...

Do you have a tan? Right now yes. Number 30 eventually starts to become non workable.

Are you a television addict? Absolutely. I dislike missing favourite shows, and interestingly I dislike developing a love for certain shows.. so I keep the favourites to less than a handful... that's five in my mind .... I like reruns... especially Seinfeld, it used to be Cheers... but the hairdo's just go to dated to look at.. and then the whole Kirsty Alley thing has me freaked out.

Do you enjoy spending time with your mom? yes siree bob.

Are you a sugar freak? Well, I quit slurping out of the sugar bowl when I was young, I'll come clean on that one. I think sugar just likes me is what the problem is people....

What is your favorite movie? Is Pride and Prejudice a movie? I liked that. I am just not smart enough to keep movie titles in my head... I don't have that capacity... again... that is what the internet is for... finding lost thoughts and memories ...

What's your sign? Capricorn, although I wouldn't call it "mine".

Where do you wish you were right now?It could be many places really.... it's hard to pin point the exact location.
Who did you copy this from? As above...

How do you know them? I don't know how I stumbled across this wacky woman from the great down under... I just love the way she writes about life, but I just don't know how I found her.. and you can see from the list of links that I do not know many bloggy people.

Would you have sex with them? OK now...let's have a rationale thought here for a moment shall we.....

What brand of shirt are you wearing? I don't know.. the tag is missing, and it's really hurting my head to think about where this shirt came from...

Have you ever smoked anything? Yes, second hand smoke... I was a used smoker even before I became a smoker, so I just never bothered smoking... anything... ever.

I'm supposed to tag three people? I just learned this link magic thingy button so I will tag these people: "the go go go girl, vacationing lady & who knows where she lives in the US friend.

Good job to me I say... I have never done this before. I had know idea that linking was just so easy.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Goodnight Louie.... sweet dreams....

Louie is our friends dog.

He is crazy.

But then, so are his owners.

His owners, which are our human friends went away this week. We were asked to look after "the dog Louie" while the nephew who is actually doing the looking after of Louie, is away this weekend.

I almost thought about leaving him outside in his backyard, just so he didn't have to be locked up in the bedroom... I felt sorry for the crazy fellow. I never said anything to the King, because he wouldn't want him left outside... because you just never know what happens sometimes..

Poor Louie... the King tucked him, and said good night to him, and shut the door to their daughters bedroom, and "said" he would be back in the morning to let him out. This is Louie's routine. Everything was going along snoringly until.......

Our neighbour... who just happens to look like "char*les man*son" was wandering around last night following a black bear, and watching it eat garbage.

As I have been told... someone called the cops about the almost naked except for shorts character that looks like the above mentioned person wandering around outside somewhere after 11:20 ish....

The cop arrives. The look alike explains his actions, and then as far as anyone knows, the cop calls a conservation officer.

It doesn't get pretty from here on out...., but it wakes up a whole bunch of neighbours which brings them to the street.....

Basically... a beautiful black bear gets blown away in our vacationing friends yard. Somehow this bear climbs over crap and junk and a fence and winds up locking itself in the back yard of the vacationing neighbours, he took out a bird bath, and wire fences and unfortunately left a trail of blood splatter & droplets along the way.

Yes, it was eating garbage... but you know... we live RIGHT NEXT to a trail that connects itself to a blueberry field. But you know.. nobody seems to get that.

Five shot gun blasts, and one pistol later... and the poor thing is dragged from the vacationing friends backyard and loaded into the truck. That is conservation at it's best around here...

Our other friend who is wonderfully colourful said it very well this morning at 7:00 "Well, our idiot "char*les man*son" look alike neighbour was wandering around half naked, and since they called the conservation officers and couldn't shoot him, they managed to find a black bear instead".

I have to admit, I am extremely happy that I slept right through the shot gun blasts, as it is an extremely sad event. But, in actuality when the details of the night unfolded, the whole situation was very comical. (Meaning the neighbours, and their reactions, and the goings on of how to collect a bear, and clean blood splatter, and fix fallen planters, and sooth poor frightened Louies from out underneath the beds.. you know, that sort of stuff).

At one point the RCMP officer was not quite sure what he had stumbled across when he entered the back yard of the vacationing neighbours... as there were rail cars, telephone booths, bus stops, a pirate ship surrounding him, he wanted to know if this place was for real... the King spilled the beans about the backyard and the crazy wife being a daycare lady.

So, the girl wakes up this morning... all shaking and terrified and said she had a bad dream, and she could hear people talking and the sound of foot steps, and loud booms...

The tired sounding husbandman slowly croaks "You had a bad dream..... well I believe I lived a bad dream last night, crawl in Fuss, I have a story to tell you......"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The chewables are disappearing.

Yes, I am continuing to OD on children's chewables. They are a cross between a breath of chalk dust while cleaning board erasers and a taste of old bubblegum. Quite fascinating for reminiscing purposes!

In the meantime time my eyebulbs hurt. I should go put them to rest.

It is hard to rest the eyebulbs when you know that the husbandman is busily crawling about the attic of your home locating wires and illegal junction boxes. It freaks me out living here... it really does!

