Thursday, January 28, 2010

egg plant

That's the colour that I wish to paint the trim of the house, when we get a new fascade.

I hope I can remember the name of the colour when it comes times... because it is just such a wierd colour combo... I would think that egg plant would have the colour of yellow and white... it's not like I am conditioned or anything.

I went walking this morning..... straight to the driveway, into the car, then into starbucks and back out again, and then all the way back into the house.


Too much egg-eercise for me I say.

For todays exercise experience I am going to do some resistance training like things... because I just bought some rubbery pulley items to do such things with. Hey, and don't complain about the highly technical language that I am now using on this blog... it's more than I can handle myself.

Now moving onto an email to airmiles.... hopefully I will get my technical lanuage straightened out in an effort for them to fix my non-airmilish problem... curse them!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


That is what I am.

Not sure why.

I think it's STF.

Seasonal Transformation Frenzy.

Meaning that....

Spring is just around the corner, but for the moment it is still winter.

I'm still doing winterish things, and yet... getting ready for spring like things.

I can't say that I work too much... because HA... I do not do that!

Just feeling egg-sauce-ted and not sure why.

I didn't even bother going for my psychotic walking adventure today.....

I just didn't feel like it...

Great.. now I am a LOSER egg-sauce-ted.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still in the night

The boy has put his foot down.... his size eleven and a half foot.

The cute GF called him... and he set the missykins straight. He wished some manlyman time.

Just him and his very tall friends.

There's probably six feet worth of feet sitting around that little den space.

Small house and big doesn't really matter... as long as they have their hands on the controls, and access to an "end cupboard".

Which is why I fed them a big bucket of popcorn.

I am an evil mother that travels the dark corners of her home.... in the knick of time... otherwise it would have been an empty end cupboard..

Do not be afraid...

I know I once was... but now I am not.

The boy and his purple shirt are exactly him.

It's subtle loudness and yet deep warmth is true to his character.

Of course mixed with a sheer smattering of craziness.

He is all that.

In other things to NOT be afraid of:

This very morning... yes, I was afraid of the morning.

I wished not to see it.. I wished for rain, I wished for great torrents of rain. I wished for great grandious cups of coffee that had an endless amount of cream. I wished for a marathon of new episodes of "say yes to the dress". I wished that I wished that I could stay in my P-J-Jamas all day, even though that goes against my greatest laws of life.

I wished for many things this very morning that involved doing nothing .. at all.

Oooops... fairy godmother wishy lady failed to make an appearance... and rather I was left:

Washing the face, nodding at how agreeable my hair was this morning, applying lipstick, finding an extra pair of pants to throw under the yoga pants, zipping up my favourite blue "autism awareness" jacket, throwing coffee in a travel cup, slurping back a tylenol for arthritis, watching say yes to the dress for 20 beautiful minutes, and then driving away.

And went walking.

AND people.. I will say.. it was a gor-G-ous morning... AND people.. I HAD to convince myself to go... AND people... the raw raw team sister (pictured below) felt the exact way I did... AND people... I just kept saying to myself... "you freak show... you would have been hissing flying F words all over the place had it been raining and I would have wanted to go to my favourite location in the world...". So I went, with the sister, and we walked for 75 minutes, it almost break neck speed, but not quite break neck speed, and didn't even feel like doing stairs.... because PEOPLE I didn't feel like doing stairs. Maybe my stairs will come back to me this morning...

Apparently I am working very hard at NOT being afraid of this morning.. and so far I have conquered the great outdoors in the beautiful sunshine.


Monday, January 25, 2010

chocolate chippendales.

Whatever that is.... it just came to my brain, and I figured I better write it down.

Life is like that.

Ink and a notepad. It can take you places.

In other places I went today... across the bridge.. to Surrey.. I came home, with myself and the vehicle intact. The criminals probably weren't quite up yet... and we left before they had a chance to realized that it was a foreign vehicle visiting from the other side of the water. Ha!

The Fussilini has adamantly put her foot down about the NEW non-almost-maybe job that I have applied for. She has vehemently spewed her opposition to anymore weekend work. I have to say that I very much agree with her... but the position is, what the position is. So now... is this what I am faced with....?

