Sunday, December 31, 2006

Squeezing in the last word.

Let me pause and reflect for a moment as the year comes to a close.

It will only take a moment, or two, or maybe more, as throughout the year I have had many "moments":

I have had hysterical moments,
manic moments,
Merry moments,
Passionate moments,
Busy moments,
Stunned moments,
Funny moments,
Lost moments,
Bad moments,
Sarcastic moments,
Embarassing moments,
Laughable moments,
Quiet moments,
Loveable moments,
huggable moments,
a multitude of bad hair moments.
scrappable moments,
wine/whining moments,
lipstick moments,
musical moments,
raging moments,
rainy moments,
clean and tidy moments,
no make that only a moment,
as it only happened once,
favourable moments,
bear sighting moments,
friendly moments,
loserish moments,
laundryroom moments,
actually they were admiration moments,
star gazing moments,
forgiving moments,
helping hand moments,
bloggable moments
forgotten bloggable moments,
late moments,
foggy moments,
mysterious moments,
anticipated moments,
birthday moments,
proud moments,
loud moments,
troubled moments,
forgotten moments,
thankful moments.

I give the greatest amount of thought to being thankful. Thankful that we have all arrived safely at the end of another year, in good health, and happiness.

I am thankful for who I am, and where I am in this life. I am thankful for the family that I have, and the friends that I have made.

I treasure the thoughts of those that left this life the past year, and I cherish my fond memories of them for another year.

I reflect upon the challenges and the accomplishments that I/We have achieved in this past year and plan for another year of challenges and accomplishments.

I consider where life will take us this coming year, but where ever it leads us, I wish for ourselves, our family and friends to travel along with us for a year of good health and happiness.

Happy New Year to all of you out there!

Friday, December 29, 2006

So... get this.....

This is how our community (Conservation Officers) react to unwanted animals:

( I sent this letter to the local newspaper )

Fed bears are dead bears.

Very true, especially when you carry a tranquilizer gun! How absolutely disgusting that the sow and her two beautiful cubs were tranquilized and then put to death. I can't even call it euthanasia, as this was no mercy killing. It was quite simply "getting rid of a problem the easiest way possible".

I had to look up the word conservation again so I could fully understand what the word conservation meant, as it didn't seem to fit with the solution for the sow and her cubs. Conservation: the protection and careful management of the environment and its natural resources. Keeping nature from being destroyed, injured or wasted to ensure that use is sustainable. Nicely put, except that certainly isn't how conservation worked for these animals.

I would like someone to help me to understand how an immediate decision was made that these bears could not have been tagged, and then released back into the wilderness, but instead were immediately destroyed. I am very aware that the bears had learned some very bad habits, but this wilderness exists a short 15 minute drive away! Even the judicial system offers up all kinds of second chances for law breakers, and yet the ones that deserve a second chance, silent ones that inhabit the spaces that humans exist in are offered only one chance: stay behind the invisible line otherwise you die.

There is a complete wilderness that exists down in the GVRD location of Minnekhada Park. These animals should have been tagged and then transported over to this area ( which was more than likely their place of origin), and left to find a spot to bed down for the winter. There is an abundance of forest still very available to them that was not under a blanket of snow. At the very least they should have been offered a second chance. If they would have made their way back into human territory, then perhaps their fate should have been held in question then.

Even as it was very shallow minded of the individual that fed these bears, it was equally as shallow for the decision that was quickly made to destroy these beautiful creatures without offering them one chance to survive without using people's unsuspected offerings to forage upon.

Before the "conservation" officers arrived on the scene I had the opportunity to visit this mother sitting on the tree limb, with her cubs high above her. I could see in her eyes that she was waiting for the darkness to fall, so they could depart as quietly as they had arrived. Clearly the darkness that she had hoped for was not the one that lasts for eternity. What a shame.

These animals were clearly wronged by exactly the people that were supposed to protect them.

How about lunch?

The chicklets and I went out and about to "do junk" yesterday. It was near impossible to get everyone out the front door without destroying each other in the process. This involved menial tasks that involved a slight bit of grocery shopping, which the boy has a completel aversion to. (Although the reason for the shopping trip was for cereal which is his favourite meal of the day).

As I stood in the line up at Costco to purchase batteries and cereal I sent the children to go and stand in the food line up in Costco. There was a big long line, and I was tired of them standing with me and bickering. There was a method to my madness. They were both to go and stand in line together, and if they didn't stand in that line up they wouldn't get an ice cream cone. (Something of which they never get!) The girl came back to my line up once, and I told her if she didn't return to her brother, then she would be icecreamless. Yes people, it's a cruel world out there. I have to admit, the magic worked. I clearly didn't give them enough money, especially when I added a Latte to the list of their two ice cream cones. So the two of them had to figure out how much many they required, and had to do so in a manner appropriate to the great outdoors, where other peoples eyes would be watching their antics. HA! They managed. The funny part to this little ploy was the fact that the line up that I was in moved like a charm, and then I had to stand, staring off into space for the two bickering children to make it through the line up with their cones. It was peaceful after that.

With everyone ice creamed and latte'd up we made our way out to the much admired square shopping mall, and ended up with some good purchases, like floor mats and a pair of runners. Well, also socks for the sockless boy. Poor child! ( I think that is the reason they sell socks in a runner store, for the fools that arrive sockless and holey!) The girl even managed to score a pair of laces for her aging but still in very good condition except the laces runners.

The boy had brought his camera with him on this adventure of the day and we travelled over to Pitt Lake. A very nice spot for pictures. As we were about to leave the boy wished to take some pictures of three signs, with the sun in the background. There was also a cement barricade located next to the sings. He was busy shooting pictures like some photo journalist when he casually made it back to the brand new Mazda5. "Uhm Mommy, I think I see a pile of bones behind the barricade". The girl and I got out of the vehicle to investigate this matter. I was kind of ooogied out, but I did it anyways. And sure enough, there were bones! Yes, lot of bones. Included in the bones were two skulls, which looked like cow skulls, or some type of animals skull. The girl in her great wisdom was intrigued with the boney mess. Her comment: "Wow, it looks like someone had a good lunch around these parts".

Enough said!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More is better.

Just in case I didn't have enough money transacting through the Mastercard, I added more today. I didn't wake up thinking that I was going to make my Mastercard smoke, but it happened none the less.

It didn't faze on me the other day when the husbandman spoke of certain 17 year old vehicles that needed watering and antifreeze top ups. Those words didn't register at all, until this morning. I asked the husbandman what that vehicle of ours was up to. He shrugged his shoulders, then went to have a shower. While he was in the shower I noticed that the newspaper had been left open to a certain Mazda dealer, with Boxing Day specials to be had.

I marched into the bathroom and started hissing all silly and frantic like.... I asked him if the vehicle still had the power to run around like a good vehicle should. "What's your answer????" I hissed to him, as I stood outside the shower and was unable to read his body language, as I usually have to do, since he is a guy that quite simply doesn't talk.

There and then I drove myself out to the local Mazda dealer, and negotiated a deal. The husbandman refused to do the "car salesman" work that was required, and left me to my own devices.

I purchased a Mazda 5. Indigo Blue. Five Speed.
There, belated Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to myself.
Now that is good Boxing Day shopping!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


It's December 21st... and not a sound or a clatter

I investigate further to see what is the matter..

Way up high, and parked in a tree....

Here is my Christmas present, waiting for me.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Deanna Deanna Deanna

Oh where have you been?
Battling the storms that bring lots of white, and very messy green.

The snow I could live with, and I loved the four wheel drive...
but the wind terrified me, with my trees that reached well into the sky.

I have mailed christmas cards to many, and hand delivered some too
Mind you mine weren't hand made, like Lujza's very fancy ones, thank you!

The knitting needles have had a work out this past number of days,
as I had to build a scarf for the mother that sported blue fluffy flays!

Of course I had to take time to watch Yul win a million from Survivor...
The one show I watch, especially with people like Yul to admirer...

We have attended dinners and parties and small festive events,
and cruised the christmas light displays, which around here are pretty decent!

I have planned, and shopped, and skittered around...
delivered children to destinations, while keeping my feet on the ground.

I haven't managed to stay normal in some way or another,
this twitch in my eyelid, has certainly become a bother.

I had to yell at the dentist people for ripping out the Pip's two baby teeth,
in the meantime we had a plan to march around Christmas land, except now we had to watch her bleed.

I have ran about the craft store and gathered tidbits of scrapbooking gear,
so I could put together an album of our dead dog Cicily, of almost two years.

I managed to learn a tune on the piano, which was a rather huge undertaking,
considering I had never heard the song "Christmas Is a Feeling".

The Stroke Group did a craft.. something that we had never done before...
but it turned out a success since the craft was mailed as a "card" to each of their doors.

The Boy has managed to be a challenge, with his wierd and funny ways,
continually asking him to practice his piano, and do his homework, for many countless days.

I finally managed to purchase a huge roll of christmas wrap...
I am running out of hours to now wrap up all this crap!!!

I went to a christmas party, where I stayed past midnight.
I thought I better leave when my good friend of many years hadn't said a word to me all night.

The boy had his piano recital, which started at 6:30 PM
I can honestly say, oh he was ready for them!

I bought the girl a beautiful dark blue dress, which she really didn't need,
but as I passed by the sale rack, it sang out to me.

I thought that she would look lovely, as she could wear it on the stage,
where she would sing a christmas carol, as it is the schools only christmas "forray"

I still have to shop for the Christmas day feast, which I can safely say I will not cook,
the King will be at the helm, for that he is on the hook.

The frenzy has settled a little, and the twitch still remains in my eye
I will create some lists to help me, or at least it might try...

I have a couple days left, to finish up my stuff..
I even tried to get Saturday off, by buttering up the staffing clerk.. which is prooving very tough

But as for now the house is finally decorated, with the tree the last thing to do.
Except for me to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, from me to all of you.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holy flippin fridgemagnets I'm an idiot.

Yes I am. It's all true... I am an idiot. I sent along a package to Australia TODAY, an then proceeded to send an email to the receiver as to how come it was sent today, and not three weeks ago. Plus, had I actually unpacked one or two extra plastic bags I would have paid way less to have it shipped. But I had already stood in a line up way too deep to count, and had used up a roll of tape packaging up my stat parcel... all to have the girl tell me it was "point something" over the weight mark. (( Of course for all you frequent flyer readers out there.. I had to contain my very favourite word inside my head which made my eyelid twitch at twice the speed it already was at )). The days are freaking zipping past in a super sonic blur. I have an incredible bad twitch in my eye, something to do with the fact that a nerve just needs to die off and stop misbehaving like some attention seeking brat. Then, to make matters even more laughable... the girl at the mail counter asked me how much the parcel was worth. Well, my twitching eye rendered me unable to calculate the little items that I had squirreled away for good times on Christmas Day... so I said fourty dollars, although it was worth a bit more. I then had to pay $43.00 to ship it. Like I said... I'm an idiot... what I should have done was bought some individual puffy envelopes and the Australian people would of had things in a couple of days... at this rate it will be a New Year's gift.

It's always adventures when I fly by the seat of my pants.

The Pipness

Invited her friend over for a visit yesterday. I said sure, come on over.. and they could play in the Pip's room. The Pip's room has seen better days in the tidy and orderly department. I bought her some pretty boxes a number of weeks back, so she could organize some of her smaller items that find space on her floor. She immediately turned them into stuffed hamster houses, and yes, turned one into a cathouse. (So far the cathouse has gone undetected to most people, except the mother's radar). The room is still a mess. We trudge across her big beautiful butterfly puzzle as she claims that it is a carpet, and really ... what else do you do with big beautiful puzzle, if you can't walk all over it! Once upon a time the stuffed animals had some sort of resting places, and now they have exploded about her room, and fluffy things are bumbling about all over the place. She told me she tidied her closet last week, she was so proud of herself. I opened it and screamed. The Pip requires her own storage company to come and pick up some of her things, but that will never happen, as she wont part with a thing. She will be up soon, wish me luck... I hope I can find her in her bed.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Excuse me... I'm looking for some pictures.

Don't ask me what the Freaking Flying F*** happenend. ... but all of my pictures in Picasa are gone, including my whole file of "My Pictures". Gone Gone Gone.

I am wondering if I secretly take my computer apart, and take it to someone who is quite brilliant... maybe they could look inside and see if they are still in there somewhere... as I know they are in there, because I was busy looking at them last night, until I exited the program.. and scurried off to bed.

Anybody... does anybody have 2 years worth of photos meandering about?

Chicken rolly up ---- for breakfast...

I was busy building the boy his lunch. He likes my lunches, or more so.. he likes having his lunch made for him. (He doesn't know any other way actually...) But it struck me... these rolly ups are looking so good. Mind you, they were pretty basic, as the boy only does basic food. Today was going out on a limb by packing his food with colour attached. Todays rolly up was a tomato basil wrap, hence the colour addition of red. He was quite willing to eat it he told me. Things were looking so good that I thought about building one for myself.. right then and there... but do you have a chicken rolly up for breakfast or not? I am not entirely sure if "mayonnaise" is breakfast. I could eliminate it from the rolly up... but then... why have the rolly up at all. Hmmm.

In other thoughts that plagued me last night.... just before I closed my eyes for the night.... is living in the ocean at night any easier than in the day. I mean, I hate walking down the hall at night to the bathroom, let alone swimming in a big ocean for hours on end in darkness.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A good thing, or not a good thing

We have discovered lime wire. Well, I have known about it for quite some time, but I was ignoring the fact that it was around. The boy has jumped all over this like it was the ultimate in video games. So, apparently I am going to be down loading something that is going to take about three days to complete. That boy of mine has about two dozen items waiting in the wings to be slotted in. I don't believe I have enough internet time to make him happy. ... on that thought... I need to go and double check if I have umlimited time, or something silly like "150 hrs"... which I'm believing that to be the case. Oh where is my memory when I really need it.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Creature Feature

Current conditions: raining
Current conditions: raining
Current conditions: raining
Current conditions: afraid of the rain
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Current Furniture conditions.....

The husbandman was busy moving around the furniture last night... with all his big talk. I asked him why he needs to move all the furniture around.. it is fine where it is. I just love to get him going... he flips out.. and he complained that things look awful... all these couches, and nowhere to put them. I think he might have flung his hands about, but I could be mistaken... and the fact that he talked about it for a whole 2 minutes was indication that he might be unhappy with all the extra furniture floating about. I believe that my chuckling most certainly got him frustrated. But, he is so much fun to watch "almost-kind of-maybe" have a hissy fit!!!

Tick tick tick goes the christmas clock...

Ok, it's time to start making a move in the Christmas Department. Even though I am not undertaking my currently kind of layed up by her knee friend and her 50 freaking home made christmas cards... I am undertaking other feats, that may be too much of a feat... I will know on the christmas eve when I am still up scurrying about doing things until the wee hours of the morning.... I can say that none of it will be baking adventures. I have no time to waste, there is too much to do.

In other things that might be exciting....

I have very bravely asked to have the 23rd and 24th of December off. I really didn't think that I would still be working at my current place of employment for the past 19 years, this year.. so I didn't book off any holiday time for the Saturday and Sunday before christmas. I have now decided that I most definitely would like the days off... as the husbandman is off as well... and he likes to talk when life gets busy... so I met get a whole years worth of talking in, in the five short days. This is truly a grand adventure. I hope the planets are in alignment with this request.

Other things on my mind....

I bought a brown sweater the other day. I don't own any brown. But I had to, because I bought a pair of brown pants. I am not sure why I did that either. I wore them both together, and then I felt like a piece of chocolate. I guess better feeling like chocolate than feeling like shit. Ha Ha.

I am thinking that I am going to use that link up there to advertise for The Stroke Recovery Association of BC. That just might be a good idea. It would be good for people to know that there is such a thing that exists out there.... as it really does help a lot of people. We are not part of the Heart & Stroke Foundation, as they are around for research and education. yes, I have made my mind up.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Life in the blue chair

Little Miss Milly busy pondering life from her blue chair. Well, pondering life on top of a beach towel that is. This is where she likes to stay, when she isn't busy sleeping on her green leather couch. This also would be another view of the currently very ugly kitchen, that will eventually be replaced... perhaps that is what the little miss milly is busy thinking about... "oh what a lovely chair... too bad that it has to be placed in a dumpy space...., oh well.. I will close my eyes and dream of pretty kitchens while I sleep in my blue chair..."

Anyways, she is a very patient little thinking dog, as I took about a dozen pictures of her in this chair... and she never moved for one of them... it didn't help that I was busy taking pictures of her in the dark, and the flash has temporarily blinded her... but she has remained faithful to her blue chair... This blue chair is suppposed to be in the new family room eventually... except that is only being built after the new kitchen... I think it may gather some dust in the process.
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The King Despairs:

With all this winter weather the King has not had the chance to perform some of his Kingly duties. As luck would have it.. the King likes Christmas lights. Lots of them. The strings are lines up in the garage ready to go. Now all he needs is the the cooperation of the weather, and the time to perform this great task.

With another weekend upon us... I am thinking that The King will make it to the great outdoors and set his kingdom of christmas lights... we could be up and shining by the end of the weekend.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some of the sights from yesterday:

Out our front door last night
A warm place among the snow
I was surpised to see the deer meandering about
I found this in the sky.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Perk me up...

Last night the stalker arrived on the doorstep to do some Costco shopping. Just because I am a good stalker sister, I went along for the ride, although I could have just as comfortably stayed at home, and accomplished some very small tasks... (like fixing the cushions on the extra couch in the living room, or removing the "folded" socks from the end of the bed.. you know, that kind of stuff). I didn't even take a cart with me inside the store. I went throught the cash out... with my debit card neatly tucked in my pocket. We left and headed out to a great little shopping plaza in Pitt Meadows.. once again, the card stayed in my pocket, and continued to keep me warm.

Yes... the Christmas season is quickly upon us.. and I am still in avoidance mode! I will get my thought processes together soon... as I have little time left to sit and ponder...

I got my first Christmas card today...........gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Warm to the core.

My friend from up the hill will certainly attest to this next statement:

I have drank a glass of red wine, and am now warm to the core. It is time to start practicing my one christmas song... because one glass of red wine makes you an excellent performer.... especially with the ear phones plugged into the digital piano... I am a legend in my own mind.

In other things amazingly useless:

I believe that I accomplished not many things today. I even had the opportunity to, but I was not successful.

I did however shovel the drive at 8:00 in the morning, drove 3 children to 3 different schools all before 9:00 a.m. As I was dropping off the boy at his middle school, I thought to myself: he is one cute hunk of a child. It didn't help matters any that he was sporting a very lovely Canucks jacket with the colour blue enhancing those dazzling blue eyes that he owns. Then I hunted for winter pictures with the little digital. I made a bunch of phone calls that seemed pertinent to the current weather conditions, and thus continued to manage to cancel my Stroke Group today. I figured out that Windows XP does not burn onto DVD's. I was happy to finally figure this out. After that was done I stood in a hot shower for an extended period of time and shampood the currently fairly ugly locks. These locks of mine are fairly bizarro at the moment, and there seems to be no end in sight to the chaos that rides atop of this head. I eventually left the homestead, and sat in a very long line up at Tim Horton's. I decided that it wasn't worth wading through the mushy and icy parking lot for a cup of coffee, so I had to sit and wait patiently. Damn that patience! Amazingly I managed. I drove over to the mother's house, so that I could shovel her driveway. She had already had that accomplished. I believe that people were lining up at her door to help her out. I visited for a short while, and even managed to bring home 1/2 a dozen muffins that she had just made. I was going to stop at the most expensive grocery store but I didn't feel like battling bags, and icy parking lots and the cold, so I continued on home. I fuddled about with bits and pieces of laundry and dishes, and other boring such endeavours, and then eventually set out to collect the PIP. It was a beautiful day for a walk, but then I had to remind myself that I really hate walking in the snow. Well, it wasn't snow that I was walking on, but rather ice. Ice isn't fun to walk in. Once I was home I continued to do a final clean up of the driveway... as the king would not be happy if I didn't completely clean the driveway from white stuff. We don't want to make the king unhappy... not that he holds much clout, but rather he is a fixity sort of fellow.. and we would like very much for that habit to continue. The PIP was in a fowl mood as her playdate that she thought she had planned for after school didn't pan out. Somehow through the course of the afternoon plans had been changed.. so the PIP ended up playing with the fairly wonky child a couple of doors down. She politely excused herself after a while, so she could continue her fowl mood with me indoors. Me, being the loving caring mother only occasionally asked her to take her fowl mood into her bedroom, where she could reorganize it, and come out a new girl. During that time I fiddled with dishes and laundry, because you know.. I really wanted to feel complete. Her personality transformation eventually happened... but by that time I was going to collect the boy from his finswimming. When I arrived home the husbandman had appeared in the homestead, and was busy making dinner. You have to like that. Then the husbandman spoke to me. It was a most wierd experience. Which is why I am writing about it now. But I will stop.... as the piano is sitting waiting for my warmed up by red wine fingers to start plucking out tunes..... any minute.... any minute.... any minute...

If I was truly a good one.. I would start a scarf that I want to give to my mom....but that is only if I was truly good.....this red wine is giving me much false hope. It is best if I stick with the piano.. at least all the mistakes I make will be instantaneous.. and not gaping holes in a gift!


Bling bling.

The Chickster Pipster just gave me a chuckle.

I heard her hunting around her room, and I knew she was up to something. She has waltzed out here now with her "Reitman's commercial" walk, and has modelled her new fashionable belt. It has 3 cell phones hanging from it, and all in different locals.

She excuses herself, as the fake cell rings a bling bling...."talk to me" she answers.... and wanders away with her Reitmans' commercial walk and strikes up a conversation with a phantom cell phone person.

I fear her. She is one that would give a nut tree a run for it's money.


At last I know... I have had this question pondering around in my brain... but it couldn't be answered until... NOW!

Yes, really and truly... I could not answer this question until this time of year. It is a rather silly question.. but it is something that I didn't take notice of, or even thought of until earlier this summer. I am even impressed that I remembered the question. Cheers to using that other 90 % of that brain that we supposedly do not even remotely use.

Ok... and the plaguing question is....

Do the stars come out at dinner time?

Yes, it is a silly question.. but I really didn't know, until now.

And yes... yes they do...

Holy freaking fridgemagnets!!

It's a deepfreeze out there!

I walked to pick up the PIP, and whew who... was it ever cold! WE did enjoy the fridgid walk mind you, and soaked up the beautiful white scenery along the way. I was having a good hair day until the walk.. but now it is just it's usual wild woman looking head of hair now.

Tomorrow it will be a drivable day to school... I wont be doing the walking thing again!

Aaaaah, the beauty of white!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Get it all here...

Real snow happening right here.. right now.
Pictures at eleven... or later, as it is currently dark outside, and cold, and that's just ick!!
There is something definitely to be said about "yesterday's news!".
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Friday, November 24, 2006

Feeling Blue?

Blue... in his favourite spot, right at the counter, waiting for crumbs to drop.
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Just another day...

This week has been a bit tortuous on the tear ducts. Even though the events didn't directly affect me, they affected me in a very large way.

My Mom had a very special dog which landed on her doorstep about 2 1/2 years ago. His name was Blue. He was a beautiful yellow/blond lab, with big brown eyes. He not only sported an unbelievabley soft fur coat, but a beautiful disposition. He wasn't a pup when she got him, and when he arrived he had all kinds of issues that needed doctoring and care. My mom was just the person for the job. When he arrived, he couldn't hear, due to the badly infected ears that he had. Over time my mom dealt with all of his ailments, and eventually when you called his name, he could hear you calling him. He became her shadow, anywhere she was, he was. Blue was the guy that kept my mom and dad connected during the final months of my dad's life, when there was nothing left to talk about... there was always something to talk about, with Blue. He was the soft head that she patted during those long hours before my dad passed away. He was the four legged friend that eased her into a new life, on her own, without a human companion any longer.

It had come to light about two months ago that he had some new troubles, and it seemed that human intervention wouldn't fix him, or they could try, but they weren't certain it would work. It didn't seem right to extend the life of a companion that had shown more love & devotion in the short 2 1/2 years that my mom had him, all for the sake of not having to feel the pain of his loss before she wanted.

I just saw Blue on Tuesday, bounding about on one of his many cushions, and then to the next. Happy to be a part of this home, where extreme comfort was his only complaint. Unfortunately that very night, he had a turn for the worse, and my mom was faced with taking her best friend and have him put down. Nothing has been the same since. She had to say good-bye to the one thing that had kept her connected to her last best friend, my dad.

My mom claimed that she wasn't sure if she could do this again, but then my cousin called, and told her of a 6 month old chocolate lab that needed a good home..... and you just can't say NO to chocolate...

Clarification on the miles

I was talking to my friend the other day about the airmiles problem that I have. I told her that I was most disappointed in the airmiles for dollars amount that one would receive. Even the bonus coupons weren't really bonus coupons. Things weren't looking all bonussy for me, but I still went shopping anyways. I went looking for some sort of deals. I had made it to the freezer section and spotted all kinds of blue airmiles tags. This is what I found:

Buy ten participating products and get 100 airmiles. ( OK, I will admit... I do like the Stouffer's Lean Quisine, they were 3 for nine bucks...!!)

Then I bought 5 bags of perogies with 50 bonus airmiles, and it was the same thing for the frozen stir-fry vegetables. I made it to the bread section, and found that they had tortilla wraps, or what are those things called... some kind of round wrap flat thingys... anyways... I bought five packages of those, which earned me another 50 airmiles.

I made it up to the checkout counter and as I was in line I realized that I wasn't going to hit the minimum $200.00 for the 250 airmile coupon... I made it to $186.00.... so I had to quickly look around to find something to buy, to round up the figure to two hundred. Fortunately for me, I spotted batteries. The bill came to $202.00.

Ahhhhh..... a sigh as I handed over the coupon for the 250 bonus airmiles.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm flying somewhere...

But not today!

I visited the most expensive grocery store in the world earlier this evening... and I racked up a good solid 500 airmiles. It made me smile...I'm still day I will be smiling when I'm flying.. with all these airmiles. In the meantime.. I think I am going to purchase the PIP some super magnified binoculars with a built in digital camera, all with airmiles!

Monday, November 20, 2006

People, people, people....

Today was my Stroke Group day. I am getting quite nervous about this fine group of people. I am nervous because I am never quite sure who is going to show up, and how many people I may or may not have. I plan, organize & hunt for new activity ideas every week, just so that each person can be met with some level of success to take away from the group. I am beginning to find this rather challenging, as I only have had myself to bounce ideas off of, and my thought processes are beginning to dry up. The whole bucket over the head for sound effects just doesn't seem to be working for me any longer.

