Monday, October 31, 2005


I am hoping that the group today will be intact after we have our meeting today. I am planning on wearing a revealing costume that will amuse the folks greatly, and divulge my true self... something that I have been lying about for a great long time.. and will continue to profess to.. as I much despise this very thing...... and once again.. the true reason why the Husbandman will not build me a new and fancy kitchen... because I do not need it.

Alright, and the revealing number is ... a krinkley apron with this saying:

Apparently the biggest day of the year...

If you are a candy lover.

Pip has been waiting for this "the greatest day of all" to arrive for a while now. She loves this whole "let's get dressed up and walk up to strangers doors for a smidgeon of candy". It's her thing, and she takes great pride in seeing how well she can do it.

And... because I rank highly in the kitchen of favourites.... I sent a lov ely package of reduced fat oreos for the big party in her class today. I am very kind. I saw other mothers walking with wrapped items, made with love, care and perfect ingredients. But, I have to say, I also have witnessed what children do to the items that have been made with great attention to detail, and warm and loving thoughts... we all know that they reach that magic round bin in the sky. So, I believe that I saved myself the time, fretting and anguish over a couple of non-decorated cookies.... enjoy people.

Happy Halloween

The Five People You Meet in Heaven. by Mitch Albom

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I learned something....

But I do not know what.

I went off to camera class today. One of those "learn everything in a day" kind of courses. I may have learned a bunch of stuff, I just want to know where I filed all the information. I immediately went out post class, and started pointing and shooting my Canon Rebel FILM camera all over the place, and metered everything from here to the moon. I am not certain what I may or may not have accomplished... but I do know that my little digital gave me instant results... so now I will have to wait to see the screwups once I get the pictures back.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Everyday is a good day....

But some things make it better.

It's lovely to hear that Miss Pippy is actually thriving, enjoying, focusing, and working in her very classroom... for the whole day. It is actually lovely to hear these words. Before the strike both of her lovely teachers were a bit perplexed by the Pip, but she has seemed to fallen right into step. I believe the Autumn Festivus ((for you Seinfeld lover's out there)), (AKA Teacher's Strike) was a great growing experiment for Lady Pipster. Something wonderful happened while teacher's were out walking picket lines.

Since we are doing happy family things this is something that she has put together... and only a blond Pip would know the reason.

Oh, and on a sidebar note.... if anyone get's that circulating joke about the BLONDSTAR roadside assistance.... my girl would benefit from such a service, really and seriously... I witnessed it today.. she too was "locked" inside the vehicle, while she was still inside, as I stood on the outside of the vehicle .... I kid you not. That joke is based on fact, it just has to be.

The stalker sister...

I should be very afraid, well actually .... I am. The stalker sister is back at it again. I am out walking with my lady friends through the streets of our fair city... and the sister is able to cruise up next to me, and ask me where I am off to. I carry my phone at all times.. just in case she wants to get a hold of me, and that way I will not have to hear the wrath of the sister stalker if she is unable to get a hold of me, when I am free and should be available. I believe I fear my own blood.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Notes of the day....

The happy silly Ellpee is still eating her crumbles, and behaving normally.... with the exception that she has a bunch of chicken bones inside of her. Of course that still worries me.

I am one sock short, as it decided to take a ride inside the vacuum, but didn't quite make it there, as it is now stuck in the hose. Out damn sock, out!

The fancying chore that I did last week to Pip's gymnastic outfit, needed to be repeated today. I had to re-iron on her pretty flowers for her plain pink outfit... just so it was pretty to wear. They had all fallen off in the wash... todays steaming event I am sure has cemented the flowers forever.

It's a good thing that I vacuumed (before the sock sucking incident) and washed floors... because that way when the wreath flew from the top of the mirrored night table and crash landed to the floor, it was clear to me where the rose petals crash landed. They also did a fine job in creating a whole new reason why I need to fix that freaking vacuum.

Hurry up.

I should win the mother of the year award. I deserve it. Mind you, I do not have to work hard at my thought processes. They are naturally odd, and raise even the sparsest of eyebrows. This morning was no different.

