Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sticky situation 11,342.

I was just about ready to click DELETE on the "my music" portfolio ... when a little bird came chirpping at me ...

"uhmm ... something is telling YOU not to do that Deanna, so you better not"

And I didn't.


I figured out that it would have deleted my whole itunes thing that I have going on on the Ipid. YEupp ... my ipid, the Jimmy's ipid, not the Sir or The Fuss'es ipids .. cause they are hooked up on different computers .. BUT MINE .. well that would have been good reason to be the crumpled flower still alive in the garden bed, and try to look pretty, when the situation clearly wasn't.

BUT .. that was avoided.

I DELETED my picture library instead.

Yes I did folks .. all ten bazilgalilion pictures and assorted videos .. GONZO charlie.

Of course I had my handy 240 GB external hardrive to capture all that I deleted.


That would have been cause for more than a freakout than I am already having with my mastercard bill that just so happens to have my roof purchase on it.

In other things far more daring and adventuresome and equally expensive ... now that I have transferred all my images ... I am considering doing on-line scrapbooking .. and doing albums for "the years" that have accumulated. This may be far more time efficient, albeit maybe just as expensive as scrapbooking ... BUT at least there would be the images in hardcover to rifle through. The whole making time to drink wine and scrapbook have all but been thrown out the window. What a shame. I enjoyed my evenings out .. or maybe it was the wine .. at any rate ... my lovely piles of scrapbook adventures will wait for me until the timing is right ...

In things that are important to this time of year ... got caught up in a groupon the other day .. and bought TWO of them ... so you know .. I have TWO gifts and all ... for the peoples and such.

Only 24 more days to perfect this gift buying adventure!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

eagles not so far from home.

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Rays of sunshine.

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The Bear Necessities:

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The football whistle

Probably the most annoying thing going, secondary to trying to wake the boy up to go to school.... or to wake the boy up at all in fact.

That's OK .. cause I used the secret tool called an alarm clock that helped matters the last two days .. when he had to be at work at 7. I mean crap .. he had just gone to bed at what ...5:13? At any rate ... he is done is early morning working for the week ... thank the lord to the mother with the patience of a golden rainbow ...

The GreyCup is in our big city today. Ick. Football. I once upon a time made the fatal mistake of going to actually watch these large events, thinking that I would get it ... and what I did get was the fact that I felt like an idiot ... cause I didn't have a clue what was going down. AND the freaking whistle ... CHEESUS I HATE the whistle. I'd rather listen to a cowbell ... but apparently that's not the way it is done.

Curse them.

Well .. I have spent a huge HUGE HUU-UUGE portion of time this past week deleting, moving, copying and cleaning ... THIS computer out. The memory WAS full. So full it did look a little bloated and was a tad bit moody in actuality. I am not really sure if it is in fact as cleaned out as it should be ... I think a little more fruit lax from above, will make the final clean out a blow out!

In the meantime .. I am going to throw some more pictures into this thing .. because NOW I know that I can not delete the library, cause that is going to piss off our little friends "The Ipods". GAWD damned friends .. now these are clearly OBJECTS that I can no longer live without. I think I might love it more than the three humans and two dead dogs combined.

OK .. enough with that gawd damned whistle. I am thankful however that this is the most football that the husbandman will watch for the entire year .. is todays game .. so you know .. I am sorta thankful .. thanks GOD. I am also thankful for the DOOR that husbandman put on the den .. cause it's been shut ... as of now!

In other things ... will fiddle with the computer .. and the camera .. and you know .. just waste time while I should be doing other things that I know I should be doing .. but just can't be bothered ...

MORE IMPORTANTLY ... I got rid of my 21 year old couch today ... and the other 22 year old couch that wasn't mine to start with .. but I ended up with .. that I gave to the sister ... who I think she might be happy with it .. once she stops being mad ... about something.

I can't cure the world .. but I did definitely cure my livingroom of some old stock of something ...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

2nd time around

2nd attempt at getting rid of the loveseat.

(3 responses in 20 minutes off of craigslist with the 2nd ad)

2nd pack of mentos.

2nd refill of icecubes

2nd glass of wine.

2 keyboards in front of me ..

2nd time typing on the computer when I should have been txting on the phone.

Where is my second brain when I need it?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Resignation incomplete

I'm still on this.

I'm still working on that letter.

I'm still trying to NOT say what I really wish to say.


In other things as equally boring as that ... would be:

Called the school,
talked to the VICE.
He sounded cool,
he sounded nice.

Worked on a plan,
or something like that ...
chatted about things like:
being a magician with a hat.

Ok so not really a magician;
but more like a sleuth;
keeping a watchful eye,
on a particular youth.


AND it gets more boring ....

The boy called it quits;
at the separation game.
All of the non-talking,
was driving him insane.

He marched himself to the room,
where the forbidden one stood;
Politely wished to conduct himself,
as any young man should.

And that is it;
a trial of separation has ended;
hopefully again,
he wont get suspended.


AND STILL the boringness continues:

A movie in the making,
of which nothing is known ...
A sound engineer sent some music,
of which true talent has been shown.

Information has been swapped;
and now they lie in wait...
Will the music be used ...?
Can this be their fate ..?


DONT let the snooze button wake you:

A certain pretty Fuss,
with all her craziness aside ...
has opened up some peoples ears
With a "Manners Speech" to present far and wide!

That's it .. I'm out ... Happy Monday people of the universe.

Monday, November 07, 2011

writing a resignation letter 101.

How does one do that ... ??

Excuse me ..  it is unfortunate that I am writing this .. but I QUIT.

Sort of.

I QUIT because ...

It has become impossible to split myself into more than one being, or it is at the current time in our universe.

I quit because lots of people have a lot of money to be given out, except I can't seem to get anyone to give any to me... and it really isn't for me .. it's for the group.

I quit because the pieces of paper that I have to keep track of somehow don't all fit into one binder, or one bag, or one bookcase, without being lost .. because I work out of a box.

I quit because although I do get paid to do a position, I also end up being a volunteer. How is that completely possible?

In an essance I look at volunteering as a way of moving forward. An opportunity to make gains where otherwise you wouldn't have a chance at "testing out your skills", in reality a volunteer is ultimately someone that comes, gives and leaves .. no strings attached ... except ... when you end up being a paid volunteer. Wow, now theres a string that's attached!

I quit because I have let myself fall prey to thinking about a singular item 24 hours a day. Now I have  work/quitting OCD .. and I spend half my time telling myself to not think about something, and the other half the day telling myself to write something.

I quit because I just don't know what to do any longer .. and the longer it takes me to quit the longer I stay, and the longer I stay, the longer it takes me to quit. .. not sure how I ended up on this treadmill of happiness ...

OH right .. it is the PEOPLE. Hook. Line & Sinker. What a snag.

Maybe I wont quit for today afterall ...

mind warp.

Somedays I am not cut out for this parenting gig.

I lick my knife, make messes, purchase outrageous items, ( OK .. so purchasing livingroom furniture shouldn't be OUTRAGEOUS after 21 years of the current furniture no?) want for everything in the world, text non stop, dream of being great at something, I don't know what I will be doing in 10 years, hope to pull out my paint brushes, paper and pencil and do something ... tomorrow ...

Then I wonder ... how did I get here .. with these two characters ... !

I am more them, than I am of me, except I just get to be older.

Highly mind warp like .. I think.

( I have pictures .. of stuff and things .. haven't downloaded into FULL computer!)