Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have had ONE image uploaded from the stock photography website. I am now $1.15 richer. Look at me go! by next year I might be able to buy ONE GRANDE coffee from Starbucks. My best advice.. don't wait for me people...I'll have to go it alone when I get to the coffee shop.

Onto other things:

Today is the last day of sun. Probably forever. No kidding.

Monday, September 29, 2008


It's brilliant blue outside... and the summer has hit us hard now that it is fall!

How exciting is that??

I have kept my lackluster flowers on the deck. They look incredibly awful, but are still offering up what little flowering life they have left in them. I will keep them for a bit longer.. in fact.. I might even need to water them later!

"The Till" has gone to work with "The King". They should be happy together.

I am working hard at getting all the laundry washed before I leave this morning. Now that is a brilliant and incredible feat for one Monday morning adventure. I think I might even qualify for the "OMG!" category of momhood/housemaid person. I do know that although I will be out of the home until this afternoon, that gnomes will be in here working hard to create new piles of laundry for me.... I will set traps before I leave the premices.

I am going to hunt down my gardener today. I must get my hands on more weed killing agents. I am wanting to kill off a majority of the bad guys before the lawn goes dormant for the winter... and in the meantime... while the weather is good.. I will forge ahead.

The husbandman went to a reunion the other night. Yesterday he claimed his throat was sore, and therefore that was the reason that he does not talk. Yes, right.

Why am I spotting an ant walking on my wall....or is it a fly.... because they have different implications... and methods of treatment if that is the case. OH, it's a fly... my investigation is complete....

Time to pack my gear and go... I am not completely sure what I am doing today.... this should be interesting!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

aha ! A book!

This months book club read. I kind of disliked it... as someone mentioned to me... "Deanna... you do not like many of the books we read?!" Which is true. I try to like them, I do try... and most of them I do read through... except for some. I finished this one... so it really and truly wasn't all that bad, except for the writer herself. Apparently on Oprah someone commented that it transformed them, or something (second hand info ...)... and guess what... here I am today, untransformed. DAMN... I missed the boat again. I dont' even think I could bump into a cruise liner if it were sitting in my bathtub! ANYWAYS.... this girl that wrote this.... I just wanted to smack about... and say MOVE ONE YOU IDIOT! She divorced her husband because she didn't like the life that she was living, or the life that she was going to end up with... so be it.. move on. It's not like the rest of the world isn't looking for their perfect place in life, and are on the continual search to find it. Hey baby... we have all walked a mile in those shoes. So that's my review... it's a good thing it's here.. and not on some chapters forum!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just say YES to a holidaying MAN

Perhaps the woman folk readers should not read this. OH wait... that leaves no one reading this... OK, pass this on the men on the internet.

So here's a secret:

The husbandman has holidays.

You have to love this kind of guy that has holidays

  1. He cleans his kitchen every morning.
  2. He does laundry.
  3. Cleans out the garage, between loads of laundry.
  4. Does small maintenance things, like removing air conditioners.. and then...
  5. Cleans the windows.
  6. Has cleaned out the furnace filter.
  7. Now has the vacuum cleanining out the vents.
  8. Wait... that is before the fact that he is busily vacuuming the house.
  9. Organized the boys bookshelf... (as it was sitting over top of his job of cleaning the vents). Everything has been put back ultra organized and tidy.
  10. Re-programmed the furnace heater gadgety thingy.
  11. He even has talked of going ..... TO THE MALL!!!!!!

Yes people... it does suck being the wife of a holidaying husbandman!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Divorce proceedings are underway~!

But then... so are a lot of peoples divorces.

The talk on the radio today is the fact that normal boring folks (we qualify big time!) could not get tickets for AC/DC.

The concert was sold out in 11 minutes, and a minute after it was sold out, there were scores of tickets available on ticket websites. Most annoying, not only to me... but a host of other people as well.

In the meantime:

the husbandman feels that we can continue being married, despite being AC/DC ticketless.

More bear no no's

My friend just emailed me... there were bears at the school yesterday evening... OK, wrong direction boys and girls... these kinds of stunts can get you killed... especially around these parts.

The truth of the matter is.... there is a direct roadway leading from a couple of acres or blueberries to garbage cans, which then comes out at the school, where there is a small green area that mimics a forest for these silent ones to hide away for a bit. Life is just not far for these great black beauties.

