Thursday, July 30, 2009

So there he is...

As always... I am sitting with my camera, playing with my settings... BECAUSE I DO THAT OKAY.... and out he saunters. I love the way they just wonder around, going for a stroll... "doing their thing". He jumped out onto the road from the little spot on the right, crept along the roadway ever so silently and slipped himself back into the bushes, just into the shade, again to the right. It was cool just to watch. Not more than minute later... there was a skate boarder, making his way down the roadway. Like I always say.. we may not see them, but they are there.
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More green to be seen

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I said JUMP

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Greens my thing

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This could be her.

This could be the same girl from last year, minus the cubs... I like the way she talks to us.
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here she is!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another 30

Good evening followers....

Like you haven't heard from me enough today...

Well.... lucky me... I sold another picture. How incredible... now I am up to sixty cents!

Yes. gasp. I did.

OH... and the hair is returning to it's regular crazy state. AND... the most important I saw bears tonight. It's all lovely.

ha haha hq hahhaha h ha ha

So THAT GIRL (aka "the Pip") cleans up her room, and cleans the ants out. Good for her... with the exception that she moved them all to the laundry room. It's a good thing that the husbandman found the disaster in the making, and then cleaned out the laundry room "recycle file". Whew close call.

In other close calls:

Got the hair cut today. At an actual hair cutter place... and not great clips... because I like that place... this place actually does all kinds of things with hair. Strangely different for me. So the lady was DYING to use the straightening thingy... so I let her... nobody recognizes me in the homestead... and are all wondering when the psychotic mother makes her re-appearance! Tomorrow morning at 0630.

Now... off to the bears!


The girl... all 12 years of age of her has had a revelation...

It's probably a good thing that she keep her room clean, and free of sugary food bits.

We have been reminding her for forever and a day... but TODAY was the grandaddy of reminders....

She had ANTS crawling throughout her bedroom... you know.. just to make the day interesting.

So, she has spent all morning cleaning, and redistributing her prized possessions, and the bedroom has come out ahead of the game!

Yae her. Hopefully the QUEEN of CLEAN will finally become her middle name.

OK.. maybe not, but one can be hopeful.


In bear news.....

Yae... I have had some sightings! Finally... am currently working on getting some decent photos of this years brewd.

In the meantime, am trying to stay COOL in this ultra HOT weather!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A BEAR-trasophy

So I am flitting about with the settings on my camera... when what do I spy... not ONE but TWO. Yae me... with the exception that my little focus thingy didn't focus as I wished it should. LOVING the fact that I spied TWO at one time... it's makes it easier on myself that I didn't spy even ONE this evening!
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Because I always have something to say...

It took me three hours to wash the car the other day.

I didn't set out for this extended accomplishment, but it became just that... due to the title of this post....

It just so happened that people kept happening along my way....

In other things way less interesting, but worth noting....

I have made a new friend. Life is like that... I am thinking that this will be a seasonal friend... as I have met him in the "bearly there" spot down at Minnekhada. He has a 15 megapixel canon, but with a touch less zoom. The bear spotting has become a slight less lonely now... (well, with the exception of ONE bear sighting per evening....)

The PIP is currently becoming all lush and brown. She has spent two weeks at day camp. Now I must get her hair out of that thickly amassed pony tail, so it can blond up again, since she has become accustomed to summer time sunshine.

The boy is still a farmer boy, minus the farmer part. On a good day, he might even wear shorts, but that is because he is all crazy like and such. The GF is currently out of the province, but that hasn't stopped the phone calls. I asked the GF last night, as the phone rang at midnight, if the people that she was staying with .. "had a plan" ....

In other news considerably more boring...

The posting comes down today for the CASUAL Recreation Therapy position I applied for. HOPEFULLY all going well, the woodworkers will not apply for it... after ten zillion years of waiting... OK, it's more like 20 years worth of waiting, but in human patience years,... it does equal out to close to ten zillion. Yae me.

I missed my book club last evening... OK RATS. The problem with that is if I miss the meeting, then I can not get the book club book for next month. Yes, it would be an obvious note for me to point out... you would think the library staff would know, but they do not, even though it happens inside the library, with their books. But you know,...... you know.

OH... and I almost successfully had the boy get his X.BOX fixed. Now what good parent would want their child to actually get their X.BOX fixed.... ?? Well, a parent that has a 14 3/4 year old son with a GF, that's who.

AND.. because I am me...

Bought some little table for 10 bucks at the grocery store, kinda cute, black, round, with a glass top. I was walking to the car when the glass top fell off.... oh oops.. nothing securing the nicely rounded out glass. It's a good thing that I might know someone that lives REALLY close that does glass work. The trick is... will he do it.

I am going to go and see if I can secure some bear shots, before picking up the PIP....from her beach adventure.

If not... I will go back again later... just like clockwork... nothing random about me people.... N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Magic lands

Have returned.

Not all hot and heavy...

BUT you know... we have to move slow on this sort of stuff.

I was able to see a BEAR last night... yes, just one down at the blueberry fields, but I will take ONE over NOTHING!

I heard that the 500 pounder was busy putting in potholes up in the back field. I am certain I will see him.

OH.. and the most exciting of exciting... I think I saw FAST bear. I love fast bear... as he maneuvers ever so swiftly, and with a real sense of purpose.




You know... he says those sorts of things. In a fastly swift sort of way.

I do have ONE picture to post of my favourite summertime friends... but you know... he isn't actually that attractive looking. His head is small, or maybe triangular, yes more triangular.

Hopefully with the quickly approaching blueberry season... more bears will arrive... but you know.. I think they are very early this year, and the bears have not figured out that their party has started, and they are a bit too fashionably late. Almost too late, as the bus loads of people have arrived to pick...

OK.... must get someone off and running....

OH... and have been meaning to write this down... DEBBIE... do you remember WHEN we used to scrapbook. Yes, me neither.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Last night I broke it to the PIP that we weren't going to go for chicken wings. This girl loves her chicken friend was right... once she knew of these deep dark secret, there would be no de-inviting her! Anyways..., by rules of the mother, she was de-invited last evening. She was sad for about 2 1/2 seconds, and with the promise of food coming her way... so you know... she's not wimpy that way...

So glad "I" decided to stay at home... we drank margaritas, ate chee-zee chips, and she learned how to play two card games... Gin Rummy, and Crib.

It was totally cool.

That PIP.

OH.. and she does have a brother... he does exist...

He is just hard to capture!
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Todays job list:

  1. Get the {ever-so-beatiful} PIP off to day camp.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Try not to answer the question... has anyone seen a bear along the trail yet....?
  4. Answer the question... well, now that you have asked... oh look... there's a bear....
  5. But some ant killer... because I like being an ant killer, that's why.
  6. Buy some flowers... because what isn't a successful trip to the plant store, without buying some more flowers?
  7. Take a moment and go pee... because I do not want what happened to me happen to me today... there's just not good things happening when you have a vicious cough, and a bladder that is in need of repair. Just not good I say people... AND too boot the bus was late, I had a dog in the car that was being cooled by air conditioning.. and there was no getting out to inquire as to WHERE the bus was.
  8. Go do something outside.
  9. Then go do something inside.
  10. And then outside.
  11. And then inside.
  12. And then outside.
  13. And then inside.
  14. And then outside.
  15. And then inside.
  16. And then outside.
  17. And then inside.
  18. And then outside.
  19. And then inside.
  20. And then outside.
  21. Oh.. the kitchen is still a bit messy.
  22. Go outside.
  23. Go inside.
  24. Pause... the boy is playing the piano.
  25. Still pausing.. the boy is still playing.
  26. One longish pause... the boy is clearly up to something with all this playing.. but I do not mind.. I think I could hear Bohemian Rhapsody ten thousand times over, and I still do not think that I would get tired of it.
  27. The boy has left the homestead... "shocking!"... now I am myself...stare at my book, stare at the newest puzzle... look outside and have another AHA moment...
  28. And the routine continues.... in and out... just doing things.
  29. Wait.. I stop to pat the dog, and put the fan on her full blast. She likes that sort of thing....
  30. Contemplate other ways of spending beautiful summer days....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh and I am so lucky...

The other night I declared to the family that I was not coming home until I saw a bear.

Yae for me I saw four.

Sad for me that I photod none.

Two of the four were having a furniture wrecking party in the forest. I spied on these two like an FBI agent sitting with a bag of bon bons watching "herself" on the big screen. It was classic comedy. Crashing and rolling, and tree scrambling and bushwhacking, and huffing and snapping and thumping and kajumping. All played out in the forest... where you really had to be a spy to catch this much black bear action.

I saw another two in the regular spot. One did a flying leap back into the the dark depths of green, and one just happily wandered singing a little "walking in the rain", except it wasn't raining, but rather cloudy. So he may have been singing a new age version, not sure.

It's a good thing that I did not make the same declaration last evening. I decided to call it quits around eight fourty. OH well... the season has been pretty dry so far, I can't have beastly adventures every night... but then.. I spied one... out he came from the great brambles and scooted across the road. He was a lovely size... quite possibly one from the furniture wrecking party crew the night before... he had that look about him.

So, instead I took a picture of some green blueberries. Just for fun. ... although I could have done that in my own backyard, except now they are ripening, and my clusters are not as big. So you know.. there is a real difference here people.

Well, must go beautify, this should take some time. The PIP on the other hand just woke up.. and she already is beautiful. Lucky Ducky I say.

The BOY is sleeping... he should be for a couple more hours... that's because I hear him prowling around in the night...oh a strange one he is.

AND .. I can't forget "The TILL". She has been brushed and ploofed and sprocketed and clicked. She's a stealth like oldish young looking german shepherdy like dog but really is very catlike. Now that her nails have been clicked she's all silent again. She's her own secret agent.. one minute she's nowhere in sight, and the next minute she is standing next to you... quietly sniffing about the scene.... just to take some notes, and stealth off again to explore more mysteries of the day. Maybe she really is the animal form of Columbo?

Alright... wish me luck in the beauty department...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Only about 2000 more to go....

Aaaahhh...... a topic that always interests me... religion. this isn't a book for those late night reading before bedtime stories... this one required actual concentration. Ha... something that I lack into the deep dark hours of the evening. This book was quite interesting... tracing back the roots of the Mormons & fundamentalism.

In the meantime.. I am quite glad that I am finished... as it was time consuming just thinking about it... now I can move onto the current stack of reading material.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Golden Ears Bridge Day

A Movie Star, an Eagle and a girl made in on the bridge, along with a whole bunch of thers!
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Let's pretend.....

That I just ran into all of these guys this morning.... I am certain this will be the same for tomorrow!
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Yes people, that's a big number!

And it's a celebration number!

It has nothing to do with me actually... just an observation point.


Well... there is this little old lady that walks a little old dog... and I have been seeing them for years... down at the bear patch.... and while the little old lady in human years looks to be in her 80's... her favourite friend is that plus more in dog years. I pegged him for being at least three hundred years old last year... and I just saw him last night.... now at 301 years.

Silleh peoples...

In other things that I saw last night...

Two separate locations of BEAR footprints.
One Coyote
A family of deer.
A dog barking... which "made you look"..
In the direction... of a...

I had all but thought that the Minnehkada lands had had their wildlife hi-jacked, and they were living as imposters in the city, or visiting in peoples kitchens over on the island, only to be blown away with pepper spray, and shot for good luck. (#ucking RCMP officers so trigger happy it should be a crime in itself). (OH.. and to not offend those that not need offending.... they do DO good work... EXCEPT when it comes to managing bears, or immigrants, there must be a secret policy on these two coded ... "special handling".)

I digress......

Am very pleased with sightings. It has given me hope to bring my camera again in my travels to the wild country... 5 minutes down the road, from where civilization exists.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday weather

The boy is up... I am not sure why. It's not a school day... and its' 0810. This is a strange one.

He has given me his weather forecast...

"hugely creepy"

It's complete grey outside, some birds chirping, but otherwise completely silent.

A perfectly wierd start to a Monday morning.

Of course I can't figure out why he is up already. That's the real strange thing.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


It's almost been a week since I stopped by for a visit.

I have been here... I just haven't typed my way into the history books this week.

I managed to find myself some sort of wicked chest cough. It's sucking the life out of long as I remain vertical I am fine.. OH.. and as long as I don't start coughing I am doubly fine. But then .. having a chest cold makes one cough. Then I am not fine. It also helps that I have a good underwear collection!

So... moving on...more EAGLET madness. The third eaglet named "Tiny" was knocked form the nest yesterday. He wasn't ready to fly. Mind you.. he was days away from fledge, but wasn't quite ready... the two sisters had fledged, and had made it back to the nest... and one of the sisters knocked tiny when he was sitting on the branch. Lot's of chaos in the chatroom of Tiny's upheavel from the nest. Hopefully the eagle rescue people will be able to help him.

The boy has been a permanent resident in the den the past couple of days. It has been very hot.. and the boy doesn't do heat. I have been a queen mother, and have left him be... just him, and his PLAY.STATION... playing games. I haven't harped on him to "do things"... other than remind him that HE needs to call the X.BOX people about getting his X.BOX fixed. OH.. and his GF has gone away for a couple of days... which is another reason why he has been inside the homestead. I did find out that the GF will be vacationing for a couple of weeks out of the province..... this should keep the boy in the homestead in complete shock I am sure!

The GIRL is busily being beautiful. Her and her ten million piece wardrobe. The MISSY went shopping with her girlfriends and practically bought the entire mall.... I think with exception of one pair of flipflops. I am sure of it.

The husbands boyfriend dropped off some loads of dirt yesterday. I love dirt. I love raking dirt.. I love spreading dirt... I love dirt. I think I am going to water my dirt today, that will be a special experience. Seriously.

The husbands boyfriend also lent the husbandman a chainsaw. Now ... around these parts it is simply taboo to lend out tools... as only a manly man has his own tools, and borrowing is forbidden... completely. As this is what the husbandman and his LONG TERM boyfriend from two doors over have told me. ( In fact the LONG TERM boyfriend says he needs to get his visits with the husbandman when he can.... one day the LONG TERM boyfriends talked THREE times in one day). They are a funny bunch, these boyfriends. ANYWAYS... with the chainsaw in hand ( actually the husbandman was chopping up wood for the boyfriends fire pit, which the husbandman visits almost every Friday night...) he chopped and chopped.. and he even chopped some branches that needed trimming from a number of years ago.. when the husbandmans chainsaw DIED. NOW.. if I had asked for the husbandman to chop up the long sticks for our fire pit... it would have been a SURE FIRE ... NO!
BUT.. because the boyfriend asked.... DONE. I think I might love the husbandmans boyfriend more than the husbandman himself... because now the backyard looks a bit tidier... and I didn't even have to ask.. it just happened.

OH.. and I did find out that our neighbours down the street have been holding out on us. They have a cherry tree. One that people can pick from.. and EAT. I can't believe it. The neighbours right beside us have a cherry tree, but they are useless to the humans, and only make the visiting racoons very happy. I couldn't believe when the husbandmans boyfriend and the PIP made their way to the vacationing neighbours backyard, and helped themselves to cherries. They were the BOMB! Says me who just bought (so called) 10 dollars worth at Safeway.

I would love to post some pics of some bears.. OH but wait... I dont' have any.... because I haven't seen any. What the hell is with that? The husbandman, The Till and myself went for a quick ride last night... and not a animal of any form could be found. I know I have to start seeing them soon, as I picked some blueberries from my bushes yesterday... so they have to be arriving in droves... they just have toooo!!!

Watched the "dog whisperer" this morning for several episodes. He is brilliant. Completely.

In the meantime... loving these cherries!