Saturday, December 31, 2011


To the end of the year.

It has finally come to a close, with all but a few short hours left of it.

I am thankful for our families continued health and happiness.


Not sure what to make of the new year coming in, in about 11 hours.

I probably will not have any revelations, nor aspirations to do better.

Well, ... I might get better at colouring my hair ... because afterall... I do get a lot of practice at it.

I might find contentment .. but I don't think so. That is a hard road to find.

So is the road that has the word TIME attached to it.

Timing is everything ... so I am hopeful that when I find the TIME .. it wont be whiddled away before I realize that I am wasting my time.

I did spend a lot of time this year watching the fish, when they were here. Now there is something that doesn't have a lot of time to do a whole lot of anything .. and when I went back for an inspection ... all the remnants of them being on this earth had vanished. ... I know they have deposited another lifetime of species that will surf through this earth, and I will not see them for another four years. Seems so strange.

I have no plans to change they way I live, or change the way I eat, or change the amount of exercise I can accomplish.. well .. I will plan on buying more runners actually, which will increase the amount of exercise ... so that should be fun. I don't think I will join any running clinics, or runs, or walks, or causes ... because I have about 399 causes in my brain .. I do not need to slap a number on and exchange some money .. to say I did it ... cause I will just do whatever it is I wish to do anyways ...

I think we are going to get a dog. There's big talk, and plans to purchase a dog.

I do not think we are going to build another family room. I do think though that we are going to carry on with the front fascade renovation, and something called a porch. This is a carry over from the summer, when the sir snapped his bicep. Damned to middle age .. cause that is when they talk about when this injury happens .. middle age. I'm not sure when the whole middle age happened, but it did .. but I don't think that happened this year ... it's been a compilation of many years in the making. However .. my middle age isn't for quite a number of years yet ... since I am planning on living till at least a 105.

I saw an old guy yesterday ... he wasn't quite that old, he was more impressed at his roommates age ... the roommate was 99. The old guy ... 96. So you see .. hold on ... to what you believe.

I am planning on purchasing another pair of running pants this year. I have two. One pair which I do not like, but I wear, and another pair, which I love, but they are seasonal ... So, I do have 2 plans now. Whew .. that should see me through the next 365 days at least.

I am hoping that my pippies hair will grow out this year....and that my supersons stays short.

I wish to join something this year ... it's quite a challenge .. and it's free. I am looking forward to it ... and am hoping that I will believe in myself enough to see that I continue this adventure.

This is my blog .. so I get to write me, all me, all the time. I think I am going to write way way way way more about my adventures. I do have quite a few adventures actually, but ultimately fail to write about them. Albeit that it appears that I live a quite consumably boring life being a mother, wife and someone that manages to have four separate jobs. I wont say that I am failure for not writing about the adventures ... for whatever reason .. I just don't! GAWD.

 I dont think I am going to get rid of that saying any time soon. I love the word GAWD. It wasn't around when I was growing up .. and I would like to think when I say that I get to stomp my foot and flick my hair, and throw my hands in the air ... something that I have to do on a regular occasion .. minus the antics.

I'm going to figure out utorrent. I have a whack of music that I need. Badly. So bad, I don't even know what it is.

I am excited for the adventures that are in store ... only because I feel an adventuring spirit will eventually take over ... and these four jobs will be whittled down to just one, a whole one encompassing plaster of something that I can pour my energies into one solid endeavour, rather than run here and do that, then do this over here, and then over the water do this ... I am thinking it's all going to stream together ... will it be this year .. that is the larger question.

I am also thinking about using a wine glass everyday... just because it's fun, and it's light, and not everything is fun and light everyday. The reality of course is the fact that I do not drink every day, or even a regular basis ... so it looks like I am going to inhale a lot of soda water and talking rain ... it looks so refreshing in a wine glass ... or equally fun are the peach coloured outdoor wine glasses, that I use year round. Simple, and yet complicated.

I am hoping to re-arrange my closet this year. But if I do not get to it .. then I will not dismay ... it's not something that someone should schedule for a year long adventure.

I think I will go and buy a piece of granite. The Sir and I were just talking a bit ago ... and I asked hom what project is doable.... cause he was complaining about putting to more chairs in the family-non family room. He said it wasn't making his efforts to build it any easier ... so then I asked which project seemed like it was actually going to happen ... the front of the house .. or the family room ... he said front porch, so I said take the chairs away. He's so dumb... which is why I lovingly just randomly call out dumb-dumb. It takes one to know one, which gives me free and clear access at throwing the insults, or so it seems.

In other things non related to anything in particular at the end of the year but will make it on the list of accomplishments:

I managed to take a camera course, even though it was only one, I did manage, and have already booked for another course, with the date yet to be determined.

I even managed to organize my photos. That was an effort however; somehow this will make it easier in the future.

I recycled something. Well, I recycled a whole whack of shit! More importantly .. I recycled my viewsonic screen ... I love this screen ... I just do .. it's flat, it's lovely, it makes things just look like a frame, it has a lovely speaker system at the bottom of it .. and then it broke. The computer guys told me to chuck and buy a new one, which is what I did. Except I chucked it into the back of my car .. bought a new screen, hooked it up, and hated it. I'm not sure how one can hate a screen, but it is possiblye, apparantly. I returned the computer screen, then returned to the computer place, insisted that they put a new lightbulb in it, and I don't care if it's going to cost me one hundred dollars for a lightbulb .. it's a lightbulb that has brought me much happiness ... and so yes .. I continue to be thrilled with my screen ... I think the ultra nice reason, is the fact also that is has clean lines, no cords hanging out, and no additional speakers are required in an effort to make this computer system work. Although .. if you look behind my little moveable computer desk ... it is wire central ... but that is fine ... outwardly it makes owning such a dinasour of a computer completely liveable.

I plan on playing another 10,000 hours or more of angrybirds ... because ... why not?

And such as life goes .. I have had quite the time of keeping that car of mine clean. How does one do that? I spend a lot of time over at the handy wash place ... just spraying down the vehicle .. and giving it the quick clean up .. and then have to drive down a road that is full of dirt from the trucks that remove dirt from the places that are being built ... GAWD.

I have become a personal assistant to the son .. who facetimes me, txts me, emails me, calls me .. and these meager words .. HEELLPP. GAWD.  it's usually to retrieve juice, the jimmy and his juice .. that has been his mainstay this last year. We are still on the nonmilk in the nonmilk department .. only because I think that it really aggravates his face, and he has such a nice looking face ... so one he continues to grow up .. in about 165 years .. he might be able to drink milk again.

I have my fingers crossed for his band .. they are all good looking guys, with a lot of going for them, and a mountain of ideas packed in their musical brains, .. I am hoping that beyond their musical selves they can manage to get themself out there ... whereever that out there is. The biggest thing is that I hope that the mr jimmy stays within the the realms of getting through things ... he's got a lot on his plate ... between school, his band, his job, his social time ... crazy boy .. he will probably be like that until he grows up... which might be more than the 165 as suggested previously.

Well .. I see that my internet connection is having a spaz attack .. not sure why .. so I might just publish this one day journal right now ... and be back later .. because ... I can ..

After all ...

This BLOG is all about me ..

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I should have something to say ...

Minus the pictures.

I have let these past 4 days trickle by.

I haven't made an effort to do anything ultra special or that required energy. Other than walking in the pouring rain the other night with the crazy sister. But that's cause the two of us are crazy ... and when last night ... it was pouring out ... I quickly slammed back a glass of wine  (BECAUSE I COULD!!!!) just so I could say I was highly intoxicated, and therefore couldn't go walking in case the crazy sister asked .. but she didn't ... because she was probably doing less crazy things, similar to me .. like playing words with friends, or cruising through facebook, or even better playing a slot machine game on her iphone.

The Fusspot is wondering if we will ever leave the home again ... and yet we did ... temporarily the other day ... to purchase a new running jacket ... but that didn't happen ... because they didn't have my extra healthy size ... OK .. in FAIRNESS ... I will COMPLAIN that Nike doesn't believe that sporty clothing should be made for the peoples that are slightly more than a sporty looking size. I'm not small, BUT I am not HUGE-GANTIC ... so I do not know where I fit in the clothing department ... apparently not in Nike's apparel at least.

In things that are just things ...

I'm off to buy a lottery ticket now. Wish me luck ... cause my luck could just be your good fortune also!

In other things ...

I read this book:

The Wife's Tale

My 16 year old son picked this book out.

He will be 17 in 7 days.

I have to say ... I loved this book ... ALOT.

THEN ... my girl picked this book ......

She is 14 1/2. I love this book ... ALOT.


Young people with brilliant minds.

Pause for a moment ...

If you will.

Snowy Owls ... on a stop off from the Arctic.
You would never have known this was three days before Christmas ... and all the running around, and doing things to get ready for a large supper ... WHO CARES ... I say .. I WANTED TO SEE the Snowy Owls. I don't do the cooking anyways ... so I was off the hook ... except that it was still my job to clean the toilets!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Day to me.

Today I am doing one thing.


Make that TWENTY.

I will do TWENTY things on the twentieth day.

Twenty rhymes with plenty, which is exactly what I have to do.

Like ...

Buy a couple of presents ... for people ...

Like ...

The children.

Buy a gift ... for someone ...

Like ...

A wonderful pair of mothers ...

Maybe buy a gift for the husband ... or not! (jk)


In things that are important ...

I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice outside ... I think me and my camera are going to go for a stroll, well - a ride then a stroll.

My life is upside down with responsibilities .. as in ... do I bake? .. do I bottle wine? ... do I shop for things ... ? do I vacuum ... ? Did I send out christmas cards .. ? no no no no no no no no and no.

BUT ... I did learn something very very very wonderful ... more wonderful than all those twenty thousand things put together ... I make a difference. Not to my family .. cause I make a difference to them all the time ... "look ... your laundry is done, ... or I bought you conditioner, now you can brush your hair, "yes, I will give you a ride to the mall ... and back again in a short period of time, without a doubt I will drive around at 1 am in the morning listening to a mastered CD of your band, not a problem that I drive to pick you up from a concert at 3 am in the morning, even though I need to be at work at 0730, yes I did go shopping for Jimmy Juice and Pipenza milk, oh .. we have food again !

BEYOND doing the little things for the little family .. there is a greater family that I meet up with each week ... and I learned my importance to them ... what a nice gift.

In the meantime ... my giftiness has not stopped .. I bought new drinking glasses last night .. cause for 15 dollars ... nicely weighted glasses ... that makes me happy ... and MORE importantly .. I really think that it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow ... and with the wind that is predicted for today .. I am hoping up a STORM that we get some blue sky ... and I am going to run away and do some photo-ing ....


Christmas .. ya ya ... christmas will come, gifts will be wrapped ... dinner served ... BUT the photo ops ... now that is something that I can not miss!
Nothing like being selfish at this time of year!

I could wait till after christmas ... and go then .. and I probably will ... ! ...

In the meantime ... I just keep watching that little christmas video made by those face.plant characters and chuckle ... so much in store for these guys ... it is unfathomable to even contemplate ... and then I watch the PIP and continue to marvel at her incredible character .. and wonder .. holy crap .. these two little (BIG) beings are the most amazing gifts one could continue to receive !

The husband .. well .. I would like him more if I could split him into TWO .. the one fellow I would send to work .. and then his duplicate could shimey around the homestead and build up a storm of all the things that we wish to accomplish and enjoy ... like a porch and a pergola, and a deck, and a front door, and another room, and a book case, and another french door ... and a picket fence ... not that I am asking for much ... AT ALL. In the meantime we will get him a dog. That wont be time consuming now will it?

Yes .. back to that twenty things and counting..... I better go get the Pip a christmas present .. cause we do not want a mad Pip storming around these parts on christmas day ... can't have the most beautiful girl in the world have a frown on her face ...

19 and counting ...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holy crumb towns.

That is what my little life is flailing about doing ... creating crumbs at every checkpoint. I'm not into video games either.

Race, race ... checkpoint
Race, race .. and race .. checkpoint.

BUT ALAS ... let me share some wisdom.

AS MUCH AS I don't quite like it at this "momento" ... I am still thankful to be putting around doing all the putting around .. and it isn't because it's that time of year to find christmas cheer .. it's everything else that monopolizes the time obligations the whole rest of the year ...

I think that shopping is easier this year. A LOT easier. The boy wants cash. The girl wants things. The husband doesn't like anything. I wish for time. All's well!


In other things more normal among the homesteadians:

The Jimmy refused to let me go get a christmas tree last evening with him and "the sir" ... I was told my place was the laundryroom. ... because children wearing towels to school in minus five weather was not permitted. Me, the laundryslacker. What a bitch.

OMAGAWD. The telephone situation is at its ultimate in GADGETRY FINEST these days. I have started playing words with friends. HOLLY HOLY crumbcakes houston .. there's a big problem out there. I thought I loved angrybirds and all it's absolute pigpower finery ... and then I started WWF. I'm not sure why I love it so much .. but I do .. this morning I woke up to someone getting 48 points on me ... I should just resign now!!!! But I won't ... I will make them play to the end ... because now I have come to understand ... you also need to get rid of the tiles too ... so I have a chance ... or probably not ... but it's the experience of playing. Wow .. I can see how there are scrabble championships and such things ... or isn't there .. ?

I am thinking LOTS about a certain friend these days ... never get to see her, but I know she's out there .. and she's doing WELL! Such a different place this year, than last ... I am glad that we FIND people in life that we can share a lifetime friendship with ... even though because of time and schedules we do not see one another on a regular basis.

OH .. and for the shock of shocks .. I have NOT done christmas cards this year. I didn't have it in my plan of attack back in November, I thought about it back in October, and told myself to make a decision .. DO I or DONT I ... I decided not to .. it was just easier that way. It apparently was a good choice .. since the mailman doesn't really deliver to my house anyways .. and if he does, it is sometimes other peoples mail anyways.

In other things ... The Fuss and I made a FAT socials teacher a CAKE project last week. She promptly told Fussy that the FUSS didn't do it correctly, because the cake icing did not change colour as the elevation of the MOUNTAIN rose, and if the FUSS wished to re-do it, she could, and then she would get a better mark. The Fuss demonstrated her FUSSY knowledge and showed the FAT socials teacher the pieces of paper that marked the elevations of the mountain did in fact change colour as they went up. Ya people ... I said FAT ... cause I can.

Well ... on to that second cup of coffee and try to figure out how my printer will make my hair more grey today ...

The Faceplants - Get Away (Live Acoustic)

The boy and his band people.

I like these guys ... they all compliment one another, in a proprioceptive way. If there is such a thing with musicky people. There has to be ... cause I have seen them many times now ... and they just seem to know what's going on with everyone else. Weird. Or instinct.

Monday, December 05, 2011

As always ...

I am visiting my space of blankness, and creating something that will last an eternity in computerland .. while I am supposed to be doing things that otherwise help me to get ready for the day!

But ALAS ...

This is far finer .. and much more cathartic to the soul ...

I have a sip of java juice, then come up with some VERY IMPORTANT ramblings .. and then a sip, and then a ramble .. it's an important piece to my day!

Did I mention that HALF of my computer space is now available ... !?  How comforting to know that I can replenish NEW photos ... and start the process all over again with the filling procedure .. ALTHOUGH .. I am thinking that if I can clean out the guts a little more .. then there would be quite a bit of shelf life left to this computer .. SINCE I am getting me an APPLE in the months (read YEARS) to come ...  I am pleased with my plan ...

In the dealings with the chicklets ... the Jimmy wished to have 12 dollars for "the winter ball" which he claims that he got tricked into going to ... I tried giving him our fanciful LOONIE money .. which he outright denied taking ... he says "it makes me feel like an asshole handing over that much change ... I will just go find my own money ...." ... alright Jimmy ... off you go ... get your own cash stash .. just make sure MONOPOLY isn't engraved on it ..

My coffee is cold ...

I am most excited about the livingroom furniture .. it isn't fancy , it isn't unsitable, it isn't even uncomfortable ... it is just nice to stare at something different in that livingroom of ours. I put it down to .. I am kinda this person that runs the same wheel of life ... on any given day you can find me doing the same thing, at the same time, without fail .. I say the same things, plead the same case (to the Jimmy), think about the same things .. (where will the stroke group get money from), now I have to run and get _____. So now that I have this livingroom furniture .. IT doesn't have to sit in the same position as it has done for the past 18 1/2 years. REALLY it has. For the prior TWO years that we owned the same couch and loveseat it SAT in the same position as well. Furniture that lasted, but never moved out of place ... it got kinda (Very very VERY) borings after 20 1/2 years.

NOW I want to paint my HALLWAY!!!! I am going to have to do it ONE day .. when the sir isn't looking .. LIKE I did many moons ago .. when he went to work one day .. he came back .. and WHALA .. the hallway was painted ... EXCEPT for the small problem of trying to paint up to the ceiling ..and not getting it on that fancy ceiling white stuff. GAWD. Now he is going to notice.

In things of an even lesser urgent nature:

I managed to put a whole WHACK of junk in my room last week ... STUFF that doesn't have a home, doesn't really fit in any other corner of the tiny little house, nor does it belong to anybody .. EXCEPT me ... now I just need to make it go away .. like the OTHER box of stuff that is sitting in my room. .. how is that possible ... ?

My time is up .. I think I am going to warm this coffee up .. it isn't that warm ..
just my thoughts on this Monday !