Friday, May 16, 2014

Gardening magic

I would post a crap ton of photos .... if I could manage. Somehow this blogger isn't capable of finding my photos from the ipad. Not sure how this is so.

So in things that I can talk about:

I have been studiously slowly painstakingly methodically working on my garden the past number of weeks. It's a painful process of endurance, timeliness and patience. Something of which there are certain attributes that I own, and others are not coming so naturally to me. Like patience. I have been working to embrace the new normal of patience that one must endure to work on an affected limb that does not have the mobility or the strength to keep up with the rest of me. It's highly exhausting to continuously deal with the chronic pain that lives within this leg, and the work that it takes to ignore IGNORE IGNORE all of it. I eat Tylenol Extra Strength like I eat caramel popcorn, ... by the gazillions ! I love that stuff ... and the easy swallow tylenols are just about up there on the I LOVE IT list ! I can't live without them currently! But that's OK, ... this will not be forever ... just a bit of a blip in the road of life. However; the blip has been going on for over two years now .. but again .. it's ok .. some blips just take a little longer to fix. Clearly this is a bit of a long stretch blip.

I do believe that soon I will be begin my marathon of alcoholic beverage consumption .... surely that will improve the tylenol effect .. no? I am off of the bug drugs, and have been for two weeks ... a whole two weeks ... I think I was off the bug drugs back in November for about a month and a bit ... so I have a ways to go before I can be all show offy and big about my achievements! Ha! In the meantime it probably would be best to take up the drinking fairly soon!

Back to garden talk:

Despite the above bullshit going on ... I have managed to renovate my garden patch. I have made it a ton SMALLER, and a ton more DENSE! It looks fantasmicle! OK .. so one day the sister came and helped me do some renovating as well, but I will admit ... I did a huge majority of it ... so I am glad to state that fact! Slow and steady does get things accomplished .. I have actually managed to do quite a bit when one sits back to think about it .. if only I could post from my pictures ... the tales I could tell!

In things that are comical: (to me!)

Yesterday the Bo Bo turned TWO! So in an effort of true comedy I kept taking photos of him, and posted them on facebook ... all day. Like I had nothing better to do. Well .. in actual fact I didn't ... I was outside chopping up sticks with my new loppers  ... and there I sat .. behind the wood pile just chopping. Not a single person in the world would believe me that it it's quite soothing to just sit and chop and mulch.

I have a master plan for life beyond the wood pile ... I actually envision a swing seat to eventually take the wood piles place. Now that would be a practical solution for the ugly woodpile fascade.

In other things comical:

The girl got asked to grad. Of course that comes at a cost. A BIG cost ... one that the GRAD date doesn't take into account when asking the question of "would you like to attend?" ... there then is the consideration of clothing, hair, shoes, limo rides, grad tickets, after grad tickets .... you know .. that sort of inexpensive stuff. IN THINGS THAT are HIGHLY COMICAL .. again I have stated to The Fuss that she is of the requirements that she requires a REAL job! One where she has to report to the establishment on a weekly basis, and not on a singular monthly basis. ... albeit good the job that she has ... all the same .. this girl needs cash in her pocket .. not her mother's cash in her pocket!

So in moments of inspiration:

It is a beautiful day out here ... I have been up since 0500, and certainly not a moment of time spent in regret .. I LOVE to be awake nice and early in the morning during this time of the year. I can't get enough of the sounds of birds floating and flittering about. Todays affirmations include just feeling at peace with the sounds and the winds and the cool morning temperatures. Not that it is hot here ... just a cool morning and feeling eager for the day, and he gardening adventures that MUST take place.

In things that MUST happen:

Clearly I seem to have issues in the running shoe department .. as in ... DO NOT WEAR YOUR RUNNERS in the GARDEN ... but I do .. and now they are kinda on the obnoxious dirty side. So I must throw my expensive runners in the wash ... and let the machine do it's magic.

Yesterday .. while it was busily being BO BO's birthday .. I washed all his blankets .. included in that blanket was a bone .. while it was in the washing machine .. I was thinking to myself .. this better not be an indication that BO BO is getting a new washing machine for his birthday, as the machine was making a highly odd sound .... of which I happily ignored... much to my happiness.

Well ... do the best to make the day magical.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

OK ouch.

So Tuesday was NOT a good idea. In fact, if one prefers torcher as a good time, then they  quite preferably would have enjoyed going to the Americas. Now, since torcher is a NOT THE word that comes to my mind often in the sense of fun; however it was torcher of what the day consisted. Not a good time in that department.

BUT .... all that aside, as their is always an upswing to every story. ... the day was truly fun and lovely and i would happily go about it again, minus the pain crisis that I seemed to find myself in.

We ended up at Red Lobster .. while I hobbled about the sidewalk for a bit, trying to breathe through the pain .. and eventually I found a chair to rest my leg upon ... and we endured a lovely red lobster dinner experience with the lovely now 17 year old miss fuss a lot. The AUNTS found all kinds of tidbits of good things for the 5'9" beauty queen!

So my little world had expanded for a bit, as he foot hadfelt better ... and now ... that world has shrunk again as I can not seem to tolerate spending any amount of time walking or standing on it. Not sure what to make of that sort of stupidity. Gawd.

We went out to a fundraiser the other night ... it was at the legion. The boyson, and his friend were just hysterical over the grey haired alcohol event that unfolded before their eyes, and the cranky lady that opened the door to let us in "What are you doing here?" she demanded. She was a scary cranky purse wielding door opening lady. We knew to follow her commands to the tee, for fear of being belted.

Last night the boyson, the same friend, and his mother and I went out to the commodore ballroom. I do not believe I have entered this establishments doors. EVER! Don't ask me how that is ... as I have seen lots of shows over the course of time .. and lat night we all joined to watch "Current Swell". OMAGAWD .. I loved listening to them ...

And now today ... a beautiful Mother's Day or such ... and I have spent the day inside ... just mussing about with a foot/leg that pains me with every step ... ok ouch!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The debatable BUG !

I am sitting here contemplating ... do I, don't I, do I don't I ... DO I DON'T I ?

As per usual I can not make up my mind. GAWD ... what's new with that ?

The PRINCESS doll of a whole 17 years TODAY is heading off to the great U S of A's to go shopping with her lovely aunts.

The debateable BUG: can I stand to go? Literallt that is the question at hand. Not to confuse the already confusing issue of debateable bugs.

I have no fascination with shopping, I can't find the happiness in it, or the satisfaction of shopping. Hunting and gathering on a whole new not hunger related need. How is it possible that people love to look at things, and stuff, and acquire and amass .. items. Just items. Not me. I am looking to get rid of items .. all sorts of items, in fact .. lots of items! Be gone items of excess, how is it you came to be mine anyways I ask.

That said .. I do love to collect one thing, or something .. and that's stories. I have been lacking in the stories department for a great many months .. it's like been the great drought of 2012-2014 and a bit. Where have been my stories, and my tales, and my observations, and my photographs, and evidence that the human race is a varying degree of cultured crazy. Now that undebatedly has bugged me that that part of my life has been missing. Bugging me big time.

I have been offered up an adventure or greatness, and I indeed shall look upon this adventure as truly a great one .. with many details and ideas to be soaked into my conscious, just to be rebuilt upon this very story telling forum. AND yet again .. I contemplate.

In other debateable bug stories ... I am now living bug drug free, as of yesterday. Easier said than done, the great bug doctor said NO to bug drugs, I have lived wanting to say NO to bug drugs, and the super animated Bug Drug Hating Dr said a BIG NO to bug drugs, and I now I will live by the consequences of their decisions ... this immunosuppressed body now is going it alone in this bug filled bug hub of life .. so Yes, I had the great fortunes to send that bottle of bug killers to the back of the cupboard, and hope for the best that the bug that infiltrates the little bugger of a foot will remain at bay, and let me be.

The cool ladies will go shopping ... and this one ... well it will bug me if I debate whether or not I should go .. so off I go, and no debating about bringing the camera, if I leave without it .. that will BUG me.

Minds made up .. no more debating about this bug worthy event!

AND ... because I have proof of life outside of these four walls I leave you with this:

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Loving the toast

Ok seriously ... how does one come to love toast a lot?

Cause I am one that has come to LOVE toast than more than one could dare to imagine.

Of course I LOVE peoples accents, and peoples actions, and places that I get to see people, and people that wear nice lovely shirts, and dogs that look cute, and pictures that inspire me. I LOVE that stuff to bits ... 

BUT .. there is that ONE thing that wakes you up to a brand new day ... and it's called TOAST!

A toast for the TOAST!

I'm not sure when this transformation occured ,,, it was like a settling force that came to town, I am not sure if it's a seasonal thing .. like when you watch the leaves on the trees emerge in the spring ... because I have had fair opportunity to sit and watch all of these actions unfold. However toast is something that just keeps happening ... it's like a fresh spring morning ... every single morning. WHO could get bored of that ? Not me I say. 

Then of course there is the gentle paring of flavours. Will is be an apple, or a strawberry, or a deeper flavour like peanut butter, or then just bacon, or bacon and an egg, and then perhaps bacon eggs and tomatoes. Occasionally the excitement could be a strong cheddar slice with some raspberry jam. Now that is a delightful morning taste.

I just can't enough of my toast, toast, toast. There are the rare but REAL occasions that the toast must be eaten on it's very lonesome ... like just with some butter smothered on top. Now that taste is for real .. one of the best.

The configurations and contemplations are an endless game, albeit that the kitchen cupboard is stocked with varying taste transitions for the morning pallet.

One must not think too deeply about the additions to the toast filled endeavour, as it will ruin the moment of savouring the flavour filled expectations, it's almost like you have to reach you have to put all the items on a lazy suzy and spin till it stops, and the item that comes before you is the item that will be placed upon the toast. Bare in mind that I did not mention the blueberry and syrup combination now that is a flavour explosion one must be prepared for .. and therefore doesn't qualify for the lazy suzy agenda .. but must be contemplated all the same.

So much excitement ..... so little time ... think about it ... there is only 365 and occasionally 366 days to perfect the morning toast procedures. I am so glad I believe in the do-ever system ... so that way if I didn't get it right first thing in the morning .. I still have two more chances in the day to get it right.

Happy toasting folks!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Happy MayDAYS!

So my sister came over the other day ... I fed her licorice and goodies .. because can you believe it .. they didn't have any licorice allsorts. It's a good thing ... she says they are her vice! BUT .. I did get some good work out of her ... all sugared up and stuff and such!

I have/had been revamping my little back shade garden ... which required my moving and shoveling and walking and more digging and bending. All things that my little foot is most unhappy doing. I guess I have had enough of trying to get it to work properly that I asked for the Garden Goddess to come in for the kill! Which she did quite nicely I have managed to make the shade garden just a titch smaller .. now my whack of hostas are going to fill the space to the brim. 

In the meantime while all the garden madness ensued: we had a certain BO-BO that barked and flitted about the yard, and dropped his favourite balls all around our work area. Spilling water cups and hiding behind the green waste container .. just enough so he good dig his paws into the good green earth .. yes GREEN ... this furry boy does love his hole building adventures!

I found out today my friend was having an all day scrapbooking event ... missed out on that ... drag a million ! In other things that are a drag ... I am TRYING to create a scrapbook from the New York Adventure .. I can only do it on the husbandmans laptop .. MY LUCK ... as the scrapbooking thingy website place doesn't have an upload feature from dropbox .. which is where I housed all my photos .. so I could conduct business from the comfort of my livingroom chair via the ipad. That's something that I call the FML feature of my life !

I'm looking forward to washing my car ... and vacuuming it .. or better yet .. I think I am looking forward to finding a groupon that is going to do it for me! I am truly a professional at spending money via the internet these days. Now there is something to be super proud of !

In other things that I am proud of:

Watching that girl of mine be a part of the school performance "All. Shook.Up". I was wowed on all SIX nights of the show. Of course I am not wowed by the photos .. but that is par for the course with me .. 

In other things that are outwowing the wow filled wowness: The bad little foot/leg is living up to its evil self ... and has continued to somehow not wow me in the getting better department. It is so close to getting better that it is truly evil that it is not. I will make my way to the bug doctor lady ... which I really didn't want to go to, as she has real people with real bugs to deal with .. not this stupid little plague but us all foot that I own .... but ... I also thought .. I might just call her .. since I didnt want to make the decision as to what I should be doing ... so I called her office .. and asked if I stay on "these" antibiotics, or just discontinue them ... the efficient secretary said ... " I will send her a message ... that way if she says continue .. you don't have to come see her ..." ... The efficient secretary called me back .. with an appointment to see the bug doctor lady. In some ways probably not a bad thing since even though I can walk on my foot, it just continues to burn and has some lovely evil red streaks shooting around, with some interesting looking long swollen spot on the foot .. so you know .. everyday is a mysterious gift with this foot. One day it will be better. I'm forever certqin that one day is very near ... as I have wine to drink, and alcohol that I would wish to indulge in ...  I mean come on ... all this straight living induced my medication can only be tolerated for only so long!

So my girl ate some celery the other day ... she tells me after that eating celery makes her tongue go numb ... so she googles it .. and it happens .... to people .. from what I see ... something called Eugenol that might cause this to happen ... all the same .. sort of freaky .. so I asked her not to eat too much celery .. because a numb tongue leads to what ... speaking in a strange tongue .. and this girl is already strange enough! Ha!

I just remembered that I boiled the kettle ... probably over an hour and a half ago ... for some tea ... good thing that I have profound synapsing to have remembered that .. and on that note ... off I go to injest one of my bug drugs, some tea and tongue numbing celery ...