Friday, February 26, 2010

one so good, the other not so...

Anil's Ghost by Micheal Ondaatje... a difficult read, and not so good.

The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill ...
 very good, based on history, but written as fiction.

uh oh.....

So.. the boy came home the other day.... with a swollen and damaged right index finger.

Ooops, that doesn't look good.

Yesterday.... he calls me.... "maybe take me to the doctor...." that boy of mine suggested.

OK... said that mother of his.

Walkin clinic first, and then emergency department second....

Reason being...  somebody could read that xray immediately, and let us know what's up with that boys finger.

Today I am calling the orthopedic surgeons office... for a follow up.

Seems kinda strange.. that such a little eency weency little tidbit on an xray could potentially change the course of ones life.

The emerg doc said bandage it up, don't use it for TWO weeks, and it should come out alright.

UHM.... said the mother... "should?".....

Well.... said the emerg doc... it might not heal properly, you might lose flexibility, you probably will be left with an enlarged knuckle, .... I stopped hearing at that point.

Uhmmm.... said the mother....

"this boy plays the piano......" I said to the emerg doc.

"Oh... so is he a prodigy, or a Mozart?... " he asks.

"not quite a prodigy, and maybe Mozarts long forgotten cousin..., but all the same, this is going to affect his game...." says the excitable mother.

Yes... will be calling the orthos office... for a speck of a piece of bone, that is attached to a speck of a piece of cartilage, that could just have a HUGE impact on the outcome of this boys piano playing abilities....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sit down on your seats people

YOU might think this as strange...

Well, maybe not...

OK, CHEESUS you just might think it as semi-odd....

BUT to me/us this is dealing with heartache after the Till departed our world.

On Saturday I went down to the Olympics.

It was all good timing, as my friend called me, I said sure, and away I went.

The girl had a mall/sleep over birthday party to get to (which BTW she, in midst of drying her tears over the dog asked the parents... "which one of you two people can get it together to take me to my party....? I am all sad too, and I need to get places...")

The boy had marched out of the house prior to the husbandman taking "The Till", and I  had a split second to open the door and yell out to him... "Have you said good-bye to Till?" (We always have said good-bye to Till, and we always tell her to be good... not sure why... but it's something we do...perhaps I should call that number in my back pocket 1-800-psy-cchh)... I made the boy come back for my phone... can't have the 15 year old unleased in the world without any sort of connection. Call it over-protective, call it "like OMG let him be", (wait .. he would like to be called "let it be" that beatles boy of mine!), I just remind him that it is "love" that is making me do this. This way... he had a chance to say good-bye to "Miss Ellpee", whew close call on that one.. if he had been a few more steps.. he would have just kept going...

The husbandman said he was going to take the roof off his jeep... and so I  excitedly asked if he was going to drive anywhere, and he said no.. (what the hell! I am the wife turned best buddy german shepherd.. take me on an adventure, and buy me a coffee... I'll be your best friend..., but no, that did not happen... so like any good wife would do.. I left too).

So there I am ... driving in Surrey.. and I don't have FREAKING clue where "my friend Kim" lives. Not a clue. I drive over the Patullo bridge, and then break off on Scott Road ( I was letting my instincts guide me, as I have been to her house probably 4 or 5 times...), and then after that I was kinda lost. I haven't had coffee, I've just eaten turkey pepperoni, some for me, and some for what I would have given the dog, I'm drinking pink crystal light, I have my sunglasses on to hide the dark circles, I don't have a cell phone, and I am lost. Luck would be on my side at that moment, as I decided to turn around... because I know "my friend Kim" didn't live near to River Road... and then I spotted it... something from the past, something not easily found any longer... A PHONE BOOTH! I took a package of my casino wipes with me.. and wiped down the receiver, touched the buttons with only the wipey thing, and made the call... and because I am thankful that "my friend Kim" doesn't insist on the highest level of phone security.... she was able to take the call from an unknown caller... big WHEW....

Lucky for me.. I wasn't too far gone, and managed to find her house in lickety split timing.

The next thing I find myself in some persons car, being dropped at a skytrain station, asking "my friend Kim" how where we going to find our way home, and HOLY SHIT I can't LOSE you... ! AND by the time we made it downtown, it was really more HOLY HOLY HOLY crapcakes... I really can't lose you... I'll never find my way back to North Delta, because I could barely find it in the first place, and now I would have to rely on trains & buses, minus a cell phone.... I asked her if we could be girlfriends for the day, and hold her hand... because there was a complete sea of red swimming along the streets.. and I was going to be doomed if I stepped out of line for a singular moment.

"My friend Kim" had a rather LARGE complaint about me... just the mere fact that she didn't recognize the newish me any longer and wasn't used to looking for LESS of a person when she scanned the crowd for lost souls....

Eventually I returned to the homeland... late late at night... where the husbandman informed me that throughout different parts of the day, he had managed to still hear "The Till" walking about the house, and hearing her jingles rattle.

Well... I opted for swimming with a sea of people instead, probably was a good thing.

Monday, February 22, 2010

And so today...

being a beautiful BRIGHT super SUNNY Monday!

Is absolutely lovely!

I can still see the lovely fresh cut lines from the back lawn being mowed on Friday, of course they look like frozen lines along the grass... because that is exactly what it is... lovely and cold.

I have a couple of small FEATS to perform....

Like read a book for the book club on Wednesday.

(THIS IS A MUST!) I "believe" my bottom end it gonna grow over the next two days... because this book is KINDA big... and I am going to have to sit for a great number of hours to get this job done. the event that I am completely failing to read my book I know I will resort to my next hot ticket item: I must figure out a way of getting this family on a vacation. A hot destination point. Something tropical. Something that involves taking planes, or ships, or using our passports and our tax returns. You know, something extremely useful!

In the meantime... I will mail away the fusspots camera battery... you know.. just in case we need to use her camera or something.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

so some things were lies...

I lied about the grass.

I cut it... front lawn, and back.

Hauled out the lawnmower, and with shear determination set forth... I cut the freaking lawn.... even though the lawnmower didn't want to start.. and about 100 pulls later... the lawnmower finally started.

Mole trenched and all.... it was off roading at it finest!

It was a beautiful day... winter olympics and all... me and "the till" set out to cut the back lawn... because you know... that's what you do in BC in February...

Little Miss Till Till meandered about.. checking out the sights... doing what she loves the best.

She sat in her favourite hole she has been digging in the summertime, checked out the dogs still next door, and got stuck trying to get back up onto the deck, checked out the dogs in the back corner, and spied the squirrel tunnel, gathered her tennis balls, did her regular refridgerator interval check, sat in her house for a bit, stared at me from the great double doors, layed in her favourite spot next to the house, sniffed her blue lawn chair, checked out her wicker basket that was sitting baking in the cool afternoon sun, walked past a couple of her left over bones, sniffed through the cedar trees, spied a lost soccer ball, she ate some left over christmas stuffing, watched me rake up the endless needles from the ugly trees, I tied her to her favourite rope at the front steps, she got to watch the world go by on the beautiful Friday afternoon, we had a good day getting things done,  and Saturday she was gone.

Bye Till... we will miss your needy dog ways... "everywhere you go... needy dog goes..everywhere you slow, needy dog slows, open the door that you try to close, try to cross the street and needy dog shows"

Friday, February 19, 2010

lazy factor

As I was out and about yesterday.... what did I spy..?

Many grass cutters out there!

Yes people... it's the winter olympics in Vancouver BC.... and we are ALL in need of cutting our lawns, and fixing up our yards!

I am confident that a certain someone would have a BIG BIRD if I were to haul out the lawn mower and give the lawn a manicure.

So instead I will wash walls and windows... because you know... opening the doors to the great outside and staring at the grass will certainly aid in the lazy factor..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thoughts for a SUNNY Thursday.

Jefferson Airplane?

Bachman Turner Overdrive?

Van Morrison?


Electric Light Orchestra?

Stevie Ray Vaughn?

These are just some of the titles I have found on a piece of paper.... which is all being filtered into a certain someones 32 gb ipod. Mr Gramericason you have any answers for me?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


  • beautiful morning
  • wonderful day
  • pictury perfect kinda caption
  • meeting in the morning
  • worky afternoon
  • coffee sippin moment
  • cleaning moment sploom
  • amazing day for the olympics
  • messy hair sorta day
  • day full of words
  • good time for a broom
itsa time to go!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tic TAC attack.

I have been eating  TIC TACs for about two weeks.

It has been heavenly... lovely white sparky balls of goodness.

YESTERDAY I indulged with some green spearmint tic tacs. They were lovely green pellets of happiness.

THIS evening I have downed a container.... and it looks like I am needing a second...

I believe I am suffering from a Tic Tac Attack.

Scarey business here people... very scarey business.

(Included in this very scarey business would be the fact that the PIP and I just finished her math homework... and there is the UNwritten rule in this homeland... that I do not help her with her homework)....

Perhaps I should have an alcohol attack instead... as we have both come out of this alive!

what is 23 times 45 ?



What an idiot!

I have a perfectly well used and completely almost ruined stair stepper out the back, and around the side, conveniently hidden from view which I have tried to give away....

BUT... I drive to the track, which houses 45 stairs.... just so I can potentiate the risk of falling down the stairs after I get bored and tired AND start to not pay attention to what I am doing.

I think I am going to have to come up with a re-investment strategy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The problems with prance

You see... we have this stuffed dog. SHE rules our life. ALL of OUR lives. Somedays she just out there doing things....
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AS required by Olympic laws

The toques HAD to be blue and green, with white ponchos.
The spirit was unbelievably CANADIAN cool.
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Miss Pipenza and her schools choir, as well as other schools around the district sang at the Torch Relay this morning. It was an exciting event... even for a non-plussed-but-kind-of-maybe Olympics person.
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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A bust!

Bra shopping... that was a bust.

Tried on a big bunch of bras... like a dozen... and wasn't happy with any of them.

What's the deal with that?

OH.. and how is it that one can lose pretty much 60 pounds... and you still wear the same size.

I am a bad bra shopper girl.

OH.. and in things that are fun...

The PIP became a PRINCESS again. Her name was drawn out of a hat for the royal MayDay party ... yae PIP!

AND the boy... he is busy playing For Play Long Time by Boston. Now that is a scarey piece of music.... or should I say unbelieveably difficult....

letters, letters, letters...

So I am going to write letters to people that I am asking for things... and more things, and even more things...I want it all, and I want it for FREE!

My friend is going to write letters to the editor about the idoticness of this human race, and their complete failure to abide by what is asked of them.

My sister is yelling at people in pool change rooms when the showering woman SPITS... and the sister yells "HAE!...that is a rude and disgusting habit, the sign says NO SPITTING, so DON'T SPIT!!!!"

(Not sure what this new age of spitting has been caused from... but it's here...)

WELL.. onto other adventures greater than my mind....

Monday, February 08, 2010

Adventures in ...

I have no adventures... did ONE of you really think that I would come up with some sort of adventure... to even make noteworthy... let alone write about.. oh you silly folks.


I am going to buy a new BRA this week. That should be an adventure.

I am going to watch the girl sing with 550 other kids in the choir at the Olympic torch festivities on Thursday. That should be an adventure.

I believe that somehow I was going to go up Grouse Mountain this week. That should be an adventure.

I might be able to see someone famous this week. That should be an adventure.

See.. by the END of the week, I might have had some adventures...

So all of you out there in the great big world... hold your breathe... because I am going on an adventure.

Nothing better than to be in the midst of a new adventure with a NEW BRA!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

green onions are back

The boy has come up with playing some evil clown music, and some stuffed dog music. If there is such a thing. But you know... if anyone can come up with stuffed dog music... it would be this household... namely the boy.

LATEST adventures in Grammy World would be his famous MOM DANCING. One day when I get ONE of the many zillions of cameras that his household owns back from the camera fixing place back in ONTARIO.... I will video him.... it's all scarey.

Otherwise... he dances around this homestead... like a soulman.... and looking like my buddy Prince William... but he is not like that... he is really "back in the New York groove.."

I haven't taken any pictures... perhaps illness has set in.. like I am sick in the brain illness... it hasn't been without wanting... just so THE WORLD knows that.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Look at that!

The sunrise...  beneath the clouds that hovers snuggly along the horizon.

Some one should take a picture of that...

I would, if I wasn't just so content sitting and watching the sky change colours from the comfiness of the couch, or is it the warmth that has kept me sitting here.....?

All the same, it's nice to see the brightness of the morning come back to us!

Well, in other news of great excitement and intrigue.....

Yes, that is the finishing line for me...

Monday, February 01, 2010

The MAD scrambler.

I wish I was.

Not mad.

But a scrambler.

However... I do not have any EGGS.

A certain hair pulling out instead of nail biting beauty has used all the eggs.

She's back to biting her nails, AND her hair is growing back in.

The FUSS ... always doing something!
Back to scrambling:

I am trying to figure out what to do... which is why I am here.

I believe I am stalling.

I had a weekend full of stalling... actually .. I had a weekend full of boring, and then the end of the work day I existed in exhaustion. Not sure if it was from the complete boring I ensued, or just plain tired. I can't be THAT tired... I mean really.

I have a flurry of thoughts filling my brain... of which to inflict upon my group... but I am not certain that ANYONE will be willing to take the challenge...  well enough of that... I will solve the issue later... not that I have much time left....

OK... and onto other things...

I went to go buy a new bra on Saturday after work. I just figured that I would have some great success buying up some very colourful bras from sears. I saw them on the rack the night before when we were at SEARS; buying the husbandman a new belt, and some hitman gloves.... we thought about a new trench coat to complete the look, but didn't find that certain style that one needs to be a hitman... I think it's the hat really that makes it...

ANYWAYS... I took my rainbow of bras into the change room and tried them all on. OK REALLY... how badly does one need to screw up and buy one of these things? I went to the rack TWICE to find some brilliant beauties blazing in colour..... I even settled for some super lace on white.... and how many did I purchase... ZERO.

I just want to buy one off the hanger, not out of a box... because it's fun to buy bras from a hanger, and not from a box. Not sure why exactly... BUT IT IS.

OK... and the other reason.. BECAUSE THEY WERE CHEAP. christ.. do I have to tell you all my secrets.

In the meantime.... I am still scrambling to come up with something.... good lord!