OH, he has entered the homestead once again... I might be in the clear conscious wise.

Perhaps I should go and be a good mother and put the crazy girl to bed. I would try the same on the boy, but he would just look at me and scoff. My eyebulbs hurt too much to be scoffed at.

AND... We had an alright night looking at bears, we saw three of them, three deers, and one hawk.

I must depart now.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sights from Shushwap Lake

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Trickling along...

It can not be possible that we have 11 more days of August. It doesn't seem fair to me. I haven't accomplished my "things". I have a secret list in my head of "things" that I wished to have done before September... and it seems that I have not accomplished any!

I can't even seem to accomplished writing a blog on a daily basis, and it isn't for lack of ideas to run on about.

I just found my book for my book group. I kind of misplaced it after we got back from Shushwap. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to replace the bloody thing... but alas, as I was milling about in our 1365 square foot rancher, I stumbled across it. Yae me.

I am kind of wondering if I will ever find a new job. I was feeling hopeful the other day as I applied for a job in North Van. Don't ask me why, I am totally not a city dwelling traffic monger, but I am beginning to ebb towards desperation in leaving my current position. I very much dislike being "old wood" in fresh growth, and this fresh growth is almost too fresh. I am not certain what to do. (there are many other complicated and completely boring details to divulge, which do not belong on my "all humour, all the time except for crazy ranting posts writing space" blog).

It is most disappointing at this moment in time that the girl and I can not watch a rerun from "the next pussycat doll". We loved that show! I am not entirely certain why the girl and I loved the show... it was just fun to watch, and they had these "people" that were judging the girls, and they sat with smug "look at me" attitudes while we just observed. I wonder to myself what their days consist of...

In other things of somewhat miniscule importance... I have finally dug up all the rocks in our front yard. That makes me happy... as I have never liked them EVER. We have lived here 14 years. I do not think that I do change very well.

The girl and the boy loved their first day at Sasamat Camp. It is enjoyable at the end of the day to hear the Fuss speak of her friends that she made a number of weeks ago.

It scares me to think that this week will shoot by, and then next week will be spent rushing around filling in last minute "fun things" for the summer, and that will be it... back to the grind of commitment, homework, and routine. Hopefully I will get used to it very quickly again.

I haven't even fulfilled obligations of meeting up with a number of my friends. I will have to fix this problem quickly.

I have kind of adapted to not having a kitchen now. If I can't put something together in a 23 x 23 inch space, then it just isn't happening! Of course I fail to mention that I do have my lovely, clean and sparkly nice laundryroom to manage in... but that isn't important right now. My cabinet space are the numbers listed above.

I am wondering how exactly I am going to clean after this reno has finished. My 16 year old couches have been busily attracting dust for the last 16 years, and now with the reno, I think the dust is doubling up. I have been told by the "king pin" himself that we are going to get a new carpet for the livingroom... (NO freaking kidding...!!!)... but then we will put our OLD couches back in... with a fresh paint job... some how I do not see this happening....I do see a new job in my future... in an effort to pay for all this grandness....

I continue to look for a new bag to keep my things in. I have one that does the job perfectly well, except for the safety pin that holds the side pocket together, which then holds the whole bag together so that things do not fall out. I love this bag, it is the perfect size. It's only fault is the fact that it is missing the zippery thingy.. and it isn't really worth the ten dollars that I paid for it to try and fix the problem. The sister and the mother laugh at my bag of tricks, and can not figure out why I continue to hang onto it... except for the fact that I believe that it just works for me.

I fear stepping out of my little space. The husbandman is busy screwing little yellow electrical outlets all over the place, and he will want to discuss his adventures on a grand scale with me. I fear the discussion... a lot.. kind of like paint drying sort of thing.

It's chilly out. It really is. There is a slight nip in the air that tells me that summer is no longer available until all hours of the night. I am saddened by this, and interestingly enough in April and May when the days are growing longer I am euphoric over the very same thing. This signals a time for the growing season to begin winding down, and of course it also apparent that I have ran out of flower food, which leaves the flowers with a "used" look to them.

I slipped out earlier tonight to drop off a video, and then went on to see the bears. I saw three of them, and I saw two of my friends from last year. I had thought that everyone (human and four legged) at dropped off the face of the earth.. as I have not had success in seeing anything or anybody! I was set straight by my one friend.. who informed me that they saw eleven bears last Friday night.. any guesses to where I am headed this Friday?

I absolutely can not forget to go and pick up another book that I have ordered from the library.. I have waited almost forever for it... and they only hold it for a week... I just love the title of it... "the friday night knitting club". Just the name of it makes me want to read it.

I hae a book waiting for me... I must go forge ahead....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I need some gloves quick...

I have been doing the yard work for many days now without gloves. I like gloves, they are my friends, they keep my hands all clean and sparkly.. with only dirt rings around the wrists. I have to make it back to Home Depot for 3 more stepping stones, and then I can "plant" them in the ground, the same as the other stepping stones.

I hired out my children the other day to give me a hand moving the rocks across the driveway, and removing them from our walkway. We have lived in this house for 14 years, and have never liked a rock walkway with round paving stones in the center, it just doesn't excite me to have people potentially break an ankle before arriving at my doorstep, no, not at all.

