Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm leaving...

ON a jetplane, don't know when I will be back again... oh Blog I hate to go.

That's a lie.

You can read it in the font... it's basic and boring..... I will be leaving mind you.

We have rented some monster of a vehicle... well not really a monster.. she will be seatbelted inside.. oops again... not really. The vehicle that we will giving us the tour is a black silverado with suicide doors. A new term to me too... (the little doors that open up behind the driver/passenger doors)... this just means that the chicklets can not exit the vehicle before we do. A shame.

AND.. just to keep myself in good form for the adventure..I broke the golden rule that the camping master has bestowed upon me.... I used something from the camping pile... (once it's in the camping pile you are not allowed to touch it...)... a blanket... to sleep on the couch with... I am wondering where I am going to sleep the next week when I can not listen to another second of the snoring adventures... the picnic bench?...

The husbandman and chicklets are very excited about our adventure. I am not. Seriously... well, I hope to see a Moose... that would make me excited.

I will be August.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Adventure City

I am heading out today with the crazy sis, and her two crazy kids to a little piece of west coast paradise. I may have a headache at the end of it. I am sure that the husbandman may have more of a headache by the end of the day as he is packing for the little vacation blitz we are about to embark on... HE IS PACKING. As he should.. him and lists.. and his piles of's all very organized and controlled. He is the Santa Clause of camping.. making and checking those lists twice over... then packing it all. I will have my job to do when I get back way way later.... I get to pack my own clothes. It's very technical, I hope I manage.

In the meantime... I have to organize for the little adventure today.... right now of course...I am busy colouring my quad-coloured-hair-don't... back to it's chemical box state of supposed to be medium brown. This may give you an indication as to the above paragraph... and the reason why the husbandman is busying himself with the technicalities of the vacation adventure.

Must hurry it up...

Monday, July 25, 2005

How much for that man in the driveway?

The Missy busy panicking because the basketball hoop/bumper smasher has left the driveway.

Minute by minute

The early news... coming to you live from the livingroom window. I am ever so happy to report that the basketball hoop at the side of our driveway was hit. I can't tell you how many times I have rolled out of this driveway and looked up in the knick of time just to swerve and miss, or have enough to skid to a stop.. not to hit this ominous black pole. I am happy to report that I didn't hit the pole.. the husbandman did. HA! Now, you can go and resume regular activities now.

Wierd, but colourful.

It's Monday morning.. and everything is wierd. Very wierd. I'll go with a list.

  1. I haven't had any coffee... well that's only because I haven't got any cream.
  2. Two children are in this home, at the same time, and are both content.
  3. I keep waiting for number two to crack, and the screaming mimi's to emerge.
  4. The idiot dogs out back are quiet; they must be dead... one of the neighbour's must have killed them in the night.
  5. Mr. Husbandman is sitting at the kitchen table... reading the paper. This is not unusual..but the unusual part is that he hasn't totally tidied the kitchen, and put some laundry on prior to the kitchen table newspaper seating.
  6. I drank out of his tea cup, which is actually my tea cup, which is actually a tall mug. Mr. Husbandman has confiscated it from me... he can't do coffee, any longer. I purposely use "his" mug to remind him of that fact.
  7. I have put away all my junk that I bought from the dollar store yesterday. I lied.. it's still in the plastic bag.. but I am thinking of putting it away... I am not certain where.
  8. In thinking of my dollar store purchases... I am wondering how you spend 54.00 there?
  9. Before I cough and sputter... I will divulge the purchases.. and very colourful I might add.
  10. 6 Paints, 6 canvases, 5 paintbrushes, 2 disposable cameras, scrapbooking crap, hand-picked purple pom-poms for the Pip, doodle-art plus a pad of paper for the boy, batteries ranging from the triple A to D, plus a bag for me with some fish on it, and a bag of cotton balls. It's all very exciting. The most mysterious part is that Micheals (craft store) was just across the way... then I found "Buck Town"... very Langley-ish I guess.
  11. And in seeing more colour now: OH, and the brightness in the kitchen that was just brought to my attention... by the Husbandman himself...he changed the single lightbulb for our 40 year old light fixture, I think it has about 432 watts of lightspeed coming out of it. Who needs to renovate.. who I say ..!! WHO!!!
  12. It has taken a while, but the girl has emerged from her Archie comic festival and wishes to take my place right here right now; the husbandman has tired of reading his paper and is up tidying the kitchen.. and the boy is up questioning my abilities of joining in playing Driver with him... won't happen... and now the idiot dogs have come back to life and are howling and barking again. The Pip is now into the cupboard which holds the camping food and is asking for everything that was placed neatly out of her eyesight for their contents.
  13. Life is so much more normal now... the girl has just entered the den where the boy has taken up residence... must go check on the colourfull fireworks about to begin.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Coming to a garage sale near you....have you seen him.... he's cute, mild mannered, pleading eyes and funny, he even jingles..... with coins and certain StarWars tunes.

A simple confession...

Last year... perhaps this approximate time.....we engaged in a holiday...I think, maybe kind-of. It turned out, to be a hellish time away... well for me that is. Nothing of absolute horror happened, nothing I say, nothing.... it is what didn't happen that made it truely bad. So bad that I said to my lovely and bewildered husbandman that I would never return to that little divit of a lake in the centre of nowhere. That was last year.

Guess where we are headed... this very weak. Yes, WEAK. WEAK. WEAK. WEAK. !!!

I caved when the Pip wanted me to go camping with the rest of the little family... and why... because I like the Pip, I like to do things that make the Pip happy... I would be happier though if she would stop strangling me this very moment with her very loving hug mind you. Chuckle, chuckle.

Yes, even the boy inquired, and the husbandman.... "Would I go camping with them?"... Let's just say I used to be a camper... kind of a camper.. OK, perhaps just a good sport at going camping... it was a little get away. I had patience back then. That was before the purchase of the parents motorhome. I have been forever ruined... I don't do tents.

Then..... it happened.. the husbandman offered me up a sale I couldn't refuse..... we would only camp for two days.. then we would drive up to his friends cabin and stay there... where they have running water and electricity, and actual tables and four structured walls, and a place where I do not need to crawl to go to sleep. SOLD. The place... back to last years hellish destination point where nothing really happened, but I hated it all the same. That was last year... it will be different this year.... I can already tell.

Oh, and included in this years bonus feature... I rented a quad-cab 2004 truck to toodle around in. Mr. Husbandman usually spends 2 1/2 days tinkering with the now 15 year old SUV in the driveway prior to any trips taken... and thanks to him that we do not break down... but I think at this point... I would like some guts driving up and around some hills. GUTS.. as in vehicular guts. There are some nice big hills that we need to overcome.... AND, the ever so GUTSY husbandman stated he was not tinkering with the TOYOTA this year.... I believe that I have already saved what hellish vacation this might turn out to be.. to be a little less hellish.

That's the confession of the hour.

Happy Saturday.

Here I am, on a Saturday... busily being at home.. enjoying the fact that it is Saturday, and I am not at work. What I am not enjoying is the "Garage Sale Effect"... which is happening next door to us and every 35 seconds... the front door opens, then slams, and then a certain boy walks up to me....."so what about......?". I have to keep telling him NO! I am wondering when he will get tired of this... because I am already very tired of this. My answer will not change, except the fact that the NO will continue to rise in intensity... but that's about the extent of it. I am hoping that he will clue in soon.

In other Saturdayness.... the frightful little catdog is busily worrying away in the backyard. The husbandman has left on an unscheduled work thing.. which has left the furry creature in a state of frenzy... because he promised her 18 full days of his presence. She only remembers certain things, that would be one of them. Everytime the front door slams shut.. she flies in through the house just to double check that it was in fact not the husbandman-master-that-she-has-declared-as-her-saviour, but the garage sale-ing overspending superson.

The only person in the homestead without any issues so far is the chewy wrapped mint eating Pipster... she has amused herself with some Saturday shows... and is only complaining about not getting anything from the next door garage sale every 15 minutes.. I then have to remind her that it is a "very boy" garage sale... no pretty things in pink, or cats to pick from... that makes her run and hide with that very thought. All things good with her.

The Shed is no longer the husbandmans object of desire. He has set the completion date for the end of August now. A rather BASTARDLY thing to do.. I must confess....I have many "things" for him to accomplish .... and he just doesn't get that. I believe I will stop the subscription to his beloved newspaper on that note..... he he he he he he he he.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Tinker King

So husbandman has been up to some tinkering for the past two days.... he had to tinker with the door so an elf would feel comfortable walking through it.. and then he had to create the windows that Snow White would feel happy looking through... things are moving along nicely. Today has taken a turn to the dark side, as he has put that black papery stuff all around it... as it sits now and waits for the critical decision of siding to be made... tick tick tick tick.....

Show me some skin...

The other day I was most diligently working at putting a smile on my face while I returned about 13 millions pop, juice and water containers. I was working hard at being "at one" with the lids that were screwed on tighter than the factory screw that they received in the first place. Those hand jobs, they really are efficient.
Anyways... as I was politely unscrewing the well screwed lids.... something came within eyeshot distance. My immediate reaction... OMG!!!... I looked at the grumpy lady who works at the very spic and span clean bottle returning location... and she grumpily looked at me.. this time, her grumpiness was now projected towards the person that had entered her clean bottle returning locale. The person did his thing, collected his cash, then left.

The OMG effect.... extra large people should not walk around in a pair of shorts. It just shouldn't be allowed. REALLY.

Interestingly.... the OMG effect came into play again, later that same day. It came in the form of a person whipping into the corner store..... that sight was unbelievable. Shirtless and with shorts. Now that was some sight, this sightseeing package also came with muscles and a tan. That should so be allowed... for the betterment of the human race. REALLY.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's missing?

There is something very wrong with one of these pictures.. something is missing. Let's see here... One man leisurely drinking coffee, and reading the paper; one almost built shed; and one trusty assistant at the ready...... OH, I see what's missing now.... a little fire under the chair that holds the ass of the leisurely coffee drinking person... I

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Home Away from Home....

The Happy King creating his lovely castle.. he should be happy there... when he is one hundred and three, and has shrunk a couple of inches... but other than that he should be comfortable.

The Come Back King.

The KING has returned..... and you will find him in the back yard.... building a shed. What a lovely King he is. Although... I am finding that he slips up a bit while he has gone out to purchase shedly items, and buys things like this:

Most importantly... he has forgotten the golden rule... DO NOT PURCHASE WITHOUT THE MASTERCARD IF YOU EXPECT TO LIVE. Clearly he does not wish to live in the lovely shed that he is creating. I guess this will be the Pips new home. She is busy doing her part working on the shed as well:

Friday, July 15, 2005

Beware of the evil eyebrows.

