Monday, February 28, 2011

So this is the thing

life is strange.

people are stranger.

i'm strange.

you are stranger.


completely strange.

Monday, February 21, 2011

part 7653 in deannaland.

The  End.

That's about it.

The strangest of things going on this past week.


The best and most exciting was my phone call to ro.gers.

I was calling customer relations ... and I am certain I called cattle country ... "Yeeup this is Barb ... snuffffflle, how can I help you ... slurp (from a glass with ice)". The phone call went on forever ... including a couple of FEEUUCKS thrown in for good measure ... !! Seriously ... this was customer relations ... HIGHsterical in the deanna department of funny things. I am waiting for a phone to arrive, ... if it doesn't then I will know that I was completely HAD, and someone in cattle country is still laughing from the idiot from the coast. I called to Calgary, Alberta ... well I didn't purposely call there ... but rather transferred. Only 5 minutes before that I had been talking to MIKE with the big Ang.ry Birds Booming voice accusing me that the plan that I was offered was not going to fly, so I just better get over it ... cause he had worked at Ro.gers for SIX years people ... and THIS offer just wouldn't cut it ... and whala ... 5 short minutes later I was talking to Barb, and another twenty five short minutes later through belches and bleepers I was talking to her, and her slow computer. ... giving me all the things that a good customer should wish for. ... hence that might be the reason I am still waiting for a phone ... I did see a UPS this morning ... but alas did not see a notice when I returned home.

In other things weird ... bought a blouse the other day. I don't wear blouses ... especially fru fru ones ... but this was fru fru ... and seemingly see through, but not. Whew.

DID NOT go out walking, running, stair climbing, hill climbing or any form of heart rate raising adventures at all. So not me ... BUT I did go buy a new pair of walking, running, stair climbing, hill climbing pants!

In things semi strange to the family but completely normal to me ... I am living inside a tent. Yes I am! I am happily keeping the heat in this very cold house ... or at least the very cold me. If I could drink wine I would ,,,but I am not ... I will go go.ogle that now ...

just another day in the life of deannaland ...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy LOVE Day.

Happy MADE UP card buying, money spending day to you!

I am reposting this pic, just cause it has a certain feel of beauty to it.

This might be love, or just a strong desire to be together.

You know when you have the BEST of partners ...

When they present you with a BAG of popcorn on the made up LOVE day.

He knows me very well...

CAUSE I really really really LOVE popcorn!
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Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm back .. again

Thank you for your suggestions about the job or non job event.

Your words ranked up there the same as Sirs' & the Jimmy.


Yes, a play on words about the unfriendly house dog!


In the meantime...

The Jimmy went to a (I guess a kinda-maybe-famous-but-not-amous guys) house on Saturday. Well .. Jimmy and his band, or the band and Jimmy. Anyways .. it was cool to let him go, and more interesting to hear what he had to say. I love the fact that when he went inside, it took him a moment to actually look at the guy, and then was quite impressed that he got to shake his hand. I'm not sure of the grand details that the band & the Jimmy were drumming up ... but one of the final questions they asked the maybe famous-amous guy was "what should we do about Jimmy's hair?" ..... The guy commented that the Beiber hair was fine ... which was when Jimmy pointed out that was the problem, with the exception that he doesn't spend thousands of dollars on hair products and styling ... it was the result of a bottle of shampoo, and a certain terettes kind of hair flick.

It's mindful Monday ... everybody get out there and do a random deed for a stranger. I want to be able to help a friend today .. and because of timing I am not able... which doesn't mean that I'm opposed to helping any other day of the week, but today is the day that I wish to be of assistance. I will plan for next time...


Laughed yesterday at work .. it was a unit clerk revolution. One small space, and three unit clerks. I wanted to be the Jimmy and shriek in his comical voice "what is going on here??" and throw my hands in the air. Instead the surgeon commented the fact that yesterday (being Saturday) there were two of us, and now today  (Sunday) there were three, he wanted to know what exactly kind of screw up that I was that warranted this much assistance. A BIG one.


Must go find questions & jokes & other things that make the grey matter spit and sputter. Aren't I nice?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Bizarro lands

Right now we have eagles, crows, what appears to be ravens, and of course our unfriendly house dogs .. it's just like scavenger city has bombarded the fields surrounding us.
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I feel like a birdbrain.

A serious birdbrain!
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Ok ... come on

SOMEBODY has to help me.

Cause I can't help myself.

I have a job interview today.

I have had about ten billion chances to get out of it.

And I haven't.

Which I find HIGHLY strange.

Now I do not want the job.

I think it is just a formality ...cause I have about 20 zillion hours worth of seniority.

(My friend will debate that fact ... cause I just told her I had 10 billion hours; but for effect purposes here I have added a humongo number to generate the complete wowness factor of how long I have been at my current place of employment).


I still really wish to not go ... and it's merely because I will be forced to make a decision.

ALL OF WHICH I am not extremely fond of making.

Will post again at 2:00, or 14:00 for the 24 hour in you.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Just purchased my FIRST


For a photography class!!

AM so excited.

NOW that is newsworthy!

The SON is rising.

No wait ...

The SUN is rising.

The SON never rises with the SUNrise.

That would be impossible.

That is an impossible feat.

SONrise & SUNrise should never be attempted inthe same sentence.

Or the same thought process.

However .. SONrise & SUNset seem to have something in common.

Not that I own a dracula or anything ... no .. we have a "Jimminator" here in these parts.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy day so far.

For the time being I have nothing.

I'm waiting for the top of the hour to begin so I can fine a place in the den, and look for some fine 0300 in the morning television. There is some right ... ?

All going well I will be able to view my recordings ... and find something there.

Earlier ...

The little fusspot is feeling a little under the fussiliscious self. It's almost like her cold has relapsed, or found itself in her inner ear .. or something... anyways she isn't up to her regular self. ALTHOUGH when I went out walking earlier ... she did enjoy the electric scooter ... but only for a short time ... but it was still cute to see her ride the thing!

The Jimmy worked on his Neil Diamond music. He's already having a hard time. As in hard time trying to figure out how he is going to divide up the vocals.... cause he wants to do them all. I have watched this character go from being the piano guy.. ( and playing everything that other people wanted him to play & asked him to play ...) to now walking in and commanding center stage .. with Neil Diamond. It is completely classic Jimmy.

I absolutely KNOW that the things that both my little characters have done  & are doing... I would never have accomplished in my schooling life. Neva Neva Neva I say. Even given the opportunities..... I still wouldn't have done it. Not sure where these attributes have come from in the two of them, but all I see is; it is definitely an asset to have the ability to put yourself out there, in front of your peers and show everybody what you are made of. That takes guts.

Interestingly enough ... Jimmy says to me yesterday ... "well .. it looks like I will have a good semester this year in English ... we DO NOT have to do speeches ... because you know how much I despise standing up in front of the class and talking ..." he says to me. That's right Jimmy ... cause YOU are ever so quiet in everything that you do .. and do not like the spotlike to shine upon you EVER. Whereas little Miss go-get-em girl floors me continuously with her gregarious but stealth like approach to all of her endeavours. She just shines. She just makes me smile. EXCEPT when she wont hand over her ipid when I want to play my angry birds. EXCEPT now I have ran out of levels on angry birds ... so I am not wanting to play it right now, and will probably have to revert back to bookworm.

Happy day ... ! or night ... ! whatever the pleasure to you is!