Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sooo... I am thinking...

Is it too cold in your house when you can see your breathe?

The furnace doesn't get turned on until a certain KINGLY someone cleans it out. I believe our little world of people that inhabit the home are looking forward to that event, especially the popsicle blogger person, who shall remain nameless, but none-the-less most obvious.

If another post is never written; feel free to assume that this person became a ice encased blogger girl.

I know the family and "all their fancy warm-bloodedness" will just step around the iceberg and complain...."that momda is certainly taking her time on her computer turn!".... " I wonder when momda is going to make my chocolate rice milk?"......"momda.. come here... I need to show you something...!"

They might not notice the predicament I will have found myself in....

Hopefully the KINGLY one will swiftly sparkle up the furnace. I believe I will leave a post it note on his laptop this evening.... "the furnace is calling your name..." That might give him a hint.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wishful thinking:

  1. Need the sunshine to come back so I can clean out the garden in dry conditions... I mean .. who loves cleaning out slimy flower pots..?
  2. Need to remember to pre-make a weeks worth of sub sandwiches this Saturday night... it was ever so handy pulling out a pre-made lunch, that has already been homemade.
  3. Hopefully the memory will work for # 2's wish.
  4. I need to get to the Minnekhada Lodge for some fall weather pics, and some last chances to spot some bears before they go into hibernation...
  5. Hopefully they will go into hibernation.. and the RCMP don't blast them from our streets before they get a chance to.
  6. I wish I could read my book for this weeks book club... that will take some STAT reading over the next two evenings.
  7. Here's to dedicating the next to evenings to reading my book. I have to admit... I didn't like the start of it... perhaps I will move forward to the 4th chapter...or maybe the 9th.... or perhaps I will just begin at some random starting point, and see it through. Hmmm.
  8. I need to get that boy of mine to remain in the homeland long enough to play his music for me.. on the piano. I think I need to make that clear now that when I wish to hear music from him.. that it needs to come in the form of white looking keys... otherwise I get the string version.
  9. ah... wishful thinking in itself... "the boy to remain in the homeland".. now that's comical.
  10. should have gone to see Steve Martin last night. Ooops.. that's a regret... aaah... the wishful thinking is the fact that I entered to win tickets.. wish I would have!
  11. That the husbandman wasn't SUCH a clean and tidy boy... and that his thoughts on the towel that was folded up and placed on the floor beneath this computer spot was not a just a forgotten towel... but rather a strategically placed weapon against cold. Him being all warm blooded and all... what a big shot.
  12. I need some insight... I need some financial advice... I need a small chunk of cash to do something with... oh wait... that's everyone's wishful thinking...
  13. Lucky thirteen.....POOF!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Savour for the flavour... and the time!

It has been a wonderful and leisurely morning!

Still clear blue skies, with a hint of fog and a touch of guilt.

Who could ask for more!

It's a Pro-D day around these parts.. and that means that NOBODY is going ANYWHERE.... yet.

Well except for the husbandman ... he must go places.... to do manly working things. Not that he wishes to of course... but you know... he wouldn't want to mill about in the homestead and do "little projects".... I am thinking.

In the meantime... it's just me and "the till", and Miss Pipenza roaming about the home. "The Till" is currently upset about the torture she is having to endure. We had to boil her up a fresh pot of rice, as yesterdays pot of rice was NOT to her liking. Today I have added a container of chicken stock, instead of the oxo thingys. Hopefully this will entice her.

She is also staring at me in complete disbelievement. I have shut the door to her beloved rickety green leather couch. (It's in our den that we all use... and ONE day we will get a replacement... but that day isn't any day coming soon.. unless of course I could purchase one with my airmiles..... hmmmm.) I have her pads washing & drying at the moment... so until there is something for her to sit on, she wont be sitting on it.

OH.. and the guilt. The guilt is due to the beautiful morning.. and the fact that I should have rushed down to the bear location and "happened upon" some bear scenery. But I haven't and now the day is rushing by... at a mere 9:18 in the morning... but this is something that I should have done two hours ago.... when I was thinking about it.

Instead I look around my little homestead and make a mental list of all the quicky details of the day need to be done, including this, and including this , and including that, and what about this...

I have to remember that this time last week I was only embarking on a day that ended in a list of 41 things.

I am not willing to one up myself with that nonsense today.

The Pip is still under the weather a bit with whatever ails her.... as far as the antibiotics.. . they loosened up whatever bug she had inside of her, and now is making the long road out. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, and this additional day of rest (rather than the school) she will spring back a bit quicker... although she is way better today than last week at this time.

As far as Gramerica-son. He is crazy. He is ALMOST 15. So he qualifies.. right?
I still like him... he is a good Gramerica-son. I mean... ANY child that cuts the lawn while the TWO parents are at work with a dog that has had diarrhea for the last number of days, and still cleans up MOST of the disaster... I mean.. who could NOT like that son....? Hmmmmm?

Coffee's kicking in.

Liking that.

I can feel the blood coursing through my blood highways again. Whew... close call on that one. I believe I can feel the synapsing start up in the brain... similar to my husbandmans 20 year old jeep starting up.... which he loves almost more than his many boyfriends. Little Miss Till Till is high on the ranking list, not sure if she is in the second spot next to his jeep... I best not tell any of his boyfriends.

OK... CLEARLY my rice has been the saving grace! The Till is happily lapping up her chicken brothed brown rice.

Score one for the lady of the house!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let the roasting begin!

The past two days have been true blue summer time festival days.

Incredible heat, for this time of year.

Enough so that I turned on our little air conditioning unit while I cleaned the walls and cabinets yesterday. (AND of course had all the doors open... because you know.. it's a beautiful day out, so you MUST have doors open!)

Such fun on an incredibly warm day.

That's alright.. the day before I was busily roasting chicken for the family & the families pet.

The families pet has taken a liking to roast chicken, rice and carrots.

Well.. up until yesterday.

Now she only likes the chicken and carrots, rice.. not so much.

The rice has become a new floor decoration.

Similar to the Gramerican-son's bedroom after a shower.

Well... many challenges to be challenged today.. enough talk about the weather, since the roasting has stopped.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Step inside the crystal ball....
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Chocolate Vanilla & Chocolate

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Life from behind the scenes

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Profile shots

AS always... when I am standing on my lonesome... I start to fidget with the settings... because you know.. I have to figure out how to take pictures under deceiving light conditions... so I mess about... and this the result. Oh well... it is interesting to note the size difference in the bellies of these guys... and yet the smaller of the bellied two is probably bigger than the one further down... so now you can only imagine how big this guy is going to be in a couple of years.... hmmmm... the real question is.. .will I still be standing in the same spot.. or will I have gotten another lense by then... ???
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The life & times of Deanna's summer

This is what I do... stand around and watch for things. I believe I am a professional observer. Since I seem to wander around this world with my camera at the ready.. this is what I get. Although of course that leads to greater contemplation about .... you know... camera-ish things.. which I have to tell myself.. "just be happy with what you have...." Which is true... of course when there is the little demon sitting on your shoulder announcing "there's always room for improvement... I have to admit I agree! It's easy to be sucked in.... V.E.R.Y E.A.S.Y.!
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Three times is the charm!

Well.... guess what....

I checked my microstock account....

I am moving up in the world....

SOLD another photo!!!

I now have 90 cents sitting in my account.

Dream life here I come, in approximately 337 years.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's exciting in Deanna world...

Absolutely nothing!

You really thought I had a story .. didn't you?

Well ... I don't!

I even checked two older lottery tickets....
"Sorry not a winner" was all they said.

Yes, not shocking news I am afraid.

I did stare into my moms end cupboard and longingly looked at her beautiful ripe tomatoes... I am big into fried tomatoes these days.... Hey.. come on... I found the recipe on the internet... surely it should be legit.

I only ate about 10 fried up tomatoes yesterday... and have no problem of the very same thing today... in fact.. I will check on my front yard non garden that happened upon me... and see how the tomatoes are doing out there.

I did give the tomatoes to my neigbours... but I am thinking they do not want them... and now I do.

Now that's a story.


Say it 10 times... it's ridiculous.

Well how about this... nobody will know... I am going to stealthly go retrieve them this very moment... and hide them deep into the transparent shelved crisper. Because I have three of them.. .in my monster fridge.

Must go quietly now....


Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?
by Anita Badami
Excellent book. Enjoyed it very much.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Monday...

What a shocker.

More exciting news later.

I'm a liar.

There wont be exciting news later.

Now that's NOT a shocker.

In other news worthy to mention but shouldn't probably mention but will:

I walked into the bathroom last evening, and stared at this large pellet type brown looking thing on the the bathroom floor.


I consulted with the husband.

In clearly womanly HYSTERICS, albeit in a calm voice... 'WHAT IS THAT?'

The husbandman in his UNkingly wisdom said it was nothing.

Hmmmph.... I shrugged my shoulders and wondered away....

A bit later....

I marched BACK down the hall into the DEN where the quickly DETHRONING of the husbandman was yet again said...

"OK... so if "that thing" was nothing in the bathroom... you need to come see NOTHING IN OUR BEDROOM!!!! I quietly HISSED.


Me in my greatest wifely wisdom asked him to explain away THREE brown pellets sitting on our bedroom floor..... and knowing the NOW unKINGLY husbandman... he would have noticed this such BLEMISH when he went out at around 6:30 in the evening...

This is where the story stops and starts. The DETHRONED husbandman went into action... pulling out furniture, looking under beds, checking dark places, and any other locations where 'such a creature' might inhabit.

There have not been any signs of pellet dropper this morning.. so our guess is that a squirrel visited our home.. and left.

AND.. the little Missy Till Till put herself to bed into her basket last night at 8:30, and never got up until the morning... so I am thinking that if something would have been wandering around, she might have caught a whiff of it...


Let the games begin people.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh it's the end of the day...

I should have known that.

I remarkebly got nothing accomplished today.

Well... with the exception of opening up my steel trap door of a PC cover, and replacing my adaptor. I am thinking that it was breaking... or trying to break, or pretending to work, or just testing my patience. At any rate.. it was simply annoying.. and I was just having a hunch that this was the root of my problem.. (well, and the adaptor telling me that it wasn't getting a signal, was the give away.. but then other times it was running at 36.. or 48... so you know.. , some days I only run at 18... so there).

The girliegirl went to bed with a sore throat. I knew what was next. I immediately had to plan in my head... all the things that I would have to do in the day... , and not do....

  1. call the sister to inform her son that my girl would not be attending school with him (great cause for increased anxiety for the grade six gaffer).
  2. called the school.
  3. called the sister in law and cancelled our walking arrangements
  4. thought about calling my doctors office, but was uncertain of the timing that the sorethroatian would get...
  5. opted for the walk in clinic.
  6. massive waiting room full of sick people.
  7. Instant repulsion to walk in clinic.
  8. put name down, and immediately left to do errands.
  9. remembered other errand type things that I forgot
  10. back from errands, still a number of people in waiting room
  11. people filing out too slowly for my liking.
  12. woman with 3 1/2 year old child feeds him a chocolate chip cookie and juice. Never stops talking . EVVVVVVVAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR.
  13. shoot darts at the little boy with my eyes. she never told him to be quiet once. yes... i am hating children that make noise. really... evil yes.. oh well.
  14. see the doctor for 4.6 minutes, leave with prescription
  15. drive across street, drop of rx, agree to come back in 30 minutes.
  16. drive to computer hospital, purchase adaptor.. clearly I am unadaptable.
  17. back to pharmacy.. thanks.. they didnt process the prescription.. it's ok really people... I only left at 0930 this morning... and it's closing in on 12 45 in the afternoon.
  18. call sister in law, confirm that YES we will not be meeting today.
  19. talk to her on the phone while I clean bathrooms, wash mirrors, clean living room furniture, fold laundry... hang up in time to vacuum, wash dishes, move loose papers, cleaned off counter for the computer project.
  20. water flowers out front, as it is hot today... and despite rain arriving at some point.. today they need water.
  21. talk to the sister quickly.
  22. leave the PIP and her antibiotics and the crazy little "elpster" in the homeland.
  23. drive to the school at 2:30 to be early for the nephew, who I know will have had a trying day being on his own without the PIP for support.
  24. by 3:00 go to find the middle school anxiety ridden child... trying to be low key about giving him independence... find him in the knick of time to have one of his teachers tell me he has a detention... "ahmmm. for what...? She tells me he wasted class time.... ok... so what did he do... well... that's for me and him to discuss... (with the crying child standing next to me...)... Uhm.. listen I say to her... it's Friday... the end of the week, he's been without his classroom support all day, and in between that I ask the nephew how he was... he said he had a 20 percent good day, and 80 percent bad day.. so I say to the teacher... why don't we let you discuss this with the mother on Monday... so then she says this is the way all kids get treated... well... guess what oh mighty educator... all of "your chitchat" with him is really going to get through... and I said that I had someplace that I needed to be... and I couldn't wait. I guess this would all be worthy of something if he was a typical kid... but he isn't... and what adaptations were put into place when he said he didn't want to run, but couldn't tell you why.... what supports were out there for him.. other than her own agenda.
  25. fly out to the car, drive up the hill and collect second child sitting on the steps of the school, since 2:40
  26. drive home to sit and wait at the sisters where I hope that her husband will hurry and get home... because ... I still have things to do at my homestead.
  27. I would have liked to brought them to my homestead.. but with the PIP feeling down and out.. I thought I best not.
  28. Initially left to pick up the first nephew child at 2:30, found the other an hour later, then remained in the sisters homestead until five oclock.
  29. Right.. upon arrival dog is all squirrely and crazy... clearly in need of something to eat.. I have not had a chance to cook her any amazing RICE for her dinner special.. fortunately I had cooked her up some ground beef yesterday.. and I magically mix it in with her kibble... lucky me... the trick worked...
  30. next... i am starving...since I am on some super sonic quick weight loss diet I throw together romain lettuce, tomatoes from the garden.. (anybody want some?), and some ground beef... with maybe a teaspoon of dressing...
  31. OK.. back in business...take apart the computer....
  32. OH WOW.. vacuum it out! Not sure if that is the best idea in the world.. but that is what I do... plus I have that suppressed gas stuff and spray that around.. with the vacuum running...for added fun. Unload about 10 pounds of dust bunnies... which is what I was thinking about with the adaptor... was it being affected by the dust...
  33. Install new adaptor... plug the computer back in .... and .... and... and...
  34. Houston.. we have lift off.
  35. Looked at the evening sky... thought I should be out and doing my evening circles... you know.. I just said NO...
  36. Left the homestead to look for bears... didn't see any bears, but saw my buddy VERN, and ONE of the guys with the golden glasses...
  37. Returned home... finished dishes.. as they do not seem to end...
  38. Talked to the husband man.. yes, this needs to be written down.. as it isn't a regular occurance.
  39. Looked for marshmellow stick....
  40. Returned to the great indoors... looked at the piles of projects that I had anticipated for today... decided to check out how well the adaptor was working... and here I am.... now listening to the rocketship son play his Bohemian Rhapsody (which I will never never never ever get sick of listening tooo)... and now he is learning Canon, and Beth (from Kiss)... I will start again tomorrow... but then again.. I work... so it wont start till later.....
  41. Later people.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Todays adventure in...

hair colouring could quite possibly be a mistake.

Wont know until I let the stuff sink in, rinse it out, and unwrap the towel.

In other things far less adventuresome but worthy of note:

The Gramericason seems to be managing with his new school time slot.. of course it also means that he must get up early... but for the moment he does mind.. as his pretty little GF is always in the process of meeting up with him.

The aged little "Till Till" continues to enjoy her rice and chicken everyday. I am adding into the mix her regular crumbles...not sure what to do when I run out.... does that mean that her time has ran out too? For the moment she is still eating and drinking, and likes to carry her ball around.

The girl wore PIP tails to school. She can carry it off... because she is cute. Cute in her white capris & snazzy pumas. Lucky young PIP girl.

The husband.... well... he did his morning chores, kicked the boy in his backpack, and drove the girl to school. Sounds worse than what it is... it was a comedy induced kick, after the boy and I had a comedy act hug.... you know.. the akward hug sort of thing...

Which is what left me to colour my hair... which I believe is still going badly. I will blame the sister..she told me to buy the colour.

The husbandman is leaving on Sunday for a one day road trip, with one of his many boyfriends. I wonder if that one day road trip could be put to better use rebuilding a bathroom in one day... that would be nice. I will suggest that for his next Sundays adventure....

Scared to look at hair... will continue to ramble.

Bear season for me this year has been a bust. I didn't get near the pictures that I wished for. With the exception of a few good folks, there were too many sightsee-ers... not that I am not a sightsee-er myself.. but there was this certain noise factor... and of course ten zillion cars zooming past had something to do with it... I am guessing...

I will adventure down to the park in the afternoons now... I love the afternoon sun, and hopefully I will catch a couple of pictures of my favourite black beasts..... but first.... must go deal with the hair.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh that familiar sound...


Another bird just bit the dust.

Will keep the eyes averted when I dart to the car.

Hopefully the weirdy type lizardly thing that the neighbour flung with his shovel yesterday wont be engulfing the nearly dead bird while I am in the middle of darting.

These are the true tragedies of trying to get to a walking group!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Once in a while ....

I would cook for the family....

If I wasn't busy cooking for the dog.

So, was she really departing from this life, losing weight quickly, .... & quit eating all that she knows was hers?

Do dogs only have enough numbers of kibble, before they are all kibbled out? I mean really.... she just gave them up... like a smoker. I quit. No more. Not having them... EVARRRRRRRR.

BUT NOW... because of the dog food intervention that we are in the middle of.... the stove is always on cooking a pot of rice. PLEASE.. don't come for coffee,.... instead we will sit and chat over a bowl of rice. Really.

I returned to the vet the other day.... I thought that the next time we went to the vet, it would be our last... but no... we trotted in... with her brilliantly infected ear. She has gained a pound since last week.... and emptied our non existent bank account another 120.00. At least they don't charge to put her on the scale.

The husbandman cooked chicken breasts tonight... one is saved for her breakfast tomorrow. GOD help us if ONE of the humans in the home wished to eat it.... that would mean the death defying missy would be minus her expensive protein for the morning.. and she couldn't possibly just choke down plain old rice.

Shit.. i am hungry just writing about it....
That "Till"... she is such a trooper... even when I said to the husbandman last Friday night to have a beer or 19, and take her for one last drive.. as she couldn`t go on like this, and it was just as bad having to watch her all day.. as in watch her walk from her favourite place to her favourite place, without sleeping in any of them, but rather just stare off into space. Dogs don`t do that... they pick a spot and sleep. End of story... but somehow the husbandman breathed some life in the little miss till till, and despite her incontinence problem that she has had off and on for the past bit.... the crazy cooking family has found her new reasons to live. ... tonight she is curled up in her favourite lawn chair.. doing what she does best... sleep and be `the till``

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Run of the mill..

In back to school ville.

It's a beautiful sunny day.... and we are back to summertime. I think it is only going to last long enough for today...

My first Grade 9 experience so far... asking the boys GF to delete a posting from her He was shocked, she was shocked.. and probably another good reason WHY we don't share passwords.

Straightened the girls hair... wishing I was HALF as beautiful as she is going into Grade 7. Hair coiffed and parted to the side, with a gentle enough curl to let it fall over her shoulders. Glad that I could make this all happen for her.

She asked me what I did with my hair.. back in the 1490's.

Nice child.

Monday, September 07, 2009

So I thinking..