I decided that there were too many eggs in the fridge. I slapped the non stick pan onto the top of the stove, and started frying eggs. Three eggs for the girl, and three eggs for the boy. I threw the first eggs in, and cooked them to perfection. I know this because the Pip smiled when I delivered her surprise breakfast. The boy on the other hand is a different story. He's pokey. Double pokey. Actually, annoyingly pokey. I had cooked his eggs to just the right temp, and then kept the pan warm so he could enjoy his eggs as much as his sister enjoyed hers. I guess that works if you are not the King of Pokiness. By the time he got to his eggs they were a warm mass that reminded me of a pancake. He settled himself to the table, with the paper in front of him. and his mass of eggs. I then told him there was no time for consulting with the world leaders.. he needed to eat his eggs NOW, and to save time with all the dithering about with knives and forks... "just eat them with your hands", I told him. I am not exactly sure why I told him to eat with his hands, plus in this house we do have forks. But the important thing was that he went with it.... ate his eggs, then we laughed about it after. I am still wondering about my thought process.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The dog did what?

So the lovely and silly Little Pup, otherwise known as L.P., or written in a wordy fashion... ELLPEE managed a very daring feat earlier this evening. She decided that her crumbles were not going to make her happy, and since we had gone out for a short while she was going to dig through the garbage can (that resides in the little bathroom with the door shut) and find some tasty leftovers. Oh, her lucky day was today... she managed to chew a left-over chicken carcas. Mr. Husbandman came home and found the plastic container that it was wrapped in, but that was it. This dog has always been a little off on her short term memory... and I can say that she lacked insight on this latest adventure. Alright, not that there is an insight assessment for dogs that one can deliver, it's just troubling time and time again at all the stupid things she manages to do. Perhaps she has end of life issues, I did find a knife in her favourite kennel the other day... that she picked up and carried, and then sat on. I am hoping that the result will not be her lacking in life.

I believe this calls for a double dose of the Vitamin B Complexes, well, actually I better double up on all the vitamins today... and I'll wash it down with some rum.... there, that might relieve some stress.

The weather and world of the hour

Yay!... I was able to capture "a fish out of water"... climbing up the ladder

Here's the happiest kid in the world...the youngest of nephews, with the Pipster in the background. The third child is just someone, not anyone of ours... although you can never be too sure.Some blue skies from earlier in the week. You have to love blue skies in the fall.

The Queen of Papers

My wonderful mother often complains of the state of her in home office. She swears that papers emerge from no where, of course when her back is turned. I feel her pain. It has happened to me. The unravelling paper troll emerged in my homestead earlier this morning, and as I continued to work on "JUNK", the papers ended up all over the kitchen. I have looked around at my paper problem and am now deciding on how much of a recycler vs paper stasher I really am. I do know one thing, I am the Queen when it comes to paper, and more paper.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

No luck...

I have had no luck looking for shows with no names... but I did have some luck capturing these shots the other day.

What's going on...

As of right now I would like to congratulate myself on a job well done. I am not sure how much it had to do with me, but I will take the whole credit for this.


I AM AMAZING...... at least I think I am.

Other things that are happening as of right now...

  1. A fresh loaf of multigrain is about to emerge at any moment from the breadmaker.
  2. A fresh stick of Dentyne has just being chewed to smitherine's. I love fresh gum.
  3. I am going to watch some show that I do not have a clue who's in it, the title of the show, or any other facts pertinent to fascinating details.... although I believe that I am going to love it.
  4. I am not reading my book, or any books at the moment. That will all continue tomorrow.
  5. So will the gambling habit... he he he he he he he

Friday, October 21, 2005

Dancing in the Dark by Mary Jane Clark. A cast of characters.. almost too many to keep track of.

Almost the last day

It might be the last day of the non-scheduled holiday/autumn festivities. We celebrated the almost going back to school by going on a field trip. We went to see the fish that are busy spawning at the moment.... and I am wondering..... where the heck are the trillions of people that should be flocking this space... hmmmmmm... where are they I say?

I've been reclassified.

I am thinking that I lack direction in life, other than option A = wife, mother, homeowner. ((Raw Raw -- it's all good!!.... and did bring this on myself with the assistance from the husbandman) It also seems that higher eduation seems further and further out of reach for me due to my absolute inability to specialize in one specific field, nor believe that spending thousands dollars more will enable me to reach my very simple goal of helping others, which may not have the result of huge financial gain, because as we know, we do not work for money, we work because we love what we do, which is partly right.. but I also would like to be paid.. sorry people........ on those thoughts ... I have had to reclassify my existance.

