Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And when ...

It's time to make decisions ...

It's good timing to draw your own map.

Currently I am doing a lot of rerouting.

To where, not sure, from .. this location - as obscured as it is.

I just sorta get things going ... and then something puts a tiny kibash to the plan. It's like a constant walking with interruption because of big puddles.

Did I mention how much I love my sons girlfriend. She is a treat and a half. ... plus she makes a MEAN bananabread. What a good girl. So good in many ways.

WEll .. speaking of good ... the beautiful one that I get to own had her nails done yesterday. Gorgeous GEL nails. She is tickled PURPLE beyond belief .. *that is the colour of her tips...  Little miss chicky poo has been sorta kinda trying to quit biting her nails for years, she was successful two summers ago ... I have a very good feeling that once we break the habit of the actualy biting .. she will do well ... she has a gorgeous set of nails underneath those GELS .. if she can get them to grow. Love that girl. So much !

The doggy has been wondering around placing his mouth over the tops of things like corners of cupboards, chair legs, cabinet knobs, you know ... things that are ever so easily replaceable. I think I might just mistakenly apply a coat of the Miss Pippys unused bitter nail biter stuff over some of his favourite things. (we have a full bottle left .. eventually the Miss Pippy acquired a taste for the stuff ... )

I am in great wonderment as to how my job currently affects my healing process. I can't sit for a great length .. or stand, or I am not sure what else .. I know that walking doesn't hurt my foot .. but I am unsure if it causes me pain later or if I would just find that pain anyways. AT any rate .. it is highly confusing/irritating .. SLASH SLASH who knows what. All I know is that when I start to think about it too much .. my hair gets messy. oh wait .. MESSIER.

AND because everybody wishes to know this .. the boy gave me a gift earlier. One of the dogs teeth. ON my work station location. I was already grossed out by the husbandman keeping the teeth in a tissue on the counter .. now I have one sitting in front of me. The boy reminded me that it wasn't so gross when the tooth was attached to the doggys face .. so why so gross now. OHMAGAWD. BECAUSE.

I reminded myself to NOT take pictures this morning when I went to the NON bear location where the fish were spawning. They will look like the same pictures as last year, or the year before that .. or the year before that ... just as an FYI to myself. How ever to cut myself some real slack .. if I saw some great light, and some fish doing something excitingly stupendous .. I was willing to take a picture of that ... whatever that was going to be .. which didn't happen ... this time.

Onto other things .. well that would be the boring little things of life inwhich makes us revolve to carry forward .. in the meantime ...  I AM GOING TO TURN THE HEAT ON !!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Time to be thankful:

The pictures below might just be the best pics I will get of my favourite black furry creatures .. it seems that winter, (even though it's fall) has hit .. and with the temperatures rapidly approaching zero ... my furry wonders will be hightailing for their winter slumberlands very quickly now ... I can not freaking believe how much time has passed me by, and I really want to know where it went.

COME hellish highwater .. I am going scrapbooking this weekend ... on Saturday ... if I am even at work ... then I will go after ... I don't care if I sit and crimp paper in my paper crimpy thing for 6 hours ... that is what I am doing.

Of course baring in mind that Miss Pippy leaves at something like 4 in the morning for her flight ... so I guess I have to factor in that sort of time factor tiredness. RATS.

Not sure what is going on in the heat department. WE have NOT turned ours on yet ... I am thinking it has something to do with the fact that the sir wishes to change the furnace filter .. I keep meaning to txt him and ask if I could expedite the process by purchasing the furnace filter .. or in fact ... he probably has one in the incredible shrinking garage. Currently a little space heater is spewing warm air through out the kitchen .. which filters into most of the living space. How lovely. This morning it was 2 degrees. Hopefully I will txt him soon.

He put in the stairs last night for the little but very big additon. He says they are not up to code. They are 3/8's out. I insisted he rip the whole structure out, and start again, and this time do it right ! GAWD. Not. good lord .. do you know how happy I am to walk up some front steps to my front door !!! I believe it was back in May when they went missing !

Our neighbour called ... he said he saw someone taking pictures of the front of the house. My fear .. a city building inspector ... being a busy body on a Sunday. Not just a happy onlooker gathering home reno ideas.

The big furry boy is losing teeth again DAILY. This is a happy event for me. And to the others who have been taking a hand beating by him gnawing on us ...!

The boys have resolved to take the Greyhound to Kamloops. TWO other sets of parents were most not thrilled with the fact that they were heading up country on that killer highway ... they have a bit more work getting the logistics figured out .. and hopefully this will fly.

I managed to make ANOTHER drs appt for me and my broken foot today, rather than Thursday. I am ever so thankful she wasn't FULL to the rafters with people, as she usually is. I have a real sneaking suspicision that somehow the twice a day antibiotics have not been enough to cover the infection that might be dwelling deep in my foot, but remains a mystery .... however .. with the increased level of pain over the past week and a half I have a niggling thought that something isn't right. WEll, it hasnt been right since ... oh ... March I believe.