I need to visit an eye person specialist.

For a number of months it appeared that I just couldn't read in the living room. I couldn't figure it out.... WHAT THE HELL?

How is it that I am not able to read in my very own livingroom?

Does this mean that the husbandman should HURRY UP and build a new space.. so that way we can incorporate new lighting.. and hence.. more reading?

An expensive endeavour.. but you know.. he MUST stay busy... should he not?

About two weeks ago I went to the dollar store.. and there I found THEM.

Magnifying glasses.

I found the gum section of the store, put them on.. and WHALA!... I can see.

So now... it's back to the livingroom to read again. WHEW.. close call.. and here I thought that I would have to get the husbandman to build a new room or something for me to read in... we wouldn't want that now.. would we...?

OH.. and because I was trying to be a smarty-tarty pants... I changed the font size on the blog... because you know.. the whole sight thing.

husbandman gets older and....


Into GADGET-man.

So... on top of him being the KING of all things... in his stealthy silent ways... he has now entered into a new realm...

LAPTOP world.

I am not kidding when I say he is KING silent. He says nothing... only onto his friends... and then they.. talk about men-like things... things that excite them... like hockey scores, drywall dust, radiators, plywood, (AND how expensive ONE SINGLE piece of plywood can really turn into), power tools & other useless pieces of info that seems to make HIS world go around.

I am OK with that... he's happy talking to someone...

EXCEPT the freaking CRAZY WIFE that is left holding the bag as to what.. "he might magically like" for his birthday.. when he clearly says nothing.

I mean really.. is NOTHING nice?

I might just be hung up on gifts... which I then "just happen" to let the husbandman in on.. and HIM with his steel trap memory.. remembers.. while... the woman that really is lost out there in the world remembers NOTHING that the husbandman has told her.

But now.. as of today.. he has entered laptop world... and is connected to the outside world once again... with HIS own password to get the computer up and running. Lucky for me... he just told me the password....

AS for the trauma that is plaguing the life... Little Miss Ellpee is currently holding her own... we have taken to cooking her rice and chicken, with the odd side of carrots thrown in. She still is enjoying her ritz crackers, with cheese on the side. I am not sure if she will ever go back to dog food... EVER AGAIN.. as she seemed to resist it on a good day, when she didn't mind eating. Not sure how long we are going to have the Little Lady Nine Lives Catdog around... but for today she is still with us.

This is her, in the back of the jeep.. with her harness on... looking for bears....

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Too much, and too little

The days are creeping by quickly.

Somedays they are not quick enough, and other days there are not enough hours in the day.

This past week has been hugely trying, of which the only thing I will speak of is the Little Miss Till Till.

Now she is 12 (ish ) years old. It only takes common sense to know that you are not going to save a 12 year old german shepherd that has already had nine lives, and despite looking just like a dog, really reminds me of a cat. But of course the vet, and all their fees can surely save her.

OK... we will take her to the vet... because you know, it might be something fairly fixable (antibiotics for a UTI)'s best to do something rather than a whole lot of nothing.

Well aren't we good... while we are doing a whole lot of nothing, the cost of doing nothing is rising.

Not sure what today will bring, as yesterday she seemed a lot brighter, I think that might be because she got pee all over the floors maybe. ( Making up for her lost puppyhood with us, which she didn't live here then... maybe). This morning already I can see a change in her again. The lovely stinky canned dog food that she was so excited to eat has already been shunned by her.

WE are not really excited to do anymore labwork. the urinalysis suggested that it was her kidneys that were failing, so we did bloodwork to show what the kidneys were up to... so then after that OF COURSE her liver enzymes were out of whack.. but wait... lets do another test, oh, and we didn't do a test that would show her white blood cells... too late for that... Where they have suggested to do an ultrasound.. uhm... no thanks....we'll wait to see if the bloodwork they did suggests pancreatitis... that involves antibiotics doesn't it.... ?

We'll see what today brings... so far, she is appearing unsettled, as in uncertain of where she would like to sit for any length of time.