Monday, July 30, 2007


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When children rebel:

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Away I go.

Well, the chicklets and myself are packing up this week and heading to Shushwap. It's a nice lake, it's even nicer that my aunt and uncle have a big home on the lake, and we are going to visit them. I am hoping that it should be a nice visit. Actually the real reason that we are going is the fact that I always have said to my mom that I would drive her up there. Then of course I had the revelation that perhaps we should all go up there. Once again.. I am brilliant.

In other brilliant things...

I have upped my master*card limit to cash in on the airmiles. I am going to buy a kitchen today. Yes, I can not even believe that I said that. The husbandman and I debated over granite. Well, I debated, he just kept shaking his head no. At this point I just believe that anything that we do to the kitchen will make it look very nice, so granite doesn't excite me. I may think otherwise when we have it installed, and might fall in love with it. That's a very small might mind you.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


The chicklets headed off to Sasamat Camp today for the "long day of camping". In the regular world of camping, it wouldn't be considered a long day of camping, but for day campers it just is. They have come back tired and happy... a success story in the world of day camping.

In other things that happened during the day.....

  1. Went for Sushi with the sister... shhhhh.. nobody has to know... especially since I went yesterday as well.
  2. Bought the boy some new sandals, since his soles are falling off. Not bad really considering they were left over from last year.
  3. Went through the girls room. She actually has a bedroom floor. I was not aware of that fact. She even has a closet that is functional again, and not stacked with almost every toy that she has owned since birth. Eventually the sister came over and helped, and then the husbandman got roped into helping. It is now an unbelievable sight.
  4. I chopped my flowers in my front baskets across the fence. The petunias were looking good until the week worth of rain arrived. Now they are clumps of green with pink non stop begonias blooming for colour. I fed them for good measure.
  5. I still can't get over the "ruthless" approach to cleaning the girls room. The sister said to me that "I was the one stuck with the mess when they turn 21 and we still have all the incredible amount of junk that I was stuck keeping".
  6. I stopped by the camera place because I thought that my camera was kind of broken from dropping it in the sand.. WELL... I found out the cause... I think the little missy Pipster messed with my settings, thus WRECKING the chances for great photo ops. I would never have looked at my settings, only because I am the chief operator of the camera on a regular basis... and did not know that the missy has messed with my little piece of happiness. This wrecks all great thoughts of replacing my little digital with the great CANON that I crave. Selfish YES.
  7. I need to buy the sister a gift for helping me out with the crazy girls room. She was the "evil voice of reason"... the one that reminded me that I would be left with hourds of junk if I continued to keep her stuff. I have to say that all of her books from kindergarten to Grade 4 are now gone. The little Missy Pipster was upset for about 30 seconds.. I did have a wave of anger/sadness that came through.. and then all of a sudden she was most pleased that her room had been renovated heavily, and without her trusty assistance. We did leave one box of babies to go through, so that she can say good bye to them, and we can send them to the thrift store. I wish we would of had a garage sale, but then that would mean that I would have to be off on a weekend, and that would be silly since I work weekends. ICK!
  8. Today it was an amazing walking group... the number has jumped to THREE. We walked with THREE people. I think I have bandwagon jumpers here.
  9. I bought the husbandman a battery today. He will be thrilled, since it is a battery for a calculator that he is in love with.. He thought he was going to throw the "solar paneled" calculator out.. and I said.. " no wait... I think I can get it fixed!!!!" And I did just that. I am an amazing wife.
  10. I deserve diamonds along with the new kitchen. I am blessed!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Too little time.. for too many thoughts

  1. So yesterday... I cleaned the oven, it wasn't that difficult mind you, it took three hours. I didn't take the oven racks out. The husbandman has requested that when we get the new stove, to let him start the cleaning process... that way the racks come out.
  2. I wouldn't of had to clean the oven yesteday if I hadn't forget about the chicken that I put in the oven the day before, on a baking stone, which was kind of FLAT. The smoke alarm eventually settled down.
  3. I went through my closet to get rid of things, now my bedroom is a huge mess. I have been able to come up with one bag, which is stuff that has sat outside of my closet for a couple of months. I am confused by that.
  4. The teeth are pretty much straight now. Of course there is the issue of the canine, and the one to right that have turned slightly in the process of straightening, so much so, that I can't force the floss at all.
  5. All the hard work at making beautiful flower baskets has come to a standstill. With a weeks work of rainy weather the buds have disintegrated, and now I house very wet baskets of green.
  6. The kitchen supply places have called me and given their estimates. My eyeballs haven't fallen out of my head yet, and I am remaining silent on the granite issue. The husbandman wants it, he is the one doing all the building, so I think he should get it, of course the price tag on that "little want" is almost $6000.00.
  7. Hmmmm.... perhaps I should get out there and get my new camera now... that way my "little want" will not be comparable to his... he he he he he
  8. Must go make little people leave their dens, and favourite chairs, we have to leave for day 3 of summer camp in thirty five minutes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One thing.... never!

OH my......

My boy must go to bed this instant... this instant I say boy.

I gave birth to an owl. I did not know this at the time, I was certain he was human.

Good night owl son.

In other things....

I will have to get back to you... for know I am going to watch some TV, and read my book.

Monday, July 23, 2007

One down, twenty seven to go.

I think I was supposed to read some other ones first... (as I looked on the back cover...after I was done...)

Summer camp...

Is not summer camp if there isn't any sunshine. These were the facts delivered to me this morning. I gave him a bowl of fruitloops as a treat for summer camp fun-ness! He seems to have misplaced the expensive hoodie that I bought him last year, and had to wear his jacket that he wore all through winter, to fend off the rain. I told him he could leave it in the car since it didn't quite go with his T-shirt and shorts ensemble.

The Pip had her braids put back in, as her hair has grown long enough. She was sporting her board shorts and felt confident that the summer sandals that she had avoided wearing until this morning were a good start to any summer camp day. Unfortunately the new bag that we had found will not hold out the whole week, so we will have to add duct tape to her bag in an effort to keep the Pipenza Princess happy.

I must go clean out a closet now.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Watch that cougar.

I had a dream the other night.

It was a bit freaky.

There was a line of six caves. In each of the six caves were six cougars, sitting, watching, waiting.

I am not sure where I was, or what I was doing there. All I know was that there were cougars on a ledge, and me down below.. and no fence between us. I am guessing that in this dream I was not at the zoo.

Refer to line 2, with the addition of scared ****less.

The Cry BABY!

That dog of ours. Probably is the biggest cry baby on earth. The largest cry baby, she wins it all, takes the cake & has an acceptance speech for all her cry baby awards that she has won.

The husbandman went to take the boy to see some Trans*formers movie, and the CRYBABY Ellpee, cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried. When she was done crying, she cried some more for good measure, just to get her point across.

Meanwhile... the psychotic mother of the household (ME!... see post one down) had to put up with her constant crying. So there I am outback having a "almost kinda sort of hissy fit" because I can not find my new little colouring thingy that I just bought yesterday from the scrapbooking store that creates colours around the edges ( I have just been watching mailman Debbie for too long),... so I had to get myself one, and I am frantically looking for this little thingy, and the CRYBABY is running back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth... crying and crying and crying and crying.

Now, the classy parent that I am is busy "talking really really loudly" at the CRYBABY to "get over it... he's gone...stop your silly crying...!!!", "if you don't stop your crying I am going to put you in your house!!!!"... but of course she continues to cry. All the while she is running in and out of the house just waiting for him to change his mind, and not drive out of the driveway after all, but to return to the homestead and just be with her.

I think that if this dog were to be a human... she just might be one of those crazy stalking chicks. The interesting observation with the little missy is the fact that when we are all at home, and everyone is silent.. where do we find her... but curled up on the couch sleeping peacefully, she isn't even with us. Of course she has worn herself out from all the constant crying that has gone on for numerous HOURS while the husbandman is out.

Eight things about me, as Susan tagged me.

So my friend tagged me. I don't know eight things about me.

I need to pause a moment and figure eight things about me... I may never be back....
  1. I very much dislike crying children. VERY MUCH.
  2. I have too much common sense for my own good, so therefore I wish to share it with the people around me... sometimes VERY MUCH to their dislike. Oh well.
  3. I missed my calling in life, I just know it; I haven't figured out what it is that I have missed, I just know I missed it.
  4. I can turn order into disorder very quickly.
  5. I have a very limited amount of patience, probably about the size of a bottle cap.
  6. Noises bug the living shit out of me, constant noise, high pitched noise, grumbling noise, screechy noise, ugly music noise, paw licking dog noises, gum smacking noise, rattling noise, foreign language chatter while sitting in a very small room noise.
  7. I can not stand watching documentaries where people swim through caves, or climb through very small holes and tunnels to explore places. Yes, that Alfred Hitchcock movie where the person finds themselves in a coffin while trying to escape from jail totally ultimately freaked me out.
  8. I do not like door droppers. Like people that walk through doors, and do not bother to keep it open for the person behind them door droppers.

read read read

I havent done much of that lately.. BUT.. as of this moment I have found a book that I am enjoying. I am certain by this afternoon I will be strongly on my way to "continuous ignore", and should probably get some really good reading time in. Well, and the fact that the husbandman is taking the boy to a movie.... not that I spend a lot of time talking to the husbandman or anything... so generally I should technically have lots of time to read, but I don't ... I just fit in, like I do with the rest of the things you do in life.

I sent my girl on a one day trip today. She is going with her best little buddy from down the street. They are the same age, but only divided by 3 months but the PIP towers over her. There are days that I hope that the PIP doesn't bump into her, as she is very slight, and I fear that she will send her flying. Luckily the little buddy down the street is very agile, and so would in all instances land on her feet. Maybe the air is different down here than in the middle of the block, who knows. Anyways.. I have this weird feeling that I forgot something for the PIP in her pack. I KNOW I didn't pack her goggles, because I wasn't completely certain they were going swimming, and I didn't feel like taking the chance that they would not come home with her. I hope I don't forget to pick them up at 4:30... maybe that's it...

Well... can't go read, it's time for my walking group...
Todays tea being downed at present is an "indian chai". Liking it very much. I will probably do the cup of java in a couple of hours... I hope my walking pants are dry...I just stuck them in about 10 minutes ago....I live in a very wish filled world.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Earl Grey moment.

For this hour it's an Earl Grey moment. I have added just the right amount of Vanilla, with a splash of milk, and the teabag has been steeped to perfection. Now the sipping starts. It is an early morning tastebud explosion, although it's not that early now, but that's OK. This moment will not last for long, because as soon as we leave the house I will be wanting some coffee. I just know that will happen, as it has happened before... The Earl soothes the soul; let's you believe that one lives in the land of calm, where fluffy clouds sway in the sky and butterflies twitter. The coffee snaps me back in to reality world where I can watch the rain beat on my windshield, and know that the traffic will be ugly today.

Magic happens.

This Friday the husbandman and I have a date. It's not a date that you would expect for a boring married couple... but it is what it is.. and to me, it's an exciting date.

We are going kitchen cabinet shopping.

It's the most unbelievable concept entertaining my headspace as well.

Mind you, it's an almost unbelievable notion to imagine that this really means: "out with the old, and in with the new."

But then again, I have been fooled before, and I will only believe it when I see it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Out and about.... but not far out

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Everything in under an hour...

I have to be someplace in one hour.
I need to be ready before then.
I would like to have an invoice prepared before then.
I need to gather some info to bring with me before then.
I just made a cup of tea, which I need to drink before then.
I have to find books to return to the library within the hour.
I have to leave a list of duties for the chicklets before then.

It's a goood thing that I was up earlier, and accomplished nothing!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Alrighty then...

I just remembered why I don't wear elastics on my wrist. It really cranks up the nerve endings when one rolls the wrist along side of your leg. Kind of like waxing, minus the wax, and a much slower process.

And, in other lessons almost learned: I managed to sign the PIP up for an "out trip" this Thursday. I knew about signing her up last week, and almost managed to do so, but I kept forgetting to call the Rec Centre back. Today, on the way home I managed to remember.. and as good fortune would have it... the PIP filled the last spot. WHAT DOES IT TAKE PEOPLE!!!! I thought about taking some more vitamins earlier.. in an effort to aide the failing memory, but of course.. I forgot. It's 11:00 PM.. perhaps I should just dig for anything that might say "for smart people only"....

I almost brought home my underwire from the left side of my bra today. I hauled it out of my bra about 3 weeks ago, as it was trying to jab then kill me. I had had enough of that most annoying evil shooting pain, and removed the underwire, and put it in the back room. I keep forgetting to go back for it. I retrieved it earlier today while I was at work, and patted myself on the back for being very diligent and smart at remembering... but then there were too many people at the desk where I am situated, and my bag was under the desk.. so I put it back on the shelf in the back, and promptly forgot it for another week. I take great pride at being a tremendous goof ball!

OH... my attempt at letting the husbandman make the children go to bed has failed. He has fallen asleep in the big blue chair, and the PIP is happily watching late night television. I must go back and be a mother now.

But wait... I just emailed the blogger people about the missing header thingy bar at top... and NOW.. it appears, and with an actual button that says "new post".. how easy for me I say... but why did it appear now.. this bar certainly doesn't appear for me on any other days. I queried the fact that maybe because I am still on dial up that blogger just gets tired of taking too long to load, and then forgets to load my top header bar thingy, because it just gets tired of waiting itself.

Loving the lines.

Here's Miss Milly streaking along, playing her game of soccer.

I found different streaks across the sky last week at Boundary Bay.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another request...

and another, and another, and another.....

I have been filling up the City of PoCo's service request/comment forms this past hour. If I can't do it at work, then I do it at home! (Last week while I was at work I submitted about six maintainence request forms... it is so much fun..... now things are accomplished this week when I return... and it warms my heart that things happen while my back is turned!)

This evening I have emailed the City in regards to many different situations that are occuring about the city, and all that should be fixed!

IN other things....

I think I need friends to POP by more frequently. (About TWO hours notice is all I require). My friend KIM came by the other day... she spent about 20 actual minutes in my home, but it was well worth it... as the home was quickly vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, and tidied... all for her quick in and quick out. It only remained that way for the remainder of the day.. but it was all good that it had been tidied. I like tidy, I just wish it liked me more... as I can never seem to accomplish complete tidy-ness!

I read about 7 1/2 pages of my new book. It hasn't excited me so far, but what can you expect for a two dollar hard cover in the clearance bin from Chapters?

Did I mention that I completed a FIVE star soduko? I couldn't even cheat as it was from the paper, and I never did see the following days edition.

My friend Kim will be very unhappy with me... I gave a library book BACK that I had not finished reading yet. I wasn't too far into the book, but far enough to claim that "I had a commitment now".... I will try to keep it from her... but somehow I know I will let it slip.

Well, speaking of slipping.. I am going to slip out of here.. and find some fancy television.. after all ... it is 11:45.. and I should be sleeping or something.. as work requires me to be there at the usual 07:30 (ISH)... I add the (ISH) part.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Now that the keyboard has stopped sizzling...

I can type!

It's always fun to talk about yesterday, as yesterday was yesterday, something to talk about, and something to remember. Yesterday was too hot to talk about, write about, think about. Today is much cooler. Thank you mother nature & her airforce team.

WELL....much to write, little time to contemplate what order to put it in, so what do I like to do best... but create a list:

  1. First of firsts... I went to the dentist yesterday. I love that place! Not only because yesterday of all days I got to sit in an airconditioned room for an hour and a bit while the chicklets and myself had teethy things done, but this is the place where they have magically made the crooked teeth disappear. Every couple of weeks I return to what normally is a vile place to visit, has actually turned in a smiling temple for me. This retainer thingy that I wear in my mouth generally when I am by myself, (as I can not talk with it in, as it constantly reminds me of the Seinfeld episode of Kramer walking down the street with pennies in his pockets), has done it's job perfectly. As of today I when I roll my tongue along my front teeth, it almost slides across without feeling a depression in the front teeth. I know this slick smooth feeling as I have felt it not once, but twice before. I am hoping that this is three times lucky. AND.. as much as that boy of mine would wish that I wouldn't turn this around into a learning lesson, but it prooved to him that he must continue to wear his retainer.
  2. Peanutbutter and raspberry jam on wholewheat with a pink plastic cup of orange juice. This is a breakfast with staying power.
  3. The electrician came by this last weekend, and finished the job. I thought he was never going to return to get our job done. I first talked to the fellow on April 26th. Even the husbandman was giving up hope that he would never come and do the job. I finally asked the husbandman... does this guy know that "you" are renovating your home, and only you. Then I asked him if he actually agreed to doing whatever the electrical job was.. because I was getting pretty doubtful that the guy was going to come and do it, even as a side job. The husbandman was patient, because he knew that the electrical guy was a good guy, with many incidentals that happened along the way... but now it is done, and we can move forward.
  4. I need to go grocery shopping.. for what I am not certain, as when it is hot... what do you eat.. (other than # 2 from above)? Well, I have solved that problem.. since the fridge is kinda empty, and I really do not know what to put in it.. I cam up with the concept of filling it with bowls of jello, which is something that I just went and did. Certainly someone will think that I am in love with their souls enough to leave jello in the refridgerator. A marvelous idea. My idea from a couple days ago was to fill the freezer with "actual orange juice" popsicles.. which everytime they ask for one.. I mystersiouly say "sure!". I don't have any orange juice left mind you... but that is OK, it was getting drunk while it sat in the fridge.
  5. After many OCDish thoughts of what to do with the silly catdog yesterday in our extreme heat.. she went along and screwed up the whole thought process. I wished I wouldn't have obscessed for so long. Not long after we left our little hot homestead yesterday afternoon, did she wonder into the boys bedroom, where the door was left open, and the wind promptly shut it behind her, locking her in. Fortunately for her and us, the sun does not shine in through his windows in the afternoon, and the window was open. BUT.. all the planning on what to do with her went out the window... like the fan perfectly positioned to blow on her as she sat on the green leather couch. Catdogs.. what do you do with them? She is certainly not one that we can toss into the backyard, or put in her safe kennel in the backyard as well, only because it was too hot. I would never have considered shutting her into the boy's room.. but that is exactly what happened, and since she doesn't seem to speak a word of english (except when her humon "idiot" friends decided to speak her mind for her...)... we haven't seen any complaints from her.
  6. Walking group... must quickly brush, clean, tie, then fly.. if I wish to make it on time. Today we are walking the shade route... aaaaahhhhhhh.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shoes for rent.

That girl of mine went off with me to do errands today. It was a good event, and we enjoyed our time together... but the heat was busily trying to take us down in the process. It didn't add to the fact that the PIP tried to take me out just a couple of times while we were on our heated missions with the umbrella that she used for shade. She sickened herself very quickly with the umbrella, and flung it at me like it was my fault the wind was blowing, and making it hard for her to hold unto the umbrella ella ella ella a a a a . ( fine lyrics huh?)

Anyways... she tortured herself long enough with her matching flip flops so we entered the "stupidstore" to buy a new pair of shoes. I couldn't believe that they had no shoes left... except for a couple of pairs of summery things. So we purchased a $7.00 pair of shoes and left for the trek back to the Mazda dealer where the M5 was getting an oil change. By the time we got back to the Mazda dealership she shows me her new comfortable and sticky shoes. ICK. All of the top part of the shoes had peeled off. Nice. We were heading back towards the "stupidstore" so we tried to find another pair of shoes of anything.. there was nothing to be had. We walked up to customer service, she took off her shoes, I got my money back, and then we left.. she was shoeless. So there she stood, at the front of the stupidstore, with no shoes and her couple of bought items, and waited for me, lady limousine drive to come and pick her up. When she walked out into the pavement there she was "ouch ouch ouch.. hot hot hot..." Her original flip flops were in a bag in the back, but by this point she was already at the car. Well, I guess that is where $7.00 rental shoes will get you.... only outside of the store once.