If I could come up with a plan expeditiously I would be most grateful ... since I have to be someplace in less than two hours ... go me .. NOT leaving things till the last second .. hmmmm.

I have received the humorous and slightly crazy emails from a person that puts them in not so favourable light ... however ... I have them in my possession .. and am so thankful that I can have them as evidence that the money person is slightly a bit on the CRAZY side .. and hopefully the association that I am affiliated with will be able to see that for themselves .. after they get a letter from another persons lawyer .. stating that they money guy is doing things that are just wrong ... including being quite simply a bully when it comes to paying us ... or not paying us ... which is what he whimsically decides to do if we do not give him exactly what he wants the second he asks for it. In the eyes of the law .. I believe that is wrong.

In other things ... still have not come up with a plan .. and hopefully it will come to me the very second i ... PUBlish !! ..

Later my friends !

Saturday, October 20, 2012

R U serious ??

A couple of ridiculous events this week:

Things like a small MI ... cause the ECASA 81 mg was agreed upon to discontinue, and the BP meds decreased.



"WE are doing a gig in Kamploops, and getting paid $200.00" ... the end of November.


(Why don't I just pay you $300.00 to just stay home ?)


"I need these boots, and this coat .. all way too much money, but I really like them ..." to go away for 7 days.


So, I guess I have to give the gutter guy the $1100.00 that I have been carrrying around in my pocket, but this is MY money for the Jeep Fund". (LETS be clear here ... we have NO MONEY left to keep renovating with .. but somehow we are still doing it .. and a JEEP fund manages to exist ... )


For the FIRST time in 13 years of someone's education .. they are getting an A in something that isn't music.... something that actually takes brains to get an A in.


The heats not on, but the space heater is plugged in.


Is 60 grams of protein too  much for one day?


I wonder if this Viagra is really working ?


Caramel should just not exist on it's own in my home, of course with a handful of almonds at the ready also.


AT some point something is going to happen ... one can not send THAT many CRAZED emails and people don't begin to wonder.


Having your friend slam the door an additional three times, doesn't lock it any easier.


Maybe next month I'll manage to get that paycheque in hand... the one owing from August.


Change is afoot ... will work to make it happen.


Yes people, all true ... all true. My life in a weekly one sentence story. I could only imagine if I really had something important to say ... what I could potentially come up with.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

AS good as it gets I guess.

Here is lil guy. He has grown. Except for his teeth. I am still waiting on those, to arrive. Anytime now would be appreciated.

Finally. A momma, and her cubs ... if only at a distance. I talked to some people from Tennessee while watching these guys, they were happy to come across them. They do not know how happy I was to come across them.

It doesn't matter how many pictures I take of trees, sky and road, ... I never tire of them. I am not sure what my love affair is with landscape, other than it is always changing, and everyday a new picture is created.

I thought he was dead, and stuck to the plant. I was watering my ugly flowers, and stumbled across him, .. so I quickly left, got my camera, switched lenses, readied for the shot on the way back .. because I assumed he wouldn't be there .. and he was .. so this was as close as I could to get to him, and just reach out and try and hope for the best that the camera was actually on him. I took a couple ... but then he woke from his nap and flew off ..

Why .. why Deanna why .. what is the unfortunate situation between me and the bears .. I can't figure out why I can't seem to capture these beauties .. even in full daylight ... clear frame ... and nobody around ... well .. I guess I will figure that out another day ... and be happy with this .. clearly a lucky day!
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I forgot ...

That's always my story ...

I was just at the bulk store where they package up three dog toys and sell for ten big buckaroos ... and I forgot them. I also forgot the juice I was going to buy. BUT ... to give myself even amount of credit ... when I went to the freezer section I put back the back of frozen blueberries ... because I DID remember that I already owned this bag in my freezer. Close call people, close call.

I forgot how much I enjoy my hair when it is a tiny bit shorter ... so off I went and made it a tiny bit shorter.

I forgot how long I had been gone .. and had to quickly hightail it home to mr youngster crazy boy .. he seemed no worse for wear ... he can manage a two hour nap ... for the big almost 5 month old guy...

I forgot how interestingly odd my son is ... when he was an infant he was impossible to feed, he disliked everything ... just didn't like stuff. We were just talking yesterday, as him and his girlfriend went out for brunch type food .. or at least places where they make pancake stuffs topped with fruit. He said that it is the very same as candy, he doesn't like it because it's too sweet, much the same as fruit .. he really doesn't like it because of the sweetness, where he says apples are the worst .. topped with kiwis and strawberries. Interesting .. he doesn't bother with chocolate, and especially any little packages of sweetly colourful morsels ... of course that was all thrown out the window when along came Tim Horton's .. and he wanted a sprinkle donut ... I then wanted to know how come that didn't qualify ... and what about oreo cookies then .. ?? He said that he found balance in the wafer and the white stuffing, the same with the right amount of doughiness to the chocolate glaze. Odd. He is.

