Friday, February 25, 2005

One man, one phone

There's something to be said about cell phones. They are annoying little trinkets of desire. Annoying first of all because they can't simply have a cute little cellphonish ring, like bling bling someones calling. NO, not so.. some smart ass music loving fool has to invent the option of downloadable tunes from who knows where... which produces a remixed version of some familiar song, which is only audible to it's owners ears, and questionable to the unfortunate audiences ear.

I won't even begin to speak of all the places where I can't believe that people talk on their cell phones... that will remain common knowledge. I see it time and time again... and now in this new age of motherly teachings.. I have to remind my children on a daily basis that when you deal with people... deal with one person at a time.. not a person on a phone, and the person standing in front of you.. it's just rude.. Once again.. only slightly annoying to this person with little tolerance. Although to myself.. I find it amusing to watch people in their daily undertakings... talking on their gadgets while having their right arm stitched up.. that kind of stuff.

As annoying as the little beasts (I am still talking cell phones here) can be.... my sister in law referred to it as a leash... although they are remotely helpful. This leads me to a cheery example like my Wednesday 6:00 PM traffic report... my most helpful husband calls me up to let me know of the quickest escape route from the gymnastics location and onward to the piano location... in the meantime.. I have to stop and pick up only a burger and drink or subway for the chicklets.. drop the girl off at home, then take the boy to piano.. all of this has to be mastered in45 minutes... and somedays without my 6:00 PM traffic report... this just could not happen. At this moment in time... it puts a smile on my face... so I try to have my phone charged and loaded for the once a week call.

Speaking of helpful husbands... cell phones are handy in other respects. You can always locate the loving fellow with a quick click of a button as well as remain unlocatable or vise versa. Today there was an amazing demonstration by my nice and lovely friend down the street.... bling bling goes the phone... you sneak a peek at the number, then quaintly plunk the cell phone back in your pocket and say "stay"... one of the few times that these husbands actually listen. I have seen this method.. and it works... the trick is.. you just don't want them calling back... especially if you have the "downloaded tunes option" happening on the cell phone... because that's a conversation stopper.. and all thoughts are focused on the remixed tune of an old song.... and then by accident you could answer the phone of the very person that you have just plunked in your pocket. Luckily todays tune was a bling bling ring and therefore did not distract us from our very intense conversation... which was all about how not to get your dogs tail run over while talking in the middle of the road. Practical womanly things like that..... and one man on one phone just wouldn't get that.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

If she can do it...

So can I. I can write the same thing that this nice lady speaks of. I have been thinking about this.. but I haven't gotten around to completing my thoughts... until now!

Last week... I was over my mom's house.. and we were putting back together her computer. She had been having quite a few issues with the beast... and had managed through the great turmoil that unfolded with my dad's last days to keep herself and her computer altogether. Last week was the last straw.. which is why we were putting her new computer with her old hard drive still attached back together. Then she receives a call:

"Oh, yes... I don't want to deal with that right now..." hangs up the phone and then continues... "I have been on hold long enough with this computer.. and I don't feel like dealing with him right now". I didn't ask any questions, and I continue to putter along fiddling with three dozen cords.

Feeling rather bad for my mom.. and not wanting her to be bugged by having to go "pick him up" I go later that day to pick up my dad from the funeral home.

"So, what are your plans for him?" the funeral lady inquires.
"Well, I was figuring on just putting him in the back of my SUV for now", I reply.
"Oh", she says and stares. "So, are you planning on anything more than that..?" she continues speaking rather slowly.
"Um, yes, eventually... I guess we will take him somewhere, we have it all planned out", I say. "Is he going their this week?" she asks.
"Oh no!!... we are planning on taking him in the summer... but until then I was just figuring he could ride around with me for a while... I think he would like that... he always liked going for car-rides.. except he liked to do the driving.. he doesn't have that luxury any longer"....I answer smiling.
The funeral lady pauses..."Well you know.. you could leave him here for a while longer, that way he wont get mixed up with other things.... yes, it might be best to keep him here," she concludes.
"Oh, well OK, I say, "but don't call my mom again about picking him up... she's had enough of everything".
The funeral lady takes my name... but doesn't take my number... I have a feeling that there's a notation: "DO NOT give the remains to this crazy fool....appears slightly unstable, and remote possibility the remains could be sold at garage sale".

