Friday, December 30, 2005

Let's see....

I realized that flyers really can be helpful. I happened to see on the front page of "Canadian Tire" that they had a computer desk, and a 4 shelf book case that was separate. Being the kind and practical parent that I am.... I think the boy can have that for his birthday present. He might cringe at this most practical birthday gift, but then again, I am also a bad gift giver, oh well, he loses this year.

OH, and since I did let myself out of the house today, it came to light that I do not ever want to work at "Canadian Tire". I had to go to two Canadian Tires to get the computer desk thing, so that meant I had to talk to people in the process. I am certain that they could not have paid these employees enough to be happy, crack a smile, or even be helpful, or wait, look like they have an ounce of energy even. I didn't find this in the one store, I found it in both the stores. I even got to watch this short haired short person dispute the abilities of a blow dryer return... (I started thinking to myself.."Alright little short girl, with little short hair, you are a customer service person, not a product specialist, shut up and let the girl with the BEAUTIFUL long red flowing locks return the god damned blow dryer.....FUCK!"...). Perhaps instead of getting a Christmas Bonus.. all these poor suckers got were Canadian Tire Christmas Cutbacks!

In other things worthy of a late night mention....the catdog is tired today. She had to be outside earlier to sit in the lawn. Being winter, it may have been a bit too damp on her precious fur and delicate paws. Then later, she had to entertain other guests, by sniffing out other cats. That tired her further. She did get to go for a walk, and had an encounter with a fearsome little yappy thing that was locked behind a fence, which she hid behind me as we walked past. A little later she frantically paced about the 1365 foot rancher in great worries about her food, whether she should eat it, or wait for the king to come home. She took a little rest at that point, and stared at her food in her bowl, just in case some of it tried to get away. Finally, the husbandman came home, which expended the rest of her energy wagging her tail, and running back and forth between the laundry room, and the livingroom. We are not sure of the reason for this random running, but it seems to make her happy. A short while ago she was zonked out on the couch. Now I have found her sleeping beneath the Christmas tree, again zonked out. I think this is her pre-bed time nap. She should sleep well tonight. I might have to curtail the clicking of the keys, as it may be disturbing her.

Quiet as a cucumber

Things are going to have to change. I need to put on my walking shoes on and spy glasses and start to mingle again with the human race. I have been far too quiet this past week... and now I am hearing voices in my head. These voices are getting rather bossy as well. I could start off by marching over to the neighbours that I do not know and start freaking that I can see the fire in their fire place from my front window.. and it is really freaking me out. But I guess since I can still Oprah on the big screen TV, that I shouldn't be too worried.

Another realization just came to light... perhaps I am migrating to the silent Mr. Husbandman way of life. It's time to start drinking.

Quick as a bunny...

I have some Majong players coming over today. I need to do some speed tidying so the regular clutter wont mess up the christmas clutter. I could get rid of the christmas clutter, but then that would make the regular clutter stick out.

The sick man is tired of me calling him sick man. He is no longer ill at ease with badness. He told me that while he was eating some turtles and other assorted chocolates. I guess I believe him.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


I have stalked the recycle truck today, put away some christmassy things, cleaned out the fridge of any form of turkey dinner remnants, (except for the coleslaw), planted some tulips (because I just happened to find them), and washed ALL of the bedding on our bed. Currently the door is shut to our room, with the window open just to air it out a bit. One day of sickness for the husbandman, and that's it for me. Everything needs to stripped and cleaned and disinfected and then once overed. Oh, I might add that he went to work this morning.. and is still not home with his sickness factor. Anything that the bug infected man might have touched has been cleaned. A bit psycho yes, but it probably needed it anyways.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh NO!

To eat or not to eat...that's the question of the hour...... the husbandman came home from work. he was rather vomitus. He wasn't like that at 5 oclock, but was definitely ill at 6 oclock. After a quick review of the types of food eaten today... THE TURKEY... was the frightening item. None of the others in the homestead today had turkey... except for him. He also had an orange, and some coffee, and a beer afterwork. Now that menu alone would be enough to make a stomach turn, but he managed until late in the day. So... is this now a case of a turkey gone bad?

The season of change.

December 21st is the first day of winter around these parts. Interesting, because I believe that January 1st is the first day of spring.. for me that is. It is from this point onward that the days start to get lighter out, and the darkness trickles in later and later. I enjoy this little madcap headgame that I play with myself. I am even considering the garden, and the spring flower placement, and the pots for the summer time. I haven't even hit the New Year yet and this is where my minds wanders to. I even hear birds outside.... that are chirping. This excites me greatly.


I seem to be trapped in a home where children refuse to get dressed, brush their hair, or teeth. It's 1:00 in the afternoon. I need to go places.. and I am not able to take them out.. people would most certainly stare!!

Today I will....

I think today I will start dismantling the Christmas craziness that has taken over our home. I am not certain the chicklets will notice, and if they do.. I will have the standard phrase ready...."I'm just in the middle of dusting and had to move things...." It should work.. that is until I throw the christmas tree out the back sliding doors. Let's just hope that they are engrossed in the french copy of "cats don't dance", which came out of an english cover. Interesting marketing technique. Even the Pip wondered about this very thing.. and she said that the ladies at factory could not have been paying attention when they loaded the tapes... "they weren't very good video ladies".... The Pip continued to watch the movie anyways.

In other things that I will do today... I will continue to read a 'manual' about tweens. I of course am reading out various interesting parts to the Hamsterson himself, with an accentuation on the word TWWWEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNN just to get his attention. Actually, it's very therapeutic for myself and him. He now believes he's just a regular kid, and I believe that he can't graduate from university fast enough. In the meantime, I will continue with my drawling tween business, and he will guffaw himself all over the place and tell me that he needs to read that book. Just as soon as he puts down his Archie comic. Hmmm.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A fun little story at Christmas time.

A story of crisis, hope and determination.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Oh, the stalker sister strikes again.

The stalker is ever so helpful.

I am here, on this Christmas Day, doing working things.. because that is just what I do. I eventually come in this morning at a lovely 0900. Everybody else has been here since 0730, but then I do not do the same job as the other people.. and don't "count" for needing to be here at such a time.

Earlier this morning:

The husbandman and myself got to watch the very excited Pipster squeal in glee with her presents from Santa, although she was terrified to go to bed last night, because she is afraid of him. I love the fact that she still believes in Santa Claus. Especially since I wrote her a letter last night, and placed it with her gift for this morning. She was too estatic to even try to read it. Her eyes twinkled in excitement as I read out some of her achievements that she made throughout the last while. Oh Pip, she is just so cute and blond some days.

The Boy on the otherhand is a gentlemanly one. He takes his time opening his gifts, cherishing what might be beneath the paper, and then looking at it, and then thanking us, and then talking about it, and then talking about other things about this gift, and then asking questions. OH MY GOD!!! GET ON WITH IT!! I managed not to hiss at him. The girl on the other hand is in a frenzy below the christmas tree, and then there's Mr. Stillshot.

While at work....

The sister stalker phones the ward.. and being the stalker girl that she likes to be.. spilled the beans that not only do we celebrate the "reason for the season" birthday boy, we celebrate mine as well. Oh thank you stalker sister..... there I just spilled the beans about myself... and if the stalker could find her way here, she would have spilled the beans first.

Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Long range...

I was up bright and early today... just so I could hear the weather report. Nice and early... like 3:30 early. I wanted to be up before the birds, wait, there aren't any morning birds around here right now. Anyways.. I was hoping for some news of some white stuff heading our way for Christmas day.... this was the outcome: I think it will be so green this Christmas Day that Santa may be mistook for an alien, the other thing is.. he should be holding an umbrella, perhaps he should have a back up as well.

Telephone email

Just be thankful that you are not my friend KIM right now. I think I just sent the worlds longest email to her. I even sent her a warning message in BIG RED LETTERS informing her on how and when to read the email. There is nothing wrong this email, it is just long winded, no really very very long winded, and she has two very small children... and she could be easily distracted by the complete natterings from myself. Not that I had anything great to say... I just kept typing as my brain kept thinking of things to write. It wasn't even one of those evil letters that you get in your once a year christmas card correspondence from THE AMAZING FAMILY who have REALLY AMAZING CHILDREN, and AMAZING ADVENTURES, and EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL. It wasn't one of those at all. (OK, please tell me that everyone receives one of these letters from some distant friend/relative). I used to IM-patiently await the arrival of this christmas card every year... just so I could read all about THE AMAZING FAMILY. This was one of the first realizations that I had that I just love to people watch, and at this point, it was people reading. Anyways.. my email to my friend KIM was nothing like that. Although I did talk about the misadventures with my lovely Pip, and her landing on her head, or something to that affect in gymnastics.... and although we got it checked out by an xray... she definitely did do something to herself, and it certainly wasn't knocking any sense into her. But that was all, I didn't go into detail about MY AMAZING PIP. I'll save that... for tomorrows email!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Not quite early

