Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finally ...

My walk next to the gates of hell have pretty much subsided. Not that I was going to hell, or destined for hell, raising hell, shooting to hell, doomed for hell, walk thru hell, unworthy of hell ... I have had my life interrupted for the past EIGHT months, walking swiftly along side the firey gates of hell. It it looks and sounds like hell .. well .. I was in the right location. Did it appear that I was in that exact location, well .. not so .. I appeared completely functioning and withit .. and yet all too not with it, and for the most part audibly functioning .. cause all other forms of life that was me was being sucked out of me .. except for the short and raw occasions of working .. and not that I have done much of that the past 3 1/2 months.

How odd. And ridiculous. Including .. I am not out of the hell fire yet ... today .. this week I feel a wicked amount better than I did last week at this time ... and last week at this time I was already feeling 30% better than I did the day before. Remarkable & incredible.

I feel adventure and fun and humour and craziness and willingness to do things seeping back into my bones. I can stand on my leg for an extended period of time, and actually not have to sit down in exhaustion because of the viscious and vile pain that followed me around at every single corner. Did I look like I was in pain .. nope. ... was I in pain .. with every single breathe. Did I take pain relievers .. I almost crunched myself through an entire bottle of tylenol for arthritis the past three months.

One would think that sleep would have been a welcome relief, or sitting with your foot up .. yes! for about 5 minutes ... and again, the pain would find me ... and then .. the last two months, I have been awoken from my very welcome slumber with a violent twitch that would lightening strike me awake ... and take 2 to 3 hours to begin to settle down.

In this past week .. my oomph for all things crazy has begun to set in .. I am clearly on the mend from this horrible walk NEXT to the gates of hell .. and interestingly enough .. I don't even know how I got here .. however; I certainly am on the path to my way out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And when ...

It's time to make decisions ...

It's good timing to draw your own map.

Currently I am doing a lot of rerouting.

To where, not sure, from .. this location - as obscured as it is.

I just sorta get things going ... and then something puts a tiny kibash to the plan. It's like a constant walking with interruption because of big puddles.

Did I mention how much I love my sons girlfriend. She is a treat and a half. ... plus she makes a MEAN bananabread. What a good girl. So good in many ways.

WEll .. speaking of good ... the beautiful one that I get to own had her nails done yesterday. Gorgeous GEL nails. She is tickled PURPLE beyond belief .. *that is the colour of her tips...  Little miss chicky poo has been sorta kinda trying to quit biting her nails for years, she was successful two summers ago ... I have a very good feeling that once we break the habit of the actualy biting .. she will do well ... she has a gorgeous set of nails underneath those GELS .. if she can get them to grow. Love that girl. So much !

The doggy has been wondering around placing his mouth over the tops of things like corners of cupboards, chair legs, cabinet knobs, you know ... things that are ever so easily replaceable. I think I might just mistakenly apply a coat of the Miss Pippys unused bitter nail biter stuff over some of his favourite things. (we have a full bottle left .. eventually the Miss Pippy acquired a taste for the stuff ... )

I am in great wonderment as to how my job currently affects my healing process. I can't sit for a great length .. or stand, or I am not sure what else .. I know that walking doesn't hurt my foot .. but I am unsure if it causes me pain later or if I would just find that pain anyways. AT any rate .. it is highly confusing/irritating .. SLASH SLASH who knows what. All I know is that when I start to think about it too much .. my hair gets messy. oh wait .. MESSIER.

AND because everybody wishes to know this .. the boy gave me a gift earlier. One of the dogs teeth. ON my work station location. I was already grossed out by the husbandman keeping the teeth in a tissue on the counter .. now I have one sitting in front of me. The boy reminded me that it wasn't so gross when the tooth was attached to the doggys face .. so why so gross now. OHMAGAWD. BECAUSE.

I reminded myself to NOT take pictures this morning when I went to the NON bear location where the fish were spawning. They will look like the same pictures as last year, or the year before that .. or the year before that ... just as an FYI to myself. How ever to cut myself some real slack .. if I saw some great light, and some fish doing something excitingly stupendous .. I was willing to take a picture of that ... whatever that was going to be .. which didn't happen ... this time.

Onto other things .. well that would be the boring little things of life inwhich makes us revolve to carry forward .. in the meantime ...  I AM GOING TO TURN THE HEAT ON !!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Time to be thankful:

The pictures below might just be the best pics I will get of my favourite black furry creatures .. it seems that winter, (even though it's fall) has hit .. and with the temperatures rapidly approaching zero ... my furry wonders will be hightailing for their winter slumberlands very quickly now ... I can not freaking believe how much time has passed me by, and I really want to know where it went.

COME hellish highwater .. I am going scrapbooking this weekend ... on Saturday ... if I am even at work ... then I will go after ... I don't care if I sit and crimp paper in my paper crimpy thing for 6 hours ... that is what I am doing.

Of course baring in mind that Miss Pippy leaves at something like 4 in the morning for her flight ... so I guess I have to factor in that sort of time factor tiredness. RATS.

Not sure what is going on in the heat department. WE have NOT turned ours on yet ... I am thinking it has something to do with the fact that the sir wishes to change the furnace filter .. I keep meaning to txt him and ask if I could expedite the process by purchasing the furnace filter .. or in fact ... he probably has one in the incredible shrinking garage. Currently a little space heater is spewing warm air through out the kitchen .. which filters into most of the living space. How lovely. This morning it was 2 degrees. Hopefully I will txt him soon.

He put in the stairs last night for the little but very big additon. He says they are not up to code. They are 3/8's out. I insisted he rip the whole structure out, and start again, and this time do it right ! GAWD. Not. good lord .. do you know how happy I am to walk up some front steps to my front door !!! I believe it was back in May when they went missing !

Our neighbour called ... he said he saw someone taking pictures of the front of the house. My fear .. a city building inspector ... being a busy body on a Sunday. Not just a happy onlooker gathering home reno ideas.

The big furry boy is losing teeth again DAILY. This is a happy event for me. And to the others who have been taking a hand beating by him gnawing on us ...!

The boys have resolved to take the Greyhound to Kamloops. TWO other sets of parents were most not thrilled with the fact that they were heading up country on that killer highway ... they have a bit more work getting the logistics figured out .. and hopefully this will fly.

I managed to make ANOTHER drs appt for me and my broken foot today, rather than Thursday. I am ever so thankful she wasn't FULL to the rafters with people, as she usually is. I have a real sneaking suspicision that somehow the twice a day antibiotics have not been enough to cover the infection that might be dwelling deep in my foot, but remains a mystery .... however .. with the increased level of pain over the past week and a half I have a niggling thought that something isn't right. WEll, it hasnt been right since ... oh ... March I believe.

If I could come up with a plan expeditiously I would be most grateful ... since I have to be someplace in less than two hours ... go me .. NOT leaving things till the last second .. hmmmm.

I have received the humorous and slightly crazy emails from a person that puts them in not so favourable light ... however ... I have them in my possession .. and am so thankful that I can have them as evidence that the money person is slightly a bit on the CRAZY side .. and hopefully the association that I am affiliated with will be able to see that for themselves .. after they get a letter from another persons lawyer .. stating that they money guy is doing things that are just wrong ... including being quite simply a bully when it comes to paying us ... or not paying us ... which is what he whimsically decides to do if we do not give him exactly what he wants the second he asks for it. In the eyes of the law .. I believe that is wrong.

In other things ... still have not come up with a plan .. and hopefully it will come to me the very second i ... PUBlish !! ..

Later my friends !

Saturday, October 20, 2012

R U serious ??

A couple of ridiculous events this week:

Things like a small MI ... cause the ECASA 81 mg was agreed upon to discontinue, and the BP meds decreased.



"WE are doing a gig in Kamploops, and getting paid $200.00" ... the end of November.


(Why don't I just pay you $300.00 to just stay home ?)


"I need these boots, and this coat .. all way too much money, but I really like them ..." to go away for 7 days.


So, I guess I have to give the gutter guy the $1100.00 that I have been carrrying around in my pocket, but this is MY money for the Jeep Fund". (LETS be clear here ... we have NO MONEY left to keep renovating with .. but somehow we are still doing it .. and a JEEP fund manages to exist ... )


For the FIRST time in 13 years of someone's education .. they are getting an A in something that isn't music.... something that actually takes brains to get an A in.


The heats not on, but the space heater is plugged in.


Is 60 grams of protein too  much for one day?


I wonder if this Viagra is really working ?


Caramel should just not exist on it's own in my home, of course with a handful of almonds at the ready also.


AT some point something is going to happen ... one can not send THAT many CRAZED emails and people don't begin to wonder.


Having your friend slam the door an additional three times, doesn't lock it any easier.


Maybe next month I'll manage to get that paycheque in hand... the one owing from August.


Change is afoot ... will work to make it happen.


Yes people, all true ... all true. My life in a weekly one sentence story. I could only imagine if I really had something important to say ... what I could potentially come up with.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

AS good as it gets I guess.

Here is lil guy. He has grown. Except for his teeth. I am still waiting on those, to arrive. Anytime now would be appreciated.

Finally. A momma, and her cubs ... if only at a distance. I talked to some people from Tennessee while watching these guys, they were happy to come across them. They do not know how happy I was to come across them.

It doesn't matter how many pictures I take of trees, sky and road, ... I never tire of them. I am not sure what my love affair is with landscape, other than it is always changing, and everyday a new picture is created.

I thought he was dead, and stuck to the plant. I was watering my ugly flowers, and stumbled across him, .. so I quickly left, got my camera, switched lenses, readied for the shot on the way back .. because I assumed he wouldn't be there .. and he was .. so this was as close as I could to get to him, and just reach out and try and hope for the best that the camera was actually on him. I took a couple ... but then he woke from his nap and flew off ..

Why .. why Deanna why .. what is the unfortunate situation between me and the bears .. I can't figure out why I can't seem to capture these beauties .. even in full daylight ... clear frame ... and nobody around ... well .. I guess I will figure that out another day ... and be happy with this .. clearly a lucky day!
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I forgot ...

That's always my story ...

I was just at the bulk store where they package up three dog toys and sell for ten big buckaroos ... and I forgot them. I also forgot the juice I was going to buy. BUT ... to give myself even amount of credit ... when I went to the freezer section I put back the back of frozen blueberries ... because I DID remember that I already owned this bag in my freezer. Close call people, close call.

I forgot how much I enjoy my hair when it is a tiny bit shorter ... so off I went and made it a tiny bit shorter.

I forgot how long I had been gone .. and had to quickly hightail it home to mr youngster crazy boy .. he seemed no worse for wear ... he can manage a two hour nap ... for the big almost 5 month old guy...

