Thursday, February 28, 2008

it's time....

AND NOW FOR A CHANGE.... I think it's time for me to get out more.. and take some photos... because this wandering around the homestead looking for photo ops is little bit tedious...but you know.. it is adding to my useless picture collection that I am going to submit to those picturey type people!
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She scores!

The husband called me earlier today... he wanted to know what "The Fuss" was up to last night. I said that there wsn't much on her agenda... other than watching "american idol"...

The husband filed through the door at 5:30, as the FUSS ws finishing up her dinner... he told her that they had to hurry, as they had a CANUCKS game to go and watch. The Fussilina was exstatic!

I fixed her hair into a perfect coiff, and she was already dressed in a million layers of pink for first CANUCKS game ever. Speaking of millions... she got to watch some lucky Canadian shoot 15 pucks into the net for ONE million dollars, and a further (?) 9 pucks for four of his friends to win Malibu Hybrids. Everybody won last night... except for the CANUCKS!

AND yes... just to keep on top of the news of the night... I actually turned it to a SPORTS CHANNEL where I found out this information. That is scary... for me.

I'm alarmed

I like that boy of mine, he's a funny character.

This morning I have stolen his jeans from his bedroom... as I have asked him for days now to stop wearing theses jeans that need to be washed. I think they would be able to walk to school on their own.

In the mean time... his alarm continues to NOT alarm him... but only me.

I have a new phone...

It's a great little invention... I am very excited by it!

I can watch TV, text people, listen to music, take pictures and videos...

But I can really do is:

talk for 700 minutes a month.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to Deannaland

A place where mistakes are made quite often and laughed about, where the truth hurts, and it does; sarcasm and humour can sometimes be a lethal mix, where the details of the moment are cast away as quick as the next moment occurs, and the best yet... mundane tasks are easily lost in day full of enjoying blue skies. That is my world.

I need to take a moment... and figure out how to use my phone. I want it to vibrate! I love the vibrating phone... it brings new excitement in receiving calls! Better yet, I need caller ID... in a world that we know that someone is calling even before they have finished dialing your number... I really want to know how to say a proper hello. GOD.. I don't ask for much.... somedays.

My friend witnessed me being highly "deannaish" earlier today.... she peed her pants laughing. Is this really my fault...?

Does your laundry talk to you... mine does. There is a small load of white stuff that has accumulated on top of the machine... (I have a basket, but that has clean folded stuff in them... because really why have drawers in bedrooms when you can have items in plastic baskets)... I am not sure if it's the laundry itself, or the actual machine... but it keeps calling my name... and in my OCD self kind of way I keep turning to look at if it's calling me, and I have to answer it... so the easiest thing to do now is put it the laundry machine... I must do that now! I can only deal with three voices in my head at one time.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Friday~!

You know you live on the West Coast when you can garden in February!

I am [-] this close to hauling out my pressure washer and cleaning off the back deck!

In the meantime I have filled our green waste container to the brim, and then some... because you know greeenwaste doesn't start until march 4th... and then I don't know if it could pour with rain between now and then.... so it must be filled to overcapacity now!!!!!!!!!

In other boring news:

I got myself and the girlie girl a new cellphone the other day. I wasn't intending on it... but it just happened. I love the name of it... LG Chocolate! Now we have matching phones...and really awful phone numbers... but that doesn't matter... the girlie girl will be tickled chocolate when her birthday rolls around, and she gets a cell phone! (OK... not that she needed a cell phone AT ALL... but you know next year. she might.. and this plan seemed to make me happy ... so I went for it.. PLUS.. we want the boy to have a cell phone, so this frees up my current cell phone.. and he can happily march around the world with that.

The Pip decided that she wasn't going to do a speech in school this year. She refused.... as she does many things in life. I had a different thought... I wanted her to do a speech.. because you have to in this little 4 minutes flat we had written on five recipe cards her entire speech. She was thrilled, and even more thrilled when the teacher called upon her to do her speech, and she marched up to the front of the class and drizzled on about her topic "the monster that lives in my room". Her friends were puzzled that she was able to talk at great length about her subject with such minimal amount of information on the cards... she said she just winged it. I laughed at that. My feeling to this speech thing is the point of feeling comfortable talking to a room of individuals.... which she is capable of...she's the kind of person that can think on their feet and talk... lucky her. It would have been completely tortuous to make her write a speech.... T.O.R.T.U.R.E. and we do not need that. Besides, she's slightly crazy.

Oh.. and things that might be important, but luckily they turned out not to be:

The Pips school had a lock down the other day. The school bell rang three short rings, which I guess is the code for a lock down... interestingly enough the Pip's teacher sent them outside anyways, as she wasn't certain what that meant.

FUCK. Nice. How many different ways does a school bell ring?... and you can't even remember that three rings means something?

Luckily... as our idiotic school is... there was a miscommunication (or how about none!) between the police that were running a routine exercise with their dogs, and just happened to look like they were pointing a gun & the principal... or any other adult that works in the building. I don't know why the police thought it was a good idea to do a practice exercise next to a school... but I guess the world just runs on idiots... so who am I to say.

OK.. back to the great outdoors...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the potato sac princess

completely ugly people.



The dress that I saw tonight at the first meeting for the parents was a complete disgrace. It was nothing that a PRINCESS would ever wear.

It resembles nothing but a potato sac.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It was just the weirdest thing.

I was driving to work yesterday morning, and I looked about and spotted a hawk sitting on a lampost. Sitting to it's left was a crow. What an interesting sight. It lead me to wonder which one arrived first....

Later in the day when I was driving in the opposite direction.. I saw the crow perched where the hawk had been, and the hawk now perched where the crow had been. This was 10 hours later. Once again, I wondered who had arrived first... there were many lamposts along the freeway... what was so special about this one.

Today I saw the hawk sitting alone. Who knows where the crow had itself perched... or maybe not.

Friday, February 15, 2008

what the...

My brother in law put me up to this... I will let you know how it pans out... or not!
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine festivities!

Raw Raw... the day is here!
Where love & bliss, is everywhere!


I guess you know the husband likes you when... there is a card on the counter in the morning. My way of showing the love is the fact that I came clean on buying him a card, and opted to get some scratch and wins instead.

I did stop at the bakery and buy some sweet treat... now that is true love.

But bigger and better lovely happenings are stories like this:

We have started to have some issues with the shower, well the bath tub actually. It drains very slowly. It has been behaving alright, and usually the previous persons shower water was gone before the next persons turn. I noticed yesterday.. it was starting to have issues. This morning, it was worse. There was left over shower water in the bath tub, and then evern more left over shower water. Things had turned bad.

The King asked me why I was wasting my time plunging the bathtub. "That's not the way that system works" he said, and walked away. Since I had nothing better to do at 0723 in the morning, I continued to plunge away, as well as behave like a bad cuckoo clock, and continually call to the boy and tell him to get up. Once again, the King walks past and reminds me that "my method wasn't going to work, and why wouldn't I listen to him?"

"Because" I said... "it makes me feel happy to plunge away for a useless cause".

The water was now going no where, I thought it was best to leave it alone now, especially if I wanted a shower.

The boy came and went, and the bathtub water remained.

It was very scary, extreme scarediness!!

I started plunging again. I did not care what the king had to say...

After a while, and feeling completely defeated... I left the plunger, and turned on the shower.

Well... wouldn't you know it... that water just sky rocketed out of the bathtub... and now...

The bathtub is draining.

Talk about a wonderful valentines gift... and here the husbandman thought that he was going to have to go in the crawl space, and undo the pipe, and use some snakey tool, and clean it out.

Now he doesn't have to... well at least not today.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


You know somedays my eyebrows grow much thicker and quicker than other days.

Take today for instance.

The Pip's class went for a field trip. (lucky them).

The teacher made no attempt to offer up any time for the crazy chicklets to part take in eating any food along the way, or part of the way, or some of the way, or in any way. It was about 12:30 by the time we finished up with our field trip... and we immediately headed back to the great school once again, the chicklets could continue their great schooling. I asked the teacher if I had missed something... where are the kids eating their lunches? She told me in my car. Well... kids don't eat in my car, so I guess we are staying put until the lunches have been eaten. Nice. I don't know what the difference of taking 20 extra minutes out the field trip would have been to eat their lunches... in an open space, or down at the water.. yes, it was a bit cold.. but these little creatures do not feel cold when they are free from the ugly brick building that is called "their school". Whatever.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I bought the PIP two bags of bugles and told her to hand those out to her friends... "step right up... get your valentine feast..." I am not sure if this is going to coincide with her teacher's non-valentine approach to this made up love fest. maybe I should offer up the teacher a bottle of water... it might loosen up her DRY disposition. It is painful.

I met the boy's new teacher today. Remember Donna Chang from Seinfeld? She teaches right here in Port Coquitlam... she is the 2008 version! I kid you not! That is just so cool.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Proud of the PIP

I had my sister in complete hysterics the other day.

I told her that I thought that PIP's current PRINCESS win for the ROYAL PARTY was a fix.

I told her about how I added the PIP's entry form to the others in the school office the other day. My sister thought I was going to tell her that I had removed other GRADE 5 girls names, so that the PIP could win. I was in hysterics laughing. Oh yes... that wouldn't be obvious... little shredded pieces of pink paper sitting crumpled in a waste basket, and then PIP's single entry form... sitting there in blazing glory!

Too funny.

All the same, I am so happy for the PIP. Living in our little city for many zillions of years, and as a child I had wished to be a part of the "float" for the parade, and that never came to be. I was always a well wisher on the sidelines ( they do need fans afterall to make a parade!), but it would have been nice to be a part of something special. With my limited memory.. I don't think I was every a part of something special. In fact... we never really went to the parades much as our family was always down at the trailor, visiting the ocean and the whales, and much beauty that I miss to this day... so I am glad for that... OK then...

Anyways... since Rod and I do not own a trailor, and I work the weekends... I am generally around for the parades that hit our cities in the springtime. It will be a special time for the PIP to be involved in a community event. My sister in law gave me some good advice..."if you do not want your PIP entered to be THE MAY QUEEN, request to have her name taken out of the draw, because then.. she will surely have a win!" (that was my sister in laws fate for her daughter!, as they headed off on a plane to australia for the year). Well, I can only hope that PIP would be crowned MayQueen, as it would be sweet to see two cousins crowned as MayQueens... it would be newspaper picture worthy!

All the same.. I think it is sweet that PIP gets to be a PRINCESS. She really did miss out that LOT in life!

Sexy stories~

That boy of mine told me that: "it's legal to have sex at 14".

Seven lethal words.

I was glad he told me that.

My response came in at close to seven thousand lethal words.

I believe we are square on the subject for now.

Prep School.

The Pip and I had a good time last night.

I was invited (as well as ONE guest) to a celebration of service for employees within the health region. I have worked at my place of employment for 20 years. Yae me! (cough). It's a shame that my pension statement tells me that I actually only have 12 years of servicable hours on it.

Anyways... so the PIP and I go to this 'event'. We had to be fast in, and fast out. Yes, it was a highly hurried event... since we had a television show to watch, and a 25 minute drive back to our home.

We arrived at 7:01, found a table, plopped our coats, walked to the dessert buffet table, and politely took some plates and found our desserts of choice. The PIP relished the choosings.... and I was just happy to have dinner. What's a dessert buffet without cheeses and sliced Focacchia bread! So we ate our little plates of happiness, made some small talk with the only two other woman at the table, who just happened to be doing the exact same thing (eating and running), and we were all happy with our 28 minutes visit. The Pip went back for seconds on the watermelon, and I went back for another slice of cheese and bread. Of course we had eaten two slivers of cake, which was good as well.

The speeches/service award didn't start until 7:45, and we departed at 7:33, in the knick of time. we are good guests!

It was interesting though... I saw a whack of people that used to work at our hospital when it was a bit smaller, or maybe they do work their, and I just don't know it.

Anyways... that was our little bit of crazy fun, and it all ended well, because we were home by 8:00 to see the start of Survivor. (which has already had a strange start to it)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I have known about this fine drink for quite some drink, and even drank it on occasion!

Now I have entered the green tea world. A little less caffeine than an actual cup of coffee with the benefits of way more than a cup of coffee.

How many years has this taken me?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It started to snow this afternoon. It came out of no where, apart from the fact that it fell from the sky. I was standing in this forest when I heard a huge crack, and a limb from a tree snapped, and just about fell on the Mazda 5! Did I leave.... NO! I love the sound of the tssssssssssssssk that happens when it snows. Cool sound people.
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phonecalls & crossword puzzles

Her dog got bored while she was making her calls.
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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This just in!

The PIP.. part TWO.

I was going about my usual boring homelike self business... and the SCHOOLBOARD called. I wondered why they would call me...

The little PRINICPAL LIKE CHARACTER told me that PIP'S name was drawn to be a part of the "MayDay" celebrations! This means that she rides on a float, is honored as a PRINCESS, and does some kind of dance or something... (thank goodness tha she has been in HIPHOP for the last couple of months... !)... not that they will do a challenging dance.. but at least she has a hope at maneuvering those legs of hers!

She is pretty excited. What a nice thing to happen to her.

Lucky for me that last week I had to go and pick up my friends kids at the school... as I inquired about the MayDay celebrations... and the forms needed to be in by Monday. I would never have remembered! AND... it would have been too late for the PIP to have entered.

Now she will have real reason to wear sparkles!

Girls turn.

That girl of mine had a bit of a rough week last week.

Her personality is back, and bolder than ever.

She invited a friend over yesterday... and this friend of hers claims she is a clean freak. Well, a clean freak she is.... they packed away tidbits of items, and rearranged under her bed, and even swept up the leftovers on the floor. It was all very exciting for me!

I like this chick!... she's sparky and fiesty and funny... and clean!

The PIP was more than pleased to return to school. They got their GRADE 5 sweatshirts. The pip was more than thrilled with her too huge pink hoodie. Luckily I bought it big enough, so this girl can wear it to death, and it might even fit her eventually.

Her motto is generally "all pink, all the time".

I finally MANAGED to IRON on some patches on the PIPS clothing. That pip of mine is pretty hard on everything she owns. I had bought some butterflies a while back to iron on some of her ripped items, and then promptly lost the patches. Just the other day I bought some more patches, and they were different this time. Two black cats and one pink Gecko. The black cats were for her black stretchy yoga type pants, and the pink gecko was for her jeans, that clearly indicate that there was some scissors involved in the jeans hole, anyways... all has finally been repaired... and just yesterday... guess what floated out of the cupboard... the patches that I had originally bought! Now I have extras for her next mishaps.

The little girl next door is glad the PIP is better. Almost everyday last week there was this pounding on the front door, and I knew it was the tiny one from next door.. (the big knock cracks me up)... and everyday I had to turn the little girl away... even yesterday when the PIP had her friend over. BUT today miracles of miracles... the PIP was able to visit the little girl next door... and now she is gone... visiting away!

The Pip proclaimed that her teacher was quite evil today. I don't think that is the case. I think her teacher was highly strange today, compared to her normal strangeness, that is all.

All systems go!

I took the boy to the walk in clinic today.

After a number of months I thought just maybe that his cold had finally settled into something a little bit nasty. It hasn't, but it is continuing to wear him down.

He has had a cold (or something to that effect) since November. It shifts from his chest, to his sinus's to his ears... and today it was making him dizzy. I took him to the walk in clinic, because it was just way faster than last weeks four hour adventure in taking your child to the doctor. He didn't have a fever when we got there, but he had complained of being cold all day.

The Doc's eyes bugged out of his head when I told him that he had had it since November, which he has. Then he said bring him back next week if this cold/virus doesn't start to clear up.

No problem.

I just wonder what the difference is going to be between this week, and next week, since he has had it since November.

The boy was happy... I tucked him in on the couch, gave him a full bottle (as in water bottle!) of orange juice, tucked him in with his blankets.. as he was cold again, and let him watch channel 47 movies on the couch. It's all good.

That is until I will rouse him from his resting to go and practice his piano for 45 minutes, where he will play every freaking song that he knows, excpet the two that he should be practicing.

I like my boy, he's comical.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

While I was out...

So... I grapped my camera... and away I went, later in the day. I like my style of photography... somedays if I can't capture the image from the car... then it just isn't worth capturing! I did find some good sights...via the long way home. In reality.. I was having a hissy fit over not making a left hand turn light since the sun was setting quickly, and I was trying to get back to my location of interest.

Being wierd has it's challenges.
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What the...

Total blue sky out there people... big blue sky...'s a beautiful day... completely beautiful. Me and my headache will take my camera out and hunt down photographs. That is what I will do.

HOW nice....!

It is snowing!

The sad part is... it will not last, and probably turn to rain by the time people wake up, and realize that it has snowed.

I decided yesterday that I wasn't going to work today. I got a headache on Thursday, and it has not departed... and then yesterday I fussed about worrying about the fact that I had a headache, and what was I going to do today...if I had a headache. These are strange headaches... I have had them for years, they come and go, and wax and wain, and plague me just enough to irritate the living crap out of me.. and then... as sudden as they arrive, then after two or three days it is gone, and I wake up feeling like a new person. I had to gamble yesterday that I wasn't going to wake up a new person today, although I am feeling fortunate that I at least woke up... ! The headache isn't gone... it is just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for me to do things, and then it will wake up a bit later... I can tell. In the meantime... I can't stand going to work with a headache. I think now at my advancing years I am even less tolerant of working with a headache... it sounds sort of wimplike.. (sort of.. it is!).. Trust me... I believe in drugs, and take drugs for it, but that only buys me a window of being pleasant and nice, but then I am minus my actual brain for thinking. My reasoning for this is that I have people at me all day... all's people, people, people.. oh, and then I do other things that I require a brain for as well... and that is where the problem lies... I can't do people, and thinking, and BEING NICE... with a headache. The world is safer with me at home.

I have been awake for many hours now.... the girl yelled her "MAMA" to me a couple of hours ago... and now there have been three of sleeping in our bed... she refused to go back to her own bed, which I do not care, she's happily sleeping in the middle of the bed now, well maybe more to the right, now that I am gone. The silly catdog has taken up residence on top of her bed... which is very odd, since the "Tilly" never does things like that...catdogs... what do you do with them!