Sunday, May 31, 2009

And so what ... a Sunday evening version

  • Dinner... who needs dinner..? The big sandwich from Safe.way should take care of things.
  • Laundry detail comes after bear hunting.
  • Nothing like a psychotic "you better be running!!" phone call to the son as he arrives home late.
  • That there are dishes in the sink.... they are not mine ... so I am ignoring them now.
  • Someone has homework, which I am not interested in....
  • I wish I had some momentum to finish my book.
  • The dryer buzzer has gone off.... certainly I should behave in a Pavlovian way of some sort...
  • I have yet again forgot to get the boy some band aids for his feet.
  • I should appear like I care to accomplish my laundry goals for today.
  • If I feel numb....because I do....

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I have been having some trouble accepting the fact that my bear seeking days could quite possibly be over. Not because I have lost interest... but I simply thought that the bears had packed up and moved on. I hadn't seen one in maybe two weeks, it could be less, but with the ever so diligent failing memory it is hard to pinpoint the actual date and time of the last sighting.

Yesterday that changed. I saw one. In fact... I think it was fast bear ( you have to say it with a lilt, or in a whispery voice like I do, to get the full impact). It was only for a moment mind you.. I was traveling down the road with the camera in the on position as always... and there he was, crossing the road all swift and fast. I loved him.

And that was that. Five seconds of happiness.

I have been restored. OK.. semi-restored.
I woke up this morning and was unable to breathe, not as in a blocked airway kind of not breathing way... but in a cotton filled sky sort of way. I think I remembered not taking any vitamin C yesterday... which is howcome now I believe that I am stuffy for not taking it, but then again... there were not free floating snowballs flitting about under the blue skies as much as there are today.

Off to the vitamin cupboard I go.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And so what..... part 2

  • I haven't planted some left over plants... it will happen. I think.
  • The washing machine didn't run today. It did yesterday, and the day before, and probably tomorrow.. it deserves a day of rest.. kind of.
  • I tried to pawn off the boy's lunch with a twoonie.... it was hotdog and drink special today. No such luck, and I was required to build him the triple decker that he most enjoys... when he isn't forgettting about them in the bottom of his backpack.
  • That they boy will not have a bank account left when he is done paying for his NEW retainer (the current, and yet out-dated because he didn't wear it one) is no good & a new phone card, since text messaging the GF is his latest source of fun.
  • If the plans to tidy THE PIPS bedroom go undone... as they were only plans anyways...
  • If I continue to hang out on almost lonely roads staring off into fields.... eventually wildlife will bang into my car, as it really is a part of the natural setting.
  • If I forgot to buy apples, even thoughI have been past the produce store6 times inthe past two days.
  • on that thought... I will move on!

Monday, May 25, 2009

And so what...

  • If I should be doing the morning dash at completing my tasks before the group today.
  • If I fed my boy extra strength ibuprofen and sent him walking to school after his tail bone drop on Friday evening.
  • That a bunch of recycling is still on my laundry room counter, and it's recycle day today.
  • That I am still watching the Eagles next over in Sidney... even when the cruelest happenings in nature almost took two of them out, before they even left the nest.
  • that time is ticking and my hair is a fluffy mess.
  • That I yell at the boy's GF to get her chores done over the phone.
  • If I am still watching the eagles despite needing to leave....
  • I think I hear the recycle truck coming.. now that the recycling has made it to the front door.
  • I am clearing out recycling rather than focusing on a word problem for my group this afternoon.
  • If I'm an idiot... I think I like myself this way... the excuses just come quicker and faster!
  • If I dumped more dirt on my front lawn minus grass-seed... it will eventually find its way there...

Friday, May 22, 2009

The way it is ...

There is a systematic methodical approach that hovers over this home. It is NOT owned by me, but rather the husbandman. After this past weeks little tiny but potentially HUGE electrical fire that occured while driving on the roads of our fair city in the husbandman's beloved jeep... it has finally come to light the prioritizing of the homesteads improvements.

I had wished for the current 2nd bathroom to be prettied... for the PRINCESS that inhabits our home. Well, little does the PRINCESS know... but her project has been bumped. In reality... she will be lucky to note that the bathroom-PRINCESS-project was lucky to have made the list. Which it did... just not in the order as to my specifications... but rather the project master himself... the husbandman.

It's alright... I will remain my ever steadfast regular self... and gentley throw reminders that perhaps his home reno list isn't the be all - end all... certainly I will hypnotize him into believing that.

Meanwhile.... back at the ranch....

The Gramerica son is busily working on creating a song on his guitar. I am not even sure how he has managed to do it. He is busily thinking about the words that should go with it... which isn't a problem for him... as he doesn't take after his father in that regard.