Some things happened yesterday.. none of which were tramatic, exciting or suspense-filled. It was of course a note-worthy day, of sorts. Here are the things that I learned:
  1. When you take your children to Tim Horton's because you have ran out of coffee in the house and prewarned them that they would be going there in the morning... for a bit of coffee festivities... (great coffee to some, crap to other's, but to each their own...)... anyways, do not expect to fill the girl child up, and make her be happy on a honey crueller ( kind of like a wagon wheel looking donut). I actually knew this already... I was just testing the waters.
  2. Never attempt to just make a necklace at home out of items that you have purchased at the bead store. NEVER. The billlions and trillions of dollars spent at the bead store could be mistaken as jewelry for the walls of a kitchen... on the brink of renovation... it was that close. I talked the Pip down from her hysteria.... and we wrapped up the fancy beads and returned to the bead place... where I systematically used "the bead store" tools and fixed all the fancy beads for the Princess Pipster in waiting.....
  3. Always buy more beads for "the boy cool" necklace that you will undertake at home... you never know when the format of the necklace will change.
  4. While throwing together a lovely "cat necklace" for the Princess Pipster.. do not let the boy to attempt to buy a necklace for his girl-non-girl-friend tom boyish friend ALEX.. that took many hours to collect the right beads for a simple ALEX project. But of course... by this time, I had the almost tradgedy of the cat necklace still clear in my head, that we put the ALEX necklace together immediately. Success.
  5. Do not attempt to buy deodorant at the beauty counter at London Drugs. This confuses me.. as you are of course allowed to buy fragrances at the beauty counter, but you are not allowed to buy something that has a chemical built in, so you are fragrance free.. doesn't make sense to me really.. Anyways, deodorant is not allowed.. apparantley.. and the manager at the beauty counter will tell you so... as I saw it happen to the girl across from me.. while I was innocentley buying millions of dollars of nail polish and lipstick. If you are stuck in this situation... to rid yourself of the offending object.. you must throw it across the counter so it slams on the floor... and then that lovely beauty counter manager quickly gets on the phone, as you proceed to head out of the front of the store... probably wishing that at this point in the day... that you already had deodorant on, and were trying to buy a broom instead. Ha!
  6. So.... now that the coffee is circulating nicely through the system ... it is not wise to enter a store where they insist on playing music.. really loud. ... as I found out because I was YELLING at my children the other day... as I tried to shop... at a children's store. I first off said to one of the clerks... "Is it me.. or is this music really loud..?" Her response... "you'll get used to it". I shook my head and told her I wouldn't. After a little while of looking and dealing with the lady princess Pipster needing every single thing known to the little girl kingdom.. I had had enough...I wanted the Pip to try something on... and two people that worked there made the mistake of asking me if I needed help. YES!!! YES I NEED HELP!!. I started off... (oooops, not thinking.....)... I need a lot of help.. (the clerkish people were very confused looking at me....)... "I need help in not yelling at my kids... they are standing three feet away from me.. and I am yelling at them... can you here me... I AM YELLING!!!!!".... ( I could almost feel my eyebrows vibrating).... The clerk says... "are they irritating you?..."..."OK, clerkman, I am trying to be nice.. but this music is so freaking loud that I can't think straight.. and I know for certain that I have a Mastercard... that I am very willing to use.. but I wont be able to stay long enough to use it, if you can't turn the music down, that way I can stop yelling at my kids....!" I say.. almost kind of not really calmish. The lovely male gay clerk made me obliged my hysterical request.. I so liked him after that. And then PIP liked me... and so did the boy... although the boy got one thing compared to her 5. I swear I do like him.
  7. I am not big on filling the chicklets with hamburgers...but on the occasion.. I will indulge... but holy smokes... A&W is way way way way way way too expensive... and it doesn't help when the Lady Pipster gets in on the act!
  8. How many millions of emails should you send to a friend that is in the midst of delivering baby number three and four?? Can you send too many? My eyebrows have a quizical look to them now because of this thought.
  9. The eyebrow evilness must remain at a dull roar when the neighbours comment as to the whereabouts of the husbandman.... "OH, that evil bastardly husbandman of mine.. is that the one you are asking about...? Poor Mr. Ed... he almost wet his workboots when I came out with that response. I took it down a notch... "I believe he is hanging out with his friends that do not have children to come home to... although Mr. Husbandman will require a stern talking to when he does eventually find his way home.. although it has nothing to do with me, or the chicklets.. and everything to do with the fine furry Ellpee that runs around endlessly and panics for a great number of hours until he is at home safe and sound". Believe me, he got an earful... about my having to deal with little miss hysteria.. .and this time it was not to do with a princes in waiting.... but rather a furry princess waiting.
  10. I'll round it out at number ten... it seems a good number to put your eyebrows to rest.. for a while....the girl on the other end of the phone got the silent eyebrow treatment the other day. I tried to remain calm...and I did remain calm. I was trying to book an ultrasound ... and the lovely young girl said to me... oh, I can only accomodate you at the end of July. "Oh, so, nothing else then I guess?" "No" she bubbled. Oh, we are going to be away ... ***strike me down now.. I will be no where!!!***. All of a sudden... she found a cancellation appointment for next week.... what luck I say, what luck! Thank you kindly young girl..., and with that thought, the eyebrows now will take a rest...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

In news that doesn't make a difference but you should know about....

The sky this evening matches the sky in the picture above. It has been many days since we could make that comparison around here...and on that thought... I am cold. Really.

My lint holder in the dryer that buzzes for 15 minutes to tell you that it is done, can not hold all the dog hair that has come out of the Lady Ellpee's blankets. Much happiness to me.. I believe that they are cleaner, and a different colour.

The Pipenza girl has spent the day on the trampoline, with her friend from across the street.... although I have yet to figure if she has jumped for even part of that time.... exept for when she got tangled in the bar/edge of it. I can't even begin to explain how she hurt herself... I am still trying to figure out what she did. Once again, I bow to the net that is firmly attached to the frame.

The Handsomeson has spent the day traveling back and forth from our house, to next door. I know that PS 2's and Xboxes have been involved in this. The Handsomeson needs to go to an intervention about his PS2.... he has issues with things like controllers.

I noticed some of those awful little fruit flies finding suitable homes on some apples...I systematically gave Ellpee an apple every hour.... the flies magically dissapeared. I then made the very secret chocolate banana milk milkshake for the chicklets with their dinner.... to force any squatter flies away..... the girl across the street whispered to my girl that she doesn't like "that stuff"... my answer... it's milk, chocolate and banana... tell me which one you don't like?".... I eventually saw an empty glass on my counter.

The next time someone retires... I will not be "in charge" of it... I WILL NOT! And... any ideas that I have to create a scrapbook for someone... well, that should be pistoled out of my head as well. OH, and .... pot luck means that you bring "A DISH"... not five, and then have to transport them into a hospital where you can't find parking.... also... it's best not to be the photographer either... because it's just best.

AND... speaking of scrapbooks..... I have been avoiding this I am rather OCDish......BUT, when someone spends hours putting together a is best to not add any pictures of YOUR choosing, and then plunk them in the scrapbook all willy nilly like. It strikes me as similar to painting a picture... and someone just adding some colour, because they feel it needs a little colour. Leave the scrapbook alone people... the creator will add images if asked... really, she will.

OH, and the final stupid moment of the day.... I made a pot of coffee this am... with 8 cups of water and 2 spoons of coffee. Thin black stuff, with cream... good thing for the cream.

Life once again;

Somebody asked me othe other day what was new. I spared their ears and gave them the casual answer of "let me think".... tap tap tap tap. I had to ponder that thought and my response... and considered the aftershock if I gave out the answer of "just the junk of life"... which would make one think that I am bored by the mundane goings on. That which I am not. I for one, am excited about how the mysteries of the days unfolds... I love to plan nothing, and yet marvel at how busy the day becomes. That said, I am amazed at the importance of the moment, and yet when it comes to report those findings to those that inquire... they become hurled into the bin of the "junk of life".

Friday, July 08, 2005

False spring, fallsummer.

It has been very tricky living here on the West Coast basically since the start of 2005. I am not quite sure what season we have had, or are in. January might have been winter... but February, which technically is winter, was definitely summer. Then, I think we might of had a week of something that could have been cold in March, but then it turned to summer for many weeks. Which would be why I had planted by summer flowers in the very early spring... (big no no for those garden gurues..but we all have to break rules and give somebody something to talk about). But now that it has hit summer, it is definitely fall, it has to be.... there is a lot of stuff falling this summer, and it's called rain. I wonder if those watering regulations will still be in effect?

On that note... with the knowledge of what was in store with the weather forcast, that we were up against lots of rain.. I headed out into the great backyard.. and cut the lawn... and I can't believe what I did next... I put down more grass seed. A seemingly benign ordeal... with the exception that grass seed and July don't mix.. it isn't a combination that goes together here normally... BECAUSE IT IS TOO HOT. Normally. But since we seem to have a fallsummer on our hands.. I need to get this grass in place before fall begins... as it should be quite a scorcher.

Going out after going out.

