Friday, December 12, 2014


Yup, I'm tired.

I'm tired of waiting .... for the holidays to be over.

They haven't even started.

If the holidays were not just around the corner ... I would have been slated to be fixed a whole shit ton faster ... but we have to wait for the festive indulgent event to quiet itself, and for life to return to normal before my life can return to normal.

So yes ... I'm tired of waiting.

In the meantime ... I can move even less, stand even less, sit even less, have patience even less, be empathetic even less, be helpful even less. Not the ideal time of year to be this useless. OH wait ... I was this useless last year.

I am certain that NEXT year life will be different ... maybe a HOLIDAY away would be a perfect way to celebrate ! Ha ... that's wishful thinking .. the Sir would not leave his turkey cooking and pie building for a second longer .... !!

So for now ... I will carry on with being tired ... and being thankful that this cancer business will be fixed up in the very beginning of the new year ... it leaves lots of time for a new improved version of me now for the rest of the year ...