Friday, November 28, 2008


I watched the credits role last night, that was it... I'm not stuck on the middle show being a re-cap thing. It just makes me forget the show from last week even quicker.

In other things for more adventuress:

I applied for a job in Burnaby... and they called me.


I have already talked myself out of it. I think. I just have to double check the hours...because that would be the job killer right there. (The hours are set to start ot 0800, which doesn't really work with me... 0900 would be better... )

In the meantime....

I am still working on my other plan. It's a slow trainride to get to my destination, but I think I may have just boarded that train....or maybe it's like that it has entered the train yard, and hasn't slowed enough for me to jump on board, but yet it is within jumping distance. Fingers are crossed that I jump on the train, rather than fall beneath it....

On the agenda:

I must find out what memory card info the boys christmas present requires.
I think I need snow tires.
Eat a whack of vitamin C.

There that should keep me going for a moment or two.... believe it or not, I have other real-life agenda items on the go... but I would fall asleep dispelling those little truths....

In the meantime I will take a picture of my kitchen table with the poinsettia on it. Now there is good use of my time....!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eagle count... uncountable.

Last Wednesday I took myself for a drive. Actually the little Tilly came with me... and her and I set off on a Eagle watching adventure.

I believe she really enjoyed herself, because she had that look on her face,.. but then.. she has that look on her face when we feed her too, so really, it's a tough call to make.

Anyways.. away I went... me and my camera, and other assorted items.

After the way the FUSS and the KING talked about their eagle spotting adventures, I was surely lead to believe that I too would enter the kingdom of eagle eyes. My sleepy co-pilot stayed silent, and I weaved along the road eagerly searching for anything that resembled that it had feathers, majestic looking or not. I came up empty handed. I couldn't figure this out.. just because they had a Eagle festival on the weekend, that means that the raptors have packed up and left their vacation haven?

I turned into a roadway, that lead to two subdivisions, with the smack me in the face name of EAGLE POINT, which now a days is just another name for yet another subdivision. True to myself me... I spotted a passer by with a cute black lab (with my co-pilot nervously watching from inside her safe zone), and asked the woman about this location called EAGLE POINT. It was then that I realized that in fact I had hit the motherload of eagle watching and had in fact hit eden. Well lucky me... as I was about to drive home.. feeling a little skunked, except for the couple of eagles I saw way back down the highway.

Life is interesting... it's a continual set of circumstances that are forever happening that continue to ripple until another wave comes to pass, and sets one adrift onto another motion.

Had I not talked to the lady collecting her mail, I would not have found the unmarked trail that leads to the water, where I wouldn't have met a woman with a similar passion as me, which wouldn't have set me onto another microstock sight, which I have now applied for, and probably will not have any gains from it either, but all the same, from one split second decision, it changed the direction that I was heading in. Quite fascinating really.

Now the real thing about this isolated location was the evidence that some people have their retirement savings invested in their photography hobbies. Some of these lenses were longer than my lower leg, and that is the longer one to boot. It was quite interesting to see.

I have to admit, when I was leaving that morning, I had no idea what to expect, or what I would find, so in actuality I didn't get some beautiful photos of any eagles that filled my viewfinder, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't have, at that moment, I didn't. It's all about timing and luck. As I was driving home (Burns Road... it was that close!) I managed to spot a heron... (big deal), but the exciting part was capturing it as it started off in flight... and that my friends is luck and timing. I had perfect timing with the camera, except no luck getting it to focus that quickly, but my hopes are not dashed... as I will continue to hunt the elusive best photo..... and put it out there... for the people to see... all three of you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So this is how it was said:

There is a most amusing and very laughable commercial on TV. I am not certain when it comes on, and it only comes on at night I would think, but I am not positive...

The kids and I have come to mocking the commercial, and then the Hamsterson does the dance, and the Fussy says the words to the commercial... it's all comical, but then you would have to live here to find it that amusing...

