Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

On the list of things to do today:

  • DARN it all anyway... I have to go out for lunch! How nice is that!
  • I WISH to cut and sew the girls MayDay dress TODAY.
  • How does laundry always make it on the list?
  • Write and mail some letter to the Mayors!
Let me see... the easiest and simplest of tasks will be undertaken....

In other things:

That JimmyDean son of mine surprised me by playing a new song on the piano... get this..."A whole lotta shakin goin on... by wait... what's the name of it...I can't think of it this second.... but it's a zippy little number with big piano in it.... YOU know the one! (I guess I will have to get back to you on that).

I was down at the bear location... and the park manager guy and his wife have retired... now there will be replacement lodge keepers... I would love to live down there... must remember to ask the husbandman if we can go live down at the lodge, amongst the bears... deer, beavers and coyotes... it would be kinda cool!

OH... my friend Kim and I were talking... we decided that we do not want to know of ONE MORE person leaving on a plane to go to either Hawaii or Mexico. We are not interested, we don't want to hear it, we just don't care. WE have decided that we are the only TWO families left in CANADA that are not going anywhere! (EVER!) It's a good thing I got those passports!

In other even more useless details that make me chuckle! My boy wrote on my facebook status a while back that popcorn was my crack. I think he was right. I love the stuff... can't get enough of it. Now that I have given up the "white death" as I LOVE to call it... (breads, pastas, rice (all kinds!), noodly things, crackers, sugar, cakes, cookies, well... almost anything that is delectable!)... my most precious moments of happiness is my popcorn! I can add to anything I wish... and if I wish for olive oil and parmesean cheese... then so be it! So yesterday... I am driving home... with the girl... and I make a pitstop to collect some gas which is 11 cents cheaper.. when I decided I can not drive for ONE MORE second if I do not get my beloved popcorn! So I bought a bag of "old dutch" premium white cheddar popcorn.... and got my fix. I am so addicted. I didn't give a FAT CRACK ass how many chemicals it had in it... at least I had my fluffy whitestuff!

My boy-son JimmyDean asked the question of "what if the kernels were of semi-mediocre qualtiy with only occasional kernels popped"... is there such a popcorn? Yes, I told him... the popcorn gets ground up and added to rice cereal, and we feed it to our babies, as their very first food... and that is how the popcorn addiction really starts.

BUT you know... after this chemicalized bag of popcorn comes to an end... I might have to re-invest in such can not duplicate this taste by simply plugging in their hot air popcorn maker. Perhaps I will go to the hardware store and buy some industrial strength chemicals for GAWD knows what, and add that to my popcorn... I think only then will I have mastered this old dutch taste!

Well... must run!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

oh me oh my

So, yes about that disappearing act.

I am still me.
Husbandman spoke to me the other day, AGAIN!
The handsome one Gramericason has been renamed: Jimmy Dean.
That is my answer to that.
The Fussilina is still Fussilina Pipenza girl.
BECAUSE she is just so beautiful.
That's why.

So far the handsome one has taken to the name Jimmy Dean. It's just such a great name, one that Mr. Jimmy Dean owns very well.

I had an email conversation with his math teacher. I very politely asked/suggested that she does not call attention to Mr. Jimmy Dean, as that is an open invitation to walk right up onto center stage with a red carpet and all. She complained to me that with his antics he tends to turn the class upside down, or something like that. I suggested that she just not speak with him, or give him any notice.... that way his opening statement to her couldn't be (in his deep showman voice)... "but Ms. Cho, I was discussing mathematics here with my friend...." Mr. Jimmy Dean has relinquished some of his behaviours to me. I pity the poor woman for putting up with him.

In things that are not a shock:

His report card from the "rockschool" teacher... "an excellent musician, and an enjoyable student to have in class"

I bet the math teacher just might SPIT at the music teacher if she found out!

