Wednesday, September 04, 2013

well ... pick a card ..

any card ...!!

Fun and games continue for all those that show up to the party.

Or not.

I have a choice of cyclophosphamide or mycophenolate.

Which will it be!

Dealer's choice will only be made known if the subscriber wishes to proceed.

Eight weeks and counting.

In other things that are even more annoying:

BEARS BEARS everywhere ... can I JUST get a picture .. I declare !

Yes, it's true ... we are coming into full on gorging season with the bears .. so they are now everywhere .. falling out of peoples bushes, front yards, carports and spilling onto the roadways ... they are covering the dyke in mass quantities and slurping back blueberries like nobodies business. Except my sensor.

The days are darkening quickly now .. so the OFF chance that I get to spy one, they are darting across the street, or sitting beneath crab apple trees with long grass in front of them. Really.

I think for today I am just going to take up a little spell of drinking. My favourite peach coloured plastic glass has just been freshly returned to its place on the shelf ... it needs some ice and some liquid refreshment to really serve it's purpose. LIKE NOW.

I took my camera downtown today ..I believed that I would capture some end of the summer photo ops. After my appointment I bought a sandwich, and a coffee and returned to the homestead - but first carted it around Walmart as I shopped for groceries. There went that thought.

Happy September to all the loyal and royal readers out there .. this time Elton John, I will include you, OK, and Steve Martin. Even though you are not royal, ... you play the banjo, so somehow you qualify.

On that note .. my glass is still empty. .. best go pick something ...