Sunday, September 14, 2014


So it has been a great long while of untypability .. but it is what it is. Shuddup.

I have had the EXTREME great fortune to have done a couple of truly wonderful things the past number of months ...

The girl and I went to the MICHEAL BUBLE concert together. That was killer ... i more ways than one ... but KILLER to see this guy in action ... in pure singing action. His show was amazing ... and you have to admit .. despite him being all married up, having a child, and only living 10 minutes away from me ... ONE DOES LOVE THAT MAN !!!

The Girlie Girl has managed to teach herself to use her guitalele ... and GUESS WHAT .. she is rather extradinaire .. as she strums and hums away ehind her messy bedroom door .... gotta love this lovely blond princess!!

Then ... another KILLER moment was the time spent with the GIRL and our trip to PORTLAND. It was hysterically funny ... and horriblly awful at the same time. We took the AMTRAK train from Vancouver. Don't do it people .. just don't do it !! Alan in the Bistro car couldn't get his shit together .. which made for a comical ride down ... and a boring ride ack .. as Alan wasn't there to make announcements every 10 minutes as to whether he would canadian money, or american money, whether coins could even be handed to him .. or not .. and please be patient ... there were 200 of us, and ONE of him ... hmmmm .. logistics people tell me something.

LAST NIGHT was fantasmico !! The ELTON JOHN son and I went to go see Sir Elton John at Rogers Arena. Holy Freaking Sunshine Muffins was that man incredible. I think My Elton John son finally figured out what it was like to sit and listen to him play the piano in our lovely little living room. Yes people ... this is what I deal with on an almost nightly basis ... I am not wrong in calling him MY Elton John. Amazing.