Saturday, April 29, 2006

The secret life of me

It's good to have secrets... it keeps people guessing about what is actually going on inside that bad head of hair. Although... the past couple of weeks, I have been successful in prooving to the rest of the street that I am truly on the edge of reason... I have taken up walking around our crescent, and then back along the other street, which essentially forms an extra large track.

I think this circling is merely a representation of the life that I lead on the whole. I just keep going and going, but it never leads to anywhere... I always end up in the exact same spot as I did when I started. Not that this is really a bad thing, but I wonder about the opportunities that would open up if I jumped off my beaten track. I enjoy circling the block, it's comfortable and welcoming. I always know which direction I am headed, I know the special spots along the way to walk on, and the spots to avoid. I even know the people that reside in almost every home. Why avoid familiarity, when adventuring has nothing to gain?

I have in the past ventured forth, and have beaten a new path, but even that didn't last for a great length of time. Then it all becomes an issue that the "grass is greener on the otherside"... which means that if I am willing to walk for endless steps for great periods of time... then surely I must be willing to drive to a desired location and march about with determination. Granted, I do very much enjoy walking the circular path of a rubberized track, but it's the effort to find the time to drive to the location then walk for the desired amount of time, and then carry on for the next scheduled event of the day.. and I must say.. at that point my hair is even more worse for wear, and I am crazy with thoughts that have been travelling through my mind at break neck speed while I circulated the track. Of course at this point I am either too jovial to be in public, or just a bit too crazed. At any rate, it has gotten way too complicated and out of control with the "grass is greener" route.

So, in an effort to simplify, I now walk around our crescent for endless amounts of time.... and meet up with friends and neighbours and dogs and their owners and enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air, and wave at the people staring out at me from their livingroom windows, or their porches and patios.

I wont let on that I just keep singing.... "just put one foot in front of the other....". Yes, it's the secret life for me.... it's just better that way.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hamsterson's Friday board-break.

The Hamsterson tested for his black stripe tonight. Here he is breaking boards with his hand, and a back kick. I often wonder why I keep this boy at this Tae Kwon Do place... sometimes the instruction is a little (VERY!) lax... and then the Master said to me yesterday. "The only person I watch in this room is "the hamsterson" while he is testing, it does not matter how well he does compared to the rest of the Tae Kwon Do students, and it doesn't matter if he ever goes anywhere with his TKD, but what does matter is.. that he has a goal for himself, and for his future, and not just sitting at home on the couch accomplishing nothing, that is the most important thing...."
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It's a beautiful day when:

  1. BOTH the chicklets are up, dressed, washed, brushed and fed at 07:11 in the morning.

OK, the list stops here.... there is nothing more beautiful than that. Well, one other miniscule thing, like finishing up the load of dishes on the counter, and doing two loads of laundry before 0830. That can be added only as a sidebar to the amazing first featured number one & only above this. More amazing things later.....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The real reason you have to love the internet...

So the idiotic-and-lucky-to-be-alive-but-none-the-less-lovely-catdog was more than helpful yesterday morning. (((NOT))) Little Miss Ellpee brought out the real reason why people have computers.

They are only to shop with. That's all. The real reason would be for this:

The other day we had a pot luck lunch at our Stroke Group. One of the fellows always brings chicken wings. He happily puts them into a pyrex dish, with a nice snap on blue cover, and then inserts the dish into a beautiful sea-green zippered carry bag that has a heating cushion on the bottom of it. It's a very lovely device, I have thought ... the many times I have seen it. It also adds to the loveliness of it... the fact that he just raves about how much he loves it. So we are all in love with his pyrex dish, and his pyrex dish holder. Although the other day our favourite pyrex dish owner was not feeling well, and left me with his beloved hot wings, inside of his hot dish, which were inside of the sea-green carrier. I told him I would take good care of it. Which I did. After the pot-luck I fed the husbandman turned contractor a big plate of lovely tasting chicken wings. Not soon after that I then had to clean out the pyrex dish, and the lid, and the sea-green carrier, and inside of the heating pocket, the heating pad... I had to clean and clean and clean and clean and clean..... and clean. I kid you not I had to clean... I just kept cleaning, and it didn't seem to want to lose the juices left over from the chicken wings. I think the pyrex dish itself was in love with those chicken wings. Anyways.. after a great amount of time.. I finally was satisfied with the clean factor of the sea-green carrier. I was planning on giving the sea-green's carriers owner a hard time this next Monday for being very enthusiastic with the chicken wing sauce... as it was everywhere....!!! I placed it on the counter, and put a towel beneath, and let the whole contraption air dry. Things were going fine......


the very next morning, just before I was going to put the chicken carrying contraption back together... a certain little catdog took an interest in the whole affair... and I might add, just enough interest to pull the lid and the sea-green container to her house. And that was it... she isn't a chewer or a wrecker... well only kind of. I inspect the lid for bite marks... and there was a very slight indentation on the rim, and it still did it's job of fitting perfectly over the 9 x 13 pyrex dish. I gave it another good wash.. and set it on the counter. Then I picked up the sea-green container, and upon initial inspection it seemed to have come out unscathed... like I said, she's not a chewer.. she just investigates. It wasn't until way way way later... that I started to put the dish back in it's carrier.. and just zip it up. Very simple.. except for the wee bit of a snag on the zipper...first words out of my mouth..... WHAT THE FUCK!............. Yes, I try and keep it clean when I can... but when things go bad.. so does the language. So after about 20 rounds of FUCKNESS, which didn't serve any real purpose, because it didn't help to get the zipper put back on the BELOVED SEA-GREEN CARRIER....I turned to the silly catdog.... and gave her a good hissing.

Which now leads me to the whole internet thing.... I looked up pyrex, and eventually found all kinds of things that you can order right from the screen.... all kinds of stuff. Except for the carrier. Once again... FUCK hit the fan. I blew off an email, in a desperate attempt to see if I could order it... and then had to sit and wait and cross my fingers that this was a possible deal. I headed out to the mall first thing this morning.. to find this great sea-green carrier.... and after many rounds of the mall, I came up empty handed. Well, kind of empty handed... I did have to purchase the lovely Hamsterson some boxers... because the regular undies/briefs had turned into white-tighties... so I did have some luck in the undies department....

After all that.... I received an email from the pyrex people.. and ended talking to some guy from Greenfield, Pennsylvania... and ordered me one WATER BLUE 3L pyrex dish carrier. I might even love my Mastercard more. I am not sure how much I am in love with my silly catdog.... for the moment.

Love the hot lunch

Hands down, without a doubt... you have to love hot lunch day. It just makes that part of the morning just a bit more perkier... just knowing that you (meaning me) do not have to put lunches together. It is just that special to me.

In other things that are special....

I quite like getting up at the 0700 hour... it makes getting to school a little bit easier... other than the 0835 mistaken hour.. that we woke up to yesterday. Oooops.

I like the internet. It makes shopping for obscure items just that much easier.

I like Costco... they have cheap bedding plants available... so being their at just the right time is a bit helpful as well.

The dryers constant "eeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee" is a very special noise to me. It is what helps to keep me OVER THE EDGE whenever I am at home, and inside... like now. I especially like the special way I turned it on for the husbandman-turned-contractor the other day when he was busily working to rebuild our laundryroom... I let him listen to it for a number of hours... and he is the one insisting that we do not need a new dryer... so I just let him whistle away to the "EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEING" for a couple of hours.

I know I am very helpful, in a special kind of way.

But not as special as hot lunch.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tra la la la

That is the song that you sing when you wake up in the morning... A TAD BIT LATE.... AGAIN. I think I had a scarey dream at 0345 this morning... which woke me up, then I decided that I better get up... because I couldn't listen to the husbandmans snoring... so I went and shared the couch with the crazy little tail wagging catdog. While sharing the couch and watching television at four in the morning with the catdog, I did however manage to learn how "box springs and beds" were made, how come people snore, and Black Tuesday, the dirty thirties & the stock exchange. With that amount of knowledge set in my head, I believe I sleep walked back to bed.

Anyways... everybody made it to their posts before the 0900 bell blew.. so all is good.

In other news that is good....

The husbandman/contractorman has secured the new back door with a lock and key, and ordered two of the three new windows for the laundryroom. Now that the ant party festival of wood eating fun has come to an end, hopefully the new lumber will remain sturdy for another 50 years. Just as the contactorman was cleaning up for the night.. I looked up, waaaaay up.. and spotted a rather frightening sight... I think it was the queen of all queens of ants cruising across the currently ugly wall. This called for an intervention... of the human kind. Good night my queen......

Monday, April 24, 2006

Back to the circus..

I must type quickly... I have just noticed the scheduled outage in 15 minutes. I wonder if I will go into complete system failure at that point as well.

My life of living in a shambles has started. The most amazing and brilliant Mr. Husbandman has framed in the new doorway entrance to our laundryroom. He has also cured us of our ant chomping sawdust building nonfriends. Our laundryroom is currently boarded up, due to the lack of windows and doorknobs we presently do not possess.

I am the package up woman... I just keep finding things that I need to package up.... that is my contribution, other than keeping the cupboards full of food to keep the Mr. Husbandman a full and happy workman.

Must disappear... before this system does it for me.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

That little eeek turned into a shriek!

Today I failed, yes, failed miserably. It's a simple tale of fail....

Earlier today the husbandman made his way to the lumber store and bought himself a new back door. He MISTAKENLY thought that he would be framing in the new back door, and patching up the little section where the ants had entered.

(This is the failure part......) My little digital sat silent in my black bag... I refused to take it out... I refused to keep an image record of the damage that the ants really did to the back portion of our house. The husbandman ripped off the siding, and the plywood, and the support beams (well, they were really just chewed bits of tunnels and piles of sawdust actually)... and now, many many hours later... we have all new pressure treated support beams, and replacement parts all supporting the back part of the house... I am wondering what day it would have been to see our house collapse around us..... and the door that he was going to frame in and install today.. is still sitting at the side of the house. That's a project for another day... I hope. I am thankful for the fact that at least when the husbandman gets to doing the actual kitchen renovation... we may have a frame of a home to install it in. Ants are bad... very bad.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I found this title on one of the many "need to read" lists that circulate... I know I never read it in highschool. It is one of those titles that have always stuck with me... for some unknown reason.

The Queen of Action...

I have been patiently waiting for the grasscutter man to come and pop holes in the lawn, and grind up all the weeds that somehow afflict it on a yearly basis. It's been two weeks. I did call him the other day and ask if he would be coming before Friday.... last night ((during Survivor!!)) the call came in... that he would definitely be here between 0930 - 1000 today, being Friday. Yae oh yae....

The one slight trick is.... I want the grasscutter man to mulch, hole up and deweed a back portion of my lawn... as it is extremely afflicted with weeds, and always is for some reason. I came clean and told the husbandman that I had a grasscutterman coming in to do a job, that the husbandman could probably do... except he doesn't have the time for. I could do the job as well, but I don't seem to have the time for it... so I am willing to pay the grasscutterman that brings himself, and a crew of two, to do the job.... they have the time for it! Although the husbandman already has his day planned with his new fangled reno job he is doing... now he is out back cutting the lawn... for the grasscutterman.. which is the very reason that I didn't want to tell the husbandman that a grasscutterman was coming... which is the very reason that I wanted the grasscutterman to come before today (Friday), as I knew it was the husbandmans day off.

OH well.... it's action of some sort...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

There can't be a day without some PIPNESS

The Pipster and her pink egg... the great find from the Easter Egg hunt...
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The husbandman ripped off part of the drywall in the laundry room. It's a small wall, with a very big job... he found an ant colony happily residing/eating away part of the wall. How very exciting... that's just ewe, plus an extra shriek of eeeekkkkk! The husbandman kingman said in his steady quiet and controlled self... " I thought I would see something like this".... Now he gets to replace the plywood, plus the siding on our house. It's all good.

In other things that are good......

I have been up since 06:45. Plus, I am drinking a homemade version of a "London Fog" (Which BTW is Earl Grey Tea, steamed milk and a shot of's very tasty....) It's way better than yesterdays mistaken sleep-in after the almost offing event, and then wake-up time of 8:33. Although ... it all worked out... at least the Hamsterson was able to get his haircut...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And now today....

Here's the boys new haircut....
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A Little OLD

This pic has seen this space before... but I will capture a new shot of him today... in black and white... I know one thing.. he has more teeth in that lovely smile of his. Posted by Picasa

One job down

And about 37 more to go. I managed to clean out the laundry room, and chuck out about thirteen dozen something or others into recycling and the garbage. I even went through scraps of material and crafty items... and discarded some. How huge for me...!

In other crafty events:

The boy is getting some award today at school. The volvo-driving-chicken-farmers wife gave me the heads up, that the lovely hamsterson is getting some award. I can only figure that his teacher will dream something up and write it down for Mr. Ratburn, OH, I mean the principal to read. It should be a splendid event. Luckily, I have friends in the right places... the volvo-driving chicken-farmers wife saved me from the year long "Pride" awards.. at the end of the year, and added Hamstersons to the list. SO, with the grand picture taking even being done that goes with the award... the boy needs his haircut. His hair is kinda long, and yicky looking. I think he looks like an ever so handsome Hamsterson with the hair cut short. AND, because WE were all late waking up this morning... I didn't make lunches... so I told the chicklets that I would pick them up at lunch, and take them to sandwhich store.... right next to the hair cutter place.... just in time for the pride assembly this afternoon.

Also... IF I was a tad bit motivated I would dump some hair colouring on my badly coloured locks and show up as a normal person. Although I do not think that I have my friends fooled...

OH... I believe I tried to off myself last night. I woke up around 1:30 in the am... and was having a hard time breathing.... like something sitting inside my esophagus/trachea.... AH yes, an undissolved vitamin C... I can taste that citrussy flavour the second it enters the mouth. ... and I can still taste it now... many many many hours later... but on that whole suffocation thought.. I am glad I am able to taste it... even though it is rather annoying, plus it kept me awake for a great many hours last night...

Well, I have many tasks calling to me.... clean and colour, colour and clean.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Let the races begin...

The husbandman has begun the transformation of the little homestead. He has moved the dogs cage from the laundry room to the den. It's really beginning to freak me out. All this enormous change... OK, just kidding here.... I am now embracing that bubble language in my head where I asked silently for less talking from the husbandman, and more action... I believe I am finally getting what I wanted...

In other questionable adventures...

The lovely Hamsterson was up at 0700 the previous four mornings. Of course there were important things like PLAYSTATIONS 2 to behold. This very morning, since it was the first day back to school and all, he was barely out of bed at 0820. Me, being the kind and lovely mother that I tend to be.... kept hissing that we were walking to school WE ARE WALKING!!! I started the countdown at 0821.... "We will be leaving at 0840"..... Of course we didn't leave until 0845, but that still got us the school on time. Yae for us.

My "cool" job for the day is emptying out the rest of the laundry room, with the exception of the washer and dryer. The husbandman has left me the huge shelf, and other assorted items to paw through, and decide if I really need to keep them... or not!.. Since I am having great difficulty parting with many of my things... I decided that I would come here and write it all down first... although I may be drawn to the great outdoors, as the sun has come out, and I know I will be distracted by it. At least I think I will.... of course I will try anything not have to clean....

Saturday, April 15, 2006

When is it the right time for wine???

I seem to have issues with the correct time to drink wine. The same correctness issues that people have with drinking the right wine with the meal. I am managing to have a great amount of time issues, let alone wine issues. It has taken me three days to come up with the correct red wine time. I don't seem to have these issues when I go scrapbooking with the Debbies.... the second I walk through the "right sided Debbies" door is the best time... but when I am at home... it just isn't the same... it has to be after a certain time of the day, and before another time of the day... and those exact times, I am not quite sure about.... I think that I should scrapbook with the Debbie's all the time... that way I could accomplish double duty, scrapbooking and the appropriate amount of red wine input time. That's it!!! I must go make the call to the "right sided Debbie"... she is going to have a new nightly basement dweller on her hands....

Friday, April 14, 2006

My list is growing taller, not smaller

I made a very small dent, in a very large pile. I couldn't remember if I had read this... but I believe I did many moons ago. I saw the film.... as sad as it was.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What is this....

The stalker has prooved to be a very useful young woman.... she has introduced me to something that I have bypassed for quite some time.. and I didn't even realize that I was bypassing it.

" London Fog "

.... we headed out the other evening for some useless tasks.. and on our way out we stopped at Starbucks (coffee place)... "to get a great cup of tea," the stalker sister said. I ended up having three of them within twenty four hours yesterday... they were just so delicious.... The Starbucks girl told me that name "London Fog" belongs to some other company, so the starbuck peoples don't actually call it that... but they know the term if someone orders it. ((( I feel so on the inside now ))). The recipe is so simple that it is painful, but it is so delicious it is unforgettable.

Monday, April 10, 2006

No really, rain harder

I am sure I am going to win mother of year... I believe that I am truly the one and only that should bring home the one big award...

I just took the chicklets to school. It is absolutely pouring out right now, I only remember one of the chicklets wearing a jacket.... OOOPS.

Now that I am home from bringing the chickets to school I noticed that someone forgot their lunch. I will not be rushing back to give them their lunch, which includes the recess snack... that chicklet will just have to wait until lunch time...