Onto other things that are important this minute:

I am on AC/DC watch. I have been commanded to buy 4 tickets for the concert in Vancouver. Yes, commanded. Somedays I know my lot in my life. I will be ready with my airmiles mastercard, and do the deed. God help me if I do not get it done!... I wonder if the KING will speak to me again... could this be it... could this be what draws the final line between us... ?? Just tricking folks... I'm still good enough to be around..... as I generally serve up dinner on most nights, & have even been known to be nice on occasions... and I have done homework with the kids...so there you go...even if I come up dry with the AC/DC... hopefully I have other redeeming qualities that can keep this marriage intact!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Four plus one.

That's bear watch talk.

I had five sightings... but one bear twice. AND, just so you know... the biggest and fattest bear of them all was the scaredi-catest out of all of them! I just love that!

The world of no homeworkland for the PIP has finally ended. This girl has continuous homework. So much that she gets overwhelmed with the mere mention of HOMEWORK. Yesterday was no exception. On Friday they were assigned something to do with an advertisement. She missed Friday. BUT she did spend the weekend colouring and writing other assignments that were due on Monday & Tuesday. THEN Monday evening she spent time working on the math that was given out on the Friday that she missed. Last night she spent the afternoon /evening preparing a summer advertisement poster thingy (8 1/2 x 11) that she couldn't do on Monday night. The expectations were laid out on paper, but it was the actual assignment that was a tad bit confusing. So guess what... I did whatever a parent should not do.. and that was get involved in the project, and throw out ideas, and give suggestions, and basically help her put it together. I can't just tell her do it... because she will start to cry, and just feel overwhelmed.. which is not what I want, and what kind of message does this send out.... or, I could just sit next to her... and throw out ideas... all while really wanting to read my book... but I DID NOT!!! In any case, I was met with much more enthusiasm, involvement and energy towards the assignment. (OK... so this is how the real story goes... she actually forgot the piece of paper at school with the assignment on it, and it was due today... (but in reality tomorrow in yesterday land)... so I find her, in a crumpled mess in her messy bedroom... devastated that she has forgotten her assignment. LUCKILY.... I just happened to have her friends phone number, which I dialed, ... because the girl couldn't do it... and I talked to her friend... and asked her for the piece of paper... which THANK THE GOOD GUY ABOVE THAT HAS BEEN PROVIDING US WITH BLUE SKIES FOR THE LAST THREE WEEKS that she actually did have! The Pip and I walked over to the friends house and retrieved the paper.... which is when I actually started flipping out ideas... because I noticed her sitting for a great deal of time getting frustrated with all the words and expectations.... OK people... this is a brochure... and advertisement for a summer spot that the child went to in the summertime.... this isn't making electricity or anything. BUT... the girl did not know how to make a BROCHURE, because the teacher had requested it as an advertisement, BUT, it had to have a letter attached to the back of it telling him (the teacher) all about personal experiences, BUT ALSO... to be creative, and add in extra options as far as special deals & rates they could have gotten at this vacation experience place. The request didn't quite fit what he wanted in actuality... which is why I came up with a brochure... and do 11 year olds know how to do a brochure... or an advertisement?? I don't know.. how do they learn this stuff.. and then they are asked to be creative... JESUS... she was just trying to absorb the basic expectations. Luckily... the antibiotics have been working nicely on her throat infection/Strep situation... so the PIP was ready and willing to take on this little assignment with the help of her assistant. It almost seems an evil plan of attach from a mother... but I just want the girl to feel success at diving into assignments, and getting them accomplished... she has a creative mind... but just isn't sure what she's supposed to do with it.. other than to make the stuffed dog Cicely AKA Prance talk, and move about the home.

OK... all nattered out... must run.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot day, summer in the city....

That's a song, I just don't know the rest of the words.... and currently it is cold out, or semi cold at least, or cold from where I am sitting, or standing, since I was just taking pictures of the backyard. All these things are highly unimportant, as I should be focusing on gathering my stuff for the stroke group today! I had great visions of making an orange poppyseed cake, but then I forgot, and now I have decided to bring tic-tacs instead... you know the orange kind! Not sure why this is... it just is!