The PRINCESS of the UNIVERSE is busy studying her wardrobe. She has been scrutinizing all of her items in an effort to pack the best of the best for her school camping trip to Timberline. She has rested easily that we have secured the details of her hair dilemma, and that has put her to some rest... now for us to pack her up, and carry her away....

The EAGLETS have still been monopolizing my time. Yesterday I almost called it quits, as there was far too much drama for this nature loving freak. I have come to think that Eagles are not as smart as we give them credit for... AT ALL. Maybe it was just me giving them credit..... but after watching them... they have been bumped down more than a couple of rungs on the ladder of life.

Over and out....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A pile high of

Scrapbooking supplies?


I cleaned off our bookshelf the other day... after the TE.LUS TV fellow had visited and left, and now I have a stack of books that need to be taken care of. Some of them are not real books... ONE of them is a cookbook. (I don't think so!). What am I going to do with that? I certainly wont use it! I need to find a way to make them disappear....

As for a pile of laundry... the little pile that has accumlated since yesterday will have to sit for another day... the city has turned off our water for the day. They were supposed to do this yesterday... and it didn't happen... lucky me!

I'm off into wonderland... gotta find me a cougar.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

so uhm ha.

75 dollars later for a new adapter for the laptop.

I didn.t do anything... it was the children, or should I say child. The SHE child that is. SHE stepped on the cord.... and thankfully only ruined the adapter, although she claims it wasn't her, I have been having some problems figuring out who the exact SHE child it was, since it wasn't the live version that takes up spaced in this home.

The bright yellow sticky note still stands... if the person that is touching the computer doesnt have the name DEAN.NA, then that person shouldn't be touching it. It has made life a lot simpler.

I went cougar hunting this morning, and I fell short on determination. I better go back to bear watching, at least I will have some success....eventually. I saw a momma and a eeny teeny single cub.

Monday, May 18, 2009

That's it for me...

The other day... FRIDAY to be exact the husbandman was off, as well as me. Well, I am always OFF on Fridays... , in the free work sort of things. I wasn't off, as in "get to have fun, kick back and do nothing...." sort of free from work. Who is....?

It was a nice day for a walk... and I was feeling a little blue that I hadn't marched along my merry way for a walk under the fresh blue skies. It's a good thing that sometimes I exercise patience, but that only happens sometimes... combined with luck of course.

Since it was a nice day... the husbandman listed off his endeavours... and I suggested that I join him.. since he loves me so much, and equally loves spending time with me... once every five weeks. He somehow agreed, or perhaps that semi-nod was a sneeze... anyways.. he didn't object when I opened the door to the jeep and hopped in. I can kind of hop now.. since I am taking a wack load of tylenol for arthritis... I seem to be able to move again.. it's a lovely feeling really. We headed up and over the mountain to get his head of hair cut. Perhaps that should be semi head... but that would be insulting to the love of my life now wouldn't it? Well, I like him anyways... despite the hair thing.... except I can't figure out why he needs to drive to the stupidest of locations to get the hair cut. There isn't any adequate shopping AT ALL. And when it takes all of ten minutes to get one's haircut... the wife should really have some good shopping available to cover those vaulable minutes of boredom. Luckily I had decided that I needed a banana. Not that the banana off the counter from the house would have sufficed.... since I had just bought it the day before.. but you know.. these banana crises's do happen... so off I marched to the Safeway.

The barber men are used to seeing me now... I am not afraid of them... although occasionally I ask if they have time for a wash and set....ha ah aha ha hahha.

OK... we leave the vast parking lot, and begin making our way to the mall. Next we were moving onto eyeglasses.... the husbandman is in need of eyeglasses.. now certainly a good wife that doesn't wear glasses should attend for this event. I mean.. how can a blind man pick out glasses?

We were a stones throw from the mall, sailing down a long and winding hill... and damn it... the stereo in the Jeep YJ Beloved-of-his-Life... (next to his LATEST boyfriend)...quits working. It was rather convenient... because I remember not enjoying the song...before I had a chance to figure out how to turn it off.... it did for me.

Then I noticed his controls turned off, and then he noticed that the controls turned off, and then he noticed that the whole jeep turned off, and for added effect we both noticed that there was smoke pouring from the steering column.

Wow... this is going to be inconvenient.

Luckily for cell phones.. he calls his favourite tow truck guy... but he's busy. Well now... there seems to be a semi-distant memory of that nice walk that I wanted to go on.. and now... I seemed to have a partner. I couldn't have talked this guy into a walk if I had added a million dollars onto the end of it, or added anything else that these boys tend to think of.... but we were... wandering along like the regular homeless folks through the city... crossing through parks, and taking short cuts everywhere. The only problem was I carrying a bag that looked way to new.. I even threw in a stop at a greenwaste & recycle container... except that I added to the container rather than retrieved articles.