I met my friends for a "breakfast meeting" yesterday... well, really it was a brainstorming session on the head honcho's retirement tea that we are putting together. I would like to thank the Pip in bringing her pursable items which included three notepads/books and Barbie Pencil Crayons... it gave me something to write on, and with, as I needed to take notes. Rah Rah. That was just a sidebar.... the real meat to the story goes like this:

Both the chicklets are pancake loving hounds. All good thanks goes to Mr. Husbandman for burning the recipe into his memory.. and "whipping" them up on any occasion. Bastard.. yes, I can say that.... as the chicklets never trust me to do such a task.. so when the rarity strikes that I do... Panic sets in, by the eaters and the maker. Interestingly, they trust the restaurant people to absolute delicious pancake making. Which is why yesterday...their little pancake trusting soles were shattered beyond the moon.

The nice young waitress delivered their meals... when the boy, sitting to my left was first to strike... "Is this breakfast?... or is this just a sampler..? do I get some breakfast with this breakfast?...." he hissed in my direction... as his eyebrows almost leaped off his face and wrapped around my neck. "Drink some of your orange juice first..., I'll take you out for breakfast again, once we leave this breakfast place," was my reply. Sitting to my right, the girl's beautiful "do of the day" which was a lovely perky bun started to vibrate. A chill went up my spine. She started in: "Ma-ma... what is this.. this is an outrage, who are these restaurant people, and how come they wont give us any food... this looks like the food that I feel to my dolls..." she reeled. "Drink your milk Pip", I said. "I'll drink my milk if you promise to get me more food... I thought we came to a restaurant"....she continued...

Let the brainstorming breakfast meeting begin...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I LOVE the 11:00 news..

There's more of the news that must be shared.. has to be...lives to be, LOVES to be.

Sam the hair cutter man has moved on to a bigger and better place, something "upscale and trendy" is the word the leftover employee told me... he has left the big lights of Greatclips. Now I LOVED Sam the haircutter man. I won't number the reasons.. because I have just finished one list... and I can't create another...but I will detail the reasons: I loved Sam on a whole body appearance thing.. he had the whole package going on... never a bad hair day, and just enough gel on the tips, the right shoes, the right pants, the just right flowy pressed shirts that moved as swiftly as his hands. His hands were fun to watch... they danced as they cut and manicured peoples unmanageable manes. For that, I loved him. But then he had to speak... and that's what reeled you in. Hook. Line. Sinker. You were done. I can't even say if there was anything spectacular about him... but it was the package deal... and now he's gone, he's taken that package and gone upscale.

Don't go away.. there's more: In more love affairs of the day....The Sushi man has caught not only my eye ... but my tastebuds.. today I sampled a most delicious BOX A. I will never go back to just sushi anymore... I can't. BOX A has done me in. I now love Box A.

In LOVE that never stops: the boy looks incredibly wonderful and handsome once again in his stylish yet cheap haircut, done by a woman, who now has taken over Sam's chair. The haircutter woman LOVED how polite the wonderful boyson was... I LOVE my handsome young son. I told the haircutter woman that polite sons were built from mothers who never stop harping... since the haircutter woman told me she has an 8 month old son, and she hopes for him to be that polite one day. Of course... there's the Pip... she of course is always looking good. Just don't look at her ankles with what I am thinking were a million mosquito bites, but might be something else....but I LOVE that little chicklet all the same. Her little spirit was quite high today... but I am sure that it had nothing to do with the 3 egg omelet with cheddar cheese grated over it for breakfast, that had anything to do with it...

In ending... I LOVE watching a black bear bolt right out in front of you... that is a LOVELY sight.

Not the 11:00 news.. but it works.

Now that I have straightened the keyboard, turned the chair and the monitor, fixed the mouse.. I am ready to begin. tap tap tap tap tap..... oh right.. this is not the 11:00 news, because what I have to tell isn't newsworthy at all..... but for all you lucky people out there... it's a bloggable mess....and it happened like this:
  1. Going with the adventure theory of having a clean slate with nothing planned for this week... this mornings adventure ended in a walk to the great Home Depot for a lightbulb. One single lightbulb, and that was it. The boy started on a tirade as to why we couldn't drive to the desired location... I told him to consider it the beginning of the great holiday.
  2. The Pipster was complimented greatly for calling Ellpee the catdog back indoors, due to running back and forth at the fence with the idiot dogs on the otherside. Ellpee is an idiot, but not that much of one to associate with THOSE idiot dogs... Elps the upside of idiot.
  3. I washed our duck/goose/swan/pheasant/bird something duvet yesterday. It says something when you take a bag of bedding to the drycleaners.. and the lady at the counter asks me if I want it cleaned, or would I like to have it really cleaned. Door number two please.... she then told me to take it home and do it myself.
  4. I listened to the lady at the dry cleaners.... I even managed to get the duvet cover washed as well... even with those scarey colours that could potentially run and bleed.. all over the light back cover.... but that did not happen... the only thing that happened were things getting all clean. I say clean with pride people.
  5. Last evening the duvet cover did not get put back on the actual duvet. That's alright.. I was still marveling at my handywork of not destroying a potentially very steep replacement cost that would have been required if I had screwed up. I have had people tell me horror stories....
  6. OH, back to number 2.... and the sweet Pip letting Ellpee in, while I was preoccupied in the bathroom with water running... after Ellpee had ran back and forth close to a hundred times.. in the back yard, in the dirt, and it rained enough for Noah last night.. because I was awake listening to, Elp makes it in.. then panicks as usual because she needs to find me.... and then looks for me... all over the house. I SAID... ALL OVER THE HOUSE... with beautiful rich deep dark sweet smelling wet and dirty paws she runs through the den, onto Pipenza's lavender coloured bed, and then in and out of the boy's bedroom, and then... finds her way to our bedroom... with the clean duvet cover just sitting there... waiting for someone to cover it up....
  7. That leads me back to number one.... and why it is that all of a sudden it became important to walk to the great HOME DEPOT for one lightbulb... which in the end, they didn't carry.

Excuse me but.....

Do you have any sunshine that goes with that holiday?

Just so the people out there know.... I am going nowhere fast. Although, I have seen the people that surround my little 1365 square foot under construction rancher exit on a steady basis for places that end in the notation: "vacation destination". I am happy for these people.. enjoy. I hope the packing included rainshields... of all forms.

So, instead of setting out into the great yonder for experiences that years will forever be emblazened in my memory... I am remaining at home. I will find my own experiences to relish in... for many years to come. These are some current experiences noteworthy of the summer events:
  1. Only year known to have grown grass throughout the whole summer.
  2. Managed to find Pip's bedroom floor.
  3. Organized Pip's way too many coloured pens, pencils, crayons and paints... in some semblance of order, in record time.
  4. I don't have any unpacking to do, although I get that same loving feeling, while putting away the Pip's clothing.
  5. Watched giant grey clouds stream over my rooftop.
  6. Remained dry and comfortable and happy while those grey clouds dumped their miles of moisture over top of me.
  7. Remained sane after the whole event from above, even with children locked in close quarters under same roof.
  8. Never had any catching up to do with my friends....although I had to wait to catch-up with some.
  9. Cleaning up from breakfast... was still a snap...and me being the kindly impatient person that I am..... did not have to wait for the hot water to boil to clean a frying pan....yuk!
  10. I can visit the lake and the ocean all in the same day... so it's fresh air to salty within a short period of time.
  11. I don't get to feel the real life adventures of the great scenery around me.. but I wouldn't anyways.... Mr. Husbandman is notorious for driving right through great spots to see and view... that's why I have the internet... I can check and see what I missed when I get home.
  12. Happy traveling out there my friends... enjoy the weather

Monday, July 04, 2005

Should and shouldn'ts of the day.

I should use gloves when I use bleach to clean.
I shouldn't use bleach, in fact I just shouldn't clean at all.

I should answer the front door when you can tell it's a little person knocking.
I shouldn't feel guilty over not wanting something more high maintenance than my Pip in the house.

I should have taken our duvet and cover to the cleaners.
Shouldn't that be something that can wait until tomorrow?

I should work for an endodontist... their day is as long as school hours.
I should learn to call early, but not to early to book an appointment with an endontist.
I shouldn't work for an endodontist... I'd be crazier than I normally am.

I shouldn't pay attention to the three crazy boys that are playing truth or dare on the trampoline.
I should pay attention to what those dares are... but I am frightened.... and I should be!

I should try and have some form of dinner ready eventually.
I shouldn't really, if the husbandman would like to live another day.

I should go and pick up the bucket of water in the den, with lavender for the lady Pipster.
I shouldn't have to... but to save all those involved I should.

I should learn to write down the title of books that I have read in the past.
I shouldn't have to read the first and last chapter to realize that I have read a book.

I should go and help the Pip tidy her room/find her room.
I shouldn't have to do that.

I should have got rid of all the old towels, blankets and sheets earlier when I cleaned out the linen closet.
I shouldn't have such silly and ridiculous thoughts.

I should stop now, shouldn't I?

This is what you get....

When you ask the Lady Pipenza to clean her room, or attempt to clean, or kind of clean,... or, OK, put the coloured popsicle stick bridge back together if you must .... I guess that's cleaning.. it lasted for as long as the bridge was almost reconstructed... and she could not put in another coloured popsicle stick.... Lady Pip gave up... and sent herself right to the computer and produced this little piece of art... and you can see that she was wishing for people banging on the front door to free her from her tiny colourful HELL!

Friday, July 01, 2005

I can't believe it~!

It happened without any fanfare and parades, or trumpets blowing...
It happened so swiftly I didn't see it coming....
Enough with the talking, planning and creating....
Same with the contemplating and procrastinating.......

I can't believe that today is the day...
That shovels, levels and hammers are now out on display
Not one more word will have to be said...
Today is the day Mr. Husbandman has started to build the shed.

Keep Spending People!

Since the husbandman and I spent a whole whack of cash a number of months back, on trivial things like BBQ's (which he loves more than the dog, and the dog comes before me!... )...and patiosets.. the whole while not owning my lovely Airmile Collecting Mastercard that I cringed about. Now, a number of months later.... we have people jumping in for the cause!... Yes, the crazy renovating neighbour lady is adding up the miles on our Mastercard.... go girl! Included in the Airmile collecting event will the husbandmans boyfriends.. from work... they are going on some fishing adventure.. and will dump that whack of expense on the card... it is a glee filled moment.. I say GLEE people...

The Unsuspecting One....

Mr. Husbandman right now is sitting and reading the newspaper... what he doesn't know... all that time he has been sitting and expanding his mind with the events of yesterdays news... I have been secretly making lists of things for him to do..... BIG LONG LISTS... which I will present to him ... later... perhaps tomorrow morning... while the house remains sleeping, as I head off to work.... that would be pleasant good morning for him .. I just know it.

OK... I am not that evil... the lists will contain things like .. a map, with arrows.. pointing to all the lightbulbs that need changing. Yes, people.. I could do it myself... but if we want to keep this a "clean-air zone" we will just ask the husbandman for the "speedy-quiet technique", rather than my "potential sharp bits exploding technique", which will ultimately happen if I do such a task. Really.

I know my limitations.. I clean and organize.... he refits and renos.... and that's only an occasional on the second word... h ehe he he he... I speak such evil words as he sits and reads his paper quietly.

Let's us begin....

How about now.. how about now, how about now, what about NOW, what about now, let's start now, OK now.. right now, now it is, just about now now!

I have a stack of books.... they are calling to me.. and that is what they are saying... see above. I am currently programmed to ignore them, and I'm not sure why that is... because I was the one that selected them, and then carried them home in the dull white 15 year old suv. So this is my own doing, and I'm not sure why I am letting them torchure me like that... it may have something to do with time, and the little amount of time I have had over the past week to open up one of their pretty covers. I believe I will make them happy soon.

Happy Canada Day!