It isn't to too early, but early enough .. that if I ask the chicklets to ready themselves, we can make it out of here and go get some breakfast... so they will have pleasant and helpful smiles on their faces when we travel over to mall, and other places for some errands. This is just a thought, I am not quite certain what the outcome will be. I do know that the husbandman was looking for cookie cutters last night.. and kept asking me where they were... and I do not have a freaking clue where they might be.. afterall, I am not the person who uses them.. he is. Perhaps that will be the first purchase of the day... well, the first purchase after some coffee. I am going to need a kick to contend with the antics of the offspring....


There was a christmas party last night. I had all the intentions of going, and then I made a list of all the things that were required to go, and somehow this party wasn't so favourable to me afterall. Party list:
  1. Buy a gift under ten dollars. (I can do that)
  2. Bring a dish for the pot-luck dinner (Alright, I can do that too)
  3. Iron up my pants. (Attempt not to look like a hobo)
  4. Fluff up my sweater (Make it look like it is fresh out of my closet, not fresh from the bottom of my closet)
  5. Apply some perfume ("No scense makes good sense" at work.. I know these people will be bathing in it tonight.. might as well add to the competition)
  6. Realized that I had a wicked headache at 2:47 in the afternoon. (Ate some Tylenol)
  7. Started the boys laundry (bedding) at 3:45 PM. (No, it's not a party requirement, but the laundry had been put in the laundry room in the AM, but I of course totally forgot about it, and I had to get it done before the husbandman came home, otherwise that would be quite rude of me to ask him to finish it as I toodle out the door).
  8. Looked in the mirror around 5:15. (wondered who it was staring back at me)
  9. Contemplated making a dish for the christmas party. (Thought making soup for the girl out a can was already a lot of work)
  10. Called Mr. Husbandman at 5:50 and told him to not hurry home. (I was going nowhere, and if he could stop and buy a fresh turkey at the grocery store... because that was too much of an effort to try and buy today while I was out).
  11. Finally came to the conclusion that even with a smattering of brightly coloured lipstick and a wave of the curling iron for the "dreaded" locks was not going to help this party girl.
  12. Took more Tylenol at 7 PM, and sat in the living room and stared at the glowing Christmas tree.
  13. AAAhhhh... now that is festivus, for the rest of us!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


My list of books has grown very long. I have spent many days collecting and returning books to my little library across town. The sad thing is, some of the covers have come home, spent time on my night table, and returned.. in the knick of time, before the fine collector starts it's quarter a day thing, (for the next purchase of the libraries latest greatest books)!

In the meantime, I have a stack of books on my night table, and the return policy is simple... just return when I have finished reading them. You have to love that. Included in the friendlending library frolics, I now have another contributor to the libraryitis cause.... someone from work has lent me their copy of a book that I had to return last week, that I was a third of a way through. That is close to illegal for me, but then again, I do speed, and I don't mind doing that... so I had to give in to the book loss while still reading issue... and I did wait for about three months for the book from the library. What a winfall!

On that note... I must go and check the library for a book that a youngish lady told me about. I absolutely need to read it. She read it. It took her seven months to read. She also had a stroke a year and a half ago, which affected her speech side of her brain, which also affected her ability to see letters and numbers as they are written on the page. People and their perserverence keep me awestruck on many levels.

Comatose realizations.

The other day I had to ask my stalker sister how much she loved my children. I know that she loves me lots because she wouldn't travel around this great big earth looking for me half the time. That is especially when I do not have my cell phone with me.... she turns into a stalker more on those days.

Anyways... back to the love portion of the thought process..... I have mailed about thirteen zillion christmas cards, OK, I fall short by a couple zillion, but it's close enough. I have been very good at tucking in pictures of the aging chicklets with these cards, as the people that receive them on the other end like to see their smiling faces. As I worked feverishly through my envelope of pictures I realized that I did not have enough smallish pictures to hand out to my immediate family... you know the cousins that you only see every two months, and they sometimes forget their names.. that sort of thing. It was at this moment that I had to re-think the picture distribution procedure.

I am thinking that my stalker sister needs the 8 x 10 format of the chicklets parked on her big wall unit in their living space. I have come to this resolution by the fact that after I had put her two sweet chicklet boys to bed, I comatosely sat in her familyroom and stared at her wall unit for hours. Well, I did flick through channels to find a good movie, but the movie was only on for noise. Yes, a the big picture would surely look good sitting on her wall unit thing.. she might even be able to snag me for more evening children watching adventures.

Amusement factor

I do not have to go very far some days for myself to be amused. The chicklets are busy doing some special mirror dance to the third song "My Little Drum" from a Charlie Brown Christmas. It is a pleasant sight to watch them with smiles on their faces, because in about 10 seconds the special dance will disintegrate to rage and fits of "each other being in their space".... and thus end the dance. ActuallyI got lucky this time, and the song ended before they did! However; the Charlie Brown Christmas will continue to play on... I think by the time Christmas is over, I may even be sick of this music... but that's a big maybe.

We've left the ice age

The other night when I went to bed, I said good night to a landscape filled with lovely white frost. Yes, it's a bit cold, and a bit dicey when talking a stroll, or if you happen to tumble down your steps, or across your driveway for that matter. But all that aside, it is quite beautiful to behold, and with the big day arriving, and all the requests that go in for a white christmas... it was nice to think that here on the "wet" coast, we may have a white christmas, even if it was just Mr. Frostman coming to visit. That wouldn't be the case.... I awoke yesterday morning to the sound of rain. But snow doesn't make sound when it falls... so how could I hear rain. And there you have it, we are all green again, very green in fact, almost like the grass and evergreens are thankful that the frost is gone, so they seem brighter than usual. Maybe the jolly guy visiting from the north pole will bring some of his winter magic with him.

Monday, December 19, 2005

This is probably the best picture of all time to watch during the Christmas season... and now that I own the music, it is lovely... very lovely to listen to!!!

Da-da, da da da da

Yes, I am singing a song.... in my head, you can begin your "thank you's" NOW! It's the song by the Mama's and the Papa's.. Monday morning, I think that's what the name of it is. Anyways, it's Monday morning, and although I have to be someplace rather soonish.. I do not have to be anyplace right now.... like scurrying the chicklets off to their wonderful palace of learning. I do not think that I can hiss YESSSSSSS loud or long enough.

In other boring news... I realized a couple of weeks back that the font that I see on my blog is not the font that others see on their blog. Most interesting.... all of two minutes ago I changed that very fact... now I believe I see myself as others see me.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


You have to love line ups. I have encountered many over the last week, as I am sure many others have done just the same. I do chuckle though when I finally find a pair of pyjamas for the almost 11 year old son, and the line up to buy them is three miles wide. Sorry hamsterson I love ya, but not that much to spend hours in a line up for a pair of PJ's. That's just a little secret of mine... nobody needs to know!

IN other gifting business... the stalker sister showed up for another session of gift buying. We encountered the lovely and line up ridden Zellers today. The line up was long and tedious, and I wasn't about to put back the 2 items for purchase. The lady on the till was an older woman, and when she grabbed my goods, she also got on the phone, she said she needed a break. She then started hollaring into the phone that she didn't care who arrived to relieve her, she needed a break, and she did. I almost grabbed the phone and started to yell to get someone down here... she looked beat, and plus she was cranky, and she was out of big big bags, which is what I required... which sent her into a frenzy. She might not be a christmas enthusiast, or so it seems.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Finalizing, organizing, realizing.

This time of year always brings about a wave of renewal, and also a time of reflection upon the past 12 months. What are my accomplishments, where have I been, and where am I headed? The paths that I choose to follow are of my own design and distinction. I am wondering at this moment in time if I should be giving up my very much loved group that I coordinate every week. I am always on the verge of looking for something else, something a little bit more than a once a week group, although I am caught up in the benefit that I see in being part of such a group. But my question to myself this week, is the very group that I love very much the one thing that is holding me back from something more that I could be doing, and I haven't given myself the chance to explore? I would hate to take that step and leave this remarkable group of people behind, but then if I do not leave I may never find the right path either. I think that I should at least try.

In other moments of clarity and realization of life as it happens:

My sister and I were out together today... and we heard a sound that was so profound in both our minds, that it set me fleeing in the opposite direction. The sound followed, and eventually caught up to both of us. It was the sound of an autistic boy communicating either his love or his disdain to his mother. His bellow pulled tightly at mine and especially my sisters heart strings, and being the sensitive fools that we are, both burst into tears in Walmart. My sisters boy is autistic, but if there are things to be continually thankful for in life, her son is on the high functioning end of the spectrum. Where he complains about people not following rules, and asks mathematical questions that would put a Harvard graduate to shame. Who requests more information on the touring conditions in an automobile in the year 1904, and knows the make and model of almost every car built since the invention of the four wheeled beast, and that he doesn't really care if he is still pulling up his pants when he leaves the bathroom, or points his middle finger at you when asking big bold questions about the sky and universe beyond, but these are all things that we need to be thankful for, which of course made us both cry when the bellowing boy walked by.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rev your engines....

I am looking to accomplishing many things today. I haven't made a list, on paper, or in my head. I do not want to admit failure at the end of the day, when I have the sudden realization that I forgot to do something very important. So, for the moment I am drinking a very strong cup of tea, ((due to the extended (forgotten) steeping time)) and am "whoa-who-whoing" along to the lovely and wonderful sounds of Glass Tiger that is playing on the stereo.. I think it is Diamond Minds at the moment. And, for the moment I am in love with the remote control for the stereo, that way I can drag it around with me, or keep it by my side and can crank any good tunes whenever the whim strikes me.... meanwhile the volume is turned down while the station ploughs through it's pile of advertisements.

OH, and in other engine reving events.....I am obsessively waiting upon the stalker sister arriving at my house today. Don't ask me why... I just have the vibe.

In the meantime.... I will hunt around for cleaning utensils and fill the washing machine with laundry. Pip decided that she was not going to school based on the fact that she didn't like the clothes that she had to pick from. Hell, I would have to agree with her there... but I had to play it up that she looked comfortable in her Tuesday wardrobe selection.

One more thing.... Mondays 10 PM Channel 39 "Dead Like Me".... my next favourite show in the world... all because it has Mandy Pantankin in it. I love him. A lot.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome to Monday Part 2

Little did I know this morning how the day would turn out. The day turned out fine, very fine indeed. I was a tad bit nervous about people showing up for the lunch. Something always manages to go amiss in these circumstances. I even managed to have enough gifts for all the people that showed up at the group today. Although, I did have to give up some of my christmas bags to some of them! ( I have great issues about gift bags..... and gifting them away!!!). I furthermore had enough of the christmas humour packages to hand around to everyone, with extra for those that couldn't make it today. I am even more amazed that I had enough time to whip over to the Senior's Centre to photocopy the group a lovely red and green package of papers before we met for lunch.

Also included in this mornings events was the realization that the Senior's Coordinator had asked me to do a report for our group for this morning, as she had a meeting at 10:00 with the Advisory Board. This is some advisory board... about twenty five people huddled in around long tables. All nodding and shaking their heads at the details that I hand out to them, when asked, like I was today. I realized this at 09:39. SHIT. I started off the letter with a great degree of enthusiasm.. "Season's Greetings"... that gave me momentum to start thinking and typing and at breakneck speed. I managed to have it emailed to the Sr's Coordinator at 10:01, so being the polite and responsible person that I sometimes am.. I printed off a copy of the report, and brought it with me to the centre. I then handed it to a person in "the next office", and asked her to drop it off.. because I couldn't do it in person... I would have been made to read it out loud. Can't have that!.... The Senior Advisory Board would have way more questions, than I would have answers... and I had to be someplace, like the date with the photocopying machine!

As the lunch passed people were asking me about whether or not that we would meet again before the holidays started.. I was hoping that the answer would be NO!, but that wasn't going to be the case... we all now have a date back at the Seniors Centre for next week... for an intense game of Majong, and some Christmas tune entertainment from a couple of people that play the piano..the Mr. Hamnsterson himself, and an intriguing person that attends the Sr's Centre, and myself. I have a hell of a lot of practicing to do before next week. The fellow that attends the Centre is a concert pianist, or so it seems. His hands pound out music like water that flows from a tap, it's that beautiful.

I will welcome in Tuesday with open arms, I have no place to be, with no requests for driving someone somewhere from the school, no christmas concert to attend, or additional help in the classroom... although I have the stalker sister that is going to want someone to attend her boys christmas concert... I can feel her brainwaves heading my way....

Speaking of stalking... I have managed over the last week to become quite the stalker, although I haven't had any success at my stalkingness. I keep driving through my friends parking area at her townhouse complex with the same book in the back of the truck. She may be home, but then again I do not recall her being a mole (as in living in the dark). I am teaching the boy the same ways, as he has been with me everytime I am whipping past... today he reminded me to take the turn through the parking lot... but of course again, we are coming home with the same book in tow. Perhaps it's not meant to be! Of course, I could be looking at the wrong house number as well, I have clearly demonstrated over and over again that I do not have a memory. Oh the pressures.

Welcome to Monday

Right now... I have batteries on my counter charging, and my cell phone charging, and a hot cup of tea steeping in front of me, and one person that needs charging. I am going to sneak to the little cupboard and rifle through every single vitamin container I can find, and down them all....

I am thinking that I would like to join up on Survivor. Not for the game itself, but for the makeovers. The winner from last nights episode was downright... Miss America Worthy.... but that is only one tired mothers perception.

Our group is going out for lunch today. I am hoping for smooth sailing. I was asked to watch someones "drinking" while we are out. Hopefully the only drinking I am watching is endless cups of coffee, but who knows... I will bring the trusty digital for any goings on.

Must go and face Monday as it happens....first stop... laundry room.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Spray, puff and sparkle.

We are going out to a christmas "do". I had a hot shower, and I scrubbed my face extra hard so I had lots of colour.. so now everything is cleaned up, sparkly and face, sweater and painted lips are all kind of a blend of pinks. Except my eyes are not pink, they are blue, and even a bigger hint of blue since I am wearing eye liner. Now I must go and be my Mr. Husbandmans DD... it's his christmas party.

Through the dark and the fog.....

The gingerbread lady rises to make herself a cup of coffee with her unbroken coffee maker. I will drink and be happy at 0615 in the morning.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Envision this....

I have started taking ginger root along with the list of other vitamins that I gulp down the hatch. If I add a little extra flour and sugar, I should be the perfect gingerbread woman by Christmas time. Oh lucky me.

The crazed christmas shopper.

Today while I was out doing some christmas shopping errands I had to laugh at myself. I found this parking spot, just sitting there, vacant.. and it was calling to me. So I tried to get the 15 year old RUSTING around the wheels SUV into this space. My vehicle is not big, and yet it seems to behave like one when I wish to park it. There was ample room for my 15 year old SUV, but of course with a mind of it's own, I managed to hop the curb and the back wheel was insistant on resting upon the little curb. It kind of reminded me of a December 24th 5 P.M. desperate shopping event. Kind of like a skid, go and grab anything you can get your hands at the last second. The difference here was I came out empty handed, and then had to unload my vehicle from the curb.

On a whim...

  1. I turned the "broken" coffee maker back on... and it worked. I am ever so happy, except that I do not have any cream for coffee. That doesn't make it the end of the world, but it does make it a little less stimulating.
  2. I wonder what Pips reaction is going to be when she comes home to find her paper village packed up. She has monopolized the kitchen table since Sunday, today is Thursday, and her hand crafted paper village seems to have come a crashing halt. On second thought... one more day or two or ten will not kill me to have a whole village residing on my kitchen table.
  3. I was hoping for a coupon for AIRMILES from the paper... it didn't happen, now I must go spend money and collect a minute amount of airmiles... that just doesn't work for me.
  4. I am thinking of changing my headlight for the truck... but first I have to hunt down a screwdriver or something... and so help me... if I screw it up!
  5. Hopefully I will find the inspiration to write out a christmas card or two.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005


Those blogger helper people are fast... I have spent the last number of hours between flashcard drills and piano practicing looking for myself. I finally sent an email to the blogger helper people not too long ago... and PING-a-DING... here I am. I'm back, right where I left myself at 4:00 this morning when I was awake, and cruising around the world looking into other peoples lives, since apparently sleeping wasn't cutting it for me at that moment.

I sent them a little note. I had to embelish upon the fact that my blog was important to people, it made their lives whole. That this blog has a purpose and represented to those that passed by, a peace of mind, or hope and a path to understanding this life that we lead. OK, so I didn't really write that, but I am sure that is what they will be thinking when they read the note that I really did send:

HELP!! I am lost, I can't be found, and I can't go on if can not have my blog.

But surely the sophisticated blogger helper people will read between the lines and interpret the previous line as the above paragraph.. surely they will!

I am just happy that I have my wonderful little island of happiness back to write all my natterings upon. I would also like to thank my 9 other personalities for backing me up when I wrote to the blogger helper people that 10 other people relied on this blog as well to make their day whole.

OH, and for those that know me personally, I did buy a bottle of wine today... but I just never got around to opening it.. in case you have your eyebrows raised at this very moment.

Lost and found

For some reason blogger can not find me. Everytime I look myself up, I am not there, or here, or whereever I am supposed to be. That's OK, because I can not find me. I have been searching for years, and I still haven't caught up, or onto myself. I am sure that my question is no different than those of others: Is today the day that I find myself? I am more curious what my reaction will be once I do find myself... will I find the person that I think I am?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

NO sushi for you!

Well, that is if you want it on a Sunday. Apparently there is to be no sushi eaten on a Sunday around these parts. The sushi people are happy sushi makers for six days out of the week, but never on a Sunday. I wonder if that is the day that the sushi people sit, and eat sushi just for themselves. I am perplexed. Although.... I still have a container in the fridge from Saturday nights sushi fest... SSSShhh.. this must remain a secret.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Score one for the memory.

Luckily.... I remembered before the stores were ticking down to closing time that the Pipster had been invited to a birthday party tomorrow. We have a freshly purchased present ready for tomorrow. Yae for me.

Luckily.... the gangster thieves were not out in full force breaking into vehicles last night because I had conveniently left the doors to the newly repaired 15 year old SUV unlocked, and a spare set of keys under the floormat. AND, for the sake of extreme convenience.. I didn't have the club on the steering wheel either. Yae for me.

Luckily.... the husbandman had a day off... so I didn't have to take the chicklets to school, and actually had a real long shower. Besides he really wanted to drive the chicklets to school due to the sheet of ice that was passing for a road this morning. Yae for me.

Luckily....I remembered that the hamsterson had an orthodontist appointment... in the knick of time. Yae for me.

Luckily... I had some treats at home for the Pipster today... as she had an extreme repulsion to her new set of 'swimming lessons' that were going to start. Yae for me.

Luckily.... I met up with a friend at the pool who had a daughter that was just as gregarious as the Pip, and who was able to dress herself after a swimming lesson. I made Pip follow this younger gregarious girl.... and WALA Pip magically dressed herself after her swimming lesson. Big yae for me.

Luckily....Pip loved her swimming teacher... so the next 3 lessons should be a breeze. Yae for me.

Luckily.... I went to Costco with the husbandman, and he pointed out a christmas gift that he would like. I went back later (to get the birthday present purchase) and bought him his christmas present. Yae for me.

Luckily..... I have always pointed out to my two chicklets the beauty that surrounds us, and take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life that nature brings us... and my boy pointed out that very thing to me today... as I was trying to rush him to the orthodontist. Yae for me.

Luckily.... there is a Mr. Neatandtidy that arrives on the weekends while I am away at work. Hopefully he shows his face tomorrow. OH PLEASE.. yae for me.

Luckily.... it is late, and I must go. Yae for me...and yae for you.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hi! Slam!

I am the friendly door opener lady somedays. Unless of course you have a dog at your side. Which then you are met with a scream and the door slammed in your face, not once, but twice. All because I have a little dog at my side, who is terrified of other dogs. Things could get ugly if our little scaredy catdog met up with another unsuspecting dog dog. Life can be scary at the front door opener ladies house.

Bye, SLAM!

And here we have....

The month of number twelve.

On the very first day of the month we are kicking it off right... with a little white stuff to go with the start of the festive season. But it wont be here for long... so we will take it while we can get it...