OH.. I should take some photos of the gladiolas that I set in the laundry room.. now they are looking quite smart against the gentle green backdrop. AND yes, I am just assuming that glads are smart... because you know... even when you pick them, when they haven't come into bloom, they are still smart enough to open up. You can't say that for dahlias.

I sent the PIP to school. She's had four days worth of antibiotics, but her little nose is a bit of a tap. It is OK I think... she has her lip gloss with her, which will down shine the red under her nose, and move it to her lips. Or, at least that's the plan.

OH! and the big thing is... the KING took the plasticky-things off the ends of my ski poles. Now they just look like poles with handles....so tomorrow for sure I am trying them out at the walking group!

Must get ready for the sunny day... and all the treats that happens on sunny days!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Adjusting my brainpower:

The little Miss Pip stayed at home today. She has a sore throat. She looks kind of sore throatish. You know.. the squeagy eyes, and the lethargy, and the silence, and the not wanting to eat anything, and the messy locks hair, and the fact that she was up at 0715 and has been sitting in the big blue chair for 3 hours.

Hmmmm... and to think that I asked her if she was sure she couldn't go to school. Oh my PIP.

The boy on the otherhand got himself all fancied up with his favourite shorts, and favourite shirt (which didn't match today!) and the "do" and marched off to school. He will create humour and chaos in his path. I think it will follow him home, in the form of five other boys. I asked him why he couldn't just bring one friend home.. ... "CAN'T", were his words.

Currently I have a massive headache... but there is blue sky out there, and I was wishing to do THINGS, whatever that is... out there... perhaps I will reach into my magic cupboard of painkiller central, and vitamins and help myself to a bunch. Surely something should help me then... so I can get outside and do my junk... including taking a picture of the crows and buzzards on the swingers front lawn. I think I might wait and take that picture... and snap one in the evening.. when people have lawn chairs and are sitting amongst them all. Now that's a statement!

Here's a lead:

Google Tom Sears.

Whoever he is.

You will know when you get there!

I am in love with this man.

After you have googled him, you will know why.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Spy central:

So these are the facts:

The black bears are out and about... cruising through the neighbourhoods like they have been here all along. (which they have, but they haven't).

These are the reports:

Two RCMP officers escorted two bears down the road the other day. (Most likely yearlings if they were together).

Another report from a fellow that he was out delivering his newspapers and he ended up being two feet away from one.

Pictures on the front of the local paper with a couple that had played with someone's clothesline.

Last night it was reported to me (from my bear watching station) that the GVRD closed roadway down at the local park because they had 19 bears on the road at one time. (With people stuck in the middle).

Where was I: NO WERE to be found.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (This isn't a wine, it's more like a scream, but in a whisper, and my hands fly up, in exasperation). Whew. That was hard.

In other things that are challenging:

I read a story the other day. The girl wrote it. It was a cute story, and revealed the events of her summer. Clearly she spent her summer in CODE. I think out of the full page of squeagy but cute printing, there were about ten words spelled right. OK, I lie, make it eleven. And to think that I wanted her to go to Rocket Science School. ON that note... she did tell me that she now thinks that spelling is important, and she wishes to change her ways.... so she is thinking of reading more now. She indicated this morning that she was tired of getting 3 out of 20's on her spelling tests, oh wait that was last year. She has improved over the summer, this week she got 3 out of 10. Oh my PIP... so much to do, and so much blond hair to do it with. I maintain my statement of "as long as you raise them good common sense, with a little mix of humour, and they are good people to themselves & others.. the rest is gravy".

In the meantime time... I suggested to my PIP that although she wasn't assigned homework, perhaps the words themselves could be her homework... since it's going to be some HOME WORK to get her to learn how to spell her words.

It's walking day.. time to get my poles ready!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

that girl & other misc stories.

Just so you know..

The next number of stories might scare you... OK. Not really SCARE you... but I get the feeling that people might be frightened of the actual person on the other end of these stories, rather than the stories themselves. Just as an FYI.

That Pip of mine went to the mall with her friend. Quite scary. Yes, I should have been frightened, I told her to be smart with her money.. but wait.. she's blond. She doesn't comprehend that there is a stop light to the pot of gold at the end of her magical tunnel.