I BETTER NOT forget ... I got an email today .. the Miss Fussalot will be Trick or Treating at the Prime Minister and Governor Generals house this halloween. That seems exciting .. I think.

I forgot how much silly non-luck I am having this year with the whole camera catching photo shoot bear business ... I keep trying to capture a photo ... and I forget that I am having NO LUCK this year.

On top of forgetting juice .. I forgot WASA crackers .. HIGH in fibre, that downgrades the carbs ... right? I forget !

In other things forgetfilled:

I hope I do not forget how to do my job .. I have been missing since the end of July, not that anyone would know .... so I will return this weekend to see if I can still function .. otherwise ... I forget the exact wording of this ... up $%& creek without a snowshoe? steamship? ski? ... what is it ... !!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Where do you purchase

a smart brain from.

Mine has given up the ghost.

Or given to the ghost, or the boogieman, or the rocket man. At any rate, it has been given away, and the current state of brainiator that I am experiencing is similar to lala-mu-chacha. What ever that is.

Just kidding.

Got your attention that potentially my brain was missing.

I win queen of the dog mothers award. Little guy was just sitting in his morning spot of wishing to be on the couch, but he is not allowed, well .. his do-do bird was on the floor, and I heard these little cries .. he was staring at do-do .. so instead of asking him to remove himself from the couch, I picked up do-do and gave it to him. Somehow I believe that is the wrong action. That's OK ... I know the lil guy isn't going to complain .. and with the crinkle of his little tiny food prompting devices he will be history off that couch, before it even made it's first recording of the event.

In other things that make me quiver and laugh ... I went bear watching yesterday .. and sure enough there was a lovely hugely fellow standing on the road. Of course .. there was a little furry buddy now standing in the passenger seat taking up glass space, barking like a fool at the bear, which stood there, quite conveniently waiting for me to take a picture ... however the only thing I was going to collect was the fur flying from the lil guy. If I could humoursly hashtag here ... surely it would be FML. Just like the videod bear chase from our neighbourhood the other night .. the JIM got the video as I manned the wheel. Then there was the neighbours carport .. with the light that conveniently goes off ... if I wasn't so busy switching my setting to darkness. Then of course there was the fact that I simply drove out of the neighbourhood, as the bear strolled in.... in pure afternoon daylight. Surely by the end of this bear season I am going to have to come up with a photograph.

I think I need a whole whack of cash deposited in front of me. That would be nice. Then I could greetily start my bucket list. I kid you not .. I would pack up .. and just start my life trek ... immediately. There are a trillion locations to take pictures across this province, and each day I wake up in my same bed, I have missed a million more. I am addicted to light and shadows, and filling a frame with such creative visions .. oh wait, but those visions linger just below the surface ... EVERY DAY.

I have checked out an acquaintances blog ... he has done some great adventuring ... and am waiting patiently to see what visions he has captured. I am not so patient, so he better freaking get to it. GDI.

That said .. I will leave for a bit .. leave the sleeping buddy in his sleeping location, take my camera, and travel the same trails that I do pretty much everyday.... however .. TODAY will be a great shot day.

Back later .. with a picture of my new brain!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

There's some THINGS I love

That it's garbage day!! But it isn't GARBAGE day!!

It's recycling and green waste day !! How exciting is that ... a world that believes in protecting our space for generations to come. I like that.

Or course with that I am needing to put out my TWO DEAD cedar trees that i let dry up since the home reno has started.


Well, not really an ooops ... but a case of ... they were getting ratty anyways, and didn't quite fit in with the front of the house project any longer, and CLEARLY the ones that I have growing in the backyard are not holding their own either. Move one. Next plan.

In other things that I LOVE:

The PIP announces her arrival in my bedroom this morning and states her case why she ISN'T going to school.  OK ... uhmm ... can you fill in the online absence form for the school too? OK .. too much .. I managed it. I love that about her somedays .. no being wishywashy maybebaby thinkIcan sort of chick. No, her throat is sore, she needs to rest. End of conversation, even when there wasn't one.... on my end.

The BOY texts me from the bathroom, and asks me what day it is. From his gadget. GAWD. I love this boy, and his weirdness. I am going to contact that school today .. and ask them to stop calling on his behalf telling me that he was either late or absent.... he has been late to his first class every single day since school started, and I will garauntee that will not change. The way I see it .. is that he is on time for his SECOND AND THIRD classes ... which are his ACADEMICS, and not a frothy Recording Arts class, which does have it's importance, but I take my fortunes (as in already being at school) where I can get it.

