Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost 12 hours ago...

I was milling about in the darkness... sitting with the laptop.

Now I am mingling in the daylight.... workin the PC.

See.. satisfied with the mundane... day or night.

what would i like??

i think i would like some almond milk... oh yes i would.

The rain is drizzling, the house is all quiet, with the exception of someone doing some loud sleeping, and me doing doing some clicking. I can hear the trains motoring thru the night, and a diesal truck finding it's way to somewhere....

My next location will be the den... where the television of excitement is... that will for sure lull me into some sort of comatose state. I wish hockey was on right now... that would surely have me drifting off nicely.

Have just been to facebook world... and holy creepers most everybody is quite excited. Well... with one exception.... moi! Clearly I have a sickness about hockey... a certain dislike attitude, a rather strong aversion, almost similar to the skunk like smell that lingered about last evening. My favourite part of the game is the last three seconds!

In things that are almost happening:

The boy is almost willing to go on camera for me to record him playing the piano. DONT mistake this as a shy guy that doesn't wish to play in front of the masses, or doesn't like the all eyesbulbs on him.... quite the opposite... so I am getting closer in my attempts... now I just need to find the little digital!

The Pippy makes a good orphan! I saw her in her costume yesterday.... with her hair all a flub, and badly matched clothing... she looked good. One thing... how do we do orhpan make up...? Will have to ask that of somebody... now sure who.

Alright moving onto the television now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

good evening fellow readers

It's good to be here tonight!

Although it's a bit late.. the PIP and I are watching SUPERSWARM. Very cool I say !

There is an actual thing called 'bug burgers'... for real... but count me out.... they are not for me, even though they have seven times the amount of protein than in a regular beef burger. Still can't sell me!

Best stop here.... don't like typing on the laptop... I am notorious for writing, and then somehow hilighting and then deleting all in one millisecond...

right PIP... right.... PIP... where did you go... did I just erase you now too???

Friday, April 23, 2010

the Inn at Lake Devine

Finally! What a lovely and predictable book. I liked the characters, I liked the story, it didn't go on tooooo long, it was a pleasant read.. all 272 pages! AND even better.. it's for the book club.. which isn't until next week.. so I am free to start a new quest! From the stack ten million miles high! (In the meantime... I might need to take notes... I will absolutely forget who was who in the zoo by next week!).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So... here's the thing...

I stole something... again!

A BC BLOGGER button... just because...

But then I decided to delete other things.... and now I wish to add some other junk.

Not sure what yet.

I would like to see my years gone into one little section, and can't seem to manage to do that.

So, in an effort to change things up a bit.. I stole a button, yes, that is what I did.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the girl whispered to the boy....

Be very careful JimmyDean, Momda might have just gone a little over that big deep edge.
JimmyDean crept around the corner, and with his long legged ways tip toed into the den... where I was sitting eyeing him suspiciously and of course watching the last moments of Chris Carter, yet another Global TV guy that I love... sorry Mark... love you too, but I must spread my loving worshipness around...

JimmyDean tells me that he should be very careful, he thought maybe I would start telling him weird stories and calling out random orders of business. When I did just that, he breathed a sigh of relief... I was still in fact me, and clearly not on "that" edge that the sister claimed I was on.

In other things humorous:

I haven't been paid since January for my community work. How strange. There seems to be a bit of silent uprising because of this... and yet nobody has come to me yet with either a cheque or an explanation.

JimmyDean desperately needs to learn some piano music... in his pleading tones, and dramatic ways he comes to me yesterday evening and begs..."can't you just get me another lesson.. just one more lesson... I NEED ANOTHER LESSON.... YOU know how much I can learn in JUST ONE LESSON!!!"  His eyes were all crazed and he was fidgetylike... I think he is suffereing from a case of "piano-crack". Poor JimmyDean.

Fussilina reminded me yesterday that today would be two months since "Till" departed our homestead... "oh".. says me... I am liking our new "till"... she sports around the house wearing two jingles, leaves little hair, and we don't need to worry about getting her outside, AND, we don't need to worry about feeding her... AND, if we forget about her for a day... she doesn't seem to mind either. The old "Till" and the new "Till" are very much the same in that they are very silent... except when moving around the home, and that is when the jingling can be heard. The added bonus is the fact that we can now THROW this Till around... the other Till we couldn't pick up... if we did, she would apply magnets to her feet and make it impossible to pick her up... not even sure why averagelyjoesane-ish people wish to pick up their german shepherd dogs... but sometimes it must be done...

I went out and moved some plants around in the front yard yesterday... I am feeling the need to purchase some more magic...I need them to be perrenials, and preferrably ones that do not look like dandelions!

In dramatic issues:

My Tim Hortons isn't tasting so TimHortonish.
JimmyDean wishes to go see the play at his highschool (the wedding singer). JimmyDean is his own schoolplay.
Fusslinas play (annie) will be acted out this month... clearly our 25 dollars worth of ugly purchases of clothing and boots were not ugly enough, and she must purchase more ugliness for the play. I am thinking not... maybe I will take a match and burn the semi-ugly sweater and lessly ugly blouse into a firey mess... that will clearly make them much uglier, and of far better performance value.

In issues that are confusing to me, and which I NEED SOME ADVICE!

Should I wash my car, or not....?

Almost everyday I make my way down to the bear location... I am on the MAD hunt for some spring photos of my black beauties... and yet I must drive down a dusty and mucky road for a short distance to see them... so what is the point... I wish it to be indigo blue and lovely and shiney... but my love for the perfect photo is really high upon the wishing list... what to do what to do....?

As always... clearly, deeply, semi-crazy!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Report just in... things that are gone:
  • The RED barn pictured below!
  • Laundry off the laundry room floor!
  • The SEWING MACHINE clutter off the kitchen counter!
  • The family has left for the day!
  • My green waste container... (which I am looking forward to filling again!)
  • The black blobs down in the fields.... (haven't even seen a spring one yet!)
  • One of my favourite blogs....!
Better stop there... the list could be endLIST! HA!

So yes... about that red barn.... so strange. I LOVED that barn... I really did. It was just so perfect sitting in the back of the field... doing nothing but aging beautifully.. and now there isn't a remnent left of a red barn. (I STOLE the milk can in the KNICK of time... because last week it was all boarded up... so I am thankful that I took pictures before that disaster happened, and now this week... that the RED BARN is no more!)

This week in excitement involves the fact that THEY have made new episodes of "say yes to the dress". YOU have to love that!

AND AND AND... I did take a vacation day to go to a seminar on Saturday.. so smilingly will not be working both days this weekend.. but will still be in the same location anyways.. going to a seminar!

I must start planning out the flower situation for the yard... on top of cleaning up the yard, on top of trimming the yard, on top of removing the evil "not morning glory but behaves like morning glory" plant life that is growing all around the perimeter of my yard.... this work MUST be done between rain storms... which are kind of arriving this week... so says my favourite mark madryga.

AND AND AND AND... must check on the eaglets situation that is happening all around me,... including on this computer screen, and down on the dyke. it makes for a busy one!

OK... over and out.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing says spring like:

  • the sound of a pressure washer going for hours and hours!
  • sheets hanging on the clothesline
  • weed preparations making their presence
  • finding my hummingbird juice!
  • the dandelion picker is in constant use
In other things even more spring like & very exciting:

  • I spied on three eagles nests yesterday
  • there is a presence of large black bloblike objects moving about
  • the crow family is not using our tree for a nest
  • there are bigger and better runner sales!
  • the sun was hugely warm yesterday, and will be increasing in strength today!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today in history:

Which didn't make it in some of the ON-LINE historythingys....

Terry Fox started his cross Canada run on April 12 in St. John's Newfoundland (from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast) for Cancer research, which was called "Marathon of Hope", (at the time he had hoped to raise one dollar for each of the 24 million Canadians).

To date there has been just about 500 millions dollars raised.

I guess this information didn't make it into ON-LINE history... I should have googled "Canada's HEROES" instead.

Sporting this:

An unfinished dress... (just simply can't be bothered!)
A new OLD milkcan, freshly TAKEN from a red barn.
No cell phone, gave it to the boy, where the boy left it at the GF's house.
That's a problem.
Bad hair!
Which is always the case, and generally a problem.
Two children with colds, the eldest went to the school.
The youngest didn't.
She might... as she has pizza fixings to prepare with her partner.
A great read that needs to be accomplished.
An almost an anniversary to celebrate... OK, maybe not... how about recognize.
THANKFUL there isn't freaking HOCKEY.
Found some summer runners I wish to buy, mind you .. they wont be $20.00 cheaper this week, so maybe I won't buy them.
Straighter glasses. Had those lenscrafters people turn their back on me, and straighten them yet again... I am just not certain what exactly they do when they straighten them... but they are always straighter when they are put back on my face. Hmmmm.

That is all.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

8 degrees

That is what the temperature outside that the car keeps telling me what it is...

It has to be, cause the car says so.

I just can't figure out HOW I WAS ABLE to go walking in a thin yoga jacket and pants when it was:

2 degrees.

It had to be, cause the car told me so.

And from what I know... my little Indigo Blue Mazda5 doesn't lie!

I might... but the car doesn't.

BUT I am not lying when I say that I walked in 2 degree weather.

ALTHOUGH I will claim that I was senseless and more than likely almost frozen...

BECAUSE I am frozen now, in 6 more degrees of warmth.

How can that be people... HOW?

In other things:

The boy had to get himself up and organized for school this am, minus and ADULT to tell him to wake up, get ready, and go to school.... and that to me is a larger question at the moment...

How can THAT be people... HOW????

Will find out later if he was successful... because the automated tattling system will call me... that's how!

Monday, April 05, 2010

TODAY is the day

  1. That I finish the "lilypad dress"
  2. Colour this "do" of mine!
  3. Take some photos.
  4. Do the laundry... hey what gives... that ALWAYS makes it on this list!
  5. Find some cream for my coffee.
  6. Might even buy some groceries!
  7. DIG some books out of Miss Pippy's room for "my friend Kim"
  8. Colour my hair
  9. Colour my hair
  10. AND... last but not LEAST... colour the hair.
In other adventures:

I almost finished the dress yesterday... but decided to "take off" and flit around the streets of PoCo, listening to my ipod... so if YOU spotted someone pludging about at the speed of turtle... it was all me people!

We trundled over to my fab-tab-ulous mothers house for a turkey dinner. She was fit to be certain that she wished to make a turkey dinner... I will ask her today whether that will be her choice again to undertake such endeavours again... OH.. and then her tap broke, and Mr Silent fixitman was sitting at home watching his hockey game... so he couldn't even help out.

Feels strange to be home here.. on a Monday...so that is the reason my hair looks so crazy... no wait.... that is not the reason, my hair is crazy on any given day.

Must get cracking as my oumph is lacking!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Flying times..

I miss arriving here daily... where I have been.. but NOWHERE...  so I am not certain why I haven't made time for my daily chats... because YOU PEOPLE that know me... KNOW that I am in constant communicado with myself ... enough so that I look like a crazy person that is always talking to themselves.

I have a large solution for that.... I think I am going to wear not ONE but TWO bluetoothes! That way I can continuously have my stream of consciousness out there for the world to hear... and yet still look like I have some semblance of order settled in my life.

That might just work.

I can't believe my lack of wordiness that has evolved. Perhaps I am just involved, which has left with me disolved for wordy narration!


Spring has sprung, and so has springbreak!

We went to Alice in Wonderland last Thursday... with Johnny Depp in 3D. Very cool. I don't see many movies on the bigscreen... and this was a must see! Perhaps it was the 3D that caught my eye! HA!

My 12-15 people grew to 23 last Monday. Clearly I need some help in my ability to count heads!

Also... the Rainbow Butterfly restaurant was cool... went there for DimSum... that was an experience.... I went there with my former walking buddies! The Pippy and I ended up doing errand shopping ... which was all good... especially when errand shopping can be done so close to home...! BUT THEN... the sister called me later and wished for me to yet again join her in her most favourite of locations to visit: Walmart! (ick ick double ick!). BUT THIS TIME: we were tricked. There wasn't bedlam and chaos and constant overhead pages, and bad music and screaming children, and badly stocked shelves... and to end a successful of all successful Walmart shopping trips... there were not line ups ten miles deep... but rather... an open and empty line up. Stunned, shocked, amazed and silenced... can there really be a next time???

