Saturday, September 30, 2006

The boys went to the video store....

I was expecting a movie of greatness!! Something fascinating to carry me away into the land of happyviewingville.

I'll tell you what I got:

One rented video game.
One purchased video game.
And of course another purchased video game.

Those boys.

Now I have constant chitter chatter and game talk fall out.

Friday, September 29, 2006

That boy!

If there was a colour to represent that boy, it would be green. Various shades of the colour green, because he is rather colourful. But green wins the colour comparison award, hands down.
The green represents a turtle, which is what he is similar to, and I think almost relates to.

Yesterday, while the husbandman and I were both not looking we had one teacher call, and another teacher email us. They were both wondering about missed notices, and missing assignments, and money for math books, and field trip notices. Did I say he was a turtle... well, I was wrong, he's a squirrel, in a turtle state of mind.

I emailed the teacher, and did say that the boy was doing better than last year... he really was. I did actually ask for her to believe me... he was better. Yes, a painful process, for everyone.

The boy basically carries around all his belongings all day long, that way he knows he doesn't have to panic trying to find things. The poor guy, and there's nothing I can do for him. I asked him why he carries around his math book, and that is because he doesn't want to lose it. I am hoping that he will eventually begin to trust himself enough to realize that he can foresee his day, and pick up his materials when he requires them, rather than drag everything around with him. In the meantime, I am sending him two sandwhiches at lunch, as with all that packing, he must be building up some muscle mass, and burning calories by the milliseconds.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let me make this clear....

This black blob may be a black blob, but as the season is winding down.. I am going to miss these great black blobs.....

A little spin

Yesterday afternoon at 2:00 PM I left our house for a Dr's. appointment. I returned home at 5:56 PM, just in time to take the boy to his piano at 6:00 PM, and watch him eat his lovely Kraft Dinner that looked like fine dining to me at this point as we drove the five minutes. His piano place is just a short drive down to the place where I love best, and in fact this house on the hill doesn't overlook an old mill, but rather the blueberry fields. I drove myself around for about 25 minutes, and scouted for my friends. I saw that I the vehicle to one of my bear watching friends, but none of my black furred friends. RATS! Then... it was time to collect the boy from piano, and take him to TKD. I realized in the time that I was driving around looking for bears.. that I really need to "go peeeeeeeeee". Oh god, did I ever.... in my boredom from the 3 hours of driving in out and of the city, I had drank 3 bottles of water. Now I had 1 and 1/2 litres floating about, in what was turning out to be a huge abundance. Things weren't feeling to good. I had to quickly debate, where would be the best place to take the plunge. The icky TKD place, where I would have to ascend a huge number of stairs, or to the double icky icecream place across the street where all the teenage highschool girls serve icecream, and do not clean bathrooms. I opted for the icecream icky walk, and I was right... the bathrooms were just icky. I stared and took a breathe, not a big one mind you, as the pee was certainly circulating pretty much at it's end point, then I had to steal a bunch of toilet paper from the equally as bad boys bathroom, but interestingly enough... the boys bathroom had an abundance of toilet paper. Thanks to the boys and their toilet paper aversion, I was able to cushion up the icky girls toilet seat. The very few moments that I remained on the toilet a song sprang to mind... " I love to laugh, loud and long and free....", except I inserted different words. I guess I went to the bathroom in the knick of time, as I was certainly turning into a pee brain. Lucky for me, I think I have returned to normal, I think.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Janet Evanovich Twelve Sharp
I forgot about this from last week.. I laughed somewhere close to the end.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Earlier this evening the lovely PIPster and I went driving about looking at our favourite bearspotting points. Well, isn't that a shock!... This time we bumped it up a notch, and I took pictures of all the pop out spots that we found along our way. It really is exciting times for the two of us in the 16 year old white SUV, but you know.. when the mall is unavailable, we really do have to make our own fun.

In other things not fun at the mall:

I made a lady cry the other day. I didn't mean to, I just made her burst into tears and cry, cry, cry. That wasn't the only crying going on as she was hanging onto a three year old boy that was crying, in-between his screaming and kicking. It was a frightful event. She was also trying to push a baby in a stroller, and also had a very sweet little girl walking next to her carrying a big bag, almost as big as the little girl herself. I spied her from a ways away, and people were giving her the evil eyes, not unlike myself on any given day when I hear kids screaming hysterically from buggies and shopping carts while I am out. I despise screaming children... I did not let my children scream when they were little, they were not allowed, and hmmmm, how odd, I did not tolerate it. Anyways... I walked up to this woman, and gently touched her arm and asked her to stop. I told her that it was my job to push her buggy and carry her bags and smile at her sweet little girls, and it was her job to hold and hug her screaming hysterical boy. We strolled out of the mall, the little baby looking up at me, with my badly coloured hair do (( I am not ready to talk about that yet!!!)), and the cutesy sister was busy looking at me... and the boy screamed, and the mother and I talked. As all mothers like to do, she said she could handle it once we made it to the exit, but then I said my job wasn't done, until I had walked her to the car... that made her cry more.

WE have all had those kinds of days, when even, with our IMAGINARY octopus arms, we can not manage, and would love the help from someone, anyone.... even me, a hater of screaming children!

What was that fourth picture again..?

It's the place where these great creatures "pop out" from, and then saunter down the road, like this great fellow. This is a photo of his hind end, naturally he would be walking away from the camera... as these great beasts are not only people shy, but naturally camera shy as well.
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Some things I found the other day

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

the silence of the Sunday...

Mine would be silent if I could have the five letters that I need to write stop rattling around in my head. I hope I write them soon, I need some silence from with in!

In other things silent....

The husbandman... and how odd is that, I must go investigate...

Friday, September 22, 2006

0700 - 0800

The lovely and wonderful grade sixer Hamsterson asked me for some advice the other day. He may think twice before ever asking me again, or, since I kind of helped him out... who knows if he will come back with more questions and advice...

He asked me when it might be a good time to get a girlfriend. This was my answer:

"Let's walk you through the process of getting up in the morning Hamsterson! Then that way you might be able to figure out when it is a good time to get a girlfriend...." I said to him.

"Here, I have some questions to ask you..

Part A
  1. Who wakes you up in the morning?
  2. Who says yes to your clothes?
  3. Who makes sure that you have put on clean socks and underwear?
  4. Who asks you to make your bed, and put your dirty clothes in the ((new!)) laundryroom?
  5. Who tells you to brush your teeth, have your shower, put your deodorant on, and please wash your hair?
  6. Who makes your breakfast?
  7. Who double checks that you have all your stuff in your backpack?
  8. Who makes a lunch for you everyday?
  9. Who reminds you that even though it's appears to be cold out, that wearing the Gangsta' jeans will not be a good choice since it will be 30 degrees at 3:00 pm.., and who reminds you that you do not like heat?
  10. Who tells you to hurry up, and eat because 0750 is quickly approaching.
  11. Who lets you know that you need runners on your feet before leaving for school?
  12. Who says "I LOVE YOU", and means it when you walk out that door?

Part B

  1. How much money do you have?
  2. Do you have a job?
  3. Who do you walk to school with?
  4. What do you do in your spare time?
  5. Where do you eat lunch at, and how do you spend your lunch hour?

I asked the questions to the lovely Hamsterson in Part A, which he answered everyone with a "you do". I reminded him that once he could handle all those things on his very own, without me having to remind him on one thing he could probably handle a girlfriend.... but then I added Part B. I filled in the answers as his big blue eyes got bigger and bluer:

  1. None, you have spent it all on your girlfriend, and that Lego Starwars Game II, forget about it.
  2. Need to get one fast.
  3. Nobody, except for your girlfriend.
  4. Spare time = all the time with the girlfriend.
  5. Next to the girlfriend, next to the girlfriend.

"Well, what do you think about a girlfriend?" I asked the Hamsterson. "They are way too much work, and I am not spending my $80.00 bucks on them, I am going to buy my game, there's no way I am sharing my bucks with them!!" he said back to me. "Besides this whole Grade 6 thing is pretty complicated to figure out as it is, let alone try and have a girlfriend hanging off me.."

The next day home from school the Hamsterson came rushing in the front door of the 1365 square foot rancher, and ran to our rickety ugly kitchen table that will not be replaced until next summer when the husbandman FINALLY will be able to do the kitchen.... and slammed down his books...."Great advice yesterday mommy" he bellowed to me...

"Oh OK Hamsterson... was it good advice or bad advice...." I asked.