The dog went for a quick car ride this morning (how else does the boy make it to school ??), he stared down at the floor the entire time, on the edge of his seat ... he forgot that he could have made his way to the back of the Mazda5 for the movie window episode. Maybe tomorrow .. because LAWD knows .. I'm giving the Jimmy a ride tomorrow too ... and for the next 8 months ... until the government funded education system is done ... and so is my ride allocation.

The husbandman actually gave me a list today ... of things that I should consider purchasing. What a BOSSY guy he is. At least I am not having to do the purchasing of supplies to build the homeland. That would be messy. I am in charge of the food stuffs .. of course the dinner foodstuffs is the hardest ... as he nevers offers up sugrstions, and I am forever drumming up ideas, for a woman that wishes to never cook ... or .. in reality .. would be happy eating eggs, toast, yogurt, chicken and lettuce 437 days in the year. Odd.

But that is what I LOVE.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy October FIRST

Yes ... when did July and August and now September slip through the cracks and we have found ourself in the hotseat of October?

Miss Fussalot leaves in 27 days for Ottawa. That should be exciting ... for her. That girl is the travel loving queen ... I can't wait until we can actually do it on a regular basis ... all the time ... for any reason, other than just to explore.

One day I might make a bucket list. Everything and the kitchen sink that I have ever thought about doing ... might as well get the super pack of paper ready ... this could be       L        O              N                   G.

The husbandman worked nonstop this past week, almost every waking hour possible that could be afforded him .. he worked on this little house. There is never anything I could ever do that could quite possibly match his workmanship. If that's a word .. in Deannaland .. anything is a word. I might take up drawing again one day ... or painting ... interestingly .. he can draw too.

He even has a mental list prepared in his head for all the continued work that has to happen for this massive job to be done. Clearly my brain and in reality skill level doesn't even begin to compute like his brain does. He asked me for the time yesterday ... he then registered it, and started to break down the number of hours it was going to take to finish the job of painting the fascia boards. I guess when you spend that many hours building and working and thinking, the job eventually gets completely broken down into parts and units of time. On top of that he suggested a plan for in front of the deck, for a garden. Not surprisingly I loved the idea.

I think being left handed I am more of a visionary .. someone that sees the picture in their head, but really doesn't make a big master plan as to how everything will be executed. Which is probably why I couldn't be a builder ... I do three or four things at once around this little place, and eventually my envisioned project list is accomplished, but without the complete semblence of order and precision as to the husbandman.

In an effort to continue to do small jobs around the homestead, without taxing the healing process of the freaking awful situation with the foot, I decided to empty out "this" pot, then I am watering "that spot", then I am pulling out weeds, but now I am clearing away the ugly summer flowers, wait, now I am getting rid of a dead cedar, next I am plucking the rest of my tomatoes, and suddenly I am pulling out the vines and morning glory that emerge from the neighbours back yards, and then I am fixing the hose that comes from our water barrel, suddenly I am filling the holes from the dandelion remover and then on to snipping away at the shrivelling greenery. Oh, and then all of a sudden ... I stop .. and look around ... with the exception of two pots missing .. everything continues to look the same .. and what exactly had I accomplished .. and now .. the foot needs a rest.

So now .. for the rest of October .. I am going to plan my attack. It's a semi challenging one .. because I will get so far .. and then slip back into the way that I like to work .. and that's with many distractions, sidejobs and offshoots of smaller things. I guess at the end of the day .. my goals of cleaning the yard will be achieved ... and lets just be happy that it wasn't me doing this renovation ... yes, be very thankful !!

If I had ...

Something new to report ..

It would have already been said.


Who's not reading my mind out there in the internet world.

Well .. in happenings of completely missing ones life:

Can't get a picture of a bear ... even when one has been tranquilized in a tree. Actually .. I didn't want to get a picture of the bear, ... only because I was thinking maybe the people just told people that it was tranquilized ... and then transported to be euthanized ... might not be the case ... but that is the way my head works.

There are no bears down the road. NONE. Whatsoever. I'm not even sure they exist any longer down there !!

Well ... I confirmed it ... my friend that lives right down their in the bear zone said she hasn't seen any for weeks. The blueberry farmers have installed electric fences, and the city is busy digging up part of the forest .. which may have just been enough to send all these bruins packing ...minus the guy that was already living on our street.

Odd. Highly odd.

FOUND the above post in the DRAFT section.


Last night went to go fetch the boy ... when I returned with him ... we encountered the super large 500 pound bear ... couldn't even get a picture of him .. since I was busy driving and dodging the cars on the street, and watching him emerge from peoples backyards ..I scared him back into the field ... which I am certain once we were parked and into our homestead .. he went back to his wonderlust ways.