In a few years the husbandman wishes to rebuild the front of our house so that it has a much more "grandious" entrance way, with an aggregate walkway to lead up to the front door. So, in the meantime I have planted the remaining rounds stones in the grass and have to add a couple more stones to make it to the front steps. Now that the hamsterson has the ability to cut the lawn, he will be in charge of caring for trimming along the stones in an effort to keep a clean appearance.

Meanwhile... the home reno is moving along at a gentle pace. The good husbandman works his 11 hours, and then comes home and puts in his remaining 8 hours of home detailing. He has even managed to paint the outside of the house, ( he had to remove the paneling on the outside of the house to replace when he replaced the sliding doors with french doors) while also removating his kitchen. I told him he could have a day off on Christmas Day... when he cooks the turkey dinner... until then... he must. keep. working.

Todays reminder... be thankful for all that you have.

Well... off to collect stepping stones....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Late night renos.

So it's late... 12:06... and the husbandman contractor fellow just came and reported to me that he has pulled out the water line for the fridge... of course by accident.. which is why he was running to the front yard to turn off the water to the house, but I didn't see that... OK.... so Mr Completelyhandydandy husband has just created a makework project for himself. I guess it doesn't matter what time of day or night he creates this make work project, since he has to enter the crawlspace, it doesn't really matter does it?

ON a selfish note I asked him if I was required to stay up while he crawls around under the house... he said it wouldn't be a bad idea. Yes, I am complaining as I have to stay up... while he crawls around in the deep dark night...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Williams Lake

I still have to find out what goes on there. I am not sure. I am not sure if I will ever know, but I know one thing... one of my scrapbooking buddies is leaving for Williams Lake. She got a transfer, and had 24 hours to respond, so she said "yesseree.. I am leaving this place!". Today she has a for sale sign in her front yard. She has talked about this for quite some time, as it was her dream to own some property... I failed to ask her if the outskirts of Maple Ridge or Mission still had some property for her... but she picked Williams Lake for whatever reasons... so now it is settled... she's moving on. I am happy for her, and sad at the same time. It is nice to know that people live their dreams, but it will not be without the loss of her friendship *selfish on my part actually*... but what can you do.

Trouble with reception.

I found the most interesting blog this morning.

It is nothing that I would ever put on a list of links, including I have blocked the site. Hopefully I will never have to see it again. IN doing that.. all of a sudden I could no longer publish with blogger. I had a happy little blog all ready to go... and when I blocked the site, it also seemed to block my ability to post. I am not sure what the trauma is/was, but once I unblocked the bad blog... I was able to resume activity. HMMMmmmmm.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Oh, what happened to the pictures... they have come up all in a row.

I will be interested to see how they manage on the blog. This is what is left of the kitchen, an icky floor and bare walls.

I can't really type.. the hands are sore from ripping up the floor. It was glued by a glue loving home builder.

I managed to snap a photo of the contractor for this project. Here she is studying the plans. She's very hands-on this one.
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Good evening people....

I don't believe I have anything interesting to say, at this moment, ... as I can always find something to say eventually, but not this moment... and I am not remotely motivated as the hand are hurting from the wicked work that was done earlier today.

Currently the husbandman is teaching the superson how to do "things" in the kitchen, which involve renovation. There is so much talking involved with getting this boy to help you. The girl on the otherhand is intrigued beyond her pinkness, and at this very moment I think the husbandman is wishing he had ilicited the blond girls helping hands for the drywall on the roof job.

Well, tomorrow is a new day, and a new array of vitamins. Yes, vitamins. I found the Costco brand of vitamins which the children have refused to eat.. so I have them by the computer and pop a couple whenever I am sitting here doing things. I should be done them in a couple of weeks as there was 365 in the bottle... and who knows what's in there now. It looks to be about 353. I had five yesterday, and five today. There are two missing... which were the ONE that I gave each child a long time ago.

Onto other things:

Well, that's a wrap.

I will find some Tylenol now.... I just have to remember which cupboard they got moved to....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The new kitchen.

This is the new kitchen. It's luxurious and fresh feeling. I can't believe I have waited so long for this!!! It also doubles as a laundry room, and as you can see, as long as I have laundry it is impossible to do dishes... oh lucky me!
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From this to this.

When I left the homestead last week the kitchen still looked dated, and a cute dog still occupied the nice and lovely laundryroom. Things have gone amuck since I have been gone.... and there is still more to come.
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3 smiling faces

It was a great time watching the chicklets swim like crazy people. They are now water logged crazy people.
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy to have read this!

Life's golden ticket. A lovely book.

I found the house!

We are back from our excursion.

It was a wonderful get away from real life, except for the people that we stayed with, this was their real life.

Between Handsome Son and myself we may have taken about 200 pictures, just in case we frget a minute detail. Of course I got 20 pictures of Fussy to every 1 of Handsomeson. I can't help it.. she's just so fuss worthy!

I was impressed that I was able to find where I was going.. of course my mother was the co-pilot so she lead me in the correct direction.

I read the best book while I was there...