Monday, January 26, 2015

Pinch pinch - pinch an inch

As time and calories have built up, so have the inches. Not an uncommon entity when it comes to being unable to move much, if at all.

So I go to the surgeon today ..... I fail to ask a thousand and three questions, oh wait ... or really any questions at all.

You know .. the small details in life ...

When can I really start back at standing and walking again?
I can't wait for the pain to wear off, because that could be an eternity.

So, I'm using Bactigras, and from what I have learned from having a graft is that they start to dry out. OK, so when do I start moisturizing? ... not sure how you moisturize around weeping spots ... but that is saved for a day when prettier conversation prevails.

I didn't bother to ask about numbness, or the fact that there is complete numbness. That should maybe return in ..... how about never amount of time.

The real trickster portion of the day is the very fact that I can not walk on it with out a runner; however, I am supposed to leave it open to air, which is all fine except when I go to walk ... So I have to protect it ... while being in a shoe ... which means it's all wrapped up. It's a make work project really ... then when I am done ... I unwrap it again ... so gawd help me if all the gadgets of life are not at my disposal ...  or I forget to switch the load of laundry !

Now in the meantime ... I am looking at ways I can get back to doing something that has a little cardiovascular component, as well as a little bit of a stretching exercise ... to be moveable again .... I think there is an app for that !

In the meantime ... I am not seemingly dissatisfied with the inches that I can now pinches .... after the endless hours of non stop walking and running .... that's OK ... I will make it back .... 

Friday, January 16, 2015

I am graft worthy!!

The graft seems to be happy.  Look at me doing things right.

For a change.


Except not completely.

There is no tissue left on one of the tendons. Tendons don't bond to grafts. Time will tell as to what it decides to do.

Then there is the little issue of ... somehow they managed to remove the whole 99% of this cancerous mess.

What about the remaining ONE PERCENT?

So ONE PERCENT of remaining cancer, is still cancer.

That's how that story goes.

The steps to what is next, is TIME.

TIME is what I need to be on my side before "they" proceed to removing the remaining ONE PERCENT.

This means that the Dr. is handing out options as to which the team of "people" whoever "they" are will make decisions as to which way to proceed ...whethers is another sugery, or whether they radiate the area. The surgeon said surgery would be tricky ... not sure how that is the case ... from what I see I have been through the biggest trickfest of my life. The next equally unfavoured option is to radiate the area ... to which the surgeon said it would melt away the prervious graft.

Yowsers. Grand options.

The hilarity of today was removing the staples. Ya, not recommended on skin that is super hard. I think I lost 15 pounds in sweat that poured from me as the staples were plucked out. So, for all you ninny cats out there ... staples are not THAT painful .... I have had to have them twice before ... and what do they feel like ... a little tug ... a swift little tug .. not so bad ... not so bad . when the skin actually gives way to the swift little tug .... but when the skin has no give, at all ... it's like pulling nails out of a piece of wood. THAT's the TRUTH you NINNY CATS!

But I'm alive. And I have a feeling I'm so not a NINNY CAT.

In things are way moe hilarious in this worldy life ....

SO we have the now LONG since graduated son ... coming up two years worthy of graduation from HIGH school .. and then we move on to the ever so beautifulest girlie girt in the world ... The Min Min!! Her graduation is slowly setting upon us .  So like the boy ... I also got a grad photo of them ... except not dressed in grad garb, but just a nice photo of their last year in high school ... the boy has a respectible 9x12 photo ... set in an 12 x 14 frame. It's all respectable and within not overly screaming in your face PHOTOGRAPHS ... and then along comes The Min Min ... somehow I managed to purchase a TRUE to LIFE 16 x 20 portrait of her ... HILARIOUS ... the bigger than life girlie girl happily smiling along side of the suave looking handsome gentlemen brother ... TOO FUNNY !!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome to the scary world

So my job currently is just sitting here ... ever so still ... not moving this foot really one iota!!

I did some googled up reading on grafts ... and the one thing that I read about them .. is the fact that they are not supposed to move .. at all ... so being that this rather large graft is sitting on the top of my foot .. and I am still walking on this foot .. well, semi walking .. I am semi sorta scared crapless that this graft is not going to take .. and just peel off when I show up in the surgeons office on Tuesday. So I am doing almost everything in my power to keep this foot busily grafting until then.

I think tomorrow I MIGHT go sit in the livingroom ... for a bit ... I will see how my leg likes the semi elevation ... it might not .. and I will find myself just sitting atop this bed ... I am better off here anyways ... I have all my super gadgets and pieces of equipment .. and really .. at this time of year, the weather outdoors doesn't look so drastically different !

So yes ... scary google graft reading ... probably better that I did .. since I didn't really have any true discharge instructions .. other than the very basic .. "my job was to keep my foot up". Not much to go on, and really it's the implications of what happens if you don't do it according to plan ...

Go me ... 

Friday, January 09, 2015

Thank. Freaking. Gawd.

Another Friday ... but the first of the 2015 story.

Probably couldn't have lived another lifetime of the past number of weeks over again. Unbelievable!

Now ... 4 days post surgery ... although I can not walk on my foot ... I feel hugely better.

The Good Lord was working for me the other day when the surgeon refused to do the surgery after the pathologist didn't show up ... we needed a pathologist this day ... very much so ... so it has all ended favourably ... now will just wait the final pathology .. and then hope for the best that this beastly disease didn't migrate while everybody was busy holidaying and being jovial (I wasn't included in the jovial part!)

I will admit ... the time spent living for most of December was pretty despicable .. and the first couple of days into January was moving still in that direction .. but now ... I'm off and running!



NOW .. is when I get to start getting better.
NOW .. is when I get to start getting excited.
NOW when I get to start planning for better things to happen.
NOW .. is when I get to feel that I am finally out of the woods.

This endless story has just gone on too long, It almost seems impossible to believe that this has been so long and drawn out .. to the point of stupid.

Well ... moving forward then ... I can focus on all the adventures that I can now take! So it's exciting to sit back and fathom the possibilities.