A number of weeks back, when I was completely puzzling over what we were going to be doing for the month of November.. I came up with cake day. Cake day was today... November 20th, for whatever reason. It seemed a reasonable sort of "fun idea" at the time. It really did. Luckily I was scanning the flyers last night, and the most expensive grocery store in the world was having a sale on cakes... they always have a good assortment of cakes. I was in luck. Although I would have had better luck if they would have had all the cakes that they had in the flyer. I felt a bit "dogged" when it came to missing the airmiles on the cake sale, especially when more than half the case was empty. I wondered if the cake pigs had already come and gone before 11:00 in the morning. I managed to pick up a chocolate pudding ring thing, a lemon delight, and the standard carrot cake, with the thickly added carrot icing on top.

I haul my bags into the community centre, and I am ready to roll with my jokes, and my word games for the men and woman. I had to do men and woman word games today due to the fact that I had to due some BC Lions trivia since they won the grey cup yesterday. ( I admitted on the scale of 1 - 10 my love for football sat somewhere in the NEGATIVE 275 mark). Since it was cake day, I managed to find some trivia games about baking and stuff. This was hugely funny on a much larger scale, since the majority of food that I speak of are the things that the King creates in the decrepit kitchen. The members of my group fear my stories of cooking creations that actually come from me, I end up being a huge source of entertainment when it comes to me in the cooking department. (( Although I should point out... for dinner tonight I did manage to put together a mean batch of pumpkin soup.. which the PIP and I loved...., and the husband who didn't want to eat the leftovers from last night suddenly was interested after all.... now talk about a score!)) Eventually when I get all my crap together... I start cutting up cake.. of course this was after I told everybody that I had made them... and the people that have known me for a long time knew that I was the queen of BS!! We all enjoyed the cake... people may have enjoyed the fact that it was not direct from my kitchen...

Anyways... this story is nothing to do with any of this business, well kind of not kind of something to do with this:

I was a rather bit emotional last week as I had got word that one of our group members had become terminally ill. The granddaughter of the lady called me the other night to inform me that she had passed away. It was sad to hear, of course it was, but that is life. We all die. This lady would have been 84 on Wednesday. She volunteered at my group because she liked everyone in it, and, at the time that she wanted to volunteer for us, she needed an excuse to leave the group that she was volunteering at.. she didn't care for them anylonger. "They weren't right for her", she had said to me. She had started volunteering 5 years ago at our group, and her kindness, charm and warm smile made the day even nicer. She had the wicked-ess Bocce Ball arm anyone could imagine.. as she just considered it to be a bowling ball, and the carpet was her alley. This always sent everyone into hysterics, including herself. She instilled the thought in me that it is always the little things that you can do for people that can make the biggest impact. I have sometimes heard the saying of: "the world is a nicer place, just because you are in it". This speaks volumes for our friend. Now that she has departed it is up to the people that she met along the way, to carry on with the same kindness and consideration for the many others that mark our path. It was a privilage for me to meet such a fine teacher.

I brought a card to the group for everyone to sign. I was a bit teary eyed when I asked for people to sign a card, that this wasn't a very happy one. Two of the members asked me if it was a card for another person. To my absolute shock, I had been fretting over telling people about the loss of one person, when I was lambasted with the news of another loss. I just stood for a moment, and then walked out of the building. (( OK, and this is where the story was supposed to start... you know, with the title.... )).

It was grand central station outside all of a sudden... so there I am, kind of double teary eyed over the news of someone else... and every single TOM, DICK, & HARRY was outside waving at me, stopping to talk with me, striking up conversation, and calling at me. I am chatting and wiping with the right hand, and then with the left hand, and waving with the left, and wiping with the right... so I walked away from the chaos, just to have a moment... and along comes super psycho motor mouth talking man... he was wailing and talking to someone upstairs I think.. I decided at that very moment the safest bet was to go back inside where the group was, and we could talk about what ever it was we were going to talk about... because after all.... on a day which you would wish not to celebrate... we did have cake!

People, people, people......

The old goat:

The boy told me of a story from last week. I listened as he listed off the details of the event. He is a strange young man when he wishes to be, but that's OK, he is strange in a bizarrely humourous way.

That boy of mine handed in an assignment 4 days early. The teacher thanked him for it. It actually was a slight mistake on his part... but nicely, a good mistake.

On the due date of the assignment that boy of mine left this note on his desk for teacher:

Dear Mrs. X: Hamsterson was not able to work on his case file the whole weekend for he was upset about the loss of his goat. Signed: My Mom.

I asked him why he would a note like for his teacher... and he just said... "I did it to see if she would smile".

26 letters

I have so many stories, and only 26 letters to choose from... how am I going to fit it all in!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Almost suckered...

I almost feel like I should fly back to the most expensive grocery store on earth to cash in on some extra airmiles again. I took a chance the other day and bought some low fat fig newton type cookies. I even extra chanced the event and got the filling that had raspberry in them. To my huge luck and success those chicklets of mine both concurred that they enjoyed the little morsels... I feel like I am bound to go back and get more.. of course with the underlying thought that there is 50 bonus airmiles waiting in the wings for me!

In other things waiting for me.. the stalker sister has returned from her greatest vacation away.. and now she is back, stalking I expected!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pip has talent.

Earlier today, in the knick of time, I read a notice out of Pip's backpack. It asked for kids in grades 3, 4 & 5 to go to the gym at 12:15 so they could join the choir. I encouraged my Pip to break out of her shell, and go sing for the world. Sing for the masses... sing to those that could hear her far and wide. She told me I was wierd... I agreed. So anyways.. I did say to her: "go and sing little lady... this is something that you can do, all you have to do is believe in yourself". Once again she told me I was weird, and I agreed. That did not matter, what did matter was the fact that the Pip knew that she could sing, and she had the talent to do it.

She happily reported back to me at the end of the day that she did brave the big cold gym at lunch time.. without any other friends for support, and she is now an official member of the choir. My Pip, such talent.

Rain poureth over

The lady from piano called me today. The gentle little waterway that usually runs along side of her home has turned into a mammoth flood fest. There are fish that swim these waters and whatever was left of the spawning salmon were making their ways up along the roadways.. I never thought that I ever had to be careful of a "fish crossing". Very weird.

In other things less weird, but different....

I managed to squeeze the new "oldish" couch into the livingroom, without everything looking very out of place and ultra cramped. I even kept the original couch and loveseat in the livingroom space. Quite a feat. Of course the husbandman has taken an exception to now odd ballish looking room... but I like it... It's sort of a temporarily permanent fix until the extra room gets built... and I am not quite certain when that actually is going to take place...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thinking and thinking and thinking...

The 17 year old Toyota Forerunner is busy purring around the streets of PoCo. Yae for the mechanic man... and I thought I was doing good today by creating "stew" in the kitchen. I have a ways to go to compete with him...

IN other things minor....

I am not so sure that I am going to get the Mazda 5 before the end of the year... I am just so happy to be dumping gas in the now running SUV.

I was going to spend my airmiles on christmas presents, and then 'rethunk' that thought, and started to thinking about saving them for the grand excursion to the happiest place on earth... and now the husbandman has suggested that we wait until next October to go... so I can start my christmas shopping with airmiles again. The husbandman doesn't want to be away while his sister is away. Although I am not sure how the husbandman is planning to rent an RV for two weeks in the summer.. I hope he isn't just planning on parking it in the driveway, and living out of it for two weeks.... but then again.....

OH, and the kitchen is back on, but the husbandman said it was never off.. I just thought it was off, and he let me think it was off.

I now have a second couch in the livingroom. Not that I needed a couch or anything, there are already two in existance in the livingroom right now... and I am not planning on getting rid of any of them. It just so happens this extra couch wasn't to come until next year some time, but it happened to arrive yesterday... it's for the familyroom that is going to be built... after the kitchen is completed... some time in the next two years.. I am hoping I figure out what to do with the third couch real soon.

Well, another night spent doing things, but accomplishing nothing..... RATS!


There was no chocolate milk at the grocery store,
Only rows and rows of white.

This predicament didn't make me happy,
as it was the chocolate that was to give me the delight.

I paused for a moment at the cooler,
and my handed trembled at the glass case.

I would be passing up 5o airmiles,
and that would simply be in very bad taste.

One by one I plopped the jugs of white,
way down deep into the cart.

I came up with an idea to save me,
which I guess was kinda smart.

I swiftly sped the milk jug buggy
past cheese slices, chips and toothfloss.

At last I found the very aisle,
with all of the chocolate milk sauce!

Airmile Junkie II

I unwrapped my local papers yesterday evening, and scoured the car ads, and found the airmiles flyer. Today I will be heading over to the most expensive grocery store in the world to collect my airmiles. This weeks random selection of acquiring items that we don't need will be the three jugs of milk which we net me 50 airmiles. I am going to mix it up a bit by PURCHASING the chocolate version of milk... which will make at least two of the jugs disappear rather quickly, which will still leave me with two jugs in the fridge... yes two, as the husbandman just bought a jug while he was out... that was before I read my airmile junkie flyer.

In other things boring...

I met the car salesman of the week yesterday. It seems that every week I am collecting up numbers for guys that I may never call again. But, as random selection is capable of happening, I keep the numbers on hand, just in case I have to make a phone call for the vehicle that I may or may not purchase. I am very carefully plotting my down payment with my airmiles mastercard.. just in case some of you great people were wondering. There's nothing like a down payment to help you cash in on miles!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

And one for the road..

The 17 year old SUV is back up and running again. The mechanicman had it running last weekend, but wasn't sure if the alternator was running adequately. He hauled it out of the front hatch that houses the motor system, and had it replaced. Last night he took himself for a drive in the deep dark night full of rain and lots of puddles. Yes, the world of order has been restored.. at least for this hour.

I drove the people mover one last time this morning to work... just because I could... that people mover.. it has been swell!

Now.. onto the Mazda people, and my desperate attempts for SOME form of car dealings....

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The other night I was sitting watching the news, and all it's seriousness. I decided that I was far too cold watching it in the den, and I thought I would watch it in the bedroom, where the husbandman was already watching the news.. it is much warmer that way. I thought he was watching the news... but no.... it was some show on TLC... "Cheer Moms". OMG... I just howled and howled. Not only was the husbandman watching this show.. but the very fact that this very show even exists. Life has moved into a whole new dimension with "cheer moms".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Prime parking

We live on a crescent, in the corner. Our drive way is long, and connects with our neighbours. Our neighbours have two adults, and four children living there. They have four vehicles, two of which are trucks. One is the mid life crisis car that sits for special outings. This is all OK, they are good people, they just happen to have a parking lot growing out from their driveway.

The people next to our neighbours have two vehicles, except that they don't like to park them in their driveway, they like to park them across the street, on the corner of the crescent. This is rather difficult because the neighbours next door are always shuffling vehicles, and that is where they park their cars.

There would be parking on the other side of the street if the people on the other side of the duplex which are next to the two carred people would park both of their vehicles in their substantial driveway, but that wont happen, because guess what... they like to park on the street.

I don't get any of this.. and yet I watch it all the time.

In other things that I do not get....

I saw a cat roaming in our backyard.... I don't think our very own catdog will take to a cat like creature making unannounced visits.

In the deep dark night

This is what I heard............


That PIPness of a girl was standing right next to me while I was busy sleeping, she needed to go to the bathroom. Her bedroom is right across the hall, but it's the "ma-ma" thing that just kills me... I immediately stand to attention, and walk ten paces then stand at the doorway of the bathroom. While I am standing there with my eyes closed I turn-off the hallway light.


Oh sorry PIP, now there isn't any lights on. She learned the trick from me of putting on the hallway rather than the bathroom light, as it isn't so bright then. So hence the shriek in the darkness. I got her all settled, and she fell back asleep. So did I, until I heard:


It was that lovely PIP calling me again, this time she had a scary dream. I settled her back down again, and stuffed and fluffed her with her thirteen trillion stuffed animals and life was good. While I was busy making the PIP happy in the darkness of night, I watched out of her window two fellow on bicycles ride by with garbage bags full of treasures.... somehow I don't think that this was sleepover gear at 3:20 in the morning.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dear Mr. Mazda dealer:

My patience is running thin with your sales tactic approach. I want what I want, because I know what I want. I know what I don't want, and what I don't want is YOU telling me look someplace else for a vehicle.

In other things mobile....

I will wait... for a bit longer... well, that is if I can... as the husbandman might be running out of patience with the aging just about 17 year old SUV. He has the mess of an engine all put back together and purring once again.. but now it seems to like a lot of battery juice, so much so that we had to go out and purchase another one. I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to drive the beast about... and leave the green people mover stationary.. although the chicklets like being shuffled about in a vehicle that is propelled by hamsters and elastics. I checked the oil in the people mover today.. and I was impressed at how stinking easy it was to check... unlike the beastly name calling freak out attack that I have in the driveway every time I look for the oil stick in the Toyota. Of course it doesn't help that I dump oil all over the place just trying to get it topped up, and then the freak out swear fest happens all over again. The new car deal is looking sweeter by the minute.

In life less interesting....

I managed to get the boy to practice his piano for a whole fourty five minutes today. I have HALF considered ripping him out of piano, as the payment for that could go toward my GREATEST CAR PAYMENT IN THE WORLD fund, but when he sits, and concentrates.. he seems to be quite capable. So, I will wait.. I hate to give up on the boy that always has a musical ear, just because the mother wishes to sport around in a new vehicle....

Surprise of surprises....

