Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why do cows moo?

It's the thought for the day.

Well, it was yesterdays thought actually.

The Pippinator and myself hiked over to the grocery store to pick up some pumpkins, and then we hauled them back.

As we were cruising home yesterday afternoon hauling our orange finery we stopped to listen to the cows. At first we weren't listening to them .. but actually watching one start running in the other direction.. and then she started to moo.

I asked the Pip I wonder why she needs to dash off, cause she was kind of a big cow, and not really the dashing-est of cow abilities we were thinking. Then she stopped, paused, looked back and mooed.

This caught a bulls attention, and then he decided to moo. Two younger cows were also grazing, but they were moo-less, but interested in the moooing.

We were interested in the mooing.. but then we had to venture forth, because we were still hauling our big orange balls, and were trying to dodge raindrops, which luckily for us didn't happen but were trying to.

However people of the internet world... we still wonder what makes a cow moo?

In other things way more time consuming in the day...

I have to carve a pumpkin!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

gouda mornen ~~

I am thinking of eating some cheese.

I am wishing for gouda, except I don't have any.

I have sharp cheddar or mozzerella.

OK ... I'll pass then ...  I guess I could make some scrambly eggs or something!

It's a Saturday morning here in the big wide internet world.... and I am not at work!

Yae for me!

Of course not being at work possesses it's very own host of problems... and that would be to not see the job postings that are available for this next week, .. which could potentially get me out of my weekend job. which would be very exciting.

My life is exciting enough... with the thought of bobcats swilling about in my head!

October 10 2010... will be a day not soon forgotten... it's the day that the BOBCAT came to town.

Maybe the bobcat would like some gouda too... do cats eat cheese even ??
Today marks a new occasion for my blog. If it doesn't make you turn that harrumph or that grisled look, or the frown .. upside down ... then you have a right to complain.. and COMPLAIN away... in the comments section of course.

See .. that was easy. thanks Staples.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hair... gone


I got the hair chopped LAST Friday, and only have thought about it ... this Friday.

I don't believe I synapse correctly somedays... it appears that I have a 7 day lag time. ... or more... depending on weather.. but that's only a maybe.

Yes... I had it chopped, as in large bits left lying on the ground. HOWEVA.... the frontage doesn't look that much different.. it's only when you turn the key to the back door that you see the missing tonnage. MIND YOU .. I did not own a mullet, I just had it shaped higher in the back, and lower in the front.

Then I coloured my hair... (cause it's crazy expensive to try and do both... and especially at the rate I colour my hair, I would have to take a fourth job with a bank account titled "HAIR payments"... and that might not even covor it). ANYWAYS... now I am back to being all dark hair like and short hair like-ish.

Feels weird. But then that is me.

In other random thoughts:

I am not sure if the school system is going to turn me into a total nut job.

The educators are delivering content. Nice. The audience receives content, digests it, and spits it back out to their educators. Grades are exchanged in receipt of ample content feedback. Smiles go on everyone's faces.  It's simple. Except when it isn't.

All I want is for the work to get done. But for some reason the Socials class has turned into ART class overnight... and yet when last weeks assignment asked for pictures/images BUT there was no mark for pictures or artwork it starts to send confusing messages. I am confused.. is this art.. or is this social studies..?

Art is a dangerous subject to enter into... VERY VERY dangerous... just because something is presented in a manner that looks to be concrete, can also can be very transparent.

The boy handed in his political cartoon, and while it did not have ALL of the assigned and required elements, in his interpretation of the political cartoon it was sufficient. It has been returned with a NONgrade, due to the image, as just an image... and not all the line enhancing things that political cartoons have. OMG OMG OMG OMG... so now the boy has refused to redo the assignment because he has done it.. and the SOCIAL STUDIES teacher believes that the political cartoon artwork was not sufficient.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE LESSON HERE PEOPLE... cause I am just not getting it.

And people thought that feeding babies in the deep dark black of night was difficult... just wait till grade 10.

I am surprised I even have any hair left to colour.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking out a friends husband.

In other emails that might be sent but have landed here instead:

So I think I am going to end up taking out a friends husband. I believe it will be completely my fault.

It will have to be.. since it will be me taking him out... of course it will be an accident mind you.

BUT I will have my non lawyer loop hole finding son to get me off. I know he will be able to do it. I hope the law making people wont mind if he is more than likely underage to be defending me, and will not have graduated from high school let alone law school. It will not matter anyways.. because some days I wonder if he will actually graduate from highschool... I know I spend a lot of time talking to a lot of teachery types... but I will save that for another day.

ANYWAYS.. Mr. Loophole.... he will find a way to get my jail time down to nil, and in fact I will probably come out money ahead due to being traumatized by the whole event.... surely my son Mr. Loophole will find a way.

In the meantime .. back to taking out the friends husband.... as it will be an accident.

the thing is... there have been multiple occasions now... and every time I round the corner with the indigo blue mazda5 ... there is my friends husband. THEN the whole reason I am generally driving in that direction is because I have my Mr. Loophole son with me... and then he begins his RANT... "who walks around these places...?", "why does someone take such great risks wandering around these parts...?" ... "who are these PEOPLE...?" ... "are they fricken crazy walking around these streets...?  There's BEARS, coyotes and BOBCATS and more than likely cougars ... and in the dark... ?? Where do they need to go in the dark....?"

By the time Mr. Loophole is done ranting... there is no time to wave at the still living husband. Tonight on a whim... I was driving Mr. Loophole up the hill, and around dark cemetaries .... and I called to the husband on this dark stormy night....

"come out come out wherever you are....!"

Mr Loophole was amazed that he didn't see BRAVEHART making his way through the darkness of the night... mind you ... perhaps it is still early ... it's only 8 pm afterall...

Yes peoples of the internet ... we come from a land where sidewalks were not invented, or they ran out of pavement... nor were pedestrians, and yet strangely enough ... there are lots of homes to be had, with yards that house dogs, who accompany their dwellers along dark windy roads.... and of course if I ever BUMP a pedestrian ... I will have Mr. Loophole with me...


That is life on the hamster wheel.
plinging and plinging and plinging and plinging.

I guess we all live hamster lives, somehow.

I wonder if the hamster ever gets tired and wishes to take some tylenol, and just sit for about 37 3/4 hours straight, and read a book, or three?

Mind you... anything over 36 1/4 hours of sitting is a bit much.... beyond that one would turn into a blimpomatic surely.

It's the vanilla chai tea that I am drinking... which is giving me the intellectual edge this morning. Mind you.. I don't have my librarian glasses on.. ... so it could all be me in genuine disguise.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the things...

that I maybe shouldn't have SENT in an email:

How's your finger "oh woman in love?" ....

I assume it was your finger that was taking up space in the emergency department a week or so back..?

Hope you are better.

I met the boys teachers yesterday. I think he has a check mark next to his name now... "Holy shit, mothers a FREAK... - don't incite anything that will illicit a response via email or verbal contact."

Other than that... I have been walking past your townhomes.. or did you move... ? I can't keep up with you... well... that's because we do not speak.

OMG.. I had a hawk in my backyard yesterday morning, having a fight with the garbage can wheel.. and yes... a real LIVE bobcat two weekends ago... unfortunately no bears.

I bought a new bra today, so did the sister, in fact we bought the same bra. THAT'S how boring I am. I can't even think my own style of bra to wear.

Ok, that's comical. But the truth.

Talk.. or not.. Deanna.


I typed that so fast I didn't quite remember. ouch! I will add now ... that even though I did buy the same bra as the sister, I did purchase it in my size. Just so you KNOW world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Image loading disruption

Yes, I feel it guys.. I really do.

I am currently experiencing image loading disruption, in a rather monumental sort of way.

How about complete failure? That is what I am experiencing.

WE had a little hawk that landed just on our very ugly back deck yesterday morning. I had my smaller lens attached, and could not open the door... so you see half the battle that I am already facing..... so everybody is having image disruptions of some form.

In other non related incidents that are current and pertinent to life:

I must read about the helicopter generation. That is what our kids are. WE hover and hover and hover... and then eventually we just take off. And one day I will do just that. There might not be any notice involved when I do. PING... and she's off.