This has come easily to me, in fact.. almost overnight I have turned into a BOOKBITCH. Really and seriously. I know this.. because someone referred to me as such. Deanna the Bookbitch. I have taken my new role quite seriously.. and feel it a dubious honour to carry such a title.

Be careful out there... it could be me snatching the very last book out from the shelves just as your fingertips grasp the magnetic covers..... do not fear .. it is just me .. the BOOKBITCH.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Somedays you just connect....

This very day I magically created some math work for the chicklets. The Chicklets eagerly devoured their pieces of paper with great skill and excitement. I was most impressed. I believe it had something to do with the fact that the other day I hissed and hissed and hissed like the queen of all hissing snakes at them about their appalling attitudes towards being asked to do 10 minutes worth of math work while the teachers are busy confronting the government. Funny, today I didn't get that same reaction. They both managed to find pencils and erasers and set to work... after a little while, and a while after that. Eventually I saw success. I had the boy drill himself on his multiplication facts with the random numbers I wrote on the page. The girl was asked to add up the same numbers on the page and pretend that the times symbol was actually and addition symbol, but it too was getting lazy and was laying on it's side. Even more to my excitement was the fact that the Pippy recognized the numbers that she had written backwards, and instead of correcting the lovely and well written backwards numbers I had her circle them, just to draw attention to the fact that these were well backwards written numbers. It also excited me to note that the boy has developed a short cut technique to knowing his times tables.. which simply tells me he is computing.. and that's all I want.

if only...

The gardener guys could just keep going. They are happily cutting the grass of the crazy lady next door, and are cutting the front four feet of my lawn, as they always do. If only they could keep going, and do my whole lawn today... it would make temporarily happy, unitl next week, when it needs to be cut again.

If only.... the lovely silly brain damaged dog knew that when I told her to turn around on her towel that she knew I meant to turn around and wipe her feet. The lovely and evil now dead and gone Cicely knew this very command, and always performed it when requested. I have to admit, she thought it was some form of wierd joke and Raa-Roo'd (the raa-roo came from when she was just a little pup with her little pup bark, and when she wanted something she would say raa-roo... so we continued on with the raa-roo commmand, and she kept it all her life) the whole time she did it... so I sometimes would make her do it twice... just because when she was done turning around twice on her mat she would punch out with her paw, then slam her body down on the towel. Lucky me, she was really dry after that extra trick.

If only.... I had the luck that my mother had the other night while we were at the casino, although... I do not think that it was my mother actually touching the buttons while we were there. Apparently my Dad had this amazing ability to walk up to a machine, and touch a button and would watch the money fall out of it. On Monday it would have been my parents 47th wedding anniversary. My lovely mother had made mention earlier in the day that she thought that she should go play a slot machine, because her and my dad did visit them occasionally, and it was close to a year since they had visited one together. So, being the good and dutiful daughter that I am told her we should go. If I didn't see my lovely mother with my own eyes, I could have swore it was my Dad sitting next to me. Every bill that got sent into a machine came back out three times richer. Not big huge jackpot winnings, but little bits bigger than what went in the first place. I, on the other hand had no luck at all, which is why I sat and watched her play.... for the longest of times... THE LONGEST.... I say...

In other cat and mouse adventures:

We had a visitor the other night. It seems that all of our days going visiting, has warranted a at home visit for us. He was lovely. The big dark silent type, he wasn't much of a couch potato either, he came for only a short while, and seemed always to be on the move. Although I have to admit his fare was a little to be desired, and even though we set nothing out for him, he appeared to enjoy the sport of looking for something to eat. Eventually he left, and made his was down across to the neighbours, hoping for some tasty treats along the way. He had little to say, and didn't say thanks for the visit, but I just love it when Mr. Black Bear appears on our front lawn.

Now that I am done....

Feeling like I have been hit over the head with a cast-iron frying pan, I am once again able to engage in life. Very exciting for me. This whole being hit with the cast-iron frying pan leaves me with every single cell in the body feeling depleted of strength, energy and a thought process. All of them are back now, in full force. Oh, and it has quit raining. Double pleasant. It's onward and upward from here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is that wacked or wrecked?

