Wednesday, January 31, 2007

That boy tricked me again.

Yes, twice in one week.

As a new dawn came about YESTERDAY, I thought to myself..."what a difference a day makes". That boy of mine was happy to get up, happy to walk to school, and didn't once grumble about the unfairness of it all, he even came home in fine spirits.

Now today has arrived, he started to put his lunch together, made his own toast, realized the time and knew he better hurry, talked about the streets being very icy, but just that... the fact that they were icy, and not the fact that I needed to drive him. He even jumped in the shower and out, even with his hair wet. I am not certain if any soap touched him, but one out of two isn't bad.

I believe I am in for a handful of tricks from that boy of mine.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The boy tried to trick me.

He thought if he behaved grumpily enough and slowly enough that I would give him a ride to school this morning. Well you know.. somehow his marvelous grumpy performance did not change my mind for a single second, in fact it didn't even get close to convincing me... not now, or ever. In an effort not to play into his almost acadamy performance.... I didn't even tell him to hurry.

I was quite impressed with my performance actually.

In scrapping adventures.

I have been doing some scrapbooking the past couple of weeks. My style has changed. I am scared. It seems that my pages have not taken on the familiar "Deanna slap 'n' scrap" style that I am so fondly in love with. My latest scrapbook faze has left me with pictures, colour, more colour, rounded edges, some cut-outs, and the thoughts of matching some stickers... eventually. The one common denominator in this equation is the glue that holds it all together. I am the glueless slap and scrapper. I can say that my pages have taken on a little less organized appearance, in fact, a down right mess really.

I had great hopes of using some glue the other night when I invited myself over to the Mailman Debbie girl's house. I really tried to use glue. I even uncapped it. I watched her as she used her gluing techniques on her fancy scrapping style creativeness project. I think I may have even picked up my gluestick, and tried to copy her style, but gingerly placed it back on the table. I gave up and continued on my unglueable colour picture adventure. I am hoping that my unwillingness to glue will "will" it's way back, as for the moment I have pages of "slap and scrap style" sitting at the bottom of my pages in a "swack of crap pile".

I think I should probably just drink more... that could be the problem!

Happiness is.....

Launching Micheal Buble over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Don't forget....

"Save the Last Dance For Me".

Oh here's something unusual.

I applied for another job this week.

The last number of them haven't panned out. I am far too picky. It seems that so are the employers. We both lose.

I am hopeful that this weeks adventures will proove to be fruitful, as it will be a means to an end of the weekend monotony.

My new adventures could lead me out to Surrey Hospital... a very CRAPPY commute, but... at least I could keep my Stroke Group and work during the week. An interesting concept really.

Once again, I will not hold my breath!

Werther worthy.

I can go for months without a Werther's Original. But then something happens. Someone just offers me one, and BOOM like a bomb I am instantly in love with them all over again. That bomb happened today, and now I can't get enough of them. I am in love with the Werther inventor and the happy factory people that keep pumping them out. I love you factory people!

Now I have to consider people's Werther worthiness if I dare hand one over...will they rejoice in the creamy caramel that melts in their mouth, just as I do?

I hope they wouldn't dare to crunch up the Werther. How unworthy for the Werther!

Alright.... onto bigger and better challenges....

How about writing a post while listening to Micheal Buble and his version of "Save the Last Dance For Me"... just try it.... just try it....just try to type without dancing and singing and making up grandious thoughts of yourself sweeping across a glistening dance floor in a flowing gown with a tuxedo clad man of your dreams (or the guy you sleep with every night, for the little less choosy!)... just try it... except don't try it with a Werthers, you might lose your airway.

I think Micheal Buble might just be Werther unworthy.
Just a thought.

More of the same... but I like it!

Sasamat Outdoor Centre.
I had people fooled today... they thought that we were actually needing to be outside!! In the summer time there wouldn't be any qualms... except for today, and the lovely but cold weather we are having!
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Almost without a hitch!

Well todays adventures took me back to where the photos were taken the other day.

Things were rolling along smoothly. Transportation was all in place, our group arrived on schedule, the setting was lovely, the weather was just fine, there was enough coffee and tea available for 6 & 7th refills, the lunch was spectacular, and so was the dessert. Now for the entertainment...

....................there was entertainment....
wasn't there..................?????????

And that was it.... everything was great, except for that the entertainment didn't show.

I am always very leery when booking outings with this group of mine, as there is always something that happens... or just that, something that doesn't happen. Todays mishap was a continuation of my very own mishap. All the same, the group was happy with the lunch.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

K-Mart Art lives in the wild.

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I found some things this morning.

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A date is a date

My friend and I had a date to get together tonight. Yahoo!

It was most interesting.

Before I even left..
I cut my hair, had a shower, changed my clothes twice, brushed the teeth, reapplied lipstick, and didn't bother with dinner. I am the queen of organization!

I arrived at the friends house and couldn't remember her house number, and then couldn't remember when her birthday was... not that it was important to remember her birthday, it's just that it happens in January... I just felt I should remember... because I remembered last year. Maybe I was temporarily confused by the piercing music coming from the new speakers in the Indigo Blue Mazda 5. I should have these speakers burnt out by next month, I am sure of it.
Anyways... off we went...

The table was too wobbly.
An art teacher from GULP many years ago recognized me.
We switched tables.
The people in the corner were obnoxious & loud. But then, that's what you get for a pub.
Texas Holdem was located in another section. YAE.
The waitress was overly perky.
Overly helpful.
Overly annoying.
I had to order something to munch on.
I never order zucchini sticks, but I did.
I live a life of great adventure.
A lone workman looking guy sat down at the table behind the friend.
It was only him and his cell phone for quite a while.
Even the perky waitress sat with him for a bit.
Then his cell phone connections started to work, and the connections found their way to his table, behind us. Now they were stupidly loud.
I switched from Apple to Pear Cider.
The friend had a complaint about my facial expression upon my first sip.
I enjoyed the Pear. I don't have a complaint about the Pear. It would have been a good pear, had I been able to eat it from the pear tree, so I would happilytake it in a glass too.
I didn't do a Pear explanation with the friend.
I even kinda forgot that I was now drinking her Pear Cider.
I laughed.
I laughed a lot.
I think my face hurts now.
All of a sudden we looked at the time.
My friend had to go, so I drove her back home.
I think she may have been frightened.
I wasn't, ... except when I got home, and realized how short my fresh cut bangs were!!

Anyways.. I am back at home now... listening to more Neil Diamond music.
It's exciting times here....

I think I see

I believe I see a clear sky sitting in the great outdoors. Mind you, it's still dark out at the moment.. but I believe it is clear.


The sky is clear. That means people walk, and get fresh air, and just enjoy being.

I am going to take my camera with me, and capture some fresh moments. It is all quite exciting to be in the great outdoors!

In other things exciting...

When I was the younger version than what I am now, and living in a home that had two of what the husbandman and I are now, I used to wake up to the sound of CKNW. All news, all the time. Back then the radio station sometimes put music on, probably to save some of the younger listeners from going nuts. So now, instead of wasting my time with news that will only make me sad, or disgusted, or shaking my head... I have skipped the news, and gone right to the music portion of my childhood memories. Included in that is the music from the list provided below. So now.. both those chicklets of mine are busy trying to sleep....and are being woken up to the same music that I used to wait for... in between news segments on the radio station.

What a kind mother am I!!

Cracklin Rosie

Holly Holy.
I Am I Said.
The Story of My Life.

Of course you know what I am talking about, the first one is the give away!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Chronically EVIL

That I am.

I came up with a new threat for that boy of mine this morning. ( My day just isn't complete if I can't be totally Lady CRUELLA, at least once a day). I said to him if he didn't get up, and get himself ready by 08:00 then he would just have to walk himself to school in the pouring rain. I decided on the oclock hour, knowing that FIVE minutes would be OK. The issue is that at 08:13 the street becomes a parking lot line up of vehicles. It then makes what would be a five minute drive a twenty minute drive. Bizarre but true. For this, that makes me evil.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Categories of stupidness:

I did not manage to let the Hamstersons dental appointment slip by without me making it into the school. At least this time I made a hallway appearance, rather than a classroom one. The hissing was heard all the way to the boy's locker, where he casually looked up and wondered why I was visiting him in the school. One of the teachers looked scared, and stepped into his classroom and hid. I think next time I may threaten the Hamsterson with an overhead announcement......"Grammy, your mommy is here to pick you up...." Yes, that will be my next threat.

I was driving the other night and got some apple bit stuck to my hand. I casually opened the drivers window and flicked my hand to remove to the bit. The third time I flicked I luckily remembered how the wedding ring flings off just by looking at it. I was thanking my lucky stars at that moment.. in the dark, and the rain.

I worked with a woman today who very much scares me. I had to shake my head with her words that were stuck deep inside my head. I believe her words of stupidity were blazened on my brain. Ouch, that hurts.

I turned off my alarm this morning, without being fully awake. Luckily I remembered before it was too late.

I am drinking coffee at the present time. I am hoping I make it to bed within the next four hours.

I have to remember that my mother has a cellar full of red wine, and I don't. Which she doesn't drink, and we do.

That's enough stupidity for one day.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Coloured the hair.

Turned out amazingly boring and brown.

I like it. A lot.

No Snow White Effect to live through.

Boring and brown can just be so special sometimes.

scary fingertips

I wrote a note to the Hamstersons teacher.

I probably shouldn't do things like that. Although we have been in email contact, that isn't the issue. The issue is the random thoughts that I command from the fingertips.

Todays email went like this:

The Gramster has an orthodontic appt today at 2:15.

I did request that he please be prepared and ready to go today at 2:00, this might be a rather large request, although I asked him twenty times before he left my sight this morning. I am hoping the reminder was enough.

I will attempt to try something different today: I hold this grand vision as someone who is a rather normal parent that sits outside the school and waits to pick a child at the specified time. I may be asking too much, so if you see a crazy woman standing at your door this afternoon throwing temporary unloving darts from her eyes at a certain someone, and seems to be hissing, you may want to tell the class to duck... all of course except GRAMSTER.

I do not believe this will happen... I could not possibly be three times lucky! ****

OH.. and in other news worthy news...

I asked the boy if he liked his PE class... like DANCE. He told me he loves it. Maybe give him a 16th chance. He has always wanted to learn hip hop/ dance. For sanity reasons I never pursued a dance class for him. This is his first one. He may just be OVER the TOP EXCITED and yet annoyingly ENTHUSIASTIC about his new found footwork.

He proudly showed me his moves.. they were pretty slick.

*** I have had two occasions fetch him from his classroom, plus other times, but not for ortho appts ***

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oh ya...

I am waiting for it to rain. OH yes I am. The snow is now ickly and slushy and crumpely and icy and grey-ee and unplayable. Yes, it's all those things and more. It needs to go, and come back next year.

Now I like snow, I like to watch it fall, but I also like it to disappear.

The snow has ruined all kinds of bushes out front, and out back. I was not disciplined enough this time to go and remove all the excess snow from the branches, and now a number of bushes have settled a large amount of inches.

It's a shame I didn't go and chop down the flowering Japanese plum tree out front. It has what I would call "chincey blooms". I do not care for that tree, and it would have been nice had it fallen over, or more secretly... someone knocked it off. But that didn't happen.... at least not today! I would like a tree that blooms unforgetable blooms, and screams to the people outdoors...'IT'S SPRINGTIME YOU IDIOTS... WAKE UP!!!". Yes, something like that.

In the meantime.. I am just waiting for the snow to melt. Then I am moving forward with my spring lawn maintenance. Sand... lots of sand.

What do we have here....

A Mastercard Bill.


It's big.

It is apparent now, that I spent a lot.

A whole HUGE lot.

I inquired about another job today.

My Mastercard requires it!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I am sitting here singing a Madonna song. I don't really sing.. I just recognize tunes that filter through my brain, and sing the lead line. That is all.

What I really was thinking of was a holiday. If I were to go on a holiday, where would I go?

Would it just be me, or would I invite the family along. HA, that has me chuckling up a storm... can you just imagine... "by family, I am off on a cruise now... enjoy your week by yourselves, and the empty cupboards, and the laundry, and the ... and the..... and the....."

Being the crazy person that I am.. I know I am not crazy enough to do something like that.... although it would be kind of funny to change it up a bit, and behave like "the ultimate crazy person"... or would it be the ultimate in shallow.... I am not sure.

Well, back to reality... make the boys lunch, and take him to school. Make the girls lunch, take her to school. Then it's my Tuesday chores to try and be accomplished.

Maybe my hollowdayee may be changed up a bit!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Make your own caption:

He's thinking:
She's saying:

You're thinking:

She's worrying about:
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Trouble as we see it.

Little lady chickster Pipster. She's trouble. Big trouble.
Not shy. Rather spontaneous. The reason blond jokes will survive.
All this, with her hillbilly teeth, and yet she manages.
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Tea, B, and Me.

I think I'll have a cup of TEA. With that, I think I will take a Vitamin B. I have a huge stack of CRAP that I need to sift through... surely that is what is bothering ME.

Well, other than the 15 books that I am wishing to read RIGHT NOW. Plus the FIVE magazines that I would love to rifle through. ( You know STYLISH homey magazines that are wishful to look through). But then I have my BC magazine that isn't mine, but the one who it is for has finished with it.

I have finally finished mastering the boys camera whoas. Well, they were my camera whoas as I was the one that had to do all the loading to the computer, so that I could unload MY memory card from his camera.

I have to come up with some word games for tomorrow. ALL kinds of word games. Hopefully I will start looking for them soon... as the night is running out, and then tomorrow will be upon me, and I will resume my searching, but in a far more frenzied manner.

In the meantime, I have to gather jokes as well. So far I have one. Things are moving along rather sluggishly. Certainly the Vitamin B will kick things into high gear.

Organized CHAOS

The homestead is still feeling a little wobbly in the knees ever since the Clean Team has whisked its way through. The Clean Team hasn't quite finished yet... and since this was only a precurser to the absolute fury it possibly may create... everyone is left quaking. Everyone but me that is.. I am my own Clean Team. I decided what stays, and what goes. For now, the humans are all allowed to maintain homestead contact. Many of their items are not.

The lovely and silly cat dog is of course a welcome entity, all the time. Her and her things will not be handed over to an unsuspecting someone. She doesn't have to worry, however; she worries about most things, most of the time. Who knows what it is, but she needs to worry about it.

In the meantime, the eye of the storm that I spoke of a couple of posts back has grown slightly. The kitchen table is still the centerfuge of activity. Mind you, it too has twindled in it's power, but is still controlling the Clean & Tidy theme that has been ordered through out our home of organized chaos.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Me today!

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Thursday already!

How is this possible?
How can it be...
The week is almost over,
but it is just starting for me.

I finally have a moment,
where I am the only one in the house,
Where there is only one creature stirring,
which is the dog, not a mouse.

I have looked around my house and rooms,
and do not know which one to tackle first
I partly did the Pips room yesterday,
and it's still not done, although hers is certainly cursed!

The livingroom needs a vacuum,
and a full blown complete dust,
Although picking up the left over christmas presents,
Should surely be a must.

The kitchen table still exists,
in it's rather very large form,
But that is OK to me,
as it can remain the eye of the storm.

The floors need some attention,
All 1365 square feet complete,
That will not take me very long
As long as I am quick on my feet.

The bathrooms are another story,
I need a scrubbrush, or maybe two
Two sets of gloves, and probably a mask,
It is just very eeewwwww.

The kitchen is done, and I can not complain,
even after the morning rush has been through,
I'll swab the decks here, and move that there
And everything old will look new. (HA!)

The laundry room looks lovely,
all shiny and gleaming in white,
I gave it a workout yesterday,
and did laundry deep into the night.

But now for the basket, that sits waiting for me
The clothes piled as high as the sky.
I will drag it away, and start from the top.
I will not stop until the bottom of the basket stares back at me in the eye.

Another fine mess is still waiting for me,
One which I would surely like to avoid,
the front closet is full, of trinkets and such,
At this rate I could keep a housekeeper duly employed!

Today is a good day, to crack this mess,
and work hard to gather and file away junk
As tomorrow is Friday, and as luck would have it
The day following my work week will have begun!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

These clouds blew by...

just minutes before the real storm arrived.
Here's that line of trees .... as the storm whips through...
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The start of the movie...

This little clip gave me quite a show!
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The world today.

Smiley posing for her snow portrait
The new wheels posing for it's snow portrait
The Pink Pipster posing in all her pinkness.
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The New Version of Me.

Put to the test.
Put to rest!
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Almost unbelievable!

Yesterday afternoon I was milling about, waiting for the storm. It arrived right on schedule, and with a fury! No sooner did it arrive, and the power went out. It was an interesting power outage, as there were people on the same street that didn't lose their power. We waited until 10:00 PM for them to turn it back on. In the meantime we missed some show that The Hamstersons friend was on.

I used my little digital to film the the winds as they blew through our neighbourhood. Our trees are still standing. All is good. BUT>>>>>

So now today has come and almost gone, and we have been blanketed with I guess a foot and a bit of snow. I have shoveled the driveway twice. Now we are waiting for the "deepfreeze" to take over, as the weather people said it will. In the meantime, the trees are now battered with snow sitting on their branches... once again this frightens me!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's a good thing...

  1. That I bought the husbandman some Licorice Allsorts. I am certainly enjoying them. The second package even tastes better than the first. I am quite the winner of a wife!
  2. There are lots of batteries in the homestead, as another storm is heading our way, and with the amount of power outages we have had, they might be put to good use.
  3. There was the invention of jackets. I surely wish I would use that invention when leaving for the great outdoors!
  4. The husbandman just cleaned up the backyard with all the tree branches and crap all over the place. It is just in time to watch a ton more branches drop to the ground.
  5. I found a Soduko Solver on the internet, as my electronic Soduko puzzle thingy will only advance the puzzles, once you solve the current one. It was practically unsolvable!
  6. The wind blows away from the house. Especially since the line of trees sit right next to it.
  7. I have already bought a box of hair colour. It might put me in the mood to do some hair colour fixing.
  8. I have to leave to get the chickster Pipster from school. I would like to get this computer turned off before the power automatically does it for me, as the winds pick up, and tree branches startflying into things!

Monday, January 08, 2007

And now we are back...

To regularly scheduled programming.

Boy to school. CHECK
Girl to school. CHECK
Lunches made. CHECK
House is silent. CHECK
Big empty space in my heart. CHECK
Love the chicklets even when they are flitting about and creating chaos. CHECK CHECK.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh man....

Here I am, it's late... and I want to know what I have accomplished! I have done a number of things, but of course I am not happy with the amount of junk that I was thinking that I should have done.

But that has to all be put aside... as for this moment... I am busy listening to QUEEN, on the Hamstersons MP3 thingy... "Fat Bottomed Girls".. he quite likes this, so do I. Although it makes me feel really really OLD!

I helped that boy of mine figure out the computer system so we could add song after song on his new device. I quite like these.. I should get myself one! HA! No, that is what new cars are all about... I believe the stereo has MP3 abilities.

Well, in an effort to stay a slight bit in tune to the world, other than reading the obituaries... I will go and watch the news, and finish the Soduko puzzle I started yesterday.

I am wondering when the sleeping thing will kick in, as I have had 3 cups of tea this evening... and other than the PIP sending me into a complete frenzy with her hysterics and antics.. I am busily buzzing along.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Details of the day... which are useless!

