Monday, November 29, 2010

So this is what I am thinking.

Probably not safe to write about such lunacy ... but I will share for you today ...
  1. I want to understand how my boy practically gets himself removed from the Rockschool program. It's a hard one to comprehend, let alone write about, articulate, contemplate, it's a cause for one to perhaps regurgitate.
  2. Ok not really ...
  3. However ... BIG long winded email from the teacher. It's painful. This is MUSIC school ... should it be this painful?
  4. His BFF/GF bought him a touque yesterday, now he look like on of the guys from the Monkees. Oh seriously yes.
  5. In reality ... if his hair was coiffed and fluffed he would look more like Prince William, and in fact ... the BFF/GF would look like the maybe to be one day Queen. Oh double seriously yes.
  6. I actually like his new found scragginess... it adds that rocker guy effect to him. Mind you ... having a Prince William sing November Rain was a pretty interesting look as well.
  7. If the boy manages to not get himself removed from the rockschool program, I think the rest of his days of highschool education will be completed in the "homeschool" atmostphere. It might just work out better ... for everyone.
  8. I am going to ask for stock in whatever the name is of the haircolour that I use... all I know is that the box is green and I buy the number 50. AND I start to panick when I see the numbers of 50 start dropping off the shelf, and then I am not seeing my favourite girl smiling back at me.
  9. I am saving cream containers right now. OK, and one litre milk containers. I wish to do the most amusing activity at the group in the next coming weeks! Gingerbread houses! ... ok, I actually do them with Graham Crackers ... but the thing is ... it's not the supplies that one uses, but rather the emotion, conversation & laughter that is inspired from the project. AND whether you are a Christmassy person or indifferent, there is always the random conversation about the candy involved, and the stories that are spiralled from that. I am MAD ... mowha wha wha ... !
  10. Miss Pippy is clearly the smartest chickster around these parts ... she is the gadgety-est girl on this side of Burke Mountain ... and one that can utilize her time and knowledge to the extreme. She finds out via txting that she had some homework... where she starts typing on her ipid... (that's what we call them here... as in our home here ... )... she types away for about an hour and a half... and then emails everything to the command centre central thinking device... (my computer!), and upon arrival to the homeland ... she opens up the computer .. and the homework is here waiting for her. My Pip ... what a triple thinker!
  11. I am thinking about more .. alot more ... but must move on due to time constraints~!

Life is the same

It doesn't matter how far you wish to roam ....

And how colourful it becomes...


Life is still good to us ....


Despite the fairly odd ones

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Could you hear me?

Yesterday I was minding my own business, drinking my lovely cup of Starbucks, with just a hint of peppermint added to it... (something of which I never allow myself to have. ... is a peppermint treat ... because really a cup of brown water is already expensive enough! ...) but alas, I indulged. I was busily concentrating on the road in front of me because the conditions were less than ideal, but I was careful, and I know how to drive in the snow & snowy conditions. I had come to a stop at the corner, and I was maybe four or five cars from the red light. Normally I would turn right at this corner, and would drive up the inside lane if traffic was stopped, as they generally are passing straight through. Yesterday, given the rough conditions of the road, I decided to remain in the stream of traffic, and then turn my signal light on, as the car came up to the intersection to turn right. So there I sat ... stopped. I had given myself lots of room in front of me, so that way I had room to signal into the next lane, when the time came. As I was sitting stopped, I looked in my rearview mirror, because one does occasionally do that. Of course what I saw was a small car bulleting to my back end. I had the split second to decide to pull out and around the car in front of me, and chance hitting the car as I made a move, or just hope that the little car was going to be able to stop. And no it did not. KAPOOM! Instantly I was pissed. Hissing and yelling insued at the poor rather tough looking fellow, and his three friends that piled out from the car. Hiss yell hiss hell hiss hell .... after a bit ... I calmed down. The poor guy didn't know whether (this is my long departed Dad's saying:) "to shit or go blind" ... Somewhere out of all of this ... someone seemed to know tha I was Pippy's mother ... and they told her that I was down at the corner waving my hands talking to two young guys ... Pippy's response... "oh brother ... if she's waving her arms ... then those guys have GOT to be in trouble...." and off she trudged in the sleeting snowing weather conditions.

