Thursday, August 27, 2009

So far so good...

No darts my way... not that any have hit me.

Although... the husbandman (KING project himself) now is calling his friend Mr. Plywood.

We are a cruel crescent around these parts.

I have been trying to walk circles around the crescent... I am working my way up to at least four laps. The darkness is keeping me back, and the people that I come across. Four laps is just good enough, I still wish to do more, but that turns it into a time commitment thing, which is NOT what I want it to become.
I'm hoping that someone will join me eventually. It's really easy... walk out front door. Walk fast. Go home. Still good for the heart. The End.

I was thinking of going to the PNE today... but "they" said it's going to be 31 degrees outside. That is warm... but it makes it even warmer when you are walking all day... with a girl that loves any and all food items. I think it would be a bit tortuous to do it today... I will wait.

We had some great action down in the bear lands two evenings ago. Two black bears came into contact with one another and had a scrimmage out in the blueberry fields. That was totally cool. Then there was a crazy frenchman screaming and yelling at "US" the bear watchers... and it just so happened that a visiting from France-land person started back in on him. Too funny. I should have taken a picture of that... that is the most conflict I have seen along our little stretch of road in a long time.

Under the "so far so good" catagory.. until the boy went to the mall for the second time with his "GF" (girlfriend):

Things were stellar.... a pair of jeans, (that he immediately belted up), some new T-Shirt that was very colourful, and a purple and black checked button up shirt. Things were good... until the GF called, and he went back to the mall for the second time... which is when he come home in a purple pair of pants. "Go Hamsterson!" that's FOUR purplish items he now owns... I guess all budding rock stars must stand out some how.

I went to the book club last night... hopefully next months disucussion will include people that talk.

Walking group this morning... yae me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mrs debbie, mrs debbie mrs debbie....

She will hate me for this....

So my friend Mrs Debbie.. not that I call her that... but it does have a nice tone ... dont' you think....

Her lovely husbandman came home with a very special gift for the family.

A lovely brand new to you (them) OLD boat!

Very nice... very nice indeed.

Every family should have a boat.... really. BECAUSE... we have access to so much water... especially in the winter months when our backyards are flooded.

OK.. so I am doing a tour of Handly last evening... you know.. wearing in the new pavement along the other side... when I spot Mrs Debbie...

She was caught in her sons bedroom window.... her eyes as big as the wiley "MOP" aka moth(but beautiful) that had made it's home in the little MISS PIPS room last week...

Her husband proudly standing in the driveway... beaming at his "best project" ever....

Me, the ever evil neighbour.... just chuckled.

Everybody has projects... big projects, little projects, make believe projects, wannabe projects, retired projects, projects for retiring, un-planned projects, unheardof projects, ridiculous projects....

I know this.. because I live with the project KING. Now he doesn't talk much, but he does unleash some of his deep dark secrets worth of projects to me. I just smile and nod, and reserve comment or judgement, or anything... yes.. unheard for me... but you know... sometimes these projects get put in "the forgotten" land of the mind, and sometimes only resurface as an "oh ya....".

Mind you.. now that she has a brand new OLD secondary driveway ornament living in her homestead... she should feel semi-comforted. I believe it was only last year sometime when her dearly loving husband drove the kids around in a fully loaded (he he) 2015 Rubicon..... (him believing that he was going to make that purchase.....). She managed to slip the noose around his neck on that one.

Then she stated that he is a gadget addict. Well, we all have our vices.... gadgets are good if you use them.....or even need them... hmmmmm Mr Pickaspat...?

So .. I think that she has gotten off ""scott free".... that her Mr "closet" gadgetman has finally entered the big city lights with his MAN project. He claims that all he needs is a piece of plywood to get this deeply OLD, but lovely and new boat all afloat.. and a pair of trailor wheels.

NOW I ... being the nicest of neighbours... have proclaimed "YAE closet gadget man"... get out there with your ONE PIECE OF PLYWOOD.. and get this up and running... BECAUSE ALL IT NEEDS IS ONE PIECE OF PLYWOOD...

I was thinking though... instead of Mrs. Debbie FREAKING out over the tire situation that she should make the trip to the tire store herself.. and give the gift of rubber ... to her closet gadget man at christmas time.... so that way.. come spring he can put the new tires on the trailer... and they can wheel the beast straight to "old ugly boat heaven...", and then take the tires back for a refund.

THIS way... her lovely closet gadget man has kept himself all busy over the wintertime with his ONE PIECE OF PLYWOOD, and she has done the critical thinking in the tire purchase department that has the best return policy, he hasn't spent any more money on GPS's "that couldn't find a dinosaur museum even if there was still a live on marching along side of them", and the world is ONE again.

I don't know... every boy needs a project... whether it is one that we approve of, or we can afford... it gives them something to get excited talk to their friends about... to dream about... at the end of the day... think of it this way... at least Mrs Debbie will match her neighbours, AND... she just might not have to weed that part of the driveway!

OK... I am going to have a boomarang tossed at my head... with little knives that stick out the side.... farewell people... this post could be the end of me......

Monday, August 24, 2009

And if I were to.....

  • Cut the tomatoe vines from the front flower pot would that look bad?
  • Finish reading my book during the day would that be considered lazy?
  • Drive my girl to Kamploops to see a movie, would that be wasteful?
  • Drink instant coffee out of desperation would that appear that I have switched camps?
  • Rip off all the leaves off my pear tomatoe plant in the backyard seem premature, in the event to ripen them?
  • Tell my dog to eat her breakfast for the 20th time seem bossy?
  • Visit the bears every night seem a bit much?
  • Try and paint a picture, appear wishful?
  • Write something that was worthy be completely crazy?

Friday, August 21, 2009

The secrets of me.

There are none.
The End.

Did I write about the party where the cops came? Too funny... four officers march into a backyard... prepared for something... and all they see is fourty plus year olds. (Sorry to those that are not in that range or wishing to be reminded you are in that range... me included).

What about when someone collapses on a street..... it isn't so easy to call a colleague over... I NEED SOME HELP HERE....!!!

I might consider giving up my walking group.....not that I wish to quit walking.. but rather that it makes me that I am walking with 77 year olds.

We have a beautiful NEW wonderfully flat and non pot holed road that was given to us this past week. It makes for walking around the crescent a tad bit more enjoyable.

THAT boy of mine started singing and playing the song from Sh.rek.. "Hallejulah". It is quite nice to listen to.. oh.. and he is learning the song from 54.40... something to do with a pearl... oh.. here he is... I'll ask... Ocean Pearl .... I like this boy.

Well.. enough stalling... must go colour the hair. The MUST should be have been in all CAPS.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh ya...

This book... I forgot about this one...

OUCH... I will not comment on this book... it brings the word "c.u.l.t." to mind. Oh yes it does people. I am not sure howcome people can become so twisted, and still think that it is right... and then to boot... have people STUPID enough to follow their lead. GOD!!!!!!

Everyday, same spot, different visitor

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Book title

Here's a summer reading book, and a lengthy one. It seemed to take a long time to tell this story... almost like making a slow ascent up the spiral staircase. I enjoyed it as an easy read.

wellawella's been a long time....

Since I have had anything to write....

I still don't..... ha ha ah ah ahha

OK.. so I bought the flat iron. It works completely absolutely wonderfully amazing on the little lady pipsters hair. MINE.. not so much. Now instead of curly frizz, now I have flat frizz. That's an accomplishment. I bought some products to make the hair shine, and to decrease the frizz. I'm still waiting for them to work. On the PIP they work great! Lucky me.

The boy had his X.Box returned yesterday. I will wait to see the new adventures in gaming.... with a GF. This should be interesting. He is a good character.... him and his ten thousand faces.

OH... and the maybe 12 year old furry girl (seen earlier playing her most favourite of sports... soccer... with a basketball) has now been officially named... "crow killer". She proudly stalked and killed a crow the other day. She almost got it into the house had the little lady pipster done some quick thinking and rose to the occasion to see what all the ruckess was out in the backyard... when she saw "the Till" aka "crow killer" making the mad dash to the house with the crow. The FUSS then screamed at "the Till" to get that out of her mouth... so off the "crow killer" bounced, and set it in the back yard. When I made it home with my random grocery list finding extravaganza... the "crow killer" was locked in her outside kennel with a fresh bowl of water. The best part was the look on the newly named "crow killers" face... she was smiling away, and her tail was wagging... and her paws were hanging out underneath the chainlink kennel fencing.... almost like she was pointing at her great fortunes. Too funny.... and now... since the greatest event in this dogs history has happened... she has decided to carry around " a black KONG" (the dead crow was swiftly removed AFTER the husbandman came home from work...) that she has ignored since we found the item. In fact... upon review of these pictures.. I think she was practicing on becoming the "crow killer"...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Not such a quiet place

Because the paparazzi lives there.

Down at the bear vacation location.

Lots of paparazzi.

Out of the woodwork they come.

Luckily the bears already know they are there.

So they don't arrive.

My favourite solitary parking spot is now the meeting ground for a whole lot of camera talk.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Gardens with purpose

Little did I know that when I used my black gold from the composter this year, that I would also have the convenience of feeding the family with the homesteads prettiness. Tomatoes seem to have overtaken the flower pots... although there is still some colour to be had, but you have to look carefully...
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Me, the stalker

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Roaming the one way streets

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Sunday, August 02, 2009


So to appease the hairstylist lady last week I let her flat iron my hair.




I didn't realize it would be such a life changing event.

The ever so psychotic hair has been altered.

As much as I would like to say I didn't like it.... I really did. Mind you... the hair on the first day was totally completely flat and straight. I looked weirder than I do now, with more or less semi flat hair.

Watch out world... a more or less crazy woman in disguise with flattish hair.


It's warm outside... but I am going bear hunting. HAVE TO.