Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's over for me.

I'm packing up.
I'm moving on.
I'm outta here,
Whats gone is gone.

I've done what I could,
and probably have forgotten the rest
somethings to my fullest,
and others, maybe my best.

Some might miss me,
some might not,
all I know....
Is that I have written alot.

Most days this page has mostly been filled,
with natterings, obscure thoughts, rants and stories,
other days it was filled with well hunted pictures,
and the smaller details of the day: minute daily glories.

I have to admit that it has been fun,
even though some weeks,
There have been times of a dry one.

It was never as if I had nothing to say
I just didn't make it to the PC that day.

Excuses aside,
and I'm moving on,
it's been a good ride,
if only a small one.

Good bye to my readers,
my commenter friends,
the stalkers & lurkers,
who still said nothing to the end.

Do not be sad, that I have come to a close,
Do you need a tissue... for your now runny nose..?

Along the stroke of midnight.... deep into 2009
I will make it back... post haste... in no time!

Until the time comes,
only thirteen hours from here...
I leave you these thoughts...
and wish everyone a "Happy New Year....!"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's White Alright!

For the first time in very many years, it is actually going to be a White Christmas around this part of the world. From what I have seen on environment Canada is that we had snow back in 1998. I think that was remnant snow, left over... not actual real live snow falling to the ground. That was said to have happened back in 1964... luckily... I wasn't quite around yet.... but in 1965... there was another snowstorm on Christmas Day... and from what I understand, I made an appearance for that one!
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy day big world

Hiding out in the livingroom now.

The battery is dying on this laptop, but i do not feel like squeezing around christmasy items to plug it in... and besides... it wreckes the view of the current weather conditions...

All white~!

I have been watching the moon... it's a lovely crescent shape... and it seems to have a shadow behind it. I have been meaning to take a picture... but then I would have to go outside... and that is not an option... as the weather conditions (FOR THE SOUTHCOAST RAISED) girl is far too cold. Yes it is... so I don't want any... well if you think that is cold ......

There is much to be done today... and hopefully all going well I will get things accomplished. (Hair colouring, towel folding, floor cleaning, blond haired girls bedroom tidying if she wishes for santa to arrive... ) you know, that sort of thing.

I have to write some christmas cards... and for those that do not get one in the mail... oh, that is because I didn't send them... in fact... Lady Lujza... I found yours in my car again! I have the cards... I just did not write in them... no ill will intended... I just didn't get to it...

Well, happiness to all of you today, I hope you are successful at accomplishing the prechristmas festivities.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Little boring computer desk...

Here's that photo that I was talking about... (well commenting on Gem....) same desk... of course with the added christmas decoration...... ! Well, I plucked the christmas tree from another location, and dropped it on the printer for effect... but as you can see from the photo... the real effect is the very authentic white stuff that is happening outside right now... as we speak! This is quite the rare occurance during the "crucial" christmas spectacular that we are currently busying ourselves for. I think the last time there was an actual white christmas (where the pretty fluffy flakes actually fell to the ground... was on my birthday....many many many years ago....)
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So guess what...

My friend called me to come over and take a picture of her plywood floor. She wasn't sure if she wanted a before I said... even if you do not want it... at least you will have it... to make that decision....

So from there... I snuck out of the house... (little Miss Tilly was sitting in her blue chair... doing what she does best....), and I didn't want to disturb her, and then she would have to sit in her cage while I was gone... so this way... I just slipped away, and she was none the wiser...

Anyways... in the lovely blowing snow I made my way over to my friends house... when I got to the her top stair, my foot slipped and I slammed down on my left knee. The very left knee that has not been working for the last number of months, the only knee that I can crouch on, the left knee that always take the weight for the other leg, since it is not able to take the load ... I fall onto the hard step, grab her door handle and flung her door open, swore at the almost top of my lungs... and then wondered how I was going to get up again... somehow I managed...and I laughed in my head about being a girl with a grand entrance.

So far... it was the best thing that could have happened to me today... as I can crouch again.. and I haven't been able to crouch in months.... which makes it quite annoying, because the right leg/knee can not crouch at all... AT ALL. So the front of my leg is sore... but I can crouch.... so... this is quite exciting for me... me that lives the boringest of lives within the boundaries of PoCo!

Christmas craziness

Last week the PIP and I went off and explored our garden centre. They do a wonderful display of christmas craziness... which we both very much enjoy! I don't think you can see the reflection of me with a a camera and a coffee cup...
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AND... because we are so cruel...

Have a look at the boys mouth, as he walks up to her and starts talking to her.... he isn't exactly wearing a smile at this point, and you can just see that she is terrified by his scarey look.