I have a kitchen table. I was not quite aware of that. I had a vague idea that I owned a rickety almost 17 year old table, but my memory escapes me at the best of times. I found it about an hour ago. Along with the great find, it looks like the PIP has left town... as there is no trace of her. It seems that it was 13 tons of her stuff that littered the table into obscurity. Now that it is sitting all wide open and vulnerable for her special artifacts, the PIP will probably start her move in process first thing in the morning before breakfast... that's if she wakes up before breakfast. Not like today.. where I had to fling her out of her bed at 08:33. Mind you, she was plush and perky when I dropped her off at the front door of the school at a respectable 8:59 and 75 seconds!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

That Boy.... again!

I love that boy of mine. He is sneaky... to a fault. But he will learn.. hopefully. My biggest concern in life for him is that he grows up a kind person, which he will.. I am sure of it.

I told him the other day that his aunt (the stalker sister), and uncle and "the boys" (his cousins) were going to Disneyland. It was a surprise for the boys, as the sister couldn't think of any other way to tell them that they were going, that wasn't going to upset the applecart for "eons" of time prior to the departure. I believe that would have been personal torture on her part. Right after I told the boy... he smiled, and said...."that is so exciting for the boys, they will love it there..... what a nice thing to happen to them...." Whether it is his age, or basically the person that he is... I was happy with his response, as it screams to me, that my boy can be happy for others, even when he hasn't lived that identicle experience himself.

In things that I hope he will learn... that he will get his homework done. I dropped off his "finswim" stuff today at school for him, and since I didn't have a clue which door he exited.. I went to his classroom. The nice teacher spotted me.. and had some "nice" stories to tell me about "that boy of mine".

The "other" teacher is having a hard time with him. He very kindly declines her requests to attend "success" club.. which I am thinking it is a place where they get homework done. I can't keep track with his homework... he seems to be on top of stuff, but I guess it is only for a day, then he falls behind. "That boy of mine" commented today that the "other" teacher scares him, which now leaves me to wonder if that's the issue. Oh well.. they will have to work it out..somehow...

In other things about "that boy"... the "core" teacher did manage a chuckle about "the boy" and all his girl friends every single lunchtime. She wanted to know what the deal was... and why they flocked to him.... ((and this is the complaint from the "other" teacher..... "that boy" was not making it to success club at lunch time...)) I am starting to see a connection here.... hopefully someone else does as well... in the meantime... since I just happened to be standing in the hallway today.. I came up with a gameplan for "that boy" and the "other" teacher.. and the "success club".... sometimes I am caught standing in the right place, at the right time.

More people mover stories:

You have to love the green people mover because:

It has moved me
  • across town
  • through town
  • around the town
  • through the early morning rain
  • and the deep dark wet nights
  • it even took the dog
  • on a quick trip to see the sights
  • a visit to my mom
  • and to her once again
  • to Tae Kwon Do and Finswim
  • to the public library for a quick out and in
  • to my Stroke Group, which was very good today
  • and then back for my boy, which has been a slight bit bad I might say
  • to the Costco parking lot, to pick up the mechanicman and the kind of working truck
  • to Canadian Tire, where he buys a part to make the truck unstuck

You have to love the green people mover.... perhaps I might buy one.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The People Mover

The stalker sister has left the country. I am safe from her stalkings for the next 9 days. My life should become even more ultra boring now. In the meantime she has lent me her Green People Mover vehicle. It's a Honda, and it moves us.

The husbandman tweaked his back the other day, so he has been unable to work on the aging and expensive Toyota. It was good timing that the stalker went away, as now I have wheels. He asked me why I needed a car. OMG! Just go to work husbandman!

In other things that move people:

The "Teen Tina" from nextdoor frantically knocked on our door last evening. She was happily talking to her friend on MSN, all the while her homework was waiting for her, and she got three phone calls from the "911" people stating that someone was calling them from her house. Being the "Teen Tina" kind of girl that she is, and probably having one too many scarey shows roaming through her head, she showed up on our doorstep... packing her home phone, no shoes, and a huge butcher knife, which she hauled out of her kangaroo jackets pocket. She claimed that she wasn't crazy, and she wasn't sure why she was packing a knife, although she had seen it in a movie somewhere. Eventually her heart stopped pounding, and she made her way home. We like this girl... she has spunk!

Perhaps I am on the way out of my job.. as I was talking to the Manager yesterday, and where they have increased the hours for some people, they have decreased the hours for me, not by much mind you, but enough. I might just take the job search to the next level, and that would be to find a new one! Hmmm.... some how I still don't see that happening....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Super green... only sort of.

That lawn of mine, it's super green. I have done a fine job of diligently growing up those seedlings, to make the lawn green again. Yesterday I was adamant that it had to be cut. Well, with the knowledge that it was going to start to rain.. and who knows at that point when it will stop. I have had a reprieve mind you... today is Wednesday.. and the rain starts tomorrow.

The fact that the rain has been delayed until tomorrow will give me room for all my shortcomings. In an effort to get that super green lawn cut... (in the front and back), I didn't take the time to clean up things that are not super green.

You see, as your eyes scan across the horizon of super green, your eye focuses on the beauty that comes together. But, as you are forced to move across that horizon of super green your eye can start picking apart that very beauty into smaller segments. The smaller segments that I speak of only happen on the lawn in the back yard, and are left by a certain four legged furry silly catdog. In my desperation to get the grass cut, I just mowed, mowed, and mowed. I didn't take the time to scoop up the "horizon offenders", as time was at a critical point. So now today, with another bright day upon us which keeps the temperature on the frigid side, I can now go outside and pick up all the horizon offenders with great ease.

Things will be once again super green... but only kind of!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Excuse me if we are a little late but....

This morning I was busy calculating the number of coupons and purchases I would have to make to get the most out of my airmiles with the least amount of money spent. ( I mananged to calculate 350 airmiles for $100.00) I was so enthralled in my useless thinking task that I forgot to tell the Pip to get ready for school. I need a trusty assistant in the morning some days, other than the little four legged furry one that acts as the mechanicmans trusty assistant duties). On top of that we had to gather the Pip's Halloween costume, and do her fancy hair do thingy. I asked Pip why it is that her and I just aren't capable of "getting it all together somedays". Her answer was that we are girls, with things to do, and not necessarily in a timely order. I do know one thing: Her and I are very good speed walkers.

Happy fall day!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lovers and huckers not welcome!

We went to visit Harrison Hot Springs this weekend. I don't think I am a hotsprings kind of person. The squealing children scared me from the out door family pool, and the lap pool was far too desolate. Then there was the 98 degree pool for adults only. Sometimes warm pools can be overly scarey for all those that wish to sit......

In keeping with the ying and yang, some people believe that clearing your throat from the bottom of your gut, and then spitting it into the catchbasin is acceptable. HOLY SHIT NO IT'S NOT!!

But then of course you have the warm and horny lovebirds that enter the waters, and insist on sitting next to you. It is once again a great thing to have the happy-go-lucky-and-take -anywhere-stalker-sister to tell happy horny lovebirds to "get a room", of course noting that she wouldn't be too far out of line to say that, since that would be the reason they would be visiting in the healing hot waters anyways. But you can not stop there... it is imperative that the stalker sister then point out that they are making fools of themselves, and all the people that are sitting in the pool are staring at them, and are also not impressed with their virtual love making practices.