I FINALLY got the nice rims put back on the Mazda5.... it just isn't my little Mazda5 without the pretty rims... with those silly BLACK rimmed snow tire thingys!

We went off to the Aquarium on Wednesday. That was pretty fun... JimmyDean and his Lady Miss ScrumptiousTea, and the Pippydoll and myself. On the way home we stopped off, and toured the downtown eastside... we had to take a double tour, just to find a home to a bunch of coats that came from my closet. Myself and JimmyDean walked up to a bunch of people standing on the street and asked if they needed them... everything was whooshed out of our hands, and more importantly a brand NEW backpack was ripped from Mr. JimmyDeans piano hands like NO tomorrow. Glad to know that we made someones day. OH.. prior to that we visited a restaraunt.... where I went to go wash my hands, and put my really in need of hair colouring bad do back in order... which is where I see a youngish lady fixing her hair. Me, being not the silent type at times told her that her hair looked great.. and how about trading! She then says to me that she is depressed, has had a bad day, doesn't feel that she looks good, and makes $35,000.00 dollars a year, the least in her office. Hmmm... well...I being Deanna offered her up some instant advice.... so , once you are done in the restaraunt, know that you look good (to a complete stranger), go enjoy the beautiful afternoon spring air, and take a brisk walk, breathe deeply, and blow away your troubled thoughts... and once you have done that maybe you will have to start thinking about a way to make more money within your office, or find a new job... good luck to you..... I said to the dark haired woman as I left the bathroom. OK.. lesson number 4756 "do not talk to strangers".

Thursday I attended my NEW stroke group. I like the way I WRITE that I attended it... that is how I feel at the moment... like I have no qualifying statement that I belong... BUT... I was given the keys to the church to open the doors. OK.. how funny is that... Deanna running a program from the basement of a church.... ?? I wonder if it is OK to scream HOLY flying fruitbats in my head...?

Friday was d-day... "d-day I started d-dressssss". Miss Pippydolls Royal Party MayDay dress... and MAYDAY is what I should have started shrieking from the start. I ironed and ironed and ironed it.. and it is still wrinkled... AND... I am not even sure if I have made the dress with the right sides of the wrong sides together... there has been a lot of thought put into that one...AND that my friends is the problem.. I have put a lot of thought into this dress... and it is not turning out to my satisfaction.... I am just not happy with it.. of course I am also worry that it isn't going to fit... wherein "that will be a a problem"... Saturday also took up a great part of dress making.... all because I wished to line the dress... which changes things altogether... so here I am .. Sunday morning, with a dress half done... which MUST BE FINISHED TODAY.

Miss Pippy stayed at my moms last night.. which destroyed her chances at diving into chocolate trails this morning... being that she is almost 13 (aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!), and yet still very much in tune with the "great things in life"... I assured her that the Easter Bunny had still left her a little something, and that her friend Harold the Monkey was holding on tight to it....

JimmyDean doesn't exactly care about trails of chocolate, but wished to just have something of goodness handed to him... which is what he will get. He will like that I am sure.... I am such a good Easter Bunny!

Alright.... it's a good feeling to have finished the book... (which everyone must read!), and now it's time for the dress!


Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Norna Landvik.

So guess what! I finally was able to read a book! That sounds like such a feat.. and I guess it is one... but to finish a book, and enjoy it, well that is a feat and a half!

This is exactly as the book depicts by the title, and the picture. This is pure fiction in it's finest! This book SUCKS you in on the first page... so that you are stuck reading it till the end. FOR ONCE, that didn't bother me!

Mind you... it has taken me weeks upon weeks to finish.

(OH... and I attended last months book club, while NOT reading the book!... AND by the sounds of things it probably wasn't a bad one to miss...
while I appreciate a classic, I believe in telling stories by way of movieland... which is what I will stick to: we read Emma by Jane Austin)