I couldn't get a brush through the Pipsters hair this morning, I think it's from not brushing it since Friday morning..... so I put it in a beautifully coiffed bun that should hold tight until approxiametly 3:00 PM... when school is out. I have to quit working weekends, I am not around for all of the day on Saturdays, and a greater portion of the day on Sundays... the husbandman doesn't really do long blond hair styles for almost nine year olds... I have to conserve his energy for CLEANING OUT bedroom closets of nine year olds.. which believe it or not.. makes me quite happier than a head of brushed long blond hair. It really is OK, since it is the Pipsters swimming day today... and I am hoping that I will be successful in getting some shampoo on those long locks to give it a semi-good rinse out. I actually do not really like the Pip to have freshly washed hair on a regular basis... because ever since she set foot into the school system, we have received notices of little BUG INFESTATIONS on a regular basis. Although... I do not fear the little things... it's nothing that my bottle of Tea Tree Oil hasn't kept under bay since her very first, and very last episode of head bugs.

I am waiting for the guys who come and "DE-everything-in-your-lawn" to show up. I am not sure if they are willing to come and demoss, deweed, poke holes and cutlawn.... when the weather is between streaming rain, and teeming rain... if there is a difference.

I will go... and get ready for the Monday group... while my dryer continues to squeal at me... and I turn psychotic by the noise, with the added help of some caffiene on board.... I should be in fine form in a couple of hours.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Finding the Macro in my Life.

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Puddle jumper...

The other day I had to take the scaredy catdog to the vet. She was a mess. Well, kind of a mess, or maybe... a mess that was about to get messier. Her fur was sticking up all over the place, and she was busy scratching, and being itchy for what seemed "flealess" reasons. She really did look like she was a dog having a bad hair day... and the look of bewilderement on her face was the real clincher.... when the lovely and evil Prance the sable german shepherd was still alive, both the furry creatures had interchangable knicknames like "Hissy & Licky"... we never really knew which name belonged to who... other than both the furry beasts had to be called something when they stood next to one another because one was always hissing, and the other was licking at the hissers face.... anyways... the lovely Elpster had turned into SUPERLICKY, and it was really getting most annoying listening to the tiny slurping sounds in the middle of the night when I was already being cold and trying to sleep on the couch in the den, because the husbandman had snored one too many times for me to stay in the same room with him. Now I was being tortured by the SUPERLICKY silly catdog. Enough was enough.. something had to be done. I took the SUPERLICKY silly catdog to the vet.... where the messy furred licky catdog hid behind me the whole while she was at the vets office. I had to keep turning in circles so the vetman could find her.... by the end of the visit she was the one with all the drugs on board... and I was the one that ended up with all the bad hair.... by flinging around in circles after her. Now... she has turned into the non licky sleek haired super puddle pee-er.... from the medication. It's a good thing that we have really ugly linoleum that she gets to pee on.... I'd be PISSED if she was peeing all over the new kitchen floor... when it eventually arrives.

15 piles of what....

The husbandman and the Pipster are busily folding thirteen billion articles of clothing. I am scared by what I know, and do not want to see... it's a whole new world down there at the other end of the house. With the recent invention of "floors that are made for walking on"... this opens up a new concept of floors that are made for creating piles on... it scares me to think about it.

In other things that scare me:

It is 8:30... and I am exhausted.... not that it has anything to do with the fact that me and the husbandman had a nice evening chatting away with one another last night... and forgot about the time..... until 2:40 in the morning.. and then I had to be up at 6:00 for work. Just another reason that weekend working gets in the way of regular living...

This is scarey....That therapeutic touch really works.... REALLY. I had a wickedly wicked headache yesterday.. and my friend Laurie the physio performed her magic voodoo therapeutic touch all around me.. and I eventually started to feel better.... although my head still had that "dull boring afterthud" still permeating through me... but the actual ache was gone...

I have a billion and two things to do for my stroke group tomorrow... and none of which I am going to accomplish this evening. My brain waves have gone flat (after effects of the headache)... and I am having trouble just mentating on the notion that I want to be up VERY EARLY again tomorrow.. just to get a head start on the day.... but I can not leave this post as the husbandman and the pipster are still tidying her piles of stuff... which has now been transported into OUR bedroom.

I have added a a bunch of books to the library list... and I barely opened the books that got from them two weeks ago, and will be returning tomorrow anyways. I believe that they were going to be really great books. Oh well, I am now into purchasing books....just to save on the LATE fees!

I watched Memiors of a Geisha the other night... and I would not have gotten that movie AT ALL if I had not read the book. That just scares me.. a lot. How did anybody know what was going on....??? I also watched Good Night and Good Luck... on the computer monitor... now that black and white feature scared me.. immensley.