I'm back, although I was never gone.

But I did feel like I was missing, but not out of place.

People, love your vitamins.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And I used to complain....

That the evil beast Cicely was truely evil. But she is dead and gone, and someone needs to take over. I have rose to the challenge.

This very morning I was just hunting along some websites and found "oh my gosh!" some math websites, that had actual questions, that I could actually print out. It brought a smile as big as my face could handle.... and because I am truely evil... I have politely given each one of the chicklets their very own math booklet this morning. I expect them to finish it. Luckily, acting as my reinforcer is the husbandman, as he is home because he is having difficulty standing.. because of his back issue has got the best of him... I must go... as the house will begin to roar with thunder, which might make all this typing very difficult.

Monday, October 17, 2005

This is not what it is doing right now. Although, while it was busy doing this the week before last I did have my trusty digital with's a good thing...

The weather today is as grey and rainy as it can get, so by the time the rain stops falling, all of these lovely leaves will be scattered across the ground and turned to mush, which doesn't make much of an impressionable image.

The bears usually hang out in the trees to the left of this colourful one.. I am not sure what they are eating, but they seem to have smiles on their lovely black faces doing it. Well, at least I think I see smiles on their faces!

There's something missing....

AAAhh... Monday morning, the start of a whole new week. Everyone back into the routine of daily life, or not. It is closing in the on the 7:45 hour... and not a soul has risen, except the for the man that goes to make the money during the week, and his beloved furry friend that watches him leave every morning, and me... the almost non-weekday working typing person. That leaves the chicklets.. which, on any given weekday morning should be up and busying themselves getting ready for school... but alas today we still have that little government bullying situation, and the teachers are not backing down.. so for the moment, the chicklets are still busy sleeping, and I am typing... and that makes me happy.. I think. Oh, and the whole home schooling thing... I think maybe I will trade my kids for some workable ones that live someplace else... my very own are not workable...they are readable and artable, but not teachable. Someone else needs to do that...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Alright then....

I have a plan, although small and not too well thought out.. it is still a plan. I am going to pass along the book with letters that help Pip to reverse her reverse letter ways, to my mother.. and Pip will visit her tomorrow while I am at my group. Pip will want to show my mom all the amazing things that she can do... so I will send along the book that will help Pip put her letters back in the right spots... at least for one day. I am hopeful over this little plan.. she certainly wouldn't perform for me... it is best that I train the little monkey in someone elses care... it should work... I am hoping it will work.... I need the girl to the government is still acting as bullies to a rather large body of people called teachers.... so until the government stops behaving badly... there will be no teachers for the little chicklets. I am alright with this... although it is apparantley illegal... but you have to stand up to bullies, otherwise they continue to bully you... and others. Someone has to take a stand.... because although someone else tried.. the forgiving union people caved, which is why the teachers are now in the ring of fire.. doing exactly what the other union tried to do a couple of years ago.

IN the meantime... it's summertime in the fall for the kids! HOORAY!... well kind of.

ON this day..

What does the day tell you when socks fall out of a fully loaded dryer... and they match, except that they are not yours? It is a warning I think. The traffic lights change to green as you approach them, although the karma almost fails as the jogger clad in grey running gear suddenly appears in the rear view mirror. At Starbucks you are handed the loveliest of pumpkin scones with the perfect amount of fresh frosting that you can get. While at work... the phone just sits, void of noise and annoying questions from strangers.

And to think that I was frightened by the noiseless children in the livingroom last night... I am even more scared of the day that is happening all around me at the moment.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Too good to be true.

It's about to blow.. I just know it is. Yes, me with little faith.. in the silence of children that is. The girl has joined the boy in the livingroom, and they are drawing together.... in silence. It is scaring me... I am not sure which one is going to slash who first. The longer the silence continues.. the more frightening it gets. The silence is killing me.