Now... notice the smile on his face, and look at her relaxed expression, she doesn't look so terrified. This little dog... she keeps us guessing at her all the time...
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Fear factor

Look at the missy... this is where we find her on a regular basis... todays adventure has her sitting on top of the cushion that has been laid across the seat to keep her off of it.. and then a blanket spread across the top to keep her away from the chair... and of course there was the extra comfort of the pillow with the back massager/heatingpad for her to lean on. Check the terror in her face... like this family would every do anything to harm this little lady.... but her face still grimaces in fear. The very tip of her tail does that tiny wagging... just in case that might help plead her case for continued comfort.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am NOT a weatherwimp!

This morning I packaged the children in the car... and drove them to school. It was minus eight out there, and while that is not cold to the notherners out is cold to us,s o I drove the chicklets.... because. That is what mothers do. Of course I will not talk about how I didn't warm the car up, which made the windshield a bit frosty, which I remedied that with the windshield wipers going full bore with my anti windshield freezie stuff working on overtime... but you know,... the chicklets were warm. Hey... how can one think with a frozen brain?

So anyways....

I was thinking to myself... do I really go to my walking group today... I mean really... who is going to be out in this beautiful, but frigid weather. Well, me and three other ladies, that's who. Away we went, with layers, and hats, and bundles of coats beneath us.... and made our regular walking trek.

Yes.. I am not a weather wimp... but of course ... you ask me to move to Williams Lake.. and be a mailman... well... that title might change quite drastically.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Monday evening..

OK people..... it is freakyfriday cold here!!!!!

Really it is.

I should be reading my book for my book club... but instead... I have made an investment into my health, and am drinking my second glass of wine. Yae for me. I am good.

The idiot husband is busily flashing the three million power candle light into the window from the backyard... I am certain once the blinking stops that he will be completely frozen. I am not certain how I am going to revive him once that happens.

I have yet to post a picture of my computer desk that has been decorated. My friend from England posted a picture with her ONE decoration... and I noticed that we had the same computer desk... where it is all black, with the exception of the keyboard tray, that is white... not sure why that is... but it anyways.... when I get a moment... I will make her laugh with my picture that I will post, except not today... I am not sure why of that reason either... other than I just don't feel like it... yes, that is a ploy to keep my avid readers coming back for more!

AND... in other things just so weird in my life that it is funny.....

I lost my girls bracelet a number of weeks ago...I knew I had it on my wrist at the start of the day, and yet by the middle of the day it was gone. THEN... last week I was busily cleaning out a bag of tricks... for none other than the reason that I should organize something for the day... and low and behold... what do I find... but the cute little killer whale bracelet that the girl bought on the ferry last June with her birthday money. Yes, all good mothers should borrow their daughters bracelet, lose it, and then find it and continue wearing it... just because. People that is me. In my defence, she did hand it over to me in the summer time, while she was swimming in a lake... so she wouldn't lose it. I have never taken it off... well, with the exception of me losing it... for a number of weeks. See, another reason for me to win the QUEEN mother award... as she is the princess... and I really do not lose things, as previously stated. Yae me.

Well, that is enough drinking for me.... back to my book, as I am warm and can now concentrate on reading and then turning the page.... I was having issues only a short number of minutes ago.

OH...and things that I really like... I am quite thrilled that BOB won on Survivor. He was the older version of Yul Kwon that won a number of years back. Just a good character, that was able to win because of who he was, plus, that he was very capable of challenges. Mind you, it totally surprised me that he could build a house of cards.... I thought that physics would play some important property in that.... but then... who am I....

Friday, December 12, 2008

The ongoing boringness of me.

Except when you give me coffee... and lots of it. Then there is nothing boring about me at all.

I write exceptional emails... to random people about random things. Just because.


Annie Lennox... you have to love her rendition of .... winter wonderland. Well, at least I do.


So that boy of mine can really play the guitar. Really. Self taught youngish-but-not-so-fellow that he is. I did send him for TWO lessons a while back.... a long while back... and now he seems that he can play a lot... a huge whole a lot of alot. I am not sure how he plays all this, as I am not sure where he gets the music from. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT the very nice thing is... he is now saving his money to buy an acoustic guitar... and a better electric guitar... (that is what that big fat santa sent him last year for christmas).... good for him. The principal from his school is slightly disheartened by him though... as he is the only kid in the school that plays the keyboard in rockband (and the prinicpal is kind of crazy-like who also plays the keyboard...) so then the principal found out that the boy's second love is the guitar.... and he caught him playing one after school in the math teachers room. This is a good thing. The math teacher thought the boy was a total washout brainless fool who didn't do homework... ever. Then... he brought in some of his guitar collection, and found out quickly that the boy does have some sort of smarts somewhere, perhaps not in the math department... but when it came to the music department... he couldn't believe the amount of info floating in the boys brain.


