Monday, January 31, 2011

In other things that are not cold:


Not sure what the golden ticket has been .. but I am not cold.

It could be the extreme clothing fashion articles that I walk in which keeps the chilled weather from finding me .. of course maybe nothing wants to come near me in my exquisite finery.

Currently I resemble a christmas decoration. I am sporting a fluffy  red kangaroo jacket, and of course the lovely oompa vest to bring out the true fashion statement that I really am. If only I had pierced ears .. I would dangle some sparkly things from them. It gets better ... I also have on my running pants, which I walk in mostly, (or run up and down the stairs .. but not at my house .. cause that would get boring considering I only have two stairs ..), white socks .. and then to finish off the look, I am sporting my black loafer shoes that I have owned for about I don't know 6 or 10 years, which I am unable to replace... or at this moment unable to replace .. cause I can't find a replacement.

Last evening ... I decided to NOT go out. I was going to go .. and then thought .. will I wake up in the morning if I DON'T go .. and sure enough ... here I am ... ! What are the odds in that!

I did however make the effort to call my friend and ask if she wanted to go with me. I believe that due to the fact that I called right at dinner time might have been the reason she said no... and then I think she might have gagged or something ... (it might have been due to the lovely cold, and dark... but that's only a guess!) I don't normally call people to go with me ... cause this is something that I am able to do all by myself ...

I even plugged the little MP3 player back into it's location and told it that it wasn't going out for a good time either. Then I headed to the counter .. where a bottle of wine has been sitting since Christmas day ... added some ice to my favourite peach plastic outdoor wineglass and poured myself a glass. How is that for awesomeness. Two sips later ... and that was it for me .. I wasn't sure if I even liked the taste of the wine ... does wine go flat after being undone, and then recorked, and then sat on a counter for a month and a couple of days ..? SEE ... see how I have a drinking problem .. the VERY moment I wish to drink something ... it just doesn't work.

I made the husbandman open a bottle of red wine .. and then he poured me a really huge glass (the same peach wineglass) ... three swigs later .. and I was done with that ... I surely to GAWD have a drinking problem. I always knew it. ... and now it's reared it's ugly head.

Speaking of ugly heads .. holy crummolies that boy of mine is a wired-one. His current facebook picture is him in a ponytail, and some wicked looking look .. CAN'T wait for that profile to be changed.

In other Jimmy stories: this morning as we walked out the front door " Why thank you Hamilton .. that's awfully nice of you ... " he says to me, as I carried his small square bag that only holds enough equipment for a binder, a lunch, his pens maybe two textbooks.... which he BITTERLY complains about NONstop. This was said in reference to the little road trip a while back, when two of his friends carried his equipment for him .. as he tried to not projectile vomit all over the place ... so the jimmy could do his gig. ... I believe that my new name will become "Lady Hamilton-Oompa". I just know it.

So this is what I am thinking ... I have not engaged the top part of my tool bar to be really use friendly .. I am into big wide open spaces, where I can see all the information slammed at me ... and yet .. this tool bar has arrived .. and now I am thinking I might just keep it ... or at least find something that is relevent to my needs ... one thing is the weather thing ... I love the weather thing at my finger tips .. rather than a clicking mouse control away down the sidebar. Will have to think hard about thisone people ADVISE suggestions .. ?

In other things as important as tool bars .. have currently kept the laptop under complete wraps from the jimmy. It went out on repair last week, or two weeks ago ... and it has never made it back into his clutches. AND LOOK .. he's still alive .. the JIMMY is alive people. He has his little ipid that keeps him entertained, and he can even still manage to make it work for all of his jimmy needs.

In things that are important, and closing in on forgetfulness:

I picked the jimmy up the othernight from the missy's house. ( I say this like its a random occurance .. which it isn't ... ONE would think I am the only ONE with a drivers license in this homestead) anyways  He marched in the front door, disrobed his jimmy attire onto the livingroom carpet ... his jimmydean jacket, with direct reference to James Dean, and his red/black shirt with buttons like shirt thingy. ... and then played the piano for the next three hours. I KID YOU NOT. OK ... so I might be lying .. he did stand up a couple of times and played his guitar, and then sat there sometimes and played the guitar and piano at approximately the sametime, and then had to put it down, cause somehow it got in the way of his piano playing. It was a little music marathon. THIS is what I think ... that he spent a number of hours at the missy's house .. probably just doing whatever it is that they do, which I ask little about .. because REALLY do I REALLY want to know, without KNOWING.. but I still ask .. cause I'm the oompa-mumda and all .. but I am thinking that he eventually comes home form being cooped up in that environment and just needs to hear himself rattle away for a while. Which he did. To my BENEFIT. He managed to figure out how to play on the piano some WICKED classics... we are talking ... "Cracklin Rosie", "Sweet Caroline", "Forever in Bluejeans", "Holly Holy" .. "Song Sung Blue". It appears that the Jimmy is attracted to the lilt that our friend Neil has the ability to project from his voice. I know that for this weeks voice lesson he will march in, sit down at the piano and command for his vocal teacher to teach him how to perfect that "Neil sound" so he can replicate it.

I wish I had a memory card big enough to capture all the entertainment that goes down in this little 1365 square foot homestead .. WHICH I will tell you will not be growing in size any day soon ... however ... it will be drier this time next year... cause our roof is needing an overhaul. Which means that the front yard will be getting an overhaul, which means that I believe I will be doing a lot of digging in the months to come .. I am thinking. Unless of course I could find some people to come and dig with me .. and I might feed them .. and pay them to dig. I would ask the Jimmy to do such tasks ... but we would probably drown in our home with water pooling in it before the Jimmy would get the message. I know I could ask the Fuss to do such adventures .. but then I am thinking that the beautiful princess would fall into one of the trenches that she would have dug and break something .. although .. I am only a semi adventurer .. so I might just ask. I don't know .. the SIR has told me that we need to redo the drain tiles .. which is believable and all .. I am just not sure who the WE is. .. I believe that this should be left to people that wish to be gainfully employed for a day or two.

Must find jokes, NOW.

I forgot this ...

  1. not sure what it was
  2. still trying to remember
  3. working on finding it
  4. I know it was something
  5. almost got it
  6. maybe not
  7. was it really that important
  8. let me think about it
  9. give me a moment
  10. what was it I was saying?

Friday, January 28, 2011

More lushesness from the oompa

Now the thing is ... I do have a picture of me .. but it isn't so oompa-ish looking ... it's kinda blurry sort of .. a little bit. Now there is no good in presenting what an oompa really looks like .. if she is jst a little blurry ... just know that I am bright and green and colourful!
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Oompa goes for a walk

No wait .. when doesn't she go for a walk ... but this is where I walked on Wednesday. I may not walk there again.. except on the road.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's going down you clowns?

Nothing for me, except a frown upside down.

thatsahellofalot dontyouthink. ?

In things that are important but not:

The husbandman found himself going back to work today. Not entirely certain if he should have, but he did. He caught some wicked horrible cold... he might have gotten it from Fussy. She had it last week, and took her out of her skiing lesson. I wont mention that since I am a QUEEN mother .. that I really tried hard to get her to go.... but in the end it was deemed that she was clearly too sick to adventure out. It could have been the clear indication of the full on body ache from head to toe. My thoughts were: she was going to ache anyways from head to toe once she got off the mountain .. this way she wouldn't notice it as much. See .. I am a QUEEN.

Speaking of Fussy ... she gave the washer, dryer, and bedroom door a good workout this morning. She was unable to find "anything" to wear and tested out the hinges to see if anything would rattle itself away from a deep dark corner. Except deep dark corners do not exist in our home, being all 1365 square feet and all.

Except when you speak to Jimmy; if you were to speak to him about our abode, he would claim it is massive, with excess people creeping in corners and not enough light switches to his avail. All except for the kitchen. He wanted to know what exactly was going on with all the light switches in the kitchen. Why were all the switches in the kitchen, and none at the ready throughout the rest of the house. He claims the hallway is the worst of locations. All maybe 20 feet of it.... cause our house is massive and all. He says it creaks, and he's sure that there are always people hiding behind the doors, so he has to dart quickly, and then jump to his bed, but then has to get up again, to shut his door, once he realizes that there isn't anybody behind it. Perhaps one should hear it coming from his perspective, because reading it here makes him sound paranoid, which he is, but then he is a comic, which you sort of have to be highly quirky to dispel this sort of theory, and make people laugh, which he did, but that was only me. And really ... perhaps I am just into clown fanfare and all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

where I'm at in the world ...

Not many places I can assure you!

BUT .. here's some boringly told stories of nil excitement or amazement.... I'll pass out my toothpicks prior to this writing...

