Monday, January 28, 2013

in the event of:

Excitement .. check that emotion at the door.

Trying to remain calm and approachable before my BIG little holiday !!

So far .. I have nothing packed .. except for a whack of clothing sitting in a spot in the closet. Now looking at the weather forecast I am going to include an umbrella in my travels and a light jacket ... you know .. for those LARGE stormy and rainy events that just happen to appear on the weather details.

GAWD. .. really .. I will dig out suntan lotion .. because that's a must .. but so help me .. if I don't get to use it .. that will be the largest comical event that will come to me this year .. even though this year has just started. NOTHING WILL APPEAR FUNNIER TO ME ... that for the first time in 23 years I am going to travel to a tropical location .. and the rain will follow. OMAGAWD .. to me .. nothing funnier than that.

I am very excited .. I am wishing to drink for breakfast .. oh yes seriously .. I am soooo wanting tooo !!! I just want to live like a crazy person the 5 short days that I am away .. !! Although .. I am not certain how well alcohol and Tylenol and antibiotics all mix ... and probably the Mayan Riviera is not the best place to find out .. and while I live in my little renovated homeland I don't mix the THREE at all .. so not sure why I am going all crazy like across the lands .. YOLO.

Traveling has become challenging .. if you don't remember one of your charger cables .. the whole vacation could be toast !! I need a charger for my camera battery, for my phone .. (not that I will be texting .. although this VI.BER thing is a cool app), & the KOBO ... all of this adds up to LIFE SUPPORT for the gadgety crowd.

Then I need my lenses and my monopod and my tri-pod and perhaps some additonal book reading about my camera .. and assorted details .. that I could possibly try while away ..

Of course because I live in a gadget induced state of mind I am looking to break free and bring an actual BOOK. The Jimmyson gave it to me for Christmas .. and I have not even touched it .. but that was purposeful ... I read 1 and 3/4 pages yesterday .. by accident .. and LOVED it ... so I hid that in my closet of things to pack. Cause I'm smart that way. Sort of.

In other things that I will pack .. 10 thousand pieces of dressing supplies that I might think I might need .. I don't have a clue .. currently I have this spongy piece of dressing that just sits across my foot .. that's all I have ... but given that I could potentially feel like I am the next astronaut to walk on the moon I will bring my plastic bag full of assorted things to put my mind at ease. Along with a full bottle of Tylenol.... because you know .. can't make it through the day .. or hours without that. STOOPID. But such is life .. at this time.

Then there is the whole clothing issue. Currently I am most happy in my polar fleece. I am always in a pleasant state of mind if I have my polar fleece attached to me. I am not sure how the Mayan Riviera and polar fleece will match .. but I think I am traveling with something polar fleece. Talk about needing a safety blanket. I have a range of assorted things to wear .. and NOT wear .. it's clearly fun to overpack !! .. as well .. I am thinking of bringing three pairs of shoes .. all of which I wear none of them at home. How does this make sense .. ? I just don't want to be without something .. that could maybe work for me .. once I get there ..

This week is the start of the new semester for the chicklets .. this will be interesting since the Jimmyson had all of his classes re-arranged ... without his knowing .. and now is left without having a semblence of good working order .. of course they start school on Thursday .. the days that I am gone .. not that they can't do it without me .. it's more the bomb of the Jimmyson's missing classes that are the real issue.

Inother things terrifyingly exciteable .. I have YET AGAIN applied for a new position. I am not thrilled with the position .. BUT .. the real exciting part is the fact that it is MONDAY - THURSDAY .. 0900 - 1530. I am looking to simplify my life .. really simplify .. as in GO to ONE location for a job .. rather than 3 locations. PLUS .. with this .. I could actually have a life again .... and make plans with people ... and do things on weekends like other regular folk .. and not worry about always having to be up at the crack of dawn every single weekend because I have to work. OH .. and spend OFF time with the family. My life raising these chicklets has been running them to all their assorted events and activities .. and even though we do/did spend a ton of time going places together .. now I can actually GO places .. I mean that GIRL of mind LOVES to go places .. she is adventure girl ... and I think now is the time that perhaps even more adventures should begin .. like taking a trip on the weekends somewhere ... JUST BECAUSE. That means that I have to give up other things in my life that are equally important .. but I don't have a choice .. well I do .. but in honesty reality .. I just want to be free from extra curricular thinking ... which I spend a great deal of my time doing .. while I am not running my Monday program .. which I never feel is enough .. so I am not sure how much is enough. I have run the program for 12 years .. I believe it is a good one .. I believe that I have done really good things over the past 12 years, and will be profoundly sad to have to leave .. but then that opens up an opportunity for someone to continue to build on what I have done .. I am replaceable. The Association that I work in partnership with just scares me financially .. they have really never been able to increase our funding for running the program, and yet have instituted guidelines and rules that just seem some days to just be stupid .. and .. for what .. for a position that is partially funded, and the other half volunteer .. hmmmmm  .. at any rate .. check that emotion at the door as well please ..

In things that are good .. the boys music video will be released tomorrow. Except that lots of people have had a chance to view it already .. so not sure how that works. I bought the girl a "guita-lele" .. half guitar .. half ukalele .. currently she is you tubing how it works . and the boy is just simply playing it. She is happy as a clam to start playing .. and singing .. good for my beautiful girl ..

Well ... I should press on .. I have drank coffee.. which I have really stopped drinking .. I haven't eaten .. which I believe I should .. since I am doing this whole anti-inflammatory diet thing .. not sure if it's working .. but potentially it has to .. not including the two steroid shots that I was given .. despite me knowing that they are virtual poison with someone with a chronic wound .. which the good DR completely whole heartily insisted it was in my best interest. So I let him jab me ... and then .. the bastard .. HE BROKE UP WITH ME! See .. they just want what they want .. and then they set you free .. (ok .. this is humour good reading audience .. ) He told me I never had to go back and see him .. ever. Alright then. When I went to see the Infectious Disease Dr. I told her about my break up incident.... and that despite feeling like a stalker woman .. I was OK with it .. after the initial shock .. and then without warning .. I announced to the Infectious Disease Dr .. that I was breaking up with her .. just so I could feel in control of who I wished to be with in my life. OK .. so yes .. she was a woman .. so the break up was much easier on me .. she just cracked up laughing .. and she doesn't laugh much. EVER. I am hoping that our time together is over .. fingers crossed over the end to this relationship ..

The boy played me a new song his band is working on the other night. OK .. so you know those bands that the second you hear the song .. you know who they are .. because the song is so good .. well .. this is the one. I kid you not.

In other things crazy: I finally sent away TWO of those fools CD's to a couple of the radio stations .. which the lead singer told me that they hadn't done. Uhhhmmm hello ... knock knock mr make-amazing-music .... wake up chuck .. how does one think that someone is going to find you .. ?? In other things with this crazy group of talented guys .. they have backed off on the playing in clubs .. it's not their thing .. (to get known) .. so they have applied for all kinds of spots with the local summer festivals and assorted events that happen all around this big town of ours .. and in other things that terrify me ... ouch .. some changes along the way coming up as well .. not sure if things are going to go well ... not sure at all ... this makes me nervous ..

Am going to send this computer away while I am away ... hopefully it will return a new beast .. but the lovely repair guy told me that I didn't have much chance at potentially making it happy .. but I will limp along using it for as long as I can ... cause we are also limping along with a currently still usable washer .. which I think might trump the computer buying for me .. especially since we have another 2 available laptops in the homeland .. that are not mine .. but I have access to.

OH .. and in things that are wild .. I was talking with tomorrow. So cool .. the Jimmyson was Face.Timing with his lovely and beautiful girlfriend that is currently being a nanny in Australia .. who lives in the land of tomorrow..... so I got to chat with her .. I just love her so much ... she is just the greatest for the Jimmyson .. and he happily sat on his bed .. with the Fuss's guitar thingy thing .. and strummed and talked away with her ... I wonder why I am addicted to my gadgets .. !!

Considering that I have done nothing for my group today .. I best get moving .. well .. that's a lie .. I have done stuff .. all the organizing and happened last week .. today .. I am currently in holidaying mode .. I just am .. after today .. I do not work again until the 8th of February ... and then .. I only work for 3 days ... because that newly invented stat happens on the 11th .. FAMILY DAY !!

check that emotion: Love ... love ... love ... seize the day folks !! ..

Monday, January 07, 2013

we get what we wish for

The boy only wanted COLD HARD CASH for his birthday. That was it. Simple, cut to the chase cash. And nothing more. That was until ... he virtually got nothing. No gift, no wrap, only a card with some scratch and wins, which produced a reaction that this mother couldn't believe.

Profound sadness. The boy was sad and dejected, and completely disgruntled with his decision of only cash, all the time.

In the last number of months there has been this saying floating out of his mouth .. with quite a humourous effect, when things didn't go his way, which in his mind .. is/was quite often .. he would spout "Worst birthday ever !!" .. and of which, it was never his birthday .. but we would laugh ... (in this case .. for those that know him ... can verify that the boy is funny .. most of the time .. ) .. at any rate .. he would use this saying amongst his friends .. which would stir a raw emotion of OH MA GAWD its your birthday, how'd I miss that on FB?? ... !

Which the boy would then claim it wasn't it birthday .. but if (whatever event) had happened .. wouldn't it make the worst birthday ever ??! Jimmy logic I say.

Well .. THE 5TH was his birthday .. and much to his surprise, not a gift to be had, despite his strong requests for CASH CASH and ONLY CASH.

Yes people, the WORST BIRTHDAY EVER.

Until yesterday ... when a beautiful image for his wall and an iphone 5 made it's way into his life.

Interesting how things manage to fix themselves .. because on his actual birthday ... I did feel quite bad for going along with his musings of no gifts .. however ... a day later ... my brilliance shone thru ... giving him what he has talked about for months ..


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

And so the number 13 is upon us.

WELCOME back to the world of typing slash writing slash dithering along slash moving on.

A new year means a new number, a new set of circumstances, a new way of being. It has to be a new something. AT least that's my way of thinking. ... Including that I always believe January FIRST to be the FIRST day of spring in my books, despite the winter soltice just beginning December 21st. One can work at being very optimistic .. No? In reality the middle of our nation is in the thick of winter, where our winter is their spring. Hence my reasoning. Similar to my years back in college .. I was in my second year, albeit at the beginning ... and I believed that I only had two years left .. despite not even completing the second year .. at that moment in time. It's complete trickery!

In other thing that is full of twists and trickery ....

I thought I would be done this antibiotic regime .. LONG before now ... except here we are January 2 ... and I ONLY have another 9 days to go .. I can do another nine days .. I have done this since November 5th ... twice a day to the hospital until December 13th, then back and forth to the homehealth clinic, of course not to be outdone by the drs appts .. and now I have been living with my black bag strung around me 24 hours a day ... and it was only yesterday that I forgot to grab it when I went to go do something .. only because I didn't have it strapped on me .. which essentially I keep it strapped on me .. for the forgetful factor.

This isn't complaining .. this is story telling ... real live dumb dumb story telling. I wont mention the other idiotic things that have happened to me ... like adventures in coin eating .. or other stuff that explodes when you are not looking. Those would simply just be boring topics .. by now.

In things that are looking exciting:

I booked a trip to the Mayan Riviera .. not just me .. well.. just me essentially ... except it's for a wedding .. of a long time friend .. I am absolutely thrilled to go .. can't believe that I managed to do it, but I did ... my other friend made it even easier and less expensive for me when she decided to go along with me ... then my single (more expensive) occupancy become cheaper ... because now we are a twosome ... probably would have been nicer if the double occupancy would have been the husband .. but come on .. we can't have everything ! I didn't get the whole money thing .. nor did she .. when I said just to keep the money that she saved me .. for herself .. because I still wasn't paying a lot to go .. but she didn't want any part of that .. so my part became even cheaper .. and maybe ... somethings are a good thing ... I had to let it go.

I don't have a clue what to bring .. what to shop for .. what to wear ... I think I might even be as brave to go to a second hand store and see if I can find some long flowy skirts to wear ... I can't wear flip flops, and I can't wear sandles, and I can't go barefoot, and I can't expose my foot to sand, pools, or any other foreign object that could find it's way in .. so it seems I will be wearing my favourite runners .. and you what .. if that is what it is .. then I have to let that one go to .. perhaps I will purchase new socks to go with the runners that I will be wearing by the poolside ...

I better get on thinking about that sort of crap .. I just looked at my calendar from December and wondered where the time went .. because holy crap .. it disappeared beyond the speed of light .. BUT .. I have a passport, my cameras .. and a plane ticket .. everything else is just extra ... I might bring my credit card ! OH .. and I totally am stoked to bring my KOBO.GLO .. oh yes I am ... while feeling completely less than optimal .. all I did yesterday was stay warm, and read. ... I didn't opt for doing much more than that ... I am on a mission to heal this foot ... intensly .. and if I don't have to be out running around doing all the crap that one has to do in a day .. then I wont be... sort of .. I do need to take some popcans back today .. as there seems to be a rather large bag taking up the sink space in my laundry room.

That brings me back to our little house .. it is very beautiful and cute .. with an amazing amount of storage .. given the big 1365 square feet of it .. however ... things like a bag full of refundable containers really have no where to go in our homestead. I have no area outside where it is sheltered from the weather, except for the garage .. and that is a whole frigging lot of work to try and get into .. given the fact that I can not seem to open the garage door without an exra 39 minutes on my hand to fiddle with the lock. Seems odd .. but it's the truth .. the husbandmand just says to me .. what's the problem .. and I say to him .. try living the way I live for 5 seconds .. and you will know why I can't unlock the FU%KING GARAGE DOOR. Some people live like cats ... always land on their feet despite unfortunate events that make them fall .. I am not a cat ... and if something completely fuc%king stupid comes my way, or stop me from doing something .. or happen to me .. it's because I am so not cat like. The husbandman is a cat. In fact we were just speaking of cats last night ... and still agree that we absolutely do not ever never ever want a cat. I could only imagine how much WOULD NOT GET DONE if my husbandman was not a cat ... sounds odd, probably is .. but it is the way it is ...

In other things ... we do have our little dog .. who isn't little .. but is bossy .. because we got him that way .. currently he is (had to check here) sleeping in his beddy. I thought he was on the couch .. because if he is to go silent .. he more than likely is on that couch. He's a good guy .. and my fears that he wouldn't have longish hair have been all but cured .. I am now so not happy with the insane amount of sock fur that I have accumulate ... ick ick ick ick !

Onto other things ... am leaving the decorations up .. since the boxes are in the shed out back .. and we will have to work around a current cone headed dog that loves to be a part of everything that's going on ... so everything stays put until the boxes can be safely retrieved and filled without any fuss from the furryone. It's like asking your guests to whisper when your baby is asleep. ( I never did that ... !!! NEVER!) ... Anyways .. tip toeing around a dog is a way steeper version of idiocy ..

I have managed to set up my KOBO>GLO and install books from the library.... it took a bit of work, and the realization that the miss fusspots cute little computer didn't like the download situation .. and I had to move onto the husbandmans computer to get my tiny book thing sparked into action ... and so I have .. now I just need to figure out how to get books off of it ... and how library books get them selves removed .. not sure how that happens either ...  somehow I think they just disappear. Actually ... given that thought .. I will go GOOGLE now .. yup .. it's just magic apparently .. even the KOBO blog people writer says it disappears ... yae ... just like my memory ... I really do believe in this magic shit !

AND ... as far as me writing this .. well .. good on me for doing so .. life in the fast lane has kept me from changing lanes at all ... I'm kinda hoping that the slow lane has an entry point ... or even an exit to a REST STATION .. in the near future ... I'm hoping that January 11 will not take that long to get to ... I'm pretty certain it wont .. it seems like just yesterday the year 2000 was here .. and we've managed to make it to number 13 now ... how did that happen?

And moving forward into the great number 13 .... should be exciting ...