I forgot how interestingly odd my son is ... when he was an infant he was impossible to feed, he disliked everything ... just didn't like stuff. We were just talking yesterday, as him and his girlfriend went out for brunch type food .. or at least places where they make pancake stuffs topped with fruit. He said that it is the very same as candy, he doesn't like it because it's too sweet, much the same as fruit .. he really doesn't like it because of the sweetness, where he says apples are the worst .. topped with kiwis and strawberries. Interesting .. he doesn't bother with chocolate, and especially any little packages of sweetly colourful morsels ... of course that was all thrown out the window when along came Tim Horton's .. and he wanted a sprinkle donut ... I then wanted to know how come that didn't qualify ... and what about oreo cookies then .. ?? He said that he found balance in the wafer and the white stuffing, the same with the right amount of doughiness to the chocolate glaze. Odd. He is.

I BETTER NOT forget ... I got an email today .. the Miss Fussalot will be Trick or Treating at the Prime Minister and Governor Generals house this halloween. That seems exciting .. I think.

I forgot how much silly non-luck I am having this year with the whole camera catching photo shoot bear business ... I keep trying to capture a photo ... and I forget that I am having NO LUCK this year.

On top of forgetting juice .. I forgot WASA crackers .. HIGH in fibre, that downgrades the carbs ... right? I forget !

In other things forgetfilled:

I hope I do not forget how to do my job .. I have been missing since the end of July, not that anyone would know .... so I will return this weekend to see if I can still function .. otherwise ... I forget the exact wording of this ... up $%& creek without a snowshoe? steamship? ski? ... what is it ... !!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Where do you purchase

a smart brain from.

Mine has given up the ghost.

Or given to the ghost, or the boogieman, or the rocket man. At any rate, it has been given away, and the current state of brainiator that I am experiencing is similar to lala-mu-chacha. What ever that is.

Just kidding.

Got your attention that potentially my brain was missing.

I win queen of the dog mothers award. Little guy was just sitting in his morning spot of wishing to be on the couch, but he is not allowed, well .. his do-do bird was on the floor, and I heard these little cries .. he was staring at do-do .. so instead of asking him to remove himself from the couch, I picked up do-do and gave it to him. Somehow I believe that is the wrong action. That's OK ... I know the lil guy isn't going to complain .. and with the crinkle of his little tiny food prompting devices he will be history off that couch, before it even made it's first recording of the event.

In other things that make me quiver and laugh ... I went bear watching yesterday .. and sure enough there was a lovely hugely fellow standing on the road. Of course .. there was a little furry buddy now standing in the passenger seat taking up glass space, barking like a fool at the bear, which stood there, quite conveniently waiting for me to take a picture ... however the only thing I was going to collect was the fur flying from the lil guy. If I could humoursly hashtag here ... surely it would be FML. Just like the videod bear chase from our neighbourhood the other night .. the JIM got the video as I manned the wheel. Then there was the neighbours carport .. with the light that conveniently goes off ... if I wasn't so busy switching my setting to darkness. Then of course there was the fact that I simply drove out of the neighbourhood, as the bear strolled in.... in pure afternoon daylight. Surely by the end of this bear season I am going to have to come up with a photograph.

I think I need a whole whack of cash deposited in front of me. That would be nice. Then I could greetily start my bucket list. I kid you not .. I would pack up .. and just start my life trek ... immediately. There are a trillion locations to take pictures across this province, and each day I wake up in my same bed, I have missed a million more. I am addicted to light and shadows, and filling a frame with such creative visions .. oh wait, but those visions linger just below the surface ... EVERY DAY.

I have checked out an acquaintances blog ... he has done some great adventuring ... and am waiting patiently to see what visions he has captured. I am not so patient, so he better freaking get to it. GDI.

That said .. I will leave for a bit .. leave the sleeping buddy in his sleeping location, take my camera, and travel the same trails that I do pretty much everyday.... however .. TODAY will be a great shot day.

Back later .. with a picture of my new brain!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

There's some THINGS I love

That it's garbage day!! But it isn't GARBAGE day!!

It's recycling and green waste day !! How exciting is that ... a world that believes in protecting our space for generations to come. I like that.

Or course with that I am needing to put out my TWO DEAD cedar trees that i let dry up since the home reno has started.


Well, not really an ooops ... but a case of ... they were getting ratty anyways, and didn't quite fit in with the front of the house project any longer, and CLEARLY the ones that I have growing in the backyard are not holding their own either. Move one. Next plan.

In other things that I LOVE:

The PIP announces her arrival in my bedroom this morning and states her case why she ISN'T going to school.  OK ... uhmm ... can you fill in the online absence form for the school too? OK .. too much .. I managed it. I love that about her somedays .. no being wishywashy maybebaby thinkIcan sort of chick. No, her throat is sore, she needs to rest. End of conversation, even when there wasn't one.... on my end.

The BOY texts me from the bathroom, and asks me what day it is. From his gadget. GAWD. I love this boy, and his weirdness. I am going to contact that school today .. and ask them to stop calling on his behalf telling me that he was either late or absent.... he has been late to his first class every single day since school started, and I will garauntee that will not change. The way I see it .. is that he is on time for his SECOND AND THIRD classes ... which are his ACADEMICS, and not a frothy Recording Arts class, which does have it's importance, but I take my fortunes (as in already being at school) where I can get it.