Has anyone seen it... " ma.le"?

Anyways... you can only imagine the commercial... youngish guys, laughing, and one dancing, and then two sit, and one touches anothers arm... and it was the Fussy that asked me about this commercial... and why was it so weird.... so I told her it was a way that men can meet men. So it was her and mines little thing, and then eventually the brother got on board... (hence the now he's doing the imitating dancing part... which makes us laugh further)

Which was why last night, when she wanted to know when Daddy was coming home.... and my response was that he was out with his boyfriend... when she said to me "has daddy gone and turned into an male?" (And as luck would have it... the boy just happened to be standing outside of her bedroom, which then he started in on the dance).

Yes people... somethings just amuse us too much.

Off eagle hunting!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


the PIP and I were out eagle hunting... but in fact were just watching a seagull fest. It was fun, despite the rain.

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The Poser

So there it starts... I flick my camera on... and he know that I am going to start taking pictures of him. he gets all shifty eyes, and begins his subtle movements... and eventually I am able to capture his eyes meeting the lense. At this point I am generally chuckling away at his ability to keep his eyes darting in all kinds of directions... so I have to give up once we have made eye/lense contact.
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I'm back!

With some fishermen too boot. I just doanloaded the Picasa 3 program... which somehow let me re-establish my internet connection. Now I think it was my internet provider that had firewalled the connection... which made it troubling to add pictures to my favourite space.
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I am not sure how....

other's do it.

Every single solitary morning, it is the same thing.

The boy does not get out of bed without much prodding, poking & calling.

Of course he does fear his sisters underwear being thrown at him, which seems to send him flailing.

If that works, why question it.

In other things newsy of a word report....

I am going Eagle Hunting tomorrow. The sun will be out then.. so I will surely spy some shots that would make me happy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fresh out of a box!

I forgot about this....

Last week the king went about his tasks and built a lasagna for dinner ( & a chocolate cake & chocolate chip cookies...but who's counting really?). Later as we were enjoying the festive event of lasagnaland the PIP proclaimed that it tasted absolutely delicious.... " like a lasagna fresh out of a box!"

Now there's a compliment and a half.

In other things fresh:

The Till has been freshly cut, clipped, sprayed and vacuumed.... as she is going to work tomorrow. She is currently into her stealth mode, as the nails are all trimmed and shortened... which now makes her completely silent in the homeland.

You know.. I had another experience with a television show last night... "ab fab", but you know.. I wasn't keenly impressed... the girl keeps saying the same thing over again, it really isn't that funny... maybe I should try again with volume two, perhaps the first DVD was a warm up thing.

I am really loving the Vicar of Dibley... now that is comedy at it's finest! The children believe that the Vicar and I are lost semi-sisters. I am waiting to get my hands on another disk.... for some good watching pleasure.

I applied for THREE new jobs this weekend... I want none of them. Silly me.. did I actually press submit, when I should have been pressing cancel?

Things less fresh:

I was totally dizzy Friday into the early am of the morning... so much so that I couldn't open my eyes, because they were going in circles, but then leaving them closed it was like the bed / could was spinning. Ever since then I have had a post dizziness aura that has shrouded me.... some would claim that is a constant in my life... anyways... now that I am sitting here in the dark, and not moving,.... the dizziness cloud has settled for the moment. I just remembered I have a pocketful of vitamins... I will take them now...surely that should help me.

The PIPPY wants me to go and watch TV with her.. I can't... it's her bedtime... and I will be sleeping in 6 minutes if I go now. I only watch TV after 10 pm, unless it's a survivor night.... oh great she's coming back.... and now she's watching the country music awards... oh wait.... I must go....she has tempted me once again... she claims she is going to read to me... now there is la la land at it's finest... but since she is willing to do some in depth reading.... then I am obligated into being a keen listener.... (for about 6 minutes).. I am thinking.

