Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's settled!

I told the husbandman the other day. He semi inquired as to what was settled ... and that is where I lead into the story that he was going on a CRUISE with me ... in TWO years! Of course he was semi puzzled and then questioned his need to go on a cruise with me .. and that is where I told him that since he picked me as his life partner .. then he was just going to have to put up with me wanting to do something ... after 25 years of marriage. He didnt disagree, so I have assumed that he is agreeable to the cruising adventure!

MARK my words .. this freaking foot better just be completely better by then ... I plan on seeing the eastern part of Canada, and WAIT FOR IT ... am heading back to NEW YORK for some additional building spotting time! I am quite excited for this .. not sure how the husbandman is feeling .. other than he has two years to DEE-vorce me if he most unhappy on my adventure that I am excited to embark upon!

In other exciting adventures:

I met the most interesting Dr. the other day. He practically stomped his feet in hissyfitness as to why I was on antibiotics... and the most evil of them all ... something that drained into your arm no less! I loved how he exclaimed that he could throw a q-tip of one's nose or behind and find worse bugs, and we don't antibiotics for that. So after describing the misadventures of the little foot, he still remained insensed over the insidiousness of it all.  I then admitted that WE (myself and another Dr.) had had a good general discussion about him, and his hatred of antibiotics. He seemed most pleased with this sharing of information.

So then he told me to use this cream (Cyclocort) over the entire lesion on this foot. (Which he classified that it wasn't a wound, or an ulcer) .... I then said that the antibiotics had HELPED get it better over the course of January, Feburary, March .. etc... his short little Japanese wiry locks seems to  lose gravity after I said this .. and I believe I almost spotted little devlish horns begin to emerge .. so I took his advice, and spread this potent steroid cream over my lesion. One thing that weighs heavily on my brain, the fact that antibiotics are a vile form of treatment, and steroid cream isn't. Uhm.... everybody has their love affair dont they? At any rate .. I smeared the little foot with the cream, as he had requested .. and guess what folks ... FREAKING LIVED TO REGRET THAT HYSTERICAL ADVICE. Holy fat shrimp burgers, it burnt the living hell out of every inch of nerve ending on this foot ... and leg. I am still dealing with the fall out. Yes. All true! The biggest mosts lasting part was his hysterics ... poor little guy to think that he strolls thru life this way. Much to the humour of the crazy peeps like me.

In many other idiotic adventures I am now off to see somebody else about this craziness foot factor that is plaguing me. My favourite shirted good fellow rheumatologist guy told me he was done with me. So done with me. He told me that for real. I am guessing he doesn't like my bright pink vest, or the fact that I call him a colourful comedian. Actually last week I called him a detective, with extra credentials in doctoring.  Well what he doesn't know about me ... is that I am done with him! If he can't figure out to READ MY MIND on the day that I am to show up in his office, and put on MY FAVOURITE SHIRT that he owns .... then I just don't think our relationship can continue! It's not possible ... how am I supposed to sit and listen to his lovely fast irish/english accent .... in his regular baby blue shirt ... when he owns a spectacular lavender turquoise and white one. I mean gawd. OK .. so he does have a blue checked one, which I am amiable to ... now he just has to read my mind, and fast ... cause our relationship is dwindling ! I think when his secretary calls, I am going to have to tell her that he is going to have to put on my favourite shirt next time.... and then I think we will take a selfie together.

So did I mention that I misplaced a crap ton of pictures that I took in New York. Well I did ... so ... that's problematic. However now I just head over to google earth and solve that problem, then cruise into street mode, and whala ... I am again implanted into the New York scene. Very cool I will say.

Not too much is going on in this little land that I live in. Everyday that strikes me the garden is getting revamped. All of the tulips that showed such great potential at brewing actual flowers which had tons of foliage have burst through with FOUR WHOLE BLOOMS. The girl bows in front of the brilliance. OK seriously .. how EMBARRESSING!  That's alright .. May is just around the corner, and this means bigger more brilliant summer blooms .. so take that spring bulbs!

The sweet lovely girlie girl is heading off to Grad with a fellow in Grade 12. I think it's perfectly lovely that she is escorting him ... and now to get her OUTFITTED. Fortunately for me the TWO shopping loving CRAZED aunts have stepped up to the plate and are taking this girl preliminary grad dress shopping !! They actually head out on her 17th birthday overnight ... and I am hopeful they come home with grand almost grandness of a dress that will make her date for the night happy .. being that he is ultra fashionable. This is hilarious .. being that they are moms of icky BOYS ... and this girlie girl of mine is all fun with shopping and crazy aunts ALL THE TIME ! This will be us next year when it comes to a grad dress ... and ONE day a WEDDING DRESS ... oh what fun to dress the dolly ! And that this girlie girl is.

So ... today in the world of pictures ... things go like this: