Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Feel the freedom;

School is done, and locked up tight.
Now the kids can be up late every night.
Time is not an issue, as our clocks will no longer exist
We will remove our watches from each or our wrists.
Clean clothes and lunches are no longer a worry
No longer do I own the words "C,mon we need to hurry"
The rules have changed for the summers events
I am in charge of the time that computers and games will be spent
The choice to play, read and think will be priority one.
They of course will say that is no fun.
It's just a little experiment that I plan to put to the test.
This change for all, is for the best.
I want them to feel the day, as each hour unfolds
and how each day will bring them their own pot of gold.
I want to get up and be able to decide.. where will this day take us,
and what direction will we go for a ride.
So diligence on my part, to stick to my deal,
and not cave when the behaviour is unreal.
Not so much the boy, although he is addicted to all his electronic toys
It's the girl that will be the issue, and her howls will bring me no joy!
Without the competition of TV's, playstation controllers, and computer games,
The kids will actually listen, when I call their names....
As our summer unfolds we will hunt for our summer kingdom,
And rejoice in the moments that WE will all feel the freedom.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Walking in all kinds of directions;

This morning I took my new runners for a walk out on the dyke. It was just me on my lonesome, I couldn't convince any other part of the family to come with me... and that didn't include the dogs, they were not invited. I will thank the Big Guy for my amazing (and yet uneventful) adventure. I can't figure out why the person on the horse could not make it move, or the lady with the regular looking sandals wore the ridiculous black socks.. or how come the man on the bike was not going to answer questions until they got to the park, as stated by him, and overheard by me. Now this puzzled me... am I to go the park to ask questions, or have them answered...? I almost spoke to someone while walking...(other than helloing people) only because she cut in front of me to run past me.. I almost turned and sniped back, (as my new runners forged on, good thing)...walk like you drive !!!... But then I would have to assume that she could drive.. and from what I witnessed she looked like she was just having trouble running ! Maybe she wasn't sporting new runners, or her underwear didn't fit... anyways I just kept going. As I continued throughout my day.. I ended up at Safeway. My runners had taken me a number of places.. but that isn't part of this story. So, I am just about to unload my groceries... and this vehicle want to park next to me... so I push the cart forward.. and the vehicle backs up.. and then moves over a bit, parks, opens their doors.. and they proceed to leave. So I am staring at the man and woman that get out of the car.."oh, did I leave you enough room" she asks, "yes, fine" I say... as I continue to watch her every move.... She is clearly looking at me if I am nuts, and the look is reciprocated.... because, what is she leaving in her locked up tight car, on a beautiful hot Sunday afternoon, but two black poodle's IN THE VEHICLE. So I stand there, in silence and watch her hussle away... my feet are getting hot in my new runners... (I have no collar on my shirt today).... So now I am hugely pissed, once again... some stranger adding grey hairs to my colour treated grey haired head. Do I walk away in silence... or do I follow her... my runners were uncertain of a RATIONAL decision... so I slowly put my groceries away.. and then I decided to leave her a note. I thanked her for being considerate about leaving me enough room... but then I asked her to be considerate of not leaving her black dogs, in a sealed vehicle, in the sun on a hot day... now that would be considerate.. oh, and by the way... her front right tire was flat.... and then my runners would not let me leave. I decided to wait and see how long she was gone for... I would say... she was gone for about 10 minutes... and then I saw her coming out of the store.. as she walked up to a mysterious note on her windshield... and that's when my new runners stepped on the gas and took off... because as you know.. I was parked next to her...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Why is that I do what I do???