The PIPPY had a LINE stolen out from under her in the play "annie". She was heart broken and in tears... (OK... for a girl... this girl doesn't spill many tears....)... AND AND AND... when she got into the car the other day, with a heave and a sigh she told me the sad tale. SHE EVEN went as far as used her hands to talk as well... now as far as I know ... it's only me and Jimmy Dean that use our hands a lot when we talk. BUT THE FUSS... not so much. BUT because the little chickster is just so KIND... she said that she didn't wish to upset the applecart, and she was certain that "they" had taken away her "5 seconds of fame" where she was the only one singing on stage at that moment, for a reason. I gave the PIPPY DOLL an extra hug, squeeze, bite and a punch for that amount of level headedness.

I still need to put together a dress.
I still need to hand out all the Cancer Donation kits.
I still need to write a bunch of letters.
I still need to book some transportation.... and such....
Colouring my hair is now in question.
The lawn is growing, and in need of repair.
I'm out of coffee.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guess what!

  • I love love love drinking coffee out of my very favourite cup that my friend gave me!
  • I believe some of the frizziness is growing out of my hair!
  • The husbandman spoke in sentences to me...!
  • I have been doing some daily visits to bear central!
  • I haven't seen any bears!
  • My laundry is piling up!
  • and I don't care!!
  • It's almost time to take the snowtires off!
  • AND get the spring flowers on the roll!
  • AND figure out what the lawn is in need of...
  • AND try and persuade the mole to leave our backyard
  • Maybe find some new pants.
  • Hopefully have some success with that.
  • Dig out my pressure washer! (love love love like the coffee cup!)
  • Spend some time with my resistance bar thingy.
  • Figure out where to put my FOUR black bags for both my stroke groups.
  • Back to watching the eagles on Live! TV, and Lily the blackbear....
  • Maybe it's just time for me to do the laundry...
  • Must charge my ipod/muscial maker thingy.
  • Resist calling telus to adopt an iphone!
  • Sign the papers to seal the deal on the taxes that are done!
  • BUT first.... I best start with another cup of coffee....
  • BECAUSE I love my coffee cup...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Annnddd... something messed up.

I wrote a quick little story the other day,... and it is not here.. where could it be....?

Down at the bear location where I like to be??

I saw a regular with his camera in hand...

Riding along and searching the land.

He has not seen them, but knows they are there...

Soon to be falling out of the hidden groves, for all of us to oogle and stare!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What what...

What the heck?

Why do I disappear somedays....?

I am charging camera batteries that's why.

TALKING to little lady pip,

AND listening to the boy play his abundance of music.

WHO can walk away from that sort of thing?

Not I I say.

I finally got the thumbs up on the chicken sale. Not that I was going to do anything special with it.. I just wanted some chicken...

Monday, March 08, 2010

Get this!

 So today.... somebody asked me my weight.... and in a fit of laughter and excitement I revealed the actual number, and not a virtual number. It was quite an exciting adventure says the little bit less fatter lady!

OH, and in other big word adventures.... here's a fun something:

" I made a mistake.

When baking a cake.

I heard my mom start to yell.

When she hear the firebell.

Then I knew I was in trouble.

When my house turned to rubble."

This poem brought to you by "the pip"... congrats pip on a great poem!

It all started with a ...


However..... Mark Madryga & Kristy Gordan have warmed us otherwise....

The day will not be so blue for long....

I love blue skies, it doesn't matter if I am subjected to the foreboding of grey coming my way....

Coffee's done, and say yes to the dress is on... now that is a good way to start the day, beneath the blue skies!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What's in the bowl Deanna?

red peppers
water chestnuts
mini corns

AND I put some in the husbandmans bowl too.

Because I am generous.

The PIP eyed the shrimp, and the other various colours, she thought it was pretty.

The BOY ran away screaming, which is why he gets the multivitamin.

So that is how it is on this lovely Wednesday early evening.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


OK spring... spring already.

I must get my camera out of its bag, and back into my hands.

It quite potentially could be BEAR season!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Wasn't that a party!

Wow... those Olympics are done!

A contender in the medals department.

Canada did an amazing job at collecting them.

I am thinking that Vancouver did a fine job of hosting them.

I visited the big city, but really saw nothing.

Loved the energy.

So glad to have seen it!

Whatever it was that I saw...