Sing me a leaf song.

Hey wait... what the heck is this... if you look nice and careful, you will notice oblongs blobs amidst browny chunks. These would be the spawning salmon. Although to look at this you might think it was me experimenting with my art kit again.
This is leafmud season... where Mother Nature insists she's still in charge, and upon her command has the ability to remove the withering leaves from their hosts. She summons the wind, and as it takes hold, the wind manages to catapult the leaves into the air. Just as the leaves get a hang of their new found freedom, a nasty thing called gravity and poor aerodynamics send them spiraling down to the ground and heaves them onto the roadways, where we insist on driving over the newly arranged orange carpet, and turning them into leafmud.
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Good or not good?

Here's something that all those mechanicey people would want to know. Toyota Forerunner had a recall on their head gasket things, so I happened to find out. The husbandman found this out yesterday, by his mechanicman friend. The husbandman was told that it was up to 180,000 kms. I read later in the evening that it was for any year vehicle.

I suggested to the mechanicman that we could put all the parts and pieces in a couple of my many trillions of shopping bags and tow the car over to Toyota. I said that I would number the plastic shopping bags if that would help. I am overly helpful somedays, although for the moment, the mechanicman has not taken me up on the offer.

He seems to know what he is doing, so I will leave the happy model building man at his station.

The cutter, the edger, and the slapper.

I went scrapbooking with "the Debbie's" last night. That was an adventure. Before I even left the Pip told me that I had to be back before her bedtime. "Wrong Pip, wrong" I said to her. Fortunately she left the mechanicman's and mine bedroom to tell me this, which gave me the opportunity to go into the husbandman's side drawer and steal the rosebud's (swirly cheap chocolate type thingys, but nonetheless delicious, almost kind of!) he had just bought the night before. Score for me and the Debbie's!

I packed all of my equipment in the new bag that I got when I purchased the husbandman some cologne back in the summer time. Of course I picked the cologne based on the type of free gift bag that I was going to get. It's sort of a duffle bag thing, but it's great for holding all my scrapbooking crap when I walk down to "the Debbie's". It worked out well last night... as it was just PISSING out. Normally I would drive the five houses down the street, but with the vehicle a little under the weather at the moment, I had to use my own power... it's just the rain that is ick. It is on nights such as deep dark rainy nights that the bears come to visit, not that I would think that is a bad thing...I would just be pissed that I would get caught up with a bear in the dark, minus the camera. All the same, the duffule bag did a good job of keeping things dry.

I hadn't done any scrapbooking in so long, I had to reaquaint myself with my scrapbooking crap, right down to the pictures. But once I got started, I was slapping things to together. Only kind of slapping... as I wasn't into gluing last night apparently. The Debbie's amused me with their cutting and edging. I stick with corner rounding... it's my thing. Clean lines, combined with colour. It's very simple.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The fire starter

I sent an email to the boy's teacher today. It explained the facts as to howcome I was NOT interested in building chocolate chip cookies with the boy at home, since he missed the 'DEMO' of building the cookies in class with the "foods" teacher. The foods teacher told me three times over that they have policies in place for missed demos. When she was about to tell me for the fourth time about the policies, I interrupted her and said I had gotten it on the first time around. If the kids miss the demos, they are not allowed to cook, it's that simple. I stated to her that the boy was on a school based field trip that day, and I don't believe that he was allowed to miss out on that either. The tiny but very perky sounding "foods" teacher told me that her sole job was to teach foods, and she didn't have anything to do with any of the other parts of the program. ANYTHING. Yes, I was figuring that out rather quickly. That is when I sent an email to the "core" teacher, and explained my "riff" to her. Someone is lacking in some communication somewhere, and the end result is that the process that was missed has to now fall on the backs of the parents to complete. I don't think so!

I am thinking that I am going to watch the boy make a milkshake, and observe his fine technique involved in that process.. and detail those observations on the sheet provided for the parent to complete at home about their child... I don't know about you... but that boy of mine has the ability to obtain a fair level of EXCELLENCE in chocolate banana milkshake making. The "foods" teacher detailed to me about the fact that it isn't the END RESULT of the chocolate chip cookies baking, but rather the PROCESS. So, when it comes to ticking off the texture portion of the assignment.. once again that boy will range in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE catagory.

I don't need to borrow a light... I am pretty good at starting fires all on my lonesome!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

wandering around the world...

Me, the rainhater girl of the world.... is out traveling the globe under the cover of clouds, that produce RAIN!!!! I have managed the past couple of days, and I have not melted. I am most impressed with myself. Although... the clouds look greyer now than they did earlier... ick.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How's that speech working for you?

As I make my way around this world I meet all kinds of interesting and diverse characters. I am ultimately intrigued by the decisions that people make for themselves, and ultimately the end result of their decision making. I am currently undertaking the great wonders as to howcome people insist on peircing their tongues. Why is that?

I mean, I know as a mother I worked hard at assisting both of my chicklets to speak in regular boring english. (Although for a great many years I never corrected the boy when he used the word "video". He always called it a "bideo", and that was just too damn cute to correct. Of course there is the term that the girl used for a number of years instead of the word "breast", somehow she had come up with the word "elbows", with precision enunciation, and I just couldn't correct her. I figured she would eventually learn, and she has).

Many years of speech therapy poured out for kids, and they end up with their tongue pierced. Nice.

My trusty assistant.

I have had the interesting adventure of going car shopping. It's a highly annoying undertaking to say the least. Smiley faced fellows who are happy to shake your hand and spill out their knowledge of cars, or not.

Fortunately for me I have had the good sense to bring a weed wacker with me. This helps to keep the overly wordy weedy enthusiasts at bay. I just turn it on, and the wordy sales guy get all chewed up, and spit out across the parking lot. It's all true.

The weed wacker also doubles as "the stalker sister". A very handy service I do say!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A field trip to Burnaby Lake

Neat tree sitting in the sunlight, calling to me to snap a photo.
Pausing to feel the peacefulness of the surroundings, it was assignment, they had no choice!
A blond Canada Goose
The boy, and his favourite buddy from elementary school to his left, and further ahead in the centre of the photo.. the boys newest buddy in class. These three were inseperable. Interesting thing is... the buddy to his immediate left is a girl, who he has gone to school with since he was three years old.
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Other things of interest:

This would be my extreme talent... taking a picture sideways. Yes, I will accept your applause and exclamations of wild admiration. Of course while I was waiting to take another shot of the surgical theatre I turned to my little buggy that I used to play with when I was a girl. The little wooden crib was found by my Dad, who had a great knack for finding things and dragging them home.. of which... somehow that trait has rubbed off on me, much to the husbandmans unhappiness. He has SPACE issues.
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