I took my three kids to Tae Kwon Do.. well I only have two, but the third is our good friends.. and she just comes along like she's one of mine... besides I like her... she listens. Anyways, I went to a Black Belt Ceremony this evening. Interesting. I wan't invited, and the kids had to sit through the testing... which was a bit boring... nothing like when my boy first started TKD....anyways, I wanted them to watch the ceremony.. which made me tear up... just the simple words that Master Lee spoke of: your are my son, you are my daughter...and rat ta da ta ta .... and they had to sit on the floor... (NO CHAIRS!!! I DON'T DO FLOORS...) anyways, the parents were invited, and the Black Belts had to do some kind of bowing down, and their face touched the floor, like they were kissing it.. and I wondered to myself.. what are these blackbelts saying in their heads... that "everyone is staring at my behind.. and I am not saying some chant/prayer, but worried about my ass sticking up !!!!" (I was confused about this, and at least had the tact to not ask). All the same, it was interesting, and I wanted my oldest to see it.. because I see my oldest as someone who will become a Black Belt one day.. (not tournament material.. but rather the discipline and self-respect that grows inside) and these fellows (and one girl) are just people that I would like my son to be associated with. And that was it, they all went off to some restaurant for a feast, and we went to Dairy Queen. Raw Raw us!!!

I know why I am grey... but why the dogs???

Well,little Miss Elp came to me this morning in the bathroom... and she sheepishly walks up to me, her eyes still heavy and her little pads all wobbly on the bathroom floor(she was fresh and cozy from a nights sleep in her wicker basket with the mint green ruffled baby blanket liner) .... I wrapped both my hands over her face, and scratched her on the nose. This little piece of affection made her tail wag.. but then again.. just saying her name makes her tail wag. So I took a good look at her... why do you have grey hair I asked her... her tail wagged. Hmm... typical answer coming from you I thought. Her name is L.P., short for Little Pup, and she is a German Shepherd.. she probably has something else in her.... like cat genes... but she looks exactly like a shepherd. We found her on Father's Day, or more like, she came to live with us on that day. Since that time, I have decided she is the oddest dog I have ever come to own. She is more like a cat. So, without delay, I started calling her catdog.. her response.. her tail wagged. She plays with balls with bells, chases string, sleeps on the couch and bed whenever she has the chance, sits on your lap, doesn't like to eat people food, if she could catch a bird she would, and follows you everywhere, she also has a bedtime... and we send her to her basket to go to sleep, otherwise she runs around the house. The only thing she doesn't like is when you try and pick her up. That's when she turns into a nervous nellie, and makes her self very heavy... and skitters away. So, is this what has turned her grey???? Perhaps she is worried about which one of her idiotic human friends will try and pick her up at any point in the day? How is it that dogs go grey... they don't worry about money, employment, a roof over their heads, finding that special partner in life, family planning, returning to her before married size let alone pre-children size, advanced education, raising children, the environment, communicating effectively with others, or better that, offending others with their own dog-talk, who will care for them when they are old, do they have a retired savings plan, their investment IQ, whether they have friends or not, they don't even care who their parents were !! I think maybe she is just grey simply to do with the fact that she is a dog mixed up with a cats mentality... now that is something to go grey about. D.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Everythings ready to blow !

Schools just about done. Heads up for those unaware that there are going to be kids running and screaming everywhere.... the streets are not safe ! Drive in the school zones... you know nobody will be wandering around!! The last week at school has been a nightmare....stay up really late.... don't eat any of the dinners that you have had layed in front of you... because it has been too hot... get up late... maybe eat breakfast with your eyes closed... (that's because your mother dressed you while you were asleep, and made you sleep walk to the table), arrive at school to accomplish mundane tasks of "cleaning".. isn't that what Mothers are hired to do? All of the activites have wound done... Baseball, Piano... even the Tae Kwon Do classes have been shortened.. or is the shortened attention span of the kids that has worn thin on the Master... anyways, he wasn't even their tonight... there's no more playtime with friends after school---because they are all sick of being stuck in a classroom with each other for the past ten months. To top it off, school (for us anyways), doesn't end till Tuesday... a lot of parents failed to read that notice... because a number of them are blowing this post for a new location called "summer vacation". So in jubilation of official summer time... off I went today and bought new tires for our old (14 yrs) vehicle... now these tires were not looking to good.. they looked like they had been driven to one too many Baseball Fields.... aaannnnd...... speaking of treads... I bought some new runners... because the olds ones had blown an air pocket... so, let's have a recap... tires on the truck ready to blow, I went to the dentist today and thought that he was going to blow his drill through my cheek there for a little while, old runners blown, parents have already left on summer vacation, those children left at school are ready to blow in anticipation of summer vacation... oh, and my hose blew the other day. I am glad I do not live in a balloon.
Enlightened thoughts on a dull day.

The Sun has Quit Shining !!

The clouds have hunted us down..... and have remained steadfast all day. As I was out and about today... people's spirit were brighter; even on our dull day. And that's a good thing. I ventured to the bottle recycling place where I can swear the people there are possessed. But not today... they were actually nice, they actually didn't care that I didn't have things sorted.. they even went as far to help AND say have a good day. Now that I recall everyone I came across today was nice.. how easy is that ???

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Last word; embrace the rainbows in your life, the colour will help you to grow.

Kids come first:

So, this grounding thing... it's been a week. I was going to cave, based on the fact that the boy really is a nice sweet kid; and those deep blue eyes with the long lashes don't help me either. I am sure anybody would take him! Now, I did catch the boy mouthing some kind of words to me... nothing that I can lip read... but I have not relented with the no playstation, television, or computer punishment... and I love him more for it.. so this week his room is totally tidy. He cleaned it up tonight... non-stop ( he even stole my new fan in the process he was working so furiously !)...and further to that: that fan was bought today basically to save my neighbours frog... which I am looking after. It was dropped off yesterday afternoon.... looked fine.. and then I think he got a little hot sitting on our countertop. So of course today I decided that I couldn't be responsible for killing my neighbours frog... because I don't think she really likes me even on a good day.. so I immediately thought a fan (that came with a remote control!)would be the answer to all the frogs problems... and mine. But now.. at this hour... myself and the frog are fanless. NO worries, although I drive in the front seat... I will take the backseat for the children.. ! if only I can get that fan back !!

So, this is what all the fuss is about... a running side kick to break the board... or rather a giraffe snaggled in some branches... with an audience !!

Well today is certainly not this !!! It's blue blue blue out there... and very hot too boot. So, after living for the past 11 years in our little home... I finally bought a fan !!!

Dark and Murky:

There was once a time when I would wake up... and not even consider the thought of coffee. Now there isn't a moment when I can think of an excuse not to have coffee. Is there a reason why I love to drink black water? You know if I was passing a pothole... and saw black murky water.... ooohhh yuk, would be the first thoughts from me... But to see it neatly in a cup, not only do I want to drink it, but I want to add cream to it as well.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Without obligations...

For the first time in a (seemingly)large number of months, the clothes are folded AND put away. Yes, it's true. Of course that does not include the ones that are still in the washing machine waiting to be washed, those are automatically excluded due to the fact that they still have dirt attached to them. Secondly I am not including the "unknowns".. meaning the pieces of laundry that are lost in people's bedrooms......well of course there is already "tomorrows" clothes that will arrive in the morning, I'm not counting those either. Laundry magically appears.. and why is that?? Is it because of our obligations to other matters in life that divert our attention? Why is it that laundry consumes much of our thoughts..... somedays I judge how good my day has been in accordance to the amount of laundry I have tended to... along with the other errands that happen in life,... but don't seem to count, or get forgotten. I was at work for the greater part of the day, picked up kids, took one to physio, vacuumed, did dishes, kind of made dinner, collected and took out the recycling, practiced the piano...and for the first time in a long while.... there was no more baseball. Hence; the grand fold unfolded before my eyes ....and why.... without obligations.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


A day WITHOUT.... blogging, televisions, Playstations, computers, hissing about practicing the piano, staying indoors. Unbelievable.... and we are all alive today even though they went without this yesterday. Unbelievable... I am going to have to ground the boy for the rest of his life.... he actually listens, and I thought he had a hearing problem. He is actually willing to help accomplish tasks... and I thought he was just being defiant. I think perhaps my boy acting like a little shit the other night was the best thing that happened to him..... because taking everything he loves to do away from him... is actually making him do more... and he is still alive to boot. But, now I have the girl to contend with.....and that's a whole new paragraph. D.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

There's something about stupidity that I can't stand !!!

So, off I go to TKD, only 2 kids to night. The girl was a bit growly about going, but once we got their.. she disappeared into the gym. There, done. But then the boy... took over my "eyesight". Tonight he was the highest belt in the class. But of course he failed to realize that he was also required to act his rank, and perhaps even better maybe his age. That's where things came to a crashing halt. The little shit persisted on talking, and talking and talking, oh, and did I mention that he talked the whole way through class. So, if he wasn't talking, then he wasn't even paying attention, and if he wasn't paying attention, then he wasn't even kicking correctly (well he never kicks correctly... lets just say bothering to kick at all) is more the term. I stood up waved my finger to smarten up... They had a 2 minute water break and I waved him over to me.. I was the only parent there.. I was even evil enough to say to him, that he was acting very offensively (STUPID!!!!!...but I didn't say that to him), and he needed to stop. I told him, knock it off, pay attention and act responsibly. So lets get that straight I said to him:

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.......Yes that's right.. That's what I said to him exactly... which is exactly how he behaved. I was livid.. furiously livid... disgustingly furiously livider..... I think I even had the black belt fellow who was teaching the class very frightened of me !!! So we get in the car.... and first things out of my mouth... no playstation, no television, no computer. Boom. Done. I am the evil one. Stupid stupid behaviour.... which come with stupid stupid consequences... 2 weeks worth of consequences... well, it's a good thing that the scholastic book order came in today... he certainly will get a lot of reading done.

Now lets recap the day.. I had a lesson in weed killers, which I will never even buy again... I guess I bought them by mistake the first time... nor should anyone buy this stuff.!!!!! Then I finally invested in a laminant floor mop (it's been 2 years now that we have had our floor... and I am just thinking about this now... )... I used other methods of cleaning. Of course that was quite silly, because today as I started to mop.. man was I happy. It was almost a pleasure to clean these floors !!!! I better not type that too boldly... someone might find out. Then the nephew came over... all hands on deck... all hands on deck... now this kid is a destroyer... you have to keep your eyes peeled on this little guy. ( So I quickly finished cutting the front lawn.. before the house started sinking ). Oh, then I cleaned out the kitchen sink... I was trying to see how high I could stack our dishes in just one sink.... while leaving the other sink empty !!! So, a rather odd game, didn't last long.. fixed that little psychotic problem ! Vacuumed everywhere, cleaned the bathroom, didn't have to do the boys laundry (yea... it's been three days now)...oh back up... cut the back lawn until the lawnmower ran out of gas... walked away from that problem.. I just hate filling that little tank.. I am notorious for spilling the gas.. no matter how careful I am..... then the sis came to pick up little nephew... no disasters today... we were lucky.... off to get the kids... oh, and then the boy had a hair cut... I am going to have to stop going to that place... the people are weird. Yes, let's leave it at that. Just weird. The boy ended up with more hair around his face, than off his head... I said to him he needed a shave !!! The girl needed to be fed when we got their..she was almost psychotic that she needed food so bad... so I got her a subway sandwhich... they're on special on Tuesdays.. so I got one for boy ....he'd be hungry in about five minutes anyways... a couple of bites into the sandwhich... her personality changed... for the better... put a smile on my face. Once home, with happy people, and short haired people... I decided to kind of gut my laundry room.... got lots accomplished... but then had to leave to go to Tae Kwon Do.... and it went down hill from the their.. no point rehashing that scene.. but now, it is 9:42... the boy is at the table colouring some scooby doo pictures.. he has two weeks marked off on the kitchen calendar... this might work... but it's only the first day. He might even start to listen after today.....

Monday, June 14, 2004

Although we are closing on with Summer the last couple days around here are cold enough to be winter... when this was taken... the blueberries in the winter time.

Success, at last....

Some days this computer land is quite amazing... I have been fighting with buttons the last couple days... I wanted to add a picture in this thing... I just couldn't figure out how to do it.. and I kept on fiddling with it until I figured it out !!!!
The girl was with me when I took the picture below... she was in love with this lovely shaggy animal... the odd part is.. she's an absolute carnivore... every day at dinner she wants to know where her meat is.. and when will it be coming.... or why do I not have any meat for her today. I'd think she'd take the timeto become a vegetarian, because she absolutely loves Tofu as well. Is it okay to love both... ???? How can you love a bean as much as you can love a cow.. when the husband brings the "meat" in from the BBQ, the first question out of her mouth is "Is that my cow... is it cooked, and can I eat it all? Thata girl.
The Boy had his last ball game.. can't say I'm sad... what do you do when he stands one third base and quietly sings to himself, does a jig, catches a ball, throws it back, and then continues to sing and gaze at the colours and formations of the clouds... ummm boy, we're playing in this field tonight son... I call out to him. One day he'll get it together.. I hope !