And now... FOUR days later...the beloved YJ has been pushed into the garage.... (which I spent envisioning a family room with a jeep parked in it oddly enough)... with wires all spliced, replaced, rewired and wrapped.... AND two footstep shaped dents in the floor, where the husbandman has spent the last three days fiddling with coloured wires.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Not quite so...

I didn't quite finish the book yesterday as planned. I did however get the laptop back up and running, since the chicklets seemed to have destroyed the cord that supplies it with LIFE. I have now placed a little bright yellow sticky note on the front of the laptop...

"Please note... if your name is not DEANNA, then you should not be touching this computer"

This should put a stop to the apparent ambiguity as to who should and should not be using it.

So... that said... it makes it hard to enjoy surfing through the world with a cord stuck to your finger, so that the battery charges... AT ALL TIMES!

In that event... I promptly woke up last night at 02:50 am. hmm..... given the information that was handed to me yesterday, I promptly stalked my way to the livingroom window... because guess what...


The crazy neighbour two doors down... (as opposed to one door down, two doors over, or simply across the street....) informed me that he watched a bigboy saunter his way through the neighbourhood the night before last... so of course last night I took my turn.

While I huddled in the livingroom, I did finish reading my book.... so I got something accomplished... even if I didn't see the bear, which I am certain he had a festival of festivals around our neighbourhood last night... as today is garbage day...

OK... blue skies.... and a husband to's all good.

City of Thieves

A very good book... enjoyed it from start to finish... a bit gruesome here and there... but then when it placed in the middle of WWII, you have to expect that.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have to finish my book today.

It is very good... very very good....

Hopefully that will be ranked first on my to-do list.... after I come to my senses, which will be after the first sip of coffee, which hasn't happened yet.

I will have to buy some cream first, and then make the coffee... and not vice versa... as that never seems to work.

I must go and buy some fruit. I am OUT. I am going to go all exotic and wild today.. which means that I will purchase TWO types of apples. yes, settle down in the front row... the spectator in the second row needs someones head to splurp over.

Hoefully the laundry will have some success with finishing.

HOLY SHIT.. why is my computer thing whirling away... it's been going for quite a while. If it implodes while I am at my walking group....there's going to be fans lined up everywhere....

The Eagle thing is continuing... I am spending my computer waking moments staring at eaglets. Of course I missed the episode of where the mother flew off with an eaglet attached to her. I have to admit... I didn't think she did a tremendous job at detaching the eaglet.. which of course led to it's ... you know what.....I won't get all caught up in the hysterics and emotions that happened on "the chat" the day of the incident. As SAD as it was... this is nature. I learned this from an early age watching "wild kingdom" just before the beautiful Sunday dinner... and I had just seen a baby antelope be eaten... "kids.. dinner... it's roast beef tonight!!!!".... OK.. unka chunka... for some reason I am having a hard time swallowing... ANYWAYS.... watching these little eaglets flop around has been most interesting to me.

The TELUS TV man finished installing our wires and cables under the house in the "very scarey" crawlspace. I give it to the young guy that did it.... IN FACT... I watched him do his thing... and he reminded me very much of the very man that I share my life with. Yes people... I am a keen observer... and when the youngish guy very slowly and very neatly piled his pieces of equipment in a set location... and then took his coveralls off .. in the grass... I thought to myself... is this the husbandman reincarnated.... ( I better start doing laps!).... SO... this time I was ABLE to get TELUS TV because the youngish fellow was asked to do a job, and do it thoroughly... which is exactly what he did. I then quizzed him howcome the other fellow couldn't do it... "well... it was probably the 2nd worse job I have done in my job so far" he said to me... " I can see why the other guy RAN". On that note I gifted him with a remote that I had sitting around.. which I do not think I will use... and his eyes bugged out of his head when I showed it to him. He said he was just itching to get his hands on one.. and I told him ... "you just did.." He told me not to tempt him... on his way out the front door... I retrieved the "mini-computer" as he called it, and gave it to him. I am in the que for a new family room to be built, and then to purchase a new TV... and this could be a while... (Mind you.. now that ((boo-hoo)) the Canucks had themselves booted out of the playoffs), the home reno's might be stepped up a notch)... that said... the husbandman did say to me that he might just make this a jeep summer instead. S.I.G.H.

Well... must be off to the walking group... where there could only be two of us!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scheduled outage

I like that.

It's really a simple way out.

Yes... I couldn't make it... as I was having a scheduled outage.

What more is there to say?

I am prone to many scheduled outages... at randomly selected times mind you.


In other things that are slightly more important...

I would like to recognize those that are mindful of others today... "others" can be anything and everything.... so I am talking to you, and you, and you.....


My favourite eagles sites are keeping me busily steadfast and watching and loving it. Gee...odd for me....


I took myself out for breakfast today... and a walk, and a visit to the nursery, and somebear watching, and river seeking...all before 0900 this morning... had to make the most of the day... hope you were able to do the same....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Remember the $1.15? Well... today I have made another three dollars and thirty eight cents.