Just the other day I found a card... it cost 6.49. You have to be freaking kidding me... the card people really think that I am going to spend 6.49 for a card to the man I love. (choke sputter...but still love all the same)... You are right... I didn't buy it for I am not stupid... paper surely can't cost that much money, even with ink and a couple of words embossed on it. But then there's the PIP... she doesn't GET money. AT ALL. Damn you Lisa.. ! DAMN YOU!!! ( YOu see.. it was really me undermining the whole Grade 1 BB leaving - homeschooling-adventure.... ha ah ah ah ah ah ah)(don't ask people).. Ok not.. anyways... The PIP shows me her great CARD that she bought for her "da da"... guess the price... yes.. 6.49! OH.. that girl.....

In the meantime.. I am going to enter into the cheapbox zone.. and fill out a card, and write something nice in it. ( I will not mention that I almost took a picture with my phone of a card at the store the other day... just so I could remember the nice words that were written in it). I am truly pathetic. BUT A PROUD pathetic!

I don't believe that he really thinks that I am was going to buy a gift for him.. as I am not a gift giving wife. It's more like he is a present buying husband. AHA! I just thought of something for him... (as I am completely USLESS at originality... ) I am going to buy him a gift pass to the ice rink... so him and his BOYFRIENDS can skate with him. But you know.. in reality.. I am a gift of a wife... I let him do as he pleases (not that he wouldn't anyways.. but he doesn't need to know that), whenever he pleases. (Except for my SHORT stints in the casino world, but I need not mention that!)... (OH.. and neither should you... WHOEVER YOU MIGHT BE). But do not think that you hold ONE over my head... as I usually tell him of my adventures... eventually!

I wonder if I am RAMBO when it comes to RAMBLING. Now this is something that I am very good at. If only there was money attached to this... how SWEET.


The other day I was thinking about walking poles. (You know ... the exercising kind... that cost anywhere from 60.00 - 80.00... of course I am of the CHEAPER SIDE OF LIFE mentality which I will directly blame from my SCOTTISH heritage of people that I never knew and just happened to have the last name of McKay ).. and my friend mentioned that for $20.00 you can take a course that will teach you how to learn with walking poles. I pondered the thought of picking up two sticks from GODS green earth, and then enroll myself into the one-day-walking-pole program, and wonder if THEY could teach me how to use the STICKS FROM GODS GREEN EARTH. I was sort of thinking that I would bring a hacksaw with me, that way if they weren't quite the right height I could immediately remedy that problem, and then I was also thinking that I might bring duct tape along ... in case they complained that I didn't have proper handle grips. Easily solved, on all accounts. Luckily my sister called me up, and TOTALLY inconvienced my simple life now that I do not HAVE to pick up children, and then asked me to pick up hers. What was I supposed to say.. NO... and besides.. her kids are so FREAKY FRIDAY cute..but I was inconvinced all the same, and I couldn't get any of my work done, and I didn't have time to enjoy the FRIDAY evening, and I didn't get my FRIDAY chores done.. but you know.. you just don't say things in life.. other than YES, I will help you. BUT.. somehow that all lead to GREAT KARMA... as I called my friend almost wishing to use her bathroom, but also called out of boredom because now I was WAITING for the nephews... I decided to call her again.. this time on her cell, or blackberry or whatever expensive item that she uses to communicate with her POSSE.. anyways she answered... I really wanted to scream... RELIEVE ME FROM MY TORTURE.. but I was composed and merely asked "where the hell are you?... are you coming to get your girl... great I will walk to your home.. even before she could almost say... Uh.. Deanna... why are you calling me...(the true psychotic self has been layed out for you folks, the inside look into my mind and the writing that follows suit... see!!! see how saved you are somedays from my CONSTANT natttering... )... anyways... the real story is... I see these SKI'S laying on somebodies lawn ( My friend told me that the guy had killed his wife.. wow, tough neighbourhood... and to think that this friend of mine was just complaining about the cougars... yes, one street down from your stomping ground LISALADY)... (Is that how you really became a cougar??? ssssssssssssssssss burn................ ha ah ahah a ahah). anyways.. LUCKY ME! I found some SKI poles! I can't wait to bring them to my walking group on Tuesday. I just can't wait! It should be so exciting... I am going to take them for a test run.. and just to trick people I am going to cut off the little circular thing that sits on tops of the points. I just can't wait. Surely the running den will take my 20.00 to teach me how to use ski poles as walking poles. I just wonder if this is going to have to be a remedial class. I bet they charge extra for that!

OK.. must fetch the handsomeson from the end of the road... down where they keep cars as pets.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Last night...

I introduced my friend "the cougar" to our other friends "the swingers".

It was a match made in heaven.

We celebrated by eating chicken wings. Lots of them.. because you know, around here you can get cheap chicken wings, with flavours & a dip for an added experience.

Maybe we (they) should start a group or something... "the cougar and the swinging carnivores".

I will stop, I have had no coffee yet. It shows.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy skies, all blue

I love the fall. Wait, it's summer. Yes, that is correct... after a number of weeks of horrid grey skies and flower killing plunging rain, the blue skies are back. And I'm happy. Too late for the flowers currently living wiltedly in my containers. I was out in the back yard garden that NOBODY sees, except me, or if you happen to wonder back yourself yesterday. I was milling about throwing dirt around, raking bark mulch, fixing flowers and conducting new plans for next year. This summer isn't officialy over for another two and a bit weeks, and I already have plans for next year. Oh well, just another three seasons to go through.

My neighbour that looks like my other neighbour from a slight distance came over yesterday and SPRAYED my lawn with harsh chemicals that I have been trying to avoid for the last year. (Ever since the weed/grass killer I put on the lawn BY ACCIDENT). It was this time last year that it looked like I owned a cheetah lawn spread, mind you the spots were brown, with green backing, so a bit different. Hopefully this will cure all the rampant weeds that are infesting my lawn, and making me completely unhappy. I think I would have been in a true state of unhappiness before this had I been cutting the lawn. But now that we have a very capable and almost willing participant cut our lawn, it has decreased my weed anxiety issues. However; I do walk over the lawn, and see the shambles anyways. I am extremely happy about my current state of chemical warfare. Some would argue that green is green, so it's all good. But it isn't... grass is grass is grass, and should be free to grow as grass, and not be infiltrated by things with little purple flowers, and wicked masses of clover... because I do not like clover that is all over. At all!

The PIPPY wore a beautiful jean SKORT to school today. This one fits her. Her current jean skort which she has had for two, maybe three years now is pretty much DONE. She has been wearing it on a constant basis, and is clearly in love with it. Todays' skort was on the loose side, and even more shrilling of a bad look, close to being baggy. (In reality.. it was a skirt with inset shorts that actually fits her). Hopefully she will get the feel of her new clothes, and continue to wear them... because her and her killer cuteness, along with her pink and orange slingback flats were adorable. If only I could have had HALF the cuteness that she has been blessed with! I took a picture of our street this morning... this was cute.. two girls waiting at the edge of the driveways waiting to be picked up by the PIP, where she meets one friend, and then walk down three houses to pick the other friend up...it was a cute sight to see.

Oh in other blue sky events that could raise some eyebrows:

I coloured my hair yesterday. It's deep chestnut brown, with a top hint of dark brown for added flavouring. It's a bit dark... almost too dark. But guess what.. it isn't grey, or bordering on orange... so I do not care... as long as I am not looking in a mirror. (Review mirrors are a killer).

I must be off... it's been silent here this morning, with only the coffee pot working out its jitters from the heating element. All this for 8:00 in the morning. Too weird.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Time is flying.

I just watched the chicklets walk down the road.

Away they went to Middle School Land. It was an interesting sight. The boy walked with a sense of purpose & destination, without a miss in his step. He was on a mission, to get to school; and more importantly to stay 20 steps of his sister who was trailing behind him with her friends. I watched her as she hurridly made it to one friends house, and then gathered her next friend, and then I watched as all three washed through the trail, for their first day adventure.

It's 08:00 in the morning, and I am listening to the dryer tumble and whir. There are no little TV shows chattering away back at me as it used to be. Once upon a time it was the boy with his Arthur in the morning & the girl loved Clifford & Sagwa, and then last year she moved onto shows that screamed alot (family channel). Now she has tuned her interests to Jon & Kate plus 8, and the cartoon shows have been left in the dust. (Her brother has complained bitterly about this over the years... "her and her baby shows"...(just because he read the paper in the morning when he was that age).

So it's me, my recycling, and the laundry. Good times on the crescent!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We're off to the races!

First day of school, all thirty minutes of it.

One chicklet in Grade 8 & one in Grade 6.

Should be very EXCITING!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha