Saturday, May 29, 2010

My earlybird

So that boy of mine... as handsome as he is....

FINALLY scored.

SCORED in a way that she wishes her son to score.

He needed to be at his former school yesterday... which he thought was at 0800... OK.. when I dropped him off.. even the teacher wasn't at the school yet... (I'm not a stalker.. but the teacher has a very distinctive vehicle that he drives...).

After much waiting, and standing around he started to set up the music room... AND THEN...

the reporter showed up!

Yes, a reporter from the local paper came and interviewed him... BECAUSE he was the first person in the music room...

I AM SO SO SO SO not used to this with my firstborn.... even though he is the firstborn, he is always the last to arrive.

However... there is a FIRST for everything...

Now we will wait to find our JimmyDean in the newspaper...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In things uneventful:

(You see.. I didn't even rattle on about things that were as equally uneventful... because that is exactly the little life here on the crescent!)

Made some coffee... and I am not really sure if it has any taste, other than being dark brown. Is dark brown really a taste?

The boy yet again announced his 16 bit colour system. This was all brought on by the 100 different yellow samples that we brought home from the FOURTH Home Depot that we went to yesterday.

Yes... because we have nothing of absolute excitement in our lives... we managed to visit FOUR home depots... AND where we needed to buy the ONE item that made us venture onward... we ended up purchasing the item at the original home depot. Oh well... it was a nice day for a jeep ride... AND it made the neighbours down the street wonder if we were OK... since we were in the SAME vehicle together... at the same time. Sounds strange, because it is.

I bought the Mr. JimmyDean son a new XBox game... he barely removed himself from the den all weekend. Not to worry folks... his hair isn't long, and he still has showers, and his whole life isn't gaming.. because ya no... he still had his ipod on his lap, and a computer next to him.... My JimmyDean.... where will you go, and what will you do??

The girl was here there and everywhere... just as THAT girl is. She made you tube videos this weekend, went to a movie, had a sleepover, did some homework even... AND even momentarily cleaned her room, since she was still looking for her camera. THAT all stopped when she saw the camera drying out on the window sill.

OK, believe this people... the little camera went through the washing machine... (yes, heavy duty cycle, with the extra long spin....) AND CAME OUT ALIVE!

Well... minus one button that isn't working, and the flash has become tempermental ... and the viewing thing is a bit garbled... (very very very mildly!) ... and I am thinking with time, as it continues to dry... it might just fix itself. BUT the girl has announced very sternly to the laundry lady ... that the laundry lady must replace the camera. The laundry lady has other ideas... as the the laundry hamper had been filled by the camera owner, with the camera still in one's jacket... which was in the laundry hamper. AND the fact that the new camera owner has a perfectly good working PINK camera that also got fixed when the now current new camera was broken. SO... even though the new camera has a glitch or two.. the old camera with it's scratches is completely workable. So what should the laundry lady do ... to replace or not replace ....? ( I am thinking that I should send it back to the company and see if I can get the flash back up and working... !)

Other than enjoying a little dog all weekend... the homeland is all good.

There are small gains being made on the LITTLE bathroom.... like the 4 trips for 1 tap sort of deal. Luckily we have already picked out our light fixture... and for a couple that doesn't chat much to each other about things... we definitely agree on what we want when we see it... which makes that part of life very easy. There was a huge wall of fixtures ... and the two of us pointed at one... except we opted not to buy it... HA! (It wont be there when the time comes... and I can see this becoming another 4 trips for 1 item again... ).

The yard is poking along... I still have massive clean up "out there"... but that will have to wait for yet another day....

In the meantime I am cautiously doing laundry... and must create some dish to take with me for a "luncheon", PLUS... go ask businesses for gift cards and donations. That makes for a NERVE WRECKING day!

Now onto other things....

Monday, May 24, 2010

dog details of the day..

We have happily been dogsitters this weekend.

Little Miss TAZ has come for a visit. It's my SIL/BIL's dog.. and they were heading to the states for a Canadian holiday!

So we temporarily have a fifth TALKING member of the family this weekend...

Meanwhile .. in other events....

My PIPPY has been busily hunting for her camera that she got for christmas.... she just can't seem to locate it... she knew she had it somewhere .. but where... I did find it yesterday morning.... as I pulled it out of the washing machine.

It's currently in hiding....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes but....

I have things to do....!

The weatherish people have been predicting rain since last week... and today it is finally here.

AND.. I have a green waste container to fill. So I will wait.

Perhaps I will just stand and stare out the windows... like some sort of creeper person.... running from room to room in this grandious house of  mine.

SPEAKING of grandious events ....

In an effort to keep the lady of the household within pleasantville porportions... the husbandman has finally started with the destruction of the litte bathroom. The little bathroom is exactly that. A. LITTLE. BATHROOM.

....... with large like crawlspace/ attic endeavours.

I can see why the haulting in the LITTLE bathroom project.


There are alterior motives to the LITTLE project. He somehow has a larger project sitting in the wings.. which involves his time and our ALMOST space. SPACE that we currently do not own in livingspace, but rather garage space... and the REAL reason for the LITTLE bathroom project...

He doesn't wish to ruin the bathroom vanity that we had purchased a million months ago, & he has to clean out the parts and pieces to make us another familyroom.. good boy husbandman. WE are glad to keep you for another day!

So we are off and running..... in a good way...

Monday, May 17, 2010

More than yesterday....

I took these photos. The lovely big guy at the top is my moms dog. He's a golden retriever, except that he looks red. Who know who the guy with the ugly car is... just a parade junky I think... because that is where I spotted him. AND .. the big mix of sticks is an Eagles nest down at the dyke.

I am going to make my way down there later.. and see if I can't spot any excitement that is more than likely going on just above these great walls.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss PIP.

Missy Pip... the orphan girl... she loves this stage business... must go and find some community theatre for her to participate in.
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There was a...

scuffle and some noise that was coming from the front door.
.. it was JimmyDean himself, speaking wildly about something strange.
As you can see on his face.. he was seeing something coming...
it was most definitely something that had him all up in arms...

Finally... his little green men had come for him....

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A little dab will do you...

Or a bottle maybe two.
You think I am talking hockey...
Oh how wrong of you!

I am talking hair colour people, that's what I am talking...! And I need it quick!

So I had my hair cut, maybe two weeks ago.. butI didn't colour it right away... as I wished for it to get used to the new ends. Well... the ends are still not used to themselves, as the singingson referres to me now as "Einstein the mother". He is quite loving you see... because with this hair do.. I could have lead him along the path of frankenstein.

Hopefully all with change with the bottle of colour... it will weigh the hair down again.. or something like that.


In other things that probably look nicer:

Will go and buy some little basket stuffers for my hanging baskets that do not exist yet. OH... and the upside down tomato thing is going to look cool.....!


I have a bottle at the ready.... must go spread the goup to recoup my motherly crown.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


It's a word I made up.

Perhaps it could be the place where we put the people in life, that make young inpressionable people's lives hell.

Maybe it could be shaped like a bucket, and have big echoing bucket sounds, and have transparent walls.

We should add a sound system, that only disperses information from the top, that way... when the evil doers (those that we might call.... educators!!!) are sitting in the nimbojim they can try and figure out what is echoing from above. Of course we will send pieces of information at varying speeds, and then we will react badly when the information is not processed correctly.

There should be the promise of leaving the nimbojim, but only if they interpret the information accordingly, and to our satisfaction.... of course our satisfaction is based on our level of subjective feelings at the moment.

While in the nimbojim there will be no room for filters on the walls. If looky loos wish to bang on them, they can. If people want to speak with the insider nimbojim people they may... but if the nimbojim people do not respond, they will be penalized. Because, that is the way it is in the nimbojim.

The nimbojim will also be a facility to exercise. The regulars (non-nimbojimers) will run around the outside of the facility, and because the nimbojimers are inside a round transparent facility, they will  run on the inside. The information, once again, will be dispersed from above, but due to the limited speaker system, and the level of noise from the outside participants, the nimbojimers will just have to figure it out on their own when to start running. OH... and because we want to give the nimbojimers the best experience possible, they will be expected to walk 10 miles prior to entering the facility. It doesn't matter that the nimbojim participants might be a little tired from their previous exercise, they are expected to participate, and follow directions as requested. Of course if they don't they will continue to run around the facility while the nimbojim leader will deliver a constant stream of words that will surely make change for the next days nimbojim exercise session.

Also, the nimbojim experience offers an educational component. First there is the wonderful opportunity of learning the nimbojim symbal system. It's quite fascinating really. Very pretty symbals that mark the pages in certain locations, and all you need to do is follow the instructions from above. It's very simple, and because the nimbojim comes equipped with the best of quality products provided for the best possible experience, it is essential that the nimbojim symbal system is completed with the 3 mm pencil, and rice paper. Of course the nimbojim symbal system must be completed with the fancy swirls and extra thick dark lines around the edges. There must be 100% accuracy at all times, otherwise the nimbojim system will not meet with approval. These will result in the nimbojim facilitators forced to make added announcements through the speaker system from above.

Also, the nimbojim facility offers the wonderful experience of looking back into history. Yes, history! AND because the nimbojim once again wishes for the greatest experience... the history date is decided WHILE you are in the nimbojim!!! AND... the nimbojimers are EXPECTED to know the date in which is randomly selected, and they are to write about the important events that happened on that day. Of course the 3 mm pencil and rice paper will be transcribe their knowledge of the random date. NOW, because we wish for the best of the best... there will be no cheating with internet search engines, or history books, or how about even a library... because it really is just that easy to pick a random date in history and write about... right, after all have entered the nimbojim!!! And, because we wish once again for the best experience possible... we will ask that this is all accomplished in under 30 minutes..... because.. that is the expectation .. in the nimbojim. If there is little compliance, and the required subject is not completed within the 30 minutes of allotted time, this will result in a lecture, from the loud speakers above, in an effort to keep the nimbojimer in line. I mean, it is only history...  and how hard is it to write about a randomly selected date in history... ?


OK.. people .... I wish I could really write this letter to someone that would matter.. but I can't. So instead I have made up a facility... in which only SOME educators in this world should go... in an effort to understand what it might be like to have autism.

My hugely clever and wonderfully handsome nephew has autism... and while in the classroom, he is completely misunderstood, and quite often  penalized & punished due to behaviours that are directly related to his autism.There are teachers in his life that make his world a living hell, and as they do not get him, they punish him for being autistic. RATHER than taking the 24 seconds that it might take to understand why the child is exhibiting behaviours that are disruptive and and seemingly defiant, they immediately assume the negative, and punish the behaviour, instead of looking at the precipating factors. It is easier to REMOVE the so called problem, rather than looking at what caused the behaviour in the first place.

This blog was based on helping the "educators" in these childrens lives to understand what it is like to live with autism... (and for my nephew he claims it isn't that bad.).. if only people would just take the time to understand the world from his perspective... and to give him the graces that he might require, so he can interpret what the world is trying to say to him. His behaviour is only due to the frustration that he is feeling, and while he doesn't own a filter, it would be nice for the EDUCATED ADULTS that surround him to make judgements that are based on fact, rather than the behaviour that is exhibited due to lack of patience and understanding. It is a fact that kids with autism have low muscle tone, and get tired quicker than the regular kids that surround them. SO... even though they appear to be able to run along with the rest of the pack, they just can't. It's that simple, and yet so not believed. Creative thinking is "way too out there", and even though the regular folk do not have a problem with "being creative" ... it is almost impossible for autistic kids to "just be creative". ... hence the joke on requiring the guests to the nimbojim the impossible task of being required to give facts about history... because we all know random history related facts don't we??? It is also well known that their is a language processing delay... so ... when an answer is slow in coming... it is only due to the fact that there is all sorts of other sensors being targeted at that exact signal, and the intended signal takes an extened period of time to relate to. Also, due to the low muscle tone, writing is a chore, and a chore. Muscles and ligaments tire quicker, it is just that simple.

I haven't even touched on the anxiety that comes along with all of this... being autistic, and yet having the awareness that you stick out in the crowd, and yet... you don't want to stick out in the crowd.. you want to be the same as others, and yet you are not... simply because your genetic make up makes it invisible to others.. that you are incredibly and amazing different.... and yes... it is all anxiety provoking...

This blog is about trying to create an understanding... for those that are supposed to make a positive difference in children's lives, rather than making their lives hell... which on most days... it seems like it is.

I am not sure where I would get the strength from to re-enter a world on a daily basis that chooses to not understand me, and misinterpret my pleas for help that are exhibited through behaviours that I have no filter for.

I must be a very brave soul to entrust my well being to a bunch of nimbojimers.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The making of an orphan...

So... the top pick is the pretty pretty princess for MayDay... and then ... we also have an orphan in the making... finally little miss orphan! But what a beautiful orphan I guess.. being that I am her mother! AND today... makes her a big 13 years old!
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010



My little (OK... reality bites people... she is TALLER than me!)... but anyways... my LITTLE PIPENZA doll has done a beautiful job the past two nights in the play... I will charge up the camera batteries and get some GOR-GEE-OUS photos of her ... doing her thing.