  1. The local paper published my "whining about killing bears article".
  2. Do babies really need flu shots? and why?
  3. Survived another wind storm last night... all 29, around 60 foot trees are intact. More than my friend can say about her street!
  4. I knew a friend of mine was pregnant today, I told her so. She didn't even utter a word. I have magic powers in this regard.
  5. Believe that the great creator has great plans for some that are not even born yet.
  6. Four and five are not related.
  7. My hair needs to be coloured, it isn't behaving desperate yet, but I am closing in the on the hideous look, it's about five washes away.
  8. The boy is super in love with his parents (temporarily) as he was given an MP3 with music, video and photo capabilities.
  9. I turned down a job opp. that came my way. There was the expectation of working Mondays, and those silly people.. I already work Mondays!
  10. Am still trying to track down the Manager of Rehab Services... as the person that I was told it was, wasn't. That person emailed my note about a position to another Manager... who just so happened to be the person that I talked to about the position, and gave me the name of the Manager that I just finished emailing. GEEEEE... I am really wondering why the position hasn't been filled yet!
  11. Wondering where some of my friends are... I can only email so many times before I get bored of conversing with myself.
  12. Lined up the chicklets at the computer yesterday and disk by disk went through games that they played and didn't play. Those kids of mine... they sat through the whole process, and didn't complain once. Well, especially since they didn't know that I had temporarily glued them until the job was completed. I am now sporting an empty disk rack. Yes, I am showoffable!
  13. Lucky thirteen. I will stop here.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cleaning out the Cobwebs...

I have a number of cobwebs to be cleaned, but not the visible ones that house the eight legged creepy friends.

The cobwebs I am referring to are the left over scraps of paper from last year. The little pieces of information that somehow make your life easier at the time, but fail in keeping you organized once the year is over.

This includes:
  1. the calendars with notices pinned to them,
  2. paper bills that arrived in the mail,
  3. thank you notes that I have received ( and I of course have to keep),
  4. telephone numbers that have been saved with no names attached,
  5. magazines that have no use except for the one recipe stuck in the middle of it.. ( not for me ... for the husbandman!!!! )
  6. receipts from purchases long ago
  7. pay stubs
  8. the inbox with my millions of emails that need to permanently deleted!!!
  9. unfortunately all my used jokes,
  10. newspaper articles that need to be filed... somewhere....
  11. books that have to be returned to friends, as they probably don't even know they once owned the book
  12. compliling the list of notes written to myself about my ideas, thoughts and goals for this year, and place them in an orderly manner so that they are actually achievable rather than unretrievable from a failing memory..
  13. reluctantly unplugging the computer so that I can take it somewhere so the pictures can be retrieved by someone that has the ultimate in retrieving software
  14. figuring out dates on the calendar in advance so I know where all my money will be going on any given day, of course I will add in the dates where we actually get paid... that way I can see a smile on my face when I look in the mirror that would otherwise be a face of horror!
  15. sending emails to those that I have not spoken with in a while, someone has to make the first move, it might as well be me, as life gets busy, and we get forgetful of our friends that are far away, as the old addage goes "out of sight, out of mind".

Too much for one days work... but I will get there... as these cobwebs will only continue to grow if I leave them...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The boy and his christmas present.

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The speed of light

How can today be the 2nd... I haven't even made it past the 1st!

I sent away some letter to the elected officials, I will await their response.

I applied for some new jobs, I will await their response.

I sent some of my friends questions via emails, I have read their response.

In other things non responsive:

The husbandman came home from a long days work, made dinner, and then cleaned the kitchen. I believe I was getting to that. Oh, and on the way home he picked up dog food. I was getting to that as well. I observed his good work from the kitchen chair. WE even had a conversation about life in general. It was most interesting.

I drove through a gigantic puddle today, as did a whole line of vehicles. I wanted to chicken out, since it was my brand new Mazda5 that I was putting through the paces with, but a did spy a bunch of little cars go ahead of me through this sea of water, and they made it, so I figured I could as well. I didn't want to, but had to do it anyways... as there was no turning around from underneath the train overpass.

I part way de-Christmasized the home this afternoon. But only part way, as I placed the trinkets from around the house on the kitchen table. Nothing has actually been stored away quite yet. I believe that will happen tomorrow. Hopefully before the husbandman comes home and starts hiding things away for another year.

I made the husbandman do something familyish yesterday. We went to Body Worlds 3 at Science World. It was completely fascinating, and I loved it. What is even more hard to believe is that the models were once actual living humans that have donated their bodies to science, which has now become a world wide exhibit.

But here we are today, living life in the year 2007.

I believe we are living at the speed of light.