Onto the weather:

It snowed this morning. For about 30 minutes. Of course the snowflakes had to fight their way through the rain drops, but they were visible to the human eye... until they hit the ground, and melted into the puddles.


I am currently creating about 18 2009 calendars for Monday. I am not half way through, or a quarter of a way through... hence why I am here... writing about nothing, and wasting time.... clearly I am going to freak in a while when I can't seem to manage to get things done. Well, the problem is that I ran out of pictures... and had to start printing things off of the computer.... but I am leaving soon to print up the colourful objects.. in fact... I must go this second...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More PIP tails adventures

The little missy is looking kind of worn out looking. I am not certain why this is, but she is. Even the other night at the concert she didn't have her regular PIPPY glow. This morning she showed me her throat. It was a mess.... again. This time when I took her to the walk-in clinic the fellow gave me a prescription... but this time the difference was the fact that I asked him to swab her throat. Last time the doc swabbed her throat & gave me a prescription, and I filled it, and she got better within two days of being on antibiotics (with the lingering after affects of being sick like). She ended up with the exact same recovering symptoms as the time before that, when they didn't swab her throat, adnd threw her on antibiotics. So today... he gave me the Rx, and then I asked to swab her throat... only because... last time it was not strep throat, so this time... is it, or is it not... and the time before last time... was it or was it see... it's becoming very difficult to track, as she hasn't consistantly had swabs done.... and you know.. I live in a confused enough frame of mind.. this is challenging to the absent minded crazy mother that I really am.

In the meantime... I have the girl surfing under her bed for lost items of clothing, and other amazing treasures from the deep.... see, this is what you can get accomplished when you don't sent them back to school, for art & social studies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seeing the PIP sing...

The PIP had a concert last night. She was in the choir. Sing PIP sing! I probably should have taken my camera, and fussed and fussed and fussed and fussed over the lighting, and the blur, and the crappy shots... but I didn't... I just enjoyed her, and her singing, well the choirs singing as well.

I talked to my friend Mr Pickaspat... he was scowling, and fussy, and mad. He didn't remember to NOT bring his camera, which lead to all the ugliness at the beginning of the sentence. Flourescent lighting is not our friend, unless you meter it properly, which I am never willing to do.

In the end... I got to see the PIP, and her blue choir T-Shirt.... and that was all good to me.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Walking weather....

It's a beautiful shade of splat grey outside, with added raingdrops to boot... and I'm off to the walking group.

That's alright... as long as I can get there with my ghost car.

The Mazda 5 is sporting new snow tires. Luckily I bought some on Friday... before the news broke that Canada will have a shortage of snows due to Quebec passing some snowtire law.

In the meantime, I am driving around with black rims, and looking all ickfilled. Everytime I jump into the Mazda 5 I am temporarily saddened by the fact that the silver rims are hiding around the corner of our home.. and will not be out to spring. All I need is a set of red and blue flashing lights... and the ghost car will look complete.

Well... must run for the walking group!

Hopefully soon the maid will show up... I am so in need for that girl to arrive on time, and when I am home... she tends to show up after I have left the home, and can't find her key to get in. It's a constant. I should probably get rid of her, but she is nice (most of the time), and she eventually does a good job, once she sets her mind to it... I just wish she would show up more often.

On that note.... I am going to be late.. and I can't have that... otherwise the fellow walkers will get impatient... since it's christmas time... and rainy walking weather....

Friday, December 05, 2008

I mean... who can really sleep when...

You have African elephants running around the deck of your sailboat?

That is what happened to us.

We were out on the sailboat, it was a beautiful day. Everything was going smoothly, with the crew, the crowds and with the animals. But of course somebody had to go and ruin it, and piss of the mother of all elephants. So every time somebody walked past her, she would charge, and the boat would lurch in the water. I had to give my hat to the captain. There were many times that I thought that we were going to capsize.

I couldn't figure out howcome they decided to move the circus and passengers on a sailboat, but somebody made the decision. I guess someone considered it safe. It might have been safe, if we had been on a bigger cargo ship, and the elephant was in a cage, but this was not the case today.

Eventually we came across an island, where it was lush and green, and looked to be the perfect palace for an elephant to live. There was a wharf, and everybody was asked to get off the sailboat, and we waited for the owners to come and aid the elephant off the boat.

The boat, crew and a small number of passengers left the wharf, minus the elephant, and me.

Great... now in my dreams I am getting stuck on elephant island....

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

oh right....

So the photos are a little far away... but that is alright.. I did get to see it with my eyes. The second photo does not have lint on the lens, rather they are the eagles that are soaring above. It was quite beautiful, and I didn't take the image in an effort to get a close up shot (not possible), but rather to keep it as memory of what I was able to witness a couple of Wednesdays ago. The same for the third photo, it was quite exciting to see these grandious raptors just milling about their smorgasbord!
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Wait for it....

Something will come to me eventually... just not now.
I surely had it in my head, as I tighten my brow.

Perhaps if I just squeeze my eyes, this will make it come back.
How could I just have had a thought, and now have completely lost track.

It wasn't really a revelation, or a big surprise,
It is really just a little thought, sitting behind my eyes.

If only I could find what it was, this bad poem could come to an end
It wasn't about the chicklets, and it wasn't about a friend...

I was just thinking about christmas time, when my eye got something from above.
It distracted me enough, which changed my present thought to something that I love.

Ah, there it is, with a little help from my morning lead.....
I just saw an eagle pass by, directly overhead.

You see people... this is my brain...

Now back to those christmas thoughts.....

Monday, December 01, 2008

Reasons why people point fingers

whent he word crazy is mentioned:

The other day I got a hysterical phone call from my girl as she was walking home from school. I was stuck in the longest line up in Costco that a woman has ever known, and endured the girls shrilling tales from the days events... hey, I had time, my line up was going no where fast.

She was walking home from school, all on her lonesome as the Fitness Club teacher had cancelled the session since she was busy doing report cards. This is a shame, because my girl enjoys going to the fitness club, even though it's only her and the teacher, and on most occasions it is cancelled. But I think my girl likes the mystery about this whole fitness non-group that has formed as well as belonging to something. I found it interesting that the girl was quite upset over this days cancellation.

I listened intently to the my girls stories about quitting the fitness club, and how the gecko's almost got out of the cage, and the fact that she still can't catch a ball in gym, and the girls were mean to her about it, but one girl did come to her defense that my girl tried her best, and on and on it went. As I continued to stand in the Costco line up which still hadn't moved, (where I was beginning to believe I had found the black hole), I did listen and calm the girls hysterics with what was apparently a disastrous 11 year olds day. These days happen, but I was smart enough not to say this to her. As she walked and we talked, her shrillness lessoned, where our conversation was less about the tragedies, and onto other positive moments.

I then turned to another subject which always makes her happy, and I asked her how her lunch was. Big mistake... or not.... The exasperated tone re-entered my eardrum as yet another story was revealed to me about the fact that she did not eat her lunch, but only her applepear and drink, but not her (beloved) teriyaki chicken with rice & vegetables, because she had no fork.~~

My impatience in the Costco line up began to dissipate, as my complete annoyance with policies over-rid my urgency to leave the much despised line up.

AS my girl told me her tales, it made complete sense to me howcome she was overcome by emotion, and her sudden lack of coping skills. There is a certain level of food intake that this girl of mine has to maintain in order for her to think straight, and I think on this day, it would have aided in her coping strategies.

She didn't have the 10 cents that is required by the cafeteria to eat her lunch. She did actually ask the cafeteria ladies for a fork, but they denied her the request, even when she stated that she would pay them the following day. They refused. Yes, now I completely admit my lack of organization in getting the girl's lunch completely together on this day, but it came to light that 10 cents really can buy happiness.

As a parent, this is truly frustrating. This is exactly how 10 cents can impact one persons day. When it comes to paying for school fees, it is clearly stated on the tops of forms that if there are financial issues, then call the school, because it can be worked out. Well, when it comes down to 10 cents for a fork, and the promise to repay it the following day, (which was proclaimed that all the kids make this statement, and still the answer was a NO) should there not be concessions made?

Now I can see if 650 kids asked for a fork everyday over the course of the school year that this would have a financial impact, but one fork, with the promise to pay later. I shake my head at this.

Please ask your staff for some leniency, and if you would like, I will send in five dollars to pay for my girls forks, and any other child that remains forkless on the occasion that they to need a utensil so they can eat their lunch to help them make it through the day.


Yes.. I sent this... to the principal.... BECAUSE. I. AM. WHO. I. AM.

Those people...

The staffing people just called from the hospital. They asked me if I wanted to come to work. Those silly people.... they don't have any idea that I really don't want to work on any given day, even though I do work on some days....especially on a Monday, but that's not because I do not like them. It wold just be better off if I didn't work.... there' how's that for some real insight on a Monday morning....

Now I must go and get some work done!