And here I am today ... writing about it ... AND because I am not sure how the body reacts to this sort of shit .. ... I am taking tomorrow off from work ... cause I already have my neck/shoulders/back/arms that are sore... unable to ingest anti-imflammatories due to being allergic!

So ya .... anyone of you here me yelling & having a hissy fit ... cause some stranger already knew I was crazed! .... NOBODY is allowed to hit the Indigo Blue Mazda5!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

But this ...

Made me really happy.

Of course I risked life and almost limb to get the picture... well kind of risked life.
I did have to deal with a wierdo local that started hissing about me being on private property. I was still at that point standing on the road, not getting slammed into by semi's actually ... so I decided to heed his advice, cause it is a little different out there in the wilderness area of life, and who knows what goes on ... so the fancy private property that I had dipped my double socked foot into had a cabin that was as old and decreped as the day is long .. I was so engulfed with these guys that I didn't take a picture of the cabin/house... cause lord knows I could have done some sort of damage... ANYWAYS... it was these very pictures that made me quite happy!

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My thing is ...

You are sitting on a two lane highway. A rock face is to your right, and a ledge is to your left, and there is not a place to get out, and try your hand at getting a bit closer. I remember taking this picture, and knew it had quite a bit of good things... but I didn't realize how many good things! There's eagles, gulls, ducks and I am trying to figure if these are swans ... anyways .. they are rather large white birds. I think they are swans, cause they have black bills on them.
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minus 6

In the world of Deannaland travels ... there were lots of rock faces with ice sculptures replacing the waterfalls.
Of course the three pairs of pants and three jackets I had on was not keeping very warm, so the picture taking was swift... plus I am not sure how well the camera does in minus degree weather
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So I went:

Out to Harrison Mills again yesterday. The waterway was practically non existant, as the tides had receded, and what exces of water was left was significantly frozen.

I mamanged to spy a amall grouping along the shore line... BUT one by one they eventually flew off behind a mass of trees. I got to see some beautiful sights as two mature eagles swept and flew at each other in very close proximetry to the ground. I would have liked those photos ... I would have probably had to be standing on the golf course to get them mind you.

A flock of Canada geese were busily flying about in no apparant direction ... at least it didn't appear.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

minus 7

degrees around these parts.

To some.. you may laugh and scoff...

To us westcoastians .... WHAT!!! ...we are used to clouds, dreary & rain!

In things that are on a positive note:

  • me!
  • my camera. (which you can see that I have have been using EXTENSIVELY!)
  • the fact that I go through the manual carwash, just to have all the roadsalt now stick to it.... moe than ever!
  • white cheddar popcorn dust has made its way back to home outfitters.
  • the sisters OLD dog didn't get run over by a car yesterday chasing two deers from the culdesac.
  • the cat didn't escape from my sisters house while I was chasing the dog chasing the deers.
  • I didn't fall into the ditch while the dog was standing sniffing where the deer were, which I couldn't tell from his age whether he could move, or he was peeing.
  • survived looking after the boys for the past 2 1/2 days.... mind you ... I didn't cook for them... so it was an all clear on that front.... so really they survived me.
  • felt like a creeper in my own home, since I was staying at the boys house, and yet leaving during the day to do my thing, but returning to let the dog out, and yet living in the home, but not. Oddish yes.
  • I found the WILL to tell the book club girl that I would not be returning for a bit, AND told her, perhaps I might not return at all. Talk about GREY in the black and white department!
  • am currently sporting two pairs of pants, vest and jacket... while in the homeland.
  • went walking earlier today ... because it's always good to do that in minus 7 right ... and I did see a couple of others out and about ...
  • Snow ... really ... that throws me off... entirely!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Looks like:

A certain weatherman indicated that it is a bit whiteweatheryish.

I will wait for that.

In other accomplishments:

Thank you iStock....

No really ... THANK YOU !!

It was them that told me to double check my computer DATE & time. The time appeared fine... but it wasn't UNTIL I scrolled over to the time, and let the computer TELL me what the date was... that I figured out quite possibly why I haven't been able to upload pictures from my picasa! ... perhaps why blogger was eating my comments ... and even more EXCITING ... when I did my on-line banking .. it wouldn't let me pay any bills for November... how tragic is that I say my friends! ... well.... I manually MAN-U-ELLEEE did it.

And whala... as a view to below... it appears that the world is once again been righted.

Oh lucky me.

I have managed through cables and cords, and other assorted endeavours to wipe some memory cards clean.... ok .. and on the QT ... the boy does not know that the new camera captures video... so for the time being .. I have video-d him ... and have already saved it to my external hard-drive ... and then ... perhaps in years to come .. this is what the JIMMY was up to... in the EARLY years of his talentedness.

In other stories of complete nonsense....

Am working on reading three different books right now... something I haven't done before, but in an effort to enjoy the most of the day .. I am working at doing everything all at once. Confusing... No . .. yes.

reading, playing, TXTING!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I did.

I marched into the camera store yesterday... and bought me the Nikon D7000.


I just did.

I wanted it.

I want many things.

And not just for me.

I can't believe I was able to buy it.


I did.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


So the miss pipster and myself went for a car ride .. to non other than the EAGLE section of our great lands...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Barn on the roll

Well... it seems that I have come across a couple of things the past few days:

  1. Blogger and picasa don't match up any longer ... at least not on my settings.
  2. BUT .. not to be wearied by such HORROR ... I jumped to a picasa album, and began flitting about with that.
  3. In other flitting and fleeting attempts... I love this red barn, which is on the way to the eastern side of the world.... so I took this while in the captains spot .... in the car.
  4. Realized that this whole PICNIK thing is a kinda cool little helper gadget. HENCE the lovely museumly matter picture above you.
  5. Mind you... not sure what I will do when I fill up the web album.
  6. OH ... in news of nonexcitement to most, but a revelation to MOI ... I managed to change the greenspace on the blog ... HOWEVER.... my pics now look smaller.
  7. Would love to go see eagles... this minute!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Eagle quest 2010

It was an amazing sight, the lens couldn't capture the amount of eagles all filling the sky. In the above blue sky photo, there is 20 eagles. The on-mass flight that erupted was probably about three times this size. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Because I:

  • Dont understand a great many things, it always leaves me to question.
  • Can see a great deal, sometimes things get missed.
  • Pack a lot into a day, I always have something undone.
  • Wish for many things to be right, there is still very much that is wrong.
  • Try my best to help most individuals, sometimes it just doesn't work.
  • Decide that I have a project, it see it through to the end.
  • Wish to help more, I actually help less.
  • Don't cook for my family, it doesn't mean they are not well fed.
  • Had nothing better to say, I came up with this.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wishing for

Many things actually.

But for today I will think about smooth sailing

And clear skies

And unchartered territory carefully reworked.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Eventually gravity catches up to us ...
We are still beautiful in the process.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The work week is over...

For some.

For me, it is just starting ... again.


I have decided that I am going to quit my book club. It is only once a month, but I am forever scrambling to get it together to read the book, and then ALSO remember enough about to talk about the characters, the writing style, influences & perceptions and so forth.


I have also decided that I am buying myself a D7000 Nikon camera. I need a new body!


Speaking of bodies... Mine is going to go into convulsions if the weather doesn't cooperate over the weekend and I can't do my circles/stairs.  AND it is the time change... which will affect the lightness available..


Must run....

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Because I am a good wife:

I made the husbandman dinner close to 4 hours ago..

But did he eat it....


Did I bring it to him ...


would he have ate it...


Will he eventually eat it....

That still remains a question people.

somethings wrong somewhere...

I just tried uploading pictures... NO CAN DO!

that'sa problem.

I have been commenting on one of my favourites the past week.. and all of a sudden BLOGGER is unable to process that request.

that'sa problem

Especially since the comments haven't been short & quick & off the top of my head... but instead were fairly long winded, and not capable of duplication. I feel gipped. FIRST of all for my efforts.. and secondly BECAUSE the commentee is being robbed of heartfelt ernesty, which again was very hard to re-do.

in other things wrong.

My hair...  but that's a whole nother topic.. no make that a whole nother BLOG!

I have a snap in my back.

Has anyone ever had a snap in their back.. how do you get one.. where did it come from ... and what day did it start snapping... ? and it's not even down the spine but rather to the right, and almost rib cagey like. It's just so weird.

And my pants are just not good. They are fallingoffish. Not in a OMG that is just so good way... but rather... OMG pull your pants up .. you look like an idiot.

I am eating day old popcorn. Which is better than yesterday, when I ate three day old popcorn. I put too much cheese fluff on it, so it got too cheesy for me.... but I liked it anyways.

The superfasttalking school councillor called me this morning. He went through the boys past years test scores...  bright boy, good scores.... so what's the question lady.. I don't know.. you tell me... I wrote a very long winded story to the socials teacher... why good kids fail. I should probably publish it... in the meantime... WE need to work smarter, not ask the child to work harder... because he just doesn't know how.

Pass the wine please.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How am I....

Supposed to get a drinking problem when I am always out driving around?

Things are going in reverse order for me it seems.

I guess it is the same as ...

I know there is a nice sunrise out there, except that I am in here missing it all.

I live in a strange place and time ... at least I think I do ....


Back to the drinking problem... I can't seem to find the time to allow for a glass of something.

I learned yesterday that in fact, it is beneficial to have a drink everyday. EVERYDAY

It's a very eency teency window of drinking possibilities that is allowed... BUT THEN if you go over the very minimal allowable everyday drinking allowance... then it is considered overindulgence and unhealthy.

I will WAIT to get to that point... I can't even muster up the daily maximum of one drink.

I have autumn pictures, of nothing really of extreme beauty or excitement... but I must attach cameras & other assorted jobs which I wish not to do this second. There are other assorted odd jobs that I am wishing not to do imminently, which must be done first.

Off I go...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Feeling blue...

  • Blue Bunny
  • Blue Fleecy zip up
  • Blue PJ bottoms
  • Blue Lifecoat (aka housecoat, but "the Fuss" always called them lifecoats.. good name I think)
  • Blue blanket
  • Blue chair
  • Blue night sky
I'm awake to see all of it!


I did buy a new shade of lipstick tonight...

It wasn't blue.

Not SO blue afterall!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hallo .... has been..

Just came in from the great outdoors... being the front yard and all.

I have taken down all the scariness that has inhabited the front yard since last week. Now I am  not so afraid to be out there.. mind you, I am still afraid to be in the backyard... because who really knows what creeps around back there...

I was out there a while back... and the grass is flattened, and things are knocked over.. so I am not to sure what is finding it's way back there.. but it's something... so I tenuously flittered about and tidied up strewn buckets, and a knocked over flamingo sprinkler doubling as a tree spike for the apple tree that lives in a pot. It's a strange space back there.. but that would be reason to the name that it is given... Welcome to the bermuda triangle... there certainly has been a torrent of excitement that goes beyond the little picket fence.. which sends you into the bermuda triangle.. maybe that is it....

Anyways... moving forward ....

I might just go and spy some fish now... the rain has lessoned, and the dyke should be running swiftly!

Perhaps I will find a picture on a grey day such as today..