Darjeeling by Bharti Kirchner

Once again.. my Pip

Today while we were out we had to guess the amount of smarties in a jar. Pip's blond guess was z0,000 smarties. Yes, zo,ooo. Then she left her phone number, so they could call her and tell her when her guess had won. Apparently they will be calling into space to reach her, at that telephone number. I am not certain if the numbers made sense to her, but they were quite foreign to me. Practically everything was backwards. Luckily I was given a booklet on letter reversal before the teacher's went out on strike... now if I can get her to actually use it would be the bonus. Poor Pip, she is definitely the type: "If you don't use it, then you will lose it". I will wish myself luck in getting to do her numbers and letters for the next week.... I could have a wildcat on my hands.

The King continues...

I was quite woried the past number of weeks. The work on the lovely shed had slowed to a snail's pace due to the inclement weather. I was quite worried that the shed would sit... unfinished for the rest of the fall and winter, and would turn into a spring project. As of this moment I am thrilled with the work effort put in by the King... he has dismantled the shelves from the garage, and has re-assembled them in the shed. What a lovely boy... if I was a good and kind wife I would probably make him a nice dinner, instead of asking him what is for dinner.

The Pipster.

The Pip is in the most happiest of moods, as today was the kick off of The Chocolate Festival that is happening around our town. So it was just me and the Pip traveling about doing chocolatey things. It started off this morning with a Chocolate Chip pancake breakfast and crafts. We also made a pit stop to the library, and went to an Art Fair from the local painters... very highly community minded. There was also a tour of a chocolate factory which we attended, and although we didn't get any samples throughout the tour, we got to fill a bag full of milk chocolate snowmen at the end. I had to watch and see how people were filling their bags... all polite and a limited amount, or just shoving in as many as the tiny bag could hold. Even though I paid five bucks each to take the tour, I just didn't feel right cramming my bag to the rim... although some people didn't mind at all. Later, since it was just the two of us, we made it to the craft store to get some shiney trinkets for her new "plain and boring" gymnastics outfit, and we had a trip to the mall. I also had to drive around the mountain where the mansions are... just so she could see some very big spiral stair cases. Pip will need to find some lovely rich husband to keep her floating in her life.... she's all about fluff, frills and the fine things that life can bring.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

As for the moment:

The summer vacation continues for the chicklets as they are not in school because of the teacher's strike. This almost isn't about "teachers" but about elected governments that are behaving like bullies. Enough is enough. Meanwhile:...... back in chickletville.

I am ever so happy that school hasn't been in this week. It hasn't taken but a moment to kill the bedtime routine, and trust me... the throat got slashed on that one. The boy has taken to begin his organizing and tidying... at around the midnight hour. The girl reads herself just about to sleep, and then turns out her light just before the 11 oclock news.... I am hoping that I get a heads up when they are supposed to go back to school... as I will have to retrain them to go to bed at night.

Onto bigger and better.... there is a lovely loaf of multigrain bread sitting on the counter... fresh from the breadmaker... that I managed to drop while I was heaving it from it's container.. it should be quare and little in a couple of hours. I made a splendid dinner this evening.... the husbandman would not agree, so I had to make up some compliments all by myself, and then tell him what I think he should have said. I am so efficient that way.

OH.. and CSI is on... can not type any longer knowing that NICK is going unviewed by my eyes. Yes, NICK is lovely.. he must be watched... he commands people to watch him....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The feast and the King

I will stop writing/fantasizing about wanting a new kitchen,for me, it's all about the look. I have had it spelled out to me that I do not require one. As luck would have it, the King just happens to need a kitchen, so I am thinking that I will get a new kitchen floor to at least wash.

We had a little feast the other day, for the Canadian version of Thanksgiving. I was allowed in the kitchen for all of 15 minutes before I was asked to leave. I did accomplish the task of making a strawberry spinach salad. I was just about to embark upon preparing my next dish when I was cut short. The King spoke and commanded that I leave HIS kitchen. "What about my dish that I want to make?" I asked him. "You are far to messy for me, and have to leave.. I have real things to accomplish" he said to me.

A while later I was on the phone with my lovely mother... and she had said that my aunt hoped that The King wasn't going to a great deal of trouble to have them all over. I told the King that.. and he said the "great deal of trouble" would have been if we would have let Deanna in the kitchen.

