Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Mish Mash and all the stash !

So before I forget all things comedic .... here's a couple for the road:

It was Bo Bo's birthday a couple of weeks back ... and all I did was take pictures of him on his birthday. I mean ... who wouldn't, look how happy this guy is! That's his new kong. And check out the deer paw ... to us, that is a sign on contentment ... this guy always has a deer paw happening!

On the weekend the girl went to grad as a date. She looked gorgeous. We had her hair done, and make up, and the perfect dress. She was the perfect date ... especiallt since she knew how to handle the cutlery on the table, as the rest of the group freaked out not knowing what to do with all the cutlery .. and then, when it came to the dessert table she knew how to direct traffic for those that didn't know what things were. OMAGAWD .. that cracked me up. I would post a picture .. but I didn't get one. Cause the Minnie wouldn't let me ! What a bad Minnie Min !

So she's grounded right now .. or so The Sir says ... she really isn't ... however she is hilarious as she swore last night ... which made me scream, The Jimmy fall to the floor, and The Sir yell at myself and the Jimmy that we have corrupted our lovely Min Min ... even Bo Bo went flailing outside with our beautiful swearing princess, as he too could not believe his what his big satellite ears were telling him ... that our Princess Min Min insisted that she could "fucking fix the computer pullout keyboard herself".
I guess it's a family thing ... you would have had to be here to see how the family compact reacted, while she calmly tried to fix the keyboard. 

Today The Jim and I went to purchase a new $5000.00 keyboard for him. It was supposed to be on sale. It wasn't. What a shame. At any rate .. as we drove in to the place where we DID NOT buy the keyboard .. the Jim says to me .. "listen .. we know how this customer service thing goes down in places like this .. z'... nobody helps us .. we have to hunt for people, you get inpatient, and your true crazy comes out ... so here's the thing ... you remain as normal as you can, let me do the talking, and we will all come out of this alive". That my people was serioously funny!!

It's still a beautiful evening out there ... but I might call it a day ... this girl sleeps very little, is really never comfortable ever ... and today is just not up to greatness as the same blue skies and lovely winds. I just have a pure case of the tireds, as one would probably have after many endless sleepless nights. I am certain I have maxed out on the max tylenol for one day ... so perhaps all the better if I try and rest this very sad excuse for a little foot and ultra sore leg.

A little of Mish and a little of Mash.