I wonder if this is what my girl dreams of at night? Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Deed Has Been Done:

So, it's the end of the day... and the kids are asleep... the dogs are locked in their designated spots, without a peep. I sit alone in the kitchen, and pluck away at these keys... nattering away at whatever I please.
So I've decided that Costco is the place that keeps me connected with odd people... as I walked along, this women and I had a conversation about life in parking lots.. and as we entered Costco we went our separate ways. Then... it happened again.. I had a box of chips (the stuff in the goodie bags type, for the girl's birthday party)anyways, I wandered up to the checkout with my one lone box. So the lady in front of me looks at me, then looks at my lone item ... and then immediately averts her eyes in another direction... the whole time I willed her to look back at me... I almost thought about waving my one box at her, and just say HI. It's nice to be nice to people who going out of their way to not be nice to you. So I waited........ think nice thoughts, think nice thoughts, think nice thoughts... I said to myself as I stood in line... maybe the lady doesn't know about courtesy items.. you know the quick dive in front with the one item... but the invitation has to come from the person who is the person at the head of the line.. so it never came... and poof... all of a sudden a costco girl opened up the line right beside me... and I never saw it coming... so there I was, next in line to buy my one box of chips.. as I walked past the lady still in line... I smiled, and waved my box of chips...
The girls party went very well. I am glad it is done. Well except for the fact that almost everyone showed up at about 1:15..... I am certain that the two invitations I wrote out had 1:00 written on it. All the same... it's all about making the pink princess happy... and she kicked and punched and ran around and broke her already broken board... as they all did, and seemed to enjoy it. I have a feeling the only reason the kids actually come is so that they can take home a goody bag... now I'd like to know the person that invented these little numbers as I am sure has already lost their life... because I know there are many people around the world that would take this person out... if they knew who it was !!!!!! Why do we have goodie bags.... there has to be an answer/reason. A simple thanks is all it takes... do we then send a note back thanking for the goodie bag... and the goodie bag recipient then sends a note back.. when does it stop... before you know it.. we have posties all over the country running to peoples mail boxes with little envelopes... UPS people no longer carry parcels... but carry cute little cards.... I can see the stars crashing and galaxies colliding because of the goodie bag hassle. I wont be the first person to stop... I don't want all the kids looking at me as the evil mother that refused to follow the leader in this instance !!!! You know.. I have things to do.. but I am just not going to do them...because this is Sunday... and I don't do things that I am supposed to do on Sundays.... somehow I give myself a day off from obligations, and because it's now 1045.. and I have missed Real Renos.. and I love these two guys that are on camera... because they are so REAL! With a hug and kiss, and a whisper good night... See you in the morning as I shut both their doors tight. D.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Another Saturday in Paradise:

I survived another day at work. Nothing too extreme.. the phone was annoying, the people I worked with were great, I didn't have any hysterical departments calling me about useless notations about how things should be done. We even bought a bunch of 649's.... hey... instead of writing this I should be checking numbers... always in the wrong place ! Well, the boy is insistent that I watch some BC Mysteries show... I may learn something,.. better go..... Not a bad show... interesting to hear about CANADIAN history for a change.
I have decided that I am a friend loser. Not in the true sense of the words before me, but rather a person that makes friends... just to lose them. I have had so many people wander in and out of my life.. I am surprised I have kept the same husband for the last 13 years !!! I don't even want to begin to recall the friends/faces that I have said good-bye to. The last one just moved to Ontario.. I will never see her again. The next time I begin making friends with someone, I will hand out an application... where are your from.. and do you have any interest in leaving... if so... move on to the next person !!! The invention of this e-mail has been remarkable in maintaining a wirefilled friendship... Ontario has swallowed up a number of my pals... they eventually stopped writing/calling... but now.. these people are still at my finger tips ! Hooray ! There are some days that I just begin to talk.. and the fingers pound out stories and anecdotes that are simply... beyond help !!!
So, back to today.. and work. The moons must be in the correct positions for me right now.. because the wierdness factor that follows me... has simply come to a crashing hault. Which is highly odd for me... like I have written before I am the magnet of all magnets for wierd people finding me... if someone is out there and has a stupid question to ask... and I will say.. people do ask stupid questions... they will duck the 5 booths before them claiming "Ask the Stupid Question Here!!"... Noooooo, the will dodge the line and find me... although.. now that the memory is warming up.. I did tell a lady today in about a dozen different ways what time her husband would be back from his test. I wasn't quite certain how many times you can say... he left 15 minutes ago, and the procedure generally takes about 45 minutes, so he will be back in a hour. I am just not certain... how many ways can you tell a person the same information.. without it getting very confusing after a while !! I almost got confused.. that last time I did the math.. if you have 45 minutes and then you add 15 minutes.. it usually adds up to an hour... but maybe with all this new math now.. maybe it's something different !!! So I had a fairly boring day at work... I have decided that I will never quit my job... since I have been working almost every single Saturday since the invention of Saturdays.. I would probably breakdown, because I wouldn't know what to do with myself for the 12 hour portion of the day.... I could never go to the mall... because there would be lineups.. and I don't do lineups... someone with a fuse as long as mine... is not allowed to do lineups... I mean a millimetre is just that ... one millimetre.. and that is the fuse that I own. I tried exchanging it once... but of course ... their was a line-up.. and all the longer fuses were already taken.. there were just shorter ones left. So I knew to leave a good thing alone !!!! Besides... I think I have a longer fuse than my sister. That already is a good thing... Now that I have thought back on the day.. I have already claimed to have a good day.. it was the people around that I got to witness having all their wierd moments... since I am a people watcher and all.... (with a bit of a memory lapse issue !!) There was this kind of strange... no wait a minute, that's giving her too much credit, she was bloody strange... and with an attitude to boot. Some woman from Occupational Health and Safety came to fit the nurses with TB masks.. she was just so abrupt. She didn't get two words past me before I shut her down.. it was before eight in the morning, and she was barking out orders... I'm sorry, who are you again??? Of course that just frosted her pony tail !!!!
Interesting, I bought a bowl of "Hearty" chicken noodle soup from the, I guess, awful little coffee shop downstairs... I was kind of chuckling at lunch, as I peered through the yellow murky liquid to the bottom of the styrofoam bowl, and found one rotini like noodle, and a tiny chunk of chicken, my guess is, it got in their by accident.. or all the hearty soup eaters made it to lunch before me...those lucky people ! Maybe next week will be my turn for the hearty soup... today I could have saved my money, boiled up the kettle, and added... let me see what's yellow on our unit.. well orange juice would have worked... I'll have to remember that for next week.
Tomorrow is the girls birthday party. I sort of put together a party for her. The guest list was a bit of an issue. She has had the absolute misfortune this year in being a class that has evil little children in it. I want to know... was I that nasty when I was 6 and 7 years old... I couldn't possibly have been.. I mean I let people walk all over me now... and I am kind of old.. I probably didn't even notice when I was that age. Anyways, I let her invite the kids that she went to parties to, or that she talked about.. ok, so the kids came from the first list. I must have asked her 3,4,5,6,7,8... times... do you want to invite... @@#@#$%^... no, not her... no thanks. So now, I have had 2 cancellations, 1 mother that simply didn't give me an answer when I gave her another invitation... because I had to change the time, after I had given them the first invitation.. thank goodness for computers !!... and I haven't heard from one set of parents.. and the thing is... I had to give out invitations twice in one week... they had my phone number and e-mail.. and still no response. Oh, and the other is who she claims is her best friend in her class... she speaks Korean.. so do her sisters, so does her mother... so, I had to call and talk to her on the phone... which is silly.. because I can only count to ten in Korean... and tell you what a round-house kick is, or say thank you grand master for teaching us... I'm working on the limited Korean lingo here.. ... but then I started talking food.. and the mother new right away where it was that she was to go... I mean I was beginning to get desperate for party kids... I couldn't take the chance to lose another one.. I was even thinking of calling the Grand Master from the kids Tae Kwon Do school to talk to her !!! We'll see tomorrow if all my slow english speaking ways help... because of course I know that you can totally understand another language if you speak it really really slowly... !!!! oh,,, and I tried not to yell... that helps with getting the words to stick in your head... I can't wait one day to travel to Korea.. I am certain they will speak slowly to me and yell. I will pick it up in a matter of hours I am sure..... well, my day had been more than this, but this is all that I care to type about.. what I really want to do is go play my candle in the wind.. I photocopied the music today, so it is much smaller, since I have taken the bookshelf out of the living room, it is hard to attach the six foot long string of music to the side of the bookcase, and then balance the other edge of the paper on the sill of the door. Perhaps this complete brainwave will help. Over and out, D.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

My neck hurts...

I have just retyped all the info that could be spilled from my fingertips through the keyboard and onto this page..... just to not have it saved... a tad bit annoying... because my neck does not cooperate at this late hour... it apparantley is a bit tired.. and then decides to have a hissy fit about sitting here.... maybe that is telling me something... either I am a very bad typist... or I have been at this too long. Well, the chicklets are in bed... and I need to do a scholastic order, make some lunches, fold some laundry, set the coffee maker, decide what I am wearing to work tomorrow, and do a crossword puzzle (that is helping me keep my brain functioning adequately), and it is now 10 to 11. Hmmm......something isn't going to get done. I have had a fairly quiet day.. nothing odd to report... because on a daily basis something odd happens... I am still waiting for the Ocean Front Lottery to publish the winning tickets... because every year I purchase a ticket... just to win nothing.... you'd think I'd learn after a little while..... well, I have put off the inevidable long enough...

Other People:

I am most interested by the way people conduct themselves (via mannerisms), and their made up self-importance! I think I am missing the boat on that one! I am waiting for my important self to show up... in the meantime I will continue to wander through life, and enjoying other people's self-importance, while trying to dissect what it is that makes them think this as so. It reminds of a day at "Costco".. and sometimes I just don't think, I am positive it has happened to most people out there... anyways, I was standing in line, and then I thought Oh Crap... I forgot something... so I stepped out of my turn in the long never-ending lines at "Costco"... and as I left the line... I said outloud Oh rats.. forget it... so I turned my cart around.. and boom... the lady that had been standing behind me pushed her cart in front of what do you do???? I stood their, watching and waiting... just to see if she would back up... she saw me turn around... because I saw her... and yet... when I moved my cart back into line, she wouldn't move back..... I waited in amazement... I admired her self-control, and her importance, that she did not have to be a polite respectful person, that her time was far more valuable than mine... so.... I stood their staring at the back of her head... waiting to see if she would turn around ever so slightly.... it never happened. And that's when I knew she knew that she was being awful... so I wished the same with the rest of her day.... of course only in my head !!!

Birthday Parties:

I tell ya... putting together birthday parties is just too much !!! When does it end, when is it enough... I was wondering through the grocery store.. and thinking in my head... what is it that I need... where will I find it... and when I do will it be enough? The other side of the story is that people do not RSVP... is that a word from the past??? Do people not get it... I want to hear from them!! I think I've accounted for almost everything I need to do for the Party.. except the food.... pizza will work.. now it's a question if the little people will eat it!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

All in a day..

Hey, this is kind of great... a real life diary... my friend put me on to this... so I thought I would start now.. I should have started a diary/editorial many many moons ago, so today is as good a day to start. Rightnow I am waiting to see if I won something from the Oceanfront Home Lottery, clearly I didn't win the title of this lottery... so I am settling on something WAY smaller, much to my dismay. The website has toldme they would have winning numbers here by today... and here I am still waiting... you know I am the kind of person that would be dead if I was a cat. There is always something to be thankful for !! Well, since it is still early in the day, I have to go and find the kitchen table, fold the laundry, make dinner, con my 9 year old to practice his piano before we have to leave for his baseball game, and then find my wasy to his last piano lesson.