The camera has sat all week, untouched. I believe it is cursing at me right now ... it's probably saying things like ... yo lady ... just try and push my buttons... it can taunt me all it wishes .. I will not give in to turning on cameras and playing with settings .. I would much prefer for a sunny day to arrive, and I will just start playing with dials and aperatures then. Cause you know .. why be prepared. I was no girl scout.

I am currently wearing a pair of pants that got thrown off a bridge last week... or an overpass, or at least a point of which was a higher elevation than the ground. I just couldn't live with myself knowing that the pants were at a stage of RETURN, so I went back and got them. The sister threw them over the edge, when I disrobed from them while standing on the bridge... in an effort to look less oompa-looompa-ish when walking past the sons school where he was waiting for me. What a nice mother .. trying to look less ooompa for her son .. who the hell cares that the rest of the world watched me march by ... including the sister that had to be seen with me.

In reality and practicality ... I retrieved the pants so that eventually I would give them away .. to someone that is in need of oompa pants. OK .. the only real reason they are oompa-ish is due to the fact that they have a slight EDGE in the size department. I am less, they are more. BUT ... someone will be able to make good use of them ... when I am done with them .. which clearly wasn't the case last week ...

So I wore the oompa pants to the track last night. Me and the ipid ... not ipOd .. but ipid .. that's the name. I traveled around that freaking track for 90 minutes. Soccer balls were randomly being kicked in all directions, so I averted shots by the balls as well. Go me .. at the end of the frenetic adventure .. I took a picture of myself, and made it the wall paper on my phone. I mean .. a person of varying colour does look good under stadium lights .. right .. ? Ooompa pants ... blue ... Purple with lime green inside collar running jacket, with a hot pink running jacket over top, and then the lime green oompa-topping vest and black leather gloves. Makes a statement .. No?

It is reading week for the boy. At least I think its reading week. All I know is that it is a transition within his educational adventure ... and I believe that he is going to be hit with a holy-freaking-fridays-I-can't-believe-this-happened-WORKBOMB. Last semester ... (like it was moons ago, and not just on Friday ..his academic load was a bit light... as in ONE course, with the optional three music courses that he had been enrolled in. We wont talk about science .. cause that kind of went down the toilet. Really. BUT .. as any good crazy oompa mother would do ... I signed him back up again. I've already had three emails from the fairly science crazed teachers, all of which there have already been assignments due ... and HOLY CRAP .. I just got the welcome email on Friday. I have barely figured out the process, and I am already behind. This is currently scaring me. Hopefully all going well .. this course will not require the son to colour ... cause that is what I got do at the beginning of the semester.

In other things of true excitement ... the boy downloaded some Neil Diamond onto his ipId. Seriously for real. I think I might send him to acting school, except .. I will go the public school route.... and just ask him to enroll in a drama class. How does a 16 year old kid truly like the sounds of Neil Diamond ... and wish to sit on a stage and play the guitar and sing it .. and NOT CRACK UP while doing it .. now theres DRAMA for you. Cracklin Rosie, Holly Holy, Forever in Blue Jeans ... I'll wait for that. Just like I am waiting for him to play November Rain. He played it TRES nicely a couple of weeks back .. and even offered up the singing version of it. Lucky me.

In other things semi-lucky. One of his music buddies asked to borrow my camera. The camera that has sat ... untouched and seemingly momentarily unloved. They used it to film a video. It's a good thing they had Jimmy to hold the camera for the three of them. HOWEVER .. the video that they made was quite good.

In things not so lucky ... forgot to check my lottoa max ticket, but since the jackpot has gone up for next week, I guess that my bank account didn't. That's OK .. I can wait another week if it means that the payoff will be splendid!

I am thinking that I am going to have to purchase some new runners. The runners that I purchased last spring have managed to not be in such good working order any longer. I did purchased three pairs .. but the most loved and favourite of all three are the ones that I missing wearing the most. I will not walk in the same shoes as the sista, as she just tends to march into places and ask people to fit her, and then make purchases ... and never once raises an eyebrow as to the cost ... me on the otherhand ... spy the label, consider the cost, maybe ask to try them on .. and then continue shopping based on the BADASSED bank account that I do not have. Crazy girl marches in ... spots something ... yaes it .. throws out the magic card, and carries on. How does on do that .. ? Where did she learn how to do that .. ? I mean .. I did do that a number of weeks ago .. but I think it took all the oomph and splooomph, and teachings from the sista to march in .. and do the toss the card to make the purchase. Of course I like to "toss the card" in an effort to collect my miles! ... Maybe I am only good for one toss the card purchase and go once a year. Maybe this year I will bump it up to TWO.

I learned something though .. the sista told me that the local running spot store was a good place to buy clearance items ... cause the larger sizes tend to sit on the rack ... now that makes sense ... I could be game for that kind of shopping.

Speaking of running .. I must skidaddle ... off to the working spot .. where I wonder some days ... is this really working ... ? But it is .. ! ENJOYABLE working ... a place where it is just nice to be ..!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I should have ...

  1. gone walking at the indoor track
  2. bought some hair colour
  3. no, wait bought a MAC
  4. gather my senses!
  5. screw my head on right.
  6. done some paperwork
  7. phoned some people
  8. gone eagle watching
  9. figured out my cell phone situtation
  10. retrieved some moss from the back yard.
Not necessarily in that order mind you.

It's not too late ... so I can accomplish some greatness of sorts ... right now I am just simply recharging my batteries.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So yesterday

was uneventful and eventful.

Not that I need events in my life.

Although on second thought I would like the event of opening up the door to the housekeeper that should arrive everyday. That would be event filled.

but I do not ... that is just a wild dream.

I had good news, strange news, even interesting views, and some unfortunate sad news.

Moving forward ... here is today ... make with it what I will.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And now this!


That boy of mine played this as well... I think this is the video where it goes on and on at the end ... and I believe they had an issue with the guitar ... otherwise they would have continued playing. Because of my rookieabilities in this videoing/editing world.... the world now gets to see it.

That boy of mine told me that I could edit the length of the movie in Mediaplayer .. which I tried ... but for whatever reason after importing the video it still didn't show up ...

I like that boy of mine.

I managed something ...

I managed to do this ...

Not that it took alot ...

But I never do this sort of stuff ...

Well almost sort of dont ...

The video-ing skills are challenged ... due to people placing themselves in my line of viewing fire, and my audience bad choice seating .. which sends the viewfinder flying ... but you get the jist ... I think.

My Jimmy .. playing November Rain ... well .. he's the piano playing guy ... that you really can't see .. but he's there!

Friday, January 14, 2011

This boy is ...

Absolutely incredibly talented ...

AND YET ... while I CAN say that ...

He stands along side a fistful of hugely talented people.

Except I can take pictures of them.

And not him.

Is it the black curtains, the black piano, the keyboards in front of him, ...

What is it I say ...

I knew this boy was awesome .. and last night he prooved to be incredibly so.

This is the piano music that we got to hear:

Gravity - John Mayer
Logical song, Bloody Well right, Breakfast in America - Supertramp
November Rain - Guns & Roses
Helter Skelter, Got to get you into my life (live and let die) - Paul McCartney
Guns, Guns, Guns - The Guess Who
Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland), Who Are You, Behind Blue Eyes, Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rock the Fox ...

Hoping to capture the boy and his bands tonight on the video ..

who knows what I will come up.
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Got to get the batteries charged:

That 16 year old boy of mine has his rockshow tonight.

Well .. it's not his ... he just happens to be playing a bunch of music in the show.
Well.. he isn't just playing .. by himself ... he's playing with others.
Well.... it's an organized event ... more or less... there is a teacher heading it up.
Well... it is school, believe it or not... as education is delivered in all sorts of mediums.

That 16 year old boy of mine has perfected his hair to the perfect length.

For his rockshow. Not that it is his rockshow, I just mistakenly call it that.

Meanwhile .. I will charge up my batteries, and empty my memory cards ... and be early to find a decent seat, so I can film that 16 year old boy of mine.

Last evening ...

The sister popped down, so we could do a walk. I hadn't planned on walking, since I went walking earlier, but hell ya.. I can go again ... even if I had a glass of red wine ... just kept me warmer that is all ...

Anyways ...

That 16 year old boy of mine had been playing for hours .. and then I very simply asked if he could play something for the aunt... so he starts to play this cool little tune, which has been a huge source of stress and contention and trouble and some other mysterious things about this song that can not be articulated due to the fact that I am not even sure what the whole commotion really is .. anyways ... the boy is playing November Rain ... and it is completely beautiful ... where he stops cold: ... "give me 5 bucks, and you can hear the rest of it tomorrow" he says to her.  OK .. in Deannaland, that was completely hysterically funny.

In other things ...

Must go find pictures to post here ... will keep me from writing about things like oompaloompas, and how much I resemble one. AND am proud of the oompaloompaness, and the fact that the children refer to me as oompa, ... "come on oompa ... get all your layers of clothes on and lets go ..." they say to me.

The husband remains silent .... S.H.O.C.K.I.N.G.!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Not sure really ...

What I am up to!

BUT .. I do know that there's always something happening .. and somebody watching ... !
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

what has become of me ..


Just making me way around this small but big world.

That boy of mine turned 16 on the 5th. How did that happen?

He also got his learners license.

AND we became friends on facebook.

See ... all in good time my friends .. all in good time.

Well... we were once friends, then I was deleted, now I am back in the inner sanctum. Who knows if I won't just delete myself ...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


got the best of me.

I stayed home. Cleaned up. Bossed some chicklets around. Drove some chicklets arounds. Went to the fabric store. bought the girl fabric. Went to the furniture. Bought me some furniture.

Ha ha .. APRIL fools. No purchase in the furniture department ... but lookey looes we were.

I didn't see anything that jumped out at me. Of course I did sit on some stuff. I did like the deep red leather sofa and love seat. It was quite nice, not quite red and black velvet sort of stuff that might be swirling through your mind. Not going to work out ... because I am wanting chairs & a love seat. ... and LOSE the three seater couch altogether.

In other things practical:

That boy of ours turns sixteen tomorrow. HOW did that happen? Because I am a queen mom of a varied sorts I am MAKING him get his learners license .... and taking him to Denny's where he can get his free birthday meal.

Monday, January 03, 2011

do I stay .. or do I go ...

The love LL EE family are all still tucked up in their beds ... CHRISTMAS is still happening in this home. I have DE-decorated the vast 1365 square foot home, and set things on the still plywooded and tableclothee kitchen table. I just need to venture out into the great depths of the mossed out yard and collect the blue rubbermaid bins and pack the christmasy event back into them. Now that is the real chore.

My real "thing to do" is go and spot some eagles. I feel like driving out to the place where I have been stalking. That is a bit of a drive away ... and with this house needing some attention  .. I feel bad leaving stuff. So here I am .... contemplating.

In other adeventures in good order;

The husbandman went out jeeping yesterday. Not sure why he didn't take the Fuss, but she called me at my place of employment where I really like the benefits ... and was livid and crazed and squirrely and distraught that she was not in the passenger seat as the jeep rolled out the driveway. I too was miffed ... as I had asked the husbandman to take the girl with him ... AND NOW ... sometimes the worlds do align ... he didn't get home until 3:30 this morning. He left at 0830 in the morning. ALTHOUGH he did call me, and was completely equipped for staying out in the elements, and HAD THE PIP gone she would have been too... I am glad that for some reason UNKNOWN to me or HER that he toodled off on his own.... or at least with his jeeping buddies ... and that someone broke an axle, and they fixed it on their trail of adventures .. which lead to the deep dark night adventure they ended up participating in.

All the same .. time is ticking ... do I wake the Fuss up and take her on an eagle spotting adventure ... because although she likes adventuring ... she likes it way less than me.

Of course there is always the promise of purchasing some hot chocolate for her ... oh .. who knows. Anyways .. my batteries are charged ...

AND with the swans now being on my desktop & screen saver .. perhaps I should just enjoy that beauty for a little while ... because we don't get swans around here on a daily basis. ... or maybe we do .. and I do not get out enough.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Half Broke Horses

The last book I read of 2010. This was an amazing book. I loved it. Did it all really happen ... perhaps. Anyways .. it was nicely written.. with just a right amount of common sense and practibility.

Where did that year go?

Not entirely sure when 2010 slipped away from us ... but it did .. and for some reasons I am more than thrilled to see that it has ran it's time limit, and there is no time for the credits to roll ... and I am more than happy to see a new year upon us ... hopefully I will not be faced wtih time flying by as quickly as it has .. hopefully it will move slow enough so I can capture theses characters .. and have them focused at the same time. BUT NOW .. I have the whole rest of the year to do that!
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Happy New Year!

May LOVE peace and HEALTH find you every step of the way.


We found these two guys down at the dyke today instead of any birds of prey.
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