I rock!

Yes... ahem... now onto other things that I have been up to:

Bear Watching: epic failures the past couple of days. I grow through this almost every year. The big boys are out for a while, and they go into complete hiding! I wonder if mama walks her cubs away from the threat of the big boys... and then makes her way back into semi-civilization after she sends her cubs into the big green wilderness.

So strange.

Sending a TWO year old to go off and fend for themself.....``good luck sweet-heart... stay away from humans carrying tubular round objects & garbage cans...., see you in the blueberry fields.. and remember.... your home for the past two years, is not your home any longer... so don`t bother coming back... because you will not be welcome... love you... see you in the blueberry fields....sorta kinda....``

I think that is the conversation that must take place... because that is the way it really does happen....

In other things that happen....

It was Coquitlam`s garbage clean up day this week... I got myself some really great things... before the actual garbage men came and cleared them away.

ONE painted chair ( the boy is thinking that I have more furniture in my garden than plants)
A PERFECTLY thrown away wooden frame that can act as a shelf for the outside of the home.
TWO well worn garden gates, which purpose I have yet to come up with.
ONE triangular planter box, which is already been put to use.

AND.... one greatly eye-spied hands-on Made in Canada sewing machine cabinet, with sewing machine, and drawers. I really really really wanted it.... but I already have one... and I don`t even know what to do with the one that I have already got...

It was great fun junk collecting.... it`s a good thing I own a Mazda5... because many great items can be packed into a Mazda5... with very little hassle....

This brings me great happiness...

Fuzzy distractions

AND... just so you know... this is the same bear, as the one above..... you wouldn't know from the size of his face that he is as big as he is. I am never without my saying that follows me around the forests.. just because we can not see them, it doesn't mean they are not there.
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Pink distractions

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Good morning.

Morning morning morning morning!

That is what time of day it is....

The Princess Doll PINKED up Fussykins is standing next to me....

WAITING for me to take her to school.

She did attempt to go out on her own... but then she wandered back again.

So now it is my job to see her to the front doors of the school.

That Fussy Doll... what will I do with her......

Less than what I am going to do with my BOY that just rolled out of bed 10 minutes ago.

Oh the morning..... I'll just let it roll....

Friday, May 01, 2009

Hilarious serious.


I was reading another person's blog here the other day....

SHE inadvertently attached a link to her blog that has now given me access to view Eagles and their Eaglets.... so.. I might never be back!

Since I am ever so "link challenged"... it's called "" .... this should take you places!

In other things funny....

We went on a Casino adventure the other night.... it was not planned, nor was it thought of when I left the fact... when it was mentioned... I really didn't want to go... but guess what... why pass up the opportunity for a little casino fun... and when I am 103, and sitting somewhere looking out a window.. I will at least hopefully have the memory that even when I was too tired to make an effort, I still made an effort. There you go.

Anyways.. long story short... I managed to win $1400.00. It was nothing but incredulous dumb luck. I have seen others play HUGE amounts of credits on the slot machines, and get back what they put in.. I on the other hand was playing (my typical) penny machine, with 10 lines... so in an essance, it's considered 10 and 1. Not a huge amount to gain any returns on... but that was just it... it was a random jackpot.. and I was the recipient! The husbandman was for sure thinking that this will of course make my crazed self even more addicted to this "evil sport"... but nothing will change for me....however; that said.. I did raise the stakes the other night, and played some machines at twice, and three times my bet... so 20 and 30 cents... it didn't trigger much of anything. Meanwhile.. I did share my winnings with the Mom and Sister.. which then the Sister took to the fancy 5 cent machines, and then off to the dollar machines... DOLLAR machines. Yes, something that I would never do..... even though I thought I would if I won a bunch of money.. which I did...

So today... I gifted myself NEW runners (buy one, get the second pair HALF off).... which was nice, because I didn't really spend a lot of time fretting over price tags... and some new jeans (OK.. the joke here is... that I went out in my gardening clothes.. and the Mom and the Sister said to me that I should take the pants in....but they are comfortable!!!), and some other pants, and two new summer sweaters... (OK.. the next joke is... I have been fretting over going out and spending money on buying some new articles of clothing...and not doing so... JUST BECAUSE...). So.. this has been nice.... I did have to STEW about putting the cash towards things that were practical.. because I am just that... very practical... but I threw caution to the wind, and behaved like a crazed woman. AND.. in an extra gift... I arrived at Costco to purchase some outdoor lights that I have been wanting for the front of the homestead as well, plus a book, that I wanted... JUST BECAUSE.

Don't be scared oh diligent readers... this girl isn't addicted to endless adventures into the casino for grandious shopping sprees... however.. I am addicted to people watching.. and that alone will keep me going back....