"Well today, a girl asked me out...." he says with his sparkly blue eyes.

"Oh, and what was the answer that you gave to her....?" I inquired.

"Well, I looked at her and hissed GET LOST!" he tells me.

"Oh, son, Part C lesson starts right now, listen up....."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ahhh, welcome Wednesday...

I am wondering why I have a headache... let me think, let me think... oh right.. I remember why I think I might have this headache. It might have something to do with the fact that I really needed to colour this orangatang orange mass of mess, and then once the colour was busy filling the follicles with "snow whitish" looking locks, I jumped on my stair stepper and raised the heartrate for an allotted period time, which started the blood gooshing and wooshing about the pathways and highways, thus sucking in all the lovely chemicals into the system.

I have a # 50 Garnier Nutriesse headache at the moment.

Now, back to my book..... I have one day left to read it....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The big purchase

Where did I find myself once again today.... it is almost as if I was drawn there, like the wind that moves the clouds, I once again found myself at Home Depot. Yes, milling about in the back corner of the store, filling my buggy with bags of dirt and a fresh bag of grass seed. I seem to grow a lot of grass, and I believe it is only one blade at a time, as I am constantly in grass growing mode. I think one day I might get it right, or, give up, and quit growing grass.

Welcome to Tuesday

I know today I will behave like a lost soul. The Stalker Sister will be sleeping from her nightshift last night, which keeps me safe from her "on a whim travels" that I get myself rooked into.

Mind you even though I will not have someone hunting me down on an minute by minute basis.. I am certain that I will find many things for myself to do. Tuesdays (for me at least), are good days for hunting and gathering. Actually it really is the day where I complete all the things that I didn't get accomplished from last week, plus I make a new (usually unachievable!) list of all the things that should be done for this week. All that aside, it is usually fun to see how much junk that I can accomplish, it's almost skill testing... but without any actual skill involved.

And that's a Tuesday for ya!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I asked the husbandman a favour...

Do husbands and wives actually speak... about STUFF, or is that just a myth?

I do wonder about this... quite a bit of the time.

I have had good opportunity for observing the husband/wife behaviours, and it seems to me that most people speak. I believe the husbandman is an exception.

I have asked him to start speaking to me on a more regular basis, as I am now talking to myself on a level that is now nearing completely annoying. In fact, I have taken to speaking for him, when he quietly moves about our 1365 square foot rancher when I believe that there should be some dialogue in order. I just speak whatever it is that should be spoken, and then announce that this is probably how a normal speaking individual would sound, and of course I am just being helpful by leading by example. He just stares at me all wierd-like, and smiles. I must admit that I am not yet answering my questions and comments, but I am moving on quickly into this territory. I am not certain by his silence, but it is something that he is beyond peak performance in.

Tomorrows game plan will be of an annoying sort. I am going to try and speak very slowly to the husbandman, perhaps my contuing chatter has frightened him from speaking at all.

Are you a packrat when.....

  1. You keep the ripped out Sodukos from the paper in a convenient ziplock bag... (of course handy for the occasions that they fall out of the car and land on the wet pavement...)
  2. You finally clean out your summer bag and you mysteriously find 11 tubes of lip colour, with their 11 tubes of matching lip shine with it.... of course... they are all conveniently encased in a ziplock bag... ((for easy access while driving))...
  3. When you can confidently send your child to school with a safeway/saveon bag everyday for their school lunches, and do not ask them to make sure they bring it home again.
  4. You find an equally sized bag of bags in your clothes closet, full of bags from purchases made at the mall.
  5. You could write secret notes to a secret someone for a long time, and have enough little envelopes to place them in.
  6. All the pens in the home are you favourites, even if they do not work, and have not worked for a long time.... but of course the memory of them working and writing beautifully are still very clearly etched in your mind, so therefore you must keep them... just because.
  7. You have that same feeling with all of your socks, underwear and bra's.... I mean ... there could be that day when you need oldish things....
  8. There seems to be a box of kleenex located in the oddest of places in all parts of your home.
  9. Collecting boxes is a hobby.
  10. Whether it's one for one, two for one, five for one, or ten for one.. you can never have enough candles. Ever.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The days are changing quickly now

This little guy is still busy eating up the blueberry fields
The dahlias are still blooming...
But now I am finding colour in other ways....
And the girl is sporting her super sonic pink vest after her swimming.
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The five star club.

I did it... I did the five star Soduko from the paper. It didn't feel like a five star, it felt more like a four star.... Yes, I am sure of it, definitely possibly a four star Soduko mimicking as a five star. Oh well, I rock in my Soduko world!

In other things way less five starish.......

I was very tired of fighting with my email the other day... so I deleted the whole cool and wonderfully colourful system that I had working for me. The one thing I didn't plan on was deleting all of my saved emails for the last four months... OOOOOPS. Now I am missing all of my jokes that I had kept filed for my group on Mondays. Back to square one on the joke collection.

I drove myself down to the bears. I was listening to my tunes from Elton John & his yellow brick road, but once I was there, it seemed such a forlorn and forgotten place with the looming grey sky, and the occasional leaf now drifting along the narrow road. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn their brilliant colours, and are hanging onto the branches with great pride, but at this point the wind is testing their strength to hold on for one more day. I did manage to spot a bear, who was ducking and darting about in the field. It reminded me of one last stroll before he puts himself to bed for a winters retreat. It is far too soon for the friends from Minnekhada to begin their slumber, but it wont be long, now that the blueberries are almost gone. I will now have to spend time with my binoculars locating the lovely black furry guys hanging on for dear life in the crab apple trees.

At this moment in time, the hair is looking far less than a five star scale rating system. I believe I am at negative thirty. A co-worker commented on my hair yesterday that it was beautiful and shiny. I told her is was because the flourescent lighting from the hospital catches the fading box of colour that was once applied to my head. She just looked at me wierd. I did tell her that I was OK with that. It's OK to be wierd... especially if you acknowledge your wierdness. Which I do.... greatly.

Our group is having a Pot Luck Lunch tomorrow... I have to bring at least five dishes... in an effort to actually have a pot luck...which of course I haven't really started thinking about... that will begin at 09:01 tomorrow morning, when I begin to panic, and I send ingredients flying about the home. (refer to last line of the last paragraph for clarification on this paragraph... it might help).

My little glass of red wine has now turned into hot chocolate. I would drink tea, but I think tea keeps me awake, and thinking many "wierd" and crazy thoughts.... all night long. Of course I get the same thing from taking vitamins... but that doesn't stop me from taking them... I need them to remain at the top of my game... which is really similar to being the last pick for the kickball team. SHIT!!!! I hate such revelations...

I felt like a regular boring employee this week-end... which of course I really am... but I am one of those that has a twist of something. This weekend, I left that twist at home, and decided to see how the other half lives when they work on this floor, without a psychotic bone in their body. I managed. Now next week, I will have to make up for lost time, and be doubly psychotic... I am sure the rest of the hospital wont be happy about that... as they will be getting many emails and questions, and suggestions from me. Yes... fun fun fun!!!!

Well, that's it... although instead of five random thoughts, there are six. It's your lucky day I guess.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pip and her Leash.

The Pip needs a leash, otherwise she will not be allowed to go bear hunting any longer. I am going to have to start sneaking off by myself, as the girl just loves to be around these wild animals.

The other night we got to watch a bear run wildly scared from a deer that was stood staring at it. I wish I had my camera rolling... the bear meets up with the deer, it probably crapped as it high taled and ran into the safety of the thick grass. The Pip watched it all, and asked me if I got it on film. Sadly no.

It doesn't help that we have made friends with completely crazy bear watching people that we have turned out to be, or turned them into. I am thrilled and excited to learn that others are just as nuts as me, and will spend hours and hours "outstanding in fields" just to catch a glimpse of these magnificent and mysterious entities.

Forget the leash, I think I am going to get the PIP a sparkling winkling and twinkling collar to wear, and something with some radio freqency as I may loose her in one of the blueberry rows...I am just certain of it. Especially if she keeps following my fair weathered bear friends, including the human kinds as well.


Alright, take a guess.... just take a guess at what I am going to say next.... well, pause for a moment, read the heading, and what does that hideous noise sound like..... I will give you some hints, as I hate to be asked to guessed upon blindly. Blind guessing is just bad I say.

OK... what happens when someone steps out of line?
What two colours does the person in charge of the rules and regulations wear?
What annoying noise making device does that zebra clad person wear around his neck?
What game has different rules for Canada and America.....

It's all coming together now isn't it.....

I am certain that the husbandman has fallen asleep, and is having nightmares with the noises that are emerging from the television screen. At least every 45 seconds I hear the sound....

coming from down the hall. It's a hideous sound... just hideous.

Yes, all those amazing clues, were the clues to that hideous game called.........


Yes, me being the super sensitive and out of sorts by hideous sounds person goes apecrap over the very excited referees and his whistle. It is annoying... just as the action gets going, the zebraman blows his whistle.

FFFFFRRRRREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!! and the action comes to a crashing halt.

Football is painful people, in more ways than one.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In the knick of time...

Yesterday I was worried that my friend would have to endure my dusty and messy home. That did not happen, the grey sky hovered overhead, but the raindrops never came to light. We were able to sit outside for many hours during the "school" day, and almost completely froze mind you... but it didn't matter, our jaws were getting quite the work out, and kind of keeping us warm in the process. The sun eventually came out, but not before I had to start watering my tomatoes as they drooped in the forging heat.

I should add, that after my friend left, and I had collected the PIP and her friend from school I put my speedster cleaning self to good work and polished all sorts of interesting items in the homestead. However today, it still seems dusty.

The colours of September....

Hey... this isn't colour... no it isn't... which is good, as it does not give a glimpse of the felt painted pink nose she was sporting... This is the girl, as she stands up in the front seat of the truck, and pops her head out of the sunroof...this is her, doing her bear watching... I don't think those cheeks could burst with any more happiness stuffed inside of them

A ha! Here's our friend....
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More things from the garden

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What that in my garden?

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It's a grey out!

I am now looking at complete grey overhead. This means rain, this means that I am going to have to put my deck chairs away. This means that activities that could go on on the outside, have to go on on the inside. This means that I can stop standing in my yard for hours on end... watering my pots/grass and other things that are meant to be green. However, with this realization I think that my house is slightly messy. This means that my friend that is coming over will have to visit under dusty conditions.

I think it's time.....

To use the laundry room, as it really should have been intended for.... the (coffee) party room. This space qualifies for:
  1. Fit for human eyes.
  2. Very tidy.
  3. Perfect view to the back yard.
  4. Pretty to sit in.
  5. Can double as a prep kitchen.
  6. The mess is locked behind cabinets.
  7. Easy access to the ugly deck outdoors.
  8. Soothing colours, to calm the horrified friends soul.
  9. Fastest room to clean in the whole house.
  10. She's coming to see it anyways.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

H & G

Today was the kind of day that you can spend hunting and gathering, of course with the exception that I hunt and gather in places where they expect you to hand over paper or plastic to take the well hunted and now gathered items away.

The little lady PIP has been busily wearing all of her summer shoes these past two weeks of school. They are all thrashed and worn through. Her favourite air soled beautiful butterfly shoes have finally been worn to the big hole in the sky... Today armed with one beat up and battered Hello Kitty runner under my arm, I went on the search for some shoes for the princess doll. I managed to find the princess queen some fine beauties, in fact, just this very moment I realized that I didn't show her the dress up shoes I found her.

Right now, with the last few days/hours of summertime upon us, she is out riding her Cream Soda bicycle in her favourite summer dress, and she's sporting the comletely wrecked shoes, including her half destroyed nail polish. Her hair is busily being matted by the windy weather we are having and lovely barrett has slid down the side of that crazy head of hair she owns. My little chickster Pipster.....

In other things more scarey... some crazy chicks have glommed onto the Hamsterson at school. I had to spell it out to him, that he should not look them in the eyes, as they would be under his spell, with one of those blue sparklers catching their gaze... and follow him around, and want to talk to him... all the time... this is so challenging for the boy Hamsterson, especially when he just wants to look cool, and wear the gangsta jeans that I mistakenly bought for him, which he totally loves.... hopefully more than the girls that are busily following him around at this moment.

There will need to be more H & G going on before the night is over.. my friend is coming over tomorrow morning, and I promised her that she did not need to supply the cream for the coffee... at least not this time... but in the past their has been that request made to her in the past... I am trying to break that bad habit.... of course I need coffee to go with that cream... so off I go a H & G'ing.... (AHA!!! a habit that can truly be broken!!!)

Bear watching tonight... I don't think so... last night was a dud.... except for the love affair action with my fellow bear watchers... except they don't know it yet.

Monday, September 11, 2006

One Monday to love

I loved today. It is Monday.

It has been a wonderful Monday.

And that's all I am going to think about.

Well, that and I am going to keep thinking hard as to where my debit card is at the moment.

But for now I will continue to enjoy this Monday.

Friday, September 08, 2006

10 reasons....

why I am not going to write something:
  1. My neck/back is in such burning pain and stiff from working here earlier today it is going to snap in half, and half again.
  2. I shut the car door on my middle left finger earlier, it is still freaking hurting...
  3. I am tired of getting my email to work, there seems to be something upsetting it, which is upsetting me, because I am continuing to try and reset it, and I am tired of the continously resetting of nothing.
  4. The girl needs to be put to bed.. I seem to be the only parent around this evening to do it.. although even if I wasn't the only parent around to do it, I would still be the parent to put her to bed.
  5. I have three books that need to be read, and times a ticking.
  6. The boy enjoys talking to me, and it's hard to think and write and talk, and make sense doing it.
  7. I have other things that I need to be doing, rather than writing crazy stories about the incidences of life.
  8. I should be out watering my yard.... but I have waivered due to the clouds that emerged over the horizon.
  9. While I should be out watering my yard, I should have had my tripod with me, as the moon was a big glowing orange in the sky tonight.
  10. My glass of red wine is empty, and I must leave to go and fill it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to the King.

It's the Mr. Husbandman's birthday today. I guess I should start shopping for a gift. Of course the problem with that is... THE KING HAS EVERYTHING. But I have started to formulate a list:
  1. Kraft Chocolate Peanutbutter. My great shopping friend told me where I could get some cheap... I am going to investigate that today.
  2. Well, since we were at the Home Depot the other day, I bought the King some new black tiki torches... it's kind of fun to sit out back with little glimmering lights. It almost feels like a Survivor episode, except we are not in a race to win a million dollars.
  3. I could buy him this real cool light from Home Depot that my bear watching guy friend just showed up with last night... but I wonder who that would be for... as the King does not go bear watching... but I think he should.. so he really needs this light.
  4. I could buy him a shirt. Yes, that's a good idea...
  5. I will not be buying him anymore pants. The pants that I bought him last year, he never wore... then, when he should have worn them he didn't. But of course.. when his favourite shorts finally burst all seems this past summer, he unzipped the pant part of the pants, and turned them into shorts. I told him he was wearing 65.00 shorts. He could have at least wore them as pants for one day, maybe two.
  6. I am going to buy him a candle thingy for the table outside... he has taken to finding the tea light candles, and putting them in empty tin cans.
  7. I really wanted to buy him an outdoor fireplace.. but he wouldn't let me in on the details of what kind he would like. Being the happy firewatcher that he is.. he needs the real deal fire pit. I did jut recently learn that he had seen some that he liked, but never bothered to mention it to me. Good man!
  8. I will go and get him a cake today... I could make him one, but he has requested the only thing that he doesn't want for his birthday is food poisoning. I guess dinner is out as well.
  9. I was thinking about a magazine subscription. He has told me in the past he has his newspapers, and if he wants a magazine, he would go buy one.
  10. What do I have left... tools (NO!), he has thousands of dollars worth of tools, and thingys and doodads..., clothes OK maybe, books & magazines - forget it... right, back to where I started... kraft chocolate peanutbutter.. now that puts a smile on his face! I am going to buy two jars instead of one....

Monday, September 04, 2006

I found this in the sky earlier...

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Life in the blue chair

Resting, and taking it easy, as she has just finished a full day of laying on the grass, in the lovely and warm sun.
A menacing squirrel upsetting her thoughts, and getting her all worked up...
Continuing to find her happy place...
When along comes somebody else, and putting demands on in the blue chair is rough some days.
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Behold... some bears.

Not a bad looking fella for early in the evening.
This little guy snuck across.. his mother was still rumbling around in the bushes, it is not evident here, but he was quite fuzzy, although this picture is too blurry... my human eyes did get a very good visual on him.
Whoops, something scared him and he ran back... he is looking in the other direction and contemplating the ditch.
Here's a big guy about to jump into the stream of my headlights, except that some crazy woman was yelling at me to move my vehicle, as she was scared to drive through. Oh well, you can see his outline in the bottom centre of the photo.. of course you have to remember that these were taken in pitch black... yes, I am a desperate bear watcher.

Not a bad night mind you.. we got to see a total of fifteen. Pretty good.... I may even of had a better shot of one had it emerged from the bushes six feet away from where I was parked... that's okay, there's always tomorrow.
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Good bye Summer 2006... we loved you!

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What is going on out there?

Here's the view from the ugly cement deck
Getting a bit closer to cottage country
What's this... bark mulch and tree stumps... this is not cottage country! It's stumpville!
Another look at stumpville, but it is a happy place... a place where morning glory will not reside, and the future home of my raised garden that will happen in garbage pails to the right of these stumps. It is very exciting times back here in the stumpville triangle.
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A little rest for the King

This past week has been a real rest easy week for the KING. He has had no house renos to bother himself with. Actually the most bothersome renos he has dealt with has been trying to hunt down the electrician by telephone, and putting in a window for the neighbour guy.

It's been a lazy run for the king, mind you he did work six out of seven days. Which brings me to this story.... he is now out front watering MY flowers, and readying himself to take the dog for a walk... he never takes the dog for a walk... at 10:45 in the am. I must find things for this KING to do.

Mind you, it wouldn't even occur to him to gather up as a family and go do something familyish on the last day of summer vacation....


I think I may have just dethroned the KING with that insider information..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

What goes around comes around... or does it?

The other day I was at the INDOOR ((ick!)) pool, watching that crazy girl of mine doing her finswim. Yes, it is as it sounds. My cell phone started to ring. It was the crazy neighbours that own the crazy dog that gave me 14 bruises on my left arm, and 1 bruise on my right arm... (( so guess which hand I use??)) She wanted to know what I would be making them for dinner. I was taken aback, due to the bad reception that I was getting, and most importantly, I was trying to figure out if I really had invited them over for dinner. It could have been possible, but more likely not... we are the sort of people that do things very last minute... like... "here have dinner... I just made it".. kind of people. The more lead time you give yourself, the worse/far too elaborate the preparations are... (sorry MARTHA)....anyways.. me, in my simple minded memories/ways wondered if myself or the king had invited them. I was sure I hadn't, but she was quite insistant that they were coming over, plus they had "a to die for" appetizer that she was bringing with them. Alrighty then.. I said to myself... I best think of something really really quickly... because she will be marching through my front door.. and she is expecting something... in the end, it all turned out fine... although I had to miss my bear watching for one night, plus I also missed my "time-sensitive" reading festival of library books. Oh well.. there are some things that you just can not do... trust me, I was tempted to go and watch those bears...

ANYWAYS.... the following day, the king with his newly learned behaviour of inviting oneself over for dinner... kind of like.. KNOCK, KNOCK, I am here, what have you got?? So, there we were yesterday... our hugely tall family, and The Pickaspats having dinner.. of course the king called me, and asked what we had.. and as per usual my response was 'very little' that you can drag out of the fridge this second... which frustrates me, due to the fact that I just spent 289.00 at Safeway.. and I am not certain what I have to show for it... other than I racked up 420 airmiles in the process... but anyways.. on the spur, there is nothing of extreme excitement that I could tell him to bring, although I could have asked him to bring the great appetizer that the crazy friend brought over the night before.. but then we would have had to walk it past her house... kind of like a parade.. "look what we have got"... as the crazy neighbour that brought the really great appetizer, also left all the left overs, on her insistance, but I think that may be mainly due to the fact that she doesn't want to have to clean up the leftovers, and take them home.. I could be wrong, but I am just guessing here.... so that didn't seem right to ask the king to take back with him.

So, as it turned out... we spent the evening at neighbours down the street, enjoying their fine eats... so I think... if I can time it correctly... I will do the same for them, plus I will add the crazy neighbours, because that is what makes it fun... living next to crazy people. ... I won't even begin to think of what the neighbours think of me, although I do profess to already being psychotic and crazy... how much worse can it get... OH.. I retract that.... I witnessed nice and crazy at it's finest the other night.. the mother from "the country people's home" that is two doors over kissed her son in law on the mouth, to say good-night.

OK, that is just FUCKING PSYCHOTIC PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye Chlorine for another year.

Tonight we bid farewell to the chicklets NOT favourite past time from this summer. The local outdoor pool closed for the year. Of course not before a STAT holiday (labour day) that will be happening tomorrow, and the fact that it is going to be around 30 - 31 degrees out. Of course we do not want such a thing to be operating on such a hideous day as tomorrow, as the official last day of summer before school starts. I mean... come on people.. use your heads!

In an effort to blond up the PIP before school starts.. the PIP did spend the full two hour time limit in the pool, and to maintain her complete chlorine levels for another year.

Two hundred reasons why I need to take my Vitamin B Complex

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I believe my head was spinning when I left work yesterday. I should mention that I am the only Deanna that works on our ward, so I believe that it was me that they were calling. I think I will leave my job, these people need to learn a new name to call, and I just can't seem to eat up that much Vitamin B Complex in one go... it is really quite YUCK to ingest.

I think I even dreamt my name last night... of course that was after the police helicopters were done chasing someone down at the end of our street. Of course that one upped the night previous, when the same house needed the fire trucks to come and put out the fire that they had started in the field next to them, since they were playing with fireworks and all.

All this, and we have a big black bear roaming our neighbourhood, and leaving more evidence in peoples driveways that he is around.. plus the fact that he knocked over the neighbour down the streets garbage can... and layed it all out on their lawn for them.

Your'e a blockhead Charlie Brown.

I said to the wonderful and lovely long haired Hamsterson the other day...

"Is it time?"

He said that it was.

I decided that instead of taking him to my usual "Greatclips" place of haircutting, I would take the lovely long haired Hamsterson to a place where they could handle is long locks, as he was busy changing his looks... or something close to that.

He changed his looks alright... the girl snipped away at his very long 'tresses', and then unclipped the neck piece and said she was done. I asked her if she had even cut his bangs, she claimed she had. Then I took a second look at his head of hair, and instead of disputing how disgusting his hair was in front of him, paid the lousy 18.00 to her, and left.

I wondered as we drove away... what do I do with him now. He looks like a freaking blockhead. I am going to have to start calling him Charlie Brown... he's going to have to go to middle school disguised as Charlie Brown... even the Hamsterson turned blockhead noticed newly shaped head-gone-wrong. My poor blockhead... he would certainly be frightened upon embarking another "haircutters" chair.

The very next day, as the lovely and wonderful Charlie Brown woke up, his blockhead met me first, then he smiled at me, and I knew it was him. I asked him if we needed to fix that blockhead mess of his, because I wasn't confident that his blockheadedness wasn't just simply hair being unruly and crazy, which is something that I deal with on an hour to hour basis. This certainly couldn't be the entrance to middle school.

So, as instinct first said to me... I drove to GREATCLIPS. I should have cowered and ran upon entry, as the haircutter ladies themselves were seeming to have some sort of girly-haircutting-tiff... and the last thing you want is an upset haircutter lady, especially when the first one couldn't do it right, even while she was sporting a smile... the hopefulness for a second chance by a simmering haircutting person gets slimmer by the millisecond.

But, luck was on our side on this day. I explained the haircutting problem to the now settled haircutting lady, and she was truly amazed at Charlie Brown's blockhead haircut. I at that moment wanted to call her "The Holmes of Hair"... as she claimed that she was going to "make this right".. and that is exactly what she did. I began to wonder if she carried DeWalt scissors in her haircutting section because.....

That boy of mine emerged from the chair with a lovely coiffed head of hair that distinguishly and handsomely made a presence on his head, rather than a big block on top.

You really have to love GREATCLIPS.

I do have another story that goes with my GREATCLIPS...

I do not think that I will ever set foot into the place that made my friends hair super "cute" looking.... as I walked into JAMES BLONDE, and the SNOOTY receptionist girl sat there and kind of snickered when she said they didn't have any openings until this Tuesday. Yes, I thought it was rude.. as my almost handsome and wonderful blockhead boy stood there, confused as to howcome they were not interested in cutting his hair. I have a feeling they were looking at mine, and saw no hope... he he he he he he he he

Too many bears..

Too little posts.

I have been caught up in constant yard work, and constant evening bear watching.

My stories for last week are going to have to be forgotten, as I really don't remember what I was even going to say....

What did I read yesterday?

A slight 589 pages... I had to read it in 3 days.