Maybe it could be worded differently... that the parent feature has been disabled, or the parent APP is no longer available.... what about parent (similar to page) not found ERROR 404......??

OH .. and in things that are exciting.. I FOUND my norwex cleaning cloth... it was temporarily hiding... which had me panicking semii-sorta-maybe... now back to my cleaning adventures... I'm waiting for the sun to pop up to do the one big window in our house....

I will wait patiently for my DEER to arrive.. isn't that what is next in critter central??

Monday, October 18, 2010

Me and my drinking problem

I don't have one.

I should have one.

Maybe by the end of today.

And more than likely by the end of tomorrow.

We'll see.

Cause there's always Wednesday to start a drinking problem.

But then Thursday would be an equally exciting day to start one.

Definitely by Friday I'll need to have a drinking problem.

The weekend I am not sure.

Because it's all a blur anyways.

I might cut down a bit by then.

Or not.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bobcat .... ocd !!!

So the other morning, .. when this whole bobcat adventure began... I thought that he had all but disappeared. And then in the darkness of the back "BERMUDA" triangle I noticed something else moving.

In the above photo you can just see the bobcat emerging from behind the little house, and the cat had noticed something. At this point the bobcat was just merrily making his way out.

That is when this occured, and the two of them came face to face. They stayed like this for the longest time... I mean the longest time. It was absolutely fascinating. Check at the cats eyes. I had changed the setting on my camera, and these two images came up black in my picasa picture viewer... but then I lightened them.. so I could see what went on ... in those first initial moments when domestics meets the "not so" domestic... the housecat totally looks like garfield . Forgive the grainy view... BUT.. I was going to delete them... until I lightened them. See... even though my curiousity was peaked... I don't think it would have been to my demise... and happily for this cat, the same with it!

The problem now is... everytime I look outside... I am now looking for a bobcat. Mysteriously all the squirrels have up and disappeared mind you.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

And then he paused...

Then he decided he was going to visit us in our yard, and paused... momentarily, and left.

AT least I got this photo! ... not a great one... but at least it was my lasting impression of our visitor!
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freaking fruitbats...

Bye bye Mr. Kitty... skit SCAT out of here...

AND THEN... this is what goes down.

I didn't know whether to turn and run, stay and watch, take pictures... I didn't want to move, because I didn't want to startle the bobcat into striking out at the cat, and yet I didn't want to manifest into something if I could be the cause to stop it. So the visitor decided to stretch, and start to move away...

And then he continued to stay... and watch ...
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Through the window

He sat for a moment...

And then began to slink away...

And then was up and down... and on the other part of our back fence and

I thought OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.....

"This is my prize photo... and the best I am going to get is through the window...."

And I braved the outdoors... even though it was not going to be the best shot.
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It all started like this

Jimmy was patiently waiting for me to finish watching my "Say Yes to the Dress" ... when he pauses...

"Mumda.. what's sitting on the fence..?"

Me.. (without looking) "is it a squirrel...?"

Uhmmm... no, it's bigger than a squirrel, bigger than a cat, but looks like a cat.

OOH LA LA .. well what do we have here!
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Friday, October 08, 2010

Todays news bulletin:

It only took one wake up attempt to get the boy out of bed.

I can be my own mastercard commercial... cause that was priceless!

In other things more important to everyday life:

Right... I have nothing for you people....

BUT in an effort to come up with something that will post a smile on the faces of millions...

I was very much determined to NOT talk to any of the educators this week... I was on a roll, it had been a whole new month, and I was free and clear from their emails & phone calls, since last months festival of insanity... until yesterday... when the boy texted me... and told me his science teacher was crazy. OK.. so that means that things are not going all too stellar.... which means today will be followed up with people HUNTING me down. Some days its a good day paying for call display.

In other things that will not have any impact on any ones lives....

I am continued on my hunt for my next camera. Life is passing me buy ever so quickly, and it should be done WITH photos able to catch every single blur.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

time ticks

when you are not ticking with time.

You know that this is the TENTH year of the war in Afghanistan.