The dog went for a quick car ride this morning (how else does the boy make it to school ??), he stared down at the floor the entire time, on the edge of his seat ... he forgot that he could have made his way to the back of the Mazda5 for the movie window episode. Maybe tomorrow .. because LAWD knows .. I'm giving the Jimmy a ride tomorrow too ... and for the next 8 months ... until the government funded education system is done ... and so is my ride allocation.

The husbandman actually gave me a list today ... of things that I should consider purchasing. What a BOSSY guy he is. At least I am not having to do the purchasing of supplies to build the homeland. That would be messy. I am in charge of the food stuffs .. of course the dinner foodstuffs is the hardest ... as he nevers offers up sugrstions, and I am forever drumming up ideas, for a woman that wishes to never cook ... or .. in reality .. would be happy eating eggs, toast, yogurt, chicken and lettuce 437 days in the year. Odd.

But that is what I LOVE.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy October FIRST

Yes ... when did July and August and now September slip through the cracks and we have found ourself in the hotseat of October?

Miss Fussalot leaves in 27 days for Ottawa. That should be exciting ... for her. That girl is the travel loving queen ... I can't wait until we can actually do it on a regular basis ... all the time ... for any reason, other than just to explore.

One day I might make a bucket list. Everything and the kitchen sink that I have ever thought about doing ... might as well get the super pack of paper ready ... this could be       L        O              N                   G.

The husbandman worked nonstop this past week, almost every waking hour possible that could be afforded him .. he worked on this little house. There is never anything I could ever do that could quite possibly match his workmanship. If that's a word .. in Deannaland .. anything is a word. I might take up drawing again one day ... or painting ... interestingly .. he can draw too.

He even has a mental list prepared in his head for all the continued work that has to happen for this massive job to be done. Clearly my brain and in reality skill level doesn't even begin to compute like his brain does. He asked me for the time yesterday ... he then registered it, and started to break down the number of hours it was going to take to finish the job of painting the fascia boards. I guess when you spend that many hours building and working and thinking, the job eventually gets completely broken down into parts and units of time. On top of that he suggested a plan for in front of the deck, for a garden. Not surprisingly I loved the idea.

I think being left handed I am more of a visionary .. someone that sees the picture in their head, but really doesn't make a big master plan as to how everything will be executed. Which is probably why I couldn't be a builder ... I do three or four things at once around this little place, and eventually my envisioned project list is accomplished, but without the complete semblence of order and precision as to the husbandman.

In an effort to continue to do small jobs around the homestead, without taxing the healing process of the freaking awful situation with the foot, I decided to empty out "this" pot, then I am watering "that spot", then I am pulling out weeds, but now I am clearing away the ugly summer flowers, wait, now I am getting rid of a dead cedar, next I am plucking the rest of my tomatoes, and suddenly I am pulling out the vines and morning glory that emerge from the neighbours back yards, and then I am fixing the hose that comes from our water barrel, suddenly I am filling the holes from the dandelion remover and then on to snipping away at the shrivelling greenery. Oh, and then all of a sudden ... I stop .. and look around ... with the exception of two pots missing .. everything continues to look the same .. and what exactly had I accomplished .. and now .. the foot needs a rest.

So now .. for the rest of October .. I am going to plan my attack. It's a semi challenging one .. because I will get so far .. and then slip back into the way that I like to work .. and that's with many distractions, sidejobs and offshoots of smaller things. I guess at the end of the day .. my goals of cleaning the yard will be achieved ... and lets just be happy that it wasn't me doing this renovation ... yes, be very thankful !!

If I had ...

Something new to report ..

It would have already been said.


Who's not reading my mind out there in the internet world.

Well .. in happenings of completely missing ones life:

Can't get a picture of a bear ... even when one has been tranquilized in a tree. Actually .. I didn't want to get a picture of the bear, ... only because I was thinking maybe the people just told people that it was tranquilized ... and then transported to be euthanized ... might not be the case ... but that is the way my head works.

There are no bears down the road. NONE. Whatsoever. I'm not even sure they exist any longer down there !!

Well ... I confirmed it ... my friend that lives right down their in the bear zone said she hasn't seen any for weeks. The blueberry farmers have installed electric fences, and the city is busy digging up part of the forest .. which may have just been enough to send all these bruins packing ...minus the guy that was already living on our street.

Odd. Highly odd.

FOUND the above post in the DRAFT section.


Last night went to go fetch the boy ... when I returned with him ... we encountered the super large 500 pound bear ... couldn't even get a picture of him .. since I was busy driving and dodging the cars on the street, and watching him emerge from peoples backyards ..I scared him back into the field ... which I am certain once we were parked and into our homestead .. he went back to his wonderlust ways.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Well this is odd:

I welcomed the rain the other day.

You see, when there is lack of anything exciting to talk about ... weather is a good ground breaker.

There, broken ground.... full of water. That subject is well, done.

Yes, comedy ... with me it's semi sort of. Bursts of humour, and then NOTHING .. for a long time. I guess I have been saving myself. I think.

I though it was better to leave the month on a high note, rather than no note at all. All going well, today there wouldn't have been a note either, because I was supposed to be at work. But I am not. Not that I do not wish to be at work .. but I am wishing to be better first, work second. That will happen in another two weeks. I will be better. I BELIEVE.

In other great thoughts and adventures. I think I talked about instagra.m a while back .. probably my last post .. since I don't have that many to pick from! ANYWAYS .. I love that app .. it is the funnest thing in the world to me right now .. since all my words with friends have sort of stopped playing .. I am going to have to go back to random opponents ... at least that way ... there is no sadness when I surpass their score. It sometimes isn't about the words, but the strategy, since I am not a word whore, but a thinker about possible moves before they happen. So yes, instagramming ... it's the next best thing to be being a great photographer, without having the great skills. Of course there is a little perspective finding .. but how I love it! Probably because it is simple in all reality ... but then, why complicate things .. because you know .. that just gets complicated then!

Little dog isn't little. He's a big dog. Probably should post a picture, again .. they are all on my phone. Sorry. Oops. I have to stop and think how old he is ... 4 1/2 months. He's a little talker backer right now, and loves the couch. Except he isn't allowed on the couch .. and in fact .. I think it's darn right hilarious that he throws his body deep into the aging leather couch, and I scoop him off, the whole time he is telling me his teenage dog stories, until I put the baby gate on the couch, then that stops him, and he curls up in his pink towel laden basket. He's learning his place ... GIRLS rule. .. take that you black and white seeing lovely soft crazy guy !!

My girlie girl for real has taken to braiding her hair. Sometimes. WE have progress, because next year .. it's learner licence central for her .. so eventually we have to grow up !!

The PORCH is slowly progressing. Working man continues to work hard. Very hard. What a guy, huge admiration for his dedication. The MEN on the street don't like him anymore. And all wives have been discouraged from talking to him. It's a street run LOVE OUT fest for the deck/porch building man. Little did we know this when we first thought of the project. I say WE, like I had any input ... yea.

The boy and his band had a music video filmed yesterday. Sounds like it was crazy. Crazy fun. A crazy amount of waiting for things to happen for the crew that went to help out. Crazy exciting that christmas craziness couldn't even bring... even when they were 4 year old and believed in the man in the great red suit. Hopefully this will bring about a couple more people knowing about this little band. I say little as in they are not so little .. but little in a way, where they have great room to grow. I think they really have room to grow ... they haven't been putting out any new music very recently .. but once they come up with an idea, they ideas just flow, like a river after a rainstorm. Fingers crossed for this crazy bunch.

In things other than great ideas, and time that passes me by ... I am amazed by having as much time off as I have had, and have accomplished completely nothing .. absolutely nothing. One would think I could read a book, or 49 with the amount of time I have had off. Wasn't to happen. I spent a great deal of time just doing things for 34 minutes at a time or less, and watched a dog. I spent a lot of time driving, a great huge lot of time driving, so much so ... i should have kept a record ... but would have probably of lost it .. just like my receipt for my bra that I bought last week, and the nasty ELDERLY cashier lady said I couldn't even exchange it without a receipt ... fortunately for me ... the regular bra lady attendant realized the situation, wrote on a piece of paper, I walked to the otherside of the cash desk, and avoided Granny Nasty Bra, and purchased a new bra ... in fact I am wearing it right now.

I coloured my hair .. it's dark again .. for a couple of days .. and to keep things exciting .. I missed a spot. I think it's time for a chop-o-rama so that way the lighter ends wont look so neglected. I will fit that into my busy week of non working. I SWEARRRRR... this week ... I am sitting .. and doing nothing .. wait. Cant. How odd. BUT .. am happy to say that the hideous little foot is so so so so close to being completed mended it isn't funny .. I'm in the home stretch .. and am feeling so much so ... that I really do not want to get the prescription filled that will open up my blood vessels and ... oooopss ... probably drop my blood pressure so I crash into cars and fall down stairs ... just in time to break a bone .... yes... I am thinking about this carefully.

I will start putting my quarters away to buy that new washer ... I'm going to need one ... well ... a newer better working one that I currently own. I am unsure what to do ... but a washer and dryer together ... (front loader), so that way I will have added working space in the laundry room .. or just wait and buy a front load washer, and eventually the dryer .. at this rate I will never have a set that matches .. despite that the current machines look like they match now. It wouldn't be a big deal if they were locked away in the basement, or in a closet, or in someone's bedroom .. but in this massive little abode ... we see them right away in this space ... I will wait .. for the moment .. especially since I have seen my master.card bill for next month already ... and this months wasn't pretty either !

Well ... must move onto the next form of excitement of the day .. will go and chat with the silent one that does not speak .. except to his dog, who is currently locked in his getting smaller by the minute dog house having a nap ... he needed some down time, and sometimes .. just to give him that time to re-coup is what he needs.

I need alcohol. But that's a whole other story ... for another month!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A little more than a day

I dislike the numerical value of this day.

The weather this morning is similar to the temperatures from eleven years ago... except that my little boy was in Grade One, and my princess doll, well she was just busy being a princess doll. Again... time flies when one is off doing things that consume each and every day.

I remember walking home with someone and wondering if I should leave my child at school ... this far away from the horrors that had taken place hours earlier ... but not knowing what was going to occur in the remaining hours, it was an odd feeling.

My brother in law was in Chicago on business, and had to make his way home by way of land travel, he had been at an airport waiting to board a plane.

What a horrible unfolding of events ... again .. history in the making, and on many levels impacted how we conduct our everyday lives.

In more things numerical:

My washing machine is broken, .... so I called a repairman .. hopefully by the end of the day I will be washing (!!!) clothes, and not shoppng for a new machine.

I'm still looking for a bike to ride .. I have one ... BUT .. it is the only mode of rolling transportation that the chicklets have access to ... so I know the second I use my windtrainer ... and get it all set up to my likings and happiness ... something will happen, someone will need the bike ... and there you have it operation windtraining will be dismantled... I just know stuff ...

Egg time. Gonna make me some eggs. With some cheese. Feta actually, with tomatoes. I would add some bacon bits, but I do not have any. I need to go condiment shopping. AS well as go get my tire that keeps losing air sorted out. AND buy a new bra. I need a new bra... since I am not going to resew my underwires back into my other ones, since I have already done it ... twice.

I have already packed my green waste container ... how amazing of me ... the time spent standing on the foot ... utilized to fill my green waste container with sticks and other assorted yard materials.

The bear found the husbandman last night ... the little doggy character was fierce in his barking, but also stood strong, with the barking. Way to go little four month old doggykins. The little guys fur is absolutely incredibly soft ... kinda cool ... like a live version of a stuffed animal .. except this one has the habit of biting .. hard & often. He will outgrow it .. much to the DEATH of his stuffed DO -DO birds that we have given him .. that squeak .. a lot ... until he destroys the squeaks in them .. however .. they also seem to make him happy .. so who cares... he's biting the DO-DO birds .. and not me ...

Well should move on ... to egg making and other related invents of the morning routine ...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shee - oot

I've got to take off today and do some real working. Kind of fake - real working. GAWD Lowd above I hope I survive.

I am not prepared, not I am interested in being prepared ... I am just willing to go, do my thing .. meet the peeps, hand out papers, give them an overview, exchange information ... all that big overwhelming stuffs and such ... and much more ... I am glad for those that have been coming to the group for a while ... they know the routine .. they just like seeing and chatting .. and doing whatever comes their way ... I have some new members .. they are going to proove to be challenging ... not sure how I am going to fix this ... I might have a room full today .. or not .. all the same .. I know I have to make big efforts to get the bugs sorted out .. and quickly !!

In other things ... well .. that can all wait ... AND that's why they call it .. a cliffhanger !

Thursday, September 06, 2012

These guys perform

Despite quite possibly living the absolute shittiest of times in my life the past number of months, with June, July and August being the low of the lows, wracked with almost uncomprehensible pain, which I am not sure why I don't have a drinking problem by now .. it interestingly has been one of the most exciting times of my life. How so ...

Well .. we have a dog ... a little dog that might grow to be a big dog .. if we are lucky ... but sharing the experience with the kids has been a true parental adventure in itself ... knowing that my every move and action raising this guy is also teaching these young adults how to possibly attempt raising a pup in the future .. I am probably more than glad that the Dog. Whisper has been recorded, and I have watched endless episodes of how my hot dog guy handles himself ... and am teaching myself how to handle our very own mr. handful. Almost ... I'm in training as much as mr mighty ears is in training.

The other true adventure has been watching the boy and his band grow. Last year they recorded their album and  played at a lot of festivals, and around locally, which was fun to watch. This year they released their album, have played at countless night scenes in the big city, have done some extra work just playing because they were asked, for nothing, in blazing heat. They have managed to score a $20,000.00 prize to make a music video .. and in my opinion .. they should take that cash (not that they can, after all .. it's for the VIDEO..) and invest a little whack more of time and come up with some new songs to make another complete album .. as they already have 4 unrecorded songs still .. The music industry is really not a glamorous one ... you crawl around back alleys .. carry around hundreds of pounds of equipment from home to location, from location to home, set it all up, take it all down, have to pay incredulous prices for parking .. and in realily .. get paid nothing from the place that you were asked to play at .. all for the chance to be heard, and be seen, and for someone willing to hear your lifes work and craft. Mind you for today .. the boy is happy .. he got a pair of free jeans out of the deal, for the video shoot .. and someone actually helped fit them to him .. so he thought that was good. He did admit that he was embarressed to be known as a musician at the school, because he claims that is his outside life. He has learned the lessons of knowing who is friends are, and who might be followers trying to invade his life, and sometimes your lifes work doesn't come back in all the riches that you wish it to be .. it is still a long road to tow .. and those that have made it, are truly fortunate ... meanwhile .. we will just see if he can truly make it to graduation ...

In other things equally incredulous the girlie girl lovely one has done her leaps and bounds worth of growth. If a single flower may have blossomed, then she is a garden of full on loveliness ... EXCEPT for her single friend .. that she did not see all summer .. and now has reconnected with. ICK. Hopefully that will all just go away ...

In other things ... well .. have managed to not take a ton a pictures, nor be extra good at the ones I have gotten .. but I have managed to practice .. just a titch .. and hopefully I will continute to take perfect aim in the months to come,... the photo group starts up again next week, ... and despite my betterment of thinking thought that I would have zen zillion hours to capture my "change of state" request for photos ... less than a week till the start up .. and I am minus even 2 photos ... I could maybe show them the photos of myself falling apart .. and then picking myself back-up again ... now there's an idea.

In stil other things .. it's the husbandmans birthday tomorrow .. he want's nothing .. of course, as usual .. the only thing I wish I could buy him is time, or a clone, neither of which I am able to do .. he refuses any kind of funness or foodness or kindness or material items to wish him well with .. he wants nothing. Well, fortuantely .. I will good for that one ... I think if I could offer him one thing .. it's a long life for his dog .. which I think is the only thing he wishes for right now ...

However .. I will fool him .. I am off to the sewing store .. to buy thread and patch materials .. to fix his favourite shorts .. I am such a queen of a wife !!!! .. now to go fetch the dog off the couch .. which is still the husbandmans bed .. should have a little common courtesy !!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

I stole this:

The other day at Wal.Mart while I was busy taking pictures of those baking Face.plant boys this cool character stroll right through my viewfinder .. I nonchalantly tried to capture this photo .. but with the slight look of the eye on the left .. I think he found me .. I might have nodded a response ... but he didn't stop me from the photo ... I like it. I love this type of photgraphing ... just kind of out there .. and magical ... walking in the footsteps of someone else .. without really walking in them .. and capturing that moment.

I am glad I stole it. It was my moment.
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The little guy grows

learning the chair

learning the acrobatics

handling the dirt mounds

Carrots have turned him to this:


 Okay .. not really ... but he does have a stuffed lion (enunciated LYE-on) that he loves ...
learning the ropes
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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Well wasn't that a party!

No, really ... a great one.

A singular party of one.

That is all.

A great deal of time has slipped away from me ... so much so .. that July on this blog didn't even happen. I don't even think July really happened. Not sure how that is so, but it is ... and July is well and gone, and we are heading into the second week of August. Not sure how that has happened again .. but that is where we are at.


However ... being that the months have come and gone .. didn't mean theat was without greatness nor excitement ... because there is, and has been!

Life in the little home has been expanding .. in ways that make your heart sing!

Angus arrived on July 16th. Wow ... what a little fireball of spunk and spitfire. He is as handsome as the day is long, the iphone is extremely handy for handling the ten trillion pictures that I take of him, on top of instagraming him. Hey .. have a gadget .. must use it excessively. Maybe one day if I get my complete self together .. I might even upload pictures to here. But only if I am feeling lucky!

So .. since the furry boy has arrived in the homeland .. I have never seen the fine craftsman husband in our bed since. Yes, readers .. do laugh !! I too find it amazingly peaceful having the big bed all to myself ... BUT .. there is a story that goes with that ...

The fine craftsman husband found himself sleeping with his dog rather than his wife due to the commitment he made to himself to ensure that the little Angus boy would never have to be on his own, in his first weeks at home with the crazy family. AND .. too boot .. the husbandman began work on the homeland structure, and simply due to the fact that every single morning he woke up, and his back was not one iota sore nor stiff, he felt that he would curse himself if he made the attempt to re-enter the current sleeping arrangements of the last 21 years. Perhaps sleeping with the wife has been the curse .. and his devotion to his dog has turned out to be a good thing.

In things that continue to be good .. our little house has started with a complete make-over. Holy crumble towns folks ... it is one hot mess living down this end of the street. Well .. a mess it isn't, but a beautiful transformation in the making ... all done by the Fine Mr. Craftsman Husbandman .. who deserves more than a Cost.co ready meal and a glass of red wine.... but that is for another day.

Unfortunately .. last night ... we had a massive thunderstorm .. and while our beautiful porch is still under construction .. so is the roof,, so while it was completely tarped off from complete wetness ... our storm watching porch wasn't available to us yet .. since there was water pouring all over the place ... I will hope for even a bigger better storm in the months to come .. where we can roll up our lounge chairs and enjoy the chaos!

The second youngest male of the family has been busying himself with his beautiful and lovely girlfriend .. his band .. and his work. He has yet to start his Science 10 .. but that will come in time .. I am thinking ... The band released their CD ... a very fine piece of music .. we invited all the people that the MusicMan has known in his life .. and people got to see them perform. It was a nice moment to share with family and friends ... kind of like a religious event that one would go to .. if one was very religious ... for us .. this was as close as it got ...

Oh .. in other exciting news .. I went to see Neil Diamond. A very spur of the moment (in the end) event ... and was without a doubt so thrilled to have seen him. More importantly I got to see him at the same time the boy got to see him ... not that we went together, but we shared the same experience. I am ever so greatful that the boy has the same passion for Neil's style of music, and firmly believe that this will only enhance and build on what this boy has already done, and has yet to do in the future. That boy of mine has grown in leaps and bounds beyond my scope of imagination in this last year. Wow.

The girl is without a doubt the most amazing young lady that I know. I enrolled her in voice lessons yesterday. It was my one job that I had to do .. and if I didn't have it done by the end of the day .. I would not have been allowed to rest. This lovely chickster has continued to blossom into a stunning dahlia ... I would say rose .. but this girl has no thorns .. she is just lovely, lovely, lovely from top to bottom, inside out. I admire her, she has spent almost every week as a volunteer at a summer day camp .. and has performed amazingly. The leaders that are in the program all wish for her to be with their group. Her ability to work with all types of kids is beyond amazing, for someone of her age. She is greatness, on all levels. Wow.

In things that one would not speak of ...

I have been completely thrown off the bus, under the train, behind the boat, adrift in the snow. I used to run, I used to walk, I used to .. I used to .. I used to .. interestingly I have not lost my momentum .. however the sheer pain and agony of waking up in the morning, and putting my little sad right foot on the ground is enough to send a bear running FROM one of the garbage cans. It's like reverse OCD ... because every thing you do involves taking a step, or moving .. I am reminded constantly that I have an electric fence sitting on the top of my foot .. and every time I move it lets me know ... however .. I hope I am beginning to make some ground on repairing this strange and horribly life altering situation .. because .. now I have Manuka Honey on board. As odd as that sounds.

In things that are not horrible .. but have me temporarily puzzled ... I can not remember if I gave away my Sugoi pants or not ... I dont' think I did .. but then .. I can't seem to remember that in a fit of frenzy I decided that I really didn't like them .. and in fact gave them away. What an idiot. I removed every folded piece of material from my closet last week ... looking for them ... and alas have come up short.... well .. I will keep looking since I am all OCD like and have convinced myself that I would not have given them away, given the praciticality of the cheapness in me!

Not sure about this instagram business ... I downloaded that App .. and now I am hooked ... good lawd woman .. really ... this is how you spend your time?? Oh well ... I do not have an attention span to read a book .. so this is the next best thing to managing my time while not being able to do as much as I like ... well .. I like to take pictures of the little guy ... so it works .. for me... for the time being!

And that is all ... for today. I have missed countless peoples birthdays, and other odd assorted congratulations .. but when one exists to get through the moment ... well .. it is what it is ... I'm still looking for the correct lottery numbers so I can do the big life excursions that I would love to do .. in the meantime .. I will skulk down to the bear crazed area .. and hope for a good shot that way!

Happy picturing ... !

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

105 point 7

Where have you been in my existance?

I turned the stereo on the other day ... and have yet to turn it off.

I am in love with what this station has to offer me ... and so every morning ... I happily press the button to some earfilling lovliness.

In other things lovely: the PIP. I watched her at her choir recital last week. that girl is beautiful, with a beautiful voice. So blessed by this chickster! I also love her reasoning ... she refused to go to the awards ceremony .. no amount of asking her to go would change her mind in going, it's a long time sitting and waiting .. she said she would rather wait until she got more awards, then it would be more worthwhile going ... so next year I will be waiting for the three or more awards .. then we might get a chance to go .. and watch her receive her hard earned awards. My PIP .. always the practical one.

I got a chance to watch the boys band play on Sunday. So did the Sir. They are continuing to do well, play well, and have moved their game up a bit by shaking the crowds hands after their set. Nice to see.

My weeks continue to roll into the next .. I can't really remember what it is that I have done on a regular basis .. so I think that might just mean I am busy .. although I am happy to be busy ... cause .. why not ... !

I managed to scrapbook on Saturday afternoon/eve .. it was quite exciting ... although ... next time .. if there is a next time .. I will ask people to go. This time .. I went on my own .. I just needed to get my head back into the efforts of scrapbooking .. just to throw myself back in ... to my SLAP and SCRAP .. It's MY terminology for kinda fast scrapping, without the labourous hours or carefully placing letters and gadgets to embellish the page to utter perfection .. I am more into getting pictures onto paper, and add a splash of colour while doing so. BUT .. the next time I do go to one of these things .. I will tell all my scrapbooking peoples .. because it was very enjoyable to sit in a room (gym) with like minded people, and just create. Even more important .. I had to remain focused .. cause I didn't know anybody .. but by the night .. I was happily chatting with the lady next to me .. and as small worlds go ... she works with a friend of mine! Of course I looked like a gong show .. with my laundry basket full of stuff, minus the special suitcases, and caddies .. and proceeded to lay everything out on my table ... much to the terrifying looks to my new friend. She said that she was quite terrified by my ability to function amongst the array of colours, and pictures, and stickers and assorted tools .. ( an old shoe box of Fussy's little shoes... ) she killed herself laughing at my style. I had a comment about her sterile scrapbooking style ... very meticulous and methodical .. and almost like someone had abandoned their station for another craft .. except hers was in a high state of activity. I was extremely pleased with my efforts .. and hopefully will continue ... except now I still haven't emptied the laundry basket .. and am sortof needing to do that ... but that is becuase I am stalling ... because I have to add a gadget to my work of puttign things away .. it's some sort of embelisher .. and it looks like a purse .. so it's going to be hard to fit ... I did do something right .. and that was to get rid of the box ... because I am a box loving queen .. and I can see how this would have quickly turned into an amazing storage system of amazing items ... uh .. how about no. So .. now it's just me and the gadget purse ... which is going to require some further purchases .. which I thought I had stopped purchasing scrapbooking things .. but ALAS .. this could help in the card making department .. so that's all fun!

Well .. I am about to scan the newspaper for a coupon ... cause I am good for that.

As I listen away to the 105 point 7 fromt he other room.

Monday, June 04, 2012

If I was really a smartie pants:

I would be eating smarties.
Love the smarties.
Whoever thought of smarties anyways?
smart smart smart ...
How many does one have to eat to become a smartie?
One can't be the simple qualifier...
There has to be some sort of smartie investment  ... wouldn't you think?

Does a coffee bean make you a coffee drinker?
I mean .. you have to hoard the coffee beans to get the coffees happening.

Back to the comment at hand ... the lone smartie pants.

I would be prepared if I was a smartie pants ...
Except I am no good at being prepared .. just semi prepared!


With the weekend now over .. I can just sigh...

Relief .....

I have to admit ... it's hard keeping up to that boy. He's here .. there.. and back .. and then repeat .. x 10.