So now, after happening upon the Wacky Southern Housewife's story... I know not to chuck ashes out at a changing tide, or into the wind... or to drop the box... none of that will happen.... because Russ might just hang(otherwise known as the R-U-M shack.. but he didn't drink Rum, he drank Vodka... the RM are his initials... and the U is simply for a horseshoe that he found...) out in his shed for a while.. until the family decides when we are going on our little adventure.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Glad to know I'm not the only one:

I saw my friend at Save-on-Foods... she had a load full of boxes, a case of chocolate milk, and other assorted items. This lady is the hot lunch lady. She does a very good job at being Mrs. Hotlunch... I certainly couldn't do that job. This morning I once again packed the chicklets their lunches... and was in the midst of cramming planners into backpacks.. and decided to quickly read yesterdays note... "Remember it's hot lunch tomorrow". Nice. Alright little people hand me back your lunches... I am already on top of the game for tomorrow morning... that's right... last Wednesday of the month is hot lunch... how could I forget...? Well, fairly easily... when I bumped into Mrs. Hotlunch at Save-on-Foods... she too had packed her children's lunches. I feel so much better now!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today is the day..

I have hit the wall on this one. I will not back down, and just let it go. I can't....and the reason why.. because I have had it worse before.
Today is the day that I read I every last single page of my book. I will cram every word in through my eyeballs, and have it processed before I go to sleep tonight. I am only hoping to stay awake long enough while reading my book to make it to bed. I have decided that I will not touch this computer, or let the news of the day entice me... or be willing to speak to people on the phone, or on MSN.


On that tough note.. I must go quickly and read some junk before this spell becomes activated.... I certainly know I will be in a trance while under my book-spell.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Living on the quiet side...

As long as I remain here, in front of this computer screen... I will remain undetected, I think. Mr. Husbandman is busily folding laundry in our bedroom, as I sit here slouched quietly in front of this big bright computer screen... but as he is used to the familiar clicking of the keys.. if I stop now... he will investigate the silence.... and I can't let the silence separate him and his piles of laundry. He is just so good at doing these tasks late at night... it's almost as though I give him my OCDish tendancies late into the evening. ... and that's not a bad thing... so as long as I sit clicking ... he will not find me. I have a slight problem though... I have nothing to talk about.. and, the conversation that I was just having with two separate people on MSN have gone their own ways.. as I should. But, being the coward that I am.. I must remain here... to stay safe from the piles of laundry. Mr. Husbandman has been by once to investigate who I could be talking to... but there was little info given out... it's all quite secretive you know... sshhh, he's coming...

I believe it's summer.

It's magical as to the how the weather dictates people's moods. I think people smile more in the sunny weather... like now. I watched people drive by smiling, while I was out for my walk with the Pipster as she rode her bike... although I could have been mistaken... the smiles could have been squints from the low-lieing sun. Even though it's February... it might as well be summer... summery things are happening... like washing vehicles, mowing lawns and BBQ's. Of course non-summery things are happening in my home.. such as cooking a pot full of rice and an oven load of chicken. That equates to more of a horror show. I may even figure out something colourful to go with this fine food delivery. Thinking of delivery.. what I really want is for Mr. Sushi-man to come and visit me... that's what I really want. He wont be returning until tomorrow, so in the meantime chicken and rice is as good as it gets.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Fruit Salad Dog

Over the last number of weeks I have been pondering the life of opportunity. What it brings to us, and in turn what may occur in life because of opportunity. This isn't on a worldly or humanly level, but rather a four legged furry scale.

I have been observing our furry little queen while she learns the ropes of reign and duty. What I have noticed mind you is that she may have missed out on many opportunities, while being second in command.

She talks to us now. Yes, it's all true. She does talk, and yet so did the other lovely evil beast. I think Cicely naturally talked more because she had the opportunity to make herself heard. Being of that queenly status you generally are listened to. The little one was too afraid to speak.. for fear of repercussions from the Eldest Evil Queen. But now.. with fears set aside of Cicely emerging from behind a babygate and grabbing onto the neck of Miss Ellpee... I believe this little one is coming into her own. She is still frightened by the mailman.. she did bark the other day. She ran to the door, barked once, and ran away. But she has found her voice in a gentle way.

When we found this dog 6 1/2 years ago she was afraid of her shadow, and she still is. She is frightened by the food that we give her... because in the 6 1/2 years that we have had her... I know she believes that all of us have tried to poison her hundreds of times, to no avail. I believe now.. that her Queenly Sister clearly out of the picture.. she trusts the food that we give her isn't going to mame her in any way. The reason I know this fact... once again opportunity... Our little Ellpee, the worrywort of furryness has realized that fruit tastes good. And in time, if you gather enough fruit.. you can make a salad.. and eat it all at once. She has come out of her shell with this opportunity in front of her, not only does she take the food (fruit), and then runs away to sit and slowly eat it. She hasn't had this opportunity before... we would give her things.. and she would run with it... only to turn her back.. and the older evil queen would have snatched it away and devour it.

Little Miss Ellpee had been given all the same toys, food, safety and freedoms that Cicely had, but it is only now that she can spread her furry paws and walk softly upon new ground.

Life is good for this little dog... she has the been given the opportunity to sit where ever she feels, talk to those she wants to converse with.. and eat fruit salad because she can. But for now she is sleeping... because that is what she does best... where ever she wants.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Boys thoughts from the shower:

This is what he just came and rattled off...

Jughead has a needle nose
and wears a silly hat,
His appetite just grows and grows,
How come he isn't fat?

Fresh clean thoughts from the shower... I have met my competitor.

Brace me...

Today is the day...because the calendar tells me so. This day has been long off in coming, but has arrived with staggering efficiency. Thank you for that.

The big question is... do I make coffee before I go.. or buy it. There is no line up at my house for coffee.. that may be a possible solution to the question.

I have a list of things that I need to remember for today.. one of them is not the digital camera that I have been needing to purchase, that will have to be put on the urgent list. Speaking thinking / writing of urgent lists.. I have decided.. because Mr. Husbandman doesn't have a comment in the situation.. that I am going to purchase a trampoline this year for the children... that has been upped on the "urgent" and "to do" list. But both of these are not for today though.

Today is something completely different.

I've braced myself for today.. thought about it, pondered it, took a ride back in time, I even double checked the calendar. There's no getting around it... The Boy goes for braces... and the good and kind mother that I am... is taking him on a Pro-D Day... nice and early. There is something to be said for consistancy..!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The love that never stops:

I was talking to a friend earlier and she kindly reminded me of a story that I forgot to tell. Actually this is a true story... that happened because of a friend and a friend... if that makes any sense!!

It was Valentine's Day... and as a good wife I should either find a meal, or make a meal, or have a meal for the lovely husband that cleans the kitchen, does laundry, makes bread, and then prepares dinner and does other useless tasks that make a difference all the time. That's right.. a wife would find a dinner... somehow... so, being that kind wife... I did just that. Well, I did just that, after of course I had coffee with a friend, and she told me that she was preparing some fancy-Salmon-type-thingy.
"Oh, that's right.. it's Valentines Day.. so the "Thank-You" card I got him isn't enough?" I ask her in the Starbucks parking lot. My friend stands and stares at me...
"I don't want to know your thoughts"... I think to myself.
But on that note.. she brought to light a simple fact... making something for your hardworking husband is nice... OK, I'll go with that.

I immediately went home.. a number of hours later.. after I did some junk.. and found a roast that was defrosting in the refridgerator (the husband had taken it out)... and proceeded to cook it.. in only the way I know how.. until the thermometer read "Well done".. once again I thought to myself "Well done Deanna... you have cooked yet another well done roast"...

So, on that day filled with love, romance and gushy thoughts... my Mr. Husband man gets a warm roast, a Thank-you card... and last but not least... leftovers from the previous nights dinner that he made himself.... Shepherd's Pie... I may have fallen a bit short compared to my fancy-Salmon preparing friend... but I didn't want to put my poor Mr. Husbandman into complete shock... I'll save the fixins for a roast beef dinner for another night... we do things differently around these parts.. or at least I do... he must still like me.. he brought me flowers, and listened to me when I told him.. dont' buy me a card!

Living on the edge...

My hands hurt...from the vigorous raking in my backyard. There are many needles from the trees that have to be raked, so I can grow some grass, after I get rid of the moss as well, and it warms up, in another month.. but I have to rake NOW! And... I have never heard of such things like gloves, or soft handled rakes... no, not me. So now today, any attempts to play the piano will end up with a zero pleasant factor coming from the keyboard. Unless of course I make up some ditty about being stiff and sore.

Of other useless info being passed around the screens across the world... the little single Elpmeister dog of ours is playing with the kids in the backyard, with a ball.. on a leash mind you. This of course makes me nervous... since she is not allowed to be out and about doing things all crazy and dog like.. I do however think that she is getting used to be the only dog in the house... and the rank of queen, she surey isn't.. and she appears to be showing a great amount of fear when the boy keeps reading his speech to me over and over again.. which is about the dogs, and he keeps yelling PRANCE, PRANCE at the beginning of his speech. With that amount of name calling I think she may have thought this freedom bubble has burst. Luckily today, the boy did his speech at school.. so the sudden jerking of her head will simmer down... now that the name calling is done.

Love the blue sky.

It's sunny outside yet again oh yae
That for certain would make a great day.
Except for the fact that there were some issues..
about some little girl that couldn't put on her shoes.
Someone must have heard me yelling from there...
I practically lost my lungs as I ripped out my hair.
But not to be lost, the day is still young...
of course there's the issues with my sweet young son..
I won't even bother to try and explain,
That's an endless tale that goes on again and again.
But on a good note.. which I am able to write,
I added a fax machine via the computer last night.
This hi-tech addition will make a difference of sorts,
Of course not for the girl and the boy reports...
But, for now it is sunny, and a beautiful day,
I'll work hard to keep it that way.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Where has all the love gone?

So the girl is able to go to school with her little Valentine cards, all hand printed, and neatly tucked in envelopes and stickered up with barbies and flowers and all things pink...the boy.. on the otherhand is a different story. There is no love for him. NONE. I looked for love that was supposed to be around the stores... a number of weeks ago in fact, not just yesterday when the stores would be empty. There will be no love allowed for the big 10 year old boy. Even if you try and find will remain unfound. Along comes the day for a Festival of Love... and all the stores are fresh out of anything that looked like it may have only "liked" someone. I had to think fast.... the Valentine's Party was this afternoon... and that's when it came to me....I will buy (not make!!!) heart cookies, and chuck them in ziploc sandwhich bags... and then the boy will be able to spread his fair share of the love that is offered on this day. WHEW !.... and in the nick of time. (Of course there's the BIG thank-you to the pair of helping hands that I borrowed for the cookie stuffing event...thiswas my coffeed up helper)... if I were to ever run a business with employees... I would be certain to keep the java flowing...

So, some fast thinking by the mother, and some fast help from the friend... and there was much love in this world to be had... Happy Valentine's Day to those that like this lovefest filled kind of day...I on the otherhand will be giving my husband a thank-you card... he deserves one, well he deserves that and more... but that's what he is getting.. oh, and thanks to my friend (hyped-up coffee helper)... she even reminded me that perhaps cooking a nice dinner for your husband on the love-filled day would be a good and kind wifely thing to do....)... I'm doomed.

Friday, February 11, 2005


So a story came to me, which I am not certain if I should put this in a vault, throw away the combination and just forget about it.. or just spill the beans. I choose the latter... it's a rather significant pitfall to my character, and should probably stop typing right now. NOW. Right now.

It was late into the evening last week, I'd say Tuesday night. We had been playing a number of tunes on the CD to help ease my Dad (Russ) into another world, if that's what it was going to take. I think my short-sighted attempt extended his life on earth... Without really realizing... or looking too carefully at the cover for the CD, I inserted Johnny Cash into the computer. The next thing I heard come across the speakers was this:

"Love is a burning thing -
And it makes a fiery ring -
Bound by wild desires -
I fell into a Ring Of Fire -
I fell into a burning Ring of Fire-
I went down, down down and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns -
The Ring of Fire, The Ring of Fire."

Then came the trouble of... what do you say to a person that can not communicate with you... he always really loved Johnny Cash... but considering where he was going with his now minute by minute life... I kind of felt bad... "Sorry Russ, didn't mean to freak you or anything... this isn't a welcoming song, or anything along those lines" for your listening pleasure try some Willie Nelson... he sings of nicer places...

I returned to the diningroom for more simpler and mundane tasks centred around the table and a puzzle that lay upon it. I did however give a detailed sketch of the proceedings that happened with the music... my very Catholic sis-in-law looked at me with shock and horror... my sister and mother on the other hand burst into laughter, which drew more shock and horror from the sis-in-law... I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't have shares in a candle factory... I know that the sis-in-law was going to light lots for the three of us that night...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I think her foot touched the ball... maybe. Posted by Hello
It's hard to set the camera for this fast action Posted by Hello
Here's my little number seven in an action shot.. or wait..or this the still life...anyways... you can see the similarity of all the pictures.. hence the confusion about still life and action. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Oh thank you dear husband for buying me a breadmaker for Christmas / my birthday... I never did figure out for what event you bought it for.. all I know is that I own one.. and you use it. At all the wrong times. Like now... it's 11:30 at night... and the loaf of bread is fresh out of the "maker"... and now somehow I am just simply "starving" for a fresh 72.7 % whole grain ( I made up the numbers) warm bread, with just a touch of "Becel" resting upon a lovely thin slice. Oh thank you... like I need to eat a piece of bread at this hour... but, since I will simply die before morning if I do not have a piece... I can see your masterplan has served you well... but I know your tricks, and I will "die another day"... for I am just about to get the biggest sharpest carving knife for hot bread you have ever seen... and quietly sneak off to bed... oh the torture...

Two cents:

Do you have a question... any questions... a thought that needs clarifying...just something that crosses your mind.. or you need an answer... well.. I am the person to come to.. What about a career change.. are you thinking of one..?? oh, and a difficult relationship, yes, I can have words on that too.

I want to know when it happened that I thought my opinion/comment became worthy?? Apparantley it has... by my logic that is... only because I leave "it" in so many locations. How do you spell out.... Kerr-reist!!! --- people pose questions to complete strangers.. and me, being a good strange of strangers feel compelled to answer, with all my heart thrown in!

Here's a good example... I just gave a whole bunch of answers to a sleep deprived mother of twins. Shit... I have never had twins... but somehow... I gave her a bunch of common sense solutions to questions.. and threw in a couple of facts about she wasn't depressed but overwhelmed by her situation. And I know this ... because... I read it on a computer screen. Nice....

So, somehow when I wasn't looking... someone slipped TWO CENTS in my wallet.. and I use it.. whenever the chance arrives. I am frightened.. by myself... what happens if I start handing out really stupid answers... to perhaps.. really stupid people... could there be law-suits for this type of stuff??--- This will make "The Province" headlines... "the word of the hour is... she's gone to jail"... those could be the next headlines... don't wait for the picture... my hair will still be having a moment of "badness", so there will be no picture.... just wait for the headlines.

I commented to my Dad the other night... as I sat with him alone...while he was rather comatose / locked in his failing body that wouldn't say enough is enough.... and I thanked him for the mountain of experiences that he has left me with, and for the insight that words can not express....

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Go Pip Go!

Today I witnessed my girl actually running across the soccer field... boy could she run. She appeared to move rather gracefully from my distant view. Those legs were moving so quickly, they were a blur. Too bad it wasn't during the game, but rather the warm-up. So that was it... that was her sprint.. wasted to get warm. Of course I got some "still" shots of her during the game.. because she doesn't actually move while playing soccer... she waits for the ball to come drifting past her.. and the swarm of girls that file past her as well... but, she looks good while doing it.. and that's the important thing. She even looks good with her hair wet, as it was today as she "moved" herself about the soccer field in the misty blowing rain... because some people simply look ratty when they have wet rain hair... not the Miss Pip... her in her blondness looked good. Good thing we didn't play yesterday... because it was warm and sunny. Soccer and sunny don't go together. Especially around here.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hard at it:

With the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders (and my families)... I am venturing forth with all of the bizarre details of my daily doings....I believe my brain may have gone into overdrive and is churning out ideas that have been stifled and shelfed for quite some time. I am once again able to think and organize thought processes for longer than 5 minutes into the future. With this next caption you may think otherwise...I wrote this to my other friend Lisa this morning:

Good morning lady...

Thanks for making my life simple... with that technical name of yours, here is the reason:
So I have this other friend named Liesa..... instead of just calling her up and asking her email address.... I do a make work project... of course I can't remember how to spell her name ( I have been prone to forgetting the ie/ei version to that difficult name and have mixed it up for years)... so I email a bunch of people yesterday (with a bunch of made up addresses with the name Liesa attached) asking if she is the Liesa that I know...and all the emails go through.... so someone out there might be the right Liesa person... so this morning...I get back a bunch of emails...thanks for writing but wrong Liesa... in the meantime I called my friend.. gave her my address... and I got an email from the Liesa that I know, including a bunch that I didn't know.

You couldn't have made it through the weekend without knowing this highly intelligent story... glad to be keeping you alive. he he he he...

Friday, February 04, 2005

Whats the name of that song??

So, this week was rather long and torchuous.. is that even a word? Well, whatever it was exactly that and more. Details of events will be spared to protect those faint of heart... not that there is anything really faintable... but you never know who's cruising the screen at any given time.

I will say something... at one point... I was crying and laughing at the same time. It was awful, and then awfully funny. It's not good to put me into high stress situations, and then let me deal with them in my head... because that's when things go awry. It's these kinds of thoughts that begin to unfold.... and for the record... I am really NOT crazy.... you may think differently after reading the next part...

We were at our parents home with our Dad, (which I liked to call him Russ or Rusty, depending on the circumstances)...patiently waiting as he moved from our world into the next world.. and we had put on some peaceful music. We had some of Neil Diamonds Greatest Hits playing... and "Cracklin Rosie" was streaming through the speakers... so I begin to think... "This is a nice one Russ, you have always loved this song... wouldn't it be nice to gently slip away listening to Cracklin Rosie??... go ahead my good father, I'll be seeing you"..softly crying..... Nothing happens. Along comes Unchained Melody with the piano, then next it's Chariots of Fire. Once again in my head I start talking to him... "Well, what about this one Rustyman... I know how much you liked this one... it would make a nice exit scene for've run your own marathon and have come to the end, it really does sound beautiful...". Not this one either.. alright then..... Janis Joplin begins to play and "Me and Bobby McGee" filters through the room. I try not to stuff the kleenex up my nose...."Christ Russ, somethings got to grab that heart of yours and make it's really not a bad way out with this one"...I begin to yell in my head. What about Willie Nelson.. does that do anything for you... as "Georgia on my Mind" makes a move on the Rusty he remains in this once again I speak in my head.... (only because the rest of the family was sitting in and close to his room... and it wouldn't really be good to be going off the deep end at this point.. it's just not good...)..."OK Russ, I have to admit something here man... these songs... they're just killing me here...what's that song anyways.... "killing me softly with your songs or is it, don't get back to me on that one"... I continue with the self-talk inside my head business... "because these songs are killing me here....I think my eyeballs might just drift down my cheeks with all the tears....if you could just back to me on the one that you would like to exit this world with... I will do my best to fill that one last request...." I waited. Then finally... finally I spoke to him.. from my head... once again... silent self talk is the safest way to's easy to look crazy at these times of family crisises... "well these songs don't seem to be doing the job, and we have already done two rounds of the beautiful piano music, I have been through about two dozen kleenexes, and I have to pee....I guess we will have to try again a later date Rustyman..." excuse me while I go get more kleenex.. and we'll do the scene over again.

The story has all changed...

I am still the Queen of the Cards... that is, I'm sending out cards of thanks to those that helped over the last number of if someone receives a birthday card in the process... it looks like I plain and simply ran out of the blanks and thanks. I am a bit on the confused mark though... do husbands qualify for thank you cards?? This man that resides in this home is truely remarkable.... the whole weekend while I was gone, he had the kids do more than I could accomplish in a week with them. On that note... I will be calling my mom and telling her to clean out my old bedroom... I'm moving home..! It's clear to me now... I am the chaos that reigns here... Moving on....

With the loss of Cicely our evil but beautiful and loving German Shepherd I thought I was going to have the opportunity to give our failing vacuum cleaner a little respite. Not the case. Our newly queened nervous nellie Ellpee dog has been trying to reincarnate her much feared evil step-sister by the volume of hair she has been shedding endlessly the last couple of weeks. I think it would be polite of her human friends in the home to quit calling out Cicely's name, that would be a start. I have also noticed that Queen Ellpee is scared of the dark. If we don't get her outside before dark... there will be no business done, until the lights have been turned on for the next business day. Great, our new guard dog needs a night light.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Queen of the Cards.

I will temporarily crown myself as The Queen,.....but first a sidebar....

The newly crowned furry queen is kind of stepping up to the plate. She is beginning to show signs of her jeweled status. She barked the other day when someone knocked on the door. I am still not certain if it was a bark to be feared or a bark out of fear, that is still being worked on. She may be perfecting her bark at this point, or is confused by the barking protocol. All the same it came across as a bark, and a gallop through the kitchen. By this point I believe that is when the change of heart set in which produced the sudden skidding of her paws across the hardwood floor heading towards the front door, which was met by an about face turn hi-tailing it past the door answering person. Where she safely stood behind one of the kids, as her tail wagged. We have a ways to go.

On that note... I have to go.... this is to be continued... so for now the queen of the cards tale has to be put on hold....

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A journeys end.

A storm was approaching, and we knew it was near
We could see the rumble, but no sound could we hear.

We were uncertain as we ventured out to sea,
We knew it was a journey, that simply had to be.

All of us stood strong among the churning waves,
As it crashed all around us, but none of us would cave.

It battered us about, and it tossed us to and fro
Leaving us wondering in which direction do we go.

We gathered our senses and remained on our course,
Keeping to our plan, and not to look back with remorse.

The blows hit us hard, and indecision set in.
Unsure of the next wave, and where it would take us then.

We knew this journey would come, and with it would be a storm
We weren't certain of it's furry or in what exact form.

We had a very precious cargo, that required some work to deliver,
But we had the courage to do it, and not a single chin did quiver.

The days and nights were long, as the storm continued it's throws
The cargo remained safe, as the crew took the blows.

At one point it seemed forever, that this storm would never end
When the decision was made, not another day like this that we would spend.

The crew set their sails and battled their way through the storm,
Aided by another figure, of not the humanly form.

A peaceful presence fell upon the crew, as they traveled from the night.
The precious cargo was delivered from the earthly lands to the heavenly light.

To the journeys end.
Rest in peace Russ. (Deanna's Dad).
April 8 1938 - February 2 2005