I did draft up a very quick email to another manager... and asked her about a job that really doesn't exist. BECAUSE I do stuff like that people.. I just do? Why plan out calculated emails when you can BLAST things through ciberspace, only to semi-regret the maneuver two seconds later. IN FACT... I just thought about the Recreation Therapist girl at my very own hospital... I think I will email that manager about the verysame thing... and the hospital over the road, and up the hill, then down again.... I'm just going to keep firing off idiotic emails until I get an answer.... now that's a strategic plan.

Speaking of chocolate chippendales.. I was just dreaming of some chocolate.. well.. something that has some pecans added to it.. or nuts of any sorts really... but then I like the caramel added in for the sticky scrumptious flavour..... and what am I having now... a pink drink... crystal light.... yes, that will rid me of any chocolate dreams that I am seeming to have.

In other things related to my life but not important at all:

I have a decision to make in exactly 31 minutes. Do I get changed and go walking, or for-go it for another day, KNOWING that I will not crumple and DIE if I miss out. That decision will be based on the excitability state of my mind in NOW 30 minutes, or that the second dose of coffee has kicked in. OH, and the rain will play a big part in the decision making process.

OH people, people, people.. I have been gone all day... and there have been gremlins in my home.. I must go and straighten out the little locations where gremlins have made themselves visible.

Disliking the gremlins at this moment....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cool like that..

And what about the Fuss?

Chill Till. Chill.

A rare guest appearance by the sis, and mr. cool-e-o himself Gramericanson. We like him, we like her too, we just don't include her in pictures... it's not her blog!
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Comic relief:

I applied for a new job yesterday.


Fairly scared about this.

I am not a girl that wishes to live her life doing things like:


How confused am I?

I will sort out the details if the people that hold the power call me.

I am already hearing myself saying....

Hmmmmm... well you see... working that much, well that's a problem....

It interferes with: (list from here to eternity...)

And so forth.

I am a true comedian... to myself.

Well.. then there is my son....

Now he is a true comedian. T.R.U.E., with a musical edge.

Not sure where he acquired that.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

thirty five bucks

Has bought me renewed walking abilities.

The treads were going south I believe, on the current NB runners. They seemed OK., I was still walking OK, but the little foot inside wasn't feeling OK.

Ratta-min-yatta I say.

So I tried on a pair of  "what seemed to be" running runners from Costco... and the fact that they had an air cushion beneath the heal. Music to me... on the feet.. ( and in the ears!) I bought them.

They will do me for the next couple of months.. there's no sneezing at 35 bucks for a pair of runners that is going to get me around the track and up and down stairs.

In todays exciting new PERCY PERRI adventures:

The 500 year old Korean fellow was out in full force.. walking the track, the side streets and the entrance points to the stadium. He still scares me.... him and his little white gloves.

The scottish ladies were not there today... being all big about owning their third and fourth lanes and all. These two woman brushed shoulders with some slower 3rd & 4th laners yesterday. Whoaaa down there Scottish ladies...  these ladies are in good competition with the 500 Korean man in walking speeds... there is no catching up to them.

The Caucasian contingent had a better showing today. WE can take some lessons from others that put their health first. OK.. before you go all INTERNATIONAL on me...  it is clearly an evidence based observation that when we go to the track there are not that many caucasians, but rather Korean/Asian looking individuals... where it is my HONEST thought that they value their health more than us slower poked white folks...

Then there is the paranthethes runner... more on that after I straighten the PIPS hair....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As soon as I change my shoes:

  1. I am going to throw on a load of laundry.
  2. Throw some dishes around... it's just fun.
  3. Vacuum something.
  4. Put some clothes in a bag.
  5. Do the recycling.
  6. Chop up the christmas tree.
  7. Clean the bathroom.
  8. Hang up my clothes.
  9. Steal some more gravel.
  10. Find a pair of shoes to change into...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Windy Wet West

Some people are really hoping for:

White, white & white.

The Olympics are how many days away.... and current conditions keep delivering rain, and now wind.

However... driveway conditions are now CLEAR! ... of mud and muck and other things that make me go ICK!

The rocks have been a success ... and I am hoping for more, perhaps I will bulkify the driveway with a couple more wheelbarrel loads this week. It was a very non-enjoyable event... and yet quite enjoyable all in one breathe.

I will wait for weather conditions to return to normal again before attempting this procedure... of course the husbandman wasn't interested in finishing off the job... only because he wasn't interested from the start.

In other things way less useful in life:

I bought a mini garbage can the other day... and now it can sit on my back step... like the other 5 containers.... BUT the difference is that this mini garbage can has a locking lid... that makes me most happy like... now the little rodenty type things that live and breathe in these parts will not make this a favourite on their nightly scourages. Not that they have made this a favourite's just not to tempt them... before all of the green leftovers make it to the back compost land. My other container finally gave up the ghost with a broken plastic lid... and I spent so much on the lollipop container it wasn't funny... ah ah ha ha hha

OH.. forgot to mention.... as windy as it was here last night... all our trees are still standing... for the momento...

I might need to make a new runner purchase this week. I have been walking the track like a crazy woman... NO I MEAN A REAL CRAZY WOMAN... and the runners are just not seeming too comfortable any longer. I wonder if they only have so many miles programmed into them...? They don't look to beat up, and the soul still has lots of tread. I think they might actually be too big now... and are rubbing in all the wrong spots!

My next adventure for this morning is to make my hair appear on the normalish side... since it was wind-whipped yesterday afternoon after my psycho walking adventure. So this is how it all went down... the sister calls me.. and tells me of her tales on the treadmill: how many minutes she walked, and then the incline that she moved it to... so then we determined that I needed to do the same, but at the track. So although I only walked 4 & 1/2 miles, and walked the stairs (45) ten times, the sister did not have the wind currents flying at her! Now on top of my hair just being straw.... now it is straw and wire combined. A combination that should not be messed with on a daily basis ( in regards to shampooing!)... so now I am left trying to curl it up, fuss it up, manuver it into some semblance of appropriateness... and I am not one to wear it up in a clip or ponytail... because it can't do that well either... with all it's wire-eee-ness.

Of course we will not even think about the windy wet west that is happening outside at this moment, which will undo all my doings in less than a heartbeat.

Best keep on with the management process... and other things relevent to this day.

I think I would wish to go and take photos... of what.. who knows.... that adventure will have to be saved for another day....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ASk the neighbours..

They witnessed it.

A lady, her wheelbarrel and a shovel.

That's how it all went down.

Load after load... I walked back my driveway.

Well.. sometimes I even zigzagged.

I DID listen to my music.

Sometimes the rake was my dancing partner, and so was the shovel... I didn't want hurt feelings with the inanimate objects you know.

The neighbours tried to talk to me... but I had my dancing hands on between shoveling and wheelbarreling.

It was a fabulous psychotic event. Practically a success.

I almost think the greatest fun was hosing down the driveway. LOVE the hose. I had to clear away all the mud from the driveway, and down the street... before one of the crazy neighbours came home.... I needed to clear all evidence as to howcome there was now mud sitting in front of her driveway (as it made its way to the drainagey thingy)... didn't want her to know it was me....

Hmmmm.... I believe the only thing I was shoveling last year was snow... and now today again I will be out there raking the rocks back into the grooves that the husbandman has made.

What an exciting adventure for me...I am just the luckiest....

Just ASK the neighbours!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you Lujza! (Louisa FYI)


So thanks for giving me a reason to not get up and leave my computer at this very moment.

I like suits me!

(My Micheal Buble is in my eardrums at the moment.... things could get interesting.)

" don't you know I love you so.....

Well you can dance... "

"Save the last dance for me.... (big trumpet music now....)"


anyways.... Lujza, Lujza... Lujza.....

I am referring to being late for work (as per usual,  but I MORE THAN MAKE UP FOR....), and needing to cut my hair... more specifically my bangs....

So ya... there I was.... finding my little scissors, and sliding them across the top of my eyebrows....



There you have them! (bangs)

I was mainly just referring to cutting my hair very quickly. I probably could have written that... but you know... I wish to work for the CIA or the FBI, or the CDC, or even the CBC and be one of those decoders!

(Do you think that I will look weird drifting down the street with a wheel barrow in my 6 sizes too big rain pants moving to the beat of "staying alive" in a dance mix version ?)

I will go test my theory.....

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday morning I was busily getting ready for work.

How one isn't busily getting ready is beyond me.... it's all business, from the moment of waking till flitting out the door.

I mean... why leave on time, when you don't have to?

I was straightening the ever so crazylike hair. It needed straightening in a hugely big and bad way... as I had been out walking, and did the stairs the afternoon before.

This hair is all quite scarey everytime it steps foot outdoors... with hair products gathered and amassed and emersed into... it just is.

Today was no exception.

With moments to spare, and the flat iron HOT... I was whipping the hair pieces around like no tomorrow.

Hair was hanging and sitting and stuck and wrong and just plain misplaced.

Then it struck me... where are my scissors...??

AND before I could blink.... it all happened in an instant.

I looked up and.....


Friday, January 08, 2010

It was supposed to be a date!

Probably the world around has someone in their life:

My friend Kim.

I am not certain why I should have to announce "my friend" before the name... because really.... would I preface a person otherwise "my most despised person in my life ....", or " the man that I sleep with everynight.....", or "this product of our love (child)....".

No.. I do not. It's just weird... and it makes for weird looks, and even weirder conversation.

BUT... I insist on calling this girl/lady/female "my friend". Like it needs a justification/ explanation before the real story unfolds.

So... my friend KIM tells me last week that she is going to join "whale watchers". I believe I dubbed it that name a number of years ago, or she was calling it that name.. when she had joined one more time, but I didn't know that she was actually joining "weight watchers", but in fact this cool new ORCA endeavour. I asked her where she went to go to "whale watchers", and at the time it was in a community centre, or church or somewhere... and I wanted to know what exactly they did at "whale watchers" in a community centre... watch slide shows of captured images of whales. So how many pictures do these people really get... and aren't they all similar... or is the whale watcher group studying pods and dorsal fins?

"You idiot" my friend Kim said to me....
"I'm joining WEIGHT watchers... not whale watchers... is there even a group for that...?" my friend Kim continued on, in hysterics.

Ever since then... it has been forever known as whale watchers.

Last week my friend Kim told me that she was once again joining "whale watchers". I congratulated her, and was happy that she had found another seven people to join with her. She decided to NOT ASK me to join... because first and foremost... the meetings are on Thursdays... and since I do not like going to work at all, even when I am paid.... she figured that driving to work to only stand on a scale would be more than I could probably handle, especially since I WAS NOT getting paid. She was perfectly correct in her assumption.

My friend Kim and I talked about my divorce... from food, and I might not be a candidate to become a whale watcher since they try and make you eat things like... bread and other such hideous (but healthy) items, and "alot" points for stuff like hawkins cheezies, which again.. I have completely divorced....

Thus... I was waiting for her to fill me in on her first day as a "pod" going to whale watchers together....

When I get the call...

She is calling me from her cell phone.

I ask my friend Kim. "was whale watchers that exciting that you couldn't wait to get back to the unit to call, you had to call from your cell phone....?"

My friend Kim informs me that she has had to leave work because her vision is blurry... so she is DRIVING to the opthamologist .... of course she pauses...

"Welcome to McDonalds drive-thru, what would you like to order....?"

I start to laugh.

I am no help to my friend Kim.

"Whale watchers" was cancelled, and she was going to make the most of it!

My friend Kim... she always makes me laugh.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The real 2010:

Let me see here:
  • Mr Psychotic Roadrage van driving hooded moron tried to run me off the road.  ( I slammed on my brakes to NOT KILL the texting  person with a poodle on those stupid extensible leashes out for a rollerblade on a dark night... instead: instead Mr. Roadrage tried to run me off the road). Hmmm. Nice
  • Neighbourman calls... see here see... I got some info you live in a white house with blue trim you see, and the house down the street is a blue house with white trim you see....and the blue house with the white trim was broken into you see, but I think they were gunning for your house you see, do you see the connection, is there any information you can hand over to me....?.OK Mr Detective where is this going here....?
  • A little while later one of the Queens Cowboys is on our doorstep... looking for the boy... and asking him questions...., on the boys birthday no less. Happy Birthday Boy... from the Queens Cowboys to you....
  • Then shall we talk abou the psycho phone call from the MIL. Things have been going fine... she has some beautiful little quirks about her... and as a DIL, one says nothing. So when she calls on his birthday and he is not home, it is clear in her line of questioning that she is already making some pretty interesting assumptions. To end the phone call quickly.. I continue to say nothing, mind you I tried to clear her line of reasoning.. but that was too late...
  • In an effort to ensure/instill politeness in my boy I ask him to call his grama back the following day (after his birthday, and after the purchase of his new electric guitar with some of the money she gave him). I wished for him to let her know what he had bought... ( I knew he was going to buy this... but I didn't want to tell her)... and that it wasn't crack cocaine, or even worse, an ounce of that money spent on his girlfriend... even if it might have been a single eraser tip for her pencil. About 3.4 seconds into the phone call she lights into him... basically tells him that on this path he is currently on that he will end up in the streets, begging for money, and playing bad music, with nowhere to live, and will never make anything of himself, and beat random people at bus stops for expired transit passes... you know that sort of stuff. NIIIIIIIIIICE. VERRY VERRRRY nice.
  • So, OK. that is out of my area of any kind of rational sense making. I re-interpret her words for her.... "Since you are not just like your very nice cousins who all do very well in school, as well work hard at doing well, she is concerned that you are not reaching your full potential as a student yourself... she wishes the same thing for you.. except she has a weird way of explaining it". OH.. and I did offer up the advice that maybe it's best if he didn't make the random phone calls to her again... and I apologized for suggesting that he should have done so... what kind of complete screw up of a mother am I .... ???
  • I started running up stairs yesterday... started with the walk, and then increased it to the bouncy running up stairs..  I believe that is where I am headed at this very moment... back to the track/stairs.... if I were to go back 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 8 months, last year, a year and a half ago. ... I wouldn't have been running up stairs.
  • That has been 2010 so far. What are we in... 7 days worthy?
  • Oh yes.. I fail to mention... that the Fussinator is going skiing today... SKIING. The girl can barely walk a straight line... let alone.... things that make you go fast down a hilllllllllll!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I worry that I am not one.

My friend worries that she is.

I handed over this great advice... because you know.. it's just great advice, and my lushlike friend was complaining that she wasn't sleeping well....



Lush drink one more.

Lush sleep nice.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

So are you supposed to:

Start the year off with a resignation to your Manager?

Dear Manager Lady:

Welcome back from your holidays... I hope you and your family had a nice vacation in Hawaii.

While you island hopped and basked in the great warmth of the sun, I walked circles around a track in Coquitlam.

I very much like walking in circles, as it's predictable, and safe, and not really that challenging, with the exception of when someone steps into your traveling lane. At this point I wish to jump lanes, and move to the 6th lane, instead of the regular 5th lane that I very much desire. Walking in circles has given me ample time to think about all the places that I wish to be, and the places that I wish to go. I realized that I am very stuck to my 5th lane, and even when I am forced to deviate from that lane, I find my way back. It's my little space of security. I know that as long as I continue to walk around the track my body will thank me for it... it's pretty much like my little paycheque that amasses every two weeks. ... as long as I continue to show up for work on the weekends, I will continue to get paid.. just like my body pays me back for walking in circles.

I am believing that walking in circles has certainly held a great place in my life, especially the last 17 years.

But really... it's time to switch from the safety, comfort & security of the 5th lane, and move into the 6th lane, the fourth lane, the 3rd lane, any lane really... other than the 5th lane. I am long overdue for a lane change, and that time is now.

Effective January 2011.

Friday, January 01, 2010

twenty ten

That's a big number.

Made for big accomplishments.

I'll refer back to this next year.

When I have done:
  1. .....
  2. .........
  3. ........
  4. .........
  5. ..........
  6. .........
  7. ..............
  8. .................................
  9. ........
  10. .............