Monday, May 26, 2008

No time to type...

I am totally snagged up on what is probably the best book I have read to date. Now that is exciting!

Did I talk about the Victoria field trip with the Pipster. It was plain and simply lovely. I loved the whole 'run as a pack, and be shuffled about' BIT. That worked well. As strange as that sounds.

I went back to work this weekend. Now that was weird. Work and me, somehow that is just not a combination that should go together.

It's Monday afternoon and I feel that I am missing something.. I am really thinking that I have missed doing something that I am supposed to do.. I have one child here and accounted for, currently soaking her feet. The other child that should be home to have some drops dropped in his eyes is MIA, I did see him float by in someones car earlier. The mother called out as she went through the green light can he come over... when I yelled no with a smile, I guess that was mistaken for YES! Silly me, it is apparent that it is opposite day.

Strangely enough for a Monday I also have no laundry in my laundry room. It is either tucked away in the laundrying machines, or already on my bed. That is weird how that happens. I do have one girls circle jacket that is desperate for the laundry machine, so it is sitting all alone on the floor. I am sure not for long.

My South African friends and I went walking on Friday. But not before I had some cow catching to do. We have this strange piece of land that has had some cows plunked on it. I don't even know if there is anyone out there manning the fields for these great blacks beasts, but they are there...grazing and such. I believe it is true that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, because the big momma cow decided to eat her way all the way over the chain link fence boundary. The bottom of the fence was not secured, so it was just like a trap door opening up... and whala! a great abundance of wonderful green grass. I made my way to the fence and scurried her back in... it is not easy to scurry a cow, but I did... because if she would have had another little feety across the boundaries of the green grass, she would have been stuck outside of the fence lines... with no way of getting her back in. I am not sure who looks after these cows, I believe they have arrived from Mars, or possibly Pluto, I am not sure. Either way... it was my moment to shine to be a cow catcher, and send her back to all of the babies that were lying amidst the less greener grasses.

I went to the bank today and ordered up seven thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills. Not because I am wishing for a great winning streak at any one of our local casinos ( I am NOT a frequent flyer... although I very much enjoy going and watching!), but rather.. the husbandman decided to buy a jeep, for his many manly explorations of the world. This new (OLD) jeep comes with many accessories.... so many that we have to haul a trailor behind us to pick up all the parts. You would think that we would have to assemble it at home or something. Or more like all the packaging that comes with a Barbie doll.

I just gave little miss Fussy's friend crap for calling on the housephone to talk to her. OK, I lied! I did ask her why call her on the homephone when she needs an excuse to talk on her cellphone. It's just a lot funner that way.

Well... I must go and continue my useless task makes easing into a Tuesday a bit... EASIER!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

we were standing on the dock

Point Roberts had an eerie calm that had overshadowed the beach. It was all too surreal. The heaviness of the clouds sat low in the sky, and yet there was no rain. There were lots of gulls out on the water, and there was silence. There looked to be a pod of false killer whalers meandering about in the rip tide, and a small number of seals bobbed in the water and played hide and seek in the waves. There were perch jumping all about the dock, and even though I did not catch a picture of them, I did spy the schools of fish that surrounded the dock. One picture looks like they are a salmon of some kind, and the second picture looks more eely like. I am not sure what they are. The third picture gives you an idea how they were traveling. The girl and I had fun traveling around "the point" for the afternoon. I had welcomed the boy on our adventures, but he declined, so did the grown boy as well.
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Victoria Day.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

loving craigslist!

Earlier this afternoon I just happened to remember that I wanted to get rid of my 17 year old table and chairs. I had tried once before to get rid of them on FREE STUFF on craigslist. I didn't have any takers. Today... in a matter of a couple of hours I had 10 emails, and the person most desperate for them said they would come by tonight... and now, they are gone. I find that completely weird that only a couple of months ago, I couldn't give them to anyone!

Bye bye old timers!
The husbandman is ever so happy that he now has a bit more space in his cramped garage. I beleive he is out their right now rolling around on the new found floor space....

I was going to write a list...

On actual paper, but I decided that it would be much quicker just to list it up here. At least I think it would be quicker to tap it out here.

It feels wierd to be home at this hour, as usually I am not quite finished walking with the walking group. Today was a different story due to the torrential downpouring of rain, including thunder and some lightening. Gee, how odd that people were a no show this morning. Me, I can be considered the mailman in these instances, as I show rain or shine.

I did manage to get a couple of errands done, so already I am ahead of the game. But knowing me, I am going to fall out of step VERY QUICKLY. It just so happens that I have started a book. So far this book is INCREDIBLY wonderful... I can't stop turning the pages. (Thank goodness the season finales have finished!...not that I watch a lot of TV) I had to finally put it down last night at 10:30, as I was just too tired to keep on reading.... not that I couldn't have kept reading.. it's just tha tI needed to absorb all of the words as they were laid out on the page, and their importance of remembering in the pages to come.

the boy is home from school today as it is a 'PRO-D' day. The girl didn't take kindly to this sort of wonderfulness, and she refused to go to school all of yesteray, and into this morning. She even started in with the fact that she had a sore throat, and a left over headache from yesterday. I told she didn't, made her an eggy sandwhich, and she was good to go. That girl... she could write a book of 1001 excuses that do not work for your parents...but you can at least try. She's a natural in this instance.

The thunder from this morning set "the little till" on complete panic mode ("little till" is our dog Ellpee, who has a new name every week). She has just barely managed to make it to the great outdoors only 3 1/2 hours later than her normal scheduled time. Talk about someone on a schedule, she panics if she can not be out by 0700 am everyday, and then fed by 0701 am. She also believes that she should start dinner antics at 3:30 PM everyday, just in case we forget her 5 PM dinner festival. She's quite the character.

I am unlist worthy for the moment. I think I will generate a manual version... that way I can carry it around with me while I am out.... it might be more convenient than hauling my computer around with me!
Here... I will give you a taste of what she is like on any given day when she isn't running around panicking about things... she is resting up for her next panic attack. Clearly she doesn't have issues of falling....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm gonna blow!

Don't you just wonder some days when you get up?

You are horizontal, things are good; but once you become land locked & vertical all hell breaks loose.

I didn't know I had to pee that bad... what the heck was I thinking getting up??? there's pain shooting down your back and your legs, and you think your feet are turning yellow from the amount of pee that you have swilling about inside of you. I just don't get it... I didn't feel that way 15 seconds ago, but you can not undo the "get up". Once you're up, you're up. The swilling and the swirling are already happening, and there is no ondoing that amount of pressure.

It doesn't stop there.

I could breathe 20 seconds ago, clear head, fuzzy thoughts, but at least I could breathe. Within the number of seconds up unhorizontoling yourself the world of breathing has come to a crashing hault, and now the nose has taken a new life form. In mere seconds it blasts 8-10- 13 sneezes before you can realize what is acutally happening. Bear in mind of couse that you haven't made it to the bathroom yet, so the body is reacting rather badly to the voilent convulsions due to the swilling pee in the body.

Can't stop yet.

I make my way past the nice bathroom. It doesn't sound like the husbandman will ever get out. I believe that he is taken a new at "work from home" position, and the bathroom has become his office. Meanwhile I am dodging the silly catdog, and all her worries and woes. (As she comes with many, for no reason). She runs about fretting and crying and circling. That's a nice combination for some THAT DOESN'T CARE! I am now bypassing frantic paws, and sneezing, and have been temporary blinded by watery eyes. We (the cat dog perpetually blocks the way) make it to the bathroom. Just my luck. The vacuum has been housed in this location & I fight my way past the vacuum cord (it's 17 years old... but it works!) and get to use the toilet lucky me. Well, lucky enough that I sneeze another 5-7-11 times.


Sneezing, peeing & flouffing! It's all over in a matter of moments. Wow, I can see, I can breathe, I have stopped spasming, I can move. Even the dog has quit her crying. But, these are the chances that I take, just to get up in the morning. Can you imagine... if I ever slept in???

That's not a pretty thought people.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Can't believe this!

I have a little cold. I haven't had a cold since before the FUSSY was born. She turned 11 last week. That is how long it has been.

In other things that I can't believe:

  1. I saw no bears today, although they are out there. We saw evidence in the poo pile on the side of the road. RATS!
  2. I haven't managed to plan the girls birthday party. With the knowledge that everyday is a birthday party for this chickster.
  3. I once again got the best mother's day present ever. It's a dandelion puller. You have to love this kind of stuff! I was tickled yellow with it....
  4. I have two full weeks off now! How pleasant is that!!!! Now I can do gardny things.. even though I probably will die of exposure to the cold in doing so... I am going to do it anyways!
  5. My slight glimpse of happiness in not having any laundry to do (as I thought the other day) is now just a deep dark memory. I have a laundry room calling to me...
  6. That Parvati won Survivor. I hope they tax her A LOT !
  7. I almost thought that Ozzy WOULD have also asked Amanda to marry him last night on the SURVIVOR finale.... but he didn't.
  8. It's almost the middle of May, and the sun that would usually be pouring my backdoor would cast a lovely warmth against the laundryroom floor. Today however the cold is creeping in, and making my fingers numb. Freakishly weird.
  9. I don't think we have cut our lawn for three weeks. It's a jungle out there people!
  10. I think the PIPPY'S feet have quit growing. We have acquired the size of a ladies size 8.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

things that I should do....

this could probably be the longest list ever known to man!...
  1. Someone of authority needs to take over the dissection of the girl's room. the 30 minute routine was working well for the handling of the same items over and over again. One day I would find them on the floor, the next day the bed, and the next day laid on a chair. It is like a bad department store with no associates to tidy up after the crazy shoppers. Or really, a regular trip to WALMART!
  2. The car needs a vacuum. Wait, so does the house!... ( I didn't know about black interior, and that all dirt is white on black interior....)
  3. I have stacks of clothes to get rid of .. but the people that call to come and collect, still haven't called. Was it really bad to send only the left feet of shoes?
  4. Find the right feet of shoes passed on.
  5. I guess the single sock pile wont be a big hit either with the clothes pick up people.. now what do I do?
  6. I would like to pressure wash the back deck... now that is something fun. I must do it quickly... as the husband is really itching for that job. Now I must get it to stop raining.
  7. Scrapbook... scrapbooking... what is that?
  8. Purge the files from the recreation therapy school. I went looking for something last week, and found it. I have already been through this box of files two times since finishing. Now it is time to completely OFF THE BOX. What do I need with it any longer? I am a one day a weeker recreation person. I don't remember practices and protocols.. hell I don't even remember to go to my girls school to see how her schoolwork is progressing! ( mind you.. she did refuse to go. That chick!)
  9. Plant my free cedar trees! Yae for me... I managed to scoop some cedar hedges... now I just need to plant...
  10. Speaking of scooping.... well, must go. The list will only continue to grow.

I read this.

Finally.... a book that was good.
UNFORTUNATELY.... I have read the next book coming up at our book club... I do not have enough time RIGHT NOW in my life to re-read books.... especially books that border on being completely boring!