Friday, April 26, 2013

Scene it ... take 4

Life of the bamboozled. I am the queen of it ..

I sauntered around the towns yesterday .. driving in the five, not as in walking.

This is how the world of mine works ...

Did I tell you people about the fact that I had two crowns put on my teeth? One was root canaled .. the other NOT. OK .. so just as an FYI ... crowns with no freezing on the last appointment when they get their final GLUE IN .. they work with a root canaled tooth .. not so much with a LIVE tooth. HoLY FREAKING mustard jars ... that was similar to just taking a fork on your tooth ... and just leaving it there ... for like ... 5 days. I kid you not. WTF was I thinking .. they offered my freezing ... but then said ... it would make it hard to get a good bite impression at the end ... given that I have had not a lot of success with the bite thing .. I said sure. FUCKING FATAL MISTAKE.... well near fatal .. as I sit and type this now ..

And that was yesterdays start ... written for the day before .. and now here I am today .. still on yesterdays thought ... and moving onward ...

Friday ... somehow I believed I could go to work today. Ok what a fricking idiot. Perhaps the thought of just fake going to work kept me awake from 0300 on. I wrangled with the idea of getting up .. but decided since the coldness of the night would creep in and strangle me .. it was just best to stay awake ... lying in bed. I had a case of the starves ... and sometimes eating some crackers and peanut butter will put an end to that business .. but alas .. I could not be shook .... I wasn't willing on the movement process.

Day 3 today ... of my fourth round of IV antibiotics ... I said to the doctor the other day ... we need to get mean .. and show this bug whos in charge ... this whole one pill every twelve hours that slides through your gut and has to be absorbed first then sent off to fight an infection doesn't seem to be cutting it ... I think throwing it through the blood stream before it even knows whats coming is a far sneakier and meaner way of tackling this. Kind of like that whole Raid commercial .... ooohh .. aren't they cute little bugs ... NOT ! That's my dr speak language ... they (well she) seems to understand it. ... or at least understands my concept of what approach I'm interested in.

I am hoping that for the next 10 days that my viens will cooperate. There seems to be that little issue of needing a vein ... and finding a vein that has been the situation many times over. I drink ... not alcohol unfortunately ... but rather water ... to keep the puffiness factor ... except that doesn't seem to work for me ... will google that.

I don't have much else going on .. I signed up for a food safe course. Probably should take a camera course .. cause clearly my teachings are heading out the window ... QUICKLY.

The dementia group is going good. I think. Although I don't think I would get too many complaints ... cause they don't really remember stuff anyways .. I have bags of balloons that I am now housing in my homeland ... and three bags worth of stuff, while the real leader is away in England ... once she returns .. I will send the stuff back .. and she can keep it ... the nice thing is .. all the planning has been taken care of .. I just need to show up .. run the program .. and be on my way .. I am quite liking that aspect of the group .. although the group is very very very quiet .. so it's me .. being a chatterbox of sorts to maintain conversation .. and the sense that something is going on in the space. There are two very very dedicated volunteers that run the group .. and wow .. they are just amazing ... they take such good care of everyone ... it makes my heart explode that they are just that phenominal .. which is why it made it even easier for me to take over this group .. just until June. NINE more sessions. Unless she comes back a bit earlier ... which she might want to ... and I will readily let her back in ... I think it would be good for people to see her before the summer break anyways ... that's just my thoughts ...

In other things ....

My closet needs a revamp. So does my dresser. So does my garden. So does my filing cabinet. I wonder when all of that is going to happen ... so many questions .. so many UN answered questions !

Well .. best go get this day organized ... I am semi stalling ... I need to wash my hair ... I guess I need to have a shower .. I can not get my foot wet .. and I can not get my hand wet. Things were much easier when it was just my foot ... one leg in the shower, one leg out .. now I have to go hunt down a glove for the hand .. that will work .. although the situation is challenging with the hand ... I can't SCREW up the IV site by constantly using it ... I have 10 days worth of antibiotics .. and about ONE vein left ... on that note ... take a drink .. and another ...  gawd how I wish this was alcohol !!

Luv yas!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I'm here !

Living through the whackiest of evilest of moments in the past number of weeks ... but as always ... I am forever optimistic that my temporary station is just temporary .. and the gang busting crazy chick is out there somewhere .. just waiting to make an appearance.

In things that are boring. ME. I fit that description every state possible. I did read a book. That counts for excitement. However; the book even though it was an adventure ... left me kind of going .. hmmmm ... there are more in the series .. but once the main character escapes death seven times in one book .. it gets boring. VERY boring. I stuck the book out to the end .. just to see what happened. Yae me.

I'm making my way over to a new program I am running, even though it is temporary .. I am quite pleased to be doing something slightly different for a short period of time. I am hoping to wrap up all forms of my employment by the end of June, with the exception of a single luncheon in July & August with the peoples. Enough is enough with slouching along .. actually I am hoping to just be back to my boring work in July .. well .. if not sooner. But alas .. I have no control over who and what decides how I am going to proceed.... in the meantime .. I continue eating an antiinflammatory diet ... do my best to practice calm, even positive filled thoughts ... all the time.  I don't mind the crazy electrified energy that comes my way ... it helps me regain the momentum in reigning in who I once sort of was .. a crazed exercising middle aged boring wife with three jobs who likes to photograph all things .. while doing actually none of that ... good thing I really never took up cooking in my lifetime together with the husbandman and family .. otherwise I would be missing that ... however .. I am not.

The boys' band is making some movement towards building themselves upward and onward in this crazed music industry. I am hopeful that they might start to see their fan base grow .. and the Canadian world might begin to get to know their music .. cause they are ever so cute ...

The beastly furry boy is quite the character .. a wild boy outside .... ripping apart all sorts of things .. the latest was the barbeque cover .. that was actually being used to house my bike .. because at the time .. we no longer had a bbq .. now we have a bbq .. and no cover .. for my bike .. or the newly acquired bbq. Oh doggy dog ... how crazed he is. Just noticed him outside .. carrying around his freshly rolled in the dirt tennis ball .. and being all wild and cat like ... throwing it in all directions .. well .. it seems all have settled for the moment .. he is taking a time out on the trampoline ... Angus loves the trampoline ... it's his gazing spot .. and it helps in his ball rolling games that he likes .. of course the trampoline has taken quite the hit as far as human functionality .. he has chewed off all the foamy stuff, and ripped the netting apart .. but now that we don't have smallish children wishing to jump on it .. then it seems fit for Angus purposes ..

In other things that are MORE exciting than dog speak ...


When will they happen .. will they EVEN happen ... at all ?

Currently I can not stand ont he foot for any sort of time .. I can walk ... I guess ... I am not sure if I am harming or curing myself with that maneuver .. I can't tell. Even still ..  I seem to think that I can do great gardening adventures ... which somehow involve a shovel and sure footedness. Stupidly wrong .. I will say that now. I am DEEPLY disappointed .. as I wished to recreate a visionary front yard this year .. something that would be pretty and elegant to look at ... now that the front of the house has changed .. somehow I haven't changed with the house so far .. so that vision .. will remain a vision. oh well.

OH .. the sun has found itself back in the sky .. and the high cloud has drifted away. I have another busy day ahead of me .. I am thinking .. so I best be moving along here .. nothing here to see I say people.