What a beauty....

AND TO THINK... tomorrow... it's a BIG 13 that she turns....

BUT... she is still my LITTLE fusspot pipenza doll!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Beyond the world of the screen:

  • Have YET to see a spring bear!
  • The house that sat next to the red barn managed to get burned down (shocking!)
  • I did get my car vacuumed out finally.
  • I had a window of opp yesterday to cut the grass, but the husbandman stole the keys to the dollhouse shed.
  • Have listened to the boychilds song about 10 thousand times now. Still not sick of it. Still confused as to how he wrote the song, and was able to hear all of the other instrument sounds to create this piece of magic... because it really is.
  • I always thought he was an Elton John in the making. I really did.
  • Lady PIP-o-lot is doing another Annie performance tonight. I have to say, she did make for a beautiful orphan last night.... says the mother!
  • Glad that last week is over.
  • This one is prooving to be interesting.
  • I took the day off to see the parade on Saturday, now that my friends... is excitement!
  • Do you think that one can have too much flax in a diet. I do not.
  • I got my hair cut last week. So did Ms. Pip-o-lot. Probably not a good thing to do tandom haircuts... I was focused on the scissors that kept attacking the girls hair, and not mine. The girl scissoring up Ms. Pip-0-lots hair probably wished to attack me... can't have someone layering up a girls hair that can not manage it on her own... now the mother is responsible for "the look of the day", which has become way more challenging, now that there are layers FALLING out everywhere!
  • Learning curves can be a good thing... re: above!
  • I walked in circles around the track this morning. I listened to the boys song. I was worried that I hadn't walked long enough. 75 minutes later. AND... I had one of those lane chasers right next to me. HATING that. You are walking all on your lonesome, and then there they are.... you know the ones.. the ones that keep pace with you. I do not know where he finally ended up... there was a large group of people that all somehow converged around into the corner, and people were almost bumping!
  • Talked to the music teacher... she said the best thing that I never did for my boy was ground him. I thanked her...! She said that was the turning point in his musical self... she said it was from that moment that he came back a changed boy, with music in his heart. Mind you, that was a couple of years ago .... he got grounded... but he will be forever changed because of it. ( I took away all his gadgets, except for YOUTUBE, and that was where he started learning piano songs by the dozen!)
  • So, back to the haircut... it's a good haircut, but on the wrong person. How is that? A whole screaming whack of hair fell out of my head a number of months ago, and now it is growing back. Of course it isn't growing back with my original darkish colour, but I will give it credit for growing back Thanks!... in the meanwhile, the "hair-don't" is looking all wild like (shocking... when isn't it wild like, can't really tell)... so she cut some more off the front (as in bangs)... and NOW... all it does is lay WRONG. wrong, wrong wrong. Now I have a cotton ball on the front of my head. Seriously. It takes a lot of work to get this cotton ball to stop being a cotton ball... it's almost like chopping off a cute little rabbits tail!
  • It can not rain.. I must go cut the front lawn.
  • Have been enjoying watching the eagles "out there".. although some of the nests have gone astray, or fallen during the winter/spring storms. All the same, the familiar sounds of squealing chicks are taking up the audio on the computers each and every morning. Very delightful!
  • OK.. and the very fact that I am walking on a cloud with the boysons achievements, I have now had some feedback that this musical talents, are in fact talents....
  • OH... lucky me.. I am watching an eagle soaring at this exact moment.
  • Planted up the perrenials... they have liked the warm wet and then cold weather.. being all weed like and such! It has still been too cold to start the annuals... maybe another week or so...then I can colour up a STORM!
  • Day is slipping by... must go catch it!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Thousand Miles

Verse 1:
When I,
   When I look into her eyes,
    I can see the starry skies,
   masking as an Angel in disguise.

When I,
    No longer see the rain,
    Feel no sorrow and no pain,
    I know that she's around again

I would,
    I would walk a thousand miles
Just for,
    Just for one little smile
I would,
    Just for one little smile.

Verse 2:
 When they,
     Ask me about my love,
     Well I say,
      That she's a cut above.

When the,
     Sun shines it shines for you,
     And when the world turns it turns for you

Chorus 2:
She's my,
     She's my light in the dark
      She's the,
      she's the shine and the spark,
      She holds,
      she holds the key to my heart.

The words & music (which is absent from this post) all written and composed by my very own Mr. JimmyDean. All Rights reserved just for him.