Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When is right...

NOT right???

Well... I will get to that another time....

I went to go find some bears...

All I saw was a coyote that wished to cross the road, sniffed some stuff, and ran back into the woods.

THEN... a trollish looking man in a big green truck asked me if the black blob WAY up the road was a bear... for FUNS sake.. I said "why yes!"

And off he went....

Yes... get out of my way people.. I have some serious BEAR watching to attend to...

Actually, all SIX minutes of it.

Then I drove home.

Because that is what I do....

Can a person become any more boring than me....??

I waved at a person tonight because I thought it was my neighbour...

Well he looked like my neighbour... so yes... neighbour... you have a duplicate out there.

Went walking with the sister... because that is a good thing to do.

Her, being the nurse... and then me.. being a NOBODY!,  I have diagnosed her with exercise induced asthma... because she can't make it up the hill without stopping.. and she should be able to trot up the hill the same I way I trot up the hill... and I do not need to stop, or stop talking.. how FRUITCAKING ridiculous is that...? SO... after we stopped trekking up the hill, she was able to breathe again... I didn't stop breathing or talking... but that was just because I was testing myself....

and there you have it .. because you know tomorrow.. I will just give you more pictures to look at...

because colour is cool

this is little lady PIP and mines shadow.... on our little excursion around the bay in Seattle. BECAUSE we do stuff like that.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

sea-like creatures

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and more signs

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Signs, signs, everywhere there

Are signs!

Pike place market.

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What caused my frizzy hair:

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I'm back.

Stop the nail biting and the nervous twitches.

I won't be leaving the country again for a little while.

One only plans a destination every 15 or so years.. you know.

Today in big news:

I have no cream for my coffee. So I decided to drink it black. It's a bit shocking I might say, and I am worried for the hair... but I am managing.

In other big news of the day, ONE that should make headlines in my little world....

The Little Bathroom.... is nearing completion...

Yes, it's true people, let go of your underwear.... it's about to be finished... today.

I will post ribbon cutting festival & cake cutting celebrations as they happen in the homeland. It's a BIG day here!

Can't seem to stop sipping on this black coffee. I just need a little drop of light cream, an eency drop... but since the 'hair don't' is in it's regular state of chaos, it's better that I just stay put.

The holidaying is SEATTLE was most exciting. As exciting as leaving the country can get I guess.

I don't think I could live there.... it's bad for the hair.

TWICE a day I curled my hair.... and every photo I have of me... it looks like I have been through a blender. I would straighten my hair, but I just don't think that is safe, a curly straight head of hair. Hmm, doesn't work.

In other things that don't work.... ME!

I have this weekend off, next weekend... and the following! A most exciting experience!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I am....


Yes I am ....

You did read that right!

I will be back on Thursday... because you know.. I can't be GONE that long from this country.... what would it do without me?

If someone could:

  • make sure that the flowers get a little water.... someone's on the job on that one!
  • fix my lawn while I am gone...! ha ah aha hah a ha ha
  • and the bathroom tub surround would be a good job... it needs to be replaced and resealed... , something that just never gets done because of constant use.... not that that's not a good thing...
  • build me a couple of back decks..because why stop at one, when one really needs TWO!
  • and yes... anything of any greatness... like the purchasing of winning lottery tickets would be of kindness to me!
  • OH... and if someone can go spy the bears ... I would be ever so happy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Out and About

Where's my ipod? The girl asked. At 0523 in the am.

I wasn't sure, but the father stated she had it last evening when she went to bed, so off she went.

Which made me think of waking up, because... sometimes waking up when you don't realize that you are actually awake is interesting.

So I ate some yogurt, and flax... the daily ritual. Except that I can never figure out when to eat it exactly... since the antibiotics RULE my way of life.

I thought about reading my book... but couldn't do it, not sure why.

So then I decided to leave.

That is where I have been.

Not any place exciting... but you know.. I am out there.

Been to see the bears.

Saw one.

A little itty bitty one... I didn't see the mother.

I left quickly... so as to not get caught up in the fact that it seemed to be momentarily motherless.

Then I saw a deer, it looked quite fleeting as well.

Then I thought I saw a coyote. Or not. I did not put the car into reverse to ensure the fact that I thought I saw a coyote.

And then I would have to fear for the deer, similar to the cub.

I made my way to the gas station. Chatty girl was their. I am not talking about myself. And then fly fixing man. Who continuously yanked on his fly while I pumped gas. It looked legit, meaning the fly fixing.

In I went to Starbucks. BECAUSE. I can't cure all the conspiracy's in the world, especially at 0645 in the morning.

I arrived home, and the hose called to me. I like to water, what's with that? The sound of running water... I just like it... but don't put me next to a fountain... because that is more than irritating.

Chatted with the husbandman, because occasionally that happens in this world.

And then put the hose away... because now it was time to come inside and start the waking process of the son. Because that is a process you know. He has a FAKE job this summer. It is looking after my nephews. Which he is barely managing. He might be fired, so says the sister. Fired from a fake job, only my JimmyDean could manage that.