I have a small secret to share... when we first got married I decided to change the tune of time, (after yers of watching/assisting my mother) and declared stupidity in the kitchen... luckily the husbandman was listening, and decided that his fate was left in my hands.. so he took the job upon himself to create the cuisine that was partial to his pallat... and he has never stopped. This includes clean-up as well. The King is beyond organized and tidy while cooking his kitchen. It scares me. I will never know his secret.. since I do not spend a great deal of time there.

Have a good summer!

That's what I said to our school friends in June. From there we toodled off for a vacation and adventures to places and things to who and what knows where. Last Friday it was holiday time all over again. As we left for the Thanksgiving Day longweekend, we were made aware that come Tuesday, there would be no school. I'm OK with that. For the moment we are having a little impromtu holiday/break from regular scheduled school life. The rain will be arriving this afternoon... and the holiday to hell will begin as the troops get restless within these little walls closing in around them. Hopefully I have a plan of attack in place....

The Boy has started a novel. I have read the first page of dialogue and it curiously mimics real life in our little 1365 square foot home. I love the title of the book... "From atop a Haybale". Written by the nonfarmer boy. I will be seeking a publisher for him... very quickly, of course after I can get him to capitalize things like names, and not descriptive words like "he had Green Eyes".... and other small issues such as that.

The lovely Pipster on the otherhand is a whole different game. She did have a clean room last night until the stapler fell to her floor, and hit the barbie village that she had set up. Of course at that point she kicked the barbies around and created a little bit of barbie hell in her bedroom. This morning we have a whole new Pip and a whole new bedroom. I only await what is in store for me.

I will continue to document the nonscheduled summer holiday via my digital camera.... for what reason I do not know. Probably because I can.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The King has come home.

Mr. Husbandman busied himself with cleaning yesterday.. and all his efforts were directed at the stove and oven. When I arrived at home last evening, all the lights were out, except for the over head light above the stove. It sparkled and glistened in the light. I think I even saw him spit shine it once as he walked past it later in the evening. Clearly this is good reason to not use the icon that sits parked in the kitchen. I will vow never to use it again... unless under strict supervision by the master cleaner.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Soccer suckers

As I was busy transporting myself to work this morning I saw many people out and about on the roads. I did see a rather disgusting sight though. Like people unloading their soccer bags from trunks of cars, and others already standing on a soccer field with goalie nets already set up. It is 7:20 in the morning people, and it's not summer, so it's kind of dark way out there on the soccer field. There is something seriously wrong with the sights that I see.... or people are so in love with soccer.... they don't realize this kind of early morning antics really suck.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Wonder dog?

Eye this picture carefully. It took a great deal of coaxing to get this shot. Here's the lovely little freaky german shepherd girl Ellpee hiding from the crows. Little Ellpee was frightened by the black moving specs on the lawn. She eventually moved from behind the deck chairs, to behind the wood pile (out of picture but to the right)... where she was still hidden from their view.

Somethings make me happy.

To keep everyone's heads intact and souls alive I had to down a couple of Vitamin B Complexes. It was for everyone's safety, perhaps even my own. My hair had just been wrong all day, and the lovely socks were all soft but twisted, so that was difficult to deal with for endless hours. My moment of sanity was eating my Mandarin Chicken Salad, but that was short lived. It was not until later on in the day when I had a conversation with someone else that I realised they were in greater need of their very own mega jar of vitamin B complex. I had brought my jar along to offer her up a few thousand milligrams, but I am not sure if that would have done the trick. She was definitely in need of a long acting vitamin B complex regime. It was nothing that Starbuck's would cure in 30 minutes or less, or a mind blowing grocery shopping trip. But we did laugh lots and decided that it was not safe to go grocery shopping where we could actually use carts to ram things, instead of storing things. My level of irritation has receded a bit... but I believe that I could use another hit of Vitamin B to hopefully bring me back to earth. At this moment in time.. I am wishing her luck on her side of the jungle.

Little Miss High Maintenance...

I am not talking the Pipster either. As always in the morning it's a hustle to get the chicklets connected to shoes, and backpacks and then through the front door. Don't ask me why, it's just a challenge. Actually each and every day it's basically an ironman to get things organized for these two. As I stuffed their lunch kits with boring "mean mother" things I added some soup for the little lady Pipster's lunch. As I was leaving I put the pot with it's remains in the sink..... because the furry four legged freaky thing was left to run about and worry herself over nothing while I was out. When I returned home Little Miss Ellpee slowly made her way up to the front door.. and then ran and sat in an odd spot in the kitchen. This generally means that there is something that has stolen and taken inside her little kennel. "Oh well... look what we have here.... an empty pot of soup", I say to the little terrified german shepherd. She wagged her tail very cautiously. I checked the floor, the counter, and her pillow in her kennel for spills... and only saw a slight staining on the pillow. She's a freak... a pot stealing, hearty chicken soup stealing little freak.

Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen. Late last night I tried to finish this book... and then fell asleep, but then starting reading it again until four in the morning.

In other adventures:

It has been an adventure just getting on this page.... my computer world has slowed the past couple of days... I am not sure why... perhaps it is the rain.

I will not act too boldly and try for another picture.... I am happy just to have this one.

Of course there have been slight adventures to speak of... this will have to do for now.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I missed this....

I was looking for good shots of the fog this morning on our way to school... and it seems that I missed a very good shot of something else. I am thankful that one of the Debbies is very particular about her driveway, and it must be kept nice and black... because I think we would have totally missed this, if she didn't have such an obsession. It will be bone chilling to also add that she had know idea they were there... because the prints made there way up the

passenger side of the vehicle....

Monday, October 03, 2005

Thanks for stalking by!!

Those are the words that I now say to the sis.... all the time. Although I am feeling a bit down and out as I am not the only one she stalks.... she stalks our mother as well. Plus she has got our aunt in the gig as well. I am glad the sister stalked me tonight.. because she reminded me that I was going to take the Pipster to her cousins birthday party.... I have no actual paper invitation to act as a reminder, I will blame it on that. As a bonus... I will stop by and pick up the cake for the sister stalker.... and collect the Airmiles while doing so... it's bonus days tomorrow.

Onto bigger and better...

These are the colourful adventures that I witnessed today with the Pip.. and I have to say, there is not an abundance of these wonderful colours around here, so I take them when I can get them. The trees we have here are these dullish brown colours.. although you don't get to see them equipped with a black bear perched on the top of each limb, like this one.

It's a beautiful morning...

I love the morning after a stormy night. The sun breaks through the clouds and the rays of sunshine shoot down onto the fading green leaves of the trees where they glisten and dance in the morning sun. The clouds loom precariously above us, with the threat of sunshine and rain all at the same time. The air is crisp and fresh and exhilerating to inhale. It is a beautiful day to walk the kids to school in the morning air and feel the freshness upon your face. In theory it all sounds great, but I drove the chicklets today.... oh well.

Other beautiful things that happened this morning:
  1. I have had a stiff neck, as in actual spine area for the past two days now. Must have been my enemies shaking the shit out of me after I wrote that blog a couple of days ago. Hmm.
  2. The lovely blond Pipster dressed herself this morning. For School. On time. Amazing. This will all change by tomorrow... just like the weather forecast.
  3. The boy grew about a foot last night while he was sleeping, or while I wasn't looking ...either way he is catching up to me.
  4. I think my stalker sister is doing other things.... she is not here at the moment, although I feel her vibe around, but things could change... she might just be driving throught the Tim Horton's drive-through right now.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Some smallish things...

I am very glad to be hiding out in this fortress of healthcare this weekend. I only have one reason though....and I am hoping that it is a good one. Mr. Husbandman spoke of cleaning out little lady Pipsters bedroom. An amazing thought really. He is quite methodical about these certain adventures.. so I may come home to a different home, or not.

Oh,.. and the other smallish thing. One of my stroke group people hissed at me and then told me to step down from my job as the coordinator for this group. She told me I was negligent in not arranging transportation for people in my group. I have to admit, I am not sure how many times that you have to fax, refax, and fax some more and then call the company every other day to ensure the information has made it to the right hands. Because you know, sending the information to right person doesn't exactly work, does it? She was right, I was negligent. I did not personally hunt down and find the person that does group bookings for people and wrap my hands around their neck and shake the shit out of them to get them to do their job. Yes, I have been negligent on that part.

IN other smallish things... another book in the works... I'm only on Chapter Four... and it is already too funny. I am hoping it stays that way.