Monday, July 09, 2007

How do I reread?

The book club has set up it's next book. I liked the book, but I read it two years ago. Now I am going to have to reread the book. There's an issue with that... why would someone reread when there is so much reading to be done, and I don't have enough hours in the day to do the reading that I wish let alone be a rereading reader.

I can't reread. There isn't time to reread!!!! Then I wont. I will skim the pages in one hour or less, and then I will feel some sense of enlightenment. I don't think rereading will give me the initial pleasure of embarking. I regail at the embarkment as the pages turn, or in some cases creak. Sometimes I feel that the pages just clunk over as I sigh when the pages turn, and then I look to the back of the book and do the math at how much time it's going to take me to finish the book. This is much to painful of an experience, so therefore rereading is absolutely out. In fact.. I only hope that I skim the next book. I am going to be the loser book club reader, I just know it!
I think the little oldies that make up this bunch will kick me out before I have a chance for my say.. other than " I didn't reread the book". They might just throw their coffee mugs and lace doilied goodies at me. I will sit by the door for a quick get away.

Enough of that nonsense...

In other good nonsense... I almost upchucked yesterday while visiting a friend at Art & Knapps. We were talking for quite a while, and it gets quite hot in the "green house" part of the building.. and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming "heat" take over me. I wrapped up the conversation quickly and departed to the great outdoors where it was equally hot, but I was able to wonder around looking for two trees to buy for our front yard. I just thought I should share that.

That boy of mine wishes to buy an X*box. I told him to look in the flyers for the prices. He was quite hurt when he saw the prices. He has a long way to go before he can dream of bringing the big purchase home. So in an effort to help him in his endeavour I asked if he would wash up the dishes that were sitting on the counter, and a couple of glasses in the sink, I told him I would pay him a dollar. Yes, a dollar... Anyways, when I eventually made it home from my wandering vomiting ways.. the dishes were still sitting on the counter untouched. I asked the boy why he didn't do the dishes.. he said he wouldn't do them for a dollar. I told him that was OK, he didn't need to do them for a dollar, instead now he could do them for free.

Must depart, the walking group starts in a bit, and I have to meet Me, Myself and I over at the Arts Centre. If we are the only ones that meet, then I will drive us back to the Hyde Creek location and walk within the shaded area of the trail. I wish all of us luck.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I think summer vacation has started.

WE are going to the beach today. It is a great beach, if you don't mind little shells upon the sandbars. The wind blows cooly throughout the day, so even if it is hot out, you don't really notice. The chicklets are going with their cousins, they always go together.

This doesn't feel like summer vacation yet mind you, as Tues, Wed, Thurs were all met with obligations! I have been to the grocery store/some kind of store everyday this week because I guess we have ran out of things, and I, with the "no memory" issue keep forgetting things. I could write them down, however the reason that I do not is the fact that the things purchased are random items that I think about while doing other things.

I bought a new "slow growing" shrub for the front of the house yesterday. What I really need to buy is a large ceramic pot that is black, but I didn't find that, except for the little round shrub that was $5.97. The front of my yard is looking quite empty and blank, much to happiness, and sadness. I don't have the colonies of ants roaming everywhere, and I don't have the mess of large bushes to keep pruning, and I don't have the constant thoughts of how overgrown everything is despite the pruning, and I don't have the thoughts of how I am going to change it. Now all I have are the thoughts of what can I do to make it look nicer while I wait for the kitchen to be accomplished, and then the front of the house rebuilt. OCD at it's finest some days.