Now must go and haul him out of the shower.. well, at least start the process of getting him out. Fly swatting painful people, that is what it is.

And then ... I get to drive him to his worksite... the sisters house...., that's ok.... he unknowingly already has adventures pre-planned for him the boys.... which will take them:

Out and About.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Appropriate use of work email:


please include some cash for me with the lottomax tickets that someone might buy.


I would like you plenty more, and might not hang up on you.



Hay! itsa girl black cat!

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So what do you think rocketman?

The husbandman has stolen the rocket stick.

He thinks it's his.

I would like to think it is mine.

The Pip wishes for it to be hers.

Keyboardson only knows of it's existance, but hasn't quite grasped the thing....

In other rocket launching adventures... the first coat of paint went on the little bathroom. Well, the bathroom may be little, but it has big colour. Big bicycle yellow colour. Ouch, kind of. I might change my name to Little Suzy, because when the door opens and you are smacked in the face with the brilliance of the bicycle.. I know it's talking to me... WAKE UP!

In adventures so not rocketshipish: the elusive bears. How come the only one with the matching blueberry coloured car doesn't see the bears...? I'm going to have to get better at this... how am I going to get an even bigger lense with a larger camera... if I can't take a picture of a bear?

I had fleeting grandious thoughts of driving to Hyder Alaska... and the most interesting thing of it all... is that I have actually been there before... many moons ago... but I can say that I have at least been there.

Instead... I will take a picture of a black cat... if  I can find one.... or does that take rocketman science too?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awwwee lookout itsa....


Apparently it is summertime here.

Or so I am thinking that is the case since if I am following the calendar carefully... I believe I am in July at the moment. Now here on the west coast one would believe that it would be summer. Of course given the temperatures around these parts you would have believed we made it into the soutern hemisphere, minus the ocean views, and cruiseships passing in front of us.

But yesterday....

What the HELL was that....?

Winds ... whipping through the city at speeds which bring about falling trees and flying branches.

Which brings me to flying branches... something that the husbandman really loves! Without a moment to spare out comes that NEW chainsaw of his... and the next thing you know all tree limbs that narrowly escaped him doing window work (on top of priming & painting work) were swiftly chainsawed into submission.

You know.. I don't even know where he hides this supertool of his... all I know is that it makes a fairly swift appearance in the face of fallen limbs.

Maybe today it might resume being summer.... but of course there will be no holding of one's breathe to find out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

This is the complaint department

What's your trouble?

Hair standing on end?
Lacks colour?
Runners too tight...
Windshield has streaks....?
Not enough bear pictures...?

What is the flying fruitbats of a problem....?


Sunday, July 04, 2010

And would you believe me...

If I said I got to see two bears tonight.

Yae me...

I love the bears you know.

I might have mentioned that before, once or twice.... over the course the years.

In other things that I like:

JimmyDean continues to marvel and amaze ... me.

HOW did this boy find himself truly very funny....?
AND the PIP.... she is kinda the queen of willywonka lands.... cause ya know... she is Pippish and all.

In things that are boring....

I asked to have this weekend off..

Surprise surprise... "oh.. so sorry... no unit clerks out there to replace you..."
Top that off with a sick call.... and my need to do the right thing, and finish stuff. I am just stupid that way. OH.. and other surprises... I didn't find a new job this weekend either. That is my true goal in going to work each weekend... in an effort to find a new job. WELL.. holy crap am I ever bad at it... because I am going back again next weekend.

HEY! So.. how am I going to get rich when I FORGET to buy the lotto max ticket?  I will try again this week.... because I am SO rich in giving away five dollar bills, that's why. AND trust me.. won't YOU people want to KNOW me when I have 43 million dollars in my hands!

JUST as an FYI... you can TRUST me when I say that if I were to win... AND you new me... somehow you would benefit...

MIND YOU... I would give a huge huge huge chunk away... to charity... and ONE in particular...

In other things more down to earth:

The flowers that I have planted are continuing to barely survive. Things are not looking so HOT this year. Of course this isn't my fault... buy of my most favourite weatherman Mark Madryga... it's his fault, it has to be. "love you Mark!"

The weed killing adventure is still not doing well. Damn weed killing stuff not doing it's job.

Met a fellow last evening that had a German Shepherd. He just put the dog down 2 months ago. I spotted him from our front window... and he was visiting the people next door. I was intersted because of his odd hair. AND then... he had one of these jobs that doesn't take a lot of brain power... and you know.. sometimes people just find themselves in jobs only because of circumstance... and it is most fascinating to talk with them.. and find out their other passions in life... most interesting I say... which started off first of all with the hair do.....

That said.... we will not speak of my hair... of which the colour is draining rather quickly.... must make ammends... or something of that nature.

signing out...

Friday, July 02, 2010

cherry picker

Posted by PicasaI will be on the look out for more of these guys... note the red eyes... I believe those are cherry tree reflections.