Friday, April 27, 2007

Totally cool...

The Pip and I and our friends from down the street went to an ultimately totally cool presentation last night. (think hard people... think hard... just guess as to what it might be about...)

Benjamin Kilham, author of "Among the Bears" visited the Port Moody public library, and we were there to see him in real life. He is a naturalist that lives in New Hampshire, and he raises orphaned bear cubs and returns them to the wild.

He is a brilliant man.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

EXcuthe me...

I theem to have thomthing sthuck in my mouth. Yethher I do.

I have a brand new appliance, just like the yesteryears of life after braces. I am now embarking upon straightening my forever twisting front teeth with a retainer sort of thingy. I hope it works. I am now sorry that I threw mine out when I turned thirty. I figured at that time that twenty years of braces should probably be enough. Boy was I wrong.

I am supposed to wear it 22 hours out of the day. I have managed about five hours so far. There is no freaking way I can wear out in public. I have an incredible lisp with it... I feel just like Kramer in one of the Seinfeld episodes. ( Oddly enough my hair resembles Kramers bad do of the day today as well... slightly fuzzed at the ends.. only because I brushed it this morning... ) Brushing my hair is a no no.. it's a never do to the do sort of thing not to do!

Well.. breaks over... back to the retainer thingy...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Me... a hockey fan....

Yes, thirteen minutes into the third period I started watching hockey. I am a sick sick woman. Please keep me in your thoughts. I can't handle being a hockey watcher... I never have been, and ultimately am hoping that I am not going to continue on this downward spiral. Even the Pip tried to talk to me and I shooshed her away so I could watch hockey. This is madness!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Living in the wild

Compare these photos, what is the one thing that they both have in common? Green. One loves the green leather couch which she shares with her two crazy friends, and the others love the soft green grass for an empty stomach.
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It is a completely beautiful morning out there... stunningly beautiful. Just taking a moment to breathe it all in. The clouds are sitting scantly in the sky, leaves have reached the tips of the trees and transformed them into bursting masses of green and burgundy hues. Even the "chiny blooms, chincy blooms" japanese plum tree is starting to become likeable again.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Momma and her babies.

Please note the quality and the squint appeal with these photos. They could be better... MUCH better... if SOMEONE had not spoke great ideas to the husbandman about certain CAMERA gadgets. OH, this is a mother bear and her two cubs that I have been busy spying on. On the top photo, one of the cubs is climbing the tree, she also had caught wind of me, since you can see her smiling for the camera.. or then again, maybe you can't.. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE HER!.. We can once again thank Mr. Pickaspat for this. If you too have complaints about the quality of these photos feel free to comment, and I will forward the comments along to the one and only Mr. Pickaspat.

Oh.. and this computer is acting badly again. It is only by luck that I have got it to work. I think the video card is on the outs..... I was just about to take it in, when I got it turned on again. Who knows.. if I'm not back... you can guess the reasons why...
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The benefits of being at home....

I absolutely love to see my every growing boy wonder off down the street to school. I peer through our moon shaped window out through the front door as the boy walks along. He now takes the walk with his star friend from across the street. I love how he walks, or kind of saunters.. almost like a duck in slow motion. Hopefully his little spry friend will put his step back into a penguin motion....
Read this, really didn't like it.. at all.


Here we are again folks, living another beautiful day out here on the WET coast. The weatherman states that by this afternoon we should be free from rain, for a while. I think I even saw the sun coming out. I will have my handy dandy pressure washer on stand-by.... ready to go at a moments notice.

So.... the Pip and I spied our first bears of the season last night. We saw a mamma and two cubs. We were as stunned to see them, as they were to see us. The two cubs flew up into the trees, and the mamma crawled up for a while, but eventually set herself back down on the ground. I would have great pictures to show you.. if someone THAT LIVES DOWN THE STREET, hadn't given away my fine detailed secrets of special lenses and such....I am not whining or complaining... just stating the facts here people. I think the lighting was a bit off, as it was getting dusky, and little black bears sitting in trees is a hard image to catch on any given day. Anyways, I am very tempted to drive up to the same spot this very morning to try and catch another glimpse of the black beauties in our midst once again. I think I might just do that.

I would like to spill off other events... but now that it is bear season... that is all that I am capable of thinking of, well, next to scheming and planning on emptying my front garden of overgrown shrubs, and asking for the husbandmans help, without him realizing it. That is quite the task.

In other things growing:

Both of the chicklets. The boy is almost my height. Two more inches, and I'll be done for. The girl continues to tower over her classmates, and her best buddy down the street. Maybe that's why her back hurts so much, she has to crook over to talk eye level with all of her friends. Last night I gave her an Ibuprofen. It was the adult version. One pill, 300 mg, she doesn't like the chewables anyways. The dosing is for someone ages 11 +, but since the girl is larger than her friend from across the street, I gave her the same dose. This time she forgot that the Ibuprofen wasn't a chewable sort. Hmmmm. Now that is not good. She went to bed with a numb tongue and throat. Ick. Plus.. I fed her two large glasses of milk, in some hope that it would wash away the bad effects it has on the lining of her insides. Well, she is alive and well this morning and complaining that I haven't given her her special breakfast of BIG K (Special K), but it has always been Big K to her. Just the same as "double knots" have always been "doval knots", and her pillow has always been a "pallow". Love that.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I feel sad when I do not take the time to write the daily boring events that happen around here. I mean, they are very clearly more than boring, but they are the events that make up my (our) life, and in some ways they are important to remember. Especially the evil kiniving ones, those are the best! (A roar of evil laughter erupts....)

So, hmmmm. What is there to say... short of everything, all at once.

  1. I went to work this weekend. Yae for me, I checked all the internal and external job postings, there are no jobs for me. Boo Hoo.
  2. We got a raise at work... oddly enough I didn't notice.
  3. The husbandman is doing a fantastic job building the fence out towards the side of the house. He even dug up the stump so that the fence could attach itself to the existing fence. I think deep down inside the husbandman didn't want the neighbour building it, just in case the neighbourman didn't do "a kingly" job of it. ( I might remind my three readers here, that the husbandman didn't want one thing to do with my front yard renovation... AND, he spent the whole week end days out there Saturday and Sunday.. just making reference to that.....)
  4. The husbandman and Mr. Pickaspat went on a date last night...or so Mr. Pickaspats friends assumed that's what he and the husbandman were up to...(OK, it was just a night out at the local pub to watch the hockey game) so they (Mr. P's friends) sent a piece of cake with whipped cream to the table for the two of them... It was labeled "for the happy couple". Now that my good people is freaking funny!
  5. I bought myself a beautiful bright yellow pressure washer. It seems that the weatherman is a bit jealous, and has started pelting the earth with rain... now that I am available again to start the pressure washing process. Sorry Mr. Weatherman your pressure doesn't amount to my pumped pressure....
  6. I have had dinner made since 0930 this morning. Well, that was only because we were having a pot luck at the group today, and I made extra for the people that inhabit this home. Lucky for them.
  7. I still need to get a picture of the Pip's "roll over rover" that she created with a toilet paper roll, and thus named it accordingly.
  8. I have a great plan for my summer flowers this year. I am more than tickled pink about the great plan underway. I just can't wait to execute this great plan into action. It will be completely beautifulishes. COMPLETELY! The new fence that the husbandman is masterfully building will be lined with DAHLIAS. AAAAH..... it is going to be gorGeous people... SIMPLY gorgeous! I will be tuber shopping in my mom's back garden very soon. The Pip might even have to set up a dahlia growers flower store at the end of the driveway come September. Pictures will be taken, evidence will be available to the who's it's and what's it's of the day. Inform your people, this will be big. The sister and I peed our pants laughing last year at my efforts for a premier garden in the front yard. It was abismyl and embarressing and just short of completely revolting... which made us howl harder.
  9. Speaking of howling, This should make two out of the three readers laugh. Holy shit.. you should laugh!!!!... so the stalker sister made herself very stalkable last week. She was around for all four days last week, at my complete disposal. It didn't matter that I had things to tend to, she was around, everyday, from 0915 to 230 PM. At one point I just referred to her as my walking talking shadow. So Friday was our last day together and once again she decided that she wanted lunch. It had to be Sushi. We tried one place, next to the mall. It looked scarey, well, it looked like it was under renovations, but not really. I told her I was kind of Seinfeldish feeling.. like the owners were going to come screaming if we opened the doors.. get out you fat ladies, out of my restaurant,... now you have brought us bad luck. I told her I couldn't wait for this to happen, so we had just better leave. We drove down the street and across the way to "another " sushi place. It wasn't Sushi, it was Thai. Thai is good, but not good when you want Sushi, AND when you think the place is Sushi, but it's not.. it's Thai. Well, right next door was a Fish and Chips place... hmmmm.. well, OK, stalker sister, I feel nervous about the fish and chip place... due to the health ramifications of ?? how much fat is about to be ingested with this??? My frightened mind did not want to know. But then again... I do like rootbeer. We tried entering the villa of cholesterol, but was met with a sign smack dab in the stalker sisters nose. The girl said they would be open in five minutes. (She held up her hand like "Alice" did in the Minute Rice commercials). Well, sigh again... and we looked across the parking lot, and spotted another Japanese food place. It was kind of raining out, but not enough to make us whimps, so we walked across the lot to the fourth eating establishment. We were greeted upon arrival and then "set" in the corner. I did take notice of other caucasion visitors in the restaurant, they appeared to be happily munching away. Things were looking up in the getting lunch department. WE scanned the menus, decided on which lunch box we would wish for and that was it. What we wished for next was a waitress, waiter, someone, anyone. Ahh... here was someone, carrying a pot of tea, with a mound of wasabi in a dish on top. The waiter looked at us rather scared, and then darted away. WE watched a number of dishes walk past us, and waitresses return to the kitchen. The final draw was when the stalker sister spotted people that had walked in after us being served something. That was when we knew we had been placed in the "forgotten section". So we walked out. We walked back across the parking lot, pretty much peeing our pants laughing at the workout project just trying to have a quick lunch... somehwere.... "Ya... uhm.. well,... OK, I'll have the special... one piece fish and chips, and a rootbeer please."
  10. I have no recollection as to the day that I actually cleaned the house. I know it was imbetween the times of the stalker sisters non pitstops moment. I can't figure that out, although now that it is a new week, I believe that the process starts all over again. Including dodging the stalker sister attempts for my shotgun riding adventures. The first load of laundry has gone in, whites first, only because they were abundant on the clothes pile.
  11. I renewed my library book today. I am not even sure if I am going to read it. I tried a couple of weeks ago, but forgot about it, as the cover blended in with the bedroom furniture. ha ha h ah. OK, it really did..... and then my colourful eye just helped it blend in. I don't know what the title is, but it's by Steven Hawkings. Something to do with universes and nutshells. Eventually I will get to it.
  12. On the more important scale, I wish to continue my aphasia readings. Now this fascinates me. I only have about 6 more thick books to plough through. I can't figure out what my problem is.... only because I have three couches to pick from in the livingroom, surely to crap I can sit my ass down and breeze my way through them, and take notes along the way, and then of course have processing and aborbtion time of the facts presented to me. Yes, right.
  13. I think the weatherman hates me. It has quit raining out, and the clouds have lightened up.. enough for me to want to go and plug in the pressure washer.. but wait... I can't... as the children need fetching and feeding in the next hour, by then, it should be raining again.
  14. I wonder if I am back to my coffee ways. I had quit drinking coffee. I thought it would help me with my horrible memory problems. It hasn't. I didn't even really miss it. I didn't have jitters, or crossed eyes, or a slowing of my rapid thoughts (OCDish) stream through my head on a moment to moment basis. AND, I am still completly stupid as ever. I don't think the vitamins even help, other than to make me count the number of bottles that I open and close and then dump pills down my throat. Well, I have mastered counting to ten, that's something to be proud of.
  15. The cherry blossoms are almost out in bloom. The REAL cherry blossoms. Not the "chincy blooms, chincy blooms" that have already flowered in my front yard, and have been swept away by the wind, or eaten by the lawn mower. I will get my camera out for some beautiful dramatic photos of the real cherry blossoms. Yes, I will. I think I might head over the City Hall, the place where our MAYOR has finally cleaned out his office, but only for a little while, while he gets his life back on track for behaving like a freaking psychotic goon... Oh, I see I have hit tangent mode.. back to camera thoughts.... I might even haul out the FILM SLR to create some fancy work.. but then it will be AGES, before I get any photos back.. (Oh the horror!, and the sorrow!!).. so I may be able to thrill my three readers by at least OCTOBER with my spring bloom series. YES!! Read that Mr. Pickaspat.. another five months before I get around to developing my pictures... on that note.. I should go and start collecting children from other peoples home and bodies of covered water. Sounds odd, but then... look where this is coming from.
  16. I signed up for the Erma Bombecks writers club. All I have received are other peoples string of emails. It looks like I am going to have to search elsewhere for the real Erma Bombeck. I might even trade in my current library book for one of hers....

Friday, April 13, 2007

Name this tune:

Daaaa, da, da da. da. da. Da da, da to da, da to da & repeat from the beginning.

Yes, it's a tricky one, it's not a tune that you can sing, but rather a piece of music that you listen to on one of the most exciting days of your life.

Sixteen years ago today, life started going down hill for the husbandman big time... it was the day he said "I do" to me!

Despite his claims that it has been years of misery, he continues to buy me a lovely card, and flowers. He even offered a lovely night out, but I turned him down. As the offer was also for him and I, and our friends the Pickaspats to some bigscreen hockey action at the local pub. Strangely enough I flat out told him no... and we settled for sushi take out. That's life in the fast lane 16 years later.

A little late but...

These notices were taped to the french doors leading into the livingroom. That Pip....

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's been a weird one...

This is the day in review, only because it was just so freaking wierd:

Woke up from a slumber on the green leather couch.
The husbandman has done his morning chores, as he is no slouch.

Started yapping at the hamsterson to get himself out of bed,
every single morning this is the constant dread.

The Pip rattled out at a quarter to eight,
she's usually a little slow and doesn't function that great.

At 8:05 the Biancastar tapped on the door,
as the hamsterson packed his belongings from off of the floor.

I wrote a little blog, just because I'm a schmuck.
I really wonder if I do get things accomplished by simple good luck.

We tried to walk to school but that didn't work,
The Pip complained bitterly that her back really hurt.

I drove the Mazda Five to the doorstep of the school,
looking at the beautiful weather, and feeling like a fool.

I was home for a bit, and made a cup of tea,
where I looked for camera junk, for the one and only me.

I flit about the kitchen and tidied the odds and ends,
it never changed in appearance, so I doubled back to the computer where I found some email friends.

That ended quickly as I had to dash by 10:05,
I had to pick up the boy for his ortho appt, which required a short little drive.

Upon arrival I realized a grandious kind of error,
we were exactly on time, but ahead of schedule by 24 hours.

As a treat for the son, we headed out for lunch,
we had to go right away, while he could still munch.

I dropped him off at school, and headed towards home,
I wasn't quite sure what I would accomplish, although the list was a mile long.

I was not in through the door when the telephone rang,
it was the sister who was stalking, hoping to do the sushi thing.

We talked and we talked, as I watched the minutes click,
I continued to tidy & fold laundry, and carried on in a flit.

Eventually I made it to the great out doors,
where I raked up 5 wheel barrel loads of branches from all the winters storms.

I filled the utility trailer, until things fell around the sides,
I was hoping to add a little more, but it just wasn't that wide.

The time did come to fetch the Pip from her school,
she wasn't in the mood for playing, even though the weather was perfectly cool.

Once we arrived home, I started washing down the driveway,
it had mud tracks on it, from all my garden junking array.

The next on the list was washing up the car,
I like it to be shiny, even though it doesn't travel far.

In the knick of time we were out of the house,
where we found ourselves at piano lessons, and for once the boy didn't grouse.

Upon our return, I made a fine meal of defrosted food,
The Pip and I were going for a drive, to fetch gas, and feel the groove.

We chatted and we laughed, and listened to some tunes,
I found the place for gas, and then back we headed like a couple of loons.

It was a beautiful evening to be out and about,
we then arrived at Costco to check their garden centre out.

Ok, not so good, as the cold wind rang through the space,
we left there rather quickly, leaving the greenery in it's place.

I then visited our composter, with lots of food for it.
Which leaves tomorrow open, for a produce shopping trip.

The day ended with a junk television show,
where we watched the singing on American Idol.

That was the day, it was short and now it is the end,
Tomorrow is a new day, where it will all begin again.

Hauling out the aged

I am back to staring at my film camera. I semi-like it. I know it's a good one; it has taken some very nice photos. It just isn't instantaneous, and therefore does not satisfy need for immediate satisfaction. I realize I am spoiled, and with the acknowledgement of my spoil-edness.... I can talk about it. So, I am back preparing a great scheme to purchase a better lense for my film star... then if I am ever so lucky, I will continue to read my manual over and over again, memorize the finer points, figure out the shutter speeds, and aperature values, and then perhaps come back with some very good photos. Of course the only thing that I wish to take photos of is: the bears, plus or minus some children every now and then.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last one till May

So that is the weekend. Gone. So are a bunch of my bushes in my front yard, but not near enough. My next weekend off doesn't come until the May long weekend. I will hope for happy sunshine then.

I confronted the husbandman on the informant situation. He just smiled, and was tight lipped. How very strange is that? I must find a way to come up with a new plan.. except it must be trickier this time. Hey.... I think that e-bay is calling me.... must go.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Time Line

I watched and read about the weather forecast. It told me rain. I have no reason to complain, but I am going to, partly because a little complaining so I have been told, can go a long way. Probably not today.

You see, I am on a timeline. It is a self made timeline. Something that I dreamed up, and remembered, not something that I dreamt and then forgot about it. DAMN! It's all because I have this foggy little vision that is hovering in my head, and it needs to come out.

I have plans to renovate the front yard. I have embarked upon this great foggy vision, but the weather is of course not cooperating, as I was informed that it wouldn't. It doesn't help that I know I have work to do, and the hours that I sit here whining about it, doesn't help to clear the foggy drizzle that floats about in my head.

Just in case some of you may be asking yourselves about my foggy vision that I live with on a daily basis, and how I can separate that from my current front yard foggy vision; my brain has conveniently labelled things for me similar to a ticker tape running through my head: HELLO DEANNA IT'S EARTH CALLING, COME MOVE ME, HELLO DEANNA IT'S EARTH CALLING, COME MOVE ME. Compared to the constant foggy life version: OOOPS FORGOT THAT, OOOPS FORGOT THAT, OOOPS FORGOT THAT.

Funny that I can even separate the two.

In other things of time worthy mentionables:

I have decided that the husbandman should stop talking to his friend Mr. Pickaspat. The two of them plus the crazy cop went out to watch the hockey game last week. While out, my favourite photographer friend Mr. Pickaspat spelled out the spell that I was trying to cast upon the husbandman about retrieving the money that was coming back to us via the "2006 tax return" season, and somehow conning the husbandman into believing that we should use our almost forgotten cash to do as we please with. As we all know, the bills and other payment requirements of life will always be knocking on our doorsteps, but found money just doesn't happen by everyday. My plan has been foiled by Mr. Pickaspat. Curse him!!!

Since the husbandman has now been informed of my evil ways, he is in the process of damaging my plans by recreating new plans that probably would excite me anyways. This would temporarily blind me from my current plans for the Canon SLR purchase. I could make this all go away if I chose to work an extra day in the week, but that would mean working an extra day, and freaking hell we can't have that. I will have to come up with a new plan immediately. Curse these time lines....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Simple Madness

I have just figured out why I do not belong to any user groups. I am user group impaired. This should be classified as a syndrome "sub-average accessibility spoiler". Yes people, I suffer from S.A.A.S.

It has come to attention that I am not capable of handling numbers and letters that are mixed and crooked. They present huge challenges and obvious stumbling blocks. Well, so do instructions I think. In the user group application there was a box that asked for 2oo words or less, now I thought I was under the 200 mark, but clearly I wasn't. The box however, didn't cut me off in mid type when verbosity had overthrown my ability to count. I am clearly beyond stupid.... so I thought. Each time I retyped whatever the magic number of characters were I had to retype a new password thingy that involved letters and numbers. Good god it took me forever to figure out if things were uppercase or lowercase, then I slowly clicked the keys. These keys never click slowly, I'm a quick clicker, and freaking hell if the keys just didn't click but rather clunked, which made the upper and lower case become way more difficult than it should.

All that is behind me now, I managed to throw in a couple of words in the define yourself in 200 words box, and left it at that. I think even the computer got tired of throwing me new sequences of letters and numbers and lightened up at the end. I believed I had to type in: "UR a 4rutBAL" in the end. Christ, at least I was accepted.


I coloured my hair today. Oh thank you me yes... it is coloured back to it's regular shade of boring brown. I can't believe that I didn't natter on about it for days and days before I actually plunged into the colouring goop.

Yesterday I had an interesting hair do. It was quite bizarrely strewn up and about. I gardened for six hours with that hair, had a shower then took the boy to the mall... all with the same hair. I just love the daring that comes out in me some days.

The Easter Bunny showed up today. The Pip told me that she doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny, and that she demanded that I fess up with the gig. I was reminded that even though I knew that she knew, she still expected the goods that the pretend Easter Bunny should deliver. She made some signs this year for the fake Easter Bunny. It all had to do with not hiding the eastery things in the livingroom. She wished to be challenged for her treats for a change. That she was. The Pip was unable to find her Lindt Easter Bunny and marched to her bedroom, slammed the door and yelled at me I could keep it. That Pip, thinking that she might be up to the challenge, but not really.

The boy was so happy with all his Easter loot that he immediately ate his Easter Bunny, and changed clothes three times... then looked in the mirror. You have to love him!

I even made breakfast today. Yes I did, which included cooking BACON.............(GASP!!!!).... I never cook bacon... I think I despise the clean up portion of the bacon really, and not the clearing of the plate and paper towel that it sits on. I will forget about it for the time being and just pretend that my oven is all organized and clean... eventually I will remember the huge broiler pan silently waiting for me.

See, even with being the Easter Bunny myself, I can manage my own surprises!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Crescent.

The night before last we had the arrival of our one day of summertime. It was imperative that the crescent get a jump on our sad, neglected, mossy yards. Not that the we here in crescenthood are chronic yard neglectors; it can be simply stated that we can "blame it on the rain, ya-eh ya -eh- a."

The "men" from the crescent began the task of yard maintainence. They heaved and hauled machinery through the yards, and up and down the streets of the crescent. I watched some of these boys hard at work, and some of them made me laugh. One guy needed a smoke break every couple of passes, until someone yelled from this end to that end that his breaks were holding up the line. I watched the fellow across the street just ran with the machine. (But on closer inspection I don't know why he went to the effort, he didn't let the machine do a real job, so it may have been all for nothing).

I hired my boy to rake up the back yard which was full of long clumps of grass. He took the time to look in his wallet, count his money, and then agree to helping me. I was actually impressed with his workmanship, and the fact that I didn't have to tell him to go out back and rake while I was held captive in conversation in the front yard. I realize that money was his golden ticket to riches, but I was still impressed with his initiative to do this on his own.

The delicate religious man wanted in on the yard upkeep day, and set up his turn after he came home from church. OK, calm down, this isn't a slight on religious guys... because they are good, they have their place in the world... I am just stating that this is my observation of this one neighbour on the street for craps sake! He had his followers raking and cleaning as he maneuvered with the big machinery.

One fellow eventually showed up in the Pickaspats driveway with the contraption that pokes holes in your yard making it look like their was a "dog rave" on your front lawn. He was out of breathe, and just standing in a daze once he unloaded the machine into the "Pickaspats" driveway. He told us between large gasps for air that he needed to give instructions on how to use the machine. Bossy little me told him not to the worry.. ( I didn't say this but I really wanted to...) that "King know it all" was in the house, and there was no need for instruction. (That would be the husbandman visiting Mr. Pickaspat). The out of breathe character seemed pleased that he could waver his way back to his freshly primped lawn, and sit and stare at all his hard work in disbelief that he had come out the yard grooming torture still alive.

The last people that I saw using it was the Pickaspats. I could just see his hair start to plume and the scowling mount on the Mr.'s face as he realized that the lovely Mrs. had offered up both pieces of machinery for his use, after he had returned from work for the day. Since the husbandman and I were now standing in their driveway being useless we offered up our services. I raked and the husbandman used the monster machinery to rip moss and create the poo pellet trails. Life was back to general pickaspatish ways once the work was done.... so much so that I invited outselves to their house, and then proceeded to stay until midnight. Our laughter knows no time limits.

So far today it is silent on the crescent... it looks like another day of high clouded sunshine in our midst, maybe it will just be a simple car wash day.

I know for me... I am off this weekend... Yae for that... now I can really see what goes on here on the weekends...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Busy as a bee.

Yes, that is what I have been... busy as a bee. Except I have been flying here and flying there being that busy bee.
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Good morning cloudshine!

The boy and I were watching the news last night. (It is the only way he is allowed to watched TV since his grandious grounding.... and he was saying good night to me, then sat on the bed to chat with me, then continued to watch whatever I was watching. He manages to be quite tricky in this regard, while continuing to be funny...) If I were a really good parent... I would continue to limit his "electronic fever" that claims a large part of his life, and keep this up ... probably forever.

Now it seems that our blustery frigid weather will be put behind us for a day, while we enjoy temperatures up to 22 degrees. the clouds way above do not scare me, they are the happy bright clouds that eventually burn away to make way for sunshine. This is certainly a Good Friday!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So you are a funny boy after all....

He had me in hysterics last night. I was crying from laughing at him. Much the same as the night before, with the exception that the hysterics were from the husbandman, and nobody was laughing.

Now that the boy has had every piece of electronic equipment ripped from his posession, now he has found his funny side. He may never get his equipment back... N.E.V.E.R.!!!!!!!

I like him funny much more... unfortunately I see him in some dark comedy lounge where they still allow smoking. I can only hope that his humour will take him somewhere.

Dust in the darkness.

That sounds like a similar situation going on in my brain, but that is not what I am referring to. I detangled my computer yesterday and took it to the hospital for some computer TLC. It seems that it had some issues with dust living inside of it. I have learned that computers have an aversion to dust, just as much as I do.... with the exception that I do not quit working when I find that too much has gathered around me!