That girl of mine went swimming yesterday. I was very happy for her. Five and a half hours in total. What a chick... I delivered her and a friend at the pool, and picked them up at 3:45, and then by 5:30 I asked if she would like to go swimming again, (as if it was some kind of new fangled revelation), and she happily screached she would. This time she swam from 6 to 8, with the exception of some deck sitting time with her friend, which the other Mrs. Debbie and I equally then said to the girls.. back in the pool. that to me is summer vacation, endless hours of swimming about.

The boy of mine got hired out for "childminding" the past two evenings. What a character. I gave him some pointers about what a good childminder does, and doesn't do. ( I had to encourage him about OWNING the remote )... that this doesn't happen while "childminding".

Little Miss Ellpee is going to think that we have abandoned her today. When we leave, we are going to put her in her outside kennel. It's a fairly large space for her to run about in while we are away, as well as a place to keep her safe. I would like to just leave her in the yard, but with her chronic state of dingbatedness she would do something silly and more than likely hurt herself while we were gone. Hopefully leaving her in her kennel will curtail dingbat activities.

I am thinking of taking an umbrella (used for rain) to the beach. The sister has an umbrella used for sun that we always bring.. but utilizing the rain umbrella will give me that extra buffer of not getting scorched while at the beach, AND even though I will apply sunscreen, I generally forget some random spot, and then yikes! I have to work the next two days, and I would like to do it in some semblance of peace. Last year I burned the top portion of my foot where the cover of my sandle had been, so it was just a strip, but a painful strip at that!

I will go and give my flowers a drink before I leave. I keep feeding them everytime I water them. I try to get the biggest bang for my buck... If I pay for flowering plants, then I freaking want them to flower. .... A LOT!

OH.. and the blogger situation hasn't changed... I continue to google blogger, which comes up with a blogger sign in, and then I try and sign in from that page, which gives me an error message, and then I repeat that process, and then .. whala!!!! my blog magically appears, perhaps I should email the blogger people directly rather than let the world know, as so far I have not had a solution to the "time consuming" problem.. which keeps me away from trying to get on here and randomly speak of useless inklings.

OH,,.. and useless inklings.. if I can find a spot in the car, I am going to bring my "film" camera today.. hopefully I will get some photos with it.. that is if I remember how to use it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

You have to go...

The husbandman got invited to an east indian wedding reception. It was held yesterday, on July 1st. (Fireworks... what fireworks??)

So here's a couple of things....
  1. When the invitation time says 7PM, don't show up until 830PM. (This doesn't help when the time was changed on some of the invitations.. but sadly it wasn't changed on ours... ours said 6PM).
  2. Make sure you sit next to a table that has multilingual guests. It helps with the caucasion crowd control.
  3. People didn't "appear" to bring gifts. ( I hid ours under a table somewhere.. hopefully they will find it ... tomorrow!)
  4. Don't wait for the wedding couple to eat first, they don't eat at all at the reception.
  5. Be prepared to be entertained by colourful dancing men.
  6. On that thought.. while there is dancing at this wedding, it is interesting to note that the men run to dance together.
  7. Dancing is not difficult, you sort of shoot your hands in the air to the beat of the music. Just like the videos.
  8. Just when you think you have had dinner by the courses that have been handed around, just prepare for an announcement that dinner is served.
  9. Dancing starts before dinner, and continues during dinner, and after dinner, in fact dinner goes on all evening.
  10. It's beautiful and colourful and gracious, if you are fortunate to be invited, it's a lovely evening to (me) the highly boring.

RELAX people.

The other day the sister and I took the chicklets out for lunch. We went to the same place as we did last year, almost sat in the same spot, AND we continued to be bewildered by the lapse in service. The saving grace was the fact that the sister got a gift card for $25 bucks... hence the return visit. It was quite fun really, the four cousins out for lunch on "report card day". It's a nice start to summer vacation.

The next stop was Chap*ters. This can be a very exciting event, or not. I wonder how many books Chap*ters has in it's inventory? This question came to me after Miss Pip wanted for me to buy her half of the inventory, the SON could "not find one single book" that he would like at all, except for the Marvel Comics $50.00 number, and me, well I bought the same book that I bought six months ago, and still haven't read.

Perhaps this place isn't as big as I thought it was.