Wish me luck....she just might be one of those fresh talkers or something...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

scarey solutions

Well.... Lex Luther is the mayor...

A new vision for the city of Port Coquitlam!

Of course I am a little apprehensive with the fresh faced slim handed non fudge buying newbie that will be close on the heels with the old guys. Not to be outdone by the mousy one, who I am really hoping will have something to say for our fair city.

Oh.. and one more thing before I go.. bye bye Scotty... it's been fun...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey... what's going on?

I extend that question to everyone in the world, because you know.. I'm just interested, that's all.

So, I seem to be having some picture problems.

I can not post any here.


Picasa says that I do not have an internet connection.. and I am not sure how to fix that problem.. because I know I have an internet connection

Maybe I really do live in the twilight zone.... and BELIEVE that I write on a blog.. when in fact I do not at all.

I also believe that I am a character in a book, which is yet to be titled.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Full force BLUE

The blue skies are out. This is when it is extra lovely to be out walking around he local spots in the city. Of course it is extra windy... so that adds a stronger tempo to our march along the creek. It should be lovely in a little while.

In other things lovely:

The Pippy put on her crocheted pink hat this morning with the yellow flower. It was extremely cute... and with that blond wave of hair streaming from her head... I can't believe I wasn't standing with my camera.

Mr. Handsomeson is crazy. IN all my efforts to contain him last evening, I was more than unsuccessful. EXCEPT when I buzzed over to the mall to buy him a belt to fix his low jean problem that I DESPISE greatly. He kind of scowled at me with his temporary ONE eyebrow, until we found the right belt, and we could move on. Then it was back to his normal self, where he called his sister 11 times before we could make it home on the short 10 minute car ride. Yesterdays/last nights character was mainly Borat, with a little PRANCE thrown in for good measure. Him and all his personalities are hard to's really me, but just a whole lot worse.

For today:

I am going to make an honest attempt at leaving early... (from here, in a couple of moments actually)... and go and buy a cup of coffee. Yes I am. I could make coffee, right here, right now... I have the supplies, the time, and the technology. But it's not what I wish for at the moment. That's a big factor you know.

DAMN.. I so wish I didn't have any obligations... as I would HIGHTAIL back to Hayward Lake and go take more pictures. This time hopefully I would take pictures that do not have any noise attached to them.

I bought some more hair colour yesterday... so I will begin the contemplation process of the colouring. Hello, manufacturers out there... you have to make a two month product... that way the hair can start to feel like it is alive again.... as my hair has just started feeling.. but alas.. it needs to be coloured... which gives it that dead but alive feeling. It is just so odd.

OK.. my memory card has been wiped clean... camera, not brain... and I think today would be a good day to spot some prey... of what... that is yet to be determined. In the meantime... happy blue skies.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It wasn't my fault....

But she started asking questions first...

And then I answered, and answered some more, and then more.... and then even more...

Until I couldn't stop answering questions... and then she practically peed her pants.. or that's what she told me...

I got out of the car the other day to find some evidance of black bears... as I am 358 percent convinced that they do not eat spawning salmon. I mean they might nibble on the tails of the freshly spawned but rotting creatures, but they are not like their grizzlie friends and make a sport of it.

So anyways the lady on the bike asked me if the lighting was OK... and that was HER downfall...

People should know better than ask me a question or two... unless they are thoroughly protected. MARLENE eventually rode off on her bike...and as she glided down the kind of rickedy road she yelled at me for not being able to sit on her bike seat properly.

"I'm sorry" I yelled after her... "I guess that is what happens when you stop to talk to strangers!"

HEY... she started talking to me first... and I only answered all her questions, and then some...which made her laugh... a lot.... but none of it really was MY FAULT.

Earlier today.....

The Pip and I left the area to begin our next wildlife search. This time the search was for the daylight hours, so it makes it much easier.

We were out eagle stalking. We spotted a few of the white headed raptors, but we were not close enough to get good photos.

We will continue to stalk them until we get good photos...although... I am still waiting for the black beasts to make it our way....

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I was sitting on the fence about one of the council members.

Yesterday was the clincher.

He came walking along, with his MLA sidekick at his side.

I was at my "post" at the craft fair... with all my baked goods, some cards, and crocheted washclothes.

I asked the boys what I could sell them. The wisely MLA bought something, while the council wannabe stood on edge right next to the MLA.

I was just dying to tell the kid that he had just missed a perfect opportunity.... (like shake my hand, tell me your name, haul out a twoonie, and buy something).....

But then I thought... suck it up big boy and buy some freaking fudge.... in the meantime my fence sitting maybe vote has just been knocked off....


I'm still waiting..

No L... you are wrong... he can't of left my nieghbourhood... as I am still waiting for the great black bear to rise up again.....

See,... I guess I am feeling Shroederish and the GREAT PUMPKIN thing....

In other things nonesensical:

I woke up bright and early for work today... promptly at 3:30 this am. This is a bit challenging since I do not need to be at work until 7:30. I found my favourite spot on the couch and watched some good old boring television that quickly puts someone to sleep at any hour... things worked out in the end... and eventually the alarm woke me up again.

Our water dispenser thingy light has gone from green, to amber, to red, and now back to green again. I wonder what that means exactly?? Does that mean that we have now been fed all the bugs and contaminents that have been sitting in the filter for weeks upon weeks, and is now clear to begin using again? Maybe it is just a ploy to go and purchase something that we really do not need at the moment, and now the fridge has said GIVE, and has reverted back to green where it's original colour should have been all along. It's so hard to know in these challenging detective cases.

The boy did about 6 hours worth of homework on Friday night. This is a highly odd statement, as it is not normal to have the word BOY and HOMEWORK used in the same sentence. This weeks new challenging sentence will be the word BOY and MATH used in the same sentence. It could be a real tricky one.. so you better stay tuned!

There's lots of action beyond these living room walls... the kitchen is in OVERDRIVE as the King and Miss Fussina are busily working their cooking magic. (THERE are reasons why I am hidden in the livingroom walls.. as I do not possess any magic... except for solving mysteries.. but that is all).

You know.. I really do heavily & deeply dislike typing on this laptop. Would anyone care to guess HOW many times I have retyped these all-important newsbits.... and then backspaced as the curser ends up in another paragraph.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

How is it...

I know there is a black bear roaming around our neighbourhood, and I haven't had the GREAT fortune of finding him.


Hopefully before they tuck themselves in for the winter I will be able to see one... because you know.. I have always had visions of one in my back yard... not that I wanted him to break down our fence or anything... but you know.. just so I could get a shot of one relaxing by the little dollhouse shed or something.. now wouldn't that be fun....

Perhaps I should get the Pip to run around in the back yard with a red cape or something.. now wouldn't that be a story..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How well

does the day go if:

There are three emails in your inbox from 3 of your childs teacher all within 30 minutes of each other?
Uhmmm... it was going fine until then... I had just sat through 2 hours of candidates meetings.

That boy of mine....

He is BAD!

If he wasn't so busy trying to funny.


I now have a typed copy of all of his homework assignments that he hasn't done.

He's crazy.

He's not anything like his mother.

Now that woman is crazy.

OH.. and on a crazy note:

The husbandman certainly found evidence of a black bear mulling through our back yard, with the claw marks and black bear hair sitting on the top of the fence... which he managed to find in the darkness, and I never saw in the light of day. Some super sleuth I am.

I guess the interesting part of the story is the fact that our yard is completely fenced, except for the portion where the bear pulled it down, then climbed over another.

Well, now not only hands hurt, but my head.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dear targeted audience....

Yes people that is you.

I have been having a run of random thoughts lately... and I haven't been next to the keyboard to have them settled into cyber world for all of the universe to squint at.

Life has it's moments of keeping you busy you know. This is one of those moments.

So, just to clarify.. I really have been busy doing nothing. Let me make that clear. I really do nothing, accomplish nothing, and go nowhere. It's a common theme in my life, which seems to keep me very busy all the same.

Did I mention that I was DE-invited to a halloween party? It would have hurt my feelings if I hadn't seen a list of other peoples emails next to mine DE-inviting them. The INviter then showed up at my door step... with little children... which she said she was no longer used to, and which also made having parties a bit more challenging. I quite like my DE-inviting halloween party friend... she is very funny... and looks after dogs.

The PIPPY came up with a new word at the dinner table last week. YES, I speak in weekly terms in regards to the dinner table, because that is the amount of time we spend using it... ONCE WEEKLY. I would hate to wear it out, or anything. She very proudly stated in all her cute blondness that she had come up with a new word, which she was going to describe all the "cute small" things in her life.


That was the word.

I kid you not.

The rockjock Hamsterson squinted his eyes and looked at me, I looked at the suddenly still husbandman, who then at Grammy, who then turned and gave me the nod. The whole while this sequence of events stealthly unfolded around the dinner table, the PIPPY had happily set upon telling us all of her "titty" things that were cute and small.

Being the most outspoken member of the household (next to the now dead dog replaced by the stuffed PRANCE), I broke the news to the PIPSTER.

She had a little look of shock on her face when I told her the sad tale of her new word invention would have the probability factor of upsetting applecarts even in the highest mountains of India.
The PIP did look a little perplexed at her brother who was pretty much on the floor laughing.

This was a very close call for the PIP... I could just imagine her face at school when she started calling everything "cute and small" her "Titty pen", or "titty mirror", or even a "titty umbrella".
True stories, all the time.

In other titty tales:

I believe that the boys teacher/s now believes that I am psychotic. I have gave them good reason to think so, with all the emails that I have sent over the last week.

Last week I had to pause, take a moment, and head straight to the vitamin cupboard... I bypassed all of the vitamins that are so-called aimed to protect my joints and failing memory... but reached straight through to the back and brought out the big guns... I needed vitamin B complex, and I needed to NOW.

My favourite saying of the day was none other than... you guessed it....: OH FOR FUCK SAKE!. NOw do not just take this statement lightly... what you really have to do when you say it, is grasp the "UCK" in fuck, and really growl with it. This way the "R" is accentuated in the previous word FOR, enabling the head to bibblebobble side to side for a bit making the statement project it's way out of the persona and really set your mind at ease, for probably 23 seconds... and then when you go ahead and bump into something else, or step on something, or my favourite... DROP something, which then spills something else... you can say it all over again.

I bet noboby could have guessed that I was cleaning the PIPS room the other day... and why... would anyone of a rational mind clean the PIPS room, and a day that required a Vitamin B infusion... well you guessed it... RATIONAL wasn't a word that I even knew existed last week.

I did however reach the attainable goal of cleaning up the PIPS room... I did not proclaim in the objectives that I had to be resonable or of sound mind. I just wanted it clean.

I have a craft fair this weekend to attend. I do not want to attend this craft fair, but that sordid detail was ripped from my hands, and the decision was made to join in on the festivities... even though I didn't want to.

So.. now I am busily putting together little cards to sell at the craft fair. I have also roped my mother into this non-adventure... and she is baking cookies. Lots of them. Lots and lots of them. Hopefully all going well we can sell lots of them... lots and lots of them. I am probably believing that I should be thankful at this moment... as I was allowed to be crazy in a girls messy room... but when you take a crazy woman, and put her in public.. now that is getting dangerous.

The washer has stopped, the dryer has stopped, the dog is missing... and the light is changing...

Thank you for your time targeted audience....


It was highly strange a while ago.....

The scared and silly catdog "L.P.", but otherwise called Tilly went outside. The very odd thing about this is the fact that it is raining out. She's a small german shepherd, but a ninny all the same, and does not proclaim to enjoy the rain ... ever, unless it comes in one big puddle, called a lake, then she likes the amassed raindrops. But this morning it has already been different.

The husbandman said goodbye in his general low talking like state... bye..... Where I then pipe up.. 'GOOD BYE, HAVE A NICE DAY... SEE YOU LATER, OH, AND YOU ARE GOING SKATING WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND TONIGHT.... SEE... I DO REMEMBER SOMETHINGS." That is spoken in less than 5 seconds before the front door is shut.... as the husbandman slips off into the stealthness of the workday. How can someone be that silent is beyond me.

Just before the door clicks closed the husbandman pauses...."The Till is still out in the backyard looking around", and then the door clicks shut.

Eventually I stop looking at my YOUTUBE Jehoval Witness tutorials (or at least that I am calling them....) and go and look for "the till" myself... and there I see her... STILL wondering around the backyard.. and it is still raining out... and she seems determined to find whatever scent has been left on the ground.

Looking into the backyard I do see the landscape intact, but there has been something around to get her tail going in such a frenzy, and to be in the rain too boot. I let her be, and hide from behind the cabinet... because if "the till" looks in, and sees us spying on her she will hightail it back to homebase, and give up her search and rescue sniffing mission. It isn't until she hears kitchen details being accomplished that she finally makes it back into view, and slams herself up against the door.

A little later, and the rain still raining I drove the kids to school. Rain is so annoyingly wet at times. I drove them to the field, where they did have a bit to walk before making it in those grandious school halls....

As we drove out of the driveway I noticed the neighbours garbage had been attacked... and that their fence had been smashed through.

Which has now lead me the conclusion...

In the deep dark night where I just might have been sleeping, being the lazy fool that one person tends to be in the darkened hours.....

I might have spyed a bear!

OH the tragic spin on that thought... a bear for my very own... wondering aimlessly in the dark of my own backyard.... had I known, I would have left him more than pumpkin carcasses.... and fed him perfectly wonderful apples & fresh frozen blueberries! (OK, maybe not.. but I would like to have...)

Those are my conclusions for the moment.. now back to those Jehovahs.


Upon publishing of this story... I took another closer look at our triangle section of our yard... well.. I think my thoughts were correct....

The garden has been trampled.
The fenceposts have been tossled.
The BLUEBERRY bush has been knocked over.
The two sections of fence behind the little house have been knocked over.
It looks like something has ran through our backyard, and into someones elses backyard.

I do know ONE thing.. bears do not like pumpkin carcasses

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday ring a lings

Yes, that is the truth. Ring a lings... things were going well... and then I started ringing. It will progress to getting louder by the time I am done typing this. That I am sure of.

Things that I am doing:

  1. Waiting for dinner. The king has made a shepherd's pie... and I am kind of starving. I just ate some antipasto as an appetizer. It was pretty exciting, as well as TASTY!
  2. Waiting to sneeze. I might have a cold, as this isn't my regular sneezing festivities, or at least I do not think that it is.
  3. Waiting for the PIP to do her exercises. I have asked her three times already, but she is still slumped on my shoulder like some bad stuffed animal with no neck... hey wait... that's our favourite PRANCE stuffed animal. All she must perform are some simple tasks... nothing too strenuous... it's not like I am asking her to run around the block in the great darkness and winds or anything.
  4. Waiting for the cool down process of the dinner, the king says we have to wait ten minutes.
  5. Waiting for some thought processes to hit me for my group tomorrow. Surely I will come up with something while my head continues to ring.
  6. Waiting for the kiing to get off the computer in the other room, as I need to use it to perform some tasks that I can not perform on this little technogadget... like EMAIL... for whatever reason I can not send emails, other than to myself.
  7. Waiting for my brain to come back... see number six... I need to figure out how to set up this email.... although I think I have sort of kind of.

OH! The king has announced that the meal is officially prepared. Must run!