I still haven't coloured my hair. OK, that is just freakishly frightening.... must stop now... I am very scared...

The gorgeous floor

The husbandman found the Pip's bedroom floor today... I am ever so glad that I had nothing to do with it. WE seem to lose her bedroom quite often.... and I am not sure how we are to remedy this situation.... although we could perhaps start with getting rid of some of her beloved items from her bedroom. We have never been able to give ANYTHING of hers away.... except for her clothes... she's always willing to lose a couple of extra pile of clothes... because that makes way for many more bits and pieces of stuff. Pip likes her stuff.. and anything stuffed, or overstuffed, stuffed and fluffed, understuffed, stuffed-full, plum stuffed, fluffed-puffed-and-stuffed, huge stuff, small stuff, iffy stuff, old stuff, boy stuff, better yet... girl stuff, paper stuff, book stuff, craft stuff, she even likes her garbage stuffed. Pips all about her stuff, and now she has a floor once again, where she can gather her stuff in clear view for that fresh stuffed look. Her floor should be missing by the end of the week.... I even have brought home boxes.. for all her excess stuff.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Bad Internet

How can the internet shut down? What happy people are busy fixing the places where you can go to find all kinds of information? Should this be cause for concern.... who knows...

In other causes for concern......
  1. The hair needs to be coloured badly... as in not bad colour... but STAT like colour. It is too late now to start all the washing and waiting nonsense.
  2. I came to my senses and cancelled the appt with the quack dermatologist doctor that I went to last week. Whew.
  3. It seems to be rather dusty in this little homestead... but that job will not be accomplished until tomorrow... at the earliest. I wish the magic maid would make her appearance... well, that is if I had one.
  4. My library books are due back on the 11th of next week... and I have only finished scouring through the first five pages.. of one book. They are unrenewable. Yes, unbelievable!
  5. Where are the bears.. I haven't seen any yet...
  6. The dryer really needs to stop it's squealing... it's like I have my very own torture chamber.. in my very own home. The husbandman has baby powdered, but to no avail it continues screaming at me... for as long as the drum rotates around.
  7. I have lost the girls bedroom floor again... and we had just made some headway with vacuuming her hardwood floor ... my friend gave me a bag of clothing... which the girl adores.. if she could fit into half of it.
  8. I am now going to attempt to go and style the badly quad coloured hair don't into something that looks... not like a horror movie.... and I will apply my lipstick.. just so people recognize me... I need some luck, and some earplugs...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chop chop

The skies were great big and blue today. I hauled out my Edward Scissorhand Scissors and chopped up some branches. I am quite happy. QUITE. HAPPY.

Well, I am happy for that.. although I am not happy that the lovely lady Pipster is refusing to do her HANDWRITING homework. I will be sending it back to school not done, except for the scribbles on the lines where the practising didn't go so well.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Time change

I feel like I live in warped time zone. I drove up to my sisters palace on the hill... and her tulips are BLOOMING. I had to go out last week and buy up some primulas, just to add some colour to the homesteads fascade.

In other things that make no difference to anyones elses lives but mine:

I think it's time to get the "check engine" light dealt with. I have been driving around with this blazing orange light staring back at me from the dashboard of the 16 year old SUV for a number of weeks, I think I am done with it.

I saw 10 deer down at Minnekhada. It's quite the family they have growing down there. I would love to know where they hide during the winter months. I love the peaceful energy that radiates from them.

The girl was presented with a big huge bag of clothing by a friend of mine. This is lovely... except for the fact that I do not have the space for the clothes that the girl has that I bought her. This poses a BIG problem for the middle of her bedroom floor, which is usually scarce at the best of times.

I now have plans drawn for the new kitchen, and laundryroom, and new family room. The husbandman spent 7 hours milling about last week producing drawings for this next adventure. Of course like a picture, they are pretty to look at, but expensive to embark upon.

Now that the time change has happened... it has created a time warp for the girls personality. My Pip was Pipless this morning. I am hoping she is more "pip pip horray" by the end of the day. I have decided that she is going to need some severe happy pills by the time 4:45 rolls around... as she has told me that she WILL NOT be joining her friends in the pool for her new-fangled swimming. I think the husbandman bought some KING DONGS (the first time ever such chemical explosions wrapped in celophane have ever made it in the house)... this might cure her "nonswimitis" she hs this morning.

Well must go do things that people do.. like go to work. HA!