Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear followers....

You are just the loyalist of followers.... popping by... reading up a storm... looking at the pics. It's just heart warming.... you know... to natter away... and you continue to return.


Do I have news for you... I must take a hiatus!

Yes, shutter as you may.... I have been sidelined for a bit.. and wont be dreaming up the stories by the boatload in the weeks to come... it's not that I am not going to return... it's just that I have got to be places... and JUNK.

Take it easy out there in the computer land of life....

Will return eventually....

Please stand by.

Friday, October 09, 2009

When you see our lights flicking

Don't think that we are playing ghosty games. It's our new commuication method with the lovely little Miss Till Till. With her current dying process, which she has temporarily put on hold for the moment.. she has promptly turned deaf. That was a result of an ear infection. So now the Till Till walks around in her silent world.... doing Till-like things.

Since her back is busily crumbling away, and she has more than likely lost sensation to her feeties, she spends a lot of time licking them.


Times that by fifty.

Now I can't stand the sound of this sort of licking. D.E.S.P.I.S.E. IT.

In the olden days (like a month ago...)if we were to hear her start her licking, then we would clap our hands, and call out her name, not her real name, but her constantly re-invented knickname... and she would stop.

Not so much any longer.

Now we use an electrical current. (Yes, we have become the in-home queens cowboys with our home gadgeted tazers!)...

It's called a lightswitch. And wherever that Till Till dog is... and we hear her licking... we walk to the light and start to flick it. If we are lucky and she isn't in her licking trance, then we can catch her attention... because sometimes although we could walk up and touch her, but that startles her... and can't be having the aging dog having a heart attack now can we?

This works while in the home... but just try it at night, when her back is turned, and she rushes out to eat grass. Yes, the back door light just doesn't have that ... "Till come here!" kind of properties.

Can't wait until next week... when blindness sets in....
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Heading out...

To the favourite place in my world.... to the BEARlands.

Hopefully I will find whatever it is that makes me happy.

In the meantime I will collect the FUSS from her cousins house.

Not sure when I will find the boy.... he is still out roaming. Something else he is naturally good at.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A day shortened..

I am already missing the long evenings, and they haven't even left yet.

In other things that haven't left yet...

The Miss Ellpee.

She has resumed eating her "crumples", with the addition of eating that little scottie dog dog food. Not certain what her insides are saying to all of this... but she is eating none the less.

Hmmm... not the same dog we owned one month ago.

Massive headache today... it was actually inside my brain, and not because the husbandman has a week off. He is a bit of a funny character... and he actually invited me to go to the dump with him. On that generous offer... I went with him. Dump fun... oh what fun at the dump!

In fact... we went to TWO dumps... because that is just how much this man loves me... invites me to the dump for a TWO-some.

AND that people is the day... of course a little shortened.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Not entirely prepared...

But what can one do?
The exercise lady cancelled for the group today... and my craft creating session might not be as crafty as I wish... but I will see what I come up with... in less than an hour, so that might be frightening to think about....

Well OK... will give you a small idea of what I wish to do....

I am only wishing that people paint on pieces of paper... anything they wish... and then... I am going to use their painted papers to create little boxes for a christmas wish... when that time arrives... it will kind of be a surprise for them!

I think it will work... if only I can find my paintbrushes!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Well today.....

Wasn't all that well... enough said about that.

Little Miss Till Till decided that she didn't like her dogfood, and has reverted back to eating only hotdogs. Maybe she will go back to her CEASARLY way very soon. She did like it very much yesterday and the day before..... but sometimes too much of a good thing.. is too much of a good thing!

Started reading a book... only read 8 pages.
Went to see the bears. ... didn't see any.
Bought balloons and coloured streamers for a stuffed dogs birthday party.

Yes, that really happened.

BUT! The telus TV person came and managed to get our TV back up and running again... and it wasn't just a lame-ass plug a cable in you idiots sort of deal... even he had to call in for back up... and get this... they even put their employees on hold for a great deal of time..... now I feel so loved.

Well.... feeling as if I must vomit.... "well" be off....

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Do I bother?

Quick... I need an answer ... it's a typical rainy blustery day here on the West Coast.... do I rush out to my walking group...??

I would like a cup of coffee... which I do not have the sufficient amount of cream for... so that would be an excuse for going...

And my hair... it's probably looking a little glamourous today with all it's curls and waves... which will be destroyed in 1.3 seconds of stepping outdoors. There are not many days when the hair is looking luxurious! Of course that could be the distorted mirror that I just happened to look in.

Well... as it seems that I talk to myself on a regular basis here, with no direction from anyone, I will have to go it alone with the decision making.

I will go.

The rain wont make me melt, I would really like a cup of coffee, as always the walk will be beneficial to me.. and the real reason is, of course my hair looking good is only a mirage. It has to be... there is never a day in Deanna world when the hair cooperates into good looking locks.

In the meantime... I have to leave the couch area where I am presently at... as it seems like the son was sitting here last night... him and his AXE spray crap... which is what I am thinking I am smelling. AND my nose does not smell any longer... but I can smell this... well I am breathing this... which is going to give me an asthma attack. OH.. and I